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This index is largely the work of Ben Pensiero, with contributions by Susan Hanson, Sandra Cortez, and Arro Smith.  It is an index of newspaper clipping from the files of the San Marcos Hays County Local History Collection of the Public Library in San Marcos, Texas.  Many of these were originally donated by Tula Townsend Wyatt. The collection has been supplemented throughout the years by many local historians, including Frances Stovall.  As individual newspaper clippings became too old and fragile, a preservation project resulted in this index.  Many of the more important articles were photocopied on acid-free paper and returned to the files; all of the identifiable clippings were indexed here to provide access through the library's microfilm collection.


A note about the annotations:

Entries with the prefix TTWC refer to a local history file at the San Marcos Public Library.

Entries with only a date refer to Susan Hanson's biographical articles published in the San Marcos Daily Record.

SMN refers to the San Marcos News.

SMR refers to the San Marcos Record.

HCC refers to the Hays County Citizen.

KE refers to the Kyle Eagle.

AAS refers to the Austin American-Statesman.


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4-H Clubs, TTWC

4-H and San Marcos Public Library host petting zoo, SMR 6/14/87

4-H Club shows fashions, HCC 5/25/78

4-H Gold Star winners feted, SMR 11/21/78

4-H honors three Gold Star winners, SMR 11/12/86

4-H members cleaning up Highway 21, SMR 8/21/86

4-H program has a proud heritage, SMR 10/11/84

4-H represents County at District 10 luncheon, HCC 11/10/77

4-H visits King Ranch, SMR 4/6/83

Dress Revue held by Hays County 4-H Club, SMR 8/3/72

East San Marcos 4-H Club Meets, SMR 4/15/81

Extension Program Builders to hold annual meeting, SMR 9/16/79

Food show is Saturday, SMR 1/15/87

Gold Star banquet held, SMR 11/27/84

Good cooking starts early for 4-H chefs, SMR 12/8/82

Good Food, Pretty Dresses draw crowd to 4-H Revue, SMR 7/26/63

Horse club had a busy past season, SMR 10/11/84

Inez Patton cherishes her county friendships, SMR 2/10/92

National 4-H Week Supplement, SMR 10/1/78, SMR 10/11/81, SMR 10/17/82

Photographs from District 10 4-H Horse Show, SMR 6/29/80

Photos of 4-H Award winners, SMR 10/17/74

Stephen Till knows everything about rabbits, SMR 6/29/86


Abdulla, Euphemia, 10/2/83



Biographical sketch on Joyce Abel including personal philosophy, SMR 4/5/81

European trip provides new ideas, SMN 9/8/83

Joyce Abel opens school, SMR 8/29/93

Joyce Abel participates in Total Woman Seminar, SMR 5/8/75

Joyce Abel starts apparel design academy, AA–S 5/17/90

Joyce Abel's life with dialysis machine, SMR 4/26/73

Lectures on parental communication, SMR 10/25/79

Models her own creation in Style Show, SMR 5/24/82

Receives approval of Edith Head for dress design, AA–S 4/5/80

Sister to donate kidney to Mrs. Abel, SMR 11/8/73

Travels to Europe to tour design studios, SMR 8/23/83

Tries out for part in San Marcos Community Theatre, SMR 5/31/78

Abel, Peggy

Becomes successful pediatrician, SMN 8/9/84

Abernathy, Irene, 3/17/91

Activity Center

San Marcos Hospitality Association endorses new multipurpose facility, SMR 3/13/92

Adams, Irene, 2/22/83

Adams, Louis and David. see SMDR 1/26/86

Adare Family

William Branch Adare--Biographical sketch by C.W. Wimberley, HCC 1/–/76

Adare family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Adult Learning Center

Learning Center has personal touch, SMR 9/3/78

Advertising, TTWC


Aerial Views

Aerial photograph of downtown San Marcos, SMR 4/27/51, SMR 8/11/82, SMR 8/16/74

Aerial photograph of SWT, SMR 8/26/60


Aviator to follow path of Vin Fiz in transcontinental flight, AA–S 9/14/86

Confederate Air Force to leave Gary, SMR 12/24/75

First transcontinental flight visited Kyle in 1911, KN 4/20/28

Historic flight of Vin Fiz researched, SMR 7/20/77

Reenactment of Vin Fiz transcontinental flight planned, KE 8/14/86

Rohr to sell its share in CTEC, SMR 7/28/92

San Marcos physician serves in Air Force Reserves, SMR 6/8/86

Starflight pilot hails from San Marcos, SMR 8/31/86

Story on Gus Eoff of Day's Grocery, who helped build Lindbergh's plane, SMR 3/7/74

Aeronautics--Central Texas, TTWC

Aeronautics--Flights, TTWC


Adrianne Armstead selected as Juneteenth queen, SMR 6/21/78

Artist returns to San Marcos to build memorial to parents, HCC 4/26/73

Aunt Patsy Smiley dies at 104; born in slavery, SMR 2/14/53

Barbecue set for fourth annual Juneteenth Festival, SMR 6/7/81

Black history month celebrated, SMR 2/12/87

Black Legionnaires present mementos to former sponsor, HCC 6/30/77

Community cemetery keeps secrets of African American history in SM, SMR 2/15/87

Dave Brown, Negro Leagues ace pitcher, center of murder mystery, AA–S 8/25/97

Emancipation Celebration held in San Marcos, HCC 6/21/73

Five girls integrate SWTSC, SMR 2/7/63

Harmonizers to keep singing for fans, SMR 3/18/82

Harvey Miller wins Lizzie Grant award, SMR 6/19/88

High School seniors celebrate Black History Month, SMR 2/5/81

History of desegregation in San Marcos, SMN 2/12/87

Jim Brown wins Juneteenth Barbecue contest, SMR 6/27/82

Jimmy Brown is first black elected to Kiwanis Post, SMR 9/29/77

Juneteenth Festival promises something for everyone, SMR 6/29/81

Juneteenth presentation set, SMR 6/19/82

Loretta J. Hardge named to post at Atlanta university, HCC 12/8/77

Loretta J. Hardge receives appointment at Trinity University, SMR 6/2/85

Lorraine Burleson hosts Gay Paree Civic and Social Club event, SMR 12/31/81

Mae Lena Cephas gets honor from CETA, SMR 6/29/77

MLK's daughter to speak at Black Heritage month event at SWT, SMR 2/17/87

Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Teague celebrate 61st wedding anniversary, SMR 9/20/73

Mr. & Mrs. Teague celebrate 69th wedding anniversary, SMR 9/27/79

Nell Burleson presented proclamation of Juneteenth by SM mayor, SMR 6/6/80

Ollie GiIles creates Black History Month display for library, SMR 2/9/82

Reverend Alphonso Washington honored for service, HCC 7/12/73

Robert L. Jackson promoted to master sergaent by the USAF, SMR 6/8/67

Story of Antioch Colony in Buda, AA–S 9/30/00

Willie L. Freeman White honored by President Reagan, SMR 8/11/83

African Methodist Episcopal. see TTWC CHURCHES

African-Americans, TTWC

Aged, TTWC

Agricultural machinery, TTWC


Agriculture Award acceptance delayed by Don Rains, SMR 4/14/76

Agriculture Day slated for San Marcos, SMR 4/14/76

All-American display garden at SWT, SMR 9/9/73

Annual Conservation and Crops tour, SMR 6/20/68

Benefits of Wild rice described by Dr. William Emery, SMR 2/20/77

Bruce Crayton uses horses to plow gardens, SMR 2/15/74

Cotton crop abundant, SMR 9/27/73

Farm produce has outlet through local market, SMR 9/25/36

Farmer's Market held every Tuesday on north side of square, SMR 6/20/90

Figures show local farmers up productivity, SMR 9/30/76

Governor to attend Agriculture Appreciation Day here, SMR 4/11/76

Grain crops pouring in, SMR 9/20/73

Hall of Fame award for Rep. Rains put off, SMR 4/9/76

Hall of Fame awards given to 24 Agriculture leaders, HCC 4/26/73

Hays County Agriculture -- an ever changing story, SMR 9/20/62

Hays County farmers experience good year, SMR 9/26/74

Hays County Farmers Market officers, SMR 5/27/84

Leonard Germer named Conservation Farmer, SMR 6/16/88

Local men to serve on Governor's Agriculture commission, HCC 11/5/77

Lynn Storm elected to Agriculture steering committee, SMR 12/16/73

Many barns left to wear down and collapse on their own, SMR 5/5/82

Mary Ann Till honored as best conservation homemaker, SMR 6/15/83

Onion shipments going out fast, SMR 1/10/32

Sunflowers may be new crop for area, SMR 6/20/68

SWT agriculture professor holds tractor efficiency clinic, SMR 6/21/92

Texas apples rate high, WV 8/14/86

Texas Dignitaries to headline Agriculture Appreciation Day, SMR 4/11/76

Texas' agricultural year in review, SMR 6/10/82

Tractor efficiency is studied, SMR 3/31/88

Wild Rice has friend, SMR 2/20/77


Ahlberg Family

Biographical sketch of Barbara Ahlberg, SMR 2/23/67

Biographical sketch of Lennart Ahlberg, Swedish immigrant, SMR 3/30/86

Ahlberg, Lennart, 3/30/86


A model airport? Letter to editor by Bill Coddington, SMR 8/31/84

Airport bid gripe no worry to city, SMR 3/16/82

Airport Commission blasted by former Stokes employee, SMR 12/12/75

Airport Commission expanded, city to buy runway lights, SMR 1/16/79

Airport Commission negotiating with Tejas Avionics, SMR 7/4/79

Airport dominates discussion by state and city representatives, SMR 2/7/75

Airport gets $1 million F.A.A. grant, SMR 1/10/92

Airport growth spurt is predicted, SMR 1/15/87

Airport harvest debated, SMR 8/11/82

Airport master plan agreement due vote, SMR 6/15/80

AWO system now operating on test basis, SMR 6/14/90

Beacon makes zero visibility landings possible at city airport, SMN 2/17/77

CAPCO predicts airport future is bright, SMR 6/1/86

Chandelle Aviation approved as FBO for San Marcos, SMR 3/23/76

City and Cen-Tex sign agreement, HCC 12/18/75

City considers runway lights, SMR 12/14/78

City Council debates future of airport and commission, SMR 1/12/79

City Council okays airport FBO, HCC 3/25/76

City urges FAA regional airport study, SMR 12/11/91

Commission eyes plan for flight school, SMR 2/6/79

Council action paves way for renovations at municipal airport, SMR 5/22/92

County airport opposed, SMR 12/1/85

Ex-FBO blasts Air Commission, SMR 2/3/77

Future of airport pondered, SMR 5/2/84

Gary Airport dominates discussion by state and city representatives, SMR 2/7/75

Grant to refurbish parking area, SMR 9/1/92

Ground broken for hangars, SMR 6/6/76

Hangars slated for construction at airport, SMR 4/13/79

Instrument Landing System (ILS) installation date moved up, SMR 5/21/82

Instrument Landing System (ILS) up in the air, SMR 3/10/82

John Stokes and airport panel at odds, SMR 11/18/75

John Stokes battles Airport Commission, HCC 11/20/75

Letter to the editor by B.M. Stansbury, airport manager, SMR 2/26/84

Local airport not likely choice for new Austin airport, SMR 3/8/79

Lowman Field closing June 7, SMN 4/26/84

New airport manager awaited, SMN 9/22/78

New Radio facility makes local airport more convenient, SMR 12/27/62

New San Marcos Airport Sign installed, SMR 5/11/79

Officials say regional airport worth considering, SMR 1/12/92

Sale of Lowman Field delayed, SMR 2/19/82

San Marcos guilty of misleading F.A.A.?, SMR 2/25/77

Sky is the limit for San Marcos Municipal Airport facility, SMR 3/29/92

Stokes bitter over loss of airport contract, HCC 12/11/75

Stokes gets exclusive five-year lease for airport, HCC 9/25/75

Stokes purchases majority interest in Fixed Based Operator, SMR 1/12/77

Akin, William Carroll

SWT professor designs hanging baskets, SMR 2/23/75

Albert, Susan Wittig, TTWC––BIOGRAPHY

Alexander Family

Effie -- 81 year-old's painting keeps her young, SMR 12/28/72

Kaye - Gaillardian--Homecoming SWT, SMR 11/9/72

Kaye -- 1972 Gaillardian, SAE 11/5/72

Kaye Alexander relinquishes Miss SWT title, SMR 2/22/73

Kaye Alexander-- Miss SWT, SMR 2/22/73, SMR 11/9/72

Kaye, Strutter Captain, receives trophy from Betty Jack Productions, SMR 2/8/73

Mrs. A.Y. Norman (mother of Rufus) dies, SMR 4/4/78

Rufus - discovers cases of screwworms, SMR 10/10/63

Alexander family (J. Rufus), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Allbright, Edna Pennington. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--PENNINGTON

Allen Family (C.M.)

Allen signs contracts to transfer city prisoners to county jail, SMR 9/20/62

Article about Hellen Allen's achievements, SMR 2/2/67

Helen Allen describes entertainment on the San Marcos River, SMR 2/28/86

Helen Holcomb Allen dies, SMR 2/5/89

Mayor C.M. Allen dies suddenly on hunting trip, SMR 11/22/62

Mayor C.M. Allen gives award of merit to Mrs. Roland Manske, SMR 11/20/58

Mayor C.M. Allen receives official visitors from McKinney, Texas, SMR 11/20/58

Mother of Helen Allen, Mrs. Herbert D. Holcombe, is mother of year, SMR 5/8/58

Allen family (Calvin M.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Allen Family (Phillip J.)

P.J. Allen, designer of parade floats, SMR 6/17/79

Allen family (Phillip J.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Allen, Billy, 1/27/85


C.M. Allen is new Chairman of Hospital Board, SMR 7/28/39


Allen, David, 1/29/91, 6/4/89


Allen, P.J., 10/14/87

Allen, Tom & Judy, 4/27/86

Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity

Fraternity raises $1400 by pushing hospital bed to Houston, SMR 3/16/72


Altenhoff, H.W.

H.W. Altenhoff collects clocks (with photo), SMR 8/13/82


Alumni House

See Historic markers--The Alumni House, TTWC

Alvirez, Mary, 4/18/90

Amann, Ralph, 8/9/84


Churches join forces to present dramatic, musical Easter production, SMR 4/5/95

Community Theater gets going, SMR 6/21/89

Oliver is a big hit at Summerfest '82, SMR 6/30/82

Performing Arts meeting Thursday, SMR 4/3/88

Willing workers sought for Performing Arts Association, SMR 6/21/89

Amateur theatricals, TTWC

American Assoc. of Retired Persons. see TTWC CLUBS

American Assoc. of University Women. see TTWC CLUBS

American Business Women Assoc. see TTWC CLUBS

American G.I. Form. see TTWC CLUBS


American Legion Auxiliary has done much to help local post, SMR 9/20/62

American Legion Auxiliary hosts tea, SMR 5/10/35

American Legion Auxiliary installs new officers, SMR 10/13/78

American Legion Auxiliary installs officers, SMR 10/18/35

American Legion Auxiliary members pose for photograph, SMR 11/11/21

American Legion Auxiliary organized in 1920, SMR 9/25/36

American Legion Auxiliary to sell poppies, SMR 11/8/73

American Legion has anniversary this week, SMR 3/20/69

American Legion holds Ladies Night, SMR 10/21/27

American Legion installs new officers, SMR 6/11/76

American Legion post has new officers, SMR 6/15/77

American Legion sells old hospital to SWT Fraternity, SMR 6/13/68

Black Legionnaires present mementos to former sponsor, HCC 6/30/77

Dannelley named Legion commander, SMR 5/28/78

David Votaw elected commander of American Legion, SMR 11/18/27

Dibrell named Legion head, SMR 5/20/75

Five of more than 30 surviving WWI veterans attend reception, SMR 11/14/74

Flag is raised at new Legion building for first time, SMR 11/11/76

Jerry Moore new commander of Local American Legion, SMR 8/18/66

Legion men and women enjoy Armistice Day banquet, SMR 11/14/24

Legionnaires raise colors at new post, HCC 6/16/77

Marvin Henderson takes command of Legion post, SMR 8/22/68

Memorial Service Set for Sunday, SMR 5/30/41

Moment of Silence for Veterans observed at Legion post, SMR 11/13/77

New officers installed, SMN 8/21/84, SMR 6/11/78, SMR 7/15/79

Obituary for past commander of post, Archie Weatherford, SMR 7/8/86

Tula Wyatt re-elected State Historian of Legion Auxiliary, SMR 8/31/34

Women honored at Veterans day parade, SMR 11/13/69

World War I veterans plentiful, SMR 11/8/74

WWI Veterans honored by American Legion post, SMR 11/15/81

WWI veterans honored by American Legion post, SMR 11/17/82

American Legion Auxilary, TTWC


Accomplishments of Bicentennial workers, SMR 1/2/75

Ambassadors of Beauty help finance Beauty on River, SMR 12/21/72

Art League Responds to Bicentennial request, SMR 9/20/73

Arts and crafts show slated, SMR 3/1/74

Artwork by Joyce Sessoms at Music River Festival, SMR 4/11/75

Beautification award is Horizons project, HCC 6/22/76

Bicentennial banner presented to SWT ROTC, SMR 12/19/74

Bicentennial Belles anticipate Rio Roundelay Fest, SMR 6/12/75

Bicentennial Belles serving lunch at Cock House, SMR 4/20/76

Bicentennial city signs are result of cooperation, SMR 9/15/74

Bicentennial Commission joins Beautify Texas Council, SMR 6/28/73

Bicentennial Commission meets, SMR 12/14/72

Bicentennial Commission names steering commmittee, SMR 12/26/74

Bicentennial Commission plan for Rio Roundelay, SMR 6/13/74

Bicentennial Commission plans Heritage Ceremony, SMR 2/17/74

Bicentennial Commission receives Bicentennial award, SMR 6/19/75

Bicentennial Commission to sponsor horse show, SMR 6/12/75

Bicentennial Committee plans ceremony, SMR 9/6/73

Bicentennial Committee to accept donations, SMR 11/2/72

Bicentennial events slated for Flag Day, SMR 6/8/73

Bicentennial flag gift opens chili fest, HCC 9/20/73

Bicentennial flag presented to Army Reserve, SMR 9/13/74

Bicentennial group plans ahead, SMR 3/14/74

Bicentennial group reports, SMR 11/9/72

Bicentennial landmarks studied, SMR 7/25/74

Bicentennial Liberty Belles sell fashion show tickets, SMR 9/19/74

Bicentennial medallions on sale, SMR 7/18/74

Bicentennial officials meet to make plans, SMR 1/31/75

Bicentennial officials to meet, SMR 1/23/75

Bicentennial proclamation of June 14 1976 observance, SMR 10/12/72

Bicentennial program bookings continue, SMR 9/14/72

Bicentennial progressing, SMR 2/15/73

Bicentennial seal prepared SWT students, SMR 11/23/72

Bicentennial student essays presented to Library, HCC 5/6/76

Bicentennial Tours of Distinction, SMR 4/18/76

Books on San Marcos clubs to be presented to library, SMR 3/15/74

Certificate of appreciation awarded to Linda Taylor, SMR 6/12/75

Certificate of Merit presented to H.Y. Price, HCC 2/13/75

Citizens recognized for contributions to Bicentennial, SMR 4/11/75

City receives 'Historic Markers in City' sign, SMR 5/15/76

City receives American Revolution Bicentennial flag, SMR 9/23/73

City receives commendation letter from President Ford, HCC 7/8/76

Commemorative paperweights examined, SMR 4/4/75

Committee oversees Bicentennial cookbook, SMR 4/8/76

County judge purchases first Bicentennial bond, SMR 5/15/75

Dedication of Veramendi Plaza, SMR 10/26/72

Donations mount for River trail, SMR 3/22/73

Dr. Lee Smith accepts Bicentennial banner, SMR 8/15/74

During Bicentennial year Mrs. J. W. Hopson is 100, SMR 8/5/76

Evironmental Concepts awarded for tours drawings, SMR 4/13/75

Explanation of Bicentennial celebration, SMR 7/2/75

Festival of Fashions October 15th at SWT, SMR 10/9/74

First Tour of Distinction and River Music Festival, SMR 4/17/75

Food table plans made for river music festival, SMR 3/7/74

Four year accomplishments of Bicentennial, SMR 6/27/76

Frances Stovall honored by Beautify Texas Council, SMR 6/19/74

Garage Sale to aid Bicentennial, HCC 5/10/73

Hays County citizens pleased with Bicentennial, SMR 2/5/76

Heritage '76 discussess youth essay, SMR 1/16/75

Heritage event a success, SMR 4/18/74

Heritage event a successful first, SMR 4/18/74

Historical Society to aid Bicentennial, HCC 10/4/73

Historical Tours Committee sets home tours, SMR 1/30/75

History of local clubs part of celebration effort, SMR 3/14/74

Horizons '76 panel approves purchase of trees, SMR 1/23/75

Lady Bird Johnson and Congressman Pickle attend event, SMR 4/11/74

Lady Bird Johnson will help beautify the river, SMR 9/7/72

Liberty Belles entertained at luncheon, SMR 10/9/74

Liberty Tree planted in city, SMR 1/18/76

Liberty Tree planting ceremonies this Friday, SMR 1/15/76

Local Bicentennial efforts win national praise, HCC 7/26/73

Mayor presents Beautification award for building, HCC 12/24/75

Mayor receives $10,000 from Bicentennial Commission, SMR 1/17/74

Mrs. Hobby to head Bicentennial fashion show, HCC 10/3/74, SMR 10/3/74

Murphree heads Bicentennial efforts, SMR 6/27/74

Music along the river festival set for April 19, SMR 4/12/73

Music along the river plans progessing, SMR 3/28/74

Music along the river proves a big success

Music along the river schedule, SMR 4/13/75

Music along the river to donate proceeds, SMR 4/3/75

Music festival plans are progressing, SMR 3/21/74

Nomination for Bicentennial City presented to library, HCC 4/19/73

Parade and Open Horse Show for Bicentennial, SMR 6/11/75

Petticoat Patriots to sing at music festival, SMR 4/6/75

Pictures of Bicentennial Belles, SMR 6/8/75

Plan for 1976 Celebration, SMR 8/17/72

Plans for Bicentennial Celebration, SMR 8/17/72

Portrait of Ramsey Yelvington donated to SWT, SMR 4/18/74

Predictions for Bicentennial year, HCC 3/14/74

Preparations for Bicentennial Tours of Distinction, SMR 3/21/75

Preview of San Marcos River Walk - Fiesta promenade, SMR 7/12/73

Program for Riverwalk marker dedication, SMR 6/13/75

Review of years preceeding Bicentennial, HCC 9/9/76

San Marcos Bicentennial slide show is made available, SMR 1/1/76

San Marcos featured in Bicentennial news, SMR 9/21/73

San Marcos Heritage '76 project, HCC 7/3/75

San Marcos most active Texas Bicentennial city, SMR 8/1/74

San Marcos receives Bicentennial plaque, SMR 6/19/75

San Marcos receives honor, SMR 11/1/73

San Marcos river music fest, HCC 4/26/73

San Marcos River Walk, SMR 2/26/73

San Marcos sets river music fest, SMR 4/13/73

San Marcos wins Beautify Texas award, SMR 11/1/73

SWT to help Bicentennial goal, SMR 11/2/72

SWT to participate in Bicentennial fete, SMR 4/13/75

Tea for Tours of Distinction leader, SMR 2/20/75

Trail contributors due recognition at Plaza, SMR 3/22/73

Tree planting kicks off Bicentennial year, SMR 1/22/76

Two Bicentennial exhibits open here this week, SMR 3/31/76

Two cypress trees planted, SMR 11/5/76

Young environmentalists agree to take part in project, SMR 9/20/73

Young environmentalists plan river walk clean-up, SMR 10/2/73

Anders, Don

Feature on SWT photographer, Don Anders, SMR 8/29/86

Anderson, Andy

State Bank and Trust's Andy Anderson retires, SMR 6/7/73

Anderson, Dora

Biographical sketch honoring her 104th birthday, SMR 12/8/66

Anderson, Eric, 6/7/87

Anderson, Lunelle, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Article outlining contributions to community by Carl and Lunelle, SMR 5/1/86

Carl and Lunelle attend Music Department Valentine's Gala, SMR 2/1/92

Honored by Business & Professional Women's Club as Woman of Year, SMN 5/2/84, SMR 4/23/84

Lunelle Anderson nominated for state Delta Kappa Gamma presidency, SMR 3/20/75

Lunelle Anderson observes Gov. White sign proclamation, SMR 9/4/84

Lunelle Anderson to be president of Business & Professsional Women, SMR 6/13/79

Presented proclamation for Preservation Week, SMR 4/27/88

Presides over 48th annual Delta Kappa Gamma State Convention, HCC 5/2/77

Wins appointment to Governor's Commission for Women, SMR 5/3/83

Anderson, Mary, 8/4/85

Andress, Robin, 2/7/88, 10/26/88

Andress, Robin Scott, 7/12/87

Animal Shelter

Youngsters help paint walls of the animal shelter, SMR 7/18/79


Animal Control no joke, SMR 4/14/77

Animal Help meeting tonight, SMR 8/28/79

Animal Shelter changes will add a worker, SMR 3/19/92

Animal Shelter empty thanks to adoptions, SMR 4/15/79

Animal Shelter helps pet problem, SMR 2/22/79

Animal Shelter workers do care, SMR 2/24/85

Animal shelter workers do care, SMR 2/24/85

Animal wardens to patrol for loose dogs, SMR 7/8/79

Charolais breeders converge on Michaelis Ranch in Kyle, SMR 11/2/67

Dog owners have responsibility to animals and themselves, SMR 1/12/92

Dogs here need home, SMR 12/15/76

Editorial on animal control, SMR 4/15/77

Escaped circus elephant caught in San Marcos river, HCC 4/6/66

Ezell's Cave holds treasure for Biologists in Texas Blind Salamander, SMR 6/25/70

Family finds and kills coral snake in garden, SMR 6/20/78

Famous pets add personality to business community, SMR 12/2/84

Gladys Finlay keeps exotic animals in 'at-home' zoo, SMN 8/4/83

Group wants to save animals, SMR 8/11/79

Hays County was first place in nation to have Angora goats, SMR 9/20/62

Humorist Bill Barber to speak at PAWS meeting, SMR 4/12/92

Is City Dog pound adequate?, SMR 3/16/72

Letter to the editor concerning stray dogs, SMR 12/6/91, SMR 12/15/91

Most famous Appaloosa in U.S. now resides in San Marcos, SMR 11/24/66

PAWS shelter in Kyle needs assistance, SMR 6/15/88

Pets show up for rabies vaccination clinic, SMR 8/14/85

Pig leads dog's life on a leash, SMR 12/7/84

Pioneer Grigsby brought sheep to Hays County, SMR 2/21/63

Plenty of pets at city's Animal Clinic, SMR 8/10/72

Possums, raccoons, squirrels closer than you think, SMR 12/18/86

Pound life isn't even for the dogs, SMR 7/6/77

Rabies clinic set, HCC 7/29/76

Sheep readied for 4-H competition, SMR 1/29/76

Shelter dream will soon be a reality, SMR 12/3/87

Snapping turtles rest on logs in San Marcos River, SMR 5/18/82

Some say city going dogs, SMR 6/17/79

Stray dogs a nuisance, SMR 3/8/73

Stray dogs target of wardens, SMR 2/13/80

SWT to remove stray animals from campus, SMR 6/26/90

Visit animal shelter and save a life, SMR 6/11/95


Ansell, Renick

Article by Renick Ansell on Reunion of ex-students of Coronal, SMR 6/16/33

Record-News Society Editor Mrs. Renick F. Ansell, SMR 12/22/36

Renick Ansell writes on 1937 Reunion of Coronal Institute, SMR 6/18/37

Ansell, Renick F., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Antique Barn, 10/21/90


Clear Springs Apartments open (with photo), SMR 8/16/66

Apple, Max, 11/12/89


Amusement Park

"Dating Game" Contestants Visit, SMR 1/21/71

60th Anniversary of Inn, SMR 4/21/89

Aquarena Popular Attraction, SMR 6/9/87

Aquarena Purchase by SWT, SMR 9/10/93

Aquarena Springs Sold, SMN 4/18/85

Aquarena Submarine Theater completed, SMR 3/23/72

Benefits of Purchase by SWT, SMR 9/10/93

City Ordinance Restricting Use of Lake, SMR 4/1/90

Comparison of Aquarena and Florida Springs, SMR 5/9/52

Hanging Gardens Installed, SAL 5/1/67

John Kelso visits Aquarena, SMR 4/20/83

John Kelso: Humor -- Pig as Salamander, AA–S 2/25/95

Legacy of Rogers' Resort, SMR 3/13/88

Maiden Voyage of Glass Bottom Boats, SMR 8/15/47

Moon Tower Arrival, SMR 4/25/63

Motor Hotel Opens, SMR 6/8/61

Natural Aquarium of Texas, SMR 4/23/95

Park Atrractions, AA–S 4/24/88, SMR 5/22/69

Public Meeting: Aquarena Springs Lake Vandalized, SMR 5/2/90

Sky Ride Opening, SMR 7/11/63

Springs to foster endanged species, AA–S 2/25/95

The Story of Ralph, HCC 3/23/78

Tourist Attraction Week, SMR 7/11/63

Underwater Wedding, SMR 3/8/54

Volcano Destroyed, SMR 3/30/72

Water at Springs is State Property, AA–S 4/20/90

When Pigs Float (Ralph), AA–S 11/28/98

William Phillips Hospitality Award, SMR 11/6/75

Aquarena dig site reveals artifacts (with photos), SMR 6/13/82

Aquarena's famed glass blower, Richard Manley, dies at 79, SMR 4/19/73

Purchase of by SWT

Aquarena Springs loses Amusement Park Status, SWT Star 2/27/96

Aquarena Springs now Aquarena Center, AA–S 9/12/99

Changes Taking Place since SWT acquisition, SWT Star 2/27/96

Education Emphasis at Aquarena Center, AA–S 3/10/97

Losses force SWT to change management, SMR 9/27/95

Losses in Revenue since acquisition by SWT, SMR 9/27/95

Pres. Supple expresses sadness over changes, SMR 2/27/96

Springs to foster endanged species, AA–S 4/25/95

SWT announces purchase of Aquarena Springs, SMR 6/3/93

SWT close to purchasing Aquarena Springs, SMR 6/2/93

SWT Purchases Aquarena Springs, SMR 1/25/94

San Marcos police officer is diving for the record at Aquarena, AA–S 8/31/01

San Marcos Springs

Historic Marker, SMR 4/21/78

Spring Lake

Arguments concerning access to Spring Lake, AA–S 5/14/90

Attorney General's office to examine water rights, AA–S 3/28/90

Attorney General's Report on Spring Lake, SMR 4/20/90

Lake debate stirs memories, SMR 4/1/90

Paul Takac maps Spring Lake's history, SMR 3/6/91

Public Rights, HCC 7/3/73

Public Rights versus Special Interests, HCC 7/3/73

Rights to Use of Spring Lake, AA–S 5/14/90

Water of Spring Lake belongs to the state, AA–S 4/20/90

Who owns water rights?, SMR 3/29/90

Aquarena Inn

One-time Vacation Resort becomes scientific haven for retarded youngsters, SMR 9/27/40

Aquarena Springs

History; J. Lloyd Moore; Gene & Shirley Phillips, 3/13/88


Anthropologists study area cultures, US 11/11/82

April 8-14 proclaimed Texas Archaeology Awareness Week in Hays County, SMR 4/4/90

Archaeological finds suggest different culture, SMR 6/28/84

Archaeologist discusses life here 11,000 years ago, WV 3/5/87

Archaeologists discuss Central Texas Indians and Archaeology, SMR 8/7/77

Archaeologists make significant discovery at Wimberley cave, SMR 4/24/75

Arrowhead hunting becomes a popular family pastime, SMR 5/14/65

Artifact display in May, SMR 4/24/83

Big dig in park may go, SMR 8/11/85

Digging at SWT approved, SMR 2/11/83

Dr. Shiner of SMU seeking key to past underwater at Spring Lake, SMR 11/14/82

More ancient bones found on campus, US 11/11/82

Mystery fossil discovery thrills SWT scientists, SMR 9/3/78

Purgatory Creek dig site tells much, SMR 6/29/86

Purgatory Creek site yields ancient remains, SMR 6/22/84

Students dig for answers at Aquarena, SMR 6/13/82

SWT students digging in, SMR 11/15/81

Archer Family

Linda and Lance interested in cooking and art; own Wooden Horse Gallery, SMR 8/7/86

Archer fammily (Lance), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


$98,000 contract let for construction of clinic, SMR 9/19/63

Building that housed "Too Bitter Club" to come down?, SMR 6/12/83

Environmental Concepts to expand to West Texas, SMR 4/2/78

Feature on Baughn home on Rogers Ridge, SMR 4/15/73

Feature on local architect Bill Fleming, SMR 8/3/86

Handler Smith house featured on Tours of Distinction, SMR 4/28/85

Hofmann Building selected for national award, SMN 4/5/84

Jim Hearne's Woodland house has life of its own, SMN 9/2/79

Murphree-Scanio Building new paint scheme reminiscent of old Texas, SMR 8/2/83

Native-born architect leaves legacy of historic Central Texas homes, SMR 3/22/92

New San Marcos buildings on Hopkins, Guadalupe and Cheatham, SMR 11/20/69

Old Cement plant used for award-winning house in Wimberley, AA–S 1/27/92

Photograph of building restored by Larry Murphree and Mike Scanio, SMR 7/24/83

Restoration of downtown building on Courthouse Square, SMR 8/21/83

Roy L. Thomas grew up in San Marcos, but he helped Austin grow, SMR 11/19/59

Roy L. Thomas, Austin architect, designed old city hall, SMR 3/26/78

San Marcos is busting out all over, SMR 10/23/77

Solar Building Company starts work in Wimberley, SMR 2/27/77

Arguien, Carol

Carol Arguien featured at annual show, SMR 4/20/88

Armstead, Adrianne

Adrianne Armstead selected as Juneteenth queen, SMR 6/21/78



Albert Armstead chosen as City Electrical Inspector, SMR 1/23/73

Article on freedom by J. Armstead, SMR 6/17/84

Black women in history, SMR 2/12/84

City Inspector, Albert Armstead, SMR 6/11/77

Electrical apprentice program begun; A. Armstead in charge, SMR 5/12/77

J. Armstead and L. Stillson honored by Historical Commission, SMR 4/19/92

Letter to editor stating statutes of Calaboose, SMR 10/11/92

Two poems by Johnnie Armstead, SMR 5/13/84

Armstrong, Margaret, 6/1/86

Arnold family (Val), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Margaret Arnold funeral at First Methodist, SMR 5/9/90

Margaret Arnold receives Mayor Craddock's proclamation as Cancer month, SMR 4/3/82

Margaret Arnold reminisces about Cancer Society, SMR 4/3/83

Mrs. Ross Arnold honored for service in Cancer Society, SMR 10/8/81

Arnold, Margaret. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ARNOLD, M.L.

Arredondo, Frank

Arredondo and Council meeting with Shirley Wickersham, HCC 5/12/77

Arredondo fought to prevent tabling of zoning change in Uhland Rd., SMR 10/10/78

Biographical article in Spanish, SMR 2/9/77

Enterprises of the Juan Arredondo family, SMR 9/20/62

Frank Arredondo elected mayor, SMR 5/7/77

Frank Arredondo gives proclamation for Foster Children Week, HCC 5/19/77, SMR 5/18/77

Frank Arredondo resigns from City Council, SMR 1/31/79

Frank Arredondo, new Mayor, presides at first city council meeting, HCC 5/12/77

Funeral of Frank Arredondo, Sr., SMR 10/3/68

Picture: Frank Arredondo and wife chat with Herbert Yarborough, SMR 5/17/77

Rosary for Juan Arredondo, Sr., SMR 11/10/81

Arrendondo, Frank, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Art classes fashion display for showing at city library, SMR 10/11/68

Art exhibit by Marianne Caroselli slated, SMR 1/6/77

Art week celebration, SMR 3/4/79

B.J. Ritchie's work in the running for honor, SMR 10/20/85

Exhibit by San Marcos artist Betty Richie, SMR 8/16/79

Feature on illustrator, Carroll Dolezal, SMR 9/8/85

Feature on local sculptors, Mike & Mindy Hinze, SMR 4/29/84

Feature on San Marcos artist, Danal Terry, SMR 2/2/77

Feature on Wimberley artist, Micky Thurgood, HCC 11/8/73

Friends of Fine Arts works with SWT, SMR 6/18/86

Isabel Baughman wins art show, SMR 6/19/79

Jeff Kester's drawings of historic buildings now on display, HCC 4/7/77, SMR 4/7/77

Jon and Jan Brieger, Ellie and Harry Stewart show at Texas Crafts Fair, SMR 6/1/84

Kyle artist, Ruffin Hill, spins her way into past, SMR 7/28/85

Lance and Linda Archer own Wooden Horse Gallery, SMR 8/7/86

Local artist gets encouraging words for logo suggestion, SMR 10/30/86

Local artists represented in Dallas show, SMR 4/4/84

Mrs. Alvin Musgrave to display painting at Cock House, HCC 8/12/78

Paintings by Helen Monette on exhibit, SMR 6/13/85

SWT art students help with community, SMR 8/10/80

Twenty-three students honored for artwork, SMR 3/16/72

Vincent Price speaks on art appreciation at SWT, SMR 2/8/62

Wildflower art exhibit slated, SMN 5/12/83

Wimberley artist Thurgood to carve panels in Odessa, TX theater, WM 3/67

Wimberley galleries boast serious talent, SMR 10/30/86

Wimberley sculptor carves giant dragon for theme park, SMR 1/5/92

Young artists show their talents, SMR 3/27/83

Art League. see TTWC CLUBS


Artist returns to San Marcos to build memorial to parents, HCC 4/26/73

Charles Barsotti moves up in literary career, SMR 12/26/63

Arts and Children

Local youngsters enjoy creative arts workshops, SMR 6/21/89

Nursery school students make unusual toys in SWT project, SMR 10/20/66

Association of Retarded Citizens, 7/16/89, 10/14/87

Attaway, Annie, 5/4/86

Atwood, Margaret, 4/5/89

Augustin, Byron, 10/17/90

Austin, Shirley, 12/5/82, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Biographical sketch of 'Mama A.", SMR 12/5/82

Shirley Austin honored by Business & Professional Women's Club, SMR 1/25/68

Under direction of Shirley Austin Playscape Children's Chorus records, SMR 5/17/92

Austin, Texas, TTWC


Andre Dubus to read to SWT, SMR 10/13/93

Author from Buda to review book, SMR 11/14/68

Authors John and Barbara Lee help at Cottage Kitchen, SMR 11/4/81

Best-selling author Elizabeth Crook visits SMHS, SMR 6/16/94

Bevery Lowry gives Hays County Women's Center helping hand, SMR 11/8/81

Critics praise book by late Leloise D. Skelley, SMN 3/17/38

Dr. Dunn edits book of essays, HCC 3/23/78

Feature on book by Al Lowman, AA–S 8/6/72

Friends of Library to honor local authors, SMR 4/20/75

Jess Webb's book on Alaskan cruising adventures to be published, SMN 12/6/84

Katherine Anne Porter's life examined in book, SMR 12/6/81

Molly Ivins to speak at SWT, SMR 7/3/91

Paula Hamilton celebrates publication of first novel, SMN 4/15/84

Peer counseling book published by SWT professor, HCC 3/23/78

Political Science professors to author textbook, SMR 4/5/81

Pool and Elliott textbook to be used at SM Baptist Academy, SMR 10/27/62

Public Library to honor authors, SMR 4/18/76

Review of Elizabeth Crook's Promised Lands, SMR 5/19/94

Ron Brown named Educator of the Year at SWT, SMR 5/12/82

SWT faculty authors to be honored, SMR 3/18/65

SWT professor probes Soviet cybernetics, SMN 9/10/85

SWT's Frank Josserand writes book on Wagner, SMR 3/8/81

Texas Poet Laureate pens poem honoring state and president, SMR 1/16/64

Tino Villanueva's book wins American Book Award, SMR 5/22/94

Wimberley author presents book to library, HCC 5/19/77

Wimberley's Elithe Hamilton Kirkland shifts gears at 80, AA–S 10/11/87

Writer-poet donates book on Lula Hines, SMR 2/22/74

Autograph albums, TTWC

Automobile industry and trade, TTWC

Automobile racing, TTWC


Andy Petermann of Goodyear likes people, SMN 1/16/83

Apple Toyota offers a large selection, SMN 3/29/92

Average Hays resident depends on automobile, SMR 8/1/68

Graham hits 30 year mark at San Marcos Alignment, SMN 4/11/85

Mr. Adams-- great mechanic in Wimberley, WV 12/20/84

Odd couple turns out juiced up Jags, SMR 9/8/85

Red Simon Ford completing new facility, SMN 12/6/84

Sale of 4 Hudson Terraplanes is record, SMR 10/6/33

Scottie's Taxi Service is shutting down, SMR 9/13/81

Vintage cars tour San Marcos, SMR 8/12/73


Average Hays resident depends on automobile, SMR 8/1/68

Earliest car registrations in Hays County, SMR 7/15/32

First lady car driver was Mrs. Bessie McIntyre, SMR 9/25/36

Hays County residents own more automobiles, SMR 12/14/72

Horseless carriage enthusiasts meet at Hays Civic Center, SMR 8/21/75

Love affair with old cars, SMR 3/21/76


Avey Family

Avey-Nimred Co. sets opening, SMR 6/8/61

Dinner honors Mrs. Iva V. Avey on 86th birthday, SMR 7/21/66

Iva Adey, 94, died Friday, May 16th, HCC 5/22/77

Locomotive will be completed in July, SMR 4/15/71

Ruth Avey featured in recipe column, SMR 3/25/76

Scale model locomotive to be built by Avey Plaster, SMR 2/18/71

Avila, Henrietta, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Biographical sketch, SMR 1/15/78

Geronimo F. Avila, Sr., husband of Henrietta, dies, SMR 12/26/91

Son, John, with Chaparral Airline, SMR 9/19/92



Bagley family (Don.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Bagley Family (Donny)

An appreciation of Roddy Bagley by Mark Hendricks, SMR 9/23/87

Family of Connie & Donny Bagley active in community, SMR 8/26/86

Funeral services for Roddy Bagley, SMR 9/6/87

Roddy Bagley honored by San Marcos Electric Utility Board, SMR 4/27/88

Bagley, Connie, 8/10/88

Bagley, Jody

Jody Bagley wins Junior Miss, SMR 3/14/85



Baker, Clovis

Clovis Barker president of State Bank, SMR 7/20/86

Baker, Flora

Biographical sketch of service at SWT, HCC 9/8/77


Bakers and Bakeries, TTWC––BAKERS AND BAKERIES

Ora Jean brings new life to the Bakery on Hopkins, SMR 8/31/83

Simon's Bakery celebrates 20th Anniversary, SMR 6/7/40

Simons celebrate 50th wedding anniversary, SMR 4/16/82

Simons still fond of Bakery, SMR 8/31/80

Things are still happening at Simon's Bakery, HCC 10/4/73

Videll Kees creates works of art, SMR 6/1/83

Balcones Garden Club. see TTWC CLUBS


Bales Family

Obituary of Samuel B. Bales, HCT 6/21/1901

Obiturary of Douglas Bales, SMR 9/20/79


Banbury, Chris

Chris Banbury is NAACP representative, SMR 10/8/78

Banks and Banking, TTWC––BANKS AND BANKING

First National Bank, TTWC––BANKS AND BANKING––FIRST NATIONAL BANK (see Archive boxes in TTWC book collection)

Bank bandits last seen in Llano County, SMN 5/23/33

Bank robbed and men kidnapped, AA 5/23/33

Bank to observe 85th anniversary with art, SMR 2/20/64

Bank VP offers High School instruction, SMR 9/9/82

Bank's historical marker unveiled, SMR 5/8/79

Blair clock now hanging from mezzanine, SMR 3/20/75

Chapman named VP, SMR 9/8/85

County to purchase building, SMR 2/27/75

Directors elected at First National Bank, HCC 1/22/76

Ellie Stewart attains citizenship, SMR 9/1/85

First National Bank facts, SMR 3/20/75

First National experiencing growing pains, SMR 11/1/73

First National is oldest bank in town, HCC 1/31/74

Grand opening on Sunday, April 20, SMR 5/8/75

Historical overview of Bank, SMR 9/20/62

New First National Bank building, HCT 4/23/09

New flag poles donated by Pernods, SMR 6/15/79

Newton Gang robbery recounted, SMR 2/11/77

Photo montage of Bank employees, SMR 6/17/84

Photos and captions from bank's open house, SMR 4/22/75

Promotions announced, SMR 1/10/74

Robbers chased in neighboring counties, SMR 5/22/33

See also Historic Markers--First Nat'l Bank, TTWC

Skylight from Old Capitol displayed, SMR 11/13/77

Special Supplement on Bank, HCC 4/17/75

Women employees at bank sport new uniforms, SMR 2/12/70

Yeggs rob National Bank in 1933, SMR 9/20/62

Glover National Bank, TTWC


Bank makes personnel changes, SMN 5/16/85

Bank names new directors, SMR 5/7/80

Bank plans accepted by directors, HCC 1/8/76

Groundbreaking festivities for new bank, SMR 3/18/76

Handler Smith named bank president, SMR 1/22/89

New bank celebrates grand opening, HCC 11/11/76

New bank named John Cunningham president, SMR 3/31/76

New officers, promotions at Hays Bank, SMR 1/27/77

Newest bank in 70 years opens, SMR 11/12/76

State Bank, TTWC


Andy Anderson retires, SMR 6/7/73

Another state bank added, HCC 1/12/06

Bank balks at giving up control of roadway, SMR 6/3/82

Bank is looking to the future, SMR 2/28/82

Bank names three directors, SMR 1/25/87

Bank to host Cottage Kitchen, SMR 4/21/92

Bank working with city on lane expansion, SMR 5/20/82

Bob Thornton presents $2,500 to SWT Foundation, SMR 2/28/75

Bob Thornton to celebrate 50th anniversary, SMR 2/2/86

Bomb threat a hoax, SMR 11/7/86

Clay mural nearly complete, SMR 3/7/76

Clovis Barker president of State Bank, SMR 7/20/86

Eyewitness remembers 1924 Dalton Gang Robbery, SMR 2/16/77

Handler Smith resigning as president, SMR 7/4/86

New vault at bank, HCT 4/20/1894

Newton Gang Robbery reenacted, SMR 2/17/77

Old Cape Building demolished, SMR 6/27/74

Open House planned for new building, SMR 3/7/63

Sam Jordan retires, SMR 5/13/92

Smith is the new president of State Bank, SMR 1/24/82

State Bank and Trust announces promotions, SMR 1/26/92

State Bank and Trust puts service first, SMR 3/29/92

State Bank announces promotions, SMR 1/26/92

State Bank donates $25,000 for Stadium, SMN 10/4/81

Thornton honored for assistance to SWT, SMR 11/4/81

Thornton receives President's Torch Award, HCC 2/3/77

Women promoted at bank, SMR 4/2/92


Bank names Richard Burdick community director, SMR 6/21/90

Bank places service and friendship at top of list, SMR 3/29/92

Banks fund loan program for downtown, SMR 5/10/92

Victoria Bank and Trust, TTWC


Examining gifts of art and music with Stephanie Langenkamp, SMN 3/22/84

Interview with Anita Miller telling of work on "The Answer Place," SMR 9/11/86

Picture and article concerning film files, SMR 10/14/87

Picture of Kay Banning cookbooks in library, SMR 8/8/84

Picture of Kay Banning holding entries to Puppet Contest, SMR 7/26/83

Barbee Family

Arledge Home, owned at one time by J.J. Barbee, on Tour of Distinction, SMR 4/5/87

Obituary of J.J. Barbee, HCT 3/24/12

Barbee family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Barber Nolen Bragg turns 70, SMR 3/22/92

Barton Gill hangs up scissors, SMR 6/1/72

Eighty-year-old barber still plies his trade, SMR 1/26/86

Joe Herman notes changes during 55 years as barber, SMR 5/20/65

Landmark closes doors, SMR 7/11/74

Parlor Barber Shop sold and closed, HCC 7/11/74

Photos and story on Parlor Barber Shop, SMR 12/21/72

Barclay, Lillian E.

Mrs. Lillian E. Barclay heads AAUW chapter, SMR 4/1/55

Barker, Clovis

Clovis Barker gets Chamber of Commerce Sunshine award, SMR 4/26/81

Hays County Civic Center dedicated, Clovis Barker honored, SMR 2/1/76

Barkley, Charlotte Brown. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BROWN, O.T.

Barkley, Earl C. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BROWN, O.T.


Obituary and long biographical sketch, SMR 5/28/59

Barnes, Carolyn, 7/22/87

Barnes, Diane, 6/3/87


Barron Family

Many attend 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. William Thomas Barron, SMR 6/21/73


Cartoonist honored by Alma Mater, SMR 3/1/87

Charles Barsotti moves up in literary career, SMR 12/26/63

Former SWT cartoonist joins the big leagues, SMR 7/16/82

Barton cemetery. see TTWC--HISTORIC MARKERS

Barton family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Barton, Hazel, 9/11/88, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Article concerning providing lyrics for Sesquicentennial Celebration, SMR 11/9/86


Article describing technique of rehearsals by Barton, SMR 1/3/63

Article: 50 years the theatre, SMR 9/1/88

Barton honored by Southwest Theater Conference, SMR 12/15/85

Barton steps down as theatre director, SMR 7/17/75

Bartons celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary, SMR 5/28/86

Honored & named Distinguished Professor of Speech Communication Emeritus, SMR 3/9/88

Barton, Jim, 9/11/88




High School's new baseball field opens, SMR 3/4/76

Little League closes successful season, SMR 6/21/87

Little League seeks building donations, SMR 5/18/86

Little League Supplement, SMR 6/21/81

Rebels keep pro baseball in town, SMR 5/31/87

Bass, Charles Thornton, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Biographical article and history of his drugstore, SMR 5/17/87

Obituary of Aline Bass Schlemmer; daughter of Charles Bass, SMR 7/16/86

Bass, Charles Thorton

C.T. Bass pioneered drug business here; founded store in 1887, SMR 9/25/36

Some memories of old San Marcos drugstore, SMR 5/17/87


Bass, Horace, 5/17/87

Bass, Rick, 2/27/91

Bateman, Sandy, 8/4/85

Sandy Bateman raises paints (with biography and photo), SMR 3/7/85

Bats, 10/3/90

Baugh, Jim

Departing city manager thanks city, SMR 5/13/77

Baugh, John and Eula Mae, 4/12/87

Beall family (Adam Jones), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Beall, Mrs. Ed F.

Mrs. Beall heads flower sale to aid blind, SMR 1/13/37

Beall, Nina, 11/11/90



15 to compete for 1989 Junior Miss, SMR 1/15/89

20 San Marcos girls to compete for 1988 Junior Miss, SMR 4/15/88

Becky King enjoys lifetime memories at Junior Miss, HCC 2/2/78, SMR 2/2/78

Beth Yeargan is chosen Junior Miss, SMR 6/1/84

Carol Dorsey is Junior Miss, SMR 11/18/80

Carol Dorsey to represent San Marcos in pageant, SMR 1/20/81

Cinnamon Stouffer ready for Junior Miss finals, SMR 5/29/88

Former San Marcos girl receives mention in Boston papers, SMR 7/31/42

Jody Bagley wins Junior Miss, SMR 3/14/85

Juneteenth pageant set, SMR 6/7/84

Junior Miss pageant set for Saturday, SMR 3/8/85

Junior Miss preparations spark feeling of deja vu, SMR 5/20/84

Junior Miss show waiting in the wings, SMR 11/22/81

Junior Miss to be crowned, SMR 10/24/82

Michelle Foster preparing for state Junior Miss, SMR 7/24/86

Nineteen aspire to 1982 Junior Miss title, SMR 11/17/81

Nineteen local beauties to compete in Miss Cinco de Mayo pageant, SMR 4/30/81

Stacie Dobson is First Runner-Up in Junior Miss, SMR 4/21/88

Beck family (John), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Becker, Thomas, 1/10/90

Becker, Tommye, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Tommye Becker honored at retirement party at library, SMR 1/10/90

Bedell, Jerry, 8/17/86

Beebe, Sue, 3 /5/89

Beechinor, Bob, 1/13/85

Beecroft, Irene, 7/26/87


Willie Whitten dedicated to beekeeping, SMR 12/27/81

Bek, Anton, 9/18/88, 11/30/90

Belcher Family

Earl & Dawn Belcher build new veterinary clinic, SMR 11/13/69

Belcher family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Bell-Mettereau, Dr. Rebecca, 2/12/89

Belvin Family

Carrie Belvin to teach at Coronal Institute, HCT 4/29/1901


Belvin Historic District. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

See Historic Markers--Belvin Historic District, TTWC

Belvin home (Robert Hixon)

See Historic Markers--Robert Hixon Belvin Home, TTWC


Belvin homes join Historic Register, SMR 5/17/85

Builders claim city pressured against townhomes, SMR 10/28/76



Belvin, Jessica Driskill. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BELVIN FAMILY

Belvin, Robert Hixon. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Robert Hixon Belvin Home; TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BELVIN FAMILY

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. see TTWC CLUBS

Bennett, Mrs. C. E. Bennett

Crescendo Club honors Mrs. C.E. Bennett, SMR 5/16/75

Bennett, Mrs. C.E.

Crescendo Club honors Mrs. C.E. Bennett, SMR 5/16/75




Berry, L.J.

Column in Record by L.J. Berry on San Marcos Public Schools, SMR 1/13/27

San Marcos teachers honored at party at home of superintendent, L.J. Berry, SMR 9/30/27

Stadium official at U. of Texas Stadium retires, AA–S 11/24/66

Wedding of Elizabeth A. Berry, SMR 9/16/27

Beta Sigma Phi

See Greek letter societies, TTWC

Bicentennial Celebration

See American Revolution Bicentennial, TTWC


Local cyclist prepares for Race Across America, SMR 6/27/93

Biggs, Leila Storey. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--STOREY

Bingham, Rodney, 7/15/84


Albert J. Fanning crafts wooden birds, SMR 9/1/74

Chamberlin's article on Mockingbirds is in Texas Geographic Magazine, CS 7/12/44

Couple glad birds take early leave, SMR 8/13/76

Curley Doyle builds houses for purple martins, SMR 3/27/77

Joys of birdwatching, SMR 1/25/87

Pyrrhuloxia, rare visitor, appears at feeder, SMR 1/19/83

Road Runners overrun other birds, SMR 5/24/90

Scrub Jays moving into San Marcos area, SMR 9/29/82

SWT professor raises ostriches, SMR 12/26/82


Review of Birk's book, "You can't walk on water if you stay in the boat," SMR 12/1/93

Bishop Female College. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Bishop Female College, 1884, SMR 9/20/62

Black, Edgar, 6/19/88

Blackaller, Mary Steele. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--STEELE FAMILY (W.H.)

Blacksmithing, TTWC

See also Historic Markers--Sydney J. Pyland Blacksmith Shop, TTWC


Blacksmithing not a lost art, SMR 1/6/77

Edwin Sattler was longtime blacksmith, SMR 1/2/77

Kay Whitfield makes horseshoes, SMR 11/15/81

Morris' blacksmith shop nearly complete, HCT 11/15/1889

Blair, John, 8/15/90


Blanco River, TTWC

Efforts to clean gas from river set complete, SMR 5/22/87

Gasoline is leaking into Blanco, SMR 5/20/87

Gasoline tank leaks probed, SMR 5/31/87

Blanco Star School. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Blaschke, Alfred and Verna

Blaschkes observe 50th wedding anniversary, SMR 9/30/84

Blind Salamander. see TTWC Ezell's Cave

Blizzard, Naomi, 2/21/88

Blood donors

See also Blood donor honor roll, February 1944 in map case, TTWC

Boggus, Elizabet Berry. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BERRY

Bonham Kindergarten School. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Boone, Vic and Edna, 12/16/88

Booth, Patrick, 8/24/86

Boothe, Powers, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Picture from TV drama, Philip Marlow, Private Eye, SMR 2/20/83



Obituary for Mrs. H. Boucher, SMR 1/25/68

Obituary for Wiley R. Boucher, SMR 3/31/81

Wiley R. Boucher interview on his 88th birthday, HCC 5/25/78, SMR 5/19/78

Bowie Elementary. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Bowles Family (Ira & Sally)

Article on Library's Children's Reading & Sally Bowles, SMR 8/21/69

Article-- Sally Bowles works on Crisis Hotline Center, SMR 12/28/78

Biographical article on Sally Bowles, SMR 1/15/78

Biographical sketch, SMR 4/6/67

Ira Bowles receives Doctorate from Columbia University, SMR 5/25/67

Marriage of Alan Bradley Bowles, SMR 8/7/83

Obituary for Gina Bowles, SMR 6/9/82

Obituary for Sally Bowles, SMR 2/16/87

Bowles family (Ira), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Bowles, D. Richard, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Bowles, Mrs. Richard

Mrs. Richard Bowles and Richard McSwain honored, SMR 5/22/77

Bowles, Richard

100th Birthday of Jessie Worley mother of Mrs. D. Richard Bowles, AA–S 10/8/88

Dr. Richard Bowles as member of planning committee of TSTA, SMR 6/11/80

Dr. Richard Bowles receives Silver Beaver citation from Boy Scouts, SMR 2/12/75

Obituary of Jessie Worley mother of Mrs. D. Richard Bowles, AA–S 11/26/90

Richard Bowles named to SWT faculty, SMR 2/27/67




Altenhoff, Smith picked to lead Scout District, SMR 12/12/63

Annual Boy Scout banquet tonight, SMR 12/5/68

Bill Haney chosen outstanding scout in Twin Valley District, SMR 1/23/64

Blue and Gold Banquet is annual event, SMR 2/20/77

Boy Scout Banquet honors six achievers, SMR 3/3/78

Boy Scouts end 27th Anniversary week in office, SMR 2/19/37

Boy Scouts have new district chief, Edwin Echels, SMR 6/8/67

Boy Scouts present plaques of appreciation to community members, SMR 9/9/76

Boy Scouts ride bikes 50 miles, SMR 9/8/66

Congressman Pickle presides over Scout ceremony, SMR 6/2/77

Cub Scout carnival is big success, SMR 8/3/53

Cub Scouts celebrate Scout Month with banquet, SMR 2/22/76

Cub Scouts distribute LCRA energy conservation booklets, SMR 4/4/82

Cub Scouts enjoy annual Blue and Gold Banquet at Aquarena Restaurant, SMR 2/25/65

Cub Scouts ride Amtrak, SMR 5/17/81

Cub Scouts tour Ezell's Cave, SMR 12/5/68

Cub Scouts visit Bergstrom Air Force Base, SMR 12/13/63

Cypress Creek Garden Club helps scouts, WV 7/10/80

Don Preece selected district chairman, SMR 1/22/76

Dr. M. M. Martin named Vice President of area Boy Scouts, SMR 1/24/63

Dr. Richard Bowles receives Silver Beaver citation, SMR 2/12/75

Dudley Johnson, Tom Collier are first Boy Scout organizers here, SMR 9/25/36

El Rancho Cima Scout Ranch on Blanco has big week, SMR 6/25/56

Feature (with photographs) of Scout trip at Camp Tom Wooten, SMR 6/23/60

Feature on Boy Scout camping trip to Naylor Morton Ranch, SMR 6/17/65

Feature on scout executive, Bill Stout, SMR 10/14/77

H.C. Kyle and Ted Breihan hold district posts with Scouts, SMR 12/21/67

History of Scouting in San Marcos, SMR 9/27/74

Hugo Meuth attends conference on Scholarship from Scouts, SMR 8/25/66

Jon Cradit earns Eagle Scout honors, SMR 9/13/73

Kyle Scouts attend Austin encampment, HCC 6/23/60

Local Scouts at Camp Tom Wooten, SMR 6/15/61

Local Scouts head for national Scout Jamboree in Virginia, SMR 7/23/81

Local Scouts receive awards at Explor-Olympics Banquet, HCC 4/20/67

Mayor Arredondo proclaims Oct. 6-13th, "Boy Scout Fund Raising Week," SMR 10/5/77

Members of Explorer Post 120 commended by city, SMR 3/8/78

New Boy Scout Handbook to be given to longtime scouters, SMR 10/26/72

New officers of Boys Scouts' Twin Valley District, SMR 2/15/73

Photo of 1944 Boy Scout Football League team, SMR 9/20/62

Photos of Cub Scouts' pine-box derby, SMR 3/28/76

San Marcos History of Scouting, SMR 9/27/74

Scout derby keeps 'em rolling, SMR 1/13/84

Scout Round-Up starts in County, SMR 11/2/72

Scouts are raising $5,500 for organization, SMR 3/5/80

Scouts elect officers, SMR 12/19/67

Scouts host annual float down the river, SMR 9/11/77

Scouts to return from New Mexico adventure, SMR 8/7/75

Scouts win honors, SMR 2/27/75

Scouts work on aviation badge, SMR 2/20/87

Ted Harris wins Award of Merit, SMR 2/8/73

Troup 118 sets endurance record, SMR 7/30/78

Tube Float a great way to see a river, say local scouts, SMR 7/25/63

Webelos clean up around river, SMR 3/14/74

Webelos pack growing, SMR 4/23/75

Boyd, Bill, 8/19/84

Brackenridge Club. see TTWC CLUBS




Article on Braden family and their 10 children, HCC 5/6/76

Article on Dr. Celeste Braden, SMN 11/25/84

Celeste Braden receives D.D.S. degree, SMR 6/10/81

Margaret Braden graduates from SWT, SMR 8/18/87

Marriage of Kathryn Brady, SMR 6/28/81

Obituary--Mary Lyden Baca-- mother of Mrs. James Braden, SMR 2/2/82

Paul Braden serves in Air Force in Germany, SMN 11/15/84



Extensive biographical article and picture, SMR 10/23/77

Funeral service-- Cora Cephas, sister, SMR 1/16/75

Funeral service-- Nora Lillie Kyle, sister, SMR 1/11/84

Interview with 'Sister Lee,' HCC 7/2/77

Picture and short write-up as Dora Lee B. collects for cancer, SMR 4/4/76


Bragg, Nolen

Barber Nolen Bragg turns 70, SMR 3/22/92

Brandt, Mary Clare, 9/21/83

Feature article on interior designer Mary Clare Brandt, SMR 8/21/83

Brannen, Webb

John Kelso article on Brannen's campaign for San Marcos City Council, AA–S 5/3/92

Brantley, Harold, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Biographical interview, WV 2/28/85

Brantley yard is yard of the month, WV 2/21/85


Breihan, Frances, 12/14/86

Breihan, Ted

Breihan defends position of East Business Park, SMR 6/9/77

Breihan's frustration over actions of Council concerning property he owns, SMR 2/20/80

Column "Con Safor" comments on Breihan's involvement in Industrial Park, SMR 6/9/77

Column for the Record: Ted Breihan's conflict of interest controversy, SMR 4/8/80

Crystal Breihan and friends jump rope, SMR 1/24/92

Dawn Breihan receives Teaching Excellence Award, SMR 3/11/88

Editorial on San Marcos East Business Park, SMR 6/9/77

Frances Breihan conductor and founder of Methodist Jubillaire Ringers, SMR 12/14/86

Funeral Notice-- Earline Sample, mother of Frances Breihan, SMR 2/20/81

Funeral Notice-- Fred J. Sample, father of Frances Breihan, SMR 1/18/84

Letter to editor by Ted Breihan, SMR 3/23/80, SMR 4/13/80

Letter to the editor by Ted Breihan regarding news coverage, SMR 6/11/77

Picture of Ted Breihan--opponent of proposed ethics code, SMR 4/1/80

Planning and Zoning Commission approves East Business Park, SMR 6/9/77

Progress made on Industrial Park, SMR 6/8/77

Ted Breihan defends vote in City Council, SMR 3/4/76

Ted Breihan Electrical Co. building, SMR 8/9/84

Ted Breihan holds district post with Boy Scouts, SMR 12/21/67

Ted Breihan over-reacts to newspaper comments, SMR 6/16/77

Ted Breihan wins conditional approval of East Business Park, SMR 6/9/77

Brennan, Jennifer, 8/13/89

Brennan, Michelle, 8/13/89


Article on new bridge over Blanco River, SMR 3/11/36

Cheatham Street Bridge taking new shape, SMR 2/25/77

City gives go-ahead to Hopkins St. River Bridge, SMR 11/25/59

Construction for C.M. Allen bridge over Purgatory Creek, SMR 7/11/74

I-35 Bridge over Blanco River to be widened, SMR 10/16/91

New bridge at Rio Vista is now open to traffic, SMR 4/29/77

New River Bridge on City's Program, SMR 11/10/60

Photo and caption about bridge to be built over Cheatham Street, HCC 8/5/76

Photo of construction of Rio Vista Bridge, SMR 10/14/76

Photo of destroyed bridge on Austin Highway after flood in 1920, SMR 1/18/68

Photo of low water bridge over Blanco River in Wimberley, SMR 1/22/78

Railroad Bridge built across river in 1880, SMR 2/24/66


Brister, Louis

Sponsored Bonnie Barsley to teach English and Spanish in Germany, HCC 8/16/73

Brite, Jerry, 8/27/89


Brown School continues to grow, SMR 8/28/42

Brown School Founder dies, SMR 2/15/73

Brown School groundbreaking for new dormitory, SMR 11/9/67

Brown Schools treat special problems, SMR 5/3/77

Brown Schools, two decades of help for the retarded, SMR 9/20/62

Carolyn Rosenbalm's tasks are ecumenical all the way, SMR 6/19/83

Changes are on the way, SMR 10/25/87

Charles Barsotti moves up in literary career, SMR 12/26/63

Dr. Frank Rafferty to head Brown Schools, SMR 7/1/79

One-time Vacation Resort becomes scientific haven for retarded youngsters, SMR 9/27/40

San Marcos Treatment Center opens, SMR 2/25/79

School serves wide range of clients, SMR 2/22/81

Trust fund established for Brown Schools, SMR 7/3/77

Two decades of help for the retarded, SMR 9/20/62

Brown, Bert

Brown School Founder dies, SMR 2/15/73

Brown, Charles, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also 818 BRO

Brown, Charles, M.D.

Captain Brown writes from Japanese prison, SMR 8/20/43

Captain Charles Brown is captive of Japanese, SMR 5/7/43?

Graveside services for Dr. Charles Brown, SMR 9/19/82

Mother of Capt. Brown talks to evacuated nurse concerning son, SMR 6/26/42?

Brown, Elizabeth Pauline. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BROWN, O.T.

Brown, Jim

Jim Brown wins Juneteenth Barbecue contest, SMR 6/27/82

Brown, Jimmy

Jimmy Brown is first black elected to Kiwanis Post, SMR 9/29/77


Brown, Joseph Shotwell, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Brown, Karl, 12/11/83

Mayor Karl Brown proclaims July 11 Harmonizers Day, SMR 7/1/82

Brown, Laura, 4/8/90


Brown, Mary Eliza. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY-- BROWN, O.T.


Mrs. Elizabeth Belvin Brown obituary, Houston Post 8/8/35

Brown, Ron, 1/1/85

Ron Brown tells SWT's history in new book, SMR 10/11/79

Brown, Vicki, 4/26/89

Bruce, Irma

Arrives home after 3 1/2 month World Tour, SMR 10/5/67

As teacher of Sunday school class attended officer installation, SMR 9/20/62

Brusendorf, Archie A., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Bryant, Mary, 2/21/88, 9/14/88

Buckner Family

Addison and Walter Buckner display awards won at Texas Press Association, WM 7/70

Addison Buckner dies in car crash, SMR 10/16/85

Addison Buckner named President of South Texas Press Association, SMR 5/2/77

Addison Buckner receives copy of new Boy Scout Handbook, SMR 10/26/72

Article by Tom Buckner describing prices in Willie Meiner's 1905 ledger, SMR 7/18/68

Biographical Sketch of Walter G. Buckner, SMR 3/27/79

Bonnie Suzanne Buckner, daughter of Addison Buckner, marries Leon Jay, SMR 7/9/78

Buckner Brothers built largest weekly newspaper in United States, AA 8/12/56

Buckner Fund slated by SWT, SMR 3/27/79

Buckner Printing craftsmen add specialty touch, SMR 7/6/76

Bud Buckner dedicates a tree honoring his father Walter, SMR 1/20/80

Engagement of Bonnie Suzanne Buckner announced, SMR 5/30/78

Large advertisement and picture of Buckner Printing, SMR 2/28/86

Letter of Appreciation to Record from Public Library Board, SMR 9/20/62

Local Life Page-- Article on T.A. Bucker, publisher, SMR 10/10/76

Major Tom Buckner receives Air Force Commendation Medal, SMR 9/21/80, SMR 10/9/77

Obituary of Mrs. Virginia Anderson Buckner, SMR 5/20/72

Obituary of Walter G. Buckner, SMR 3/21/79

Obituary-- Leah Maude Buckner Staudt-- sister of Addison Buckner, SMR 10/6/80

Three Buckners have been owners and publishers of Record, SMR 9/25/36

Three publishing generations-- Buckner-Buckner-Buckner, AA 3/27/63

Tom Buckner receives Freedom's Award, SMR 4/20/72

Tom Buckner, a San Marcos Tourist in San Antonio, SMR 4/20/67

Walter Buckner assumes post of Associate Publisher Uvalde Leader News, SMR 3/7/76

Walter Buckner's Column: Folks & Facts, SMR 1/13/72, SMR 1/13/77, SMR 2/20/53, SMR 3/10/39, SMR 3/18/77, SMR 3/23/78, SMR 7/3/77, SMR 9/9/76, SMR 9/15/77, SMR 12/7/72

Walter E. Buckner honored by Credit Bureau of San Marcos, SMR 6/25/75

Buckner family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY




Obituary-- James Richard Buckner, retired professor STSC, SMR 6/10/65

Picture--Presentation at dedication of new dorm, Buckner Hall, SMR 11/17/66

Buckner, T.A.

Col. J.E. Franklin and T.A. Buckner speakers at Rotary, SMR 9/13/29



Buckner, Virginia Anderson. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BUCKNER FAMILY




Aerial view shows Buda as it was approximately 10 years ago, OCFP 6/6/80

All about Buda, HCC 11/15/73

Artists' workshop in downtown Buda, SMR 11/25/73

Birth of Buda, SMR 5/31/73

Buda birthday party a smash, SMR 10/7/81

Buda blaze guts four shops, OCFP 1/16/81, SMR 7/22/94

Buda clean up day praised, SMR 3/16/73

Buda game ranch has exotic deer from Pakistan and India, SMR 12/29/84

Buda gets new council member, SMR 8/8/80

Buda High School Reunion, OCFP 5/8/81

Buda in the late eighties, KE 4/13/28

Buda man to fight easement plan, SMR 12/1/83

Buda once named Du Pre, SMR 9/20/62

Buda post office marks 110th birthday, HCC 12/23/77

Buda post office moves--ninth local since 1880, SMR 7/18/68

Buda shows signs of growth, HCC 7/9/77

Buda, A progressive town, KE 4/13/28

Carpenter Ranch receives honor, HCC 12/1/77

Cave found in Buda, HCC 6/3/76

Centennial support materializes--finally, OCFP 2/20/81

City asked to make library a city department, OCFP 1/11/80

Clarks operated Buda business, OCFP 11/30/79

Community pride supports Buda elementary school programs, SMR 9/28/72

Despite fire, downtown Buda alive and kicking, SMR 8/12/94

Ed Gage is Bicycle Man of Buda, SMR 5/30/76

Edwin Nivens recalls life in early Buda, HCC 6/24/76

Fifth annual Budafest, SMR 12/4/84, SMR 12/5/84

Franklins focus in on 'Horton House,' OCFP 7/27/79

Funeral held for Edwin Nivens, the first baby born in Buda, HCC 1/7/77

Governor names Buda native Employment Commission Representative, SMR 1/16/64

Homegrown artists and imported wares, SMR 12/6/81

J.S. Wilhite trapped wolves for years in Buda, SMR 9/20/62

Judy Powell is Buda's first councilwoman, HCC 5/6/76

Kyle and Buda provide comfortable life, SMR 3/7/79

Local farm owner gets Heritage honor, SMR 9/12/76

New Buda campus may be a bit late, SMR 8/6/81

Odd couple turns out juiced up Jags, SMR 9/8/85

Old Buda High heads toward doom, SMR 12/20/73

Penbur Farms' Shrimp farm scandal, SMR 1/19/97

Photo of Buda pioneers, the Rylander brothers, HCC 10/6/77

Photo of old Buda hotel, HCC 3/18/71

Plans for park proceed in Buda, SMR 7/4/68

Right to read program initiated in Buda, SMR 2/28/74

Senior citizens center sought, SMR 1/11/84

Town's first name was Du Pre; changed to Buda in 1889, SMR 9/25/36

Woman robs bank, SMR 12/17/26

Buda Christian Church. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Bugg, Zacariah

Ceremony marking early sheriff's grave set, SMR 7/16/64


T.R. Buie honored at retirement reception, HCC 7/1/76

T.R. Buie honored by Vocational Agriculture Teacher Association of Texas, SMR 7/13/75

T.R. Buie receives Distinguished Service Award from U.S. Office of Education, HCC 4/6/66

T.R. Buie studies genealogy in spare time, SMR 8/21/77

T.R. Buie takes leave of absence to teach in Formosa, SMR 1/10/63

Building and Loan Associations, TTWC––BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS

Austin Savings Office opens, SMR 1/7/71

Balcones Banc Savings announces personnel changes, SMR 4/15/92

Balcones Savings application filed, SMR 4/29/65

First Federal Savings buys Bass Building, SMR 12/12/57

First Federal Savings names new directors and officers, SMR 1/25/68

Old Bass Building comes down for new Savings Building, SMR 6/5/61

Building and loan associations, TTWC

Bullock, Jerry M., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Bunton Family

Col. John W. Bunton, Hays Pioneer, buried in State Cemetery in Austin, SMR 4/22/32

Bunton family (John W.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Bunton, John Wheeler. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--John Wheeler Bunton

Burdick, Richard

Victoria Bank names Richard Burdick community director, SMR 6/21/90

Burleson family

Burleson love story, SMN 1/13/54

Letter to Burleson from Sam Houston contents listed, SMR 1/26/51

Letter to Burleson from Sam Houston found in Sarah Owen's possessions, SMR 1/26/51

Burleson home. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

See Historic Marker--Burleson Home, TTWC

Burleson Homestead. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Burleson, Albert Sidney, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Albert S. Burleson: Illustrious Hays County son, SMR 3/2/78

Burleson Family Reunion brings 36 descendants, SMR 8/29/93

Burleson, David Crockett. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BURLESON, EDWARD


Biographical sketch of General Edward Burleson, SMR 3/6/94, SMR 4/13/28

Burleson connection, SMR 3/14/93

Burleson descendant clears "General" mystery, SMR 1/12/92

Burleson letters revealing of his many activities, SMR 5/14/89

DAR put marker on site of Burleson Home, AS 7/30/32

Gen. Edward Burleson responsible for formation of Hays County, SMR 3/24/60

General Edward Burleson settled by Springs in 1844, SMR 4/29/79

General Edward Burleson's fight with the Cherokee, SMR 7/1/90

John J. Dunn family purchases land owned by ancestor Burleson, SMR 9/12/68

Mary Driskill Burleson has 100th Birthday, SMR 12/31/70

Obituary-- Emmie Lee Morris, SMR 12/4/75

Olive Altenhoff, champion bowler and descendant of Burleson, SMR 11/20/81

Role of General Edward Burleson in history of San Marcos, SMR 2/29/86

Town founder's great granddaughter commended by legislature, SMR 2/25/77


Burleson, Lorraine

Lorraine Burleson hosts Gay Paree Civic and Social Club event, SMR 12/31/81

Burleson, Nell

Nell Burleson presented proclamation of Juneteenth by SM mayor, SMR 6/6/80

Burleson, William. see TTWC Historic Markers--Old Cock House

Burnett family (Walter), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Burnett Family, (Walter)

Biographical article-- Judge Will Burnett, HCC 9/1/65

Burnett household welcomes foster children, SMR 6/21/79

Burnetts enjoy reunion with foster child Nicholas, SMR 12/21/80

Campaign ad for Judge Walter Bud Burnett, SMR 4/11/82

Hays County Judge Walter Burnett proclaims Farm Business Week, TC 2/6/83

Obituary-- William Matthew Burnett, SMR 7/22/65

Texas House sponsors resolution honoring Kay Burnett, SMR 5/23/85

Walter "Bud" Burnett announces candidacy for County Judge, SMR 11/1/73

Walter "Bud" Burnett elected to First Federal Savings Board, WV 2/28/85

Burnett, Billie

Shells carry special message, SMR 12/21/84

Burnett, C.E.

C.E. Burnett awarded certificate for dedicated School Board Service, SMR 9/24/75

C.E. Burnett honored as outstanding senior, SMR 5/25/75

C.E. Burnett installs officers of Mid-Valley Unit of Retired Teachers, SMR 5/19/74

C.E. Burnett receives first gift to United Fund, SMR 9/27/73

Dr. & Mrs. C.E. Burnett receive Mayor's Beautification Award, SMR 5/13/76

Dr. C.E. Burnett to retire from university, SMR 4/29/71

Mrs. C.E. Burnett attends Crescendo Club Workshop, SMR 7/15/76

Mrs. C.E. Burnett directs tour for SMART, SMR 11/15/73

Mrs. C.E. Burnett honored by Crescendo Club, SMR 5/12/76, SMR 5/22/75

Mrs. C.E. Burnett speaks at BP&W meeting, SMR 6/3/71

Obituary of Mrs. C.E. Burnett, SMR 2/4/90

One vote decided winner in San Marcos School board election, AA 4/8/72

Picture of Dr. & Mrs. C.E. Burnett at Lake Louise, SMR 7/9/70

Sorosis Club ends 74-75 year (Mrs. C.E. Burnett president), SMR 5/20/75

Burnett, Clinton Earl, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Burnett, Kay, 10/20/82



Burruss, Jo Ellen

Jo Ellen Burruss named Teacher of the Month by Lions, SMR 10/31/85

Burwell, Jim

Longtime City Sanitarian, Jim Burwell, stepping down, SMR 11/27/81

Business and Professional Women's Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Business Education,

Article on Bishop Female College, SMR 9/20/62

Lone Star Business College founded in 1888, SMR 9/25/36

Lone Star Business College moved here after burning, SMR 9/20/62

Business education,  See also TTWC Lone Star Business College


Antique Barn, 10/21/90

City Taxi, 8/24/86

Butler, Mary Stuart, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Butler, Wade, 7/19/87

Wade Butler sweeps chimneys (with photo), SMR 10/25/81

Bynum, Barry

Article by Barry Bynum when living in Belfast, Ireland, SMR 11/14/93

Byrn Family, 2/15/83


Byrn, Andrea, 5/18/88

Andrea Byrn describes year in Brazil as Rotary Exchange student, SMR 10/6/82

Byrn family hosts foreign students, SMR 2/15/83

Byrom, Jack

Dr. Jack Byrom completes year as president of Heritage Association, SMR 9/10/78


Cabiness, Claudia, 6/20/90


Caldwell, Ann Binam (Pearce)(Munson). see TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Caldwell

Caldwell, James Peckham. see TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Caldwell


Caldwell-Kone-Hyatt house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Calihan, Mrs. W.G.

Mrs. W.G. Calihan and Ellis Serur honored, SMR 5/13/71


Callihan Family

Article on W.H. Callihan 'Marrying Judge' in Folks & Facts column, SMR 1/1/43

Obituary-- Gertrude Callihan, SMR 11/25/71

Obituary-- Willie Gerett Callihan, SMR 10/15/76

Obituary--Willie Garrett Callihan, SMR 12/21/76

Shooting was accidental (Maynard G. Callihan), SMR 2/21/74

W. G. Callihans celebrate 62nd Wedding Anniversary, SMR 2/21/67


See Historic Markers--McGehee Crossing, TTWC

Camp Ben McCulloch, TTWC––Historic Markers--CAMP BEN MCCULLOCH

Camp Ben attracts more Confederates than ever, SMR 8/1/63

Camp Ben McCulloch has changed over the years, SMR 8/2/85

Camp Ben McCulloch has Seventy-third reunion, SMR 7/17/69

Camp Ben McCulloch reunion is largest in south, SMR 9/25/36

Camp Ben McCulloch reunion never better than this year, KN 8/16/40

Camp Ben McCulloch reunion photograph from 1911, SMR 9/20/62

Camp Ben McCulloch sets fortieth reunion, KN 7/24/36

Complete report on Driftwood annual reunion, KN 8/13/26

Confederacy reunion kicks off, SMR 6/21/84

Confederate reunion set at Onion Creek, HCC 6/30/77

Confederates gather again at Camp Ben, SMR 6/23/83

Dr. R.H. Harper delivers memorial address to vets, SMR 8/11/39

Fiddling contest at reunion, SMR 7/11/76

First reunion held by early settlers in 1912, SMR 6/13/63

Granny is Camp Ben McCulloch veteran, SMR 6/28/84

Interesting tale of lost ring, HCC 4/14/77

Last of the Confederates, KN 9/7/34

Lists of Confederate veterans at reunion, KN 4/13/28

Love of South still warm in hearts of reunion vets, AA 7/28/39

McCulloch reunion closes, HCC 7/14/77

One Confederate Vet at Driftwood reunion, SMR 8/3/45

Photo and caption on legendary Len Miller, SMR 7/14/60

Photos and caption from reunion, HCC 7/26/66

Photos and story from McCulloch reunion, SMR 7/10/77

Raised on Driftwood reunion, SMR 7/19/73

Reunion attracting a crowd, SMR 6/21/85

Reunion in Driftwood, SMR 7/16/70

Reunion kicks off Friday, OCFP 7/6/79

Reunion starts June 28, SMR 6/20/74

Santa Anna Cruze plays taps at Confederate reunions, SMR 7/3/73

See also Historic Markers--Camp Ben McCulloch, TTWC

Camp Clark, TTWC

Camp P.C. Woods

See Biography--Woods family (P.C.), TTWC

Camp, Ludie

Ancestor hunting with Ludie Camp, SMR 10/23/77

Camp, Ludie Bell, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Interest in local cemetery history, SMR 1/21/87

Ludie Bell Camp Day is proclaimed, SMR 11/19/89

Camp, Ludie Belle, 1/21/87


Circle H Camp teaches survival, WV 10/25/84


Feature on Dr. George Ricker, SMR 7/13/86

Jim Hightower speaks in lecture at SWT, SMR 7/13/86

Price Lectures are set, SMR 9/21/86

Campus Elementary, SS


See Archaeology; See Cities & towns, ruined, TTWC

Canoes and canoeing, TTWC––CANOES AND CANOEING

Canoeing can be for everyone, AA–S 10/28/88

Dry summer brings changes to life along the river, SMR 8/26/81

Goynes finds perfect life on the water, AA–S 10/28/88

Local canoeists to clean river, SMR 3/5/87

Nearby river is nice canoeing, SMR 7/24/81

Canyon Dam. see TTWC DAMS

Canyon Dam dedicated, SMR 4/21/66

Canyon Dam Growing, SMR 9/20/62

Canyon Lake water supply attracts new area interest, SMR 7/1/84

City, County join in asking for easy route to Canyon Dam site, SMR 7/2/59

City, County officials like proposed route of new Canyon Dam Road, SMR 6/25/59

Core samples from water well at Canyon Dam created by Corps of Engineers, SMR 1/27/56

Engineers push preliminary work on Canyon Dam project, SMR 1/27/56

Just big is the only way to describe Canyon Dam on Guadalupe, SMR 8/26/55

Million Dollars go down Canyon drain, SMR 1/28/60


Cape books are given to SWT library, SMR 8/8/68

Johnson's friend, Clara Cape, recalls beginnings of San Marcos, SMR 7/17/77

Johnsons' friend recalls beginning, SMR 7/17/77

Lady Bird visits Cape's Camp for LBJ Benefit, HCC 6/23/77, SMR 6/23/77

Legal rights of women discussed, SMR 1/30/64

Local historian celebrates 100th birthday, SMR 3/25/92

Local historian, Clara Louise Cape, celebrates 100th Birthday, SMR 3/25/92

Mrs. Cape finishes book; autograph party slated, SMR 4/15/71

Mrs. Cape gets kiss from President Johnson, SMR 4/23/64

Mrs. Cape presents check from State Bank to benefit the River Walk, SMR 2/15/73

Mrs. Cape reads from "American Women" at BP&W meeting, SMR 1/30/64

Mrs. Cape, author of "A Century with St. Mark's" honored at party, SMR 4/15/71

Mrs. J. M. Cape gets kiss from President Johnson, SMR 4/22/64

San Marcos River Walk Trail receives boost, SMR 2/15/73


Canyon Dam growing, SMR 9/20/62

Ed Cape involved in development of Canyon Dam, SMR 9/20/62

Ed Cape is honored as prime builder of Canyon Dam, SMR 4/21/66

Law books from library of Edward M. Cape donated to SWT Library, SMR 8/8/68

Lawyer-Banker-Conservationist is dead, SMR 7/6/72

Obituary--E.M. Cape, SMR 7/6/72


Cape, John Matthew. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--John Matthew Cape House


CAPCO appoints representatives, HCC 11/10/77

CAPCO committee okays youth service proposal, HCC 1/23/75

CAPCO ponders $6,000 grant for Senior Citizens Center, HCC 6/4/77

CAPCO predicts airport future is bright, SMR 6/1/86

City is a little fish in a big corridor pond, SMR 3/4/84

Dorothy Kerbow writes on CAPCO and Wimberley, HCC 11/23/77

Hays County resources need protecting, WV 11/23/77

Kyle is advised to seek quality, SMR 8/10/82

No answers on CAPCO appointment of Hollis Smith, HCC 1/3/74

Ofelia Vasquez on Rural Services Advisory Committee, SMR 11/5/78

Project funding elusive, SMR 10/4/83

Resource preservation forum is planned, HCC 10/29/77

Resource protection program draws support, HCC 11/19/77

Capitol Area Planning Council, TTWC

Carlisle, Dick, 3/20/83

Carlisle, Dick and Lourdes, 3/20/83, 7/22/84


Carpenter family (W.H.H.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Carpenter log house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Carper, Charles

A loving tribute to his life, SMR 7/25/86

Carriages and carts

Horse and carriage days return, WV 11/1/79

Gus Klatt restoring buggies, SMR 12/9/84

Carroll Hall

See Historic Markers Carroll Hall, TTWC


Caskey Family

Cliff Caskey family serve community in many capacities, SMR 7/29/86

Cliff Caskey receives "Don't Bag It" proclamation from Mayor, SMR 3/18/92

Sylvia Caskey presented plaque of appreciation, SMR 5/2/89

Caskey family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Caskey, Cliff

Cliff Caskey of Lions Club presents $2000 for Livestock Show, SMR 1/28/88

Cliff Caskey presented with a lifetime membership in eye bank, SMR 8/1/82

Cathcart Family

Family moves to San Marcos from Sinton, SMR 5/16/68

Catholic Church. see TTWC CHURCHES


15,000 head of cattle fed, SMR 9/20/62

400 head of cattle moved--owned by Shirley Tuttle, SMR 5/27/76

Cattle on the range in snow, SMR 1/13/85

Governor proclaims June Dairy Month, SMR 6/16/48

Grand Champion Charolais bull, SMR 3/10/66

Green Valley Cattle Co.-- major agri-industry, SMR 9/20/62

Tunnel for SWT dairy herd, SMR 11/2/80


Cauthorn Family

Coca Cola Bottling Works, SMR 1/15/78

Folks & Facts on Jim Cauthorn, SMR 8/15/68

Full page ad: Scrutchin Motor Co., SMR 1/30/64

Picture: Jim Cauthorn, SMR 7/4/68

Picture: Kate Cauthorn selected Queen by San Marcos Lions, SMR 4/27/85

Picture: Kate Cauthorn with First National Bank's Bruce Harper, SMR 4/17/75

Picture: Kate Cauthorn with puppets at library, SMR 6/14/77

Rounding up cattle by helicopter on Scrutchin Ranch, HCC 7/30/77

Caves. see TTWC Ezell's Cave; TTWC Historic Marker--Wonder Cave

Cave found in Buda, HCC 6/3/76

Cavness, Raymond, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Dr. Cavness presented plaque by SWT President, Billy Jones, SMR 2/15/73

Dr. Cavness receives Distinguished Alumnus Plaque from SWT, SMR 3/1/73

Former San Marcos Academy president Cavness dies in San Angelo, HCC 4/17/75

Funeral services held for Raymond Cavness, SMR 4/1/75


Former Gorbachev press secretary to speak at SWT, SMN 4/7/92

Former President Ford faces questions at SWT on nuclear policy, SMN 4/21/83

Former Russian Countess favors establishing local residence, SMR 7/4/63

Former San Marcan honored by Japanese for Engineering, SMR 7/24/69

Governor Ann Richards visits San Marcos, SMR 11/13/91

Ruth Lewis, San Marcan, holds top post in far away Burma, SMR 3/18/55

Twin colonels in Army work in strategic communications command, SMR 11/30/72

William Jennings Bryan visits San Marcos, AA 2/3/24


Barton Cemetery endanged by gravel pit, HCC 9/3/77

Cemetery Board to discuss perpetual care, SMR 5/19/60

City assumes operation of cemetery, SMR 8/3/61

City Council approves city cemetery program, SMR 5/12/60

City Library occupies old cemetery site, SMR 11/22/46

Cocke family cemetery, HCC 11/23/77

Community cemetery keeps secrets of African American history in SM, SMR 2/15/87

Damage suit against Zimmermans over cemetery, HCC 11/21/74

Discussions and protests of increased cemetery fees, SMR 10/13/81

Grave of Sarah Bogges Rector one of oldest in county, HCC 12/1/77

Helen Van Gundy honored by city cemetery commission, SMR 12/1/88

Heritage of Community Cemetery, SMR 11/1/92

Information on new burial fees, SMR 12/6/81

Kyle cemetery vandalized (with photos), SMR 4/15/92

Kyle Stove cemetery cleaned and reclaimed, AA–S 12/5/93

La Luz Cemetery restored, SMR 8/14/91

Live Oak Cemetery receives historical marker, HCC 5/20/76

Local History recorded for San Marcos Cemetery, SMR 7/11/68

Memorial dedicated at San Marcos Cemetery, SMR 11/16/66

New Policies for City Cemetery, HCC 7/3/75

Protest of San Marcos Cemetery Care, SMR 8/25/81

Protest over early closing hours, SMR 6/20/82

Research on Hays County cemeteries, SMR 1/7/90

San Marcos cemetery Chapel receives marker, SMR 5/25/75

San Marcos City Cemetery

Guide published; Ludie Belle Camp, 1/21/87

San Marcos City Cemetery is a century old, SMR 1/11/89

San Marcos Community Cemetery

History; upkeep; Ollie Giles, 2/15/87

San Marcos del Rio cemetery nearly lost, AA–S 6/17/95

See also Historic Markers--San Marcos Cemetery Chapel, TTWC

Vandalism at Kyle Cemetery, HCC 10/17/85

Vandals strike Hornsby Cemetery, SMR 3/22/78

Wimberley Cemetery is century old, WM 7/1/76

Wimberley Cemetery receives Texas Historical Medallion, SMR 6/28/79

Cemetery Census

Dorothy Kerbow; Joanne Hearn, 1/7/90


1850 Census lists families, SMR 9/20/62


City looks forward to Centennial, SMR 1/21/35

Making homes more attractive for Centennial, SMR 3/27/36

Pioneer spirit lives again in San Marcos pre-Centennial, SAE 3/10/35

Centennial celebrations, etc., TTWC

Central Presbyterian Church

See Churches--Presbyterian, TTWC



Cephas, Mae Lena

Mae Lena Cephas gets honor from CETA, SMR 6/29/77


Chamber of Commerce, TTWC––CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Bids high for work on office, SMR 1/25/78

Brainstorms, new members keep chamber on the move, SMR 6/24/65

Chamber accepts President Reg Todd's resignation, SMR 11/20/92

Chamber board asks Todd to stay at post for 30 days, SMR 11/4/92

Chamber clears zoning obstacle for new home, SMR 7/6/77

Chamber directors name Frank Taylor president, SMR 11/2/62

Chamber directors ok industrial plan, SMR 3/31/76

Chamber endorses Industrial Development Board proposal, HCC 1/29/76

Chamber establishes top priorities, HCC 1/27/77

Chamber has interesting history since organized in 1903, SMR 9/25/36

Chamber hires Jim Gandy as new executive director, SMR 4/23/81

Chamber holds ribbon cutting for Texas Wellness Center, SMR 11/29/92

Chamber hosts barbecue, SMR 6/3/84

Chamber kicks off big '81, SMR 1/21/81

Chamber looks toward new home, SMR 2/26/78

Chamber minority shaken by election, SMR 11/3/78

Chamber of Commerce is at your service (supplement), SMR 2/5/84

Chamber of Commerce selects Bill Cox as its new manager, SMR 5/19/66

Chamber on hand for ribbon cutting for Showplace 3 theater, SMR 2/19/76

Chamber organization beginning to take shape, SMR 2/2/67

Chamber poised to continue progress, growth, SMR 3/29/92

Chamber pushes for Mexican-American support, SMR 6/28/78

Chamber receives award for conservation, SMR 5/6/71

Chamber reports deficit, SMR 7/20/76

Chamber slates "Business Expo," SMR 10/5/86

Chamber sponsors evening for all new SWT women teachers, SMR 11/14/74

Chamber starts a new year, HCC 1/12/78

Chamber supports RR 12 shift to State Highway to aid loop, SMR 12/21/78

Chamber to honor local industries, HCC 3/31/77

Chamber wants development board here, SMR 1/29/76

Chamber wants new home and office, SMR 5/25/77

Chamber welcomes San Antonio Riders, SMR 3/22/92

Chamber's Banquet a hit, SMR 1/23/80

Civic center talks continue, SMR 9/10/82

Civic leaders seek keys to the future, SMR 10/20/82

Clovis Barker gets Chamber Sunshine award, SMR 4/26/81

Dedication for new Chamber of Commerce building, SMR 10/18/78

Developers, city square off over growth, SMR 1/31/85

Editorial on Chamber's contribution to Cone Mills decision, SMR 1/22/54

Farm-Ranch Club gets good start at organizing, SMR 2/29/68

Feature on Leo Poore, new manager of Chamber, SMR 12/11/69

Five new directors elected to Chamber, SMR 4/10/75

Frank Taylor elected president of Chamber, SMR 12/17/59

Future mapped at retreat, SMR 4/16/70

Group seeks to open all Chamber meetings to public, SMR 10/4/92

Guests visit new Chamber offices, SMR 9/2/65

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce records a special year, SMR 3/29/92

History of Chamber and its goals (with photo), SMR 3/30/88

New city maps available, SMR 12/15/85

New home of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, SMR 9/25/78

Petition calls for meeting to discuss president's resignation, SMR 12/6/92

Rodgers Storey elected president of Chamber, SMR 1/17/36

San Marcos Loop effort revitalized, SMR 8/24/80

SWT President Lee Smith addresses Chamber, SMR 3/15/81

Volunteer groups within Chamber make the wheels turn, SMR 3/29/92

Your Chamber in action, SMR 6/25/70

Chamber of Commerce (Hispanic), TTWC

Champagne, Gerald, 2/4/90

AARP Tax Help -- Gerald Champagne, SMR 3/20/88


Charles S. Cock home

See Historic Markers--Old Cock home; Clubs--Her. Assoc.--Cot..., TTWC


Chautauqua cullings, HCT 7/12/1895

Chautauqua nurtured various learning centers, SMR 12/13/78

Chautauqua, first on Hill and center of culture, SMR 9/20/62

Chautauqua: ambitious, idealistic, SMR 7/20/88

Renewing Chautauqua work, HCT 11/15/1889

Chautauquas, TTWC

Chaverria, Jesse

Awaits transplant, SMR 7/25/86

Chavez, Nora, 11/11/84

Cheaney, Joe Bailey

Folks & Facts: 3rd time Joe Bailey Cheaney returns to San Marcos, SMR 12/16/77

Cheatham Street Warehouse

Cheatham Street Warehouse to get some help from old friends, SMR 6/22/86

Cheatham, Henry, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Cheatham Burial Plot, SMR 9/25/36



First Annual "Oh, What A Beautiful Baby" Contest, SMR 5/8/94

San Marcos Sunshine Kids program for children with cancer, SMR 7/12/92

Sunshine Kids Adventure is special, SMR 7/20/94

Sunshine Kids visit will bring tears of sadness and joy to Mendez family, SMR 7/2/92

Week of the Young Child begins, SMR 4/4/82

Week of the Young Child gets special attention here, SMR 4/3/83

Youngsters celebrate Week of the Young Child, SMR 4/17/83

Youngsters help paint walls of the animal shelter, SMR 7/18/79


Aerial view of Chilympiad, SMR 9/19/78

Annual chili crazyness kicks off here tonight, SMR 9/19/85

Carol Dorsey is first local entry ever to win Miss Chilympiad title, SMR 9/18/83

Chilympiad Art show draws local and area talent, SMR 9/28/72

Chilympiad has a spicy history, SMR 9/17/82

Chilympiad history is spicy, HCC 9/?/77

Chilympiad makes donations for health care, SMR 1/21/82, SMR 1/22/82

Chilympiad makes donations for Hill Country Chorale, SMR 1/19/82

Chilympiad makes donations for Special Olympics, SMR 1/24/82

Chilympiad special supplement, SMR 9/17/82, SMR 9/21/73

Chilympiad's hairy contest begins Saturday, SMR 8/5/75

City of Kyle's Centennial Float wins first place in Chilympiad parade, OCFP 9/26/80

Community Action's Senior Citizen presented TV by Chilypiad committee, SMR 2/9/82

Confederate Air Force vintage planes to fly at Chilympiad, SMR 9/28/72

Don Russell honored by Chilympiad, SMR 9/22/81

First Annual Chilympiad Trail Ride, OCFP 9/19/82

Garland Warren to head 1975 Chilympiad, SMR 3/13/75

INS booth to offer help to illegal aliens, SMR 9/16/87

Joe Kohut wins Don Russell award, SMR 9/24/85

Lt. Governor pictured at Chilympiad Patron Party, SMR 8/21/75

Luckenbach Mayor Hondo Crouch attends Chilympiad, SMR 9/23/76

Marshall, Texas man selected as top Texas chili cooker, SMR 9/20/70

Nat Henderson Award, SMR 9/22/87

New Armadillo float has debut at meeting, SMR 7/27/77

Photographs from Chilympiad, HCC 9/22/77, SMR 8/10/75, SMR 9/21/86, SMR 9/23/73, SMR 9/23/80

Reporter cops jar of prized chili, SMR 9/18/78

The birth of chili wars, SMR 9/10/75

Walter Buckner commentary on Chilympiad, SMR 9/22/77

Walter Buckner commentary on early Chilympiads, SMR 9/6/73

Christian Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

Christian Science. see TTWC CHURCHES

Christian Singles Fellowship. see TTWC CLUBS

Christmas. See TTWC--Sights and Sounds


Article on 1887 Wimberley Christmas by Dorothy Wimberley Kerbow, SMR 12/24/87

Article on selecting a Christmas tree in San Marcos, SMR 12/7/84

Article on Wimberley Christmas Traditions by Dorothy Kerbow, SMR 12/24/81

Christmas ideas display at Lutheran Church, SMR 11/28/68

Christmas spirit glows in hand-made ornaments by Diane Padgett, HCC 12/24/74

Decorating tree has always brought families together, SMR 12/9/84

Historical photographs from past Christmas celebrations, SMR 12/25/83

Millie Seaton decorates Cock House with Santa Claus dolls, SMR 12/9/87

Photograph of nativity scene at courthouse, SMR 12/24/80

Photographs of Christmas lights, SMR 12/31/89

Street will glow with luminarios, HCC 12/22/77

SWT interior design students help decorate Seaton home, SMR 11/18/88

Texas Christmas traditions, SMN 11/30/84

Traditional 'Jesse Tree' on display at Presbyterian Church, SMR 12/22/82

Ukranian Christmas Tree to be featured at Cock House Exhibit, SMR 12/6/87

Christmas decorations, TTWC See also TTWC––Sights and Sounds

Chuck Meyer, 8/8/90

Church of Christ. see TTWC CHURCHES

Church of God In Christ. see TTWC CHURCHES

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. see TTWC CHURCHES

Church Women United. see TTWC CLUBS

See Clubs--Church Women United, TTWC


'Tis the season for revivals, SMR 4/10/77

Abundant Life Institute of Campus Crusade begins, SMR 5/31/74

African Methodist Episcopal,

             See Historic Markers--Wesley Chapel, TTWC

117th anniversary noted with historical marker, SMR 7/19/92

Opening of new Wesley Chapel draws 150, SMR 7/4/63

Wesley Chapel celebrates 113 years, SMR 6/26/88

Wesley Chapel to celebrate 116 years, SMR 6/9/91

Area Church Directory, OCFP 9/26/80

Baha'i Center to be established in San Marcos, SMR 10/19/67

Baha'is celebrate religion's New Year, HCC 3/7/74

Baha'is host 10th annual July 4th Celebration, SMR 6/23/83

Bahai's hold Memorial Service, SMR 9/26/80


First Baptist Church

See Historic Markers--First Baptist Church, TTWC

First Baptist Church - (NBC)

       See Historic Markers--First Baptist Church NBC, TTWC

Missionary Baptist, TTWC

Baptist Student Union volunteers lend helping hand, SMR 5/28/75

Baptist Temple changes to Community Baptist, SMR 9/17/76

Baptist Temple moves to old Telephone building, SMR 4/3/69

Baptist Temple will open for its first services, SMR 8/1/68

Bellaire Baptists from Houston help with missions in area, SMR 7/11/68

Bethel Baptist celebrates 104th anniversay, SMR 11/18/88

Buda United Methodist Church (see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS)

Calvary Baptist calls Rev. Bobby Allen as pastor, SMR 9/19/63

Calvary Baptist Church to observe anniversary, SMR 3/14/75

Calvary Baptist pastor is Jerry B. Taylor, SMR 2/8/68

Calvary Baptist's accomplishments in 1979, SMR 2/24/80

Calvary Baptist's new pastor is Joe Howard, SMR 6/7/78

Calvary Baptists observe 23rd anniversary, HCC 3/13/75


1st President of Ladies of the Holy Family Society is congratulated, SMR 1/5/60

Annual festival to be held Sept. 1st-3rd at St. John's, SMR 8/31/61

Annual Teacher's Appreciation banquet honors Dr. Jim Poirot, SMR 5/6/76

Archicofradia, a St. John's women's club, to stage annual fiesta, SMR 8/29/79

Catholic Brother celebrates 25 years, SMR 9/7/84

Catholicism in San Marcos looks forward to an expanding future, SMR 9/20/62

Catholics to fulfill Sunday precept by attending Saturday mass, SMR 8/15/68

Christmas celebration for Mexican American Catholics, SMR 12/23/84

Church Sanctuary leader returning March 16, SMR 3/16/85

Claretian Guild discusses agenda at February meeting, SMR 2/25/65

Claretian Guild holds annual dinner, SMR 10/17/74

Claretian Guild members hold annual banquet, SMR 10/14/77

Claretian Guild members make easter decorations, SMR 3/25/79

Claretian Guild members make gifts for Christmas fundraiser, SMR 11/8/81

Claretian Guild presents gifts to Hays tuberculosis patients, SMR 12/21/70

Cookbook published by St. John's parish and friends, SMR 1/22/86

Delegates attend assembly of Catholic Diocese of Austin, SMR 3/22/78

Fiesta queen crowned, SMR 9/30/82

Groundbreaking for St. John's Federal Credit Union building, SMR 8/12/79

Henrietta Avila goes to see Pope John Paul II, SMR 10/11/79

Knights of the altar have been installed at St. John's, SMR 4/25/68

Ladies of the Holy Family announce grand opening of new store, SMR 3/12/75

Ladies Society to feed needy, SMR 12/24/75

Local Catholics attend State convention of Knights of Columbus, SMR 4/28/60

Local women attend Catholic convention, SMR 4/14/77

Missionary priest to speak at St. John's, SMR 10/19/80

New Claretian Guild officers installed, SMR 2/9/86

New Knights of Columbus officers are installed, HCC 7/26/73, SMR 7/6/78

New Parish Activity Center to be dedicated, SMR 12/11/86

New St. John's building dedicated - overview of church history, SMR 11/26/70

Old St. John's Catholic Church burns; heavy damage reported, SMR 7/9/70

Ordination date set for deacon, Rosendo Urrabazo, SMR 2/17/78

Parade welcomes relic of St. Anthony Claret, founder of Clarentians, SMR 5/5/60

Parishioners say farewell to Father Manuel Maruffo, SMR 8/11/81

Photos from Labor Day weekend Fiesta, SMR 9/6/87

Plans for new Catholic Church, SMR 2/17/66

Preparations underway for Labor Day Fiesta at St. John's, SMR 8/24/86

Priests return to old St. John's 50 years after ordination, SMR 8/14/84

Rev. Richard Trevino to be honored for 25 years of service, SMR 4/20/67

San Juan Festival termed big success, SMR 9/28/72

St. John's

Fiesta; history; plans, 8/30/89

St. John's centennial celebration set this Sunday, SMN 5/12/83

St. John's Church has a rich tradition, SMR 2/28/82

St. John's Fiesta Queen contest set, SMR 8/24/80

St. John's has new sign, SMR 6/15/72

St. John's ministry began in 1883 by Jesuit priest, HCC 4/19/73

St. John's: 100 years of faithful service, SMR 9/5/82

SWT acquires valuable St. John's church property, SMR 3/19/70

Tim Vaverek close to being ordained as priest, SMN 6/14/84

Traditional tree branch goes up on belfry, SMR 8/21/69

Virgin Mary statue missing hands after falling, SMR 12/3/70

Women of St. John's prepare for annual Fall Bazaar, SMR 11/10/88


First Christian Church

Dedication; new building; Jimmy Cobb, 12/11/88

See also Historic Markers--First Christian Church, TTWC

University Church of Christ

Dedication of new building, 9/22/85

Christian Science, TTWC


Bill Bradford to serve here as evangelist, SMR 9/19/86

Church will be dedicated, SMR 9/22/85

Good crowd sees McCarty Student Center dedication, SMR 9/26/63

McCarty Student Center ready for fall semester, SMR 9/12/63

Professor Abernathy recording Bible for use by the blind, HCC 7/12/73

Thrasher row complex on Hutchison sold to Church of Christ, SMR 12/12/76

Church of God in Christ remodeled, SMR 8/8/68

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, TTWC

Churches cooperate in Crusade for Christ, SMR 9/8/85

Dedication of Wimberley First Baptist Church, SMR 7/23/80

Driftwood Church (see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS)

Dripping Springs United Methodist Church (see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS)

Emmanuel Baptist in Kyle receives steeple from Schmeltekopfs, HCC 7/22/76


1,000 Episcopalians are coming to town, SMR 2/8/87

1,000 visitors expected in city for Episcopal Diocesan Council, SMN 2/12/87

1878 bell hoisted to bell tower, SMR 8/18/66

Burning the mortgage at Saint Mark's, SMR 12/10/86

Dedication of Saint Mark's Sanctuary set for Dec. 7th, SMR 12/1/66

Episcopal Advance Fund possibilities considered, SMR 5/12/60

Episcopal Church Women donate $500 to newly established Food Bank, SMR 2/18/83

Episcopal Church Women make annual outreach contributions, SMR 7/27/94

Episcopal Women to sponsor Christmas Fair at City Park, SMR 10/10/63

Former Saint Mark's priest elected to bishop position, SMR 10/6/93

Juan Morales licensed as Lay Reader for Mision Hispana, SMR 4/26/83

Large crowd turns out for dedication of St. Stephen's Episcopal, HCC 2/17/77

Memorable year for Saint Mark's, SMR 2/28/82

Mision Hispana Episcopal to mark second anniversary, SMR 10/3/82

Old Episcopal rectory is given new life, SMR 4/23/89

Palmer Drug Abuse Program receives $5,000 from church, SMR 3/1/81

Photograph of Choir Window, SMR 12/28/79

Plans for new church, HCT 12/13/1901

Proposed new church building and student lounge discussed, HCC 5/12/60

Rev. Dr. Richard Carlisle ordained in new diocese, SMR 3/20/83

Rev. Gene Jennings is new Episcopal minister here, SMR 7/16/64

Rev. Gene Jennings returns for lecture at Saint Mark's, SMR 3/4/80

Rev. Mack Morris will talk tonight at Saint Mark's, SMR 3/19/80

Richard Woods to give dedicatory recital at Saint Mark's, SMR 9/23/71

Rose Window gets special place in Episcopal church, SMR 7/28/66

Rt. Rev. Scott Field Bailey visits to discuss peer ministry at SWT, SMR 11/2/82

Saint Mark's begins new adventure, SMR 3/11/79

Saint Mark's Being Razed; cornerstone items listed, SMR 10/28/55

Saint Mark's Church chooses new vestry, SMR 2/12/82

Saint Mark's Church hosts ordination rites tonight, SMR 4/12/78

Saint Mark's Episcopal begins drive for building fund, SMR 3/22/62

Saint Mark's Episcopal holds rededication service, SMR 11/1/40

Saint Mark's Episcopal Ladies ready for Christmas Fair, SMR 10/31/63

Saint Mark's holds rededication service, SMR 11/1/40

Saint Mark's increases outreach, SMR 11/4/77

Saint Mark's joins Seabury commemoration, SMR 11/25/84

Saint Mark's rector to be installed, SMR 5/19/80

Saint Mark's sponsors Christmas Twilight Tour, SMR 12/5/82

Saint Mark's to host council, installation, SMN 2/5/87

Second annual St. Francis Day pet blessing held at Saint Mark's, SMR 10/6/82

St. Mark's

Burns mortgage, 12/10/86

Diocesen Convention; history; schedule, 2/8/87

St. Stephen's Church to be dedicated, HCC 2/10/77

St. Stephen's forms own church group, OCFP 5/16/80

Super Saturday to feature garage sale and bake sale, SMR 10/3/78

Wimberley minister is elected bishop, SMR 9/24/87

Women of the Church donate $500 for playground, SMR 5/25/84

Episcopal (St. Mark's), TTWC

Euzelian Class installs officers, SMR 9/19/68


125th Birthday celebration for First Baptist, SMR 11/3/82

Baptist church came from small beginnings, SMR 4/12/73

Baptist community in San Marcos is just one big family, SMR 11/11/77

Baptist group heads for Chicago, SMR 5/30/74

Baptist Homecoming set for anniversary, SMR 10/26/72

Baptists to dedicate church Sunday morning, SMR 3/29/46

Baptists' building drive on, SMR 5/5/85

Blake McKenzie selected as an "Outstanding Young Man," SMR 2/2/87

Choir prepares for Easter program, SMR 11/11/82

Choralier choir to participate in Cruzada Bautista Nueva Vida, SMR 9/24/64

Church is planning all-night celebration, SMR 2/24/87

Church notes history of aid in San Marcos, SMR 10/19/72

Directors celebrate at dinner, SMR 2/3/82

First Baptist celebrates 140 years, SMR 8/18/96

First Baptist Church turns 125, SMR 10/29/82

First Baptist leaving its sanctuary of 76 years, SMR 8/5/04

First Baptist renovation nears completion, SMR 5/1/83

First Baptist seeks to reunite a Vietnamese family, SMN 3/1/84

First Baptist women make phone checks on Senior Citizens, SMR 8/8/68

First Baptist's Christmas musical truly original, SMN 12/13/84

Former pastor Levi Price receives honorary divinity degree, SMR 6/12/75

Girls Auxiliary Coronation held, SMR 5/19/66

Groundbreaking ceremonies held for activities complex, SMR 1/17/74

Hays County's Schmeltekopf is new pastor, SMR 9/26/74

Humphries retire after years of service in San Marcos, SMR 3/31/91

James Keith is new pastor at First Baptist, SMR 1/4/73

Jim Humphries to be new pastor, SMR 6/6/78

Leadership roundup at annual teacher and worker banquet, SMR 9/3/76

Marjorie Hinze is Mother of the Year, SMR 5/16/74

Mother's Day Ceremony at church, SMR 5/16/74

Mrs. Claude Ivey and Walter Barbe have long church membership, SMR 1/27/55

New First Baptist church to be formally dedicated Sunday, SMR 3/29/46

Paul Powell called as pastor of First Baptist, SMR 5/19/66

Photograph of giant bible used in "Living Word" production, SMR 12/14/84

Renovation of sanctuary, SMR 4/27/83

Rev. Robert Schmeltekopf resigning to accept Kerrville post, SMR 12/13/77

Short history of Baptist Church, KN 4/20/28

Southern Baptist church rises to challenge, SMR 2/24/80

Teenage puppeteers practice for San Antonio Childrens' home, SMR 6/20/63

Women's Missionary Union celebrates 75th anniversary, SMR 10/4/62


Choir to celebrate "Senior Choir Annual," SMR 8/1/82

Church celebrates choir's anniversary, SMR 8/19/87

Congregation rebuilds history, AA–S 5/17/93

Good cooks can build a church, SMR 3/30/83

Group seeks to renovate First Baptist Church (NBC), SMR 2/21/93

Mrs. Emma Nichols honored in celebration at church, SMR 12/15/66

Residents work to transform historic church, SMR 5/5/93

Rev. Alphonso Washington hosts district board meeting, SMR 2/15/87

Second annual "Soul Food Taste Tea" to be held, SMR 7/29/88


1979 was good year for church, SMR 2/24/80

Bazaar will help church to rebuild, SMR 11/11/84

Christian Church installs officers, SMR 6/23/60

Christian Church will have dinner honoring grads, SMR 4/25/63

Church celebrating new organ, SMN 2/23/84

Church members to serve luncheon at Cottage Kitchen, SMR 6/12/94

Church says farewell to Rev. Rodney Coleman, SMR 1/30/83

Church Women United set Fellowship Day, SMR 8/28/74

City has faith in renovation plans for old church, SMR 10/9/94

Congregation puts finishing touches on new facilities, SMN 4/6/89

Ed J. L. Green an ancestor to be proud of, SMR 10/26/88

Feature on Jimmy Cobb joining First Christian Church, SMR 7/10/83

Fire doesn't stop Christian Church from gathering, SMN 7/5/84

Gary L. Smith ordained at First Christian, SMN 5/10/84

Historic church celebrates a new beginning, SMR 12/11/88

History of First Christian Church, SMR 9/20/62

Letter to the editor praising Rev. Jimmy Cobb, SMN 7/14/83

Organ dedication planned, SMN 2/21/84

Pastor loses office but keeps his faith, SMR 7/1/84

Photograph from first Sunday School class in 1920's, HCC 5/7/77

Rev. Jimmy Cobb taking pulpit at First Christian Church, SMN 6/3/83

Smith commissioned in chaplain program, SMR 4/19/81

Youth group experiences fast, SMR 4/15/81


1,000 citizens, descendants attend Methodist occasion, SMR 3/23/72

A time to celebrate restoration of church, SMR 9/13/81

Andrea Andress to teach adult bible study, SMR 5/24/89

Austin District of United Methodist Women to convene here, SMR 10/29/81

Bellringers to perform at Church, SMR 6/11/78

Changing family structures discussed in presentation, SMR 11/17/91

Church members planning bicentennial celebration, SMR 5/20/84

Church Restoration to be celebrated September 13th, SMR 9/4/81

Church sponsors Fall Bazaar and rummage sale, SMR 10/8/74

Clara Wren Circle has Christmas Party, SMR 12/19/41

Clara Wren Circle is new group's name, SMR 5/11/37

Emma Bragg honored at 100th birthday, SMR 8/5/77

Feature on new pastor, Gordon Talk, SMR 8/8/82

First Methodist Church of San Marcos has colorful history, SMR 11/5/38

First Methodist Church seeks old descriptions, SMR 10/31/78

First Methodist to begin altered Sunday Morning Schedule, SMR 9/8/66

Golden Games Days scheduled, SMR 1/18/87

House in which Methodist Church organized open for inspection, SMR 6/13/41

International Christmas Market to be held by church, SMR 11/29/85

Interview with Rev. Kathy Keith, SMR 7/29/79

Jubellaire Ringers to present concert, SMR 5/30/82

L.L. Edwards' love of children will be featured on radio, SMR 2/29/68

Large crowds hear Dr. Taylor at Methodist church, SMDN 3/17/38

Local church very involved in community, SMR 2/22/81

Local Methodists observing church's 125th anniversary, SMR 3/16/72

Methodism has rich past in San Marcos, SMR 9/20/62

Methodist children trick or treat for UNICEF, SMR 10/17/68

Methodist Church holds 'Lay Witness Mission,' SMR 1/4/73

Methodist Church is a jewel of restoration, SMR 4/28/83

Methodist Ministers will change at Kyle and Dripping Springs, SMR 6/8/67

Methodist Women slate bazaar, Mexican dinner, SMR 11/28/63

Methodist women to meet, SMR 9/13/89

Methodist Women's Missionary Society meets, HCH 9/13/40

Methodist youth clean up, SMR 7/25/84

Methodist youth fellowship has ice cream supper, SMR 7/28/60

Methodists focusing on stewardship, SMR 11/16/84

Methodists honor Rolla B. Todd, SMR 9/7/72

Methodists planning a special weekend, SMR 2/28/85

Methodists set 'New Life' Mission, SMR 9/16/77

Methodists were 'wild,' SMR 9/9/77

Mission history by Mary Compton dramatized by Methodist Women, SMR 11/6/81

More about the old bell, SMR 10/5/88

Needlework project preserves history, SMR 8/5/84

New members of United Methodist Women honored Dec. 9, SMR 12/11/75

New members of Women's Society of Christian Service welcomed, SMR 4/15/71

Restoration of historic First Methodist Church continues, SMR 1/14/81

Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Smith visit with former professor, SMR 11/27/81

Rev. H. Ellis Thomas gives first sermon for Methodists, SMR 6/13/68

Rev. Raymond Wilson to serve for seventh year, SMR 6/13/63

Rev. Russell will pastor big Corpus Christi church, SMR 6/6/68

Safeway to purchase 'Old Turner Property' from church, SMR 9/13/81

San Marcos Methodist Church organized in 1847 by A.F. Kerr, SMR 9/25/36

San Marcos Methodists organized in 1847, HCC 5/10/73

Silver Age Club displays heirlooms and antiques, SMR 2/29/68

Silver Age club members attend adult conference, SMR 9/12/68

Suicide prevention workshop set, SMR 9/13/87

Tasters' brunch promises good munching, SMR 4/20/83

Tim Altenhoff offers recital at Methodist Church, SMR 9/29/93

United Methodist Women prepare items for bazaar, SMR 9/25/75

United Methodist Women present annual 'Special Member' awards, SMR 5/9/79

Vacation Bible School for Methodists, HCC 6/23/60

Vacation church school ended June 26, SMR 7/2/70

Wesley Brotherhood have chicken supper, SMR 10/7/27

Willing Workers was first club organized locally, SMR 9/20/62

First Mexican Baptist calls Rev. Ruben Espinosa as pastor, HCC 2/28/74, SMR 2/28/74

First Mexican Baptist ordains Rev. Ruben Espinosa, SMR 5/16/74

First Mexican Baptist's Joe Flores travels much in his preaching chores, SMR 6/1/56


Artricia Miller is queen of sunday school, SMR 8/10/72

Congregation holds reception for new pastor, SMR 6/4/80

Greater Betherl Baptist call Buntyn as pastor, SMR 5/24/88

Mortgage burning at Greater Bethel Baptist, SMR 5/27/73

Groundbreaking for San Marcos Baptist Temple, SMR 11/27/69

Growth of San Marcos Church, HCC 4/12/73

Hackworth's building local Baptist Temple, SMR 7/25/68

Handbell Choir furnishes music, SMR 9/21/67

Historic Black church is getting a facelift, SMR 8/29/93

History of Assembly of God Church, SMR 9/20/62

History of Church of the Nazarene, SMR 9/20/62

History of First Baptist Church, SMR 9/20/62

History of St. John- Uhland Churches, SMR 11/5/64

Hundred Year History of Baptist Church, SMR 10/24/57

Immanuel Baptist church celebrates 90 years (photo & history), SMR 5/26/77, SMR 6/11/76

Immanuel Baptist Church marks 90 years of history, HCC 5/26/77

Independent Baptists set meetings to discuss organizing church in Wimberley, WV 1/3/85

Jackson Chapel, 10/1/89, TTWC––CHURCHES––JACKSON CHAPEL

Annual Tea planned, SMR 5/30/82

Caring for Neighbor Important, SMR 10/21/79

Cornerstone laid for new church, SMR 3/12/64

Fraternities help with home repainting, SMR 4/28/92

Homecoming set at Jackson Chapel, SMR 3/6/81

Jackson Chapel celebrates 75th anniversary, SMR 3/17/78

Jackson Chapel celebrates 76th birthday today, SMR 3/25/79

Jackson Chapel celebrates 81st birthday this week, SMN 3/15/84

Jackson Chapel Program, SMR 4/2/76

Jackson Chapel set to celebrate, SMR 3/9/84

Jackson Chapel UMC is 80 years old, SMR 3/20/83

Mayor proclaims March 22 as 'Jackson Chapel Day,' SMR 3/22/92

Methodists fete Lizzie Grant, age 105, SMR 2/22/78

Mrs. Grant to mark 104 years, HCC 2/16/78

New Jackson Chapel nearing completion, SMR 2/27/64

New Minister, J. Brendonly Cunningham-Douglas, welcomed, SMR 6/24/79

Piano Concert set at Jackson Chapel, SMR 4/25/68

Traveling pastor plugs into circuit of 3 congregations, AA–S 10/28/84

Woman ministers abound in San Marcos, SMR 7/29/79

Youth will conduct services, HCC 11/26/72

Jeff and Rhea Kester explain Baha'i religion, SMR 9/30/84

Joyful Service of Abundant Life Christian Church, AA–S 10/22/95

Kyle Baptists celebrate 90th anniversary, SMR 6/21/76

Latter Day Saints Church

Genealogy, 10/4/89

Looking over remodeled church of God in Christ, SMR 8/8/68


American Lutheran Church observes 25th anniversary, SMR 12/10/64

Brief history of Lutheran Church in San Marcos, SMR 9/20/62

Church plans expansion, SMR 10/28/84

Church women prepare for annual Christmas display, SMR 10/5/79

Confirmed members stand with Rev. Irwin Knitt after his fina service, SMR 2/7/63

Dr. Rudolf Kirk to speak Monday at Lutheran Church, SMR 9/16/79

Drawing of expansion of Church, SMR 12/9/84

Ebenezer Lutheran Church, TTWC

First of a series of seven chancel dramas rehearsed, SMR 2/29/68

Grace Lutheran Church is turning 30 today, SMR 12/6/87

Grace Lutheran hosts talk by SWT pastor, Ron Birk, SMR 10/8/82

Grace Lutheran known for school, SMR 9/20/62

Groundbreaking for a new educational facility, SMR 5/5/85

Groundbreaking for new building set for Sunday, October 27, 1968, SMR 10/25/68

Layman's League and Youth Group sponsor garage sale, SMR 6/1/90

Lutheran Church members sponsor Christmas displays, SMR 12/10/70

Lutherans aim to construct new facility, SMN 11/1/84

Lutherans hold area meet here, SMR 4/28/60

Lutherans stress 'Grace," SMR 9/30/77

Lutherans to install new pastor, John K. Stern, SMR 1/9/85

Lutherans to observe 35th anniversary this Sunday, SMR 11/21/74

Otto Hofmann building organ at Lutheran Church, SMR 11/3/78

Photograph of authentic apple and candle tree, HCC 12/11/75

Photograph of church leaders approaching new building, SMR 11/6/69

Presbyterian and Lutheran churches sponsor Bible school, HCC 6/16/77

Rev. Carl Henry Schoss is new Lutheran pastor, SMR 7/4/68

Traditional Lutheran event is set, SMR 12/1/85

Unique vacation bible school, SMR 6/12/75


El Buen Pastor, TTWC

First Methodist

Methodist pastor Frank Buchanan speaker at Rotary, SMR 11/18/27

First Methodist Church

See also Historic Markers--First Uni..., TTWC

See also Historic Markers--Founding of the..., TTWC

Jackson Chapel, TTWC

Martindale Methodist Church

81 years old; Lucille Gunn, 3/25/84

Methodist ministers arrive in Hays County, SMR 6/15/72

Wesley Chapel

See Historic Markers--Wesley Chapel AME, TTWC

Mission Hispana Episcopal

Celebrates 2nd anniversary


Gillespie family's interests lie in church, community, SMR 8/5/86

HemisFair Pavilion becomes a church for San Marcos, SMR 11/28/68

New church plans open house, SMR 4/11/82

Plans released to build new Mormon chapel here, SMR 9/12/63

Mortgage burning at Greater Bethel Baptist, SMR 5/27/73

Mrs. Moore's book now on sale, SMR 4/8/71

New Pastor at First Assembly of God, SMR 1/27/88


Australians visiting here, SMR 5/13/83

Charismatic movement: Latter day reformation, HCC 5/7/77

Hill Country Faith Ministry grows in four ways, SMR 9/23/77

HIS group to perform in Houston this weekend, SMR 11/9/72

HIS PLACE formally opens despite financial problems, SMR 11/23/72

Liberation Suite slates Wimberley performance, SMR 4/4/74

Ministry is non-denominational effort, SMR 2/24/80

Morning Star -- a different kind of place, HCC 2/28/74

Norma Balusek devoted to rights of worship, SMR 1/15/78

Open House Sunday for HIS PLACE, SMR 11/16/72

Note burning service at Calvary Baptist, SMR 3/21/68

Pastor of Pentecostal Holiness Church moves to San Marcos, SMR 7/4/68

Pentacostal Assembly organized, SMR 6/1/72

Pentecostal Church has new pastor, SMR 2/12/88

Pentecostal Church starts work on new district headquarters, SMR 7/23/85

Picture of Fellowship Hall and history of church, SMR 4/21/66

Picture of Inglesia Bautista Emanuel being built, SMR 12/17/86

Pictures of San Marcos Churches, SMR 9/19/68

Pictures of Westover Baptist, Mexican Baptist, 7th Day Adventist, SMR 9/14/67


All ages welcome at Church school, SMR 8/5/79

Bible classes for the family begin Sunday, SMR 7/11/63

Craft sale this weekend, SMR 11/29/84

Cumberland Presbyterian Church, TTWC

First Presbyterian Church

See also Historic Markers--First Presbyterian, TTWC

Fort Street Presbyterian Church

Jeff Kester; restoration, 10/21/87

Gathering of members of Parents Cooperative Preschool Board, SMR 5/15/84

Halloween Carnival will mark debut of puppets, SMR 10/17/82

Historical marker for Presbyterians, SMR 6/3/73

Memorial Presbyterian calls Frank Diaz as pastor, SMR 9/26/82

Memorial Presbyterian Church, TTWC

Centennial; history, 2/1/87

Memorial Presbyterian marks centennial, SMR 2/1/87

Memorial Presbyterian to celebrate centennial in 1987, SMR 10/29/84

Photograph of Church in Sunshine Laundry advertisement, SMR 2/29/68

Praise parade climaxes school, SMR 6/16/78

Presbyterian and Lutheran churches sponsor Bible school, HCC 6/16/77

Presbyterian Church built beautiful new home in 1951, SMR 9/20/62

Presbyterian Triad begins Sunday, SMR 11/4/77

Presbyterian women sew weekly in Suttles home, SMR 3/27/42

Presbyterian women will host Cottage Kitchen Luncheon, SMR 10/10/93

Presbyterians unveil historical plaque, SMR 6/5/73

Rev. Conway Wharton installed at First Presbyterian, SMR 1/20/72

Rev. Karl Brown talks about holiday depression, SMR 12/11/83

Reyes is first woman Mexican-American Presbyterian Minister, SMR 7/29/79

San Marcos Presbyterian Church founded by Ziveley in 1854, SMR 9/25/36

Quakers, 3/3/85

Residents work to transform historic church into community activity center, SMR 5/3/93

Rev. & Mrs. Wm. McNeil attend dedication of chapel, SMR 4/21/68

Rev. Bob Maas speaks at San Marcos Flame Fellowship, SMR 1/26/92

Rev. J.W. Hackworth to open fundamental Baptist Church here, SMR 7/18/68


Adventist church in San Marcos 13 years, HCC 4/26/73

Adventists active here, SMR 2/24/80

Adventists donate couch for Springtown Villa day room, SMR 2/24/82

Adventists to open Church school here, SMR 8/11/66

Church members help at Community Service Center, SMR 6/26/81

Church members prepare free meal for the homeless, SMR 6/11/92

Groundbreaking ceremonies for new Adventist Church, SMR 5/5/66

New Adventist Church to open, SMR 11/17/66

Seventh Day Adventists donate books to SWT library, SMR 1/1/85

SMR Directory of local churches, SMR 2/4/77

Stover family lives at Baptist Temple, SMR 10/14/71

Unitarians, 5/3/87

Unitarians discuss meditation, HCC 5/20/76

Unity Church of Practical Christianity to host workshop on self-wholeness, SMR 8/23/92

University Bible Church is forming in San Marcos, SMR 9/25/69

University Bible Church on grow, SMR 2/24/80

University Bible Church to present unique Passover Feast, SMR 4/9/82

Vietnamese woman tells of her experiences, HCC 5/10/76

Westover Baptist calls Rev. W.L. Wootan as pastor, SMR 10/17/68

Westover Baptist Church values Ellison's minisitry, SMR 10/21/77

Westover Baptist's Rev. Ellison retires, SMR 1/10/82

Woman ministers abound here, SMR 7/29/79

Work being done on new Inglesia Bautista Immanuel, SMR 8/27/87

Cisneros, Sandra, 4/3/91

Cities and towns

See names of individual cities and towns, TTWC

Cities and Towns, Ruined, Extinct, etc., ETC., EXTINCT, RUINED, TTWC––CITIES AND TOWNS

Gatlin, one of Hays' earliest communities, SMR 9/25/36

School started community of Mount Gainor, SMR 9/25/36

Store important in early life in Goforth, SMR 9/25/36

Yell community important in early days in Hays, SMR 9/25/36

Cities and towns, ruined, extinct, etc., TTWC


Annexation of Cape's Camp area clears second hurdle, SMR 3/16/82

Battle ensues over amending City's Housing Assistance Plan, SMR 1/8/79

Bill Crook pushes the city to begin enforcing zoning ordinances, HCC 5/19/77

Bill Cunningham becomes first student on City Council, HCC 1/11/73

Bill Dibrell quits for the second time, SMR 11/18/75

Billboard moratorium in effect while council works on ordinance, SMR 8/18/85

Bishop St. issue proves it's possible to unite residents, SMR 6/27/77

Bishop St. widening issue, SMR 5/10/77, SMR 5/18/77

Bishop Street residents still waiting on promised repairs, SMR 2/7/80

Building permits form modular homes stopped, HCC 1/15/76

Cape's Camp annexed despite protest, SMR 3/23/82

Castle Forest lawyers file suit against city, SMR 3/22/79

Castle Forest subdivision controversy is back, SMR 3/4/79

Castle Forest subdivision discussed, SMR 3/18/79

City accepts final work on Rio Vista pool, HCC 11/27/74

City accepts final work on Rio Vista swimming pool, HCC 11/27/74

City approves Community Space Building at Thorp Lane, SMR 10/17/68

City backs phase II Expansion of the Civic Center, SMR 10/12/76

City battles over changes to development ordinances, SMR 11/25/81

City Charter revision may get postponement, SMR 1/22/76

City chooses to keep old fire station bell, SMR 10/31/86

City Council discussion of marijuana, SMR 3/15/73

City Council picks Albert Sierra as manager, SMR 4/21/77

City council promotes Gilley to City Manager, AA–S 8/24/88, SMN 8/25/88, SMR 8/25/88

City Council to discuss C.M. Allen Parkway with Urban Renewal, SMR 1/17/74

City Council to discuss water rights at Spring Lake, SMR 6/28/73

City Council will begin broadcasting meetings on cable TV, AA–S 1/10/2000

City de-annexes site of Friedrich Power Plant for tax break, HCC 7/3/75

City gives $2 million in community development funds to Victoria Gardens, SMR 12/21/72

City Hall sale bothers Council, HCC 10/23/75

City investigating Capital Recover Program, SMR 10/18/83

City is in good financial shape, SMR 11/26/75

City is set to buy LCRA, SMR 7/2/86

City leaders respond to recall attacks, SMR 7/17/85

City Manage urges council to re-assess need for more sewage waste plants, SMR 3/19/85

City okays bidding for two new sewer plants, HCC 10/18/84

City plans to buy dam at Rio Vista, SMR 6/3/82

City plans to overhaul tennis courts, SMR 12/11/85

City puts hiring freeze on upper echelon jobs, SMR 10/10/78

City questions whether to annex Cape's Camp, SMR 1/15/82

City sale of land not in its ownership, SMR 6/12/84

City selects A.C. Gonzalez as city manager, SMR 9/25/79

City sends priority statement to HUD, HCC 3/15/73

City shelves Quail Creek, SMR 10/9/76

City to fund Main Street project, SMR 8/16/83

City zoning ordinance needs clarification, SMR 4/7/76

City's proposed 20 year Master Plan to undergo fine tuning, SMR 6/22/82

Code of Ethics ordinance, AA–S 4/8/80, SMR 3/19/80, SMR 4/7/80, SMR 4/22/80

College parties create noise problems, AA–S 10/25/78

Controversy brewing over San Marcos River Corridor ordinance, SMR 7/25/85

Controversy continues over where new landfill to be located, SMR 1/10/82

Convention Center for San Marcos may be built, SMR 10/17/86

Cost of Living pay hike considered by Council, SMR 5/16/76

Council agrees to help fund 4th of July Fireworks display, SMR 8/30/85

Council almost granted zoning change to the Old Ice House, US 3/24/77

Council and HUD to give Sunset Acres project a second chance, HCC 2/27/79

Council approve zoning request for alcohol across from High School, SMR 2/20/74

Council approves $3 million in capital improvement bonds, SMR 3/26/85

Council approves Castle Forest subdivision on threat of suit, SMR 3/23/79

Council approves new administrative positions for Urban Renewal Agency, SMR 5/17/75

Council changes road to one way, SMR 6/15/82

Council clears renovations for three city park buildings, SMR 1/29/85

Council clears shopping center at Wonder World Drive, SMR 2/4/84

Council considering options on restoration of municipal buildings, SMR 2/3/85

Council considering ordinance over unlawful pirating of cable TV, SMR 3/10/85

Council considering semi-annual committee to review local judges, SMR 4/7/85

Council considering Sunset Ordinance, SMR 4/5/84

Council considers changing Porter-Comal Street to Martin Luther King, SMR 6/21/87

Council considers ethics violation by P&Z commission memeber, SMR 11/13/83

Council deadlocked on Castle Forest subdivision, SMR 3/13/79

Council decides not to see prison construction project, SMR 10/15/91

Council decides on Legal Aid program, SMR 6/11/76

Council exploring future land-use strategies for public input, SMR 8/7/84

Council extends moratorium on apartment buildings in two areas, SMR 6/14/84

Council faces discussion on CARTS Trolley system, SMR 1/26/92

Council faces questions over closed meetings, SMR 12/3/78

Council forms advisory committee on recycling and waste management, SMR 6/17/90

Council gives support to CARTS seeking government grants, SMR 1/30/92

Council helping local Chamber of Commerce to find new home, SMR 5/4/76

Council holds special meeting on downtown sidewalk project, SMR 12/14/78

Council lets attorney Charles Evans go, SMR 1/19/78

Council meeting sees improvement of CARTS, AA–S 1/30/92

Council plans to purchase 40 acres next to sewage plant, SMR 5/25/82

Council proposal for lowering personnel costs cuts 20 positions, SMR 1/9/79

Council refuses to rezone Wallace Addition for industrial use, SMR 5/11/77

Council seeks marijuana study group, HCC 3/15/73

Council seeks permit to open a landfill near Martindale, SMR 1/17/82

Council seeks study group on marijuana, HCC 3/15/73

Council seeks to simplify sign ordinance, SMR 5/24/90

Council to avoid nudity issue, SMR 12/12/78

Council to look at creating Central Business District, SMR 5/3/83

Council to offer San Marcos River Corridor ordinance on first reading, SMR 7/21/85

Council to receive city budget, SMR 7/28/85

Council to set tax rate and adopt city budget, SMR 9/13/84

Council votes to annex 135 acres, SMR 3/12/82

Council wants another hearing on Entex, SMR 2/5/76

Council wants to freeze hiring, SMR 11/19/78

Council works with Industrial Development for construction of Kroger's, SMR 4/15/82

Councilman and Engineer raise stink over sewer contract, SMR 3/8/85

Councilman Breihan denies conflict of interest, SMR 3/4/76

Councilman Flores, first Mexican-Americn mayor, ends term, SMR 4/13/76

Councilman Moore to remain on board, despite original resignation, SMR 10/4/84

Councilmen talk of Oak Heights recall efforts, SMR 4/13/79

Debate over new public library fixtures is discussed, US 11/14/75

Dibrell opposes sale of the old City Hall, SMR 10/23/75

Dibrell turns down request to remain on council, HCC 11/20/75

Dismissal of Backus Zoning Action requested, SMR 10/18/78

Endorsement for dam is rejected, HCC 5/27/76

Entex request adjustments charge to be passed on to consumers, HCC 5/27/76

Ethics ordinance brought in line with AG decision to make records public, SMR 1/26/83

Ethics Ordinance passes on first reading, A–AS 3/11/80

Favoritism in city bidding practices is discussed, HCC 11/13/75

Final official Urban Renewal Board Meeting held, SMR 12/3/74

Groundbreaking ceremony for new City Hall, HCC 7/3/74

Hillside ordinance land protection rule may change, SMR 3/5/82

Hillside rule draws many protests, SMR 2/9/82

Hiring freeze may have been illegal, SMR 10/11/78

History of Police Academy discussed, SMR 5/26/73

Kenneth Sutton is discussed, HCC 10/6/75

Legality of closed council meetings questioned, AA–S 11/22/78

Main Street project under consideration, SMR 7/21/83

Manager and Mayor favor open meetings for tax board, SMR 12/29/83

Map and article on proposed city bond improvements, SMR 9/22/66

Mary Salinas named court cleark, HCC 3/24/77

Mayor Eddy Etheredge resigns to run for county judge, AA–S 2/26/74

Mendez resigns from City Council, SMR 2/9/83

Mill Street residents upset about water problems, SMR 6/8/76

Misunderstanding between local Soil Conservation and Council costly, SMR 6/16/76

Mix-up over Southside fire station could cost the city money, SMR 2/19/82

Modular Home referendum fails at City Council, SMR 2/24/75

Moratorium group plans preservation of San Marcos River, SMR 7/19/84

Multi-family zoning project blocked, SMR 12/20/78

Oak Heights Liveoak tree, SMR 10/5/86

Oak Heights Neighborhood Association to seek recall of councilmen, SMR 4/3/79

Officials ponder new direction of city's comprehensive plan, SMR 11/8/78

Ordinance on massage parlor is delayed, HCC 6/16/77

Ousted San Marcos Mayor Gresham speaks out, HCC 5/17/73

Overnight Camping in city parks tops agenda, US 10/5/78

Parking meter fees going up downtown, SMR 9/5/84

Planning & Zoning supports proposal of bike path, SMR 12/2/81

Referendum is promised to opponents of modular homes, HCC 1/29/76

Research for Civic Center site is underway, SMR 10/18/86

Residents want to widen Bishop St., HCC 5/21/77, SMR 5/20/77

Resolution supporting San Marcos area prison construction rejected, SMR 1/8/88

River development plans discussed, SMR 6/27/85

River plan is presented to the council, SMR 9/30/75

Roosevelt residents speak against city street project, SMR 3/9/79

San Marcos celebrates 100th birthday, HCC 8/6/77

San Marcos Mayor Ken Kraus hands in resignation, SMR 3/5/81

San Marcos River Corridor ordinance set for final reading, SMR 8/1/85

See also Municipal government--Records and correspondence, TTWC

Showdown at council meetings over N. LBJ apartment zoning, SMR 5/12/76

Split role on whether to sell Lowman Airfield, SMR 3/9/82

Statements from Arredondo have sparked conflicting reactions, HCC 6/25/77

Street changes advised for Victory Gardens area, SMR 11/14/78

Supporters of prison facility will rally, SMR 11/19/80

Tax rate hike of 3 cents passes, SMR 9/25/83

Time capsule is revealed near City Hall, HCC 10/23/75

Traffic proposal for North LBJ Street to be discussed, SMR 12/11/83

Updated version of controversial Hillside Development Ordinance presented, SMR 2/7/82

Westover Addition improvement projects too costly for council, SMR 8/2/76

Westover Addition price tag skyrockets over original proposal, HCC 6/16/77

Westover Addition vows de-annexation battle, SMR 8/15/76

City Taxi, 8/24/86

Civic Center in San Marcos, TTWC––CIVIC CENTERS

Center site is under fire, SMR 4/18/83

Civic Center quest leads officals, investors to capital, SMR 7/5/83

Civic centers, TTWC

Civic Music

Community Chorus closes '72 season, SMR 4/20/72

Community Chorus performs work by Leonard Bernstein, SMR 2/22/73

Community chorus slates two December performances, SMR 11/30/72

Dejadisc offers indies a chance, AA–S 10/29/92

Diane Dupont in 'Falderal,' SMR 8/13/86

Janette Ellis accepted at Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria, SMR 4/18/80

Liberation Suite performs in Ireland, SMR 9/8/74

Local theatre slates musical, SMR 8/12/79

Looking for home-grown talent, SMR 5/9/82

Messiah sing-in slated for Friday, SMR 12/7/72

Music Along the River festival approaches, SMR 4/18/74

Mystery, romance enhance 'Pirates' production, SMR 6/24/84

Night Life in San Marcos, SMR 7/27/86

Piano students offer unique Christmas recital, SMR 12/91

Piano students perform, SMR 5/31/92

San Marcos Civic Music Association begins membership drive, SMR 10/8/64

Season opens for community chorus, SMR 10/26/72

Summerfest '82 being planned, SMR 6/1/82

Summerfest '82 production is Oliver, SMR 4/14/82

Summerfest issues its call for talented actors, singers, SMR 4/10/83

Summerfest microphone to go live July 4 for homegrown talent, SMR 6/26/90

Tolers are committed to music, SMR 7/29/88

Young pianists win honors, SMR 2/23/82

Young pianists win honors at festival, SMR 5/27/84


Hays County contributed a large share to Confederates in war, SMR 11/22/46

Hays County rallied to cause of the Confederacy, SMR 9/25/36

Hays County's last Civil War veteran, George Petty, dies at 95, SMR 7/10/42

Jim Green displays Civil War books and artifacts at public library, SMR 8/20/82

Reunion of the 32nd Texas Cavalry, HT&FJ 8/7/1886

Robert E. Lee thought Texas future dim, SMR 3/19/59

Civil War veterans

See Veterans, TTWC


CCC fought Great Depression, SMR 8/6/87

CCC gave Texans much needed work, SMR 7/23/87


Civil Defense emergency rations are unloaded by city employees, SMR 8/15/68

Coordinator feels local storm response good, SMR 8/14/80

Nearly 3,000 register Tuesday for Civil Defense, SMR 1/2/42

Civilian defense, TTWC

Claiborne Kyle log house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Clairborne Kyle Cabin

Heritage Association restores Clairborne Kyle Cabin, SMR 4/18/82

Clarentian Guild

See Churches--Catholic Church, TTWC

Clayton, Ruth

Ruth Clayton Day, SMR 6/1/94

Ruth Clayton to retire after 30 years, SMR 4/14/94

Clear Springs & Limestone ledges, 9/28/86

Clear Springs and Limestone Ledges, TTWC––CLEAR SPRINGS AND LIMESTONE LEDGES

Book publication celebrated at courthouse, SMR 11/26/86

Book to be launched this Friday, SMR 11/16/86

Cliett Hardware, 10/14/84

Cliett, Joel, 10/14/84

Clopton Dam. see TTWC DAMS

Clopton's Crossing Dam

Blanco dam plan brings confusion, HCC 12/13/73

Clopton's Crossing Dam meeting Thursday, SMR 5/26/76

Clopton's Crossing Dam survey subject of town meeting, SMR 6/3/76

Clopton's Crossing Dam will cost $106 million, HCC 3/13/75

Clothing and dress--Men, TTWC

Clothing and dress--Women, TTWC

Cloyd, C.B.

C.B. Cloyd shows how his ferris wheel works, SMR 5/11/72



1981-82 officers of AARP, SMR 12/4/81

AARP birthday honorees-- Judy Bracket & C.E. Burnett, SMR 1/19/81

AARP enjoys Christmas potluck dinner, SMR 12/11/80

AARP meets in new location, SMR 8/10/86

AARP members make party plans, SMR 10/6/80

AARP members offer tax assistance, SMR 2/4/87

AARP Tax Help -- Gerald Champagne, SMR 3/20/88

Dr. Charles Jarvis talks to AARP, SMR 3/20/88

Hobbies of AARP members, SMR 7/6/86

Local AARP complimented by Assistant State Director, SMR 10/16/81

Officers of AARP, SMR 2/16/86

San Marcos AARP receives Charter, SMR 7/ – /76


AAUW -American Association of University Women calendar features landmarks, SMR 10/10/74

AAUW continues study on change of our society, SMR 3/14/68

AAUW donates books, pamphlets on mental health to city library, SMR 5/8/58

AAUW enjoys theater evening, SMR 1/6/84

AAUW Fall meeting, SMR 8/31/72

AAUW guest speaker is Mrs. Sam Winters, SMR 9/28/72

AAUW has December meeting, SMR 12/10/70

AAUW meets at home of Mrs. Hons, SMR 12/11/42

AAUW prepares for big birthday, SMR 5/3/81, SMR 5/3/84

AAUW program to prepare teachers for college employment, SMR 12/6/62

AAUW sends three members to conference, SMR 7/22/71

AAUW slates book review at meeting, SMR 10/3/68

AAUW studies economic facts, SMR 3/31/76

AAUW studies philosophies of India at meeting, SMR 2/27/64

AAUW to begin studies of energy, SMR 7/2/79

AAUW to celebrate 50th anniversary, SMR 1/11/78

AAUW to meet, HCC 5/6/76

American Association of University Women organized 1881, local chapter 1928, SMR 9/20/62

Counselors to address AAUW, SMR 4/4/82

Discrimination is topic of meeting, SMR 11/2/72

Dr. Hahn tells of Japanese culture, SMR 2/17/66

History of local AAUW, SMR 9/23/36

Larry Burruss AAUW prepares for big birthday, SMR 11/30/72

Local AAUW plans membership drive, SMR 8/29/78

Local AAUW sees Hemisfair Sculpture, SMR 8/15/68

Local University women to hear attorney Elizabeth Levatino, SMR 2/8/73

Mrs. Jeannette Pool named state president of AAUW, SMR 4/15/71

Mrs. Lillian E. Barclay heads AAUW chapter, SMR 4/1/55

Teachers from India speak on Native Arts, SMR 12/12/63

Thirteen local college women at AAUW meet, SMR 10/10/63

American Assoc. of University Women, TTWC––Scrapbooks

American G.I. Form, TTWC


American G.I. Forum: instrument for community involvement, HCC 4/5/73

Cheatham homes sold to G.I. Forum, HCC 8/30/73

Forum may get gift a little late, SMR 12/27/83

Forum women to sponsor benefit for emergency youth shelter, SMR 2/7/86

G.I. Forum and San Marcos politics, HCC 4/12/73

G.I. Forum elects Ismael Rosales chairman, HCC 8/9/73

G.I. Forum honors Apolinar Mendoza, SMR 5/20/90

G.I. Forum Ladies Auxiliary installation of officers, HCC 10/4/73, HCC 10/7/71, SMR 8/13/81

G.I. Forum praises governmental administrations, SMR 9/5/63

G.I. Forum wants City Manager Gonzalez fired, SMR 9/–/82

G.I. Forum women back from state meeting in El Paso, SMR 8/13/81

G.I. Forum, Hays War Veterans settle hall ownership dispute, HCC 1/23/75

Jose Hinojosa to address local chapter of G.I. Forum, SMR 9/24/82

New leaders elected at GI Forum, HCC 8/23/73

Ruben Ruiz and Ismael Rosales become lifetime members, HCC 2/13/75

Sacrifice, struggle and success recalled, SMR 9/29/82

San Marcos G.I. Forum meets candidate Hubert Humphrey, SMR 8/15/68

Scholarship benefit dance sponsored by Ladies Auxiliary, SMR 4/25/68


Art League artists, Bernice Musgrave and Julia Posey, SMR 4/24/85

Art League calendar planned, SMR 8/9/81

Art League elects new officers, HCC 5/27/76

Art League features exhibits at both banks, SMR 10/31/63

Art League hears Baughn, SMR 11/20/69

Art League holds first meeting of the year, SMN 9/21/72

Art League hosts Annual Show, SMN 4/29/84

Art League hosts annual show, SMR 5/2/84

Art League hosts San Antonio artist, SMR 5/16/82

Art League hosts weavers, SMR 9/18/79

Art League loans two paintings to San Marcos Public Library, SMR 3/24/77

Art League meets, SMR 3/12/82

Art League meets and elects officers, SMR 4/19/81

Art League members B. Musgrave and J. Posey to exhibit, SMR 5/13/83

Art League members plan Christmas Bazaar, SMR 11/9/77

Art League plans for Art Annual XVI, SMR 6/1/79

Art League President Karen Colwick, SMR 10/23/97

Art League series at Austin Savings and Loan, SMR 3/18/71

Art League sets June Show, SMR 5/3/81

Art League show big success, SMR 5/17/82

Art League show, 'Rectangles' set, SMN 4/26/84

Art League sponsors first duo art exhibit, SMR 12/5/63

Art League to meet, SMR 2/12/84

Art League to submit requests for grants, SMN 8/11/83

Art League to view Jewelry Show, SMR 9/9/76

Art League's Carol Arguien featured at annual show, SMR 4/20/88

Carol Dolezal to address Art League, SMN 11/4/84

Carol Dolezal works as children's illustrator, SMN 11/15/84

Close-up picture of Art Annual XVI, SMR 6/3/79

Exhibit of Bernice Musgrave, SMR 4/17/80

Local league's history, SMR 2/24/80

Marianne Caroselli and Fredda Eastep prepare to exhibit, SMR 4/20/86

Metalwork exhibited here, SMR 10/18/81

Mrs. Foldine Jackson hangs painting at library, SMR 12/28/67

Nikki Johnson will be featured in USA '76 Art Show, SMR 3/24/76

Picture of Bernice Musgrave and Doris Connally, SMR 5/24/81

Picture of Henry Guenzel, Barbara Bethancourt and Bernice Musgrave, SMR 10/31/82

Pictures from Art League's Annual Show, SMR 6/9/81

Professor Kolbe shows techniques, SMR 9/13/81

Two paintings loaned to San Marcos Public Library, SMR 3/24/77

Watercolors by Delda Skinner, SMR 2/12/84

Wildflower exhibit slated, SMN 5/12/83


Balcones and Laurel Garden Clubs present Fall Flower Show, SMR 10/22/59

Balcones Club elects new officers, SMR 4/4/73

Balcones Club hears talk on care of trees, shrubs, SMR 7/14/60

Balcones Club hears talk on Iris, SMR 6/23/60

Balcones Club hears two speakers, elects officers, SMR 3/18/65

Balcones to promote City Hall landscaping, HCC 10/14/76

Joe Rodriguez and J. M. Cape's yard are Yards of the month, SMR 2/17/66

John Penns hosts meeting of Balcones, SMR 9/19/63

Large Crowds see annual Flower Show, SMR 4/28/60

Library receives Garden Club books, SMR 9/14/72

Miss Dodgen talks at Balcones meet on Caladiums, SMR 5/30/63

Mrs. W. P. Craddock's yard is Yard of the month, SMR 9/10/64

Preparations for Iris Show at city library, SMR 4/8/71

Solarium-Greenhouse wins Yard of the month, SMR 2/8/73

Spring Flower Show Exhibition Guide List, SMR 4/4/68

Trees planted at City Hall, SMR 1/5/77

Two Garden clubs hear Annie Giles on Flower Exhibit, SMR 3/22/62

Yard of the month for April selected by Balcones club, SMR 4/13/61

Band Boosters schedule Christmas home parade, SMR 12/12/63

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, TTWC

Bluebonnet Lions Club

Ceceila Drake wins scholarship from Bluebonnet Lions, SMR 4/7/94

First annual Kite Festival, SMR 4/7/94

Lioness Club to receive charter as Bluebonnet Lions Club, SMR 5/31/92


Brackenridge and Sorosis Clubs the oldest in San Marcos, SMR 9/25/36

Brackenridge Club 75 years young, SMR 2/28/78

Brackenridge Club enjoys Ogden Nash, SMR 4/12/84

Brackenridge Club gathers at Mrs. Jack Cates home, SMR 1/12/88

Brackenridge Club has program on leisure, SMR 11/28/68

Brackenridge Club has talk on role of immigrants, SMR 10/7/75

Brackenridge Club hears book review, SMR 11/25/71

Brackenridge Club hears Dr. Craddock on Mexcian Americans, SMR 5/21/70

Brackenridge Club hears Dr. Wilson on Scandinavian culture, SMR 10/10/63

Brackenridge Club hears members review its history, SMR 4/25/63

Brackenridge Club meets with Mrs. Wilhelm, SMR 3/29/46

Brackenridge Club review focuses on Margaret Mitchell, SMR 11/13/84

Brackenridge has book review, SMR 3/25/71

Club hears lecture on Ima Hogg and Foundation on Mental Health, SMR 3/27/74

Club hears memories of the White House from longtime employee, SMR 3/29/84

Club holds regular meeting at Minnie Knispel's home, SMR 11/28/74

Club meets on Waldine Tauch, notable woman of Texas, SMR 2/27/83

Eisenhower's new book reviewed at Brackenridge, SMR 2/13/64

History of Music here traced by Mrs. J. B. Syers, SMR 10/18/35

Ladies study origin of Brackenridge Club, SMR 2/16/92

Ma Feguson recalled at Brackenridge Club meeting, SMR 4/15/83

Miss Bruce presents program on Mexico, SMR 10/28/65

Mrs. D. Johnson speaks on Europe at Brackenridge, SMR 3/9/63

Mrs. Jennings speaks on 'How College People have changed.', SMR 11/2/67

Mrs. Norwood has 67 shell specimens at Brackenridge, SMR 1/23/64

Mrs. Scrutchin hosts Brackenridge Club, SMR 4/8/75

Museums are Brackenridge topic, SMR 3/27/75

New officers installed by Brackenridge Club, SMR 5/16/89

Notable women of Texas studied by Brackenridge Club, SMR 1/25/83

Ocean is topic by Mrs. Musgrave, SMR 10/24/63

Program given on Oveta Hobby, SMR 4/24/83

Quilt lore explored, SMR 10/30/86

Yarrough talks on American architecture, SMR 2/29/76

Brownies, 10/16/83

Business & Professional Women's Club, TTWC––CLUBS––BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S CLUB

35 nominated for BPW Volunteer Worker awards, SMR 1/5/67

Area clubs assemble for dinner meeting, SMR 11/2/80

BPW celebrates Business Women's week, SMR 10/18/81

BPW Club gives annual awards, SMR 1/28/79

BPW Club holds annual membership tea, SMR 5/23/68

BPW Club holds legislative workshop, SMR 9/28/72

BPW collecting magazines for Rec hall, SMR 9/22/66

BPW elects officers for coming year, SMR 5/26/62

BPW has summer social, SMR 8/20/86

BPW holds annual installation banquet, SMR 7/1/65

BPW holds banquet, SMR 3/23/76

BPW honors members, SMR 3/27/75

BPW hosts seminar, HCC 11/10/77

BPW installs officers for coming year, SMR 6/30/77

BPW ladies attend hearing of Senate Group, SMR 2/7/63

BPW panel will discuss leadership, SMR 3/8/87

BPW preparing for Heart Month, SMR 2/17/66

BPW to display posters in schools, SMR 9/24/59

BPW to host Spaghetti Dinner, SMR 2/12/81, SMR 6/15/80

BPW week proclaimed by Mayor Craddock, SMR 10/21/84

BPW works to further women in Business, SMR 9/20/62

BPWs attend state convention, SMR 6/28/74

Business & Professional Women honor trio, SMR 4/25/74

Business Women's week observed, HCC 10/16/75

Businesss Women supplement, SMR 10/20/85, SMR 10/20/91

Careers topic at B &PW meeting, SMR 2/8/73

Christmas party fetes club at Wentworth's, SMR 6/12/63

Debbie Damron named young careerist, HCC 3/17/76, SMR 4/13/76

Helen Moore is honored, SMR 2/4/83

Jane Hughson awarded 'Careerist' title, SMR 3/13/79

Judge Smith, Mrs. Cape to address BPW, SMR 1/23/64

Large crowd hears forecast for San Marcos, SMR 4/30/70

Linda Linville speaks to BPW, SMR 4/2/81

Local BPW hosts meeting, SMR 4/1/73

Lunelle Anderson to be president of BPW, SMR 6/13/79

Margaret Lindsey is honored, SMR 6/22/88

Margaret Lindsey leads local BPW, SMR 10/20/85

Natl. Business Women's Week proclamation, SMR 10/15/78

Outstanding citizens of San Marcos honored, SMR 1/26/67

Outstanding volunteers named for honors, SMR 12/28/67

Panel discussion to explore leadership, SMN 3/5/87

Shirley Austin and Bill Pennington honored, SMR 1/25/68

Special observances planned by BPW, SMR 10/17/79

State BPW will meet in San Antonio, SMR 6/15/80

Theodora Scrutchin and Hollis Smith honored, SMR 1/2/67

Two SWT students entertain at BPW meeting, SMR 2/25/55

Vola Thompson is BPW's Woman of the Year, SMR 1/28/82

Women's Week proclaimed, SMR 10/3/78, SMR 10/5/76, SMR 10/8/92, SMR 10/21/92

Women's Week, 1981-82, SMR 10/22/81

Business and Professional Women's Club, TTWC

Business girls club enjoys chicken barbecue, SMR 9/16/27

Christian Craft Club, 9/28/88


New officers of Christian Singles Fellowship, SMR 4/28/78

Singles have fun, SMR 9/2/77


Church women invited to CWU meeting, HCC 9/12/74

Church Women plan Poor Man's Supper, SMR 3/16/72

Church women planning, SMR 10/11/81

Church Women study world affairs, SMR 10/28/65

Church Women Worldwide have service tonight, SMR 3/3/78

Church Women's service May 1st, SMR 4/12/81

Community Day workshop slated, SMR 10/25/81

Fellowship Day slated for May 5, SMR 5/4/89

Prayer Day is March 6, SMR 2/27/87

United Church Women elects new officers, SMR 2/22/68

World day of prayer services set Friday, SMR 2/29/68

World Day of Prayer set, SMR 3/1/88

World Day of Prayer to be celebrated here Friday, SMR 2/24/66, SMR 3/5/86

World Day of Prayer will be observed February 14, SMR 2/6/64

City full of groups with civic purpose, SMR 2/26/78

Clarentian Guild

See Churches--Catholic Church, TTWC

Coin club elects officers for year, SMR 2/8/64

Common Cause chapter formed, SMR 9/29/74


CWI gains new members, SMR 5/28/81

CWI installs new officers, SMR 10/25/81

CWI officers installed, HCC 11/10/77

Photograph of 1984-85 officers of CWI, SMR 11/23/84


American music celebrated, SMR 2/25/84

Bell Choir performs for Crescendo Club, SMR 1/20/83

Chorus presents Folk Program, SMR 12/24/75

Crescendo Club (picture), SMR 2/23/83

Crescendo Club attends district, SMR 11/8/81

Crescendo Club awarded national honor, HCC 6/23/60

Crescendo Club awards scholarship to Bruce Wayne, SMR 9/23/76

Crescendo Club boasts new members, SMR 9/23/82

Crescendo Club carolling enjoyed, SMR 12/21/80

Crescendo Club celebrates 50th Anniversary, SMR 3/5/70

Crescendo Club celebrates National Music Week, SMR 5/3/81

Crescendo Club convention plans (picture), SMR 10/9/58

Crescendo Club elects officers, SMR 2/21/80

Crescendo Club enjoys preview of Magic Flute, SMR 10/20/78

Crescendo Club enjoys program, SMR 10/17/63

Crescendo Club enjoys wedding music, SMR 11/21/93

Crescendo Club gives program for Music week, SMR 5/10/35

Crescendo Club has annual Silver Tea, SMR 2/17/66

Crescendo Club has dance program, SMR 3/20/88, SMR 5/20/84

Crescendo Club has Federation Day Luncheon, SMR 9/22/66

Crescendo Club has Patriots' theme at Tea, SMR 2/28/67

Crescendo Club has Silver Tea, SMR 3/14/68

Crescendo Club hears 9th District winner, SMR 4/29/76

Crescendo Club hears Academy's singer, SMR 4/20/80

Crescendo Club hears show tunes, SMR 10/25/77

Crescendo Club hears State President, SMR 9/19/74

Crescendo Club hears student winners, SMR 4/20/86

Crescendo Club hears SWT music instructor, SMR 1/20/77

Crescendo Club hears top young pianists, SMR 4/27/82

Crescendo Club holds annual Federation Tea, SMR 2/28/74

Crescendo Club holds Federation Luncheon, SMR 9/20/73

Crescendo Club holds luncheon, SMR 10/4/81

Crescendo Club honors American Music Month, SMR 2/22/81

Crescendo Club honors Mrs. C.E. Bennett, SMR 5/16/75

Crescendo Club hosts District Music Clubs, SMR 11/16/72

Crescendo Club hosts District President, SMR 9/25/81

Crescendo Club hosts Fall program and luncheon, SMR 9/28/67

Crescendo Club installs new officers, SMR 5/14/74

Crescendo Club learns about handbells, SMR 1/26/86

Crescendo Club officers (picture), SMR 5/18/74

Crescendo Club program of Texas Music, SMR 3/10/64

Crescendo Club promotes music, SMR 9/24/62

Crescendo Club salutes American music, SMR 10/24/82

Crescendo Club to observe February Music Month, SMR 2/13/64

Crescendo group attends district meeting, SMR 10/31/68

Crescendo Music Club wins award, SMR 6/27/89

Dancers entertained club, SMR 5/25/86

District meets here, SMR 6/5/79

Fifth District Music clubs will convene, SMR 10/30/58

Founders Day and Opera celebrated, SMR 1/26/88

Frank, Yoakam present program, SMR 10/23/81

History of Crescendo Club, SMR 9/23/36

Junior musical program Friday, SMR 5/10/35

Life works of composer revived, SMR 11/25/71

Local music pupils give program, SMR 5/6/65

Mayor presents proclamation to Crescendo Club, SMR 2/18/81

Mrs. Austin gives program on Strauss, SMR 6/8/67

Mrs. Burnett honored by Crescendo Club, HCC 5/22/75

Mrs. C. E. Burnett honored, SMR 5/22/75

Mrs. Ennis hosts Crescendo Club, SMR 10/26/72

Mrs. Eva Dodgen hosts Crescendo Club, SMR 4/5/73

Mrs. Preston hosts Crescendo Club, SMR 1/25/73

Mrs. W. Logan hosts Crescendo Club, SMR 10/29/59

Music club looks back to founding, SMR 1/22/84

National Music week celebrated, SMR 5/2/82

Record Editor presented award by Crescendo, SMR 11/8/81

Salute American Music honored, SMR 1/31/82

Silver Tea to raise money for scholarship, SMR 2/22/77

Student's Day observed, SMR 5/4/89

Students perform at Crescendo Club, SMR 5/16/68

Students play for Crescendo Club, SMR 4/26/81

Thanksgiving theme at Crescendo Club, SMR 11/21/63

Young artists play at Crescendo Club, SMR 4/23/78

Youth Music Program closes season, SMR 5/4/63

Daughters of the American Revolution, TTWC––CLUBS––DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION

Biblical gardens studied by DAR, SMR 4/26/83

Brief History of local DAR chapter, SMR 9/25/36

Chapter marks Constitution Week, SMR 9/26/79

Charter members present at DAR tea, SMR 7/25/68

Cindy Franklin named good citizen by DAR, SMR 1/27/66

Constitution week observed by DAR, SMR 9/28/72

DAR Chapter installs officers, SMR 5/23/79

DAR features 'Country Store,' SMR 9/28/72

DAR gives bicentennial materials to library, HCC 4/1/75

DAR has annual patriotic luncheon, SMR 2/22/68

DAR has program on ancestral roots, SMR 4/30/85

DAR hears report on national defense, SMR 12/18/86

DAR holds annual George Washington luncheon, SMR 2/23/67

DAR looks into matter of roots, SMR 3/24/81

DAR meeting held with Mrs. Salisbury, SMR 11/28/68

DAR meets with Miss Ruth Thomas, SMR 12/27/62

DAR members presented new year books, SMR 4/3/53

DAR name Mary Kay Mauldin as good citizen, SMR 3/22/62

DAR name Melba Vasquez as good citizen, SMR 12/26/68

DAR name Miss Salmon as good citizen, SMR 1/26/67

DAR name Sue Haney as good citizen, SMR 12/28/67

DAR officers for 1968-69 named, SMR 5/23/68

DAR presents special awards, SMR 2/25/83

DAR program focuses on family's importance, SMR 12/28/78

DAR proud of historic past, SMR 9/20/62

DAR sets patriotic poster contest here, SMR 2/17/66

DAR to raise funds for Freeman Plantation, SMR 4/23/81

DAR to restore San Marcos de Neve marker, SMR 10/5/75

DAR Washington's Birthday luncheon is held, SMR 3/1/87

Dedication of DAR library at SWT, SMR 3/12/43

Dedication of marker for San Marcos, SMR 2/19/76

Dr. Bowles shows slides of early homes, SMR 3/26/70

Dr. Francis Rich addresses DAR, SMR 9/20/81

Dr. Glenn Longley addresses DAR, SMR 2/4/86

Early DAR, SMR 10/21/27

Flags are topic of DAR program, SMR 5/2/74

Good Citizenship awards presented at DAR, SMR 1/27/72

History of Thomas Moore Chapter of DAR, SMR 9/25/36

Jim Pace addresses the DAR, SMR 1/28/88

Local citizens receive Bicentennial awards, SMR 11/28/74

Local DAR chapter meets, SMR 10/23/84

Local DAR hostesses at Freeman Plantation, SMR 12/19/74

Miss Henderson is hostess at DAR meeting, SMR 11/22/62

Mrs. Camp joins DAR group at Dallas meet, SMR 4/14/66

Mrs. Saunders is guest speaker at DAR, SMR 1/24/63

Mrs. Victor Bowers entertains DAR, SMR 3/25/76

Mrs. Wyatt speaks on Historical Markers, SMR 11/29/73

Mrs. Wyatt speaks on Texas landmarks, SMR 4/25/63

Outstanding students win citizenship awards, SMR 1/23/75

Ruth Manske addresses DAR, SMR 11/23/82

State Regent visits local DAR chapter, SMR 1/25/85

Thomas Moore Chapter, DAR honored, SMR 4/26/73

Three win DAR awards, SMR 1/23/79

Washington's home is DAR topic, SMR 2/25/75

Women were very much part of Revolution, SMR 2/24/81

Daughters of the American Revolution. Captain Thomas Moore Chapter, TTWC

Daughters of the Republic of Texas, TTWC––CLUBS––DAUGHTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS

1966 marks Diamond Anniversary of DRT, SMR 10/6/66

Alamo Library houses wealth of Texas history, SMR 9/8/66

Christmas Program held by DRT Chapter, SMR 12/10/70

DRT have long history, SMR 9/20/62

DRT holds district meet in San Marcos, SMR 5/26/62

DRT holds meeting at Feltner Home, SMR 9/14/61

DRT honors Claire Smith, SMR 12/11/83

DRT hosts District VIII annual meeting, SMR 8/20/86

DRT luncheon features book review, SMR 3/12/75

DRT meets for annual luncheon, SMR 3/10/78

DRT names officers, SMR 9/6/76

DRT observes 50th Birthday, SMR 9/11/79

DRT organized here, SMR 9/13/29

Girl Scouting DRT Program, SMR 12/11/75

Mrs. Bowers addresses DRT, SMR 4/6/76

Officer election and installation, SMR 5/9/63

Plum Creek Battle addressed at DRT meet, SMR 10/10/63

Sam Houston book reviewed at DRT, SMR 3/9/67

State Rep. Rains addresses DRT, SMR 3/11/76

Texans flying the Lone Star on Flag Day, SMR 3/2/82

Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Moon-McGehee Chapter, TTWC


DKG begins its fiftieth year, SMR 9/21/79

DKG candlelighting ceremony in honor of founding, SMR 5/21/75

DKG celebrates half century, SMR 3/25/80

DKG Chapter honors founders with supper, SMR 5/20/60

DKG Chapter installs officers, SMR 5/13/82

DKG charter members, Mary Dodgen and Jenny Garth, honored, SMR 3/21/75

DKG has awards ceremony, SMR 5/19/84

DKG has panel group, SMR 4/25/68

DKG hears speech by Harold Brantley, SMR 10/23/84

DKG installs four new members Monday, SMR 4/20/67

DKG meets for a picnic, SMR 10/4/85

DKG members plan November regional meeting, SMR 9/9/63

DKG members set up projects, SMR 9/27/81

DKG opens a new year of activities, SMR 9/26/82

DKG plans busy year of activities, SMR 10/21/84

DKG plans regional meet, SMR 10/31/68

DKG studies role models, SMR 11/3/81

DKG talks of role of U.S. women at meeting, SMR 3/19/64

Ethel Reed honored by DKG, SMR 3/23/72

Ethel Reed honored by state DKG, SMR 6/11/82

Lunelle Anderson nominated for state DKG presidency, SMR 3/20/75

Nuturing creativity is year's theme for DKG, SMR 9/22/66

Eastern Star

See Free Masons, TTWC

Genealogical Society merges with Preservation Association, HCFP 8/29/91

Girl Scouts, 9/2/87

Hays County Aggie Mother's Club, TTWC


Aggie Mothers gather here, SMR 4/4/82

Aggie Mothers' Club chartered, SMR 1/28/79

Burton family has lots of Aggie spirit, SMR 10/28/86

Kay Burton state officer of A&M federation, SMR 8/30/83

Hays County Historical & Genealogical Society, TTWC––CLUBS––HAYS COUNTY HIST. & GEN. SOC.

Ancestor hunting with Ludie Camp, SMR 10/23/77

Bexar Archivist speaks to society, SMR 11/21/68

Col. Pearson speaks to society, SMR 6/13/68

Dobie gives talk to historical club, SMR 9/7/72

Dr. & Mrs. Bowles show slides, SMR 9/25/69

Dr. Alfred Nolle to lead talk, SMR 1/6/72

Dr. Almaraz to address society, SMR 9/9/71

Dr. Holbrook speaks on landscaping, SMR 12/6/73

Genealogical group slates meeting, SMR 7/6/67

Genealogical Society meets, SMR 8/24/67

Genealogical Society merges, HCFP 8/29/91

Genealogical Society organizes, SMR 6/15/67

Genealogists to assist at library, SMR 6/30/77

Group will form Genealogy society, SMR 6/8/67

Hays pioneers hold annual meeting, SMR 7/16/37

Holdings tour given at library, SMR 6/16/77

Housecleaning yields treasure, SMR 6/5/69

Judge Archers speaks to society, SMR 10/17/68

Library to hold Roots workshop, SMR 1/22/78

Minnie Knispel gives book review, SMR 5/1/69

Mormons speak at meeting, SMR 7/11/68

Mrs. Kupper to talk to society, SMR 10/7/74

Mrs. Tommy Ruth new president, SMR 11/4/71

O.T. Baker previews folklife fest, SMR 7/6/72

Organizations sponsor contest, SMR 9/4/69

Society displays artifacts, SMR 6/12/69

Society hears Clayton speak, SMR 4/16/70

Society hears of cattle & cowboys, SMR 7/24/69

Society holds international party, SMR 12/12/68

Society meets in Driftwood, SMR 10/19/67

Society needs early catalogues, SMR 4/12/73

Society seeks new members, SMR 9/24/70

Society to aid Bicentennial, HCC 10/4/73

Society to feature Dr. Joe Frantz, SMR 10/5/72

State librarian to speak, SMR 11/4/71

Hays County Historical and Genealogical Society, TTWC

Hays County Republican Women's Club

See Political parties, TTWC


$500 profits from original cookbook presented to Heritage, SMR 5/14/86

10th Annual Preservation Week announcement, SMR 5/9/82

10th Annual River Fest Announced, SMR 4/18/82

1983 officers of Heritage Association, SMR 10/10/82

6th Annual Christmas Open House, SMR 12/20/81

8th Gala Antique event with Nettie Serur & Helen Van Gundy, SMR 10/29/86

9th Annual Tour announced, SMR 3/13/83

Annual Calendar set by Heritage Association, SMR 9/17/79

Annual Harvest soiree photo, SMR 10/7/83

Annual Heritage Association gathering October 9th, SMR 9/30/90

Annual Soiree with Awards and Photos, SMR 10/10/82

Antique Show and Sale scheduled, SMR 11/10/85

Antiques to take over spotlight, SMR 11/11/84

Arbor Day observed, SMR 10/11/81

Arbor Day reception at Cock House, SMR 1/21/81

Arlis Hubert involved in 10th Annual River Arts Festival, SMR 4/13/82

Article on Dr. Ralph Harrel, SMR 5/3/89

Balsora Anderson and Ann Brieger serve as chairmen, SMR 3/15/83

Belvin homes join Historic Register, SMR 5/17/85

Blanco Chapel is Heritage Tour site, SMR 4/15/81

Bob Kercheville is new Heritage Association president, SMR 10/8/78

Brief history of Heritage Association, SMR 2/25/79, SMR 5/20/90

Bunny Stevenson featured in article, SMR 1/26/83

Carl Anderson accepts Preservation Week proclamation, SMR 5/4/77

Celebration of completion of multi-resource nomination, SMR 9/14/82

Clairborne Kyle Cabin restored, SMR 4/18/82

Cottage Kitchen Cookbook previewed, SMR 10/24/84

Cottage Kitchen growing famous with recipes, SMR 9/30/81

Dedication Ceremony at River Walk, SMR 11/17/93

Docent training for Heritage tour begins, SMR 4/16/78

Docents trained for 7th Annual Heritage Tour, SMR 5/1/81

Dr. Gwen Smith elected president of Heritage Association, SMR 10/22/85

Eliza Pitts Malone Cottage for tour, SMR 3/29/84

Emmie Craddock heads Heritage Association, SMR 10/14/79

Emmie Craddock named President of Heritage Association, SMR 10/14/79

Flo Wilkes featured in article, SMR 8/5/79

Gonzales visitiors enjoy Tour of Old San Marcos, SMR 2/16/94

Harvest Soiree held, SMR 10/16/87

Hays County Annex Building for Tour, SMR 5/6/90

Heritage achievements honored at soiree, SMR 10/18/81

Heritage Association 2nd annual dessert buffet, SMR 2/25/88

Heritage Association achievements reviewed, SMR 9/25/84

Heritage Association annual tour of homes, SMR 5/3/81

Heritage Association Antique Show, SMR 3/30/80

Heritage Association Antique steering committee meets, SMR 8/22/78

Heritage Association Arbor Day Ceremony, SMR 1/25/89

Heritage Association Board of Directors meets to plan, SMR 10/22/78

Heritage Association celebrates at Harvest Soiree, SMR 10/10/82

Heritage Association concerns in the news, SMR 10/2/83

Heritage Association elects Bob Kercheville president, SMR 10/8/78

Heritage Association enjoys Harvest Event, SMR 10/12/80

Heritage Association has annual membership drive, SMR 9/19/82

Heritage Association holds drive for new members, SMR 9/15/85

Heritage Association honors preservationists, SMR 10/6/91

Heritage Association honors recipients of awards, SMR 10/11/81

Heritage Association hosts annual membership fall festival, SMR 10/20/92

Heritage Association is lively organization in San Marcos, SMR 2/25/79

Heritage Association keeps an eye on the past for future, SMR 3/29/92

Heritage Association keeps past for the future, SMR 3/29/92

Heritage Association keeps up on the past, SMR 3/29/92

Heritage Association looks back on preservation efforts, SMR 10/7/92

Heritage Association makes final plans for Harvest Soiree, SMR 9/16/87

Heritage Association membership drive on, SMR 8/21/83

Heritage Association officers for 1983, SMR 10/10/82

Heritage Association party for Tours to be held, SMR 3/29/81

Heritage Association plans Fall Gala, SMR 8/31/79

Heritage Association presents book to library, SMR 5/19/85

Heritage Association presents Landmark Awards, SMR 10/18/81

Heritage Association recognizes Historic Preservation Week, SMR 5/18/94

Heritage Association seeks wider membership, SMR 9/10/78

Heritage Association sponsors breakfast buffet, SMR 8/20/86

Heritage Association sponsors preservation workshop, SMR 3/8/87

Heritage Association sponsors restoration of fountain, SMR 9/6/81

Heritage Association takes big stride, SMR 2/28/82

Heritage Association to land historic structures, SMR 5/13/92

Heritage Cookbook illustrated by Carol Dolezal, SMR 2/27/81

Heritage group seeks new members, SMR 9/2/80

Heritage Guild Advisory Committee plans Spring Events, SMR 3/11/79

Heritage Guild chooses new slate of officers, SMR 8/18/81

Heritage Guild Cookbook Committee, SMR 2/17/81

Heritage Guild members make aprons for Cock House luncheons, SMR 2/7/78

Heritage Guild members prepare for Spring Party, SMR 4/6/83

Heritage Guild officers, SMR 11/8/81

Heritage Guild seamstresses make aprons, SMR 2/7/78

Heritage Guild's breakfast on the river, SMR 7/20/86

Heritage honored by Historical Commission for $2,500 grant, SMR 3/17/91

Heritage plans to work National

Register status for city, SMR 2/28/82

Heritage society presents Landmark Awards, SMR 10/2/88

Heritage Tour docents to be honored at party, SMR 4/6/83

Historic sites on display, AA–S 5/11/80

History and pictures of Heritage Association, SMR 3/17/85

History of Cottage Kitchen Luncheon with photo, SMR 12/15/82

Induction w/photos of Karen Walker & Rose Ayers, SMN 10/25/84

Irene Adams recollects history of Charles Cock Home, SMR 2/22/83

Jack Byrom completes year as president of Heritage Assoc., SMR 9/10/78

Jack Byrom will head Heritage Association, SMR 10/9/77

Judge J.D. Wood's Crystal River Inn, SMN 5/2/85

Kenneth & Ruby Pitzer Host Spring Party, SMR 3/22/88

Landmark honors presented, SMR 10/10/79

Landmark Medallions awarded, SMR 10/11/81

Lecture by Mrs. James Castleberry, Jr. of San Antonio, SMR 2/24/80

Lisa Anderson, preservation consultant, presents findings, SMR 4/4/82

Lissa Anderson preservation consultant, SMR 4/4/82

Magnolia tree planted as memorial honoring Robert Van Gundy, SMR 1/25/83

Margo Rubel heads 1987 Tour, SMR 7/23/86

Mark Beausoleck, glass restorer to appear at Antique Show, SMR 11/16/82

Mark Beausoleil Glass Restoration, SMR 11/16/82

Martha St. Clair general chair of 1982 tour, SMR 3/12/82

Members complete plans for Antique Show, SMR 10/28/84

Members honored for help in nominations to Natl. Register, SMR 9/28/82

Members of Cookbook committee to meet, SMR 10/24/84

Memorial plaque presented to Mrs. Dempsey Serur, SMR 1/20/85

Men's Marching & Chowder Club, SMR 9/11/80

Mmes. Stovall, Wyatt, Anderson & Smith honored, SMR 9/28/82

Morris home featured for first time for tour, SMR 3/7/82

Mrs. Bruce Harper & committee plan Spring party for docents, SMR 4/13/80

National Historic Preservation week observed, SMR 5/9/82

National Register explained, SMR 1/8/84

National Register sites with discussion and photos, SMR 1/8/84

National Register: What does it mean?, SMR 1/8/84

New notepaper announcement with photo, SMR 8/18/81

New officers and recipients of Landmark Awards, SMR 10/7/83

New officers announced; President Karen Walker, SMR 10/7/83

Nominations sought and criteria for Landmark Award provided, SMR 5/13/92

Officers of Heritage Association, SMR 11/18/84

Officers of Heritage Guild, SMR 10/9/83

Open House at Cock House, SMR 12/25/80

Operation of Cock House to continue under Heritage Assoc., SMR 5/26/92

Parking lot constructed at Cock House, SMR 7/18/78

Party announced to decide houses for Tour, SMR 4/8/84

Petting Zoo new event for 10th Annual River Fest, SMR 4/4/82

Photo of past presidents, SMR 3/27/85

Photograph of Heritage Association members, SMR 8/18/81

Photograph of New Officers, SMR 10/9/83

Pitzers host Spring party, SMR 3/22/88

Plans completed for Heritage Antique Show, SMR 11/16/82

Plans to honor James Dale Cummings, SMR 12/3/81

Preservation week begins, SMR 5/9/82

Preservation Week introduces past, SMR 5/20/90

Preservation week set, HCC 5/6/76

Preservation workshop plans made, SMR 2/24/87

Public invited to Arbor Day Ceremony, SMR 1/15/81

Recipients of awards for distinctive service, SMR 10/10/82

Restoration of Peter C. Woods Memorial Fountain considered, SMR 2/14/78

River Arts Fest is April 24, SMR 4/18/82

River Arts Festival to offer art, SMR 4/22/82

San Marcos Tours of Distinction featured, AA–S 5/2/81

Sesquicentennial Cookbook Project Preview with photo, SMR 10/24/84

Six members of Heritage Association honored for service, SMR 10/7/83

SM National Register of Historic Places listing celebrated, SMR 2/5/84

Spring party & tour announced with recipes by Virginia Moore, SMR 4/6/83

Spring party planned, SMR 3/26/82

Stonehaven Ranch photo in 1920's by Morton-Naylor family, SMR 5/2/82

Summary of preservation priorities, SMR 10/13/93

Summary of recent contributions to community, SMR 3/29/82

Tour announced for Hofheinz-Rains House, SMR 4/12/88

Tour announcement; men now serving, SMR 4/27/84

Tour of Harry and Ellie Stewart home announced, SMR 4/8/90

Tour sites announced, SMR 3/19/85

Tours of Distinction revenues doubled in '86, SMR 6/8/86

Valentine's Day at Cock House, SMR 2/14/88

Wellhouse in Veramendi Plaza, SMR 9/5/78

Heritage Association of San Marcos, TTWC

Cottage Kitchen, TTWC

Home Demonstration Club, TTWC

4-H'rs plan favorite foods show, SMR 7/7/62

Annual Achievement Day program, SMR 10/30/58

Committee nominates slate of demonstration officers, SMR 10/9/58

County HD council meets; county fair date changed, SMR 10/25/62

County Home Demonstrators planning trip to Boysville, SMR 9/27/62

Delegates to District Meet named, SMR 3/8/62

Demonstration Clubs formed in Hays County, SMR 1/13/36

Dozens of Home Jobs Brought Allen Harris 4-H Club Honors, SMR 7/1/41

Good attendance at Foods for Victory Program, SMR 3/13/42

Good progress made by clubs in Hays County, SMR 11/10/36

Hays County Farm homes visited by HD club group, SMR 8/11/52

Hays HD members make tour of county, SMR 8/11/50

HD agents honored, SMR 5/6/62

HD club members will assist at Kyle Youth Show, SMR 3/7/63

Heart Association work explained at Homemakers Meeting, SMR 9/22/66

Hemphill HD Club meets, SMR 10/3/74

Hemphill HD Club meets at Schawe residence, SMR 6/6/68

Home Demonstration Club note 25th anniversary, SMR 11/14/61

Home Demonstration Club officers installed, SMR 12/1/60

Home Demonstration Clubs council to hold meeting, SMR 7/31/42

Home Demonstration Council discusses Fair and Food, SMR 6/28/62

Home Demonstration Council holds annual meeting, SMR 11/9/61

Home Demonstration Council installs officers for 1953, SMR 11/28/52

Home Demonstration Council plans its 25th anniversary, SMR 9/28/61

Installation ceremonies for new officers, SMR 12/14/51

Judy Thompson is Hays County Gold Star Girl, SMR 11/22/62

Mrs. Wesley Odell to head Hays HD Council for 1962, SMR 2/8/62

New Hays County Home Agent to assume duties, SMR 12/31/36

Tricommunity HD Club honors Hemphill Club, SMR 5/11/72

Westover Home Demonstration Club meets, SMR 6/23/39

Wimberley and Dripping Spring Clubs install officers, SMR 1/26/67

Wimberley Home Demonstration Club holds meet, HCC 1/26/76

Hospital Auxiliary

See Hospitals, TTWC


Davis named "Outstanding Officer," SMR 4/25/68

Gary Jaycee president honored, SMR 2/5/81

Gary Job Corps joins Jaycee ranks, SMR 11/9/77

Installation Tea honoring new officers, SMR 3/22/62

Jaycee law enforcement Quartely award presented, SMR 3/6/75

Jaycee rest stop--Sept. 1, SMR 9/7/72

Jaycees donate to TOTS Program, SMR 10/11/84

Jaycees fight highway accident toll, SMR 8/31/61

Jaycees getting ready for July Cook Off, SMR 6/30/89

Jaycees have annual dinner, SMR 4/8/65

Jaycees hold election, SMR 6/15/72

Jaycees honor finalists, SMR 7/9/70

Jaycees present $200 to San Marcos Soccer Association, SMR 10/14/84

Jaycees present plaque to San Marcos Policer Officer, SMR 11/13/83

Jaycees to host Labor Day Rest Stop, SMR 8/22/92

Jaycees train new leaders, HCC 5/3/77

Jaycees treat children to shopping, SMR 12/29/77

Jaycees will hold popular "Haunted House," SMR 10/24/84

Jaycees' Fourth Annual Gumbo Cook Off, SMR 7/1/87

Jaycees' newly elected officers through 1987, SMR 6/22/86

Jaycees' slate Spring Festival, SMR 3/18/76

Members of Jr. C of C line up to buy poll taxes, SMR 1/9/64

New Jaycee leaders take Oath of Office, SMR 5/11/75

New Jaycees head elected in Tuesday Night Meeting, SMR 4/14/60

New officers introduced, SMR 4/20/67

Picture of Jaycee's Larry Burden & David Covey, SMR 3/5/75

President Gary Young presents award to Steve Foster, SMR 4/23/78

Junior Service League, TTWC

Committee wants to move thrift shop to historic old jail, SMR 3/13/94

JSL donates money to Hays/Caldwell Council on Alcohol, SMR 9/9/94

Junior Service League moving into new thrift shop, SMR 2/27/87

Junior Service league really gets things done, SMR 3/20/88

Junior Service League to form, SMN 5/9/85

Junior Service to discuss books with school children, SMR 10/15/86

Kyle Woman presides over new service league, KE 10/17/85

League celebrates opening of red tag room at thrift shop, SMR 1/27/88

Junior Sorosis Club, TTWC

Art Prof speaks to Junior Sorosis Club, SMR 11/23/72

Dr. Cecil Hahn chooses Orient as topic at Junior Sorosis, SMR 2/13/64

Junior Sorosis Club celebrates 40th birthday, SMR 3/25/79

Junior Sorosis Club elects new officers, SMR 2/17/66

Junior Sorosis Club meets in Arnold Home, SMR 3/29/76

Junior Sorosis grows strong, SMR 9/20/62

Junior Sorosis has Christmas party, SMR 12/12/63

Junior Sorosis has patriotic meeting, SMR 11/20/69

Mrs. Robert Reed presents program to Junior Sorosis, SMR 3/16/61

Mrs. Zeb Fitzgerald is hostess to Junior Sorosis Club, SMR 4/10/58


Auditorium and Library suggested, SMR 10/21/27

Baby Doll for cardio pulmunary resuscitation donated by Kiwanis, SMR 7/29/79

Balcones Kiwanis to sponsor pre-retirement planning session, SMR 3/19/75

Bill Hendrix and Chase Stapp speak on Industrial Arts, SMR 6/12/84

Cecil Gregg honored for 41 years perfect attendance with Kiwanis, SMR 2/24/91

Christie Evans is Kiwanis Youth of the Month, SMR 12/4/81

Clem Jones incoming president is congratulated by H.M. Walling, SMR 1/9/64

County Agent Walter Davis talks wool and mohair, SMR 10/14/27

Darla Dees is named youth of the month, SMR 9/30/84

Diana Becker presented with scholarship, SMR 7/17/75

Distinguished service awards go to Kenneth Wortham and Phil Walker, SMR 3/9/76

District Governor honors longtime Kiwanians, SMR 4/10/69

Donald McDonald chosen as officer of the month by Kiwanis Club, SMR 6/30/78

Doug Goss is named youth of the year, SMR 11/2/88

Dr, William Deck named safe driver of the month, SMR 8/28/69

Edmond Bradshaw named youth of the month, SMR 2/21/74

European War situation discussed by Professor H.M. Greene, SMR 10/10/35

Explorer scouts help with pancakes, SMR 2/6/64

Fire prevention was Kiwanis topic, SMR 10/14/32

Gary Corpsman named youth of the month, SMR 1/24/74

Glen Rydl is new president of Balcones Kiwanis, HCC 10/4/73

Halloween safety poster program at Bowie Elementary, SMR 10/26/72

Hillary Evans named youth of the month, SMR 1/12/78

Hollis Smith is new president of Kiwanis, SMR 10/12/72

Jeannie Beth Folts named youth of the month, SMR 2/22/78

Jimmy Brown is first black elected to Kiwanis post, SMR 9/29/77

John Edgell III is named youth of the year, SMR 10/21/84

John Henry Faulk here for Kiwanis Ladies Night Talk, SMR 1/6/61

Kiwanians Dine on Wild Turkey, SMR 11/18/27

Kiwanians roughed it at Camp Kiwah site on the Blanco River, SMR 6/8/61

Kiwanis Barbecue to be July 4th, SMR 6/24/81

Kiwanis Club 50th anniversary, SMR 2/15/73

Kiwanis Club attempts to answer what San Marcos really needs, SMR 2/18/27

Kiwanis Club hears trio, rhythm band, SMR 5/6/32

Kiwanis Club important in city building, SMR 9/25/36

Kiwanis Club observes music week Thursday, SMR 5/10/35

Kiwanis Club recognizes 40 birthdays, SMR 2/7/63

Kiwanis Clubs of San Marcos are presented a Bicentennial flag, SMR 6/12/75

Kiwanis Evening Club holds banquet, is officially recognized, SMR 7/27/83

Kiwanis hear Speck give 'baccalaureate' address, SMR 6/3/32

Kiwanis installs officers Monday, SMR 1/12/37

Kiwanis musical program enjoyed, SMR 9/16/27

Kiwanis presents $1000 check to Hays Memorial Hospital, SMR 11/16/84

Kiwanis radio auction on KCNY, SMR 12/13/84

Kiwanis theme was child welfare, SMR 9/16/27

Law Enforcement is Kiwanis theme, SMR 11/11/27

Librarian Eden Mosely demonstrates audio system for Kiwanis, SMR 6/25/76

Lisa Meyer wins conservation essay award, HCC 2/16/78

Local Key Club chartered to serve school and community, SMR 6/8/67

Local Kiwanis Club wins honor medals, SMR 3/26/70

Mary Byrom named youth of the month, SMR 2/27/75

Men and businesses congratulated for Career Day Services, SMR 4/30/67

Musical program featured at the Kiwanis Meeting, SMR 3/12/43

New Noon Kiwanis officers, SMR 10/14/82

New officers for Kiwanis installed, SMR 9/26/76, SMR 9/30/71, SMR 10/8/78

New officers for morning Kiwanis sworn in, SMR 10/4/81

New officers for noon Kiwanis sworn in, SMR 10/4/81

Noon Kiwanis Club presents $1,000 check to Hospital, SMR 9/10/82

Noon Kiwanis Club set for great pancake day, SMR 3/6/79

Past president's pin presented to John Edgell, SMR 6/24/81

Picture from Eyeglass project members, SMR 6/25/81

Picture of Kiwanis annual pancake dinner, SMR 3/27/83

Picture of new Kiwanis president, Bill Emery, SMR 1/23/69

Picture of past presidents of Noon Kiwanis Club, SMR 2/20/83

Poets and poetry is Kiwanis subject, SMN 3/17/38

Questions and answers enjoyed at Kiwanis, SMR 9/23/27

Rented flags fly as club project, SMR 3/5/78

Rev. Jesse N. Phillips is guest speaker, SMR 1/1/43

Safety equipment donated to Bowie Elementary, SMR 3/9/72

Sandra Harmon selected at youth of the month, SMR 3/2/75

Wayne Simmons named youth of the month, SMR 3/26/74

Why would grown men rise happily at 5:30?, SMR 10/10/78

Kiwanis Internatioanl, TTWC


Charles W. Gordon installed as Grand Knight, SMR 7/27/67

Herbert Sanchez is Knight of the Month, SMR 12/26/63

Knights donate tapes to library, SMR 3/9/72

Knights initiated, SMR 9/1/81

Knights install officers, SMR 7/11/63, SMR 7/12/79, SMR 7/30/86

Knights take top state honors, SMR 6/6/63

Local Knights celebrate 12th Anniversary, SMR 10/31/63


L'Avenir Club certificates of appreciation presented, SMR 2/1/83

L'Avenir Club gives check to Henry Bush Development, SMR 3/7/79

L'Avenir Club helps centers, SMR 2/24/78

L'Avenir Club honors local women, SMN 9/20/84

L'Avenir Club honors youth of the month, SMR 2/17/85

L'Avenir Club officers installed, SMR 2/23/78

L'Avenir Club presents check to Scheib, SMR 3/2/79

L'Avenir Club presents member of the year award, SMR 1/27/83

L'Avenir Club to honor three achievers, SMR 9/28/84

L'Avenir honors High School Senior, SMR 9/17/82

L'Avenir members plan annual Valentine's singing telegram sale, SMR 2/7/82

L'Avenir officers gather at library to present gifts to groups, SMR 1/28/81

L'Avenir presents check to Southside, SMR 2/19/82

L'Avenir raises funds for Henry Bush, Scheib and Southside, SMR 1/28/83

La Leche League, TTWC

La Leche League to meet at library, SMR 1/27/84

Local organization once again underway with 10 active members, SMN 3/15/84


Candidates speak at LWV rally, SMR 3/27/74

Forum on water problems sponsored by LWV, SMR 10/21/77

History of LWV in Folks & Facts, SMR 4/24/69

Juvenile Delinquicy panel set, SMR 6/8/67

Juvenile Delinquincy panel set by LWV, SMR 6/8/67

Juvenile Law topic for LWV, SMR 9/20/73

Juvenile Law topic of LWV, SMR 9/20/73

League meets Thursday, SMR 9/16/84

Lewis appointed to State Board of LWV, SMR 3/22/92

Liddick speaks to LWV, SMR 3/16/72

Local LWV completes new survey handbook, SMR 2/22/73

Local LWV supports state-wide project, SMR 2/28/74

Local LWV supports statewide project, SMR 2/28/74

LWV applauds phone companies, SMR 3/23/72

LWV applauds phone company, studies public schools, SMR 3/23/72

LWV Board adopts schedule, SMR 6/10/65

LWV conducts membership workshop, SMR 8/15/63

LWV directory of Health Services, SMR 3/14/82

LWV finance drive, SMR 2/2/67

LWV Guide to City, School Board elections, SMR 3/23/72

LWV has annual membership meeting, SMR 5/13/65

LWV installs officers, SMR 4/12/73, SMR 5/1/79

LWV late anual meeting, SMR 3/26/74

LWV makes study kit available to Civics Teachers, SMR 1/9/61

LWV membership supper set, SMR 9/13/81

LWV prints survey on Local Government, SMR 9/1/79, SMR 9/19/63

LWV schedules two unit meetings for tax discussion, SMR 3/19/64

LWV sets debate for city and school contests, SMR 4/12/92

LWV slate annual meeting, SMR 3/26/74

LWV slate coffee, SMR 9/22/66

LWV slates coffee at Dr. Emmie Craddock's, SMR 9/22/66

LWV slates wine tasting, SMR 1/8/89

LWV soliciting contributions, SMR 3/6/75

LWV sponsors public forum on Water & Wastewater, SMR 10/21/77

LWV starts organizing with Thursday meeting, SMR 5/31/62

LWV Supper on Wednesday, SMR 8/20/74

LWV supper with Emmie Craddock as speaker, HCC 8/23/74

LWV supporting most Charter Review Proposals, SMR 12/14/78

LWV supports Equal Education, SMR 3/15/73

LWV to begin study of violence, SMR 11/8/84

LWV to organize '76 programs, SMR 4/23/75

LWV tries to form organization here, SMR 5/17/62

LWV urges relocation, HCC 1/3/74

Mayor issues proclamation, SMR 9/26/85

Mrs. Wilson Nolle speaks at LWV, SMR 4/25/63

National LWV recognizes local LWV, SMR 2/12/64

News of League of Women Voters, SMR 4/24/64

Party set to celebrate 18th anniversary of local LWV, SMR 2/19/80

Two local LWV members attend council meeting, SMR 3/18/65

Two local LWV members attend President's Council Meeting, SMR 3/18/65

Lioness Club, TTWC


$1000 donated for Crimestoppers program, SMR 6/30/83

$500 presented to Little League, SMR 6/30/83

215 tickets sold so far for 29th Lions Mexican Dinner, SMR 2/28/75

2nd Annual Lioness Club Spaghetti Dinner, SMR 3/2/88

40th Anniversary of Lions Club celebrated, SMR 1/20/82

A.H. Dawson is August Lion of the Month, SMR 9/7/72

Blood pressure check sponsored by Noon Lions Club, SMR 3/26/82

Bluebonnet Lions receive charter, SMR 7/19/92

Charter members help observe 25th anniversary of Lions, SMR 4/20/67

Checking the tamale warmer for annual Mexican dinner, SMR 2/16/67

Cliff Caskey of Lions Club presents $2000 for Livestock Show, SMR 1/28/88

Cliff Caskey presented with a lifetime membership in eye bank, SMR 8/1/82

District Governor Marvin Nite addresses Lions, SMR 10/9/77

Ellis Serur appointed Deputy District Governor of Lions, SMR 5/23/63

Erma Jowers is named Outstanding Teacher by Lions, SMR 11/11/84

Evening Lions are in Christmas Tree business again, SMR 12/–/84

Evening Lions choose Queen, SMR 3/27/75

Evening Lions elect 1972 Officers, SMR 5/11/72

Evening Lions to sell light bulbs Monday, SMR 4/30/67

Evening Lions to sell SWTSU Bobcat stadium pillows, SMR 9/14/72

Evening Lions VIPs attend 20th anniversary celebration, SMR 11/9/77

Eye Bank elects Gordon Hyatt of Lions as president, HCC 1/16/77

Four couples attend Lions International Dallas Convention, SMR 7/4/68

Fred Richan named Lion of the Month, SMR 1/28/88

Fred Richan selected as Noon Lions Citizen of the Month, SMR 8/31/72

Health Fair, sponsored by Lions, set for April 9, SMR 3/27/83

Herb Petry Keynote speaker Lions 30th Anniversary, SMR 1/20/72

Jenny Jones is selected Queen of Noon Lions, HCC 4/14/77

Jo Ellen Burruss named Teacher of the Month by Lions, SMR 10/31/85

John Morrisset accepts 1982-83 'Lion of the Year' award, SMR 7/10/83

Kite Flying Contest planned by Evening Lions, SMR 3/26/70

Kyle Lions celebrate 20th, SMR 12/6/68

Kyle Lions install new officers, HCC 6/23/60

Kyle Lions play host to Ladies, SMR 3/30/79

Lioness Club Bridal Fair, SMR 2/7/85

Lioness Club making big plans, SMN 3/15/84

Lioness Club officers installed, SMR 7/16/86

Lioness Club seeks members during April, SMR 4/3/88

Lioness Club sets projects, SMR 3/18/84

Lioness Club speakers include Lisa Dvorak and John Morriset, SMR 2/18/87

Lioness Club to hold benefit dance for Mike Hendon, SMR 11/17/85

Lioness Club to raise funds with Cabbage Patch doll raffle, SMR 4/11/85

Lioness Club to sponsor Bridal Fair, SMR 2/3/85

Lioness Club very busy, SMR 10/20/86

Lioness officers are named, SMR 3/4/83

Lionesses are largest group chartered in Lions District 2-S3, SMR 5/6/84

Lions achieve goal of 100 members, SMR 6/29/78

Lions annual tube rental officially opened Saturday, SMR 5/2/84

Lions breakfast slated following sunrise service, SMR 3/26/70

Lions celebrating 45 years, SMR 1/15/87

Lions Club auction held, SMR 4/4/76

Lions Club commends SWT Administration on protest stand, SMR 11/20/69

Lions Club donates $1300 to County Livestock Show, SMR 1/30/83

Lions Club donates $815 for 16mm projector for library, SMR 10/14/79

Lions Club donates gas range to Scheib Opportunity Center, HCC 9/26/74

Lions Club honors Diane Laumer as outstanding teacher, SMR 1/18/84

Lions Club honors volleyball team at luncheon, SMR 1/10/84

Lions Club intends to raise finances for baseball fields, SMN 9/21/67

Lions Club junior baseball program swings into action, SMR 6/8/67

Lions club makes annual donation to library, HCC 4/14/77

Lions Club names new officers, honor Jim Scott, SMR 6/21/92

Lions Club president, Glenn Longley, thanks community, HCC 7/30/77

Lions Club receives plaque from Child Welfare Board, SMR 4/15/83

Lions Club to stage garage sale, auction, SMR 4/3/75

Lions Club White Cane Day proclaimed, SMR 3/24/81

Lions Clubs to foot bill for building use election, SMR 11/10/81

Lions donate $1,000 to County Child Welfare Board, SMR 10/30/87

Lions donate $1,000 to Summerfest Fourth of July celebration, SMR 6/26/82

Lions donate $150 to Little League, HCC 3/23/78

Lions donate $250 to Women's Center, SMR 10/14/82

Lions donate $500 to help fund 'Share the Scheib campaign.', SMR 10/28/82

Lions golfers will stage tournament, SMR 8/1/63

Lions help make river trip for blind tubers a thrill, SMR 8/17/86

Lions hold ladies night observance, HCC 11/16/72

Lions honor Lou Creekmore for vision care work, SMR 3/6/88

Lions involved in county Health Fair, SMN 3/8/84

Lions Mexican dinner slated next Thursday, SMR 2/13/64

Lions name Richard Pustejovsky 'Lion of the Month,' SMR 3/16/88

Lions petition for vote on innertube rentals, SMR 12/15/81

Lions present $1,000 check for tables and chairs at City Park, SMR 8/1/79

Lions present $1,010 for Lions Quest program on drugs, SMR 3/2/88

Lions present $100 to library for National Library Week, SMR 4/5/78

Lions present $750 for Texas Eye Bank, SMR 4/25/78

Lions provide grant for new library circulation counter, SMR 8/15/93

Lions request regarding inner tube rental is tabled, SMR 11/24/81

Lions roar into new year with installation of officers, SMR 6/27/68

Lions thanked by city for $1,000 donation for ceiling fans, SMR 9/23/80

Lions to elect officers for 1947 at meeting, SMR 6/6/47

Lions to honor club founders at meet, SMR 1/16/64

Lions to sell zip code directories for $1, SMR 9/21/67

Lions turn in petitions for election, SMN 2/5/82

Local Lions candidates seek district positions, SMR 5/2/63

Local Lions will sponsor $25,000 Peace Essay Contest, SMR 9/22/66

Maid for a Day fundraiser by Lions, SMR 4/7/93

March is 'Eye Bank Month.', HCC 3/23/78

May marks return of Market Days sponsored by Lions Club, WV 5/5/77

New Lions officers installed, SMR 7/1/84

New officers installed by Evening Lions Club, SMR 7/20/78

New officers installed by Lions Club, SMR 5/20/79, SMR 7/30/78, SMR 9/9/81

New president of Noon Lions, Dr. Joel Goldman, accepts gavel, SMR 7/8/84

Noon Lions celebrate ribbon cutting for new innertube rental, SMR 6/30/82

Noon Lions Club sponsor restoration of courthouse jury room, SMR 9/6/81

O.P. Schnable of San Antonio Beautification program speaks, SMR 11/20/58

Park vote due Lions Club, SMR 2/26/82

Picture of Bill Potter and David Montelongo, SMR 9/1/81

Picture of Lions Field, SMN 4/15/88, SMN 8/1/63

Picture of preparations for 42nd Lions Club Mexican Dinner, SMR 2/12/88

Picture of signs at City Park, SMR 5/5/83

Queen of Lions Miss Laura Laas, SMR 6/9/66

Restoration of 1926 American LaFrance Fire Truck, SMR 2/25/81

Richard Pustejovsky new president of Lions, SMR 7/1/65

Rifle to be given away at annual Turkey Shoot, SMR 10/31/86

Sandra Harmon selected at Queen of Noon Lions, HCC 3/27/75

Sandy Harmon is selected Queen of Noon Lions, SMR 3/27/75

Shirley Scott receives 'Teaching Excellence Award' from Lions, SMR 6/–/92

Soil Conservation district news, SMR4/6/66

Sue Cobb named Teacher of the Month by Lions, SMR 6/7/89

SWT president, Lee Smith, addresses Lions Club, HCC 9/12/74

Third Annaul Performance Horse sale, SMR 3/3/78

Veronica Gonzales wins Lions honor, SMR 5/22/81

Wimberley Lions open new Market days exhibit area, SMR 6/15/72

Winston Patton named as Melvin Jones Fellow, SMR 1/26/88


2/11-17 proclaimed LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) week, SMR 2/13/80

Cinco de Mayo newspaper supplement, SMR 4/28/85, SMR 5/1/83

City Council proclaims Cinco de Mayo week, SMR 4/29/92

City proclaims LULAC week, SMR 2/17/81

David Valle has been named LULAC president of the year, district 2, SMR 5/24/89

Letter from LULAC welcoming Cinco de Mayo week, SMR 5/1/77

LULAC blasts education slicing, SMR 8/19/86

LULAC celebrates National LULAC week, SMR 2/14/81

LULAC dedicated to progress, SMR 5/3/77

LULAC donates $3,000 for waiting room at new hospital, SMR 11/10/82

LULAC installs new officers, SMR 6/21/77, SMR 7/12/79

LULAC invites Chamber of Commerce to attend Cinco festivities, SMR 3/4/76

LULAC is proud group, SMR 4/30/81

LULAC makes donation to Scheib Mental Health agency, SMR 3/20/79

LULAC menudo party is festive, SMR 4/6/82

LULAC plans Cinco de Mayo Fest, SMR 4/27/78

LULAC presents check for needy area family, SMR 4/22/82

LULAC scholarship winners pictured, SMR 8/12/94

LULAC seeks to cool Rural Health Initiative System battle, SMR 2/20/77

LULAC sponsors Cinco de Mayo festivities, SMR 5/2/82

LULAC supports dismissed employees at Gary, HCC 8/6/77

LULAC: Hispanics urged to fight for educational equality, SMR 6/7/92

Menudo winners back home, SMR 10/12/86

Picture of LULAC Miss Cinco de Mayo contestants, SMR 4/26/81

Picture of new LULAC officers, SMR 4/15/82

Rep. Jake Pickle enjoys Menudo with LULAC, SMR 4/4/76

Wholesale Beers donates $150 for LULAC scholarship fund, SMR 5/12/82

Meeting of Woman's Study Club, SMR 10/18/35

Men's Garden Club

Men's Garden Club Flower and Vegetable Show, SMR 6/11/87

Men's Garden Club in operation, SMN 7/21/83

Men's Garden Club sponsors Flower and Garden Show, SMN 6/11/87

New officers and directors of Men's Garden Club, SMR 12/20/85

Mountain Laurel Garden Club, TTWC

Club aims for beauty, SMR 9/20/62

Club presents check to San Marcos River Foundation, SMR 5/12/85

Garden Club has English Garden program, SMR 3/9/67

Garden Club holds bulb exchange, SMR 10/3/63

Garden Club holds final season meeting, SMR 5/6/65

Garden Club members exchange plants, SMR 4/13/60

Garden Club plants crepe myrtle trees at City Hall, SMR 3/16/77

Garden Club studies flower arrangements, SMR 3/7/63

Garden Club suggests lighting for yule contest, SMR 12/12/63

Mrs. L.W. Kone discusses amaryllis at Garden Club, SMR 11/14/68

Mrs. Rylander and Mrs. Wood present Club program, SMR 1/16/64

Mrs. Scrutchin gives presentation at Garden Club, SMR 12/14/72

Mrs. Scrutchin hosts Garden Club, SMR 2/15/73


Chris Banbury is NAACP representative, SMR 10/8/78

NAACP holds awards and recognition banquet, SMR 11/15/77

NAACP pinball marathon, SMR 9/3/78

New Neighbors Club

Club members gather for annual benefit luncheon, SMR 12/12/84

Officers of New Neighbors Club, SMR 10/4/81

New Odd Fellows Lodge started in San Marcos, SMR 8/10/72

New officers of National Secretaries Association installed, SMR 3/6/75

Newcomers Club

Mrs. Belisle is hostess for Welcome Wagon, SMR 3/25/71

Newcomers 'Welcome Wagon' Club members discuss next meeting, SMR 10/3/74


District officers to attend San Marcos Optimists party, SMR 7/18/74

Fred Feltner elected president of Optimist Club, SMR 5/20/65

Optimist backed Junior Olympics track meet scheduled, SMR 6/8/67

Optimist Club has 'Flag Service' for local merchants, SMR 12/21/67

Optimist Club holds annual Junior Olympics Barbecue, SMR 5/23/68, SMR 7/2/70

Optimist Club motto is 'friend of the boy.', SMR 9/10/64

Optimist Club names Ruth Spear Teacher of the Year, SMR 5/30/68

Optimist Club presents check for children with faulty vision, SMR 3/18/67

Optimist Club presents savings bond to conservation essayist, SMR 3/3/82

Optimist Club receives charter, SMR 8/13/64

Optimist Club selects Mrs. Hattie Winn as Teacher of the Month, SMR 3/7/68

Optimist Club sponsors Youth Apprectiation Week, SMR 11/14/68

Optimist Club trying to rebuild summer track program, SMR 6/3/76

Winners of Optimist Club Oratorical Contest, SMR 3/5/75, SMR 3/11/77

PAWS draws aid for cause, SMR 9/26/79

Preservation Associates, TTWC

Quail Creek Ladies & Women's Golf Associations, TTWC

Quail Creek Ladies Association, SMR 12/16/73, TTWC––CLUBS––QUAIL CREEK LADIES ASSOCIATION

Hays Recreation has loan; ready to build, SMR 9/19/68

New Ladies Association is formed, SMR 4/20/86

Women golfers hold luncheon, SMR 12/16/73


8 local families hosts to Austrians, SMR 8/3/79

A.H. Smith is newest member of Rotary Club, SMR 9/30/27

Alton Brieger elected top Rotary official, HCC 6/16/77

Chartering banquet for second Rotary Club, SMR 12/8/85

Col. J.E. Franklin and T.A. Buckner speakers at Rotary, SMR 9/13/29

Dee Anna Dorsey manages to stay busy, SMR 10/18/73

Dr. M. O. Juel elected president of Rotary Club, SMR 3/26/64

Dudley Dobie and C.R. Lisanby guest speakers, SMR 1/13/37

Esther Deviney has Christmas program to for 21 years, SMR 12/28/67

Fine program at Rotary Luncheon, SMR 9/16/27

Herbert Holcombe to lead Rotary as president, SMR 3/7/63

J.M. Moffitt is newest member of Rotary Club, SMR 9/23/27

Jack Williams compares farm, industry trends, SMN 4/25/35

Local Rotarians attend Austin Inter-City Meeting, SMR 9/13/29

Local Rotarians meet with Japanesse Rotarians, SMR 5/21/82

Marion McGee is last surviving charter member of club, SMN 12/11/86

Methodist pastor Frank Buchanan speaker at Rotary, SMR 11/18/27

Musicians play at Rotary Club, Rotary Ann talks, SMR 4/4/32

Nita Hyden Africa bound courtesy of Rotary Club, SMR 10/26/72

Picture of new club officers, SMR 7/4/68

Picture of San Marcos exchange students, SMR 8/7/81

R.M. Cavness conducts round table, SMR 1/1/43

Rotarians dish up fried fish with all the trimmings, SMR 10/18/81

Rotarians gather in San Marcos for convention, SMN 5/8/86

Rotarians hear Bill Taylor on Mother theme, SMR 5/10/35

Rotarians hearing members make interesting talks, SMR 10/21/27

Rotarians host foreign exchange educators, SMR 10/17/74

Rotarians host UT Foreign Students in homes, SMR 11/30/69

Rotary Club annual Christmas party, SMR 12/19/93

Rotary Club celebrates 65th anniversary, SMN 12/11/86

Rotary Club celebrates 75th year, SMR11/17/96

Rotary Club donates $1,000 to San Marcos Little League, SMR 5/29/81

Rotary Club elects new officers, SMR 6/30/78

Rotary Club enjoys splendid program, SMR 10/14/27

Rotary Club honors students, SMR 10/25/87

Rotary Club installs new officers, SMR 6/30/77, SMR 7/11/74

Rotary Club officers installed during Ladies Night, SMR 7/4/63

Rotary Club sends delegates to district, SMR 5/16/82

Rotary Club to finance FFA Livestock Barn, SMR 3/9/72

Rotary Club will install revised by-laws June 30th, SMR 5/19/60

Rotary Clubs sends delegates to district, SMR 5/16/82

Rotary donates $300 on behalf of TOTS program for car seats, SMN 1/4/85

Rotary exchange student from South Africa, SMR 9/8/81

Rotary exchange students prepare for big adventures, SMR 8/11/85

Rotary Foundation receives $1,000 for educational projects, SMR 5/7/86

Rotary honors Samuel Leggittl, SMR 5/22/81

Rotary sends two boys to International Student Congress, SMR 3/18/65

Rotary student breaks color barrier in South Africa, HCC 9/29/77

Sam Smith ready to set off for year in Copenhagen, SMR 7/20/80

San Marcos Rotary Club was named best club in District 584, SMR 5/11/78

Service club celebrates 65 years here, SMR12/5/86

Shannon Fitzpatrick becaomes acquainted with castles, SMR 8/31/78

Teen Jury established, SMN 5/16/68

Thanks given to paint job of Rotary truck by Gary Corpsmen, SMR 6/11/75

San Marcos area clubs and organizations, SMR 2/28/82

San Marcos Retired Teachers Association, TTWC

Bartons give SMART program, SMR 1/17/85

Cates new president of SMART, SMR 5/18/86

Chorale sings for SMART, SMR 4/19/88

Hundley addresses retired teachers, SMR 11/18/75

Meeting on insurance for teachers, SMR 3/16/75, SMR 3/27/75

Miss Shear speaks to retired teachers, SMR 9/19/74

New members of SMART, SMR 9/18/75

New officers installed, SMR 5/24/89

Retired teachers elect Burnett, SMR 11/25/71

Retired teachers organize, SMR 11/25/71

Rogers speaks at SMART meeting, SMR 2/18/82

SMART -- report of January meeting, SMR 1/30/94

SMART enjoys sharing Arts & Crafts, SMR 1/13/81

SMART examines health trends, SMR 1/13/88

SMART fetes retired teachers, SMR 9/20/73

SMART has EMS program, SMR 11/19/81

SMART has meeting, SMR 12/5/77

SMART has new leader, SMR 5/19/82

SMART has yearly Christmas celebration, SMR 12/27/74

SMART hears Newberry, SMR 4/20/78

SMART hears NRTA State Head, SMR 3/15/73

SMART hears pianist, SMR 4/15/83

SMART holds September Meeting, SMR 9/21/72

SMART holds September meeting, SMR 9/21/72

SMART honors five from Hall of Fame, SMR 2/26/86

SMART honors retiring teachers, SMR 4/18/74

SMART meets, SMR 9/16/87

SMART meets for Christmas program, SMR 12/18/86

SMART meets for covered dish luncheon, SMR 2/17/81

SMART membership still grows, SMR 5/12/81

SMART puts spotlight on excellence, SMR 3/25/80

SMART reception honors newcomers, SMR 9/12/78

SMART supper held in Wimberley, SMR 5/19/84

SMART to honor new members with a tea, SMR 9/14/73

SMART welcomes newcomers, SMR 9/14/82, SMR 9/18/79

Walts addresses retired teachers, SMR 5/20/84

Sertoma Club, TTWC

Brown installed as president, HCC 3/18/73

New officers of Sertoma Club, SMR 7/22/79

Sertoma Club agrees to sponsor McGruff puppets, SMR 1/12/86

Sertoma Club donates $100 to Southside, SMR 7/11/79

Sertoma Club donates auditory training unit, SMR 6/21/92

Sertoma Club gives $50 savings bond to Jamey Poole, SMR 4/13/88

Sertoma Club gives check to Hays County Volunteer Fire Dept., SMR 2/23/83

Sertoma Club has successful year, SMR 10/8/86

Sertoma Club honors Kercheville, SMR 1/20/83

Sertoma Club honors Mary Compton, SMR 6/20/89

Sertoma Club luncheon, SMR 10/9/80

Sertoma Club presents award to Lisa Dvorak, SMR 6/26/86

Sertoma Club presents award to Ollie Giles, SMR 3/3/81

Sertoma Club presents check to TOTS program, SMR 2/8/85

Sertoma Club receives Community Service Award, SMR 10/21/81

Sertoma Club to sponsor blood drive, HCC 1/20/77

Softball benefits hospital, SMR 10/29/82

Winners of Freedom Week poster competition, SMR 3/12/78

Shell Club, TTWC

Garys present Shell Club program, SMR 10/13/74

Hansen shows Fair Exhibit to Shell Club, SMR 4/6/76

Mrs. Ernest speaks with Shell Club, SMR 4/24/75

National Shell Show highlights shells & photographs, SMR 10/9/75

Richard Craven speaks on rare shells, SMR 9/19/71

Richard Craven speaks to Shell Club, SMR 3/6/75

San Marcos enter Padre Island Shell Fair, SMR 3/7/68

San Marcos National Shell Show, SMR 10/19/75

Shell Club discusses Field Trip, SMR 3/15/73

Shell Club holds all-day Field Trip, SMR 4/5/73

Shell Club installs incoming officers, SMR 12/2475

Shell Club plans bazaar at State Shell Show, SMR 8/29/72

Shell Club plans for 1975, SMR 1/16/75

Shell Club to meet September 12th, SMR 9/7/72

Shell Show attracts outstanding exhibits, SMR 10/25/73

Students present Shell Club program, SMR 8/20/74


Bowers, Johnson offer club program, SMR 10/18/92

Brackenridge and Sorosis Clubs the oldest in San Marcos, SMR 9/25/36

Club shares memories of 1967, SMR 11/8/92

Monthly meetings cover many bases, SMR 3/17/93

Sorosis Club begins new year, SMR 9/24/92

Sorosis Club donates to Rattler Band, SMR 10/23/94

Sorosis Club focuses on Arts & Education, SMR 1/10/93

Sorosis Club looks from past to future, SMR 8/1/93

Sorosis Club views library progress, SMR 5/23/92


A series of conservation guides for teachers discussed, SMR 11/9/72

Artistic arrangements workshop, SMR 3/27/75

Bicentennial tree planting at Goodnight, HCC 1/22/76

Club hears gardening tips, SMR 11/25/71

Club studies landscape design, SMR 8/20/74

Crepe myrtle bushes planted by Highway 123, SMR 3/26/82

Downtown Beautification boosted by redwood planters, SMR 2/8/73

Fall Flower Show planned, SMR 10/7/71

Flower Show spotlights creative fall designs, SMR 10/27/77

Garden club holds 'grab bag' session, SMR 11/20/86

Garden Club plants Chinese Tallow trees, SMR 1/22/78

Garden Club year opens with coffee, SMR 8/28/79

Henry Kyle gives tips on growing chrysanthemums, SMR 11/22/73

Lamppost baskets beautify bridge, SMR 8/10/72

Live oak planted at Goodnight Junior High, SMR 1/19/75

Local clubs set April 11-12 Flower Show, SMR 3/26/64

Mrs. Estelle Stair speaks to Garden Club, SMR 3/22/62

Mrs. Ted Breihan demonstrates flower arranging, SMR 9/28/72

Mrs. Van E. Rey wins Best of Show for flower arrangement, SMR 4/12/74

Pansies and petunias are planted at courthouse, SMR 1/19/75

Picture from membership coffee, SMR 8/20/74

Recent flower show discussed, SMR 5/18/75

Spring flower show slated, SMR 5/1/75

Spring Flower Show termed 'the best yet,' SMR 4/25/68

Spring Flower Show with 'Flowers by the Bible' as theme, SMR 4/21/66

Spring Lake Club plants Christmas tree at courthouse, SMR 1/20/81

Spring Lake Club plants Huber live oak at Goodnight, SMR 1/24/74

Spring Lake Club program features African Violets, SMR 1/25/73

Spring Lake Club wins nationally for achievement, SMR 5/23/78

Spring Lake Garden Club holds coffee, SMR 9/7/72

Spring Lake Garden Club members sport clever hats, SMR 10/19/67

Spring Lake Garden Club officers, SMR 5/17/74

Spring Lake Garden Club presents books to library, SMR 6/6/74

Spring Lake Garden Club will meet, SMR 8/9/81

Spring Lake is first garden club to become federated, SMR 2/22/68

Tree planted at east side of city hall, SMR 1/29/79

Welcome to San Marcos sign to be constructed, SMR 3/3/82

White arrangement voted best at placement show, SMR 11/2/72

Texas Association for the Performing Arts, TTWC

Gala Job preview set, SMR 6/11/78

Job preview moves indoors, SMR 7/21/78

Job project benefit slated, SMR 7/9/78

Job prospect stirring interest, SMR 4/21/78

Picture of TAPA founders, SMR 3/14/78

Volunteers mail out info. on "Job," SMR 7/2/78

Triangle Club holds meeting, SMR 9/30/27


All chapters represented at UDC convention, SMR 3/22/62

District President UDC Hostess, SMR 5/15/58

Local UDC meets with Mrs. Crockett Smith, SMR 2/17/66

Memorial Services, Officers installed, SMR 6/15/61

Mrs. Vogelman is hostess to UDC meeting, SMR 5/19/60

UDC hears Mrs. Fleming talk on Jeff Davis, SMR 3/16/61

UDC is entertained at Mrs. Jack Thomas', SMN 5/10/32

UDC meets in Legion Hall, SMR 10/18/35

UDC meets with Mrs. Prescott, SMR 11/23/46

UDC officers installed, SMR 9/13/40

United States Jaycees, TTWC


Brief History of the Woman's Faculty Club, SMR 9/25/36

Faculty Wives model funny hats, SMR 4/3/58

Gala progressive dinner set for Friday, SMR 3/2/83

Models in University Ladies Club Annual Fashion Show, SMR 4/3/83

Planning decorations for Old West Fashion Show, SMR 9/17/83

University Ladies Club Fashion pictures, SMR 3/30/80

University Ladies Club Officers, SMR 10/10/78

University Ladies Club plans events, SMR 9/18/84

University Ladies Club presents check to library, SMN 7/18/85

University Ladies model fashions, SMR 3/14/78

University Ladies plan Annual Show, SMR 2/24/80

University Ladies plan Annual Style Show, SMR 3/8/73

University Ladies plan Gala Spring Luncheon, SMR 2/24/80

University Ladies set Christmas dinner dance, SMR 11/28/74

Woman's Faculty Club has tea, SMR 10/14/32

Woman's World Style Show Theme, SMR 3/27/74

Wheel & Deal Club

First Water Safari Square Dance slated, SMR 6/5/72

Rusty Fennell engaged as regular caller, HCC 7/31/75

Square Dance Club promotes fellowships, SMR 2/28/86

Square Dance Festival slated, SMR 4/28/76

Square Dance Week proclaimed, SMR 9/20/73

Square Dancing Class opens, SMR 9/14/72

Wheel & Deal Square Dance Club has a ball, SMR 1/21/79

Wheels & Deals auditions for All-City Talent Show, SMR 2/3/84

Wheel and Deal Club, TTWC

Wimberley Woman's Club Puzzle, SMR 9/12/85

Woman's Study Club, SMR 9/25/36

Becky Sierra installed as president, SMR 5/4/75

Charter Members of Zonta International, SMR 2/17/74

Zonta Club hears Lance Carnel, SMR 12/24/75

Zonta slates 'Ar-tique' Show, SMR 10/3/74

Coapage, Shuping, 4/12/88

Cobb, Rodney

Rodney Cobb, director of Recreation Department, with volunteer Santas, SMR 12/23/82

Cobb, Sue

Sue Cobb named Teacher of the Month by Lions Club, SMR 6/7/89

Cochran Family

Descendants of Pioneers, SMR 3/27/36

Cochran family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Cock Home

See Historic Markers--Old Cock Home, TTWC

Cock House

$5,000 in Cookbook sales provided for Cock House Improvements, SMR 5/18/86

Ain't no money for this house, HCC 1/24/74

Arbor Day reception at Cock House, SMR 1/21/81

Cock House brief history, HCC 1/24/74, SMR 3/16/75, SMR 4/19/83

Cock House converts to cafe elegante, HCC 6/10/76

Cock House dedicated (with photos), SMR 4/11/76

Cock House gains gift from Mrs. Dale Harden, SMR 9/25/77

Cock House gets antique chairs and basin, SMR 9/25/77

Cock House gets antique lamp, SMR 7/30/78

Cock House hosts art exhibit, SMR 2/3/77

Cock House to give '17.76 Club' certificates to donors, SMR 3/4/76

Cock House undergoing repairs, SMR 8/8/86

Cock House used for luncheons, SMR 6/7/87

Cock House will benefit from auction, SMR 3/4/76

Cock House will display 1866 map, SMR 8/24/84

Comittee determines use of Cock House, SMR 6/25/70

Herb Garden started at Cock House, SMR 2/22/80

History of Charles S. Cock House, SMR 6/7/92

Irene Adams recalls childhood Cock House (with photo), SMR 2/22/83

Local group criticizes city's donation to Cock House, SMN 2/20/86

Mrs. Irvin Rylander, descendant of Cock family (photo), SMR 3/16/75

Open House at Cock House, SMR 1/25/80

Operation of Cock House to continue under Heritage Assoc., SMR 5/26/92

Parking lot constructed at Cock House, SMR 7/18/78

Plans to raise funds to furnish Cock House, SMR 4/7/76

Public access policy for Cock House criticized, SMR 11/24/91

Valentine's Day at Cock House, SMR 2/14/88

Visiting descendant of Charles S. Cock guest of honor at luncheon, SMR 8/9/83


Calvin E. Cock dies March 9th, SMR 3/9/71

History of Charles S. Cock House, SMR 6/7/92


Coddington, Bill

A model airport? Letter to editor by Bill Coddington, SMR 8/31/84

Cody, Jay, 19/12/88

Colbert, W.B.

Hunting accident claims life of W.B. Colbert, SMR 1/1/43

Cole, Mary Frances Flowers. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--FLOWERS FAMILY

Cole, Rex, 5/26/85

Coleman,Rev. Rodney, 1/30/83


Colley supports Beautification Committee, SMR 6/24/84

Downtown is looking better, SMR 5/27/84

Main Street Program begins second year, SMR 1/13/88

Main Street project manager submits impressive report, SMR 3/17/85

Preservation movement gaining strength--article by T. Colley, SMR 7/29/84

Promotes Farmer's Market in Downtown area, SMN 4/5/84

Terry Colley to leave San Marcos for Muskogee, Oklahoma, SMR 9/12/86

Collier, Tom

Dudley Johnson, Tom Collier are first Boy Scout organizers here, SMR 9/25/36

Colwick, Karen

Art League President Karen Colwick, SMR 10/23/97

Combs Family

Dr. James H. Combs dies, SMR 7/23/26

Dr. M.B. Combs buried Wednesday, SMR 9/30/49

Combs family (Joseph), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Commission for Women, TTWC––COMMISSION FOR WOMEN

9 women inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame, SMR 11/6/85

Commission for Women active here, SMR 10/30/87

Commisssion presents five Hall of Fame Inductees, SMR 3/22/92

Eleven women inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame, SMR 11/9/86

Four are inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame, SMR 9/11/84

Hall of Fame Winners, SMN 3/30/89

Community Action, 8/11/85

Alcohol Recovery Program rated in NIAAA top ten, HCC 8/22/74

Amelia Perez is first local enrollee in Women's Job Corps, SMR 10/19/67

CA celebrates 15th anniversary of Economic Opportunity Act, SMR 8/16/79

Caldwell County asks to join Hays for a Day Care Center, SMR 11/28/68

CAPCO approves grant for San Marcos elderly, HCC 6/9/77

Citizen Center after one roof, SMR 9/1/77

Citizen Editorial on Rural Health Initiative System, HCC 2/24/77

City backs health plan, SMR 2/22/77

City Council endorses rural health program, HCC 2/24/77

Community Action Agency: What it can do for you, SMR 4/9/75

Community Action article in Spanish, SMR 8/12/79

Community Action Center helps with alcoholism, SMR 8/9/79

Community Action federally funded program approved, SMR 10/19/67

Community Action Food Program in Trouble, Vasquez says, SMN 2/20/86

Community Action food supervisor Margaret Thiele, SMR 8/20/86

Community Action gardening project at head start program, SMR 8/5/93

Community Action gets grant to help local families, SMR 10/21/92

Community Action names 10 more to steering committee, SMR 2/17/66

Community Action names Ofelia Vasquez director, SMR 12/10/70

Community Action offers help for utility bite, SMR 5/10/79

Community Action offers winter repair program, HCC 10/7/76

Community Action receives $409,000 grant from Texas Dept. of Health, SMR 10/19/86

Community Action refutes charges by Health Officers, SMR 1/13/76

Community Action seeks funds for four programs, SMR 6/20/68

Community Action Senior Citizen awards, SMR 5/30/82

Community Action Transportation Program is 13 years old, SMR 1/6/88

Community Action's Senior Citizen presented TV by Chilypiad committee, SMR 2/9/82

Dental Clinic due one more hearing, SMR 1/18/80

Dental Clinic seen as dead and alive, SMR 1/4/80

Development Center has Christmas Program, SMR 12/31/70

Frances Reyna is green thumb worker at Community Action, SMR 10/3/93

Hays County program gets grant to start parent literacy project, AA–S 10/21/92

Head Start honors Bonnie Flemming, SMR 8/23/81

Head Start staff honored, SMR 8/25/82, SMR 12/15/81

Head Start turns seventeen, SMR 10/8/82

Henry Bush Child Development Center ready for its open house, SMR 10/3/86

Henry Bush Day Care Center has Mexican lunch to raise funds, HCC 2/21/74

Job referral program funded, HCC 2/28/74

Local Poverty fight is facing crisis of change, SMR 11/16/72

Low income families eligible for stamps, HCC 6/24/76

Nursing Staff increased here, SMR 9/8/66

Ofelia Vasquez pleads case for Community Action, SMR 7/11/79

Officers elected, report heard at Community Action meeting, SMR 7/27/67

Physician lauds Community Action health unit in journal article, SMR 7/9/70

Picture of Community Action carpentry work, HCC 10/7/76

Rev. Richmond McKinney presented service award, SMR 9/28/72

San Marcos Lioness Club donates vacuum clear to Senior Center, SMR 2/17/88

Santa's Sleigh comes to Southside Community Center, SMR 12/21/72

Senior Citizen Center offers various activities, SMR 6/27/76

Senior Citizen Center Open House set Sunday, SMR 10/14/71

Senior Citizens in nutrition program make and sell quilts, SMR 8/24/78

Senior Citizens make quilt for St. John Fiesta Auction, SMR 8/27/78

SWT Association of Mexican-American Students present donations, SMR 12/1/85

Three Kings Day celebrated at Community Action Center, SMR 1/12/86

Vista volunteers help with energy conservation, SMR 1/7/79

Community Action, Inc., TTWC

Community Centers

Citizenship classes being held at Latin-American Social Center, SMR 6/29/51

City Mission Board will have open house, SMN 5/24/32

Interagency Group studies new social services index, SMR 2/12/70

Mexican Social Center, SMR 11/18/27

NOMAD group pitches in to aid Mitchell Center, SMR 4/19/95

Southside goes camping, SMR 7/19/73

Union meeting Monday at Mexican Social Center, SMR 5/31/32

Volunteers turning houses into homes, SMR 10/25/87

Youth Service Bureau Aids Minors, SMR 7/28/76

Community centers, TTWC

Community Christian Craft Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Community Health Foundation, 11/24/85

Community Health Foundation helps, SMR 11/22/81

Community Music

'Indian Dancers' to perform at Music Along the River Festival, SMR 4/6/75

'Oklahoma' performed, SMR 6/21/81

Beto y los Fairlanes plays salsa, SMR 5/23/82

Bynums are busy folks, SMR 9/2/86

Chorale has a successful year, SMR 5/14/82

Civic Music Association opens fall campaign, SMR 9/20/62

Civic music column by Walter Buckner, SMR 10/8/64

Civic music group plans campaign, elects officers, SMR 5/12/60

Civic Music membership campaign set for month, SMR 9/7/61

Civic music opens drive October 19, HCC 10/15/59

Community Carol Sing to be held Monday at Bank, SMR 12/8/85

Dejadisc offers indies a chance, AA–S 10/29/92

District winners in radio contest, SMR 10/14/27

Doris Leland Harrel to present recital, SMR 3/20/75

Frances Mitchum Webb and David Pino present recordings to library, SMR 4/7/77

George Strait performing with Ace in the Hole, SMR 9/26/76

Gospel night at the gazebo, SMR 7/1/87

Harry Wayne accepts post as Civic Music President, SMR 6/11/64

Harry Wayne and Ron Yager's "Falderal" performed, SMR 9/2/86

Hill Country Boys Choir to hold auditions, SMR 8/27/78

Hill Country Chorale begins new season, SMR 10/2/81

Hill Country Chorale performs Christmas songs, SMR 12/18/86

Hill Country Chorale's schedule is busy, SMR 3/16/86

Imperial Harmonizers to play on KCNY, SMR 4/30/75

Kent and Jenni Finlay making the rounds, SMR 7/29/88

Labor Day Celebration with Stage People, SMR 8/20/86

Liberation Suite to perform, HCC 12/1/77

Local Musicians perform organizational dinner for San Marcos Symphony, SMR 10/3/68

Mady Kaye to perform at Summer in the Park, SMR 7/92

Mrs. Jane Sowell performs autoharp, SMR 3/31/92

National Music Week celebrated, SMR 5/12/82

Oratorio Society is community oriented, SMR 10/14/84

Pictures from Music Along the River Festival, SMR 4/20/75

Pictures of of River Arts Festival '81, SMR 4/29/81

River Arts Festival hits spot, SMR 4/30/78

San Marcos called model town in nation for concert series, SMR 10/3/63

San Marcos has part in observance of music week, SMR 5/4/32

San Marcos Oratorio Society to perform, SMR 4/30/86

San Marcos Symphony has first practice session, SMR 10/10/68

San Marcos Traits is popular band, HCC 10/29/59

Season opens for Community Chorus, SMR 10/26/72

Special guitar training for youngsters to be offered, SMR 6/5/86

Student CISD's All-District band concert, SMR 5/12/92

Summer in Park fun for all, SMR 7/29/88

Summerfest '81 plans looking great so far, SMR 5/6/81

Summerfest being planned, SMR 5/10/81

Summerfest Steering Committee hard at work, SMR 10/4/85

Swearigen-built organ is officially dedicated, SMR 2/7/78

SWT Orchestra program is still alive and well, SMR 11/91

SWT Swing Band to perform, SMR 8/2/92

SWTSU Singers preparing for European tour, SMR 11/4/71

Talent show auditions, SMR 1/15/84

Trio plays group of Martha Holt's original numbers, SMR 5/10/35

Vernon Hartman to give piano recital at SWT, SMR 5/2/74

Wimberley Community Chorus performs, SMR 6/30/89

Wonderland Day Care School performs Christmas Carols, SMR 12/28/88

Community music, TTWC

Composite Technology Engine Components (CTEC), TTWC

Compton Family

Don Compton Grand Prize winner in Science Fair, SMR 2/2/75

Judith Ann Compton wed to Joe Scott Wren in Veramendi Plaza, SMR 9/30/84

Kathryn Compton engaged to Greg Show, SMR 11/14/82

Mary Compton applauded for Southside fundraising efforts, SMR 3/6/77

Mary Compton discusses differences in funding Boy & Girl Scouts, SMR 10/20/77

Mary Compton hosts party for parents' 60th wedding anniversary, SMR 5/29/92

Mary Compton is Edward D. Jones Heart of Gold Winner, SMR 8/–/87

Mary Compton presents certificates of appreciation from Texas Heritage, SMR 1/28/82

Mary Compton receives check for Girl Scouts from Jaycees, SMR 3/–/77

Mary Compton reelected as president of Board of Directors of United Way, SMR 2/3/86

Sharon Compton named Kiwanis Youth of the Year, SMR 10/10/74

Sharon Compton named valedictorian at High School graduation, SMR 5/22/75

Compton family (Ross), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Compton, Mary, TTWC––BIOGRAPHY––COMPTON FAMILY. see Compton family

Board President Mary Compton accepts $2,000 from H.E.B., SMR 10/17/78

Friends of Library elect Mary Compton new president, SMR 2/5/76

Mission history by Mary Compton dramatized by Methodist Women, SMR 11/6/81

Sertoma Club honors Mary Compton, SMR 6/20/89

Concerts, TTWC

Program from SWT's Swearingen Organ's first performance, SMR 2/5/78

SWT's Children's Concert offers students opportunity to meet Mozart, SMR 11/6/91

SWT's Swearingen Organ due official blast, SMR 1/26/78

Vienna Choir Boys to perform at SWT, SMR 2/18/93

Confederacy. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Beef for the Confederacy

Confederate Air Force

Confederate Air Force Central Texas Wing elects officers, SMR 6/24/76

Confederate Air Force Central Texas Wing meets in San Marcos, SMR 3/13/74

Confederate Air Force to leave Gary, SMR 12/24/75

Confederate Air Force vintage planes to fly at Chilympiad, SMR 9/28/72

Last planes of CAF depart for Harlingen, SMR 1/2/76

WWII aircraft on display at CAF "Tora, Tora, Texas" airshow, SMR 12/8/82

Confederate Veterans, TTWC

Hays County contributed a large share to Confederates in war, SMR 11/22/46

P.C. Woods Camp, HCT 3/8/1895

Connally Family (J.L.)

Obituary for Edmond R. Connally, SMR 11/18/80

Obituary for John L. Connally, HCT 1/1898

Preston plays harmonica and tells stories to local children, SMR 4/12/92

Connally family (J.L.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Conoley, Gilbert, 9/26/82


Cookery, TTWC

WPA opens Cannery for another six months run, SMR 11/1/35

Cooper, Leslie A., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Obituary for Leslie A. Cooper, SMR 12/4/58

Tribute to L.A. Cooper by Charles J. Brown, SMR 1/1/59

Tribute to L.A. Cooper by Walter Buckner, SMR 12/4/58

Writer of Odds & Ends column, SMR 4/30/43, SMR 8/23/45, SMR 9/11/42, SMR 11/14/24, SMR 11/28/41, SMR 12/18/42

Corbett,Jack, 11/4/84

Coronal Institute, TTWC. See also Archive box in TTWC book collection.

1890 quotation from S. Fisher on rebuilding Coronal after fire, SMR 4/18/41

Article on Dr. Sterling Fisher, SMR 10/26/38

Coronal alumna is 100 years old, SAE 12/15/72

Coronal Club members will have first reunion; 175 members enrolled, SMR 5/31/32

Coronal Club reunion next wednesday, SMR 6/3/32

Coronal Debating Society, HCT 10/9/1896

Coronal exes hold big reunion here, SMR 6/10/32

Coronal had an illustrious history-- article by Frances Stovall, SMR 11/2/88

Coronal Institute had colorful history before demise, HC 1/21/40

Coronal Institute, 1866-1918, KN 4/13/28

Coronal reunion attended by 200, SAE 6/13/37

Coronal Reunion proves succes; big crowd here, SMN 6/12/36

Dr. Sterling Fisher, formerly of Coronal Institute, retires, SMR 10/26/38

Hamilton Wright, Austin newspaper writer, recalls Coronal days, AS 12/21/67

Historic letter offers insight to 1880 fire at Coronal, SMR 7/5/92

Hundreds gathered as first Coronal ex-students reunion held, SMR 9/1/32

Hundreds gathered as first Coronal ex-students reunion held here, SMR 6/8/31

Laughter, pathos evident as 200 Coronal ex-students hold meet, SMR 6/18/37

Letter from 86 year old woman tells early Coronal History, SMR 6/16/33

Making Coronal buidling civic center aim of exes, SMN 6/11/37

Making Coronal building Civic Center is aim of exes, SMR 6/18/37

Montgomery family meets here for Coronal and family reunions, SMR 6/7/40

New Lower Military School at SM Baptist Academy former Coronal Site, SMR 8/30/62

Official Marker dedicated for Fisher Hall Saturday, SMR 5/6/71

Old 'Coronal' Days, SMN 5/17/32

Old Coronal Institute offered education to CenTexans of the 1870s, SMR 4/30/62

Old Coronal site gets its marker, SMR 4/9/70

Old friendships revived as ex-students hold reunion, SMR 6/16/33

Old photographs capture our history, SMR 9/21/88

Old stone wing of Coronal Building to be wrecked, SMR 12/9/32

Opening of Coronal Cornerstone brings back memories of early days, SMR 6/23/39

Passing of Professor John Edward Pritchett of Coronal, SMR 11/21/19

Photograph of Graduation Day from 1901, SMR 9/20/62

San Marcos school revives memories of pioneer days Coronal Institute, AS 3/24/59

School Board approves marker at old Coronal Institute locale, SMR 8/14/69

See also Historic Markers--Coronal Institute, TTWC

See also Historic Markers--Old Fisher Hall, TTWC

Thomas School for Girls, HCT 9/1901

Corporations, TTWC

Austin Curlee and Roddy Bagley named local LCRA chiefs, SMR 4/28/82

Avey Brothers to jump production, SMR 1/5/61

Cone Mills' 9 Million textile mill a certainty, SMR 1/22/54

George W. O'Donnell appointed VP & General Manager of Wide-Lite, SMN 6/30/88

Gordon Hyatt is honored for 25 years at Thermon, SMR 11/5/80

Ground broken for furniture factory, SMR 11/5/59

Groundbreaking ceremonies for first unit of Wide-Lite Corporation plant, SMR 9/20/62

Interim financing found for Westwood Factory, SMR 10/29/59

Interim financing holds up factory construction, SMR 10/22/59

Kenneth Downing is honored for 25 years at Thermon, SMR 1/7/81

Kenneth Pitzer honored for 25 years at Thermon, SMN 10/25/87

Kibby Building and Restoration custom home business, SMR 3/29/92

Machinery for Westood plant is being installed, SMR 5/19/60

Mensor Corporation brief history, SMR 2/14/80

Mensor Corporation rises from the ashes, SMR 12/13/81

New 'Modern Fixtures' factory gears up for $300,000 year, SMR 1/21/60

Production underway at Texas Ceramics Products Corporation plant, SMR 6/28/46

Railroad spur to Westwood Corporation factory under way, SMR 11/19/59

SBA approves $250,000 loan for Westwood Furniture factory, SMR 10/1/59

Thermon Manufacturing has grown in 30 years, SMR 11/22/84

Thermon Manufacturing keeps pace, SMR 2/24/80

United Gas Corporation plans big open house, SMR 2/7/63

Visitors from Thermon's international operations come to San Marcos, SMN 1/31/88

Westood move delayed until possibly June, SMR 4/21/60

Westwood Furniture factory expected to employ 200 early in 1960, SMR 8/6/59

Westwood Furniture Factory site being built, SMR 12/24/59

Westwood Furniture Factory site earth moving begins, SMR 12/3/59

Wide-Lite to offer new lamp design, SMN 3/7/76


$500 profits from original cookbook presented to Heritage Association, SMR 5/14/86

Bunny Stevenson shares expertise at Cottage Kitchen, SMR 1/26/83

Chili served to kick off Chilympiad, SMR 9/1/76

Christmas Open House, SMR 12/1/85

Christmas Open House -- 6th annual, SMR 12/20/81

Cock House menu goes Texan, SMR 9/19/79

Cooking demonstration planned for cookbook, SMR 2/20/85

Cottage Kitchen benefits everyone, SMR 1/29/80

Cottage Kitchen Breakfast on the River, SMR 8/13/86

Cottage Kitchen brief history with recipes, SMR 1/29/80

Cottage Kitchen closed for at least seven weeks for repairs, SMR 8/8/86

Cottage Kitchen closed for flood repairs, SMR 8/8/86

Cottage Kitchen cookbook growing famous, SMR 9/30/81

Cottage Kitchen displays oriental flair, SMR 1/16/80

Cottage Kitchen draws regular crowds, SMR 4/10/77

Cottage Kitchen has Valentine celebration, SMR 2/19/86

Cottage Kitchen luncheons start year with old favorites, SMR 1/9/80

Cottage Kitchen Men's Marching Chowder Club serve a luncheon, SMR 9/11/80

Cottage Kitchen Sampling Event, SMR 11/21/81

Cottage Kitchen serves Gaspacho fresh as a garden, SMR 9/26/79

Cottage Kitchen to re-open Friday, SMR 8/1/84

Cottage Kitchen to reopen, SMR 1/3/90

Cottage Kitchen to reopen this Friday, SMR 1/3/90

Cottage Kitchen to welcome town at annual Christmas Open House, SMR 12/11/85

Cottage Kitchen welcomes Spring, SMR 4/30/80

Decorating Cock House for Holiday Open House, SMR 12/8/85

Eleanor Pitzer and Frances Hyder co-hostesses, SMR 1/23/80

Employees of Mensor Corp. host lunch, SMR 6/26/86

Employees of Red Carpet Realy host lunch, SMR 5/14/86

Faithful Cottage Kitchen hostesses serve the community, SMR 12/15/82

Gumbo versatile as stew, SMR 4/23/80

History of Cottage Kitchen Luncheon with photo, SMR 12/15/82

Hostesses and recipes for politically inspired luncheon, SMR 5/21/80

Joe Gaddy guest hosts and cooks for Cottage Kitchen, SMR 2/27/85

Macaroni Salad easier than Potato Salad, SMR 5/7/80

Memories of childhood in Cock House, SMR 2/22/83

Monkey bread makes a hit, SMR 4/16/80

New breakfast on River planned, SMR 8/13/86

New herb garden at Cottage Kitchen, SMR 2/22/80

Olives add zest to aspic, SMR 4/9/80

Photograph of Betsy Martindale and France Stovall serving, SMR 10/10/79

Picture of annual Christmas Open House, SMR 12/17/86

Picture of Dr. Karen Walker's class to serve luncheon, SMR 6/17/87

Picture of hostesses for August luncheons, SMR 8/3/82

Picture of hostesses for last luncheon of the season, SMR 7/4/86

Picture of hostesses with their daughters, SMR 3/26/80

Picture of May 30th hostesses for Cottage Kitchen luncheon, SMR 6/11/80

Picture of members of Cottage Kitchen demonstration committee, SMR 2/20/85

Picture of Mensor Corp employees serving luncheon, SMR 6/26/86

Picture of New Neighbors & Friends who hosted luncheon, SMR 1/25/87

Picture of Red Carpet Realty representatives serving luncheon, SMR 5/14/86

Picture of Scheduling Committee, SMR 8/11/82

Preparing for re-opening of Cottage Kitchen, SMR 8/31/88

Second Helping cookbook previewed, SMR 10/24/84

See Clubs--Heritage Association of San Marcos--Cottage Kitchen, TTWC

State Bank to host Cottage Kitchen, SMR 4/21/92

Traditional Christmas Open House held at Cock House, SMR 12/17/80

Cotton, TTWC

Area cotton fields may bring in bumper crops this season, SMR 9/4/91

Cone Mills Corp. official choose San Marcos for expansion of textile operations, SMR 1/22/54

Cone Mills' 9 Million textile mill a certainty, SMR 1/22/54

Editorial on Chamber of Commerce contribution to Cone Mills decision, SMR 1/22/54

Folks & Facts column on cotton, SMR 3/3/66

Improvements at Behrens & Behrens Cotton, Inc., SMR 7/4/63

Picture of first cotton gin in Hays County at Zorn in 1888, SMR 9/20/62

Redwood Farmers' Gin Co. worked 9 years on Union Cotton, SMR 9/25/36

San Marcos area is seed breeding center of Texas, SMR 9/20/62

Cotton manufacture and trade, TTWC

County government, TTWC

County officials and employees, TTWC

Cousins, Mary Elizabeths, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Cowan Family

Article by Emmett Cowan on early Wimberley, WV 9/–/67

Article on early school days in Wimberley by Emmitt Cowan, WM 6/–/69

Article on Rhoda Cowan, WM 3/–/68

Emmett Cowan may be oldest voter in Wimberley, SMR 9/8/76

Emmett Cowan remembers old fashioned Christmas in Wimberley, WM 12/–/69

Harvey Cowan family buit in 1880's, WM 5/70

Mrs. Rhoda Cowan feasts on 99th birthday, SMR 2/26/81

Obituary and tribute to Rhoda Cowan, SMR 9/23/82

Rhoda Cowan celebrates 100th birthday, WV 5/25/82

Wimberley as I remember it, by Emmitt Cowan, WM 11/–/67

Cowan family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Cox, Bill

Chamber of Commerce selects Bill Cox as its new manager, SMR 5/19/66

Cox, Mills

Mills Cox raises birds (with photo), SMR 7/20/56

Craddock, Anne, 12/19/82

Craddock, Dr. Emmie, 10/21/84


Article: Craddock as mayor, professor, author, US 4/14/77

Article: Mayor happy with '75; looking forward to '76, SMR 1/11/76

Article: Mayor opitimistic about progress of women, SMR 10/21/84

Autobiographical sketch by Emmie Craddock, SMN 6/2/83

Banquet honors Craddock at Emmie Craddock Day, SMR 9/7/80

Biographical sketch of Emmie Craddock, SMR 3/6/77, SMR 10/23/77

Brackenridge Club hears Dr. Emmie Craddock on Mexcian Americans, SMR 5/21/70

City Council chooses Craddock as Mayor for 3rd term, SMR 5/13/76

Craddock calls for business input to spur growth, SMN 1/24/85

Craddock chairs 20 member Sesquicentennial Commission, SMR 12/15/83

Craddock defends city against petitioners for removal of City Council, SMR 7/17/85

Craddock elected state president of IACT, SMR 3/19/64

Craddock rebuts criticism of City Council in SMR, SMR 9/30/84

Craddock responds to movement to request election for new city council, SMN 7/18/85

Craddock talks with Austin Mayor Frank Cookey, SMN 9/12/85

Craddock teaches history and has served as mayor, SMR 9/13/84

Craddock to receive SWT's President's Excellence Award, SMR 10/24/82

Craddock, professor emeritus of history, gives lecture on Western Civ, SMR 11/30/80

Day in the life Emmie Craddock, SMR 3/9/77

Emmie Craddock elected by acclamation to 3rd term as mayor, HCC 5/13/76

Emmie Craddock heads Heritage Association, SMR 10/14/79

Emmie Craddock named President of Heritage Association, SMR 10/14/79

Emmie Craddock presented plaque in honor of years of service, SMN 7/30/86

Emmie Craddock presents Beautification Award to Mrs. C.E. Burnett, SMR 5/30/76

Emmie Craddock reflects on her three years as Mayor, HCC 5/14/77

Emmie Craddock speaks of faith in Western Civilization, SMR 11/30/80

Interview with Emmie Craddock, with biographical sketch, SMR 12/19/82

Letter to editor by Craddock concerning demolition of Carroll Hall, SMR 8/12/90

Mayor assembles group to discuss economic growth in San Marcos, SMN 1/30/85

Mayor considers defeat of proposed change in Texas constitution, US 11/11/75

Mayor Craddock & City Council respond to dowtown development requests, SMR 12/6/75

Mayor Craddock participates in financial disclosure discussions, SMR 2/19/80

Mayor Craddock presents certificate to Marvin Frear, SMR 1/8/76

Mayor Craddock presents Mayor's Beautification Award to Eva Dodgen, SMR 4/6/76

Mayor Craddock presents plaque to outgoing City Manager, Jim Baugh, HCC 5/14/77

Mayor Craddock presents proclamation for Children's Dental Health, SMR 2/23/82

Mayor Craddock presents proclamation for Juneteenth Day, SMR 6/15/82

Mayor Craddock presents proclamation for Rehabilitation Awareness Week, SMR 1/12/82

Mayor Craddock proclaims Cinco de Mayo Week, HCC 4/28/77

Mayor Craddock proclaims July 4th weekend as Summerfest Weekend, SMR 6/15/82

Mayor Craddock receives financial planning award on behalf of city, SMR 11/7/85

Mayor Craddock receives platter recognizing her 3 years as mayor, SMR 5/10/77

Mayor Craddock signs proclamation for Teachers of Texas History Day, SMR 1/21/82

Mayor gives certificate of appreciation to Albert Perkins of Gary, SMR 6/13/84

Mayor lauds Rose Brooks as she proclaims Juneteenth Celebration, SMR 6/13/84

Mayor's mother Ann Craddock displays art at Cock House, SMR 9/6/76

Named to planning council on I-35 development, SMR 9/21/83

Rebuts statement made by Fred Guerra and quoted in SMR, SMR 7/29/84

September 5th proclaimed Emmie Craddock Day, SMR 8/24/80

Cradit, Jon

Jon Cradit earns Eagle Scout honors, SMR 9/13/73

Crawford, Charles B., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Biographical sketch of Charles B. Crawford, SMR 6/13/52


Crawford, Helen Horsnby

Mrs. Helen Hornsby Crawford oldest SWT faculty member, SMR 5/30/63

Crayton, Bruce, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Biographical sketch of Bruce Crayton, SMR 3/19/78

Bruce Crayton obituary, SMR 1/30/83

Bruce Crayton uses horses to plow gardens, SMR 2/15/74

Crayton brothers won't bow to technology, HCC 4/14/77

Morning blaze guts Baylor Crayton home, SMR 9/4/86

Picture of Bruce Crayton plowing, SMR 2/16/67

Picture of Bruce Crayton using mule to plow vegetable gardens, HCC 5/27/76

Picture: Baylor Crayton & mule team drive President Hardesty, SMR 8/29/82

Credit Women International. see TTWC CLUBS

Creekmore, Lou

Lions honor Lou Creekmore for vision care work, SMR 3/6/88


Crescendo Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Crime and Criminals, TTWC––CRIME AND CRIMINALS

Body of Bertha Martinez is found, AA–S 2/23/77

Bogus $20 bill found at First National Bank, SMR 11/6/75

Center for Juvenile Delinquency Provention is established, SMR 7/2/78

Charges dropped against Broughtons in Martinez case, SMR 10/9/91

Council approves Task Force locally, SMR 1/11/77

Crime prevention: How you can protect yourself, SMR 3/2/77

Crime Watch: Keeping an eye on local crime, SMR 8/28/83

Currency warning about counterfeit bills issued, SMR 9/26/84

DA hopes to bring in Doil Lane this week to face murder charges, SMR 11/5/91

DA says Lane to be extradited for Martinez case, SMR 10/20/91

Dave Brown, Negro Leagues ace pitcher, center of murder mystery, AA–S 8/25/97

Doil Lane, former resident, indicted in murder of Bertha Martinez, SMR 11/15/91

Elga and Murlene Broughton, Bertha Martinez murder suspects, SMR 10/10/91

Extradition of Doil Lane to be delayed, SMR 11/7/91

Eyewitness remembers 1924 Dalton Gang Robbery, SMR 2/16/77

Eyewitness remembers 1924 robbery here, SMR 2/16/77

Gambling ring discovered here, SMR 3/1/77

Girl found dead inside shed here, SMR 3/27/80

Gunman caught in hospital parking lot, SMR 11/13/91

History of the Great Stage Robbery of 1874, HCC 5/30/74

Local crime statistics show 21 percent hike, SMR 4/11/79

Local police nab bank heist suspect, SMR 10/16/75

Local restauraunt robbed by armed bandit, SMR 9/14/83

Man charged in gun case at hospital to be released, SMR 11/14/91

More bootleggers captured in San Marcos, SMR 8/4/22

Murder charges in Bertha Martinez case dropped against Broughtons, AAS 10/10/91

Newton Gang robbery recounted, SMR 2/11/77

Newton Gang Robbery reenacted, SMR 2/17/77

Plaque commemorates Newton Boys 1924 bank robbery here, SMR 4/9/98

Police may use photograph in Martinez case line-up, SMR 4/1/80

Police seek girl's killers, SMR 3/27/80

Police warn of increasing drug crimes, HCC 10/16/75

Pot protester, Joe Gaddy, given jail term in Hays County, AA–S 10/24/91, SMR 10/24/91

Resident stabbed in street, SMR 3/16/82

Reward fund low for Crimestoppers program, SMR 10/7/83

Robbing banks didn't net Newton Boys a thing, SMR 2/23/77

San Marcos crime figures show six percent increase, SMR 2/1/87

San Marcos crime statistics, except murder, show decrease, SMR 9/5/76

Sex crimes against children go beyond logic, SMR 4/3/80

Sheriff Gary jails two Mexican men for turkey theft, SMR 1/47

Sign thefts increase, SMR 7/18/76

Stabbing victim jailed on Austin warrant, SMR 1/24/82

Story on man killed in drug raid by County Narcotics Task Force, AC 11/5/99

Suicide ruled in shooting of city police officer, SMR 2/11/82

Thefts, car chase keeps officers busy, SMR 2/16/82

Three killed in mysterious attack, SMR 5/10/82

Two suspects held in theft at Mana's Restaurant, SMR 2/19/82

Vandalism of city signs is costly, HCC 7/15/76

X-Rated shows crossed out, HCC 2/5/76

Crime and criminals, TTWC

Crittendon, Dolores, 6/10/87, 8/10/86

Crook Family

Ambassador & Mrs. Crook donate books from President's library to SWT, SMR 2/14/88

Argosy magazine features Bill Crook, Jr., SMR 1/13/72

As H.E. Butt's granddaughter, Elizabeth Crook attends H.E.B. anniversary, SMR 1/16/80

Bill Crook's paid letter ad to SM School Board concerning dress code, SMR 3/2/72

Crookwood on Tours of Distinction, SMR 6/5/75

Dr. Crook appointed to Economic Development Commission by Governor, SMR 5/14/85

Dr. Crook elected to Texas Historical Foundation Board, SMR 5/11/82

Dr. Crook speaks at Christian Citizenship Seminar in D.C., SMR 3/26/64

Dr. William Crook accepts interim presidency of San Marcos Academy, SMR 7/28/60

Editorial praising growth of San Marcos Baptist Academy under Bill Crook, SMR 9/2/65

Full page letter by Bill Crook on future of San Marcos Baptist Academy, SMR 11/29/62

Government intervenes to assert Crook company may recover losses in Haiti, SMR3/5/76, SMR 4/9/76

Letter to editor on dress code by Bill Crook, SMR 3/4/71

Mary Elizabeth Crook - William J. Lowman engagement announced, SMR 2/24/80

Mary Elizabeth Crook - William J. Lowman wedding held, SMR 4/20/80

Mary Elizabeth Crook ducess at Aquafestival, SMR 8/10/78

Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Crook received Landmark Award from Heritage Assn., SMR 5/12/78

Mrs. W.H. Crook named CROP head, SMR 3/11/76

Mrs. William Crook elected president of League of Women Voters, SMR 6/21/62

Public Library beneficiary of of open house at restored Crook home, SMR 9/20/62

Speech on freedom at South Texas Press Association by Bill Crook, SMR 5/3/62

William Crook dies in Corpus Christi, SMR 10/20/97

William Crook named Ambassador to Australia, SMR 5/30/68

William Crook named Executive Director of Congressional Leadership, SMR 8/6/70



Crook, Eliozabeth, 3/7/90


Best-selling author Elizabeth Crook visits SMHS, SMR 6/16/94

Crook, Lizzie Raborn

Biographical Sketch: L. Crook received bachelor's degree at 60, SMR 6/19/77

Crook, William

Mr. & Mrs. William Crook receive Landmark Awards, SMR 5/12/78

Crook, William H., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


See Historic Markers--Ike Wood House, TTWC


Last year CROP walkers in San Marcos collected about $9,000, SMR 4/29/79

Plans made for CROP walk, SMR 3/4/75

Willing walkers sign up, SMR 4/23/78

Crumley, Mrs. Horace

Mrs. Horace Crumley volunteers to help cancer patients, SMR 4/16/70

Crunk, Florida Ann Owens. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--SMITH, MAX

Crystal River Inn

Crystal River Inn celebrates 10th anniversary as part of Tour, SMR 4/10/94


See Composite Technology Engine Components, TTWC

Cultra, Becky, 6/13/90

Cults, 3/14/90

Cumberland Presbyterian Church. see TTWC CHURCHES


Dedication ceremony for Cummings Memorial Courtyard, SMR 9/14/83

Cummings, James Dell

Biographical sketch of J.D. Cummings, SMR 1/6/77

J.D. Cummings' obituary, SMR 5/28/81

Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Cummings celebrate 60th wedding, SMR 3/3/78

Cunningham, Bill

          Councilman Bill Cunningham listens to the rails to see if the overdue AMTRAK is coming, HCC 2/1/73

Cunningham, John

Hays County Bank named John Cunningham president, SMR 3/31/76


See Biography--Dobie Family, TTWC

Currie, Jackie, 8/26/85

Curry, George

George and Patsy Curry are new workers at Southside, SMR 11/14/63

Cusack, Gabi, 12/13/89



Dailey Family

Article and Book Review on Dr. John Dailey's book, SMR 11/29/81

B. Dailey & Sons Grocery celebrates nearly a half a century, SMR 11/1/35

Basil Dailey is Dean of retail merchants, SMR 11/1/35

Dailey family reunion on Thompson's Island, HCT 7/9/1909

David Dailey holds mounted head of stag killed by grandfather, SMR 5/8/69

David Dailey home awarded Historical Medallion, SMR 8/29/63

David Dailey home scene of Classroom teacher's tea, SMR 12/17/59

David Dailey state modern advertising gets results, SMR 11/1/35

Dr. John J. Dailey wins Flight Safety Award, SMR 11/16/72

Marriage of David Dailey, Jr. & Vicki Martin, SMR 8/28/58

Obituary for Basil L. Dailey, HCC 1/10/74

Obituary for David M. Dailey, Jr., SMR 2/24/72

Obituary for Frances Murchison Dailey, HCC 11/8/73, SAE 11/1/73, SMR 11/8/73

Obituary for Zula Mae Dailey, SMR 1/31/85

Picture Dr. John Dailey & SWT President Robert Hardesty, SMR 12/27/81

Picture: Four generations of Daileys, SMR 11/1/35

Dailey, Basil. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Basil Dailey Home


After 60 years, Hill Dairy of Kyle is closing, HCC 11/12/77

One of first dairy delivery trucks in area was in 1921, SMR 3/28/63

Damon, Caesar Andrew, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Caesar Damon new head of United Fund, SMR 8/3/61

Caesar Damon resigns from Chamber of Commerce Management, SMR 12/21/59

Files for County Commissioner of Precinct One, AA 12/19/59

Obituary for Caesar Damon, SMR 10/31/78

Damron, Debbie

Business & Professional Women's Club names Damron young careerist, HCC 3/17/76

Dams, TTWC

Aerial photograph of Storey-Robinson Dam presented to Rep. Pickle, SMR 4/12/85

C. W. Wimberley looks at Buchanan Dam, HCC 7/16/77

Canoeist survives half hour trapped under Cummings Dam, HCC 5/7/77

Canyon Dam, 8/27/89, TTWC

City Council to conduct independent appraisals of Rio Vista Dam, SMR 8/20/84

City plans to buy dam at Rio Vista, SMR 6/3/82

Cloptin Dam, TTWC

Clopton Crossing Dam is vetoed, HCC 11/2/72

Clopton's Crossing Dam

Blanco dam plan brings confusion, HCC 12/13/73

Clopton's Crossing Dam meeting Thursday, SMR 5/26/76

Clopton's Crossing Dam survey subject of town meeting, SMR 6/3/76

Clopton's Crossing Dam will cost $106 million, HCC 3/13/75

Clopton's Crossing dam is a popular issue with City Council, SMR 3/11/76

Congressman Jake Pickle dedicates Storey-Robinson dam, SMR 4/12/85

Councilman challenges building of Clopton Crossing dam, SMR 5/7/76

Dams could have cut flood loss by millions, SMR 6/19/81

Dams finally on way, SMR 10/2/81

Dams will stop floods, save water, SMR 5/8/58

Editorial: Dam project cut could bring ire, SMR 4/19/77

Fifth watershed dam, off Lime Kiln Road on Sink Springs Creek, dedicated, SMR 7/14/91

Five Mile Dam, TTWC

Dam near San Marcos to be dedicated, SAE 7/16/31

Flow restored to Five Mile Dam, SMR 1/6/85

Five-Mile Dam site to become a park, HCC 2/1/73

Flood control dams are doing their job, SMR 7/19/85

Flood-control dams lessen flood damage, SMR 6/7/85

Funds near for Upper San Marcos Watershed Project, Rep. Pickle announces, AA–S 5/4/79

Groundbreaking for Purgatory Creek Watershed Dam, SMN 10/27/83

High dam bids to delay project, SMR 9/13/84

Inclement weather forces groundbreaking ceremony for first dam indoors, SMR 10/25/81

Massive Sink Creek watershed dam nearing completion, SMR 5/15/83

New bid for dam approved, SMR 1/31/85

Officials credit Freeman-Williamson dam with preventing flood, SMR 12/13/87

Public Hearings soon on Wimberley dam, SMR 3/9/76

Purgatory Dam is next on list, SMR 8/17/83

Rep. Pickle praises local dam effort in recharging aquifer, SMR 7/14/91

Rio Vista Dam inspected; repairs delayed, SMR 8/7/86

Rio Vista Dam is due another inspection, SMR 10/28/82

Rio Vista Dam owners plan to make repairs, SMR 7/31/86

Rio Vista Dam repairs still stalled a year after purchase, SMR 6/29/86

Rio Vista Dam's history winds through the courts, SMR 10/6/82

San Marcos flood plan may squeeze past test, SMR 4/17/77

San Marcos River, TTWC

Second watershed dam, Storey-Robinson dam on Purgatory Creek, is ready, SMR 4/11/85

Sink Creek dam site is begun, SMR 2/27/85

Sink Creek watershed dam rises from Hill Country rock, SMR 5/30/82

Soil Conservation Service director and County Commissioners visit watershed dam, SMR 11/21/84

Third of five flood control dams is dedicated here, SMR 8/19/86

Third of five flood-control dams is dedicated here, SMR 8/19/86

Third Upper San Marcos watershed dam gets push from Hays, SMR 11/18/84

Watershed dam small but complex, SMR 7/1/84

Watershed land acquisition on target, officials say, SMR 10/11/79

William J. Tucker Dam at Drippings Springs formally dedicated, SMR 2/13/31

Williamson-Freeman dam, first of five dams, is dedicated, SMR 10/25/83

Work continues on the first of five watershed dams, SMR 11/17/82

Work on Staples Dam, SMR 10/26/88

Danforth, Susie, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC 92 DAN

Article by Susie Danforth-- My first Christmas Tree, WM 12/68

Article by Susie Danforth-- My last 3 years in the Wimberley School, WM 3/1/72

Article expressing appreciation for Miss Susie, with interview, WM 9/1/72

Elegy for Miss Susie, SMR 3/15/79

Friends celebrate Miss Susie's 100th at pary at Chapel-in-the-Hills, WV 5/13/76

Miss Susie celebrates 100th birthday, HCC 5/6/76

Miss Susie celebrates 101st birthday, HCC 5/12/77

Miss Susie celebrates 102nd birthday, SMR 5/10/78

Obituary for Susie Danforth, SMR 3/13/79

Poem "Wimberley" by Susie Danforth, WM 9/68

Susie Danforth celebrates 99th birthday, HCC 5/15/75

Wimberley Middle School named for Susie Danforth, WV 12/27/84

Wimberley School Board honors Miss Susie with luncheon on 94th birthday, WM 6/70

Dannelley Family

Linda Crofford Dannelley receives National Award for Achievement, SMR 4/17/69

Dannelley, Stephanie, 9/21/88

Darden Hill School

See Archaeology, TTWC

Daughters of the American Revolution. Captain Thomas Moore Chapter. see TTWC CLUBS

Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Moon-McGehee Chapter. see TTWC CLUBS

Davis, Bradley, 1910-, TTWC/ORAL HISTORY

Day Care

Demand is for qualified, experienced workers, SMR 10/20/66

de la Portilla, Don Felipe. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Don felipe..

Deats, Richard, 3/6/91

Decker Family

C.M. Decker, County Judge, Cowman and Medical Student, SMR 1/22/59

Decker Day scheduled to honor 22 years of service, SMR 2/14/62

Dr. Robert D. Decker new President of Bemidji (MN) State College, SMR 5/16/68

Judge Charles M. Decker, Jr. honored posthumously by Texas State Senate, HCC 2/17/77

Judge Decker announces rural fire truck would be bought by donations, SMR 8/27/59

Mrs. Charles Decker speaks to Baptist Fidelis Class, SMR 9/8/66

Obituary for Judge Charlie Decker, HCC 11/18/76

Obituary for Susie Decker, SMR 1/18/68

Outstanding Senior Citizens-- Judge Charles M. Decker and Minnie Knispel, SMR 6/7/73

Susie Decker (Aunt of C.M. Decker) celebrates 92nd birthday, SMR 10/8/64

Decker family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Decker, Charles

Charles Decker and Minnie Knispel honored as outstanding seniors, SMR 5/24/73

Deeds, TTWC

Delong, Jeff, 10/18/87

Delta Kappa Gamma. see TTWC CLUBS


Dentistry, TTWC

Dentists provide opinions on water fluoridation, SMN 3/1/84

Dentists' wives giving dental instruction in elementary schools, SMR 2/8/78

Dentists' wives provide dental information for new mothers, SMR 1/29/81

Dr. Gene Milligan teaches children dental hygiene, SMR 9/16/84

Dr. Kermit Welch completes renovation of Town Square Building on Hutchison, SMN 9/1/83

Dr. Stanley Ault is new orthodontist in town, SMR 7/22/71

Feature story on Drs. James and Celeste Braden, SMR 11/25/84

February proclaimed as National Children's Dental Health Month, SMR 1/27/81

Local dentists and their wives teach children during Dental Health Week, SMR 2/2/67

San Marcos dental wives host Austin Dental Auxiliary luncheon, SMR 4/14/76

Wives of San Marcos dentists presented proclamation, SMR 1/29/76

Department Stores

Feature on shoe department manager at Penney's, Roy Wilson, SMN 11/1/84

J.C. Penney opens store in San Marcos, KN 3/30/28

New J.C. Penney's opens; 31 years in San Marcos, SMR 7/30/59

Penney's manager, Newman Gibbs, to retire, SMR 7/16/86

Department stores, TTWC

Depressions--1929-, TTWC

Derrick, Leland

Derrick's portrait unveiled by President Billy M. Jones, HCC 6/7/73

Dr. Derrick gets State Education Personnel Development from State Boar, SMR 7/10/69

Dr. Derrick given color sketch of building to be named Derrick Hall, HCC 6/7/73

Dr. Derrick honored at Testamonial Dinner, SMR 11/20/69

Obituary for Dr. Leland Derrick, SMR 1/4/80

Derrick, Leland E., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Description and travel, TTWC

Description--Views, TTWC

Devil's Backbone, TTWC

Delights and dark secrets of Devil's Backbone, SMR 8/11/74

Devil's Backbone Road to be constructed next year, says Manigault, SMN 11/3/37

Deviney, Esther

Esther Deviney has Christmas program to for 21 years, SMR 12/28/67

Diaz Family

Biographical sketch of Johnny Diaz family, SMR 4/22/86

Dickerson, Zell, 3/16/86

Dietert, Mike, 8/16/87

Dillon, Jennifer, 9/7/86

Disaster Relief Plan, TTWC

Dittmars, John, 11/18/90

Dixon family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Dobbins, Edward, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Awarded Alfred P. Sloan MIT School of Management Fellowship, 4/20/67

E. B. Dobbins Auto Agency began as Bike Shop, SMR 9/25/36

Ed and Ava Dobbins married in 1919, still in love, SMN 8/18/83

Ed Dobbins, Sr. celebrates 95th birthdaty-- still active, SMR 1/2/83

Obituary for Ava Dobbins, wife of Ed Dobbins, SMR 12/16/86

Obituary for Edward B. Dobbins, Sr., SMR 2/7/84

Dobie Family

Dudley Dobie, Jr. scores top grades in UT Law Exam, SMR 5/7/64

Dobie family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Dobie, Deborah Galbraith. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--DOBIE FAMILY


Dobie gives talk to historical club, SMR 9/7/72

Dudley Dobie and C.R. Lisanby guest speakers before Rotary Club, SMR 1/13/37


       see also, many columns documenting SWT alumni in the TTWC Southwest Texas State University--Alumni folder.


Dobie, John R. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--John R. Dobie House


Dobson, Stacie

Stacie Dobson is First Runner-Up in Junior Miss, SMR 4/21/88

Dobyns, Stephen, 11/19/86

Dockall, Wallace

Col. Wallace Dockall receives Legion of Merit, SMR 7/30/78

Dodd, Jody, 1/20/88, 2/18/87

Dodgen, Eva

Mrs. Eva Dodgen hosts Crescendo Club, SMR 4/5/73

Dodgen, Mary

Delta Kappa Gammacharter members, Mary Dodgen and Jenny Garth, honored, SMR 3/21/75

Dolezal, Carol

Carol Dolezal to address Art League, SMR 11/4/84

Carol Dolezal's work as children's illustrator, SMN 11/15/84

Heritage Cookbook illustrated by Carol Dolezal, SMR 2/27/81

Dolezal, Carroll, 9/8/85

Doll Museum. see TTWC/Millie Seaton Doll Museum

Donaghe, Ronald, 2/28/90

Donalson, Albert. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Donalson, George W.


Donalson, George W., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Doris Miller Jr. High. See TTWC--Schools--Miller

Dorsey family, 3/6/86

Dorsey, Carol

Carol Dorsey is first local entry ever to win Miss Chilympiad title, SMR 9/18/83

Carol Dorsey is Junior Miss, SMR 11/18/80

Carol Dorsey to represent San Marcos in pageant, SMR 1/20/81

Dorsey, Dee Anna

Dee Anna Dorsey manages to stay busy, SMR 10/18/73

Doyle, Curley

Curley Doyle builds houses for purple martins, SMR 3/27/77

Obituary, SMDR 1/27/83

Driftwood, TTWC

A hundred years of history has left mark on Driftwood's heritage, HCC 4/30/62

Assembly of God 20th annual revival, SMR 8/18/66

Brief Driftwood Community history, KN 4/13/28

Christian Wilhelm family one of first at Driftwood, SMR 9/25/36

Darden Hill Ranch: 20 good years of helping youngster find themselves, SMR 9/3/93

Darden Hill: school provides home, help for troubled boys, OCFP 3/7/80

Dinner in Driftwood: Potluck meal has united folks for 53 years, SMR 12/11/99

Driftwood church nearing 100, SMR 3/18/84

Driftwood is home for Wimberley Valley Winery, SMR 5/5/85

Driftwood store a place for people, SMR 2/85

Driftwood store a place people, SMR 2/17/85

Driftwood's postmaster may be town's last, HCC 3/25/76

Driftwood: a step back in time, SMR 3/3/85

Itinerant peddlers welcomed in Driftwood, WM 10/70

Martin Oldham Rogers, noted Driftwood rancher, dies at 75, SMR 2/13/75

Old Rogers home, HCC 2/18/71

Progress Club has social evening Driftwood Center, SMR 3/7/63

Unique treatment successful at Darden Hill Ranch School, HCC 2/10/77

Weldon Merchant, a master craftsman in Driftwood, WV 5/27/76

Driftwood Church. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Dripping Springs, TTWC

Angora goats in Dripping Springs, SMR 3/27/77

Career Education problems in Dripping Springs, SMR 11/9/72

County Commissioners, property association at odds over lot splitting, SMR 7/31/86

Dripping Springs Academy had its day, SMR 4/20/80

Dripping Springs aging forum is set, SMR 8/20/80

Dripping Springs has old-time charm, SMR 4/13/80

Dripping Springs history, KN 4/13/28

Dripping Springs ISD asks new pupils to contact school, AA–S 8/2/84

Dripping Springs launches 'Worker Week,' SMR 3/9/84

Dripping Springs school slate wins, SMR 4/8/73

Dripping Springs' Rose Duvall meets Tip O'Neill, SMR 12/13/81

Early Dripping Springs was church, school town, SMR 9/20/62

Hill Country Senior Citizens mark first year, SMR 11/5/77

Hill Country seniors dedicate new activity center, OCFP 4/4/80

Hill Country seniors hold old time fair, OCFP 5/8/80

Larry Peel, owner of Freestone Ranch in Dripping Springs, is honored, SMR 6/15/88

Les Simon's home uses telephone poles, SMR 3/20/77

Mrs. Georgia Cavett recollects history of Dripping Springs, SMR 9/20/62

Pioneer party, SMR 9/24/81

Rugged pioneers town of Dripping Springs, SMR 9/26/30

School districts bury the legal hatchet, SMR 12/20/81

Small town newspaper war fueled by personal feud, AA–S 7/12/90

William J. Tucker Dam at Drippings Springs formally dedicated, SMR 2/13/31

Dripping Springs Academy

See Historic Markers--Dripping Springs Academy, TTWC

Dripping Springs United Methodist Church. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Driskill family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Drugstores, TTWC

Advertisement for Thompson's Pharmacy, SMR 3/26/64

C.T. Bass pioneered drug business here; founded store in 1887, SMR 9/25/36

Miller's Drugs takes a lot of memories to new location, HCC 5/24/73

Some memories of old San Marcos, SMR 5/17/87

Duaine, Carl L. Dead Men Wore Boots, TTWC

Dubose, Paul and Patricia, 6/11/89

Dudgeon, Susie Montgomery (Mrs. H.B.). See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--MONTGOMERY FAMILY

Dugger family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Duke, Dr.Red, 4/25/85

Dunbar Recreation Center

Dunbar Recreation Center named after poet Paul Dunbar, SMR 1/10/82

Things are jumping at Dunbar, SMR 12/7/75

Dunbar School. see SCHOOLS

See also Historic Markers--Dunbar School, TTWC


Dunn, Dennis, 3/10/91, 4/20/86, 9/30/87, 10/27/85, 10/31/82, 12/17/86

Dupont, Ann, 2/2/86


Dvorak, Lisa

Sertoma Club presents award to Lisa Dvorak, SMR 6/26/86


Earl childhood Intervention Program, 11/16/86


Earnest, Joseph W. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Joseph W. Earnest House

Earnest-Rylander House. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Joseph W. Earnest House

Earney, Michael, 9/30/87

East End School. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Eastern Star

See Free Masons, TTWC


Ebenezer Lutheran Church. See TTWC--Churches--Lutheran--Ebenezer

Eberspacher, Nelson and Marge, 12/22/85


Economic conditions, TTWC

Edgell, John, 4/21/85

Edgell, John and Johnny, 6/11/89, 12/7/88, 12/7/88

Edwards Aquifer

Action vowed against catfish farm, SAE 8/21/91

Aquifer 'compromise' bill expected to clear Legislature today, SMR 5/30/93

Aquifer committee fails to agree on management plan, SMN 1/10/91

Aquifer committee to consider conservation plan, SMR 1/6/91

Aquifer conspiracy alleged by Agriculture Commissioner, Rick Perry, SAE 9/16/92

Aquifer faucet needs tightening, locals say, SMR 8/14/88

Aquifer lawsuit to be heard here, SMR 8/13/91

Aquifer level puts springs in jeopardy, AA–S 6/20/90

Aquifer likely to break record by dawn today, SAE 5/28/92

Aquifer mediator selected, SMR 9/2/90

Aquifer plan calls for mandatory water restrictions, AA–S 7/3/90

Aquifer plan needs state ok, NBHZ 11/6/90

Aquifer plan ready if mediation fails, SMR 12/9/90

Aquifer protection considered, SMR 9/11/86

Aquifer protection efforts get local support, SMR 4/9/89

Aquifer protection sought, SMR 2/21/89

Aquifer recharge zone debated, SMR 3/13/81

Aquifer restrictions loom, SAE 4/15/92

Aquifer rivals discuss management plan during conference, AA–S 11/27/91

Aquifer rules mean pay more or use less, SAE 8/30/92

Aquifer springs to new height, SAE 5/29/92

Aquifer still falling: mandatory raitioning nears, SMN 6/21/90

Aquifer studies urged, SAE 9/8/90

Aquifer talks resume today, SAE 1/3/92

Aquifer use plan deadline is Feb. 4, SAE 11/25/91

Aquifer watchers warn that rainfall hasn't solved problem, SMR 2/7/91

Aquifer well tests locate saline water, SMR 7/4/90

Aquifer's future debated by San Marcos and five-county representatives, SMN 9/20/90

Aquifer: Counties target San Antonio, SMR 2/27/90

Aquifer: Crude pipeline route decision is still on hold, SMR 2/25/87

Aquifer: Not too many understand how unique it is, SMR 9/26/93

Aquifer: Pollution worries cause friction, SMR 2/28/82

Aquifer: Use management may be needed, SMR 2/28/90

Area water levels decline, HCC 3/25/76

Article on Aquifer, River and water shortages, SMR 9/2/90

Attorney General Morales sues feds over aquifer, SAE 9/15/92

Austin mayor, Bruce Todd, may serve as aquifer talks mediator, SMR 11/7/91

Bacteria able to help mop up contaminated water, SMR 6/24/90

Bad water may be closer to springs than expected, SMR 7/22/90

Billy Moore writes water conservation, economic development can work, SMR 7/17/90

Builder cancels land deal in Hays, AA–S 9/17/99

Citizens test water quality, SMN 8/9/90

City adopts new water plan, SMN 7/12/90

City against change in Edwards Aquifer order, HCC 3/3/77, SMR 3/1/77

City beefs up aquifer protection in changes, SMN 1/17/85

City buys maps, report to determine development areas, SMN 4/9/85

City expected to back aquifer legislation, SMR 3/26/89

City faces tough decision on whether to join aquifer suit, SMR 5/22/91

City Hall site of May aquifer public hearing, SMN 10/16/84

City joins battle over the aquifer, SMR 12/27/84

City officials urging early water conservation efforts, SMR 4/21/91

City opposes move to exclude aquifers from control of state, SMR 5/24/91

City ready with new water plan, SMR 6/20/90

City seeks EUWD study funds, SMR 10/25/90

City still conserving water, SMN 7/19/90

City takes stand on aquifer protection, SMR 4/26/91

City to lift water restrictions, SMR 9/19/90

City to use funds in aquifer suit, SMN 7/5/90

City wants Canyon water bill help, SMR 3/31/91

Comal and San Marcos Springs will be protected by Endanged Species Act, SMN 7/5/90

Conservation kits offered for free, SMN 8/23/84

Could the well run dry?, AA–S 4/30/95

Counties will vote on EUWD status, SMR 12/15/88

Critical river habitat idea draws opposition, SMR 5/13/80

Dam at Clopton's Crossing debated, HCC 3/11/76

Drought management plan, SMN 8/2/90

Drought: Water woes on the horizon, SMR 2/15/90

Dry conditions create Hays County fire threat, SMR 6/22/90

Edwards Aquifer district adopts emergency conservation plans, AA–S 8/29/91

Edwards aquifer is not river, state judge rules, SAE 9/15/92

Edwards Aquifer level rises after catfish farm turns off wells, AA–S 11/26/91

Edwards Aquifer studied by SWT biology team, SMR 7/14/74

Edwards director claims building of Clopton dam up to county residents, SMR 3/4/76

Edwards directors hope to adopt Birdwell plan today, SMR 7/11/90

Edwards mediation efforts run dry, SMR 3/13/91

Engineers seek ways to plug leaky bucket water supply, SAE 1/25/63

EUWD adopts reduction measures, SMN 7/26/90

EUWD approves water transfer to San Marcos MUDs, SMR 7/16/86

EUWD board delays discussion of new plan, NBHZ 7/11/90

EUWD board votes to intervene in Sierra Club lawsuit, NBHZ 9/29/91

EUWD directors ratify emergency rules, NBHZ 7/12/90

EUWD directors unanimously adopt new conservation rules, SMR 7/11/90

EUWD drought planning continues, SMR 5/28/92

EUWD planning to keep water restrictions in place, SMR 8/7/90

EUWD researchers begin testing groundwater, SMR 6/24/90

EUWD urges conservation, SMR 6/27/84

EUWD votes to join Sierra Club lawsuit, SMR 9/29/91

EUWD wants city to help pay for test wells, SMR 6/3/90

Extensive pumping could deplete aquifer, SMN 5/31/90

Farmers discuss water with panel, NBHZ 8/1/90

Federal judge orders aquifer war to tril, SAE 9/30/92

GBRA initiates study aimed at developing water systems, NBHZ 7/12/90

GBRA ready to join aquifer lawsuit, SMR 5/17/91

Good water, bad water link sought, SMR 6/22/90

Groundwater contamination concerns League of Women Voters, SMR 4/10/91

Hays leaders praise state water policy, SMR 11/6/91

Hays, other counties set for battle over Edwards Aquifer, SMR 1/7/77

Hearing on aquifer set for Thursday, SMR 9/12/90

Larry Gilley announces mandatory rationing, SMN 6/28/90

Letter from EUWD director on 'Bad' water areas, SMN 8/2/90

Local hatcheries keep eye on water, SMR 9/22/91

Low aquifer called threat to flora, fauna, AA–S 2/27/90

Mandatory restrictions needed, SMN 6/21/90

Mandatory water restrictions, SMR 6/26/90

Mayor Kathy Morris congratulates town on water conservation efforts, SMN 7/12/90

Mayor Kathy Morris urges support for aquifer legislation, SMN 4/6/89

Mayor seeks voluntary water conservation, SMR 5/30/91

Meetings on Texas Water Plan scheduled for August 22 in San Antonio, SAE 8/12/90

Members of Friends of Rivers suggest pumping reduction, NBHZ 9/14/90

New map shows water movement within aquifers, SMR 9/16/90

Old Texas battles New in struggle over aquifer, SAE 4/27/92

OUr hidden lake is losing water, SAE 1/24/59

Pact to protect areas of recharge zone ok'd, SAE 1/15/92

Pipeline hearing Monday to address route alternatives, SMR 8/22/86

Plan for aquifer needs teeth, SMR 9/14/90

Plan to control use of aquifer rejected, SAE 4/12/92

Pollution threatens subterranean waters, SMR 6/27/68

Potential for pollution of Edwards Aquifer may be endless problem, SMR 12/26/90

Protestors fight pipeline, SMR 12/11/85

Public Notice by Edwards Underground Water District on restrictions, SMR 7/15/90

Rain eases threat of drought, AA–S 7/17/90

Regional negotioations about aquifer beginning again, SMR 11/28/91

Rep. Pickle voices protest against All American Pipeline, SMR 1/5/86

Residents reduce water usage over past two years, SMN 9/13/90

Restrictions expected, SMR 6/20/90

River agency blasts water compromise, SAE 7/1/92

San Antonio water rationed for first time since 1950s, HC 7/16/90

San Marcos follows EUWD lead in easing water restrictions, SMR 7/25/90

San Marcos getting tougher on aquifer rules, SMR 12/18/90

San marcos orders rationing as aquifer drops, AA–S 8/6/91

San Marcos River at normal flow, SMN 7/19/90

San Marcos, New Braunfels join Sierra Club lawsuit, AA–S 10/2/91, SMR 10/1/91

San Marcos, New Braunfels may file suit under Endanged Species Act, SAE 3/31/90

Sierra Club aquifer demands seen fueling loss of jobs in San Antonio, SAE 11/20/92

Sierra Club lawsuit gets court date of Dec. 23rd, NBHZ 8/29/91

SMR editorial on Sierra Club lawsuit, SMR 10/3/91

Speakers ask 58 questions about pipeline on aquifer, WV 8/14/86

Special committee stops short of dictating conservation plan, SMR 1/8/91

Special legislative committee studying aquifer plan, NBHZ 12/7/90

Spring flow loss could cost area millions, SMR 10/16/90

Springs dwindle, authorities dawdle, AA–S 7/16/96

Stage II mandatory water conservation measures go into effect, SMR 7/8/90

Stage II San Marcos Water Conservation Rules, SMR 7/10/90

State gives approval to limits on aquifer, SAE 9/10/92

State joins GBRA in aquifer lawsuit, SGE 10/4/91

State Rep. Don Rains worried about water supply, SMR 4/12/81

Strict new aquifer plan gets approval, SMR 7/3/90

Stricter water saving plan starts today, SMR 7/8/90

Support for aquifer legislation is needed for area residents, SMN 4/13/89

Support lacking on aquifer management change, SAE 2/27/90

SWT moving to mandatory water rules, SMR 6/21/90, SMR 6/22/90

SWT's Jerome Supple adopts mandatory water plan for university, SMN 6/28/90

Texas Water Commission backs 64% cut in water used by catfish farm, SAE 5/2/92

Texas Water Commission chairman defends action on aquifer, SAE 5/2/92

Texas Water Commission proposes limits on pumping, AA–S 8/27/92

Texas Water Commission says aquifer is river; takes control, SMR 4/16/92

Texas Water Commission says enforce water conservation rules, SMR 7/15/90

Texas Water Commission takes control of aquifer, SMR 4/15/92

Texas Water Development Board backs projects to reuse water, NBHZ 12/5/90

Third vote due on watershed ordinance, NBHZ 11/25/90

Thoughts on water conservation, by Susan Hanson, SMR 7/13/90

U.S. Fish and Wildlife service calling for tougher rules, SMR 7/10/90

U.S. wildlife officials criticize state's aquifer plan as too lax, AA–S 4/1/92

Water and politics butt heads Mondy, SMR 7/1/90

Water board considers special developer fees for conservation, SMR 7/10/91

Water board joins suit against U.S.; control of Aquifer at issue, AA–S 10/18/91

Water board to discuss aquifer move, SAE 5/12/92

Water Commission adopts hazardous waste restrictions, AA–S 10/3/91

Water conservation is the name of the game, SMR 6/21/90

Water conservation works, SMR 9/11/90

Water district to be created, SAE 1/13/57

Water nears '87 record, SMR 5/27/92

Water panel to draft plan on aquifer if others won't, AA–S 11/6/91

Water police on patrol, SMR 6/27/90

Water proposal rebutted, SAE 1/25/92

Water quality problems demand a regional solution, AA–S 10/4/91

Water quantity, quality probed, SMR 2/26/76

Water rationing measures feared, SAE 2/14/90

Water re-use project funds sought by SWT, SMR 9/14/90

Water supply here probed, SMR 1/9/81

Water war historic, experts say, SAE 4/26/92

Watersheds plans take center stage for next three days, AA–S 10/3/91

What's fuss about the Edwards Underground Water Basin?, SMR 6/15/56

Xeriscape conference scheduled for next week, SMR 1/6/91

Year-round water conservation approved by city council, SMR 8/30/91

Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center, TTWC

Edwards Underground Water District, TTWC


Eiben, Loretta

Loretta Eiben is named Outstanding Teacher by Lions, SMR 3/22/92

El Buen Pastor. see TTWC CHURCHES

Elder, Jack, 2/5/87


Hays County, TTWC

Candidate announcements, HCT 6/26/86

Charles R. Ramsey seeks reelection as County Attorney, SMR 1/11/68

City, County contests set, SMR 3/9/82

County politicos face little opposition, SMR 1/20/82

County Primary Election Returns, SMR 7/29/32

Election '78, SMR 3/31/78

Election judges for 1937 named by Hays Court, SMR 2/9/37

Good government league, directors named, SMR 9/3/63

Hays County Voters follow national trend, SMR 11/9/72

Heavy vote in primary elections, SMR 5/7/64

How Hays County voted in local contested races, SMR 5/7/64

League probes thoughts of local candidates, SMR 4/20/78

Local Republicans try to improve fortunes, SMR 9/19/74

LWV polls candidates, SMR 11/2/80

Punching out new ballots can be fun, SMR 10/15/78

Tax Officials fear politics will take over, SMR 9/27/79

Vote count chaos, SMR 11/7/84

Voting results in 19th-century elections, SMR 8/1/30

San Marcos, TTWC

12,000 eligible to vote in San Marcos council election, SMN 3/27/75

62 names added to recall request, SMN 2/2/73

Arredondo in, votes checked, SMR 5/8/77

Attorney says judge's order out of place, SMR 5/5/77

Berry James takes every precinct, SMR 5/8/79

Big ballot scares city, SMR 1/26/77

Bill Coddington writes about propositions and bonds, SMR 4/19/92

Blue Ribbon committee coming back for bond issues, SMR 3/3/92

Bond election highlilghts big Saturday vote, SMN 4/5/84

Bond push; Blue Ribbon Committee kicking into high gear, SMR 4/3/92

Bond success 'much-needed,' SMN 4/12/84

Candidate Larry Pool explains his platform, SMN 3/11/76

Candidates brace for big turnout, HCC 4/1/77

Candidates tell concerns at GGL Forum, SMN 3/5/76

Changes in charter will be on ballots, SMR 12/19/78

Charter amendments inflate San Marcos ballot, HCC 3/31/77

Citizen endorsements in 1977 election, SMR 3/31/77

City calls for annual spring elections, SMR 1/25/77

City committee fields May 2 Bond questions, SMR 4/9/92

City Council Candidates seeking votes, SMR 3/29/85

City Secretary Doriss Hambrick inspects voting machines, SMR 4/6/79

City seeks to dissolve restraining order, HCC 5/6/77

City, school candidates file for April 5 elections, AA–S 3/7/80

City, school district describe spring Joint Election plans, SMN 2/19/76

Community Center among Bond proposals for May election, SMR 2/12/92

Contenders reflect on campaign and future, SMR 5/8/90

Council cuts back charter changes, HCC 1/20/77

Council race creates run-off, SMR 12/28/73

Direct mayoral election gets high priority spot, SMR 11/2/78

District Judge Jacks lifts order on election, SMR 5/6/77

Editorial commentary on elections, HCC 4/7/77

Editorial on joint elections, SMN 1/25/76

Editorial: Let's sling facts not political mud, SMR 5/6/77

Election challenged, judge sets hearing, SMR 5/3/77

Election complaint up to state now, SMR 5/12/77

Election issues hidden, SMR 4/29/77

Election lawsuit dropped, HCC 5/12/77, SMR 5/11/77

Election recount is called, SMR 4/9/85

Eligibility of jailed Hays incumbent, Rafael Gonzales, questioned, SMR 1/11/92

Expenditures vary in city campaign, HCC 3/31/77

Frank Arredondo asks home question be put on ballot, SMN 2/5/76

Gilley says Bond for activity center would help youth, SMR 3/1/92

Hard work, anti-GGL sentiment give newcomer Frank Arredondo win, SMN 4/3/75

Joint city-school district election proposed for April, SMN 1/22/76

Kathy Morris says she wants to continue progress as mayor, SMR 4/26/92

Letter to editor states River Road deserves bond funds, SMR 4/2?/92

Lettters to editor on Activity Center bond election, SMR 4/1/92

Local candidates quizzed, SMR 3/27/77

Local candidates wooing voters with promises, SMR 3/16/79

Low interest rates may help reduce city bond costs, SMR 4/7/92

LWV Voters Guide, SMN 3/21/76, SMN 4/19/88, SMR 3/28/68, SMR 3/31/85

May charter amendments to include council compensation, SMR 2/13/92

Mayor: Contenders reflect on campaign and future, SMR 5/8/90

Officials look at cost of bonds in May elections, SMR 3/29/92

Performing Arts Association endorses Activity Center bond, SMR 4/26/92

Pictures of candidates for 1980 election, SMR 3/16/80

Post-election notes, quotes reflect few big surprises evident, SMN 3/21/84

Propositions 1 and 3 deal with streets and hangars, SMR 4/5/92

Recall election set, SMN 2/8/73

San Marcos citizens groups hesitant on school bond vote, AA–S 12/16/92

San Marcos school board may settle discrimination lawsuit, AA–S 9/21/92

San Marcos voters to face crowded city, school ballots, AA–S 4/27/92

San Marcos votes to retain council, AA 3/7/73, US 3/7/73

Signers of petition for recall, HCC 2/8/73

Town meeting brings out those on both sides of bond issue, SMR 4/24/92

Voters rejects activity center plan, AA–S 5/3/92

Ellic, Houston, 7/29/84

Elliot, Claude, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Ellis, Houston, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Ellis, Houston, 1907-, TTWC––ORAL HISTORY

Ellis, Janet

Opera singer Janet Ellis tours extensively, SMN 6/28/84

Ellis, Janette

Janette Ellis accepted at Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria, SMR 4/18/80

Ellis, Robert R., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Emergency Medical Service

City, Hays leaders seek peaceful solution to EMS battle, SMR 8/15/82

EMS: Retaining top quality crucial, SMR 10/24/82

On call: San Marcos EMS stands ready to respond, SMR 5/22/94

Emergency Youth Shelter

Youth Shelter director, Rose Penzerro, listens before she talks, SMR 2/1/87

Emerson, John, 8/11/91


Emery, William, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Benefits of Wild rice described by Dr. William Emery, SMR 2/20/77

Wild Rice has friend, SMR 2/20/77


Biologists targeting endangered species, SMR 7/6/90

Ezell's Cave holds treasure in Texas Blind Salamander, SMR 6/25/70

Fate of fountain darter and San Marcos salamander send crucial message, SMR 7/6/90

Engel, Jonathan, 1/25/89



Essays, TTWC

Etheredge, Eddy

Etheredge new mayor, SMR? 4/12/73

European War, 1914-1918, TTWC

Evans family (C.E.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Evans, Cecil Eugene. See TTWC--92 EVA

Evening and continuation schools, TTWC

Exhibitions, TTWC

Giant whale to be exhibited here on Transcontinental Tour, SMR 10/27/30

Ezell's Cave, TTWC––EZELL'S CAVE

Ezell's Cave description in Congressional Record, SMR 8/1/68

Ezell's Cave holds treasure for Biologists in Texas Blind Salamander, SMR 6/25/70

Ezell's Cave holds treasure for biologists in Texas Blind Salamander, SMR 6/25/70

Ezell's Cave Management Group receives award, SMR 6/29/88

Ezell's Cave owners getting tough with trespassers, SMR 3/4/84

Ezell's Cave to be designated as registered natural landmark, SMR 10/31/75

Feature writer explores Ezell Cave; boat found in underground stream, SMR 5/17/62

Greenberry Ezell, cave finder, left money in them thar hillls, SMR 1/18/68

Mammoth Subterranean Lake discovered, HCT 4/14/1893

Plaque presented to John Galley for purchase of historic cave, HCC 11/13/75

SWT cave men drop through birds and cloud into hole, SMR 1/29/70

That hole in the ground, HCT 5/5/1893

The new cave, HCT 3/30/1894

Underground life of Ezell's Cave protected by Nature Conservancy, SMR 1/11/68



Fallis, Madolyn

SWT's Swearingen Organ due official blast, SMR 2/26/78

Family Planning, 11/7/90

Family Records (unidentified family group photos), TTWC

Fanning, Albert J.

Albert J. Fanning crafts wooden birds, SMR 9/1/74

Farm life, TTWC

Farmer, James, 11/14/89

Farmer, Robert, 6/11/85

Farmers Union Gin Co. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Feltner Family

Feltner Coca-Cola Bottling company changes hands, SMR 2/18/71

Feltner family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

A.C. Feltner photo with horse-drawn delivery wagons, SMR 2/18/71

Feltner, Fred

Fred Feltner elected president of Optimist Club, SMR 5/20/65

Fenhagen, Leila, 10/18/87

Fentress, TTWC

Dorothy Barber, former columnist, reflects on 66-year residency in area, SMR 12/15/91

Fentress known for Big Resort, SMR 9/20/62

Fentress United Methodist church sets sunrise service, SMR 3/30/83

Friends of Mrs. R. L. Smith help celebrate birthday, SMR 10/31/63

Ferguson, Charlotte Barkley. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BROWN, O.T.

Festervan family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Field, Edith, 10/23/83

Field, Edith Swenson, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Finker, Richard, 2/28/90


Finlay, Gladys

Gladys Finlay keeps exotic animals in 'at-home' zoo, SMN 8/4/83


Fire Department

$150,000 damage in fire at Elliott dorm at SWT, US 4/14/77

60 year-old tombstone of Jack the Firedog destroyed by vandals, SMN 6/24/84

75 years of San Marcos Fire Department history, SMR 10/8/59

Administrative review filed, SMR 3/1/83

Bill Davis rides 'Ol' Betsy,' 1926 La France fire engine, SMR 1/17/82

Blaze chars local acres, SMR 3/21/80

Brush fire trucks to aid protection, HCC 5/27/76, SMR 5/27/76

C.L. Haynes Appreciation Day, SMR 9/5/68

C.L. Haynes has new fire station named after him, SMR 9/5/68

Chief Haynes celebrates 80th birthday, SMR 4/15/77

Chief Haynes honored, SMR 9/12/68

Chief Lewis Haynes dies of burns from house fire, SMR 12/28/82, SMR 12/29/82

Chief Lewis Haynes still at helm after 43 years in Fire Department, SMR 10/8/59

City beefs up fire and police protection, SMR 2/27/77

City fire trucks now painted yellow, SMR 9/11/77

City Manager claims ordinance could cause fire insurance rate increase, SMR 4/14/77

City, County can't agree on fire service costs, SMR 6/15/79

City, county seek accord on fire protection, SMR 10/10/82

Collective bargaining sought by firefighters, SMR 1/29/75

Constant turnover in Fire Department expensive for city, SMR 2/10/80

Council ponders suit behind closed doors, SMR 10/3/74

County stalling decision on fire protection deal, SMR 8/14/79

County support for firefighting is questioned, SMR 1/6/77

County to decide on County Rural Fire District, SMR 8/20/59

Dan O'Leary douses flame in Tourist Motel sign, SMR 6/6/80

Dismissed firemen to appeal firing, SMR 6/26/74

Douglas Bales heads volunteer fire fighters for 12th year, SMR 10/8/59

Emergency: Agencies do best to prepare for worst, SMR 3/3/85

Feature article on fire fighter Myra Derkacz, SMR 9/14/77

Feature article on history of Fire Department, SMR 5/16/76

Feature article on San Marcos Fire Department, SMR 12/9/73

Feature article on volunteer fire fighters in San Marcos, SMR 1/75

Feature on Fire Department operations and duties, SMR 10/3/82

Feature on Mike Kiefer of Fire Department, SMR 10/16/86

Federal hearing on San Marcos firemen postponed, SMR 6/26/74

Fire Chief, Tommy Ragsdale, resigns, SMR 9/21/79

Fire contract deal reached, SMR 8/28/79

Fire Department celebrates 100th birthday, SMR 4/19/81

Fire Department forms specialized diving team, SMR 9/4/75

Fire Department gas-buying is no conflict of interest, SMR 7/4/74

Fire Department is always ready for rescue efforts, SMR 3/27/85

Fire Department saving money by training own fire fighters, AA 3/16/77

Fire fighters give toddlers lesson in fire safety, SMR 4/10/85

Fire fighters model new uniforms, SMR 10/29/75

Fire fighters rev up for Splash Day, SMR 8/25/92

Fire fighters sharing tips on prevention, SMR 10/9/91

Fire fighters under fire for fund raising project, SMR 11/2/75

Fire fighters update equipment, HCC 8/12/76

Fire Fighting Academy to be established in San Marcos, SMR 1/9/77

Fire marshal Jack Major offers suggestions, SMR 10/9/75

Fire prevention urged by city, SMR 10/8/78

Fire Prevention Week slated, SMR 10/6/85

Fire protection dispute places county in a hot seat, SMR 9/28/82

Fire record to save city insurance funds, SMR 1/23/81

Fire Station burns on July 14, 1914, SMR 2/28/36

Fire Station funds ok, SMR 1/16/79

Fire substation off Broadway Street nears completion, SMR 7/7/82

Fire training academy graduates five, SMR 2/18/79

Firefighter Jay Horton likes the challenge, SMR 1/9/83

Firefighter, John Hudson, takes leave after home burns, shots fired, SMR 11/21/76

Firefighters, city reach compromise, SMR 11/7/74

Fireman John Hudson to quit, SMR 11/23/76

Firemen eye anniversary; 1200 due in San Marcos, HCC 10/8/59

Firemen have trouble with their own fire, SMR 2/27/77

Firemen here Sunday for semi-annual meeting, SMR 10/8/59

Firemen practicing for races at Austin, SMN 5/4/32

First fire fighter academy class welcomed, HCC 1/20/77

Fitness training ignites Fire Department crews, SMR 8/23/92

Historical overview (with photos) of San Marcos Fire Department, SMR 10/8/59

History of Old Fire Station, SMR 9/30/84

Jaws of life displayed, SMR 2/21/80

Letter to editor by Hugh Cliett, critical of Fire Department, SMR 2/17/85

Local fire fighters compete in DuPont Challenge, SMR 9/1/92

Mayor Emmie Craddock presents fire house dedication plaque, SMR 3/27/83

Mayor Herb Yarbrough presents plaque to Fire Chief Lou Haynes, SMR 1/13/72

Myra Derkacz helps put out railroad fire, SMR 4/12/79

Myra Derkacz is first female fire fighter on the force, SMR 9/9/77

New fire marshal quits, changes mind, SMR 2/19/76

New fire truck arrives, SMR 5/23/76

New officers elected to Volunteer Fire Department, SMR 1/7/78

New Volunteer Fire Department officers elected, SMR 1/7/77

New volunteer program may ease city firefighter pinch, SMR 7/3/86

Obstacles on N. LBJ hinder fire protection at SWT, SMN 4/14/83

Old Faithful--1914 fire truck restored and ready to go, SMR 2/8/46

Old Fire Bell removed from perch above City Hall, SMR 2/1/73

Old Fire Station (and Old City Hall) falls into caring hands, SMR 9/30/84

Old Fire Station falls into caring hands, SMR 9/30/84

Oscar Carpenter named fire marshal--civil defense coordinator, SMR 6/14/78

Pay petition here could force vote, SMR 6/29/80

Photograph of late 19th-century Fire Department, SMR 10/8/59

Picture of fire chief's car from 1915, HCC 7/31/74

Picture of Fire Department float from 1899, SMR 10/19/67

Picture of graduating class of second firefighters' academy, SMR 1/13/78

Picture of old 1926 La France fire truck and new officers, SMR 1/14/81

Picture of Volunteer fire fighters, SMR 1/12/67

Pictures of fire fighters practicing, SMR 1/12/79

Police salary increase questioned by firemen, SMN 5/3/84

Probe into arson at old Coca-Cola Building continues, SMR 5/4/94

Prospective firefighters test for slots in San Marcos, SMR 9/26/76

Restoration of 1926 American LaFrance Fire Truck, SMR 2/25/81

Robert Taylor is new fire marshal, SMR 1/16/87

Same slate of officers head volunteer firemen, SMR 1/5/61

San Marcos fire codes due update, SMR 12/25/84

San Marcos Fire Department celebrates 100th Birthday Tuesday, SMR 4/19/81

San Marcos Fire Department donates $50 to Women's Shelter, SMN 3/12/80

San Marcos Fire Department history shows colorful, unusual past, SMR 10/8/59

San Marcos Fire Department is 100 years old, SMR 4/21/81

San Marcos firefighters want parity with Police, SMR 6/10/80

San Marcos Firemen organized in 184, HCC 10/8/59

San Marcos gets Hays county fire funds, AA–S 8/28/79

San Marcos prepares for disaster, SMR 3/10/88

South Hays County Volunteer Fire Department soon to be real, SMR 5/1/83

South Hays County Volunteer Firemen end year with banquet, SMN 12/26/84

Steve Van Buren restores vintage 1928 Rio fire truck, SMR 5/30/82

Swift water training for fire fighter rescue, SMR 5/8/94

The Chief, Lewis Haynes, was always on front line, SMR 12/16/82

Three San Marcos fire fighters training at Texas A&M, SMR 4/15/76

Todd Derkacz and others sworn in as fire fighters, SMR 3/18/77

Training academy graduation set to certify new fire fighters, US 3/22/77

Tribute to Jack, Fire Department mascot, HCC 7/31/74

Vintage 1956 fire truck overhauled by the city, SMR 4/11/76

Volunteer extinguishers still chasing fire trucks, SMR 1/19/75

Volunteer fire fighters call it quits, SMR 10/22/85

Volunteer firefighters celebrate annual banquet, SMR 1/15/82

Volunteers upset with city, SMR 10/82

William 'Bill' Davis of Volunteer Fire Department honored by city, SMR 2/23/82

Wimberley's new fire marshal is Craig Johnson, WV 9/5/85

Woods J. "Woody" Oliver, began career in 1916 with Fire Department, SMR 10/8/59

Woods J. Oliver, 46-year veteran of Fire Department, retires, AA 3/27/63

Wrong numbers keep Fire Department ringing after prefix change, SMR 6/13/80

Fire departments, TTWC

Fire Station Recording Studios

Brief history of recording music at Fire Station, SMR 10/20/91

Doug Sahm and Texas Tornados record at Fire Station, SMR 10/20/91

Lubbock rockers pumpling life into firehouse, SMR 12/22/85

Fires, TTWC

14-year-old saves Grandmother's life, house from burning down, SMR 4/8/65

Arson is blamed in three fires in business district during the night, SMR 4/20/82

Arson suspected in recent blaze at fire fighter's home, SMR 11/16/76

Arsonist sought in grass fires, SMR 8/20/59

Coca Cola plant is total loss, HCC 5/20/76

Coca-Cola Bottling plant is total loss after fire, HCC 5/20/76

Costume Company burns; arson suspect captured, SMR 1/25/89

Early morning fire burns Milton Hughes' Apartments, SMR 6/11/59

Early morning fire routs guest of Crystal River Inn, SMR 11/21/84

Fire at Elliott Hall dorm at SWT damage in thousands, SMR 4/13/77

Fire damage at Coca-Cola plant to run $300,000, HCC 5/27/76

Fire fighters battle grass fires, SMR 10/13/78

Fire fighters praised for effort fighting three fires, SMR 4/23/82

Fire fighters put out fire at Luling Highway Dairy Queen, HCC 12/5/74

Fire fighters put out fire in Reuben Meek's hay barn on Center Point road, SMR 5/1/82

Fire guts principal's office at High School, SMR 7/3/77

Fire in SWT utility tunnel stopped, SMR 12/6/88

Fire investigation continues, HCC 11/18/76

Former Pyland home on San Antonio Street burns down, SMR 5/13/71

Jack Major blames fires on human error, SMR 10/5/75

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity on corner of Blanco and Hopkins lost in fire, SMR 3/4/71

Local man dies in fire, SMR 3/4/80

Mensor Corporation picks up the pieces after fire, SMR 2/15/81

Old St. John's Catholic Church burns; heavy damage reported, SMR 7/9/70

Proseed blaze keeps fire fighters busy, SMR 12/8/92

San Marcos Record plant destroyed by fire, HCH 1/23/47

San Marcos suffers rash of grass fires, SMR 2/3/76

Sheriff checks mobile home blaze for arson, SMR 9/23/83

Sparks from train starts fires along tracks, SMR 3/16/80

SWT Fire Inspector McCarty believes Elliott fire caused by cigarettes, SMR 4/21/77

Texas Cafe owners ponder future after blaze, SMR 6/1/88

Two Athletic landmarks burn, SMR 1/30/69

Vandals suspected in blaze at High School, SMR 7/6/77

VFW helps Frank Burleson family whose home was lost in fire, SMR 3/15/73

First Baptist Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

First Baptist Church NBC See Historic Markers--First Baptist Church NBC, TTWC

First Methodist Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

First National Bank. see TTWC BANKS AND BANKING

First Presbyterian Church. see TTWC CHURCHES


An early look at Black bass in San Marcos by O.C. Payne, HCC 1/15/76

Fish hatcheries

See Fish-culture, TTWC

Fish Hatchery. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS-- Old Fish Hatchery Building

A.E. Wood Fish Hatchery is modern masterpiece, AA–S 1/13/89

Brief history of fish hatchery, HCC 1/15/76

Construction starts on state fish hatchery, SMR 11/7/47

Federal fish hatchery title will go to SWT Saturday, SMR 6/10/65

Fish hatchery falls victim to U.S. budget cuts, AA–S 12/1/95

Hatchery getting facelift, SMR 2/27/85

Hatchery strives to produce more, SMR 11/27/86

Hatchery to receive $4.8 million from Texas Legislature for renovations, SMR 1/6/84

Land is leveled for new fish hatchery, SMR 2/27/85

Officials dedicate state-of-the-art fish hatchery, SMR 2/1/89

Old Fish Hatchery Building to celebrate 100th birthday, SMR 9/21/94

Photo of construction progress for new hatchery, SMR 8/11/85

Photographs and story on fish hatchery on McCarty Lane, SMR 6/21/87

Restoration may be salvation for fish hatchery, SMR 3/9/84

Something fishy on McCarty Lane, SMR 7/3/77

Texas hatcheries producing millions, SMR 5/24/90

Fish-culture, TTWC

Fisher Hall. See also Hospitals

Article on Dr. Sterling Fisher, SMR 10/26/38

New Lower Military School at SM Baptist Academy former Coronal Site, SMR 8/30/62

Official Marker dedicated for Fisher Hall Saturday, SMR 5/6/71

See Historic Markers--Old Fisher Hall, TTWC

Fisher, Sterling, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Dr. Sterling Fisher, formerly of Coronal Institute, retires, SMR 10/26/38

Fishing, TTWC

Kids' fishing Rodeo draws more fishermen than fish, SMR 5/19/60

Local inventor, Bob Thomas, markets 'Seahorse Line-Anchor,' SMR 8/21/86





Fitzgerald, Zeb, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Mr. & Mrs. Zeb Fitzgerald receive Landmark Awards, SMR 5/12/78

Fitzpatrick, Shannon

Shannon Fitzpatrick becaomes acquainted with castles, SMR 8/31/78

Five Mile Dam. see TTWC DAMS

Fleming, Bill, 8/3/86

Fleming, David, 11/2/86

Floege, Linda, 8/28/86

Flood Control

Angry landowners gripe about FEMA flood maps, SMR 8/4/92

City anxious to see Blanco River changes, SMR 1/1/88

City considers flood control, SMR 1/4/68

City receives flood warning monitor, SMR 6/26/74

Commissioners to consider changes based on new FEMA maps, SMR 3/22/92

County is right about flood plain maps, but progress is slow, SMR 9/14/77

County may return to old FEMA lines, SMR 8/11/92

County to hire help for fight with FEMA, SMR 12/22/92

Drainage concerns reviewed, SMR 8/25/82

Eddy Etheredge says FEMA map move just a ploy, SMR 12/17/92

Edra Allbright and L.E. Derrick re-elected to Board of Reclamation, HCC 1/18/73

Flood control meets stumbling blocks, SMR 12/11/75

Flood help: Hays County is one 70 counties eligible for federal funds, SMR 1/9/92

Flood map upsets council, SMR 4/30/80

Floodplain maps reduce wet zone, SMR 5/3/80

Hays County and Feds butt heads over flood insurance, SMR 9/8/77

Hays County works to end dispute over flood maps, AA–S 5/12/93

In letter to editor, Nina Pryatel writes that floods prove worth of dams, SMR 1/28/92

Laws create flood election dilemma, HCC 12/11/75

Lime Kiln Road residents demand emergency exit from flooding, SMR 4/13/77

New directors of Upper San Marcos Watershed Reclamation, SMR 1/27/76

Officials say flood control project is making good progress, HCC 3/29/73

Phase IV is up for review, HCC 12/11/75

Plans lag on flood control dams, HCC 11/26/75

Property Rights: FEMA sinks county's flood map appeal, SMR 9/16/92

Public improvements through federal grants lessen floods on Mitchell St., SMR 1/17/80

Rain: emergeny officials keep watch, SMR 12/20/91

Southside suffers under flood threat, SMR 2/27/77

Third anniversary of the San Marcos Flood, SMR 5/15/73

Watershed dam project is afloat, SMR 9/2/81

Watershed funding next step, SMR 8/9/78

Watershed plan approval expected this winter, HCC 6/25/77

Watershed voters decide on dam flooding today, SMR 10/5/78

Wathershed Bond vote Thursday, SMR 10/4/78

Flood control, TTWC

Floods, TTWC

Assessment team cuts estimate for San Marcos' damage, SMR 6/26/81

Blanco River waters still impede motorists at Old Uhland Road, SMR 6/28/81

Capricious Blanco river rises again, HCC 7/19/73

City ponders flood damage, SMR 6/18/81

Constant rains have turned Gravel Street and others into waterways, SMR 2/27/87

Debris cleanup contract goes to Action, Inc., SMR 8/13/70

Editorials on flooding, SMR 5/21/70

Fashion Festival to be held to benefit flood victims, SMR 7/23/70

Five-to-Six-foot wave of destruction, SMR 3/9/72

Flood Board to meet, HCC 11/20/75

Flood disaster housing to end May 20, 1973, SMR 2/8/73

Flood hits hard, SMR 5/21/70

Flood isolates Wimberley, SMR 7/19/73

Flooding here works firemen, SMR 10/26/76

Flooding hits southeastern portion of city, HCC 5/21/77

Gary Air Force Base helicopters used for rescue during floods, SMR 9/19/52

Glenda and Darryl Crittendon drown in Purgatory Creek flood, SMR 5/21/70

Hays County added to flood disaster declaration list, SMR 1/21/92

KCNY Radio provides essential link in time of disaster, SMR 5/21/70

More rains swell rivers, close roads, SMR 1/28/92

Need for flood control emphasized as Purgatory Creek floods S. LBJ Drive, SMR 1/25/68

No casualties reported in San Marcos from flooding, HCC 11/27/74

Photographs of flooding, SMR 5/18/72, SMR 6/7/87, SMR 9/26/52

Plum Creek goes on rampage, SMR 11/28/74

Police, Fire Departments help avert tragedy, SMR 4/22/79

Recurrence of floods avoidable, Rodgers Storey, SMR 9/27/78

San Marcos River crawls from banks, as Purgatory Creek floods, SMR 5/3/57

San Marcos River floods Fentress area, SMR 11/28/74

Small Business Administration making loans to flood victims, SMR 5/21/70

Southside suffers under flood threat, SMR 2/27/77

Storm causes flooding here, SMR 7/27/79

Surprise flooding bloats river, SMR 11/26/85

The Flood of 1970: A History Lesson for the future, SMR 10/1/78

The Flood of 1998, US 10/20/98

The San Marcos Flood of 1970, SAE 5/16/70, SMR 5/21/70

Thunderstorm, tornado strike San Marcos; 100 families evacuated, HCC 5/15/75

Top 10 news stories of 1981 include flooding, SMR 1/3/82

Tornado hits, waters rise in San Marcos, SMR 5/15/75

Travis Elementary staff praised for efforts during flood, SMR 5/21/70

Walter Buckner compares May '70 flood to great flood of 1921, SMR 5/21/70

Wind and rain rip local area as creeks overflow banks, SMR 1/25/68

Flores, Joe

First Mexican Baptist's Joe Flores travels much in his preaching chores, SMR 6/1/56

Flores, Luciano, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Flori, Mary, 5/22/88

Flour and feed trade, TTWC

Flower shows, TTWC

Flowers family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Flowers, Betty Sue, 9/2/90

Flowers, Homer, 6/24/84


Flowers, John Garland. See TTWC--378.764 BAL; TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--FLOWERS FAMILY



Foley, Caroline Brown. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Brown, O.T.


Texas Folklore Soc. collection features essays by Al Lowman and Dick Holland, SMR 9/29/93

Fonteyn, Marsha, 9/4/83

Food Bank, TTWC

Delta Tau Delta donates 1,684 pounds of food to Food Bank, SMR 11/10/91

Department of Human Services provides food, SMR 12/18/86

Feature article on Food Bank Director, Mary Lou Homer, SMR 10/14/86

Food Bank battling local hunger, SMN 5/7/87

Food Bank Board members prepare for Ice Cream Social, SMR 8/3/86

Food Bank is increasing its helpfulness, SMR 8/3/86

Food Bank prepares Christmas baskets for the needy, SMR 12/27/88

Food is sought for Hays migrants, SMR 9/26/82

Fraternities seeking gifts for food bank, SMR 11/7/85

Greek organizations donate food to San Marcos Area Food Bank, SMR 5/3/89

Harvard Researchers to visit Hays County, US 1/28/86

Hunger findings disputed, SMR 1/15/86

Hunger in Hays County, SMR 2/12/86

Interview of Board members at Ice Cream Social, SMR 6/11/87

Letter to the editor by Alma Briggs, Food Bank Board President, SMN 6/16/87

Non Traditional Students Organization donates to Food Bank, SMR 11/30/88

Number of Wimberley's poor a surprise to most, WV 2/19/87

Presbyterian Churches donate over $500 to Food Bank, SMR 4/29/83

Second annual Ice Cream Social, SMR 6/10/87

Students of Jackson Hall at SWT donate to Food Bank, SMR 1/21/86

VISTA volunteers Cliff and Marie Brignall put new life into Food Bank, SMR 9/26/84

Women of St. Mark's Episcopal donate to Food Bank, SMR 3/20/88

Foote, Horton, 2/17/85

Ford, Judy. See TTWC--J 92 FORD

Foreman, Steven, 12/12/90

Fort Street Presbyterian Church

See Churches--Presbyterian--Cumberland, TTWC

Foss, Joe, 5/4/88

Foss, Lukas, 11/11/90

Foster, Michelle

Michelle Foster preparing for state Junior Miss, SMR 7/24/86

Four-H Clubs

See 4-H Clubs, TTWC

Fowler, James, 9/29/85

Fox, Matthew, 2/24/91

Fox, Robert, 5/27/90

Francis, George, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Francis, Margaret Ann Rector. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--FRANCIS, GEORGE


Franklin, Cindy

Franklin named good citizen by Daughters of the American Revolution, SMR 1/27/66


            SMDR 12/18/88

            see also TTWC/MAIN STREET PROGRAM


200 masons attend zone meet from 51 Centex Lodges, SMR 6/7/40

375 San Marcos masons celebrate centennial anniversary, SMR 6/29/72

50 year Masonic pins presented to L.E. Derrick and Plecky Saunders, SMR 4/26/73

50-year awards for Joe Herman and Frank Reed, SMR 10/10/68

Allen L. Woods installed as Lodge Master, SMR 6/30/39

Big Masonic picnic installation has four lodges at Buda School, SMR 7/1/65

Brenda Russell installed as Worthy Advisor, Order of Rainbow Girls, SMR 6/9/66

Committee to recommend against providing tax exemption to Masons, SMR 8/4/83

DeMolay observance set, SMR 3/15/74

Eastern Star honors state grand matron with tea, SMR 7/11/63

Fred Feltner receives Golden Trowel Award from Masonic Lodge, SMR 3/2/94

Grand Master R. Bruce Brannon honored, SMR 6/6/47

Jim Asbell installed as Lodge Master, SMR 6/28/40

Malcolm Scott installed as new president of Shrine Association, SMR 1/18/68

Mason Father-Son banquet held at Lodge, SMR 12/6/62

Masonic Ceremony honors past Grand Master Buried at Kyle, SMR 9/15/66

Masonic Lodge to observe anniversary, SMR 6/15/72

Masonic Temple on Belvin to be dedicated as Recorded Texas Landmark, SMR 1/12/83

Masons gather for meet; Sen. Kelley makes rousing address, SMR 4/18/41

Masons of Kyle install officers, SMR 7/4/68

Masons to celebrate 100th anniversary, SMR 6/22/72

Miller Ainsworth new head of San Marcos Templars, SMR 1/1/37

Mrs. Krause at Eastern Star meet held in Dallas, SMR 10/10/63

Nancy Haenel installed as Rainbow Worthy Advisor, SMR 6/17/65

New Chapter of Eastern Star is organized in Wimberley, WV 5/2/85

Order Eastern Star installs officers at open meeting, SMR 6/17/65

Order of DeMolays help with rest stop, SMR 9/14/72

Order of DeMolays hold box supper, SMR 11/2/72

Order of Eastern Star has installation of officers, SMR 6/9/66, SMR 6/20/68

Past Masters of Masonic Lodge Honored at Meet, SMR 11/5/35

Photograph of Masonic Lodge Past Masters, SMR 11/23/67

Photograph of Shriner's new officers, SMR 3/6/85

Photos of past masters sought for display in Masonic Lodge, SMR 12/14/67

Rainbow Girls attend installation of Virginia McKinney as Worthy Advisor, SMR 6/7/78

Rainbow Girls install new officers, SMR 6/6/74

Rainbow Girls install Pam Storey as Worthy Advisor, SMR 2/13/64

Remodeling of Johnson residence, now Masonic Lodge on Belvin Street, SMDN 11/3/37

San Marcos Lodge holds annual installation of officers, SMR 7/3/87

San Marcos Shrine Club makes gift to Crippled Children's Fund, HCC 5/20/76

See also Historic Markers--Masonic Temple, TTWC

Shrine Club installs new officers, SMR 3/2/82

Shrine Club of Wimberley installs new officers, SMR 3/9/82

Three Masonic bodies install officers jointly, SMR 7/3/42

Worthy Matron; officers installed at Eastern Star Ceremony Friday, SMR 6/15/67

Friday Mountain Ranch. see also architectural drawings in map case; TTWC HINDUS

See Historic Markers--Friday Mountain Ranch, TTWC

Friday, Clarence, M.D., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Friends of the San Marcos Library, TTWC

Frost, Christopher, 4/23/89

Fuchs, A.D.

Fuchs mark 50th wedding anniversary, SMR 7/15/90

Fuchs, Rodney, 9/1/85

Fund Raising

30th Annual Mothers March for March of Dimes, SMR 1/4/81

Alpha Phi Omega donates $233 to Heart Association, SMR 5/8/81

Ambassadors lead way for San Marcos River Beautification, HCC 4/26/73

Bowlers benefit Cancer Society, SMR 7/12/84

Cancer crusade goal set, SMR 3/14/82

Cancer Society Board holds September Meeting, SMR 10/7/71

Cancer Society names new officers, SMR 10/9/74

Charity Chiefs hard to find, SMR 2/23/78

Crisis Hotline has new board members, SMR 3/24/81

Crisis Hotline to be supported by SWT Panhellenic Council, SMR 10/11/81

CROP Walk nets $5,000, HCC 4/29/78

Dance-to-Live Marathon Dance set, SMR 4/25/82

Dancers reap benefits for Heart Association, SMR 6/11/81

Fund Raiser set for a Civic Arts Center, SMR 6/10/86

Goodwill sets up manned collection station, SMR 4/3/75

Hays Easter Seal drive is progressing, SMR 3/27/74

Health group plans a fundraising party, SMR 10/3/84

Hospital drives name chairmen-- John Dorbandt and Victor Isaak, SMR 3/7/82

Jack Byrom named United Fund campagn chairman, SMN 6/4/70

Jump Rope for Heart Association, SMR 6/20/93

Kenneth Long is new president of Hays division of Heart Association, SMR 7/19/79

March of Dimes chapter enlists 13 zone leaders, SMR 10/14/79

Mayor Younger proclaims United Way Week, SMR 9/3/87

Mrs. Malcolm Sherrill and Mrs. Ross Arnold honored by Cancer Society, SMR 7/25/76

Mrs. Patterson's Bond Committee sells $80,000, SMR 9/24/43

Neigborhood captains for American Cancer Society crusade, SMR 4/2/80

Run For Your LIfe Day, SMR 5/20/79

Salvation Army directors meet at State Bank, SMR 8/22/74

Schplitz Gymnastics Team fund raiser, SMR 10/22/81

Students from High School help with Easter Seal Campaign, SMR 4/8/71

Style show benefits United Way, SMR 12/18/84

Tuberculosis Board getting out Christmas Seals, SMR 11/20/58

United Fund discontinued, HCC 5/15/75

United Fund Door-to-Door Drive tonight, SMR 10/18/62

United Fund Drive to be headed by Handler Smith, SMR 3/18/65

United Fund reaches 21 percent of goal, SMR 10/7/71

United Fund sets goal for $45,000, HCC 10/10/74

United Fund tops goal, SMN 11/5/70

United Way Admissions and Allocation Committee listens to agencies, SMN 7/24/86

United Way gifts help many San Marcos agencies, SMR 10/27/85

United Way is near top, SMN 12/2/84

United Way is way over top, SMR 12/2/86

United Way kicks off drive September 13th, SMR 9/4/84

United Way sets new goals, SMR 9/2/87

Fund raising, TTWC

Funeral Directors, Homes, Etc.

See Undertakers and Undertaking, TTWC

Funeral rites and ceremonies, TTWC

Furniture industry and trade, TTWC

Fuschak, Morgan, 10/9/83


Gaddis, Marilyn, 9/20/90

Gage, Ed

Ed Gage is Bicycle Man of Buda, SMR 5/30/76

Galvan family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Games, TTWC

Gandy, Jim

Chamber of Commerce hires Jim Gandy as new executive director, SMR 4/23/81

Gant, Meg, 11/27/88

Garcia family (Gilbert), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Gardens, TTWC

A.Z. Harrison and Eugene Harrison to enter produce in Garden Show, SMR 4/20/67

Community gardens made available here, SMR 3/16/83

Feature photographs on San Marcos gardeners, SMR 6/19/77

Garden Chatter by Nawona Gary, SMR 5/4/67

Glen Rydl has only All-America Selections Trial Garden in Texas, HCC 6/30/77

The garden of Sam Hada keeps him going strong, SMR 3/26/86

Gardenville of San Marcos, 2/5/89

Gardner, Claudette, 3/4/87

Garner, Carol, 9/4/83


Garth, Jenny

Delta Kappa Gammacharter members, Mary Dodgen and Jenny Garth, honored, SMR 3/21/75


21 year summary, SMR 12/17/63

Advantages of Base Closing, SMR 12/10/63

Air Field will remain active, SMR 5/9/47

Base Transferred to Army, SMR 12/21/56

Camp Gary Closed, SMR 12/19/63

Capt. Berkowitz of SM Army base, AA 2/2/45

Closing of Base, SMR 8/18/60

Disposal Hearing Delayed, SMR 10/20/60

Flight School Due Gary, SMR 2/23/67

Graduation, SMR 5/28/59

History of Air Force Base, SMR 5/15/53

Holland native at Gary, SMR 1/9/58

Partial Explanation of Closing Delay, SMR 10/27/60

Rededication of SM Air Force Base, SMR 5/16/53

Renamed Gary Air Force Base, SMR 5/15/53

San Marcos Gets OK on Airport, SMR 5/19/42

Space Landings by NASA practiced, SMR 7/18/63

Uncertain future of Camp Gary, SMR 12/1/60

Gary Air Force Base, TTWC

Gary family (Thacher), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Gary Job Corps

1,000th Gary Corpsman earns GED, SMR 8/1/68

44 Gary students honored as "Students of the Month," SMR 8/21/81

85 Gary students graduate in March, SMR 4/3/83

Albert Perkins named director of Gary Job Corps, SMR 9/25/75

Appreciation Day set, HCC 11/5/77

Approval of two landfill sites recommended for Caldwell County, HCC 2/17/77

Boys Glee Club tune up for show at First Christian Church, SMR 5/6/65

Brief overview of Gary Job Corps Center, SMR 6/12/88

Care Inn honored for hiring the most Gary graduates, SMR 12/26/84

Carl Anderson director of business services knows Gary well, SMR 9/14/80

Chance meeting in barbershop reunites brothers separated for 12 years, SMR 3/10/66

Charles Cook honored for 15 years of service, SMR 10/25/81

Civil Defense help would come from Gary Job Corps Center, SMR 12/10/78

Cleaning by Gary students as part of civic appreciation, SMR 4/27/83

Col. Wallace Dockall receives Legion of Merit, SMR 7/30/78

Commander Tom Keane gives word to Job Corpsmen, SMR 9/29/66

Directors claim violence stories unfair to Gary, SMR 6/26/77

Dr. Gonzalo Garza stresses hard work in lecture, SMR 11/27/81

Duong Lai Thien, Vietnamese refugee, becomes expert mechanic, SMR 1/15/82

Ed Doyle, Manager of Building Trades, is a patient man, SMR 6/12/84

Edwin L. Johnson and Hermelinda Lopez honored for 15 years service, SMR 12/20/81

Elroy Bormann, Gary Construction Manager, receives appreciation plaque, SMR 6/21/78

Evening Lions show Dallas Cowboys highlight film to Gary students, SMR 9/25/69

Feature article on Carol Otto, SMR 9/24/82

Feature on Gary's Blue Light Drill Team, SMR 7/13/77

First Job Corpsmen will go to College from Gary to SWT, SMR 9/2/65

First Licensed Vocational Nursing Class graduates at Gary Job Corps, SMR 9/15/66

First music recital held at music building at Gary, SMR 5/30/68

Former Gary Corpsman drills wells in India, SMR 12/30/71

Gary appoints new director, Nathaniel Dickerson, SMR 10/17/74

Gary approved to clear flood-prone creeks, SMR 1/12/74

Gary Corpsmen make new sign for United Fund, SMR 10/21/68

Gary Council sets priorities, SMR 3/6/75

Gary facilities offered club for nurse training, SMR 6/18/68

Gary has strong local ties, SMR 2/22/81

Gary Jaycees collect food for Christmas donations, HCC 12/29/77

Gary Job Corps Auto Body Shop commended, SMR 8/13/81

Gary Job Corps boosts local economy, SMR 5/3/77

Gary Job Corps celebrates 10th anniversary with open house, SMR 12/14/74

Gary Job Corps goes coed, SMR 5/27/76

Gary Job Corps to cut 56 jobs, SMR 6/20/90

Gary Non-Resident Program is one year old, SMR 2/20/87

Gary rebuilds from tornado, SMR 9/10/80

Gary student named President Johnson, SMR 1/18/68

Gary students certified in Advanced Lifesaving, SMR 9/7/82

Gary students given punch and cookies for helping with planting, SMR 4/25/68

Gary students help with playground at Allen Woods Homes, SMR 8/10/82

Georgia Cheatham was one of five black students to integrate SWT, SMR 8/18/79

Georgia Cheatham, a Gary Pillar, SMR 1/4/73

Gifts given to Gary students who helped with Spaghetti Supper, SMR 2/27/75

Ground rules laid for landfill hearing, SMR 5/28/77

Harold Goebel leaving Gary after 17 years as Auto Body instructor, SMR 10/14/82

James Byas honored for 15 years of service, SMR 2/20/83

Jaycees are busy at Gary, SMR 7/2/80

Jeddie G. Hodges retires as manager of Financial Services, SMR 10/25/81

Jesse DeShay presented with Wallis Smedley Hall of Fame Award, SMR 3/31/82

Job Corps Explorer Scouts win first place ribbon, SMR 5/3/84

Job Corps Explorer Scouts win praise, HCC 11/2/72

Job Corps has message for San Marcos citizens, SMN 7/24/86

Job Corpsman Dale Stewart saves a life with artificial respiration, SMR 6/9/66

Joe Castillo honored for 15 years of service, SMR 12/26/84

John Morrisset named honorary lifetime Gary student, SMR 6/4/81

Landfill issues at Gary continue, HCC 12/17/76

Landfill site hearings to re-open, HCC 3/24/77

Larry Hagan, basketball player from Gary, to attend Stephen F. Austin, SMR 8/29/76

Letter to editor praising Al Perkins, HCC 10/22/78

Lights, camera, action at Gary Job Corps, SMR 2/26/82

Local Job Corpsmen return from orbit in NASA Center, SMR 9/2/65

Luciano Lucio honored for 15 years of work at Gary, SMR 7/1/81

Mary L. Vasquez is honored for 15 years of service, SMR 2/20/83

Mensor Corporation presents three $750 scholoarships to Gary students, SMR 7/5/94

Milton Brown and O.J. Wade honored for 15 years of service, SMR 10/27/82

Paul Carrington becoming expert typist, SMR 8/16/81

Pete Rell, national director, discusses future plans, SMR 7/8/84

Plans for Industrial Appreciation Day, SMR 11/5/77

Ralph Nelson and C.E. Hyatt honored for 15 years of service, SMR 8/29/82

Ricardo Montalban signs autographs at Gary, HCC 5/3/73

Robert Mesa wins Wallis Smedley Hall of Fame award, SMR 9/15/82

Robert Tiller selected "Employee of the Month," SMR 9/10/81

Sharon Murray is first Gary student named 'Youth of Year' by Kiwanis, SMR 10/22/82

Soccer coach Jorge Polanco holds youth league clinic, SMR 9/6/81

State reopens hearings on landfill near San Marcos, HCC 3/24/77

SWT interns help with Gary Substance Abuse Program, SMR 9/8/82

Tex-Ark tests students in welding at Gary, SMR 9/6/81

Texas Educational Foundation officials respond to Gary charges, HCC 6/25/77

Thanks given to paint job of Rotary truck by Gary Corpsmen, SMR 6/11/75

Thomas Ybarra and Stella Rodriquez honored for 15 years service, SMR 11/18/81

Top trouble shooters at Plymouth dealership honored, SMR 4/25/68

Two year contract in Gary plan, SMR 12/10/70

Wallis Smedley Hall dedicated at Gary, SMR 9/16/81

Welding Instructor, Jimmie Cadd, honored for 15 years of service, SMR 4/3/83

William Rainey and Jose Velasquez honored for 15 years service, SMR 2/92

Willie Crayton honored for 15 years of service, SMR 11/26/81

Women arrive at Gary, HCC 6/23/76

Gary Job Corps Training Center, TTWC




Gary, Edward, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also framed picture




Gary, Nawona, 12/22/85



Gary, William Warren. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--GARY, EDWARD

Gearke, Ed, 6/30/85


Pat Young; Latter Day Saints Church, 10/4/89

Germer, Leonard

Leonard Germer named Conservation Farmer, SMR 6/16/88

Ghost Towns

See Cities and Towns, Ruined, Extinct, Etc., TTWC


San Marcos Ghosts, SMR 10/29/78


Gibbons, Reginald, 3 /12/86

Gibbons, Skip, 8/31/86

Starflight pilot hails from San Marcos, SMR 8/31/86

Gibbs, Mrs. Newman

Amateur horticulturalist wins Austin Sweepstakes, SMR 4/8/65

Two-club Fall Flower show planned here, SMR 10/29/59


Gilbert family, 3/6/86


Gilbert, George, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Gilbert, George and Bobbie, 1/29/84

Gilcrease family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Giles, Ollie, 2/15/87, 11/7/82, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Letter to the editor on racial inequality in justice system, SMR 7/8/92

Ollie GiIles creates Black History Month display for library, SMR 2/9/82

Sertoma Club presents award to Ollie Giles, SMR 3/3/81


Barton Gill hangs up scissors, SMR 6/1/72

Gilley, Larry

City council promotes Gilley to City Manager, AA–S 8/24/88, SMN 8/25/88, SMR 8/25/88

Giovani, Nikki, 2/17/85

Girl Scouts, TTWC. See also archive boxes in TTWC book collection

Bettye J. Reddell reelected to Scouts Planning Board, SMR 5/26/62

Brownies 'Fly-Up' to Girl Scouts in Formal Ceremony, SMR 5/19/60

Brownies fly-up at Lamar ceremony, HCC 5/20/76

Cookie sale to begin, SMR 1/19/75

County Girl Scouts camp out in Wimberley, SMR 6/14/73

District Two Art Show slated for Girl Scouts, SMR 1/23/64

Dr. Jean Smith receives Girl Scout Thanks Badge, SMR 3/18/65

Feature article on Harold and Sarah Bishop, SMN 2/3/87

Flames of Freedom planned by Scouts, SMR 3/9/76

Fly-Up Ceremony is held for Brownie troop, SMR 6/6/63

Formal dedication held at Girl Scout Cottage, SMR 11/7/63

George Brooks likes challenge of leading Brownies, SMR 1/24/82

Girl Scout cookie sale results, SMR 3/7/74

Girl Scout cookies here again, SMR 1/23/75

Girl Scout House ready for destruction soon, SMN 9/15/83

Girl Scout Week Drive to aid Scheib Center, SMR 3/16/72

Girl Scout Week marked, SMR 3/16/79

Girl Scout Week proclaimed, SMR 3/11/81

Girl Scouting: It's more than cookie selling, SMR 9/25/79

Girl Scouts adventure in Texas Big Bend Territory, SMR 7/15/60, SMR 8/4/60

Girl Scouts annual cookie sale begins, SMR 2/1/80

Girl Scouts assist river clean-up, SMR 4/8/75

Girl Scouts complete cookie sales, SMR 3/5/75

Girl Scouts from Norway impressed by Local Hospitality and American Men, SMR 7/28/52

Girl Scouts Fund Drive begins August 20th, SMR 8/14/75

Girl Scouts gather in City Park for traditional bridging ceremony, SMN 6/10/87

Girl Scouts have cleanup to ready river quarters, SMR 8/8/63

Girl Scouts having fun at Day Camp, SMR 6/8/67

Girl Scouts help beautify park, SMR 3/7/41

Girl Scouts honor Mary Compton and Dr. & Mrs. Thacher Gary, SMR 11/8/73

Girl Scouts mixing the old with the new, SMN 8/7/86

Girl Scouts organize at local meeting, SMR 9/22/66

Girl Scouts relate Roundup experiences at DAR program, SMR 10/28/65

Girl Scouts schedule day camp, HCC 5/27/76

Girl Scouts to enjoy Skate Party, SMR 3/8/79

Girl Scouts Troop 272 installs officers, SMR 3/27/74

Girl Scouts work, play and strive for betterment, HCC 3/10/74, SMR 3/14/74

Girls plan Scouting Week, SMR 3/7/76

Graduating Girl Scouts in Hays County honored with luncheon, HCC 5/8/75

Hays County Girl Scouts attend Wimberley Campout, SMR 9/21/72

Jean Smith and Dorothy Lancaster teach advanced campcraft, SMR 5/2/63

Local Girl Scouts attend 'World of Fun' in Waco, SMR 4/8/71

Local Girl Scouts to sell calendars, SMR 10/26/72

Mrs. L.D. Davidson is local troop organizer, SMR 9/19/63

Red Cross, Scout citations for life saving presented, SMR 2/29/68

Salute to Girl Scouts, SMR 3/9/58

Scenes from Girl Scouts' Day Camp, SMR 6/12/69

Scout fund drive starts, SMR 7/9/78

Scout troops hold mid-winter campout, SMR 1/16/75

Scouts earn library badges, HCC 5/20/76

Scouts neighborhood group holds appreciation coffee, HCC 5/20/76

Shelly Armstead earns first class award, SMR 6/8/72

Tami Preecs earns Girls Scouts honor, HCC 6/26/77

Troops gather to observe National Girl Scout Week, SMR 3/16/80

Wimberley Campout draws 200 Junior Girl Scouts, SMR 3/16/72

Wimberley Girl Scouts stage clean-up campaign, SMR 4/26/73

Gish, David, 10/23/88

Glass, Bill, 9/8/85


Glore, Amanda, 12/2/90

Glore, Joyce

Joyce Glore has been named unit Chairman of Cancer Society, SMR 9/1/82

Glover National Bank. see TTWC BANKS AND BANKING


See Biography--Goforth, TTWC

See Cities and towns, ruined, TTWC

See Historic Markers--Goforth, TTWC

See Historic Markers--Martin Church of Goforth, TTWC

Goldman, Joel, 3/27/83

Goldman, Rachelle, 5/25/88

Golf, TTWC

Course dries out, bounces back, SMR 6/14/87

Rogers Memorial Golf play starts Sunday, SMR 10/3/68

Women golfers hold luncheon, SMR 12/16/73

Gomez, Geneva

Betsy Martindale and Geneva Gomez Outstanding Older Texans, SMR 5/20/81

Gonzales, Carolyn, 10/4/84

Gonzales, Genaro, 9/9/89

Gonzales, Ralph, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Gonzales, Sarah, 10/22/89

Gonzalez, A.C.

A. C. Gonzalez named new city manager by City Council, SMR 9/25/79


Good, Julia Ramsey. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--RAMSEY

Goodnight Jr. High. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Goodnight, Owen L., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Gorman, Dr. Robert, 2/5/89

Gostyuska, Agata, 5/5/91

Graham, Don, 12/10/89


Grant, Dr. Richard, 6/26/91

Granville, Joe, 4/14/85

Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council, TTWC

Greater Bethel Baptist Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

Greek Letter Societies

Alpha XI Gamma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi celebrates 46th, HCC 4/14/77

Beta Chapters name Mrs. H.C. Kyle annual valentine sweetheart, SMR 2/10/66

Beta Chapters reactivate clothing, welfare projects, SMR 9/9/68

Beta Sigma Phi 1983-84 officers pictured, SMR 4/17/83

Beta Sigma Phi Chapter has 45th anniversary, SMR 4/29/76

Beta Sigma Phi donates $3,000 heart monitoring machine, SMR 9/1/78

Beta Sigma Phi Founder's Day Banquet, SMR 4/16/81

Beta Sigma Phi goals are friendship and service, SMR 1/27/78

Beta Sigma Phi names Frances Stovall First Lady of the Year, SMR 4/25/74

Beta Sigma Phi names Patti Sullivan Woman of the Year, SMR 4/19/77

Beta Sigma Phi slates annual fashion show, SMR 3/18/65

Beta Sigma Phi yearly honors awarded, SMR 4/15/83

Beta sweetheart named, SMR 2/26/81

Betas celebrate, SMR 9/15/81

Betas hold annual supper, SMR 2/15/73

Betas honor Founders Day, SMR 4/10/80

Betas to aid center, SMR 9/27/81

City may use permits to make good neighbors, SMR 10/6/91

City's effort to control Greeks targets drinking, SMR 5/14/92

Delta Pi Alumnae Association have book review, SMR 3/13/75

Delta Zeta Alumnae elects new officers, SMR 3/9/67

Greek permits up for first Council reading, SMR 5/10/92

Harris Koch of San Marcos Department Store donates clothes, SMR 3/2/67

Janey Bynum elected Alpha Xi Gamma sweetheart, SMR 3/15/83

Junior Miss pagaent planned, SMR 1/27/85

Mexican supper honors Beta pledges, SMR 9/5/74

Pi Kappa Alpha purchases Old Hospital for $36,000., SMR 6/27/68

Picture of Beta Sigma Phi officers, SMR 6/5/79

Picture of new pledges to Epsilon Upsilon chapter of Beta Sigma, SMR 10/8/86

San Marcos considers law to rein fraternities, AA–S 5/13/92

Sarah Buckner is runner-up for national Beta Valentine Queen, SMR 2/7/63

SWT fraternities, sororities face new recognition rules, SMR 12/3/91

SWT frats and neighbors seeking solutions, SMR 10/24/91

SWT greeks reacting slowly to new rules, SMR 10/30/92

Zoning Commission approves neighborhood rules for Greeks, SMR 3/18/92

Zoning Commission feels permits may help keep peace, SMR 11/21/91

Green, Don, 2/11/90

Green, Ed J. L.

Ed J. L. Green an ancestor to be proud of, SMR 10/26/88


Green, Hazel, Wimberley Mill April 1967, July 1967, June 1968, Nov 1969, 1/1/74

Greene, Howard Mell, 5/1/73 SMR,   5/10/73 HCC

Green, Jim

Jim Green displays Civil War books and artifacts at public library, SMR 8/20/82


Greer, James K., 9/10/87

Gregg, Cecil

Cecil Gregg honored for 41 years perfect attendance with Kiwanis, SMR 2/24/91

Gregg, Diane

Diane Gregg is chairman of Cancer Crusade, SMR 4/20/78

Griffin, Haskell & Jennifer, 5/29/91


Grimaldo, Pedro, 11/10/85

Pedro Grimaldo given plaque in appreciation of his work at Southside, SMR 4/30/78

Pedro Grimaldo to leave Southside, SMR 4/12/78

Grocery Trade, TTWC

B. Dailey & Sons Grocery celebrates nearly a half a century, SMR 11/1/35

Bess Curtis honored on retirement by Wuest's manager, Roscoe Chambliss, SMR 12/19/63

Distributive Ed students still seek working slots, SMR 9/19/63

Eva Murray to open new Murray's Grocery for 34th year, SMR 8/31/72

Feature article on H.E.B. manager, James Polk, SMR 8/10/77

Feature article on local milkman, Leroy George, SMR 5/18/83

Feature on Adams Extract Company, SMR 8/24/83

Feature on The Extravagant Grocer, owned by Louise Greene, SMR 10/17/84

Garland Warren opens new store: Sac-n-Pac Grocery on Ranch Road 12, SMR 2/24/66

Groceries once had 34 customers apiece, SMR 9/20/62

H.E.B. donates $25,000 for tennis courts at Rio Vista Park, SMR 5/23/78

H.E.B. donates $25,000 to Hays Memorial Hostpital, SMR 12/4/84

H.E.B. donates $4,000 to SWT School of Business, SMR 5/3/84

H.E.B. employees receive scholarships, SMR 8/23/92

Miss Ollie's grocery (Hamilton's Grocery) has staying power, SMR 6/27/84

Picture of R. D. Fourqurean store, circa 1909, SMR 8/31/67

Pictures of Safeway being torn down, SMN 8/2/84

Safeway store has appealing displays, SMR 7/25/84

Story on Gus Eoff of Day's Grocery, who helped build Lindbergh's plane, SMR 3/7/74

Tenorio's grocery is a family tradition dating back to 1925, KE 7/18/85

Westend Grocery and Meat Store keeping alive an old tradition, HCC 2/8/73

Grosgebauer Family, TTWC––BIOGRAPHY

Grouchy, Jim, 5/26/91

Guerin, Bob, 4/3/88, 9/12/90


Gunnarson, Adele, 6/19/91

Gutierrez, Genoveva, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Gwynn, R.S. (Sam), 5/6/87


Habitat for Humanity

Local students establish Habitat for Humanity chapter, SMR 11/21/93

Hada, Sam, 3/26/86

Hage, Assunta, 10/2/83

Hager, Robert, 12/5/90

Hamilton, Ollie. see TTWC--Grocery Trade

Hamilton, Paula, 4/1/84

Handicraft, TTWC

Haney, Bill

Bill Haney chosen outstanding scout in Twin Valley District, SMR 1/23/64

Haney, Sue

Daughters of the American Revolution name Sue Haney as good citizen, SMR 12/28/67




Hardeman family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC--929.2 HAR

Hardeman, Sammie, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Harden, Mrs. Dale

Cock House gains gift from Mrs. Dale Harden, SMR 9/25/77

Hardesty, Dr. Walton D., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Hardge, Loretta

Loretta J. Hardge named to post at Atlanta university, HCC 12/8/77

Loretta J. Hardge receives appointment at Trinity University, SMR 6/2/85

Hardware Stores

Cliett Hardware has it, SMR 5/11/78

Cliett Hardware radiates personality, SMR 10/14/84

King Feed going through transition, SMR 2/20/83

Hardware stores, TTWC


Harper family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Harper Seed Co., Martindale, 6/16/85


Harper, B.A. and Emmit, 6/16/85

Harper, Benjamin Franklin. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--HARPER FAMILY

Harper's Hall, TTWC

Harrell, Ralph, 10/26/86

Harrell, Ralph and Doris, 3/21/90

Harrigan, Stephen, 7/10/91

Harris, Ted, 2/20/83

Ted Harris wins Award of Merit from Boy Scouts, SMR 2/8/73

Harris, Thomas G., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Harrison family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY








Hartson, Mary Kyle, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Harwell family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Hatcher, Jessie Johnson. See TTWC--Johnson, Lyndon Baines

Hausladen, Gary, 3/9/86

Hawkins, Benjamin. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WOODS FAMILY (P.C.)

Hay's County Women's Center

Gift of $2500 from Chilympiad, SMR 1/15/82

Presentation of $7,000 from County Revenue, SMR 1/28/81

Hays County, TTWC––HAYS COUNTY. See also TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Site of Hays County's First Public Building

Economics change drastically in San Marcos and Hays County, SMR 11/8/73

Hays County and San Marcos suffer economic woes, AA 9/2/60

Hays County has little potential for oil and gas, SMR 11/1/82

Hays County is in line for growth spurt, SMR 11/17/82

Hays County is ranked among worst counties in nation suffering from hunger, SMR 1/14/86

Hays jobless rate below national average, SMR 1/1/88


Anecdotes of Hays County, SMR 9/25/36

Brief history of San Marcos with Independence Day (photos), SMR 3/3/85

Brief mention of Monkeyville in Hays County, HCC 11/19/77

C.W. Wimberley recalls 1930's, HCC 11/8/75

Decendants of pioneers who now live in Hays County, SMN 3/13/36

Early Hays County -- Story of Progress, SMR 9/20/62

Early Hays County-- Story of Progress, SMR 9/20/62

Hays City, SMR 9/20/62

Hays City-- Town that never was, SMR 9/20/62

Hays District County Seventy-five years ago, SMR 9/30/27

History of Hays county, SMR 11/29/40

History of Hays County Lands, SMR 3/30/88

Many pioneers emigrated from Bastrop section, SMR 9/25/36

Natural and Cultural Resources Preservation Plan w/photos, HCC 11/19/77

Pioneers of Texas meet in reunion, SAE 8/23/25

Recollections of early Hays county, HCC 6/11/77

Reflections on early Hays County, HCC 6/11/77

San Marcos: Star of the corridor (between Austin-San Antonio), SMR 3/29/92

Welcome to Hays County (newspaper supplement), SMR 9/26/93

Land values here increased $1 billion, SMR 6/1/86

Price of raising a child in Hays County above national average, SMR 11/17/69

Hays County Aggie Mother's Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Hays County Child Welfare Board

Welfare Board serves well, SMR 10/24/82

Welfare board urges supervision, SMR 7/27/83

Hays County Civic Center, TTWC––CIVIC CENTERS

Advisory Board picked by Court, SMR 12/24/75

Architect is hired, HCC 5/20/76

Center dedicated, Clovis Barker honored, SMR 2/1/76

Champion brings record Texas county shows, SMR 1/26/75

Civic Center committee of Chamber of Commerce meets, SMR 1/30/69

County turns Civic Center control over to Chamber, SMR 8/15/74

Hays County Livestock Exposition donates sign and marquee, HCC 8/12/76

Livestock shows set, SMR 1/11/81

Photographs from Youth Show, SMR 1/30/77

Winners picked at Hays County Youth Show, SMR 2/1/81

Youth Livestock show termed 'big success,' HCC 2/3/77

Youth Show 1978: Hard work pays off, SMR 1/29/78

Youth show rounds 'em up, SMR 1/28/79

Youths ready for big show, SMR 1/25/79

Hays County Courthouse, TTWC––COURTHOUSES

Account of Lady Justice being returned to courthouse dome, SMR 3/8/98

Better lights for city now assured at courthouse square, SMR 11/18/27

Brief story on Hays County Courthouse, SMR 12/8/74

Corner vault to be built for county records, SMN 6/5/66

Court slates negotiation with courthouse bidder, SMR 3/23/76

Courthouse Annex gets face lift, SMR 11/13/87

Courthouse face lift underway, SMN 6/18/87

Courthouse gets historical marker, SMR 12/10/74

Courthouse has new look, SMR 8/19/73

Courthouse is falling apart, SMR 7/13/86

Courthouse lit up for Christmas, SMR 12/22/50

Courthouse renovation approaches final stages, SMR 9/24/87

Courthouse renovation well underway, HCC 7/8/76

Courthouse to receive new interior face-lift, SMR 12/14/75

Courthouse will get Texas historical marker, HCC 12/5/74

Courthouse work cleared, SMR 5/11/82

Courthouse's hitching posts taken down to improve appearance, SMR 12/19/30

Courthouse: Ruffini designed a Hays jewel, SMR 4/8/90

December reception scheduled to honor restoration contributors, SMN 10/29/87

Dome work sought; work needed on courthouse's 5 domes, SMN 5/2/85

Dome: Want that silver off?, SMR 9/3/82

Flag and flagpole placed on couthouse lawn by DAR and Jaycees, SMR 10/21/65

Forfeited murder bond built one courthouse, by Tula Wyatt, HCC 12/5/74

Foundation renovation continues at courthouse, SMR 6/18/82

Fountain monument to P.C. Woods restoration by Heritage Guild, SMR 2/16/78

Four courthouses built on square in 110 years, SMR 3/25/71

Friends of the Facade are sought, SMR 9/13/87

Goddess of Justice placed atop courthouse, HCT 9/3/09

Hays County Courthouse to receive historical medallion, SMR 12/8/74

Hays County courthouses have had hot history, SMR 10/22/78

Hays County Historical Commission give $18,000 for courthouse, SMR 6/26/87

Hays courthouse to be restored by end of 1997, AA–S 9/21/96

History ensures Goddess' restoration to original state, AA–S 4/94

Hitching posts taken down to improve appearance, SMR 12/19/30

Lady Justice placed back on top of courthouse, AA–S 3/4/98

Lady Justice, atop courthouse for 75 years, needs scales, SMR 4/24/85

Murderer courthouse built first, HCC 10/8/59

New evidence found in 1908 courthouse fire, SMR 6/19/74

New Old look in Hays: Courthouse restoration, SMR 1/10/98

Noon Lions Club sponsor restoration of courthouse jury room, SMR 9/6/81

Old Lady: Lady Justice sadly needs facelift, SMR 7/18/82

Original facade of courthouse returns, SMR 11/4/87

Picture of Courthouse Square prior to 1900, SMR 6/20/74

Pictures of Ruffini Courthouse, SMR 9/21/67

See Courthouses, TTWC

See Historic Markers--Hays County Courthouse, TTWC

Statue of Jack C. Hays proposed on courthouse grounds, AA–S 1/24/2000

Storm topples Lady Justice statue, SMR 3/4/92

Study recommends courthouse work, new building, SMR 8/31/93

Two women part of team renovating courthouse grounds, SMR 6/3/79

Venerable statue ready for return to top of courthouse, SMR 3/1/98

Will you help restore facade of Courthouse Annex?, SMR 9/13/87

Workers shore up sagging foundation of courthouse, SMR 6/29/82

Hays County Crisis and Information Center, TTWC

Hays County Crisis Center

Crisis Center helps by phoning the needy, SMN 3/15/84

Crisis intervention hotline almost here, SMR 1/18/73

Hotline calls for attention, SMR 2/16/78

Hotline help is only a phone call away, SMR 2/24/85

Hotline helps Hays County people when they need to talk, WV 9/20/84

Hotline training is slated, SMR 9/8/87

In times of crisis, Hotline offers help, SMR 10/7/84

Volunteers are key to Hotline operation, SMR 1/21/82

Hays County Government

Attorney claims county's bail bond fee is illegal, SMR 6/19/90

Attorney General says majority may cause county seat to move, SMR 4/24/08

Back lease payments are sought, SMR 5/18/86

Bail bonding controls set, SMR 9/29/81

Ball, Chain stir ire; San Marcos Jail decor attacked, AA–S 2/21/65

Benny Wranitzky displeased with Larry Burrus, HCC 8/7/75

Bob Barton on Hays County Representatives through history, HCC 10/31/74

CAD gives nod to property lease, SMR 7/16/86

Central Appraisal District budget under fire again, SMR 10/27/81

Cities, County, Schools to merge tax districts, SMR 8/15/79

Citizens ask county to change precincts, SMR 8/31/72

Commissioners consider welfare increase, SMR 7/1/76

Commissioners discuss warning signals, SMN 11/8/73

Commissioners join lawsuit to stop demolition of Carroll Hall, OCFP 9/13/90

County agents back in budget, SMR 8/22/68

County auditor resigns; Ronald Wilson appointed, SMR 5/7/75

County Commissioners release new boundaries for precincts, SMR 10/7/71

County enters permit process for local CTEC plant, SMR 11/10/91

County growth creates land use dilemma, SMR 1/27/77

County hears juvenile detention center plans, SMR 1/1/90

County hires architectural firm for juvenile detention facility, SMR 1/1/90

County may get close to $1 million, SMR 12/2/76

County may impose new rules on restaurants, SMR 11/3/91

County mends wounds caused by early budget cuts, SMR 7/25/86

County okays Sheraton lease, SMN 8/9/84

County plan would help social services in probation, SMR 2/11/87

County projects funded, SMR 10/20/87

County takes action on home for Welfare, SMR 6/29/72

County to purchase local bank building, SMR 2/27/75

County to restore fountain; Craig Payne objects, SMR 11/25/81

County will receive extra funds for jail, WV 12/14/78

Courthouse lawn to bow to autos, SMN 9/9/73

Federal funds to local total $4,147,000, SMR 6/22/73

Funding questions get tough, SMR 3/5/87

Groundbreaking for new county jail, HCC 1/7/77

Hays assessment ratio up, SMR 4/15/81

Hays Commissioners vote to close low-water bridge, WV 2/12/87

Hays County Fair awards, SMR 9/16/27

Hays cuts social service fund pie into small pieces, SMR 10/29/86

Hays ordered to realign, SMR 8/22/68

Hays tax districts feel cooperation needed key, SMR 8/17/79

Jail contract awarded here, SMR 10/14/86

Jail prisoner to remain up, commissioners decide, SMR 1/27/77

Jaws of Life tool purchased, SMR 12/21/83

New jail plans will save county $1.2 million, SMR 12/15/85

New precinct plan now ready, SMR 10/17/68

Parkway task force to get county help, SMR 2/11/86

Permits cause problems, SMR 7/6/77

Pipeline injunction granted, SMN 6/16/86

Reviewing past government in Hays County, SMR 7/2/36

Rock Festival permit denied second time by Commissioners, SMR 10/26/72

Sales tax rebates up for city, county, SMR 2/23/76

Spending policy is clarified, SMR 3/29/88

Students inventory courthouse records, HCC 6/30/77

Tax appraisal reviewers ready, SMR 3/9/82

Three counties will combine efforts for historical tour, SMR 5/4/67

Twelve government agencies located in Hays County, SMR 8/15/68

Waste dump is ruled, SMR 8/4/83

Welcome to Hays County, SMR 9/26/93

Youth Services Bureau requests county funding, OCFP 5/2/80

Hays County Historical and Genealogical Society. see TTWC CLUBS

Hays County Historical Commission, TTWC

Burleson Home site gets new historical prestige, SMR 2/20/64

Camino Real caravan group to visit San Marcos, SMR 3/–/91

City honor opens preservation door, SMR 5/8/90

Commission brings past into focus, SMR 3/30/90

Commission brochure on historical markers published, SMR 8/2/87

Commission explores county's past, SMR 9/28/86

Commission to host final summer luncheon, SMR 7/28/92

County plans for archaelogy week, SMR 3/31/91

Frances Stovall and Al McGehee honored, SMR 7/23/91

Glover-Wood buildings to receive recognition, SMR 10/3/93

Hays history explored in Clear Springs, SMR 9/28/86

Historic buildings in Hays slated to receive markers, SMR 6/10/65

Historical Commission makes plans, SMR 3/15/87

Historical Commission receives service award, SMR 4/1/90

Historical group invites aid in Tourism Exhibit, SMR 8/6/64

Historical Survey Committee presents 7th medallion, SMR 10/17/63

Historical survey group to mark veterans graves, SMR 5/9/63

Hometown heroines cited, SMR 5/23/82

Local buildings featured in photographic exhibit, SMR 4/22/83

New technology boosts San Marcos restoration, AA–S 12/11/88

Old San Antonio Road monument dedicated, SMR 11/21/93

Old San Marcos marker is nearly forgotten, SMR 2/22/73

Photographic work of Larry Pearlstone on display, SMR 5/3/83

Pre-1860 structures in Hays County are sought, SMR 8/1/68

Sights and Sounds of Christmas schedule of events, SMN 11/26/87

Texas State Historical Survey honors Tula Wyatt, SMR 11/2/72

Tula Wyatt elected chairman of Survey Committee, HCC 2/1/63

Two Historical Markers due Friday, Wednesday, SMR 4/2/70

Hays County History, TTWC

Hays County Jail, TTWC

Hays County Judges, TTWC

Hays County Juvenile Detention Center

Detention Center Summary, AA–S 3/29/96

Hays County National Bank. see TTWC BANKS AND BANKING

Hays County Officials

Alice Camacho holds together adult probation office, SMR 2/26/78

Article on County Commissioners, HCT 11/22/1889

Carolyn Lehmann is new county extension agent, SMR 1/28/82

Commissioner Wayne Ford indicted for sexual indecency, SMR 2/8/92

County officers take oath of office, SMR 1/2/31

County officials take oath of office, SMR 1/4/81

Don Rains wants to hear from the people, SMR 5/16/86

Ed C. Horton has been county treasurer for twenty years, SMR 2/5/59

Ed Horton, Sarah Reed, and C. M. Decker retire, SMR 1/3/63

Eddy Etheredge and Austin Mayor Bruce Todd meet over boundary, SMR 12/6/92

Eleven elected officials and three deputy sheriffs sworn in, SMR 1/5/61

Extension Agent Carolyn Lehmann demonstrates home economics, SMR 11/21/84

Feature on grant writer, Bill Cunningham, SMR 4/14/78

Five justices of the peace in training seminar, SMR 10/17/74

Hays County Constable Carl Bragg claims job requires full time, SMR 10/9/77

Hazel Duncan retiring as District Court Clerk after 23 years, HCC 1/7/79, SMR 1/7/79, WV 12/14/78

Health Department director, James Burwell, tests air quality, SMR 12/10/76

Howard Warner now Hays County Court-at-Law Judge, SMR 3/14/82

Hugh Cliett is new auditor as Ron Wilson resigns, SMR 12/2/76

Inez Patton receives Home Economics service award, SMR 10/10/68

Interview with assistant district attorney, Mike Grazier, SMR 8/8/86

John Williamson to serve as acting JP in place of John Polanco, SMN 5/31/84

Judge Don Rains gives state of county speech, SMN 8/86

Lynn McCarty, indicted for theft, takes court seat again, SMR 1/4/83

New county officials take oath of office, SMR 1/7/71

New Justice of Peace, Becky Sierra, thrilled with appointment, HCC 5/17/73

Nursing staff increased here, SMR 9/8/66

Officials, residents on opposite side of dump proposal, SMR 9/9/74

Outgoing Judge Max Smith swears in officials, SMR 1/2/75

President's citation for selective service work for C.M. Decker, SMR 12/19/63

Probation officer Janette Buchanan serious about her work, SMR 6/9/78

Ronnie Dannelley, laid off by city, hired by Hays County, SMR 3/1/84

Ruth Clayton retires as Tax Assessor after 43 years with county, AA–S 4/20/94

Ruth Clayton says she'll step down from CAD post, SMR 9/7/84

Ruth Clayton to run for County Tax Assessor, SMR 1/25/64

Sheriff Alfard Hohman presents rifle to former governor White, SMR 1/4/89

Sheriff Alfard Hohman still seldom carries a gun, WV 7/11/85

Sheriff moves back to courthouse in high style, SMR 12/22/81

Sheriff Smithey's record system should help all -- editorial, SMR 9/16/77

Swine flu vaccine arrives, HCC 10/7/76

Thirty Years of County Auditing to end for Marion McGee, SMR 11/5/64

Volunteers to help offset funding cuts, SMR 8/17/80

W.H. Moore likes job as District Clerk, SMR 8/31/86

Youth Conservation Corps beats heat with hard work, SMR 7/20/78

Hays County Republican Women's Club

See Political parties, TTWC

Hays County Women's Center

$45,000 Grant from Criminal Justice System creates change, SMR 3/18/88

15 year history of Center with photographs, SMR 7/10/94

1st annual BBQ, SMR 6/7/81

2nd annual BBQ, SMR 6/10/82

3rd birthday, with photo, SMR 4/2/81

Announcement of visit by Phil Donahue, SMR 9/25/83

Assisting violent men, SMN 6/11/87

Basketball even brings in $1,200, SMR 2/22/87

Bevery Lowry gives Hays County Women's Center helping hand, SMR 11/8/81

Brief history of Center; celebration of 4th Birthday, SMR 3/21/82

Brown Bag lunch series announcement, SMR 2/21/82

Cynthia Medina ends directorship, SMR 6/1/84

Director announcement: Cynthia Medina, SMR 9/29/81

Election announcement and annual meeting, SMR 9/9/79

Eve Sweeney honored, SMR 4/15/81

Extended discussion of shelter with photos, SMR 10/30/83

Feature on Twana Sparks, rape counselor, with photo, SMR 6/1/79

Gift of $250 from High School Honor Society, SMR 5/6/81

Kennon Garofalo -- Education Coodinator, SMR 10/5/82

Lacey Sloan named Assistant Director (w/photo), SMR 11/9/86

Lupe Castillo guest speaker for Brown Bag series, SMR 9/29/83

Marla Johnson, Director, SMR 7/10/94

Mention of possible center, SMR 1/13/80

Networking and New Women's Center with photos, SMR 1/15/84

New Director: Sarah Whiteker, SMR 12/14/80

New directors & new president, Melissa Millecam announced, SMR 10/16/79

Phil Donahue visits for Center fund raising, SMN 11/10/83, SMR 11/4/83, SMR 11/16/83

Photo of Center President, Melissa Millecam, SMR 1/15/80

Photo of Sarah Whiteker, SMR 3/27/79

Ross Leamer honored, SMR 1/29/86

Sue Frankewicz is new director, SMR 9/14/86

Summary of Center's services and a brief history, SMR 10/4/85

Summary of programs offered, SMR 2/24/80

Training Volunteers, SMR 2/27/87

VFW Post 3413 donates $1,000, SMR 11/17/83

Hays High School

High School celebrates Jack Hays' birthday, SMR 2/3/91

Hays Hospital, 1/2/83, 9/25/88

Hays, Jack C.

Statue of Jack C. Hays proposed on courthouse grounds, AA–S 1/24/2000

Hays, John Coffee, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Hays-Caldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Council celebrates 9 years of service, SMR 11/28/93

Drug free walk set, SMR 6/1/90

Get high on hugs not drugs, SMR 2/14/86

Kira Holt-Harrison lectures on drugs, SMR 11/2/88

Open house celebration, SMR 2/13/87

Red Ribbon Week activities kick off, SMR 10/20/91

Heard-Baker house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Hearn, Jo Ann

Jo Ann Hearn and Dorothy Kerbow have completed first cemetery volume, SMR 7/11/90

Hearne, Jim

Jim Hearne's Woodland house has life of its own, SMN 9/2/79

Hector family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Heidenreich, J.A. See TTWC--KYLE

Heister, Oliver

Former San Marcan remembers city as it was 53 years ago, SMR 4/11/76

Henderson, Bill, 5/28/89

Henderson, Clint. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Mutschlechner

Henderson, Dick, 6/7/89

Henderson, Jeff, 9/16/87

Pretty nifty, look who's fifty, SMR 1/92

Henderson, Marvin

Marvin Henderson takes command of Legion post, SMR 8/22/68

Henderson, Richard, 1/25/87

Henderson, Ruby, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Brief history of Henley; town named for ranchman, SMR 9/25/36

General Darnell early settler of Henely, SMR 9/25/36

Henley VFD BBQ fundraiser earned $1,500, OFPR 6/20/80

John L. McCarty and Margareta McCarty Family Reunion, SMR 6/18/70

Henly, TTWC

Henry Bush Child Development Center

Development Center has Christmas Program, SMR 12/31/70

Development Center ready for its open house, SMR 10/3/86

Heritage Association of San Marcos. see TTWC CLUBS

Cottage Kitchen (see TTWC CLUBS)

Heritage Tour

Handler Smith Home, 4/26/85

Yarbrough home, 5/1/83

Herkimer, Allen, 3/13/91

Herkimer, Fay, 3/26/89


Herman, Joe

Joe Herman notes changes during 55 years as barber, SMR 5/20/65

Hewer, Timmy, 8/2/87



Hightower, Jim, 12/16/90


Hightower, Virginia, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Hike & Bike Trail

Funding donations due for Hike & Bike Trail, SMR 11/30/72

Hill Country Christian. see TTWC SCHOOLS



Hill, Minnie Heidenreich. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--HILL FAMILY (JULIUS)

Hill, Vicki, 10/23/88

Hillside Manor

Hillside Manor staff present $1,880 check to American Heart Association, SMR 4/28/88

Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple & Complex/Building in Hays County (with photos), AA–S 3/5/97

Hindus dedicate new temple (with phontos), AA–S 10/9/95

Hindus, TTWC

Hinz, Mike and Mindy, 4/29/84

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, TTWC––CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (HISPANIC)

Flores Milner is new Hispanic chamber coordinator, SMR 10/23/91

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce records a special year, SMR 3/29/92

Hispanic Chamber wraps up the year, SMR 3/31/88

See Chamber of Commerce (Hispanic), TTWC

Historic Houses

Allie Evans Cottage moved from SWT (with photos), SMR 6/13/74

Arledge Home (Barbee House) Open House (with history), SMR 4/5/87

Babcock House history and photos, SMR 10/5/80

City Produce Co. Building to be renovated (with photo), HCC 8/9/73

First four buildings on National Register of Historic Places w/photos, SMR 2/16/75

First nine Tours of Distinction Homes (with brief histories), HCC 4/15/76

General Pitts Home photo and history, SMR 2/17/66

Hart Home razed (photo and history), SMR 9/29/66

Kercheville Home Open House (with photo), SMR 5/7/78

Kyle Cabin (with photo), SMR 2/8/83

Maddox Home (Spanish Oaks) feature article, SMR 3/15/87

McMeans House brief history, SMR 9/25/36

National Register of Historic Places (History and Photos), SMR 1/8/84

National Register sites named, SMR 1/8/84

Nicola's Old Store bulldozed (with photo), SMR 11/3/77

Nine Gables 1890 Heritage House (with photo), US 2/1/83

Old Cross House on Blair Ranch -- stories and photos, HCC 4/30/62

Oldest House in Wimberley (Keith Home) with photo, SMR 4/21/66

Plaques for Historic Buildings in Hays County, SMR 6/10/65

Rodriguez Home open (with history and photos), SMR 4/30/89

Summary of nine historic homes in San Marcos, AA–S 5/3/78

Terry House brief history (with photo), SMR 4/9/86

Thompson Home featured with photo, SMR 4/30/78

Historic Houses, etc., TTWC

Historic Markers, TTWC

Alumni house, TTWC

Augusta Hofheinz house, TTWC

Barton cemetery, TTWC

Basil Dailey home, TTWC

Beef for the Confederacy, TTWC

Belvin Historic District, TTWC

Blanco Chapel, TTWC

Buda Christian Church, TTWC

Buda United Methodist Church, TTWC



Burleson home, TTWC

Burleson Homestead, TTWC

Calaboose, TTWC

Caldwell-Kone-Hyatt house, TTWC

Camino Real, TTWC

Camp Ben McCulloch, TTWC

Carpenter log house, TTWC

Carroll Hall, TTWC

Charles Lewis McGehee cabin, TTWC

Claiborne Kyle log house, TTWC

Coronal Institute, TTWC

Don Felipe Roque de la Portilla, TTWC

Dr. Joseph M. Pound, TTWC

Driftwood Cemetery, TTWC

Driftwood Church, TTWC

Dripping Springs Academy, TTWC

Dripping Springs United Methodist Church, TTWC

Dunbar School, TTWC

Eddie Durham, TTWC

Eliza Pitts Malone home, TTWC

Farmers Union Gin Co., TTWC

First Baptist Church, TTWC

First Baptist Church of Buda, TTWC

First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs, TTWC

First Baptist Church of Kyle, TTWC

First Christian Church, TTWC

First National Bank of San Marcos, TTWC

First Presbyterian Church, TTWC

First United Methodist Church, TTWC

Founding of the First Methodist Church, TTWC

Friday Mountain Ranch, TTWC

George Henry Talmadge home, TTWC

George Thomas McGehee house, TTWC

Goforth, TTWC

Hays County Courthouse, TTWC


Courthouse Restoration (with photos), SMR 1/3/88

Goddess of Justice statue placed at courthouse (with photos), HCT 9/3/1901

Hays courthouse to be restored by end of 1997, AA–S 9/21/96

Noon Lions Club sponsor restoration of courthouse jury room, SMR 9/6/81

Plans underway to restore Hays County Courthouse, SMN 8/23/84

          Courthouse Bell, 5/17/91

Heard-Baker house, TTWC

Hector Family Cemetery, TTWC

Home of Dr. Joseph M. Pound, TTWC

Ike Wood house, TTWC

Immanuel Baptist Church, TTWC

Isham Jones Good, TTWC

John F. McGehee home, TTWC

John Henry Saunders home, TTWC

John Matthew Cape house, TTWC

John R. Dobie House, TTWC

John Wheeler Bunton, TTWC

Joseph B. Rogers house, TTWC

Joseph W. Earnest house, TTWC

Julia Ann Ragsdale home, TTWC

Katherine Anne Porter, TTWC

Kone-Cliett house, TTWC

Kone-Yarbrough home, TTWC

Kyle, TTWC

Kyle Auction Oak, TTWC

Kyle Cemetery, TTWC

Marshall-Chapman house, TTWC

Martin Church of Goforth, TTWC

Masonic Temple, TTWC

Tour of homes; Ron Graves, 4/14/91

McGehee Crossing, TTWC

Merrimam home, TTWC

Mexican War camp at San Marcos, TTWC

O.T. Brown home, TTWC

Old Cock Home

Irene Adams- growing up there, 2/22/83

Old Cock home, TTWC

Old D.A. Young buildings, TTWC

Old Fish Hatchery office building, TTWC

Old Fisher Hall, TTWC

Old Lime Kiln, TTWC

Old Main, TTWC

Old Storey home, TTWC

Pitts Cemetery, TTWC

Post San Marcos, TTWC

Ragsdale-Jackman-Yarbrough house, TTWC

Robert Early McKie house, TTWC

Robert Hixon Belvin home, TTWC

San Marcos Cemetery, TTWC

San Marcos Cemetery Chapel, TTWC

San Marcos Springs, TTWC

San Marcos' "Mill Tract," TTWC

Schlameus house, TTWC

Sink Springs, TTWC

Site of Hays County's first public building, TTWC

Sydney J. Pyland Blacksmith Shop, TTWC

Thompson Plantations, TTWC

Thompson's Island homeplace, TTWC

Ulysses Cephas, TTWC

Watkins Elm, TTWC

William W. Moon homesite, TTWC

Wimberley Cemetery, TTWC

Wimberley Mills, TTWC

Wonder Cave, TTWC

Historical Markers, TTWC––HISTORIC MARKERS

300th Anniversary of Camino Real - Old San Antonio Road, AA–S 4/15/91, SMN 1/17/91, SMR 1/13/91

Alumni House

Alumini House dedicated (with photo), SMR 4/25/68

Beverly Hutchison Home gets medallion, SMR 4/21/66

Historic Rooming House where LBJ stayed (with photo), HCC 5/10/67

Historical display exhibited at Alumni House, SMR 10/17/68

Hutchison House named histoic landmark, SMR 2/15/68

Baptist Church of Dripping Springs

Historic Marker for church, SMR 6/8/72

Receives plaque, SMR 6/15/72

Baptist Church of Kyle

Brief history Kyle Baptist Church, SMR 9/14/72

Kyle Baptist Church to receive plaque, SMR 8/24/72, SMR 8/31/72

Short history of church, HCT 7/30/1881

Beef for the Confederacy historical marker, SMR 3/18/65

Belvin Street

Belvin Street home restored (with photos), SMR 11/6/77

Belvin Street residents clash with students, SMR 4/26/83

Builders upset over Belvin Street zoning, SMR 10/21/76

First annual Belvin Street July 4th parade, SMR 7/12/81

Marker unveiled for Belvin Street (with photo), SMR 9/9/76

McGehee & Davis homes join Belvin Historic register, SMR 5/17/85

Zoning ordinances for Belvin Street, SMR 7/11/74

Blacksmith Shop in Wimberley dedication, SMR 5/19/93

Blanco Chapel

Historical medallion awarded (with photos), SMR 12/20/62

History of Blanco Chapel, OCFP 12/21/79

Blanco Chapel honored as landmark, HCC 6/2/65


Marker dedicated for Buda Christian Church, SMN 10/8/87, SMR 10/7/87

Burleson Home, Bethlehem Lutheran, and Perkins Home chosen as sites, AA 5/1/65

Burleson Homestead

Burleson home first to get historic medallion, SMR 4/27/67, SMR 5/19/66, SMR? 9/6/62

Burleson Homestead history and cabin photo, SMR 9/7/88

Burleson Homestead Marker dedicated, SMR? 7/8/32

Daughters of Republic of Texas erect marker, SMR? 2/12/32

Historical pilgrimage planned, SMR 4/2/64

National Register plaque at Burleson home, SMR 5/13/80


Brief history of Calaboose, SMR 8/12/90

Calaboose discussed as possible Community Center, AA–S 4/1/90

Calaboose Marker dedication announcement, SMR 12/12/90, SMR 12/16/90

Calaboose Marker dedication scheduled, SMR 11/23/90

Contributions sought to restore Calaboose (with photo), SMR 8/1/90

Caldwell-Kone-Hyatt House

Caldwell-Kone-Hyatt House history, HCC 2/26/76

Historic Marker, HCC 3/4/76

Marker dedication planned--brief history, SMR 2/26/76, SMR 2/29/76

Camp Ben McCulloch

90th Camp Ben McCulloch reunion underway, SMR 6/22/86

Historical Marker to be placed, SMR 6/19/86

Carpenter Log House

Carpenter cabin gets historical marker, HCC 7/30/77, HCC 8/6/77

Cyrus Milton Carpenter biography (with photos), HCC 7/28/77, HCC 7/31/77

Carroll Hall

Carroll Hall history (with photo), SMR 7/1/90

Carroll Hall petition, SMR 12/13/88

Mario Sancher architect for Carroll Hall (with history), SMR 9/4/88

Memories of Carroll Hall by Mildred Cates, SMR 10/30/90

Photo of demolished Carroll Hall, SMR 10/4/90, SMR 12/20/90

Regents decide to demolish Carroll Hall, SMR 8/31/90

Regents to decide fate of Carroll Hall, SMR 8/5/90

Salvation urged for Carroll Hall, SMR 6/12/88

Cemetery Chapel rededication; Hofheinz House dedication, SMR 5/19/93

Charles Lewis McGehee Cabin

McGehee home dedicated, SMN 1/29/76

Official state marker to be dedicated, SMN 4/9/87, SMR 4/5/87

Photographs of McGehee Cabin dedication, SMR 4/26/87

Clairborne Kyle Log Home

Chuck wagon dinner benefit, SMR 3/18/84

Clairborne Kyle Day to be celebrated, SMR 9/6/85

Kyle Cabin Bound for glory, SMR 3/22/81

Kyle cabin restoration due, SMR 7/24/80

Kyle family celebrates heritage at reunion, SMR 9/–/92

Kyle Log Home now a landmark, SMR 4/14/83

Kyle log house benefit is Saturday, SMR 9/15/84

Log House reveals 19th century living, KE 7/18/85

Restoration Commission accepts $2,000, SMR 9/6/84

Story on log home's history, SMR 5/23/84

Coronal Institute

Old Coronal site gets its marker, SMR 4/16/70

Courthouse Square dedicated, SMR 5/19/93

Dedication of marker on original site of San Marcos, SMR 2/17/76

Don Felipe Roque de la Portilla

Historical marker dedication, SMR 11/11/76

Dr. Joseph M. Pound

Home of Dr. Pound receives historical medallion, SMR 10/17/6

Driftwood Cemetery

Historical marker dedicated at Cemetery, SMR 5/25/94

Dripping Springs Methodist Church

Fall Fair fundraiser, OCFP 10/18/78

Historical marker placed, DS Dispatch 5/29/86

Dunbar School

CETA federal program builds Dunbar School fence, SMR 6/8/77

Dunbar School history, SMR 11/8/87

Dunbar School photograph, SMR 5/17/79

Dunbar School renovated for Recreation Center, SMR 12/19/90

Historical marker for Dunbar School (with history), SMR 4/22/76

School sells Dunbar for City Park, HCC 4/26/73

Eliza Pitts Malone Home

Malone House is tour site (with photo), SMR 3/25/84

Ezekiel Nance Home

Historical Medallion place at Nance Home, SMR 6/18/84

Farmers Union Gin Co.

Curtis Tunnell guest speaker at dedication, SMR 11/14/82

Dedication Ceremony with photos, SMR 11/16/82

Max and Gwen Smith biography, SMR 3/28/86

Smith and Company biography, SMR 9/20/62

First Christian Church

Historical Marker dedication, HCC 4/8/76, SMR 4/7/76

Marker acceptance photograph, HCC 4/15/76

First Historical Markers sign on IH-35 with photo, SMR 5/11/75

First Presbyterian Church

History and historical marker for church, SMR 6/3/73

First United Methodist Church

Bell is a historical artifact, SMR 9/28/88

Marker placed, SMR 8/10/72

National Register site, SMR 11/26/74

Pastor H. Ellis Thomas, SMR 8/3/72

Plans for new building, HCT 11/13/1891

Friday Mountain Ranch

Emmett Shelton sues-- graves disturbed, AA–S 12/9/94

First settlement on Bear Creek, SMR 9/25/36

Friday Mountain Ranch purchased, AA–S 11/3/63

Joe B. Frantz tribute, HCC 9/10/77

Johnson Institute receives historic medallion, SMR 8/13/64

Johnson Institute receives medallion, OCFP 11/16/79

George Thomas McGehee House

McGehee Home gets marker, HCC 1/22/76, HCC 1/29/76, SMR 1/22/76

McGehee Home history, SMR 4/29/90

Restoration of McGehee Home with photos, SMR 9/25/88

Hays County Courthouse

Courthouse brief history, SMR 12/10/74

Courthouse restoration, SMR 3/9/82, SMR 6/10/87

Courthouse will get historical marker, SMR 12/5/78, SMR 12/10/74

First Hays Courthouse site to get marker, SMR 2/29/68, SMR 12/8/74

Goddess of Justice statue placed, HCT 9/3/1909

Heard-Baker House

Texas Historical marker dedicated (with photo), SMR 12/9/87

Texas Historical marker to be placed, SMN 12/3/87, SMR 11/29/87

Hofheinz House

Hofheinz-Rains House history and photo, SMR 4/12/83

Hofheinz/Mitchell reunion with biography & photo, SMR 8/10/75

Ike Wood House (Crookwood)

Crookwood history (with photos), SMR 4/9/89, SMR 4/30/86

Crookwood Mansion (with photo), AA–S 3/8/64

House history, SMR 4/28/93

Immanuel Baptist Church

Church celebrates its 90th with photo, HCC 6/10/76

Church celebrates its centennial, SMR 6/15/86

Isham Jones Good

Isham Jones Good biography, OCFP 10/28/79

J.R. Dobie House

Cock Dobie House brief history, SMR 8/27/89

John F. McGehee House

Historical medallion dedicated at McGehee Home, SMR 5/2/74

McGehee House history and photos, SMR 4/28/74

John Henry Saunders House

House dedicated (with history & photos), SMR 7/27/86

John Matthew Cape House

Cape House photo and brief history, SMR 2/28/86

Marker placed (with history & photo), SMR 5/22/86

Joseph B. Rogers House

House to receive marker (with history), SMR 10/2/75

Marker dedication (with photo), HCC 10/9/75, SMR 10/9/75

Rogers House history, OCFP 11/30/79

Joseph W. Earnest House

Receives medallion (with photos), SMR 4/24/80

Julia Ann Ragsdale House

Marker ceremony (with photo), HCC 12/16/76

Ragsdale House to get medallion (with bio), HCC 12/9/76, WV 12/16/76

Katherine Anne Porter

Literacy Center opens in Kyle, AAS 9/26/00

Marker dedication with photo and biography, SMR 7/28/91

Marker placed in Kyle honoring Porter, SMN 7/25/91

Kone-Yarbrough Home

Medallion dedication and history of home, HCC 4/4/77, HCC 4/21/77

Medallion dedication with photos, HCC 4/17/77

Kyle Auction Oak

Kyle Auction Oak dedication with photo, HCC 5/20/76

Kyle Auction Oak gets historical marker, HCC 5/13/76, SMR 5/13/76

Marshall-Chapman House

Marshall-Chapman House brief history, HCC 6/30/77

Marshall-Chapman House receives marker, HCC 6/30/77

Masonic Temple

Grand Master R. Bruce Bannon honored, SMR 6/6/47

Masonic Temple added to Heritage Tour, SMR 4/19/87

Masonic Temple gets marker (with photo), SMR 1/12/83

Masonic Temple on Belvin to be dedicated as Landmark, SMR 1/12/83

Masonic Temple to be restored with photo, SMR 3/12/81

Senator Kelley address masons, SMR 4/18/41

Women's Center holds 10th anniversary at Temple, SMR 7/17/88

McGehee Crossing

Brief biography on McGehee Crossing, SMR 4/12/88

Congressman J.J. Pickle remarks at dedication, SMR 5/15/88

McGehee brief history, SMR 7/27/88

McGehee cabin added to Heritage Tour (with photo), SMR 4/22/87, SMR 4/26/87

McGehee cabin gets historical marker, SMR 4/5/87

Merriman House

Merriman House gets Medallion with photos, SMR 5/23/63

Mexican War Camp at San Marcos

Marker dedication for War Camp, SMR10/26/72

Rep. J.J. Pickle at dedication, SMR10/23/72

National Preservation Week -- 5 dedication events (with photos), SMR 5/19/93

National Register discussion of sites and benefits, SMR 8/3/88

O.T. Brown Home

O.T. Brown Home dedicated (with photo), SMR 4/4/82, SMR 4/8/82

O.T. Brown Home featured on Heritage Tour, SMR 5/2/86

Old Cock Home

Cock House dedicated (with photos), SMR 4/11/76

Old Cock House restoration funded, SMR 2/6/75

Old Cock House restored, HCC 12/11/77

Old Cock House to receive $25,000 in HUD grant, SMR 8/31/72

Old D.A. Young Building

D.A. Young's Mercantile Texas landmark, SMR 10/16/68

Old D.A. Young Building brief history, OCFP 11/2/79

Young Building gets medallion (with photo), SMR 6/20/68, SMR 10/17/68, SMR 10/19/68

Old Fish Hatchery

Announcement of new Fish Hatchery, HCT 11/23/1894

Brief history of Fish Hatchery, SMR 9/25/36, SMR 11/22/46

Old Fish Hatchery Community Building dedicated, SMR 9/22/85

Old Fish Hatchery drains pond before closing, SMR 6/24/65

Old Fish Hatchery now city park land, SMR 9/26/86

Old Fisher Hall

Historical medallion presented to Fisher Hall, SMR 6/6/63

Marker dedication planned, SMR 5/6/71

Old Fort McCulloch Marker approved, SMR 6/29/72

Old Ice House

Old Ice House closes, SMR 7/1/76

Photo of wheel, SMR 9/20/62

Photographs, SMR 9/20/62

Old Lime Kiln

Boy Scouts dedicate Old Lime Kiln, SMR 8/26/76

Old Lime Kiln History with photo, HCC 8/26/76

Photographs, SMR 2/19/76, SMR 7/3/81, SMR 8/26/76, US 3/29/79

Rededication of Old Lime Kiln Planned, SMR 9/6/95

Restoration rededication includes Wyatts and others, SMR 9/20/95

San Marcos Lime Works, HCT 10/29/1887

Old Main

Old Main brief history and photo, SMR 11/2/72

Old Main gets medallion (with photos), SMR 5/30/63

Old Main rededication ceremony planned, SMR 11/2/72

Renovations finished on Old Main with photos, SMR 9/28/72

University News and Journalism to move into Old Main, SMR1/10/85, SMR 8/27/82

Old Storey Home

Home on Heritage Tour, SMR 4/26/81

Old Storey Home gets medallion (with photo), SMR 4/1/71

Phillips Cemetery

Memorial Day celebrated at cemetery (with photo), SMR 6/4/92

Phillips Cemetery gets historical marker, AA–S 5/28/92, DSD 5/28/92, SMR 5/22/92

Pitts Cemetery

Pitts Cemetery gets historical marker (with photos), SMR 11/19/95

Post San Marcos

Post San Marcos gets marker (with photo), SMR 9/18/73, SMR 9/20/73

Post San Marcos history (with photos), SMR 6/29/72, SMR 9/16/73, SMR 10/26/72

Ragsdale-Jackman-Yarbrough House

Home history (with photos), SMR 4/8/73

Yarbrough home gets marker, SMR 4/3/73, SMR 4/10/73

Robert Hixon Belvin Home

Home featured for Tour with photos, SMR 4/20/86

R.H. Belvin Home brief history with photo, SMR 4/17/94

R.H. Belvin Home named landmark, SMR 3/28/76

Oak gets marker, HCC 6/10/76

Oak gets marker (with history), SMR 6/13/76

Oak gets marker (with photo), SMR 6/15/76

San Marcos Cemetery Chapel

Cemetery Chapel brief history with photo, SMR 4/?/92, SMR 5/25/75

Cemetery Chapel dedicated (with photo), HCC 5/29/75

Marian Oles & Lissa Anderson consult, SMR 7/1/82

San Marcos Mill Tract

Mill Tract marker dedication, SMN 9/17/87, SMN 10/1/87

Mill Tract marker dedication (with photo), SMR 9/16/87, SMR 9/27/87

San Marcos National Fish Hatchery

Marker dedication, OCFP 12/14/79, SMR 4/20/70, SMR 5/23/68

San Marcos River Foundation

River gets marker at headwaters, SMR 3/13/88

San Marcos Springs

Springs Marker dedicated (with photos), SMR 11/2/72, SMR 11/16/72

Schlameus House

Schlameus House gets medallion (with photo), SMR 10/24/63, WV 9/68

Sink Springs

Sink Springs brief history, SMR 2/9/92

Sink Springs gets marker, SMR 2/6/92

Site of Hays County's First Public Building

Cleanup for marker, SMR 3/18/82

Site to get marker, SMR 1/18/68, SMR 3/7/68

Sydney Pyland Blacksmith Shop

Blacksmith Shop gets marker (photo), WV 5/19/93

Thompson Plantation

Thompson Home gets marker, HCC 11/13/75

Thompson Home gets marker, with history & photo, SMR 11/6/75

Thompson's Islands

Thompson's Island to get marker (with photo), SMR 9/4/94, SMR 9/8/94, SMR 9/14/94

Thompson's Islands Homeplace

Thompson's Islands Homeplace dedicated, SMR 6/7/79, SMR 6/12/79

Ulysses Cephas

Ulysses Cephas honored with Historical Marker, SMR 6/16/89

Villa de San Marcos de Neve marker history (with photo), SMR 2/22/73

Watkins Elm

Watkins Elm gets plaque, SMR 6/15/72

Watkins Elm removed, SMR 12/16/73

William Moon Homesite

William Moon Homesite gets marker, SMR 1/4/76

William Moon Homesite history with photos, SMR 1/4/76

Wimberley Cemetery

Wimberley Cemetery gets marker (with photo), SMR 7/1/79

Wimberley Mills

Wimberley Mills gets marker (with history & photos), HCC 5/30/74, HCC 8/30/73, SMR 5/24/74

Wimberley Mills gets marker (with photos), HCC 3/21/74

Wonder Cave

Funeral held for cave owner Thorton J. Mostyn, SMR 10/16/67

Towers open at Wonder Cave, SMR 3/28/68

Wonder Cave information and photographs, SMR 1/17/63, SMR 3/25/71, SMR 9/20/62

Wonder Cave marker dedicated (with photo), SMR 6/27/73

Wonder Cave renamed Wonder World, SMR 5/13/71

Wonder Cave to receive marker (with history and photos), SMR 6/24/73

History, TTWC

Hitch, Bill, 8 /31/88

Hobbies, TTWC

Hoffmann, Emily Jenkins. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--JENKINS, CURTIS

Hofheinz Gardens,

Discussion of smokehouse at Hofheinz Gardens, SMR 3/12/87

Hofheinz Gardens history (with photos), SMR 1/18/87

Hofheinz, Augusta. see TTWC--HISTORIC MARKERS--Augusta Hofheinz House

Hofheinz, Daniel, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY





Holcombe, Herbert

Herbert Holcombe to lead Rotary as president, SMR 3/7/63

Holcombe, Laura Rylander. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ALLEN FAMILY (CALVIN M.)

Holland, Sarah W. Davidson Woods. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WOODS FAMILY (P.C.)

Holland, Walter Lee

Walter Lee Holland to celebrate 95th birthday, SMR 9/?/65

Holt, Elvin, 2/26/89

Home Demonstration Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Homer, Mary Lou

Touching people's lives as assistant director at Southside, SMR 1/15/84


HomeSpun helps developmentally delayed children, SMR 2/23/94



Hopkins, Irene. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--McMEANS, H.A.

Hopkins, Lovie Lawshe. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--HOPKINS, D.P.

Hopson, Mrs. J.W.

During Bicentennial year Mrs. J. W. Hopson is 100, SMR 8/5/76

Hormachea family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Hornsby, Gene, 1/22/84

Horse Shows

Anne Jonas wins trophies at Appaloosa Shows (with photo), SMR 5/25/77

Cathy Craft wins at Arabian Horse Show (with photo), SMR 11/2/67

Christina Williams wins honors at Horse Show (with photo), SMR 8/4/66

Equestrian events planned for Special Olympics, SMR 5/10/90

Mr. J.H. Storey wins at Colt Show, HCT 11/1893

Parade and Open Horse Show for Bicentennial (with photo), SMR 6/11/75

San Marcos Riding Club history, play day & photos, SMR 4/27/75

Youth Horse Show at Hays County Civic Center (with photos), SMR 1/23/85

Horse shows, TTWC

Horton, Love and Eddie, 5/10/87

Hosage, Dan, 6/15/88


Hospice Program history and photo, SMR 11/13/93

Hospice of San Marcos, 6/10/90

Hospital Auxiliary. See TTWC--HOSPITALS

'Pink Ladies' aid hospital, SMR 10/22/77

'Pink Ladies' honored for service, SMR 4/24/75, SMR 11/29/73

'Pink Ladies' serve well, SMR 9/22/77

Auxiliary gathers for annual Pinafore meeting, SMR 9/28/72

Auxiliary Gives Hospital 2 Beds, SMR 10/9/77

Auxiliary gives service awards at Pinafore Day, SMR 9/24/78

Auxiliary holds membership tea in Wimberley, SMR 9/25/69

Auxiliary honors Cynthia Ligon, Yetta Richan and Bunny Stevenson, SMR 3/25/81

Auxiliary honors members at luncheon, SMR 3/20/81

Auxiliary honors members for 500 hours service, SMR 1/23/64

Auxiliary installs new members, SMR 3/16/78, SMR 3/22/81

Auxiliary members pictured in the Cupboard, SMR 8/1/68

Auxiliary presents $2,300 to help pay for pediatric bronchoscope, SMR 5/16/82

Auxiliary to buy equipment, SMR 10/21/75

Hays 'Pink Ladies' a very dedicated lot, SMR 1/2/83

Hospital Auxiliary buys entrance sign for local hospital, SMR 3/16/61

Hospital Auxiliary installs officers, SMR 2/26/87, SMR 3/26/74, SMR 3/28/74

Hospital Auxiliary presents draperies to local hospital, SMR 3/12/64

Hospital Auxiliary proves worth after brief two months' service, SMR 5/12/60

Hospital Auxiliary provides lots of needed services here, SMN 6/27/85

Hospital Auxiliary purchases Croupette for hospital, SMR 2/23/67

Hospital Auxiliary purchases microscope for hospital., SMR 5/19/66

Hospital Auxiliary's role is expanding, SMR 9/25/88

Local Auxiliary hosts district meeting, SMR 10/31/63

Mrs. E.S. Sutton donates funds for benches and table, SMR 5/6/85

Pink Ladies observe annual Pinafore day, SMR 10/2/84

See Hospitals, TTWC

Volunteers earn service pins, SMR 11/20/75


American Legion sells old hospital to SWT Fraternity, SMR 6/13/68

Awards day at the hospital, SMR 5/16/68

Babies attend Memorial Hospital Reunion, SMDN 9/29/37

Bioethics under study here, SMR 6/17/87

C.M. Allen is new Chairman of Hospital Board, SMR 7/28/39

Candy Stripers honored for service, SMR 1/4/73

Chaplain Osborne feels right at home, SMR 5/22/75

Chaplain Starr ministers to the sick, SMR 3/8/87

Citizens Advisory Board announced, SMR 5/30/68

Citizens Advisory Board organizes, SMR 5/23/68

Civic Advisory Board named at hospital, SMR 4/13/75

CTMC unveils new technologies, emphasis on babies, SMR 5/14/95

Death of Memorial Hospital is certain, SMR 7/30/59

Dedication ceremony for Cummings Memorial Courtyard, SMR 9/14/83

Dialysis center gives gift of life to kidney patients, HCC 12/23/77

Elevator installed at Memorial Hospital, SMR 10/3/41

Emergency room use rising, SMR 5/2/82

English nurse joins staff at Hays County Hospital, SMR 12/12/63

H.E.B. donates $25,000 to Hays Memorial Hostpital, SMR 12/4/84

H.E.B. donates $25,000 to hospital, SMR 12/4/84

Hays County league of nurses presents awards, SMR 5/9/82

Hays county's new hospital is beginning to take its final exterior form, SMR 9/26/82

Hays Memorial Ambulance Squad to the rescue, SMR 11/11/73

Hays Memorial Hospital -- 25 years of service, SMR 3/17/85

Hays Memorial Hospital has dedicated professional staff, SMR 6/9/66

Hays Memorial Hospital joins in National Hospital Week, SMR 5/6/73

Hays Memorial Hospital medical staff listing, SMR 6/7/87

Hays Memorial Hospital ready to help, SMR 6/7/87

Hospital Foundation seeks help in defraying cost of CAT scan, SMR 7/29/88

Hospital has new administrator, SMR 9/17/75

Hospital has new superintendent, SMR 5/9/42

Hospital honors board members, SMR 5/14/48

Hospital honors medical leaders, SMR 2/3/84

Hospital is a memorial to Hays boys who died in World War, SMR 5/11/37

Hospital names new president, SMR 5/10/89

Hospital shows good progress during 1937, SMR 2/17/38

Hospital to ban tobacco use, SMR 3/25/90

Hospital to have open house on anniversary, SMR 5/27/32

Hospital's future is bright, SMR 2/24/85

Hospital: A new horizon, SMR 4/18/82

How hospital was opened told to club, SMN 5/13/32

Incubator demonstration given, SMR 10/3/79

Kiwanis Club presents $1,000 to hospital, SMR 9/10/82

Leaders for hospital bonds express thanks, confidence, SMR 4/10/58

Memorial Hospital charter permits new hospital use, SMR 4/3/53

Memorial Hospital dedicated to World War dead, SMR 9/25/36

Memorial Hospital has good record for opening month, SMR 6/29/23

Memorial Hospital observes National Hospital Day, SMR 5/20/38

Memorial Hospital: Are You One of the Three Hundred?, SMR 10/13/22

New hospital is rising atop hill, SMR 2/28/82

New hospital to open, SMN 9/1/83

Officials break ground for new hospital, SMR 9/17/81

Old hospital relinquishes patients, closes its doors, SMR 3/10/60

Old Memorial Hospital to be used by San Marcos Baptist Academy, SMR 2/22/62

One of earliest King James Bibles shown at hospital, SMR 11/15/62

Open House at local hospital set Wednesday, SMR 5/11/37

Our Memorial Hospital, SMR 2/1/29, SMR 2/9/23

Our Memorial Hospital--Things about completed, SMR 1/12/23

Performance of 'Fiorello' benefits hospital, SMR 5/2/82

Plans made for hospital opening, SMN 7/28/83

Scanner fund kickoff for CAT scan, SMR 8/7/88

Steps taken to standardize the Memorial Hospital, SMR 8/26/38

Tool for testing newborns' hearing purchased by Delta Zeta alumnae, SMR 4/15/71

Tyrrell elected as Auxiliary president, SMR 3/1/87

Ultrasound system new at hospital, SMR 5/10/90

Work continues on the hospital, SMR 12/23/21

X-Ray for hospital discussed at Board Meeting, SMR 12/12/36

Hospitals - Memorial Hospital, TTWC


Armstrong Hotel oldest business with brief history and photo, SMR 9/20/62

Committeemen pledge $69,400 for hotel, SMR 4/14/60

Community hotel planned for San Marcos, SMR 3/19/59, SMR 11/12/59, SMR 11/16/59

Consultants report on hotels for San Marcos, SMR 12/18/91

Crystal River Inn receives national attention, SMR 2/15/90

First hotels in San Marcos, SMR 4/1/90

Hofheinz hotel with brief history and photo, SMR 9/25/36

Hotel-Motel owners feel weak economy, SMR 5/29/88

Motel Hotel history with photo, SMR 9/20/62

New I-35 hotel planned, SMR 12/25/83

Paul J. Rogers plans million doller hotel, SMR 4/14/60

Workers to sell stock for community hotel, SMR 10/8/59

Hotels, taverns, etc., TTWC

Houseman, Rose Ann, 6/6/90

Houser, Julie Dawn Mullican. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--POSEY FAMILY (GENE)

Houston, Ralph, 12/7/86

Howell, Allie Pearl, 6/9/85

Hudman, Lee, 1/11/87

Hughson, C.C. "Tex," TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Hughson, Dawn, 4/15/87

Hughson, Jane

Business & Professional Women's Club awards Hughson 'Careerist' title, SMR 3/13/79


Photos and captions on Hunter, TX, HCC 7/23/77

TXI officials proud of Hunter plant's size and productivity, SMR 3/29/92

Hunter, Robert

Robert and Nancy Hunter to work at Southside, SMR 3/2/67

Hunting, TTWC

Commissioner B.R. Wranitskey kills 13th coyote (with photo), SMR 1/4/68

Elmer 'Jug' Adare bags javelina (with photo), SMR 12/27/62

Freeman Ranch allows day hunts (photo and brief history), SMR 11/12/92

Game plentiful in 1895 (with photo), SMR 9/20/62

Mrs. Bill Allbright bags 10 point buck (with photo), SMR 12/29/66

Murray Harper bags 8 point trophy buck (with photo), SMR 12/15/66

Hurst, Adell, 11/7/90

Hutchings, Charles, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Hutson, Lucinda, 12/20/87

Hutson, William

Artist returns to San Marcos to build memorial to parents, HCC 4/26/73

Hyatt family (George Robert), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Hyden, Nita

Nita Hyden Africa bound courtesy of Rotary Club, SMR 10/26/72




Archaeologists discuss Central Texas Indians and Archaeology, SMR 8/7/77

Dottie 'Sunshine' Youngblood Hoyt biography (with photo), WV 5/28/85

Gil Rainosek displays proof 8 Indian Tribes in Hays County (photos), SMR 9/20/62 ?

Indian lore of Wimberley, WV 9/67

Ira Kennedy and Dr. William Millsap discuss artifacts (with photos), SMR 8/7/77

Jimmy Gutherie opens artifact museum (with brief history & photos), SMR 7/6/90

Legend of Indian Mike, WV 1/67

Native American Lawyer Tricia Tingle spotlighted with biography and photo, SMR 4/12/92

Prehistoric Texas Indians studied (with brief hsitory), SMR 3/21/93

Purgatory dig site reveals Indian History (with photos), SMR 6/29/86

Sacred Springs welcomes Indian Culture (with photos and brief history), SMR 4/9/95

Sallie Patterson recalls Indian raids (with brief biography), SMR 6/28/30

San Marcos scene of great Indian fight (with brief history), SMR 1/27/1909

World's most decorated tipi goes on national tour (with photos), SMR 9/9/84

Industry, TTWC

500 Carlson Circle begins construction, SMR 6/14/88

Building activity summary, SMR 8/1/82

Butler Manufacturing groundbreaking ceremony (with photo), SMR 5/22/79, SMR 6/20/82, SMR 9/16/79

Butler Manufacturing plans expansion, SMR 10/6/94

Construction boom in San Marcos (with photos), SMR 9/6/73

Education Industry discussed, SAN 11/20/59

Feltner family Coke company changes hands (photos), SMR 2/18/71

Feltner's Dr. Pepper Bottling ranks tops in sales, SMR 2/29/68

Foundation loses Ker-Ban, SMR 3/31/60

GE Aircraft Engine factory protested (with photo), AA–S 3/29/89

Hays and San Marcos Foundations to purchase industrial tract, SMR 4/15/71

Hays County Industrial Foundation sees prosperity (with photo), SMR 1/7/60

How San Marcos gained industries-- summary, SMR 6/16/48

Ice factory notice, HCT 9/28/1898

Industrial Foundation gets industries (with brief history), SMR 3/16/61

Jacobsen Manufacturing eyes San Marcos for possible site, SMR 4/22/92

Job development most critical problem, SMR 1/29/76

Kibby Building & Restoration co. spotlighted (with photo), SMR 3/29/92

Lucille Allen named 'Vegetable Day Queen' (photo), SAN 11/15/59

Opus Research settles in San Marcos, SMR 7/18/86

Proseed USA makes mulch (with photos and history), AA–S 8/29/94

Rohr Manufacturing plant announced, SMR 2/22/90, SMR 10/30/90

Roland Ruiz wins design contest from Thermon (with photo), SMR 4/24/83

San Marcos future is bright, HCC 5/23/78, SMR 5/14/70, SMR 5/20/73

San Marcos Industry-- special section with photos, SMR 10/30/88

San Marcos Manufacturing Association history & members (photo), SMR 3/29/92

San Marcos manufacturing companies display products at library, SMR 1/9/87

San Marcos Valve history and photo, SMR 5/13/84

Senator LBJ promises funds for Aeromedical Center, SAN 11/15/59

Smokestack Industry growing (with history), SMR 9/20/62

Thermon Manufacturing groundbreaking (with photo), SMR 8/13/70

Thermon Manufacturing history and photo of officers, SMR 3/29/92

Transportation and Lifestyle lure industry to area, SMR 2/27/83

Twelve principle taxpaying groups in San Marcos, SMR 12/20/81

TXI Cement company's Hunter Plant, SMR 3/29/92

Wide-Lite is welcomed to San Marcos, SMR 12/19/74

Inn at the Head of the River

See Aquarena, TTWC

Institute for Corridor

City Officials discuss corridor, US 3/12/85

Corridor leaders meet (with photo), SMR 3/10/85

Group challenges corridor plan, SMR 3/10/85

Interagency Council

See San Marcos Interagency Planning and Development Council, TTWC

Interior Decorators, 

Ann Rugeley offers Interior Decorating workshop (with photo), SMR 3/19/75

Jene & Jean Laman share Interior Design profession (with photo), SMR 4/1/86

Isaak, Anne, 4/17/88



Jack C. Hays High School. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Jack the firehouse dog, 5/23/90

Jackman, Martha Slavin. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--JACKMAN, S.D.


Jackman, William T. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--JACKMAN, S.D.

Jacks family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Jackson Chapel. see TTWC CHURCHES

Jackson family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Jackson, Foldine

Mrs. Foldine Jackson hangs painting at library, SMR 12/28/67



Jackson, Jesse Jr., 9/22/88

Jackson, Lucious, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Jackson, Robert L.

Robert L. Jackson promoted to master sergaent by the USAF, SMR 6/8/67

Jacob's Well, TTWC

Amateur divers explore well (with photos), SMR 5/15/32

Drowning accidents at Jacob's Well (with photo), AA–S 3/84, SMR 3/14/84

Jacob's Well diving expedition (with photos), SMR 6/24/32

Jacob's Well history, Hill Country Sun 3/2001, WM 4/67

Jacob's Well: school photo, SMR 9/20/62

Remains at Jacob's Well identified twenty years later, WV 10/14/00, WV 10/25/00, WV 11/4/00



Ball, Chain stir ire; San Marcos Jail decor attacked, AA–S 2/21/65

Brief history of uses of Old Jail, AA–S 4/1/90

County jail gets a push, SMR 11/17/85

County will receive extra funds for jail, WV 12/14/78

Groundbreaking for new county jail, HCC 1/7/77

Hays County Jail sculpture controversy (with photos), HCC 1/6/77, HCC 1/13/77, HCC 1/27/77

Hays prisoners can look for a cooler cooler, SMR 10/11/77

Jail prisoner to remain up, SMR 1/27/77

Jail prisoner to remain up, commissioners decide, SMR 1/27/77

Jail to retain shackled figure, SAE 1/11/77

Jails fail on staffing, so county must choose, SMR 6/21/92

Photograph of old Hays County Jail, SMR 3/3/87, SMR 6/24/76

Restoration of Old Jail (with photo), SMR 10/18/98

Sheriff leads jail tour, SMR 1/20/77

Temporary jail cells approved for Hays, SMR 5/25/84

James Lafayette Malone House. see TTWC/Historic Markers--Eliza Pitts Malone House

James, Grace Rogers. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Rogers

Janek, Vicki, 3/28/90



Jarvis, Calvin, 1/18/89

Jarvis, Charles J., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Jaworski, Leon, SMR 12/10/82

Jean, Ora

Ora Jean brings new life to the Bakery on Hopkins, SMR 8/31/83

Jehovah's Witnesses. see TTWC CHURCHES

Jennings, Jay, 4/14/91

Jennings, Mrs. C.W.

Mrs. C.W. Jennings honored for work on cancer drive, SMR 3/21/68


Allen Woods Biography and photo, SMR 7/24/88

Ed and Mary McNamar design jewelry (brief biography and photo), SMR 2/77

Woods Jewelry announcement, SMR 9/20/62

Jewelry Trade, TTWC

Jobson, Mrs. Beulah, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Johnson family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Johnson family (Marion), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Johnson Institute

See Schools; See Historic Markers--Friday Mountain Ranch, TTWC



Johnson, Carol, 3/17/85


Dudley Johnson, Tom Collier are first Boy Scout organizers here, SMR 9/25/36


Johnson, Frances Scrutchin. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--JOHNSON, ROBERT A.




Biographical sketch of Lady Bird by Liz Carpenter, AA–S 12/11/77

Lady Bird and JC Kellem visit SW, SMR 1/18/76

Lady Bird and Lucy Nugent at Student Center Dedication, SMR 8/25/77

Lady Bird at LBJ-SWT Birthday, SMR 8/28/83

Lady Bird attends LBJ Birthday celebration at SWT, SMR 9/3/86

Lady Bird presents LBJ family scholarships, SMR 1/18/76

Lady Bird receives honorary degree, SMR 9/28/82

Lady Bird shown scenic view of Old Main, HCC 1/22/76

Lady Bird speaks at Student Center Dedication, HCC 8/27/77

Lady Bird to kick off opening of Ranch Trail, SMR 3/7/68

Lady Bird visits Cape's Camp for LBJ Benefit, HCC 6/23/77

Lady Bird visits SWT (with photo), SMR1/18/76

Lady Bird will help beautify the river, SMR 9/7/72

Lucy Nugent visits SWT, HCC 1/12/76

Reception at Cape's Camp, SMR 6/22/77

Sculpture of LBJ presented by Cie Conway (with photos), SMR 8/31/86, WV 9/4/86

Tribute to Lady Bird (with photo), AA–S 12/11/77, HCC 12/15/77

Woman of the Hour, HCC 12/15/77

Johnson, Lady Bird (Claudia). See TTWC--JOHNSON LYNDON BAINES




Austin Street renamed LBJ Drive, SMR 6/10/65

Baptist Standard editor lauds LBJ, AS 12/27/63

Classmate in Political Science, Birdie King, remembers, SMR 1/23/64

Condolence Telegram from SM City Council, HCC 1/18/73

Congratulations from State Bank on inauguration, SMR 1/14/65

Congressman LBJ given reception dinner, SMR 7/31/42

Congressman LBJ speaks to hometown crowd (with photo), SMR 8/7/42

Day of mourning for LBJ, SMR 1/18/73

Dedication ceremony at LBJ's boyhood home, SMR 5/20/65

Funeral of LBJ, SMR 2/1/73

Inauguration Day for LBJ, AA–S 12/4/66

Johnsons' friend recalls beginning, SMR 7/17/77

LBJ addresses Congress, SMR 12/5/63

LBJ addresses SWT ceremonies, SMR 11/26/64

LBJ and Lady Bird visit SWTSU Homecoming, SMR 11/12/70

LBJ and Professor Greene, SMR 3/4/65

LBJ and wife honored by Flowers at reception, SMR 5/31/62

LBJ announces intention to run for president, SMR 7/7/60

LBJ announces running for Presidential nomination (with photo), SMR 7/7/60

LBJ at reception at Crook Home, SMR 11/26/64

LBJ at SM Academy after 8 mos. of active duty, SMR 8/7/42

LBJ at SWT 1972 Homecoming, SMR 11/19/72

LBJ attends dedication of Alumni House, SMR 11/11/71

LBJ attends McCrocklin Inauguration at SWT, SMR 11/26/64

LBJ birthday celebration at SWT, SMR 9/3/86

LBJ Birthday party at SWT, SMR 9/1/85

LBJ donates $25,000 to Bobcat Club, SMR 11/25/71

LBJ elected President, SMR 11/5/64

LBJ escapes death turn in battle, SMR 8/7/42

LBJ gets overwhelming vote for president, SMR 11/5/64

LBJ gives keynote address at SWT Homecoming, SWT Star 11/5/47

LBJ in SM for McCrocklin inauguration, SMR 11/26/64

LBJ kisses Mrs. Ed Cape at White House, AA–S 4/22/64, SMR 4/23/64

LBJ plans for opening Senate campaign, SMR 5/2/41

LBJ portrait presented to SWT, HCC 11/4/76

LBJ recounts war experiences at dinner (with photo), SMR 8/7/42

LBJ remembered in J.J. Pickle lecture, HCC 10/13/77

LBJ sculpture presented to SWT, SMR 8/31/86

LBJ signs Higher Education Act, SMR 9/15/66

LBJ speech 11/20/64 at SWTSU, SMR 11/26/64

LBJ surprise visit to San Marcos, CS 4/15/66, SMR 4/14/66

LBJ takes office as president, SMR 11/28/63

LBJ top newsmaker from San Marcos (with brief history), SMR 9/20/62

LBJ visit to SWT campus, SMR 4/1/466

LBJ visits SWT, SWT Star 4/15/66, SWT Star 5/1/70

LBJ's birthplace dedicated, SMR 6/18/70

LBJ's college days, SMR 2/3/77

LBJ's cook, Jessie, SAE 8/19/76

LBJ's inauguration visit to SWT, SMR 11/26/64

LBJ's legacy -- National Park with history and photos, NYT 3/29/92

LBJ's Trail dedicated, SMR 11/16/67

LBJ's TriCounty Ranch Trail to be dedicated, SMR 11/2/67, SMR 11/9/67, SMR 11/16/67

Lewis Hunnicutt recalls LBJ (with photo and bio), SMR 7/23/76

Martha Falls photograph with LBJ, SMR 11/26/64

New LBJ Museum, SMR 7/29/98

New officers of Ranch Trail assoc., SMR 8/13/70

Newsweek features LBJ and SWT story, SMR 1/2/64

Newsweek features SWT as LBJ alma mater, SMR 1/2/64

Party honors Congressman Johnson (with photo), SMR 7/31/42

Plans for scenic drive to LBJ Ranch, SMR 12/22/66

Presidential Trail publicized in news, SMR 8/13/70, SMR 11/23/67

Publisher from Johnson City recalls LBJ, SMR 4/4/82

Ranch Trail group meets, SMR 11/28/67

Ranch Trail group meets, plans beautification of Trail, SMR 11/28/67, SMR 12/22/66

Recollections of Johnson family in Johnson City, SMR 7/23/76

Recollections of LBJ by Harry Middleton, SMR 9/2/86

Recollections of LBJ in Hays County, HCC 1/24/73

Scott M. Wallace sculpture depicts LBJ signing Education Act, SMN 6/20/85

Sculpture to honor signing of of Higher Education Act, SMN 6/20/85

SMR's interview with Robert Caro on LBJ, SMR 2/3/77

Street renamed and LBJ Museum considered, SMR 6/10/65

SWT commemorates LBJ's Education Act, SMR 9/10/85, SMR 9/10/88

SWT's Hardesty carries Pres. Reagan's wreath to LBJ grave, SMR 9/1/85

SWTSU one of 17 colleges to produce a president, AS 7/16/64

Tom Johnson recalls LBJ in Lecture Series, SMR 4/4/82

Vice President Johnson honored at reception, SMR 5/31/62



Johnson, Robert A., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Johnston family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Jones, John, 6/24/90

Jordan, Margaret, 7/28/85

Jordan, Sam

State Bank and Trust's Sam Jordan retires, SMR 5/13/92

Josserand, Frank, 10/15/89

Jowers, Erma

Erma Jowers is named Outstanding Teacher by Lions, SMR 11/11/84

Jowers, Milton, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Joyce family (W.J.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Joyce, Laura Mitchell. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--JOYCE FAMILY (W.J.)

Juan Veramendi Plaza, TTWC

Gazebo beautifies Juan Veramendi Plaza (with photo), SMR 3/8/84

Juan Veramendi Plaza dedicated (with photo), HCC 10/26/72, SMR 10/26/72

Wide-Lite donates $10,000 for Plaza Fountain (with photos), SMR 3/13/87

Juarez, Kimberly, 12/23/90

Judges. See TTWC--Hays County Judges

Judge Max Smith retires-- history of 30 year career, HCC 12/24/74

Juel, Marty and Gwen, 3/31/81

Julian, Isaac H., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Junior Service League. see TTWC CLUBS

Junior Sorosis Club. see TTWC CLUBS



Kaase, Earnestine, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY




KCNY Radio

Bill Veidt signs off at KCNY (with photo and bio), SMR 9/18/81

Octavio Rivera spotlighted (with photo and bio), SMR 5/23/82

Troy Kimmel returns to KCNY (with photos), SMR 3/7/76

Kees, Videll

Videll Kees creates works of art, SMR 6/1/83

Keese, Paul, 7/24/91


Kellerman-Gannt House. see TTWC--HISTORIC HOUSES, ETC.

Kellyville School

See Archaeology, TTWC

Kennedy, Daniel A., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Kennedy, X.J., 4/15/84


Dorothy Kerbow writes on CAPCO and Wimberley, HCC 11/23/77

Jo Ann Hearn and Dorothy Kerbow have completed first cemetery volume, SMR 7/11/90

Kerbow, Dorothy Wimberley, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Kercheville family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Kercheville, Bob, 9/2/84, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Bob Kercheville new president of Heritage Association, SMR 10/8/78


Kerr, A. F.

San Marcos Methodist Church organized in 1847 by A.F. Kerr, SMR 9/25/36


Kester, Jeff, 10/21/87, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Jeff and Rhea Kester explain Baha'i religion, SMR 9/30/84



Kiddoo, Mrs. Raymond

Mrs. Raymond Kiddoo collects buttons (with photo), SMR 9/4/75


Becky King enjoys lifetime memories at Junior Miss, HCC 2/2/78

King, Clarence, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



King, Patton

The Kings, Coronal alums, plan golden wedding anniversary, SMR 12/25/69

Kinnell, Galway, 10/11/89



Kirk, Rudolph, 8/29/82

Kiwanis Internatioanl. see TTWC CLUBS

Klatt, Gus

Gus Klatt collects old farm equipment (with photo), SMR 12/9/84

Klipple, Karon, 9/26/90

Knights of Columbus, see TTWC CLUBS

Knispel family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Knispel, Minnie

Brackenridge Club holds regular meeting at Minnie Knispel's home, SMR 11/28/74

Charles Decker and Minnie Knispel honored as outstanding seniors, SMR 5/24/73

Knispel, Robert, TTWC––ORAL HISTORY

Kohut, Joe

Joe Kohut wins Don Russell award, SMR 9/24/85




Kone-Cliett house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Kone-Yarbrough home. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Kornegay family (J.B.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Krammer, Jo Ellen Zimmerman. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ZIMMERMAN, "BABE"

Krause, Karen, 4/23/85


Ku Klux Klan, TTWC

Kueker,Oliver, 12/9/84

Kutscher,Karen, 8/23/84


Adolf & LeRoy Hill close Landmark Dairy Farm (with photos & bio), HCC 11/12/77

Adolf Hill funeral held (with biography and photo), KE 7/31/86

Adolf Hill obituary, SMR 7/22/86

Ann Miller Strom honored at autograph party (bio & photo), SMR 12/14/72

Barbara Holliday new city secretary in Kyle, OCFP 12/19/80

Bicentennial Quilt arrives from England (with photo), SMR 7/22/76

Bill Jones new Kyle Police Chief (with photo and biography), SMR 12/27/84

Billy McGee obituary (with photo), SMR 5/12/87

Blas Tenorio honored (with photo), HCC 1/27/72

Brief History of Kyle, HCC 2/1/63, HCC 5/28/62, OCFP 10/18/78, SMR 3/23/80, SMR 9/20/62, SMR 9/25/36

Buass family reunion held in Kyle, OCFP 11/22/79

Business Complex & miscellaneous steel industries set for Kyle, SMR 1/30/81

Cecil Clark raises bees (with photos and bio), KE 8/14/86

Cedar Supply ribbon cutting ceremony (with photo), SMR 7/27/83

City Council members sworn in (with photo), SMR 4/5/78

City of Kyle's Centennial Float wins first place in Chilympiad parade, OCFP 9/26/80

Clairborne Kyle Log House history, SMR 11/12/81

Commission gets historic log cabin, OCFP 2/29/80

Concerned citizens meet over minority hiring practices, SMR 8/7/79

Congressman Pickle presents Kyle Elementary with new flag (with photo), SMR 4/10/83

Dr. Bob Montgomery & Lex Word recall pre-WWI days in Kyle (with photo), HCC 3/25/76

Dr. Clyde Greer new superintendent of Hays Consolidated School District (w/bio), SMR 10/18/83

Dr. Danny Rouch moves to Kyle (with photo and bio), SMR 9/19/82

Dr. Joseph Nance, Kyle native, honored (with bio), SMR 3/31/81

E. D. Steele breeds champion chickens (with photo & bio), SMR 7/4/63

Edwin Kyle honored at Festival (photo & biography), HCC 10/9/75

Elementary teacher Sandra Tarr honored (with photo), SMR 6/15/88

First graduates of Kyle Day Care Center (with photo), HCC 8/23/73

Fluoridation problems plague Kyle, SMR 3/17/77

Friends of Kyle Library hold first program series, SMR 11/22/62

Garden Club plants permanent Christmas tree, OCFP 1/23/81

German Heritage night held, SMR 10/22/75

Groundbreaking for Kyle Baptist Church, SMR 3/17/85

Groundbreaking for Kyle Library set, SMR 3/22/62

Gus Hessler who still plows with mules loses his mule (with photo), HCC 7/19/73

Head Start graduates (with photo), SMR 6/14/89

Historic cabin in Kyle (with photo & brief history), OCFP 7/18/80

Historical marker will be dedicated for Kyle, SMR 10/5/80

History of Cinco de Mayo in Kyle, KE 4/30/87

History of Kyle Fire Department, HCC 3/23/72

History of Kyle Methodist Church, SMR 9/25/36

History of Kyle Seminary, SMR 9/25/36

Immanuel Baptist church celebrates 90 years (photo & history), SMR 5/26/77, SMR 6/11/76

J. P. Holt biography (with photo), KE 10/10/85

Joe Bostwick records interviews with residents for history (with photo), SMN 4/5/84

John Pieper resigns from City Council, HCC 8/7/75

John W. Bunton, pioneer, declaration signer honored, HCC 10/2/75

Katherine Anne Porter born in Kyle (with biography), WM 12/69

Kurt Lengefeld donates antique barbed wire collection to Lions, KE 10/3/85

Kyle adopted by Women's Air Force Club in England, HCC 7/31/75, SMR 3/17/76

Kyle and Buda provide comfortable life, SMR 3/7/79

Kyle annexes land, SMR? 3/27/85

Kyle Baptist groundbreaking ceremony (with photos), HCC 9/9/76

Kyle Cafe (photos & history), SMR 8/6/78

Kyle celebrates its 100th Anniversary (with photos), SMR 8/31/80, SMR 10/12/80

Kyle Cemetery opens, HCT 9/3/1887

Kyle cemetery vandalized (with photos), SMR 4/15/92

Kyle Cemetery with History, KN 4/20/28

Kyle Christian Church history, SMR 9/25/36

Kyle depot moved (with history and photo), SMR 2/23/67

Kyle designated as official bicentennial community, SMR 10/22/75

Kyle Fair on the Square with photos, OCFP 5/2/80

Kyle Fire Station loan approved $100K, SMR 9/17/81

Kyle Garden Club has Christmas Program, SMR 12/10/70

Kyle Garden Show, HCC 4/19/73, SMR 4/8/71

Kyle gets $183K grant for projects, SMR? 9/28/77

Kyle Head Start Center opens (with photos), SMR 3/1/79

Kyle hit by Ice Storms, SMR 12/14/72

Kyle Homecoming honors W.M. Johnson, SMR 10/18/79

Kyle is advised by CAPCO to seek quality, SMR 8/10/82

Kyle JP Judge Robert C. Parks retires (with photo), SMR 1/2/75

Kyle Library History and photos, WM 10/69

Kyle Library hosts ice cream party (with photo), KE 6/11/87

Kyle loses $55K grant for sewers, SMR 11/2/83

Kyle Methodist to celebrate 100th anniversary, OCFP 2/29/80

Kyle official says bad water reports are false, SMR 7/13/90

Kyle Police department discusses dissolution, SMR 2/16/83

Kyle prepares for growth (with photos), SMR 2/27/83

Kyle residents aid victims of Hurricane Allen (with photo), OCFP 2/22/80

Kyle School discussed, HCT 11/15/1889

Kyle School Homecoming, SMR 11/4/65

Kyle Seminary discussed, HCT 12/27/1889

Kyle Spring Festival raises $4K for library (with photos), OCFP 5/9/80

Kyle squeezed by annexation, SMR 9/13/81

Kyle turns 105 years old (with brief history & photo), KE 6/20/85

Kyle VFW elects new officers (with photo), OCFP 5/30/80

Kyle's African Methodist Episcopal Church remembered (with photos & history), HCC 2/23/73

Laura B. Wallace Kyle oldest citizen (with bio & photo), HCC 6/11/77, HCC 8/3/67, SMR 6/21/79, SMR 8/24/78

Leon Jaworski named Bicentennial parade marshall, KE 7/31/75

Lex Word's Bon Ton celebrates 50 years (with brief history), HCC 7/1/76

Main Street Historic Photo of Kyle, HCC 4/30/77, SMR 9/20/62

Masons hold ceremonies honoring grand master, SMR 9/8/66

Mayor Ken Crow takes over, SMR 8/19/81

Minnie Jo Schmeltekopf named homemaker of the year (photo), SMR 6/16/89

Moose Lodge aid station on I-35 helps holiday travelers, SMR 9/8/81

Mr. W. A. Word celebrates 80th birthday (biography & photo), SMR 3/25/76

Mrs. Brewie Bunton, granddaughter of John Bunton--Declaration signer, SMR 3/22/31

Mrs. C.F. Scudder reviews books in Kyle (with biography), SMR 7/26/63

Mrs. Pearl Howard had longest hair in Hays County (with photo), HCC 6/12/75

Mrs. Thomas Lancaster turns 90 (with biography), SMR 1/4/80

New board members at Kyle Library, SMR 8/31/72

New city boundaries for Kyle, SMR 3/25/82

New City Water Well underway (with photo), SMR 12/9/81

New Landfill request denied, SMR 11/9/76

New Municipal Judge James Holt (with photo & biography), SMR 6/15/80

New officers for fire department installed, SMR 2/6/64

New Post Office opened (with photo), SMR 12/12/76

New prison supported (with photo), SMR 1/27/88, SMR 1/28/88

New sewer for Kyle, SMR 6/1/72

P.J. Allen designs float Austin Aqua Fest, SMR 7/31/69, SMR 9/25/81

Paul & Dan Sherrill run railroad BBQ Business (with photos), SMR 6/20/84

Pete Dressen closes mercantile business (with biography), HCC 12/14/72

Plans for new jail altered, KE 9/5/85

Plans underway to refurbish Kyle City Square, HCC 4/3/75

Rain damage in Kyle, SMR 10/8/59

Renovation planned for Kyle City Hall, SMR 1/11/76

Renovation planned for Kyle City Hall (with photos and history), SMR 3/5/78

Rev. Charles Campise quits St. Anthony's, HCC 3/14/74

Rev. Morgan Groves recalls College life at Lions Club speech, HCC 7/6/67

Roy Smith in egg business (with photo), SMR 5/4/83

Ruffin Hill featured in Folk Life festival (with photo), KE 7/18/85, KE 7/31/85

Sam Tenorio delays $183K project (with photo), SMR 10/5/77

See also TTWC--Essays, TTWC

Sewer tap fee raised, SMR 10/18/83

Site for new prison debated, SMR 2/3/88

St. Anthony's publishes cookbook (with photo), SMR 3/7/84

Tornado hits Kyle (with photos), SMR 3/30/76, SMR 6/3/76

Tribute paid to Katie Hill (with biography), SMR 7/29/82

United Methodist to celebrate 100th anniversary, SMR 2/25/88

Viola Adams Kyle Bicentennial leader (with photo & bio), HCC 7/31/75

Volunteer Fire Department gets new truck (with photo), OCFP 6/20/80

Wildfire hits Kyle (with photo), SMR 1/28/82


See Historic Markers--Kyle Auction Oak, TTWC


Kyle Centennial. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Kyle, Anna Randle, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Kyle, Clairborne

Clairborne Kyle descendants celebrate heritage, SMR 9/–/92


Kyle, Estelle McMeans. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--McMEANS, H.A.





H.C. Kyle holds district post with Boy Scouts, SMR 12/21/67

Kyle, Henry

Henry Kyle talks on growing chrysanthemums to Spring Lake Garden Club, SMR 11/22/73


Kyle, Katherine. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--KYLE

Kyle, Medie Rylander. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--KYLE

Kyle, Nora Lillie. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Brady, Dora



L'Avenir Club. see TTWC CLUBS

La Leche League. see TTWC CLUBS

Labenski Log Cabin

See Archaeology, TTWC

Lackey, Bill "Mojo," 9/17/88

Lamar Intermediate. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Lamar, Henrietta Maffit, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Lamar, Howard, 8/19/90

Lambdin, Mark, 9/9/90

Lancaster, Dorothy, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Lancaster, Thomas H., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Langenkamp, Stephanie, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Langley, Larry, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Larsen, Bob, 2/12/89

Latta, Martha, 2/5/89, 5/19/85, 7/17/84, 10/11/85, 11/28/82

Laundries, TTWC

Lawhorn, Sidney Kone. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--KONE FAMILY (Samuel R.)


Lay, Vernon, 5/23/90

League of Women Voters. see TTWC CLUBS

Leder, Arnold and Marge, 11/27/83

Lee, John

Authors John and Barbara Lee help at Cottage Kitchen, SMR 11/4/81


Cedar Cutters Legends by C. W. Wimberley, SMR 12/24/75

Ghostly legends and area stories (with photos), SMR 10/31/78


Legislators, TTWC

Barrientos & Cooper back new water plan, SMR 10/25/85

Candidate for State Rep. Anne cooper attends D.C. briefing (with photo), SMR 7/17/84

Congressman Bob Krueger speaks at SWT Commencement, SMR 5/18/75

Congressman Gonzales visits SWT (with photo), SMR 2/13/75

Congressman Pickle & Mayor Etheredge break ground for new pool (photo), SMR 8/5/73

Congressman Pickle addresses politics at SWT lecture series (with photo), SMR 10/9/77

Congressman Pickle addresses students at SWT commencement (with photos), SMR 8/19/79, SMR 12/24/74

Congressman Pickle gives remarks at San Marcos City Hall dedication, SMR 10/23/75

Congressman Pickle keynote speaker at SWT Paralegal conference, SMR 6/11/78

Congressman Pickle may be against revenue sharing, HCC 12/18/75

Congressman Pickle names John Stokes to Advisory Group (photo), SMR 10/25/73

Congressman Pickle seeks 8th term, SMR 1/12/78

Congressman Pickle speaks at annual Scouters banquet, SMR 12/9/65

Congressman Pickle speaks at Carson's Restaurant (with photo), SMR 4/11/74

Congressman Pickle urges support of President Nixon's policies, SMR? 11/13/69

Don Rains re-appointed as Vice-Chair of House Appropriations Committee, SMR 1/22/81

Don Rains to receive SWT Excellence Award (photo and biography), SMR 9/13/83

Gerhardt Schulle, Jr. wins seat as state legislator (with photo), HCC 11/9/66

Hays Co. New Right joins GOP, SMR 7/16/86

Hays County Summary of State Representatives, HCC 6/4/77, HCC 10/28/71

John Holtermann seeks votes, SMR 5/15/86

John Holtermann wins election, SMR 6/8/86

Mrs. Chris Brasher announces bid to run against Rains (with photo), SMR 1/29/76

Mrs. Rains opens dance studio (with photo), SMR 11/18/75

Rains & Boothe to speak at SWT Commencement, SMR 5/8/81

Reception for Gov. Dolph Briscoe & Rep. Don Rains (with photo), SMR 1/12/78

Reception honrs Bill Clayton (with photo), SMR 3/28/75

Rep. Don Rains announces bid for reelection (with photo), SMR 1/29/76

Rep. Don Rains presents flag to bank (with photo), SMR 12/9/76

Rep. Don Rains presents flag to Hospital Pink Ladies, SMR 9/19/80

Rep. Don Rains presents views on state constitution (with photo), SMR 10/9/75

Rep. Don Rains support in race (with photo), SMR 9/19/80

Rep. J. T. Ellis runs for re-election to Texas Legislature, SMR? 4/12/46

Rep. Libby LInebarger to meet with constituents (photo), SMR 10/15/92

Rep. Schulle discusses progress in house, SMR 4/29/69

Report from Representative Cooper, WV 9/12/85

Reps. Gonzales & Barton propose plan to abolish property taxes (photo), SMR 2/13/83

Senatorial re-districting plan approved, SMR 10/28/81

Silver Haired legislature convenes, SMR 10/12/86

Sum of Congressman Pickle's contribution to Central Texas (photos), AA–S 12/5/93

Legislators--U.S., TTWC

Leinnewber family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Lewis, Rusty, 9/27/89

Lewis, Ruth

Ruth Lewis, San Marcan, holds top post in far away Burma, SMR 3/18/55


Life Saving, TTWC

Ligon, Cynthia

Hospital Auxiliary honors Cynthia Ligon, SMR 3/25/81

Limerick, Patricia, 7/10/91

Lindsey family (William), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Lindsey, Margaret

Lindsey leads local Business & Professional Women's Club, SMR 10/20/85

Margaret Lindsey is honored, SMR 6/22/88

Margaret Lindsey is honored by Business & Professional Women's Club, SMR 6/22/88

Lindsey, William. See TTWC--SAN MARCOS OIL MILL

Lioness Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Lions International. see TTWC CLUBS

Liquor Laws, TTWC

Live Stock Exhibitions, TTWC

Llamas, 6/4/89

Locke family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Lockhart, Fannie Lee McCutcheon. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ZIMMERMAN, "BABE"



Lone Star Business College founded in 1888, SMR 9/25/36

Lone Star Business College moved here after burning, SMR 9/20/62



Honored as outgoing chief of staff for hospital, SMR 2/3/84

Longcope, Ed

Longcopes buy painting from Marianne Caroselli to benefit Cancer Society, SMR 6/30/83

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Longcope receive Landmark Awards, SMR 5/12/78


Longley family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Longley, Frances, 4/10/88

Longley, Kelley, 9/13/84

Longoria, Maggie, 6/10/87




Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Lowery, The Rev. Joseph, 2/6/90

Lowman family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Feature on book by Al Lowman, AA–S 8/6/72

Lowman, Helen, 3/22/89, 6/16/91

Lowry, Beverly, 6/21/87, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Lucio, Augustin

Feature article on Augustin Lucio and the American G.I. Forum, HCC 4/5/73

San Marcos Community Relations Council presents plaque to Lucio, SMR 4/7/85


Luizzi, Vincent, 10/21/84


Lumber and Lumbering, TTWC

Lutheran Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

Lynn, Sandra, 2/28/90


MacDonald, Durstan, 11/23/86


Maddox, Madeleine, 3/15/87

Madrid, Arturo, 4/24/91



Awnings can be used to renovate buildings, SMR 9/30/84

Buildings being renovated to benefit downtown, SMR 11/11/84

City Council passes Historical Zoning Ordinance, SMR 6/10/84

Conference of Historical Commission focused on Main Streets, SMR 10/28/84

Downtown Association sets meeting, SMR 3/5/85

Downtown San Marcos alive with renovation projects, SMR 9/30/84

Farmer's Market to locate on south side of Courthouse Square, SMR 6/19/86

Four essential elements needed for success downtown development, SMR 6/5/84

Guaranty Title Building renovated, SMR 11/18/84

Main Street Program subject of video conference, SMR 9/11/84

Main Street project manager submits impressive report, SMR 3/17/85

More is happening on downtown square, SMR 2/17/85

More progress on Texas Main Street Program, SMR 8/19/84

Multi-faceted development plan for Main Street, SMR 2/3/85

New Preservation Commission works to preserve historic structures, SMR 9/15/85

Parking needs demand study, SMR 9/9/84

Plans underway to restore Hays County Courthouse, SMN 8/23/84

Renovation on south side of Courthouse Square, SMR 8/17/86

Reps of Central Business District appear before Planning Comm., SMR 8/29/84

San Marcos approved Main Street City, SMR 3/16/86

San Marcos named official Texas Main Street City for 1986, SMR 10/29/85

See also Biography--Colley, Terry, TTWC

Seguin host to video conference, SMR 9/25/84

Types of building improvements categorized, SMR 8/12/84

Main Street Project, 12/18/88, TTWC––MAIN STREET PROGRAM

Chamber, Heritage Association and City finalize application, SMR 8/16/83

Optimism for project, SMR 8/16/83

Maittlen-Harris, Joann, 2/27/83

Major, Jack, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC 976.4888 MAJ

Jack Major Day proclaimed for December 18th, SMR 12/17/81

Malone, Cheryl & Paul, 2/14/90


Malone, James L., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Manley, Richard

Aquarena's famed glass blower dies at 79, SMR 4/19/73


Manske, Ruth

Ruth Manske addresses Daughters of the American Revolution, SMR 11/23/82


See also Description and Travel, TTWC

Marbridge Ranch

Article on center for training of mentally retarded, HCC 3/6/75

Marijuana initiative, TTWC

Marmolejo, Hortencia, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Marriage Customs and Rites, TTWC

Marriage Registers

See Registers of Births, Etc., TTWC


Marshall-Chapman house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Martin, Benjamin Franklin. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--MARTIN, JOSEPH

Martin, Buddy, 3/14/90

Martin, Joseph, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Martin, M.M.

Dr. M. M. Martin named Vice President of area Boy Scouts, SMR 1/24/63


Martindale River Rescue Team, TTWC

Martindale, Betsy

Betsy Martindale and Geneva Gomez Outstanding Older Texans, SMR 5/20/81

Martinez, Bertha, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Mason, Richard and Anne

Richard and Anne Mason building skating rink, SMR 3/16/72


Mauldin, Elizabeth, 4/4/90, 6/22/86

Mauldin, Mary Kay

Daughters of the American Revolution name Mauldin as good citizen, SMR 3/22/62

Maxwell, TTWC

McArthur, Earl, 10/11/87

McCabe, Peter, 11/22/87


McCollum, Mary, 6/5/83

McCrocklin, James

James McCrocklin honored as SWT president; LBJ attends, SMR 11/26/64

McCrocklin, James H., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

McCulloch family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

McCutcheon, Joseph David. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ZIMMERMAN, "BABE"

McDonald, Vernon, 12/13/87

McGee, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC--Lone Star Business College

McGee, Charles

Charles McGee cabin is preservation showpiece, SMR 4/29/90

McGee, Marion, 10/20/85

Marion McGee is last surviving charter member of Rotary Club, SMN 12/11/86, SMR12/5/86

Thirty Years of County Auditing to end for Marion McGee, SMR 11/5/64

McGee, Marion, 1895-, SMHC– 92 MCGEE ORAL HISTORY




McGehee, Charles Lewis. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Charles Lewis McGehee cabin




McGehee, John F. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--John F. McGehee Home

McGehee, Olga

Olga McGehee presented Beautification Award, SMR 12/15/74


McGehee, Thomas Gilmer, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

McGehee-land, Charles, 4/12/87

McGinnis, Alan Loy, 9/19/90

McGinnis, Odessa

Odessa McGinnis celebrates 100th birthday, SMR 5/13/87

McKie, Robert Early. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Robert Early McKie House

McKinney, Richmond, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Rev. Richmond McKinney presented service award for Community Action, SMR 9/28/72

McKinnon, Dorys Rogers. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ROGERS


McKinster, Mike, 9/27/87

McLeod, Gwen, 9/2/87

McManus, Patrick, 10/29/89


McNair, Francie, 6/14/89




McSwain, Richard

Mrs. Richard Bowles and Richard McSwain honored, SMR 5/22/77

Meadgen, Buddy, 7/15/90


Medford, Betty, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Meehan, Evelyn

Evelyn Meehan wins quilting contest at Comal County fair, SMR 10/13/82

Meeks Family

Meeks family has reunion in Canyon City, SMR 7/10/86

Meer, Evely Ter, 5/19/91

Meisenheimer, Chuck


Memorial Presbyterian Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

Men's Garden Club. see TTWC CLUBS


Mendez, Celestino, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Mendoza, Apolinar, 5/20/90

G.I. Forum honors Apolinar Mendoza, SMR 5/20/90

Mendoza, Emmett

Emmett Mendoza honored by Southside Center staff, SMR 6/17/65

Mensor Corporation

Mensor Corporation picks up the pieces after fire, SMR 2/15/81

Mernweather, Jessie, 10/30/83

Merrimam home. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS


Merritt, Arabella Francis. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--FRANCIS, GEORGE

Merriweather, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Methodist Church

More about the old bell, SMR 10/5/88

Meuth, Hugo

Hugo Meuth attends conference on Scholarship from Boy Scouts, SMR 8/25/66


Chamber minority shaken by election, SMR 11/3/78

Chamber of Commerce pushes for Mexican-American support, SMR 6/28/78

Christmas celebration for Mexican American Catholics, SMR 12/23/84

Councilman Flores, first Mexican-Americn mayor, ends term, SMR 4/13/76

G.I. Forum honors Apolinar Mendoza, SMR 5/20/90

Mexican Social Center, SMR 11/18/27

Reyes is first woman Mexican-American Presbyterian Minister, SMR 7/29/79

Mexican War Camp

See Historic Markers--Mexican War Camp..; See U.S. History--War with Mexico, TTWC

Mexican-Americans, TTWC. See also TTWC--Migrant Labor

Michales. see TTWC--KYLE


Middleton, Hazel Wyatt. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WYATT FAMILY

Migrant Labor, TTWC


Account of editing "Onion Creek Free Press," OCFP 2/20/81

Melissa Millecam writes editorial about San Marcos, HCC 1/5/76

Millecams help with Southside Center, SMR 11/5/70

Miller Jr. High. See TTWC--Schools--Miller


Miller, Betty, 11/30/88

Miller, George, 6/8/86, 12/12/88

Miller, George & Tull, Delena, 9/9/94

Miller, Harvey

Harvey Miller wins Lizzie Grant award, SMR 6/19/88

Miller, Mrs. Gerald

Mrs. Gerald Miller shows cross collection (with photo), SMR 4/11/68

Millie Seaton Doll Museum, TTWC

Mills and Millwork. See also TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--San Marcos' Mill Tract

See also Biography--Wimberley, C.W., TTWC

Milner, Flores

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce names Flores Milner new coordinator, SMR 10/23/91

Misiaszek, Dan

San Marcos police officer is diving for the record at Aquarena, AA–S 8/31/01

Missionary Baptist. see TTWC CHURCHES

Mitcham, Maxine Wren and Preston, 5/12/85

Mitchell Center, TTWC


Mitchell, Judy, 12/18/88


Mitchelson, J.H.

J.H. Mitchelson carves toys for children, SMR 10/9/53

Montague, Mary

Mary Montague wins honors at Horse Show (with biography and photos), KE 9/5/85, WV 9/5/85

Montgomery family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Moon, William W. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--William W. Moon Homesite

Mooney, Thomas P. See TTWC--PRAIRIE LEA

Moore, Connie, 10/24/90

Moore, David E., TTWC––BIOGRAPHY

Moore, Harris. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BROWN, O.T.

Moore, Helen

Business & Professional Women's Club honors Helen Moore, SMR 2/4/83

Moore, Helen Hofheinz. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--HOFHEINZ, OLA

Moore, Inez, 4/17/83, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Moore, J. Lloyd, 3/13/88

Moore, Jerry

Jerry Moore new commander of Local American Legion, SMR 8/18/66

Moore, Lillian Brown. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BROWN, O.T.

Moore, Nancy, 5/13/84, 10/6/85

Moore, Susie, 3/12/89


Moore, William L., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Morgan, Ernest, 10/12/86, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Morris, Emmie Lee Burleson. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--BURLESON, EDWARD


Morrisett, John, 6/10/87

Morrison, Leonara Woods. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WOODS FAMILY (P.C.)

Morrison, Morris, 10/4/83

Morrisset, John, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

John Morrisset accepts 1982-83 'Lion of the Year' award, SMR 7/10/83

Morton family (John R.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Motion Pictures

TV film "This is Texas," features San Marcos, SMR 11/8/62

Mount Gainor, TTWC

Mountain City

See also Essays, TTWC

Mountain Laurel Garden Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Moving of Buildings, Bridges, Etc., TTWC

Moving-Pictures--Production and Direction, TTWC

Mule Man of San Marcos

See Biography--Crayton, Bruce, TTWC


Mullen, Kathleen Dugger, TTWC––ORAL HISTORY

Muller, Kathleen Dugger. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--DUGGER FAMILY

Municipal Government, TTWC

Records and Correspondence, TTWC

Update San Marcos, TTWC

Municipal Officials and Employees, TTWC


Munson, Kenneth, 8/9/87

Munson, Kenneth E. See also TTWC 976.4255 MUN

Murphree, Diana, 4/26/89

Murphree, Larry

Photograph of building restored by Larry Murphree and Mike Scanio, SMR 7/24/83

Murray, Tinker, 2/9/86, 2/21/90

Museums, TTWC

Musgrave, Alvin W., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Musgrave, Bernice

Artists: Bernice Musgrave and Julia Posey, SMR 4/24/85

Bernice Musgrave and Julia Posey to exhibit, SMR 5/13/83

Exhibit of Bernice Musgrave's art, SMR 4/17/80

Photograph of Bernice Musgrave, SMR 5/24/81


History of Music here traced by Mrs. J. B. Syers, SMR 10/18/35

see Community music, TTWC

Music and musicians

Brief history of recording music at Fire Station, SMR 10/20/91

Buzz Brothers Barry Bynum & Steve Flemming open recording studio, SMR 6/8/78


Concert pianist, back in Texas, promoted peace through arts in Austria, SMR 3/17/46

Harmonizers to entertain at Southside, SMR 9/23/87

Harmonizers to keep singing for fans, SMR 3/18/82

Muster Rolls, TTWC

Mutschlechner, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

My river of innocence

See Biography--Wimberley, C.W., TTWC

Myers, Britt, 5/13/84


Nach, chuch, 6/25/89



Nance, Ezekiel. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Ezekiel Nance Home


Nassar, George

Visits San Marcos afters years in Syria, SMR 3/27/53

National Association for Advancement of Colored People. see TTWC CLUBS

National Association of Retired Federal Employees. see TTWC CLUBS

National Fish Hatchery

See also Historic Markers--San Marcos National Fish Hatchery, TTWC

National Guard, TTWC

National Register, 1/8/84

National Secretaries Association. see TTWC CLUBS

Neighborhood Association, 9/14/86


Nelson, Charles, 1/13/88


Neugebauer, Rev. Anthony & wife Dottie, 9/5/82

New Braunfels, TTWC

New Neighbors Club. see TTWC CLUBS

New Testament Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

Newberry, W.C., 9/7/86

Newcomers Club (Welcome Wagon). see TTWC CLUBS

Newspapers, TTWC

Hays County Citizen, TTWC

Hays County Guardian, TTWC

Hays County Times, TTWC

Kyle News, TTWC

Onion Creek Free Press, TTWC

San Marcos Daily News, TTWC

San Marcos Daily Record, TTWC

San Marcos Free Press, TTWC

San Marcos News, TTWC

San Marcos Record, TTWC

University Star, TTWC

Wimberley Mill, TTWC







See Archaeology; See Cities and Towns, ruined, extinct, etc., TTWC

Nieland, Lou

Lou Nieland sews dresses to benefit Southside, SMR 9/27/81

Nienow, LeRoy, 6/12/83

Nienow, Leroy, 9/23/87

Nite, Lemma

Lemma Nite collects cookbooks (with photo), SMR 10/20/82

Nivens, Edwin

Edwin Nivens recalls life in early Buda, HCC 6/24/76

Funeral held for Edwin Nivens, the first baby born in Buda, HCC 1/7/77



Norbert, Harold, 1/21/90

Nordyke, Patricia, 8/24/86






Northcraft family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Norton, Mrs. Pat

Mrs. Pat Norton collects buttons (with photo), SMR 9/4/75

Mrs. Pat Norton wins Button Society Show (with photo), SMR 10/3/68



Norwood, Pat

Pat Norwood recounts long service with Rotary Club, SMR12/5/86

Norwood, Patrick Henry, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Nursery, TTWC


O'Banion family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Obituaries, TTWC


Old Episcopal Rectory. see TTWC--CHURCHES--EPISCOPAL (ST. MARKS)

Old Ice House, TTWC

Old Lime Kiln

See Historic Markers--Old Lime Kiln, TTWC

Old Mill, 2/17/91

Olds, Sharon, 10/31/90



Oliver, Bill, 7/28/91





Olstad, Michael

Local cyclist prepares for Race Across America, SMR 6/27/93


Optimist Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Order of the Chosen Friends. see TTWC CLUBS


Owens, Linda

Linda Owens to sing at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, SMR 6/28/78


Palm School. see TTWC SCHOOLS

See West End School, TTWC

Palmer Drug Abuse Program, TTWC

Palmer Drug Abuse Program Center

PDAP looks toward July 1st opening, SMR 3/31/81

Papas' Cafe, 9/23/84


Parades, TTWC

Parent, Laurence, 8/21/91


Parks, TTWC

Playscape, TTWC

Riverside Park, TTWC

San Marcos State Park, TTWC

Sewell Park, TTWC

Veramendi Plaza, TTWC

Parks and Recreation Department

Dunbar Park Dedication (with history and photo), SMR 4/25/76

Dunbar Rec Center holds Karate and other classes, SMR 6/26/75

Dunbar Rec Center to be restored after fire, SMR 7/24/86

Program lets kids be kids, director says, SMR 7/10/94



Parr, Reed, 8/23/89

Pascoe, Chuck, 11/11/87

Passt, Jeanette, 5/3/89

Patton, Winston

Winston Patton named as Melvin Jones Fellow, SMR 1/26/88

Payne, Don, 1/15/89

Payne, Mary

Death announcement, SMR 12/4/69

Peavy, Nellie Doyle. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--DOYLE, C.E. "CURLEY

Peddlers, TTWC


Pegues, Harriet Johnson. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--DUGGER FAMILY



Pennington, Bill

Bill Pennington honored by Business & Professional Women's Club, SMR 1/25/68

Pennington, Campbell, 12/30/90

Pennington, Linda Kyle. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--KYLE, GRAHAM

Pentacostal Church of God. see TTWC CHURCHES

Perez, Mary & Nicholas, 6/22/88

Perkins, Bill, 3/1/87

Perkins, Edith Williams. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WILLIAMS, COKE

Pernod, Harold E.

Pernod named chairman of hospital drive division, SMR 4/16/82

Petermann, Andy

Andy Petermann of Goodyear likes people, SMN 1/16/83

Peterson, Mrs. Norman

Mrs. Norman Peterson leads March of Dimes efforts, SMR 3/16/72

Pettit, Fannie Garth. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--GARTH

Pettit, Margaret Frances. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--GARTH

Pettit, Robert Moore. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--GARTH

Petty family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Phillips, Betty Davis, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Phillips, Gene, 3/13/88


Physicians, TTWC

Pierce, Louise Masterson, 7/29/87

Pine, Charles, 10/10/90

Pirtle, Clemie Waldo Dailey. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--DAILEY

Pitts Cemetery. See Historic Markers--Pitts Cemetery



Playscape. see TTWC PARKS

Poetry, TTWC

Police, TTWC

Political Parties, TTWC

Polzer, Father Charles, 8/12/90


Pool, Jeannette

Mrs. Jeannette Pool named state president of AAUW, SMR 4/15/71

Pool, William C., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Poore, Leo

Feature on Leo Poore, new manager of Chamber of Commerce, SMR 12/11/69


Historical Marker dedication with photo and biography, SMR 7/28/91

Katherine Anne Porter born in Kyle (with biography), WM 12/69

Katherine Anne Porter dies at age 90, OCFP 9/26/80

Katherine Anne Porter's life examined in book, SMR 12/6/81

Portilla Colony

See Historic Markers--Don Felipe Roque de la Portilla, TTWC

Posey family (Gene), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Post Office

Buda post office marks 110th birthday, HCC 12/23/77

Buda post office moves--ninth local since 1880, SMR 7/18/68

Driftwood's postmaster may be town's last, HCC 3/25/76

Post San Marcos

See Historic Markers--Post San Marcos, TTWC

Postal Cards, TTWC


Powell, Judy

Judy Powell is Buda's first councilwoman, HCC 5/6/76

Prairie Lea, TTWC

Preece, Don

Don Preece selected district chairman of Boy Scouts, SMR 1/22/76

Preservation Associates. see TTWC CLUBS

Preservation Associates dedicated, SMR 3/29/92

Preservation Associates, Inc., TTWC

Presidents Ranch Trail, TTWC

Preston, Eleanor, 5/8/88

Price family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Price, H.Y., 9/29/85

Bicentennial Certificate of Merit presented to H.Y. Price, HCC 2/13/75

Price, Scott Richard. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--DAILEY


Pritchett, John Edward

Passing of Professor John Edward Pritchett of Coronal, SMR 11/21/19

Project Plus, TTWC

Pryatel, Nina. see TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Ptak, Joe, 4/19/89

Public Buildings, TTWC

Public Health Nursing, TTWC

Public Utilities, TTWC


Pustejovsky, Richard

Lions name Richard Pustejovsky 'Lion of the Month,' SMR 3/16/88

Pyland, Nellie

Nellie Pyland celebrates 90th birthday, SMR 7/9/70


Pyland, Sydney J. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Sydney J. Pyland Blacksmith Shop


Quail Creek Country Club

Hays Recreation has loan; ready to build, SMR 9/19/68

Loan authorized, Bob Pollard elected, SMR 7/6/67

Quail Creek celebrates 10th anniversary, SMR 8/10/79

Quail Creek Ladies Association. see TTWC CLUBS

Quail Creek Women's Golf Association. see TTWC CLUBS


Radcliffe, Tom & Pat, 5/8/83

Rafferty, Frank

Dr. Frank Rafferty to head Brown Schools, SMR 7/1/79

Ragsdale family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Ragsdale, Julia Ann. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Julia Ann Ragsdale Home

Ragsdale-Jackman-Yarbrough house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS


Accidents, TTWC

Railroad Bridge built across river in 1880, SMR 2/24/66

Rains, Betty Jack, 5/30/90

Ramos, Jose, 2/22/87


Ramsay, Laura, 3/11/84, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Randle family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Rash, Dan, 6/28/86

Ray, Kaylene, 4/10/91

Raynolds family (Edmund Pendleton), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Reagan, Patrick, 2/3/85

Real Estate

Low interest loan program is underway, SMR 5/8/90

Real Estate Business, TTWC

Recreation, TTWC

Recreation Centers, TTWC

Rector, Jeanne, 5/22/94 Article about her many years of service at the San Marcos Public Library

Rector, Sarah Bogges

Grave of Sarah Bogges Rector one of oldest in county, HCC 12/1/77

Recycling, TTWC

Red Cross, TTWC

Reed, Ethel

Ethel Reed honored by Delta Kappa Gamma, SMR 3/23/72

Registers of Births, Etc.

(Death records from City Hall, typed 1977), TTWC

(Register of funerals by A.B. Rogers Funeral Home, 1902-1927), TTWC

[1903-1926 see Hay's Co. Clerks Office; 1926- see City's Health Dept.]

Relphrey, Brant, 8/29/90

Renick, Oren, 3/31/91

Rest Homes, TTWC

Restaurants, Lunch Rooms, Etc, TTWC

Reyes, Anita

Anita Reyes to become Southside's director, SMR 9/27/81


Reyna, Frances

Frances Reyna is green thumb worker at Community Action, SMR 10/3/93

Rich, Frank, 9/14/86

Rich, Kit, 6/2/85

Richan, Fred, 5/6/90

Fred Richan named Lion of the Month, SMR 1/28/88

Fred Richan selected as Noon Lions Citizen of the Month, SMR 8/31/72

Richan, Yetta

Hospital Auxiliary honors Yetta Richan, SMR 3/25/81

Richards, Diane, 1/14/87

Richards, Diane & M.L, 12/15/85

Richter, Walter, 12/7/86

Ricker, George, 1/24/88, 2/29/89, 3/23/88, 7/13/86, 9/21/86, 12/9/90

Feature on Dr. George Ricker of Campus Christian Community, SMR 7/13/86

Riley, J.C., 6/21/87

Rios, Albert, 2/13/91

River Parade, 7/1/84


Preview of San Marcos River Walk - Fiesta promenade, SMR 7/12/73

Program for River Walk marker dedication, SMR 6/13/75

River Walk anniversary brings memories, SMR 11/14/93

River Walk Memorial Grove, SMR 1/10/82

San Marcos River Walk, SMR 2/26/73

San Marcos River Walk Trail receives boost from Mrs. Cape, SMR 2/15/73

Rivers, Dr. Franklin, 7/7/85

Riverside Park. see TTWC PARKS

Riverwalk, TTWC

Roach, Benjamin. See TTWC--LAND GRANTS


Robbery, TTWC

Roberts family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Roberts, Geogia Talmidge. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ROBERTS FAMILY

Roberts, Gerald. 11/10/96 Article about U.S. Navy Lt. Commander MIA in Viet Nam. Remains found.


Robinson, Byron, 1/3/88

Rodeos, TTWC


Rodriguez, Daniel G.

Tour Site: Home of Daniel G. and Sandy Rodriguez, SMR 1/3/89

Rodriguez, Dario & Virginia, 12/25/88

Rodriguez, Gloria, 2/7/88

Rodriguez, Joe G., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Rodriguez, Robert, 4/17/91

Rodriguez, Sandy & Danny, 4/30/89


Rodriquez, Soila, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Rogers family (Joseph B.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Rogers, Arthur Birch. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ROGERS

Rogers, Dr. Randy, 8/18/85

Rogers, Elizabeth Wilson. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--ROGERS


Rogers, Joseph B. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Joseph B. Rogers House

Rogers, Lloyd, 6/17/90

Rogers, Lt. Col. James, 2/25/87


Rogers, Randy, 2/21/88

Rogers, Rosalyn, 8/6/88

Roller Skating

Richard and Anne Mason building skating rink, SMR 3/16/72

Rosales, Ismael

Ruben Ruiz and Ismael Rosales become lifetime members of G.I. Forum, HCC 2/13/75

Rose, Frederich. 6/13/47 Descendents of pioneer meet here.

Rosenbalm, Caroly, 6/19/83

Rosenberg, Marjorie von, 8/24/86

Ross family (Frederich), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Rotary International. see TTWC CLUBS

Rubio, Sandra, 2/5/84

Ruiz, Ruben

Ruben Ruiz and Ismael Rosales become lifetime members of G.I. Forum, HCC 2/13/75

Ruiz, Vicki, 8/26/90

Russell, Don

Don Russell honored by Chilympiad, SMR 9/22/81

Ruth, Mrs. Tommy

Mrs. Tommy Ruth new president of Genealogical Society, SMR 11/4/71



Rylander, William Pitts. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--PITTS FAMILY (JOHN D.)





Building boom underway inspector's report says, SMR 3/5/59

City battles SWT over water wells, WSJ 8/18/99

City Council members plan land annexation, SMR 6/27/80

City Council votes 4-3 to annex 135 acres, SMR 3/12/82

City may sue over landfill, SMR 5/27/77

City receives award from Beautify Texas Council, SMR 6/19/75

Congressman Pickle gives remarks at San Marcos City Hall dedication, SMR 10/23/75

Downtown really coming along, SMR 11/30/94

Driving tour of San Marcos by Frances Stovall, SMR 2/19/89

Economics change drastically in San Marcos and Hays County, SMR 11/8/73

Growth boom is predicted here, SMR 10/19/86

Growth: Where is San Marcos heading?, SMR 10/21/79

Historical Preservation

City applies for Main Street status, SMR 6/19/83

F. Stovall writes on preservation in San Marcos, SMR 6/19/83

Historical Commission speaker touts preservation, SMR 11/18/90

Marker dedications planned, SMR 5/9/93


24 years ago San Marcos showed signs of growth, SMR 8/13/70

Alonzo De Leon's 1690 Texas map uncovered, SMR 6/5/69

Buying center is assisted by reliable banks, SMR 9/25/36

City of homes grew around river, AA–S 7/19/36

Cock House and history of San Marcos, SMR 7/12/88

Dedication of marker for original site of San Marcos, SMR 2/19/76

Early families in San Marcos, SMR 4/3/88

Early history of San Marcos, SMR 11/27/31

First hotels in San Marcos, SMR 4/1/90

History of Hays county, SMR 11/29/40

History of Old San Antonio Road, SMR 10/14/93

History of San Marcos, SAE 7/12/54, SMR 6/4/89

History of the Great Stage Robbery of 1874, HCC 5/30/74

History of the Young Building with photos, SMR 3/22/87

History of USS San Marcos, SMR 4/4/59

It's the beginning of the end for old city hall, HCC 7/31/74

Johnson's friend, Clara Cape, recalls beginnings of San Marcos, SMR 7/17/77

Land Transactions reveal rich history, SMR 3/27/83

Man remembers city as it was 53 years ago, SMR 4/11/76

Many pioneers emigrated from Bastrop section, SMR 9/25/36

Natives of San Marcos & history of their representation in Senate, HCC 6/4/77

Old names have survived intact, SMR 2/28/86

Original site of San Marcos de Neve along river, SMR 4/26/96

Overview of downtown development, SMR 11/30/94

Oxen barged into city's first wedding party in 1848, SMR 3/17/60

Picking Site for San Marcos took 40 years, AA 1/14/49

Pioneer spirit lives again in San Marcos pre-Centennial, SAE 3/10/35

Quality of life plays important role, SMR 3/29/92

Reconstruction days difficult, SMR 6/17/90

Reflections on early Hays County, HCC 6/11/77

Remains of Spanish colonial settlement found, AA–S 4/26/96

San Marcos celebrates 100th birthday, HCC 8/6/77

San Marcos de Neve founder a witness of great epochs, SMR 11/11/76

San Marcos feeling good with strong work program, AA 10/7/34

San Marcos from the beginning, KN 4/13/28, SMR 9/25/36

San Marcos growth shows large increase since 1950, SMR 10/9/58

San Marcos growth steady and sure, SMR 10/31/63

San Marcos in its first years, SMR 9/20/62

San Marcos mentioned in 100 year old French book, SMR 1/7/55

San Marcos publicizing resources, AA 11/11/49

Small city with big energy, SAL 3/25/51

Statistics here surprising: city attractive place to live, SMR 2/27/77

The Flood of 1998, US 10/20/98

The San Marcos Flood, SMR 5/21/70

Town took a while to gain its identity, SMR 6/22/88

Living cost study slated, SMR 4/1/76

Local group criticizes city's donation to Cock House, SMN 2/20/86


Planning, TTWC

Progress seen in building boom now going in commercial and residence areas, SMR 4/2/59

San Marcans now own more homes, says data, SMR 5/14/59

San Marcans spend bigger for goods and services, SMR 6/11/59

San Marcos economy on road back after loss of Camp Gary, AA 8/23/60

San Marcos gets ready for growth, AA–S 12/8/85

San Marcos is still growing, SMR 6/4/59

San Marcos mapped from Mexican Land Grants, SMR 9/25/36

San Marcos may be ok for tax-exempt mortgage loans, SMR 2/1/80

San Marcos tops New Braunfels and Seguin in sales, HCC 4/4/77

Subdivision ordinance too restrictive according to James McCrocklin, SMR 5/21/79

San Marcos Activity Center, TTWC

San Marcos Air Force Base

See Gary Air Force Base, TTWC

San Marcos Area Food Bank

Food Bank is gaining impetus, SMR 2/6/83

Hunger in Hays County, SMR 2/12/86

See Food Bank, TTWC


Academy Lower School is awarded medallion, SMR 6/6/63

Editorial praising growth of Academy under Bill Crook, SMR 9/2/65

Former Academy president Raymond Cavness dies in San Angelo, HCC 4/17/75

New Lower Military School at Academy former Coronal Site, SMR 8/30/62

Old Memorial Hospital to be used by Baptist Academy, SMR 2/22/62

See also Historic Markers--Carroll Hall, TTWC

San Marcos Bicentennial Commission

See American Revolution Bicentennial, TTWC

San Marcos Bottling Works, TTWC

Feltner's Dr. Pepper Bottling ranks tops in sales, SMR 2/29/68

Story of local Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (with photos), SMR 1/15/78

San Marcos Cemetery Chapel. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

San Marcos City Hall, TTWC

San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District, TTWC

San Marcos Daily Record. see TTWC NEWSPAPERS

San Marcos de Neve

See Historic Markers--Don Felipe Roque..., TTWC

San Marcos Economic Development Council

Economic development pushed, SMR 2/6/87

Economist, Frank Leach, named director, SMR 11/17/85

San Marcos Fire Department. see TTWC--Fire Depts.

San Marcos Food Bank. See TTWC--FOOD BANK

San Marcos High School, TTWC

Alumni, TTWC

Athletics, TTWC

Curricula, TTWC

Student Activities, TTWC

San Marcos Main Street Program

See also Biography--Colley, Terry; Hays Co. Hist. Comm., TTWC

San Marcos National Fish Hatchery. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

San Marcos Negro High School, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS

San Marcos Oil Mill, TTWC

San Marcos Performing Arts Association

See Amateur Theatricals, TTWC

San Marcos Police Department

SMPD move into new headquarters is on schedule, SMR 10/17/91

San Marcos Public Library, TTWC

"Library Day," 11/15/89

100,000th book checked out at library, SMR 10/2/80

180 kids receive State Library certificates from Mayor Serur, SMR 9/19/68

200,000 checkout record reached, SMR 10/9/88

20th anniversary party for library, SMR 11/16/86

AAUW donates books, pamphlets on mental health to library, SMR 5/8/58

Adult Education from library assists new GED graduates, SMR 8/23/92

Adult Education Program teaches English at Library, SMR 1/25/89

Advances in growth made at library, SMR 2/23/81, SMR 2/28/78, SMR 10/11/73

Annual Friends of Library reception plans underway, HCC 3/30/78

Answer Place Column by Arro Smith, SMR 10/30/90

Answer Place Column by Stephanie Langenkamp, SMR 1/28/79

Approval for new library site is good news, SMR 11/7/91

Art League gives book to San Marcos Public Library, SMR 4/24/77

Art League loans two paintings to San Marcos Public Library, SMR 3/24/77

Article on Library's Children's Reading & Sally Bowles, SMR 8/21/69

Artwork and musical albums received by library, SMN 3/22/84

Auditorium and Library suggested at Kiwanis talk, SMR 10/21/27

Bicentennial reading club to start at library, HCC 5/27/76

Bids being accepted for contractors for new library, SMR 9/3/92

Book sale to benefit public library, SMR 4/11/85, SMR 4/13/83, SMR 10/14/87, SMR 10/24/85

Bookmobile update, SMR 5/6/65, SMR 7/27/67

Books by mail program started at library, HCC 1/26/78

Books on tape offered for handicapped, SMR 7/12/73

Brackenridge Club learns library history from Eden Moseley, SMR 3/23/76

Brief history of San Marcos Libraries, SMR 12/29/93

Business Reference section added (with photo), SMR 4/8/73

Cartoon: Support the San Marcos Public Library Drive, SMR 3/18/65

City Council members OK bond issue for Library, SMR 3/18/84, SMR 8/2/83

City gets $300,000 grant from state for new library, SMR 6/2/91

City Library occupies old Cemetery site, SMR 11/22/46

Claudia Wise preparing for October book sale, SMR 10/22/78

Community Services Fair, 5/14/89

Confederate display at library, SMR 1/20/81

Creatures featured at library, SMR 6/14/89

DAR gives bicentennial materials to library, HCC 4/1/75

Dedication of new library held (with photo), SMR 12/8/66

Eden Fergusson accepts $150 from Beta Sigma Phi, SMR 6/13/80

Eden Fergusson gets recognition for service, SMR 11/10/81

Eden Moseley, librarian, biography & photo, SMR 2/22/73, SMR 10/23/77

Enthusiasm growing for new San Marcos Library, AA–S 4/5/64

Expansion program begun by board for local library, SMR 2/6/64

Film selection now offered at the library, SMR 8/30/77, SMR 11/5/77

Film series set at library, SMR 2/28/78

Film, "Treasure Island" marks end of Summer Reading Program, SMR 8/6/75

First Baptist Church offers to buy library, SMR 5/30/86

Friends of Library always helpful, SMR 2/28/82

Friends of Library begin 1966 membership drive, SMR 2/16/66

Friends of Library elect Mary Compton new president, SMR 2/5/76

Friends of Library help with book sale, SMN 3/29/84

Friends of Library host National Library Week festivities, SMR 4/6/79

Friends of Library pictured at future site of public library, SMR 6/30/92

Friends of Library to honor local authors, SMR 8/20/75

Friends of the Library, 9/25/83

Friends of the Library announce membership drive, SMR 11/29/92

Friends of the Library ends successful initial drive, SMR 6/11/64

Friends of the Library host tea and open house, SMR 4/28/74

Friends of the Library inviting others to join, SMR 6/11/70

Friends of the Library organization 2nd annual book sale, SMR 10/11/79

Friends of the Library prepare for Spring book sale, SMR 4/28/88

Friends of the Library purchase new microfilm reader, SMR 5/7/86

Friends of the Library reception, SMR 4/23/75

Funding sought for new library project, SMR 4/29/87

Funds divided between San Marcos and Kyle libraries, HCC 12/20/73, SMR 12/18/73

Gifts presented for new library fund, SMR 6/24/65

Girls return $500 found in library, SMR 1/21/83

Groundbreaking ceremony for new library, SMR 12/16/65

Heritage Association presents book to library, SMR 5/19/85

History of San Marcos Libraries, SMR 2/24/85

History of San Marcos Public LIbrary, SMR 9/25/36

Holdings tour given at library, SMR 6/16/77

Hometown Heroines display at library, SMR 5/27/82

Intensive drive for library fund ends, SMR 4/8/65

Jim Garber to discuss Indian artifacts at library (photos), SMR 6/19/85

Jim Green displays Civil War books and artifacts at library, SMR 8/20/82

Jose Contreras first person honored by Friends for efforts, SMR 2/24/66

Kiwanis purchase audio system for Adult Learning Program, SMR 6/25/76

Knights donate tapes to library, SMR 3/9/72

Larry Patton delivers books to County Deposit Stations, SMR 4/13/75

Larry Pearlstone presents pictures to Stephanie Langenkamp, SMR 7/6/83

Late books may bring legal action, SMR 4/11/81

Librarian Eden Mosely demonstrates audio system for Kiwanis, SMR 6/25/76

Librarian Robin Wood named Employee of the Month by city, SMR 5/25/97

Librarians discuss censorship, SMR 2/28/93

Library acquires art prints, SMR 3/20/84

Library adopts automated system, HCC 2/12/76

Library analyzes Community needs, SMR 3/6/78, SMR 3/16/78

Library appropriated $5,000 by county, SMR 8/30/73

Library beneficiary of of open house at restored Crook home, SMR 9/20/62

Library Bond Issue set for election day, SMR 3/18/84, SMR 12/15/88

Library Campaign committees lay groundwork for campaign, SMR 3/18/65

Library can use help from friends, SMR 12/11/85

Library celebrates 20 years (with photo), SMR 11/13/86, SMR 12/11/85

Library celebrates 45 years, SMR 11/21/75

Library certified as Texas Heritage Resource Center, SMR 1/28/82

Library charisma with its books, SMR 4/2/78

Library Co-Op discussed, SMR 6/28/78, SMR 6/29/78

Library employees honored for years of service (with photo), SMR 12/25/80

Library Exhibit features education, SMR 9/7/72

Library expands services to the public, SMR 3/31/91

Library featured with services and photos, SMR 4/2/78

Library features Reading Camp, SMR 6/6/91

Library features Tula Townsend Wyatt Collection, HCC 3/17/77

Library fiesta set (with photo), HCC 5/2/74

Library friends enrich community, HCC 4/8/76

Library Friends plan open house, SMR 3/30/78

Library Friends provide programs and materials for library, SMR 4/7/77

Library Friends sponsor Book Plate contest, SMR 2/2/67

Library Friends to meet, SMR 1/15/76

Library gets $100 gift in memory of Anna Lynn Howe, SMR 10/17/78

Library hosts Indian Art exhibit, SMN 4/28/83

Library loans art reproductions (with photo), HCC 2/28/74, SMR 3/7/74

Library offers senior health classes, SMR 1/27/80

Library officers selected, SMR 2/5/76

Library Open House, SMR 1/6/94

Library Open House honors Tula Townsend Wyatt, SMR 3/15/77

Library Open House to honor Tula Wyatt, SMR 3/14/77

Library poster winners honored, SMR 4/25/68

Library provides new service for aged & homebound citizens, SMR 9/13/73

Library qualifies for funds, SMR 11/9/72

Library receives Garden Club books, SMR 9/14/72

Library relies on help of Friends (with photos), SMR 9/25/83

Library roof leaks, SMR 1/5/79

Library seeks identity of unknown families in local files, SMR 4/28/82

Library slates annual meeting, HCC 12/1/77

Library station open at Southside Center, SMR 9/18/75

Library to hold Roots workshop, SMR 1/22/78

Library wins $15,450 grant from government, SMR 5/22/75

Lions Club Broom Sale starts Monday, SMR 4/14/60

Lions Club Broom Sale to help the blind, SMR 9/6/62

Lions Club donates $815 for 16mm projector for library, SMR 10/14/79

Lions Club donates puppet stage to library, SMR 3/20/91

Lions Club makes annual donation to library, HCC 4/14/77

Lions present $100 to library for National Library Week, SMR 4/5/78

Lions provide grant for new library circulation counter, SMR 8/15/93

Literacy Program, 1/17/88

Literacy; Jon Engel; Pam McBride, 2/7/90

Little League representative speaks to local Lions Club, SMR 8/22/68

Luncheon honors Tommye Becker for 20 years of service, SMR 7/7/85

Marjorie Green to write literary column with library books, SMR 3/19/73

Mayor Ellis Serur signs contract to build new public library, SMR 12/9/65

Moon-McGehee Chapter of Daughters donates books, SMR 12/13/89

Mrs. J. G. Obenhaus a panelist for Library Convention, SMR 10/17/68

Mysteries of Science program sparks interest of young, SMR 7/29/84

New lending record set at library, SMR 2/20/64

New library opens, SMR 11/16/66

New Library opens (with photos), SMR 1/9/94, SMR 11/17/66

New newspaper column by Librarian Stephanie Langenkamp, SMR 1/28/79

Non-County residents pay fee for library card, SMR 8/24/84

Open House at Crook home benefits library, SMR 9/20/62

Opening day set for new library, SMR 12/29/93

Priscilla Dement reviews books, SMR 6/17/65

Progress made on new library (with photo), SMR 3/17/66

Rally for new library set, SMR 3/12/64

Recent gift list for library contributions, SMR 3/9/67

Rotarians present $422.22 to Sally Bowles for library fund, SMR 4/14/66

San Marcos Montessori School donates children's tapes, SMR 12/27/87

San Marcos Public Library celebrates national Library Week, SMR 4/13/75

San Marcos Public Library depends upon good friends, SMR 9/25/83

San Marcos Public Library history, SMR 9/25/36

Sandy Stouffer argues for more library funds, HCC 6/6/74

Sertoma Club donates money for Tula Wyatt collection cabinet, SMR 4/27/83

Sertoma Club helps with book sale, SMR 10/26/84

Sertoma Club member Vic Heineman helps with book sale, SMR 10/25/84

Spanish classes offered at library, SMR 2/10/80, SMR 9/21/80

Special facilities for Wyatt Historical collection, SMR 10/3/76

Spring Lake Garden Club presents books to library, SMR 6/6/74

Steinway piano is gift of Friends to the Public Library, SMR 4/13/78

Stephanie Langenkamp takes over as Library Director, SMR 1/5/82

Sue Haney and Ann Ramsay are chosen as local sweethearts, SMR 4/20/67

Sum of services at library, SMR 2/25/79, SMR 4/12/73

Tax Assistance offered at Library (with photo), SMR 3/10/81

Texas books added to library collection, SMR 2/9/88

Texas Heritage Resource Center to open, SMR 4/26/81

Tom Norris places third in library essay contest, SMR 5/25/65

Tomorrow is day for bargains at 2nd annual book sale, SMR 10/19/79

Tula Townsend Wyatt attends dedication of her collection, HCC 4/21/77

Tula Townsend Wyatt's materials organized at Library, SMR 2/3/77

University Ladies Club presents check to library, SMN 7/18/85

Variety of program, 10/19/86

Various committees named coming library rally, SMR 3/26/64

Virginia Hightower presents Battle of Lexington painting, SMR 4/22/75

Volunteerism alive at the library, SMR 1/19/92

Voters decide wheter to use new park for library, SMR 12/11/90

Walter Buckner on the Friends of the Library, SMR 2/25/65

Winners of kids reading contest honored, SMR 8/6/80

Workers busy cataloging materials for Tula Wyatt Collection, SMR 3/20/77

Workshop for tutors; Jon Engle, 5/30/90

Wyatt Historical collection supported, HCC 10/7/76

San Marcos Record

San Marcos Record plant destroyed by fire, HCH 1/23/47

San Marcos Retired Teachers Association. see TTWC CLUBS

San Marcos River, TTWC––SAN MARCOS RIVER. See also TTWC DAMS

Check for SM River Beautification received from Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, SMR 9/14/72

City Council supports effort to protect river from channelization, SMR 4/21/91

Lack of permit for dam forces river level to decline, SMR 7/14/96

River clean-up brings up Westerfield Crossing, SMR 3/15/93

San Marcos River plants also used in Aquariums, SMR 6/18/76

San Marcos River Foundation, TTWC. See also TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Heritage Association presents check to River Foundation, SMR 5/25/86

Steve Gregg presented check by Emmie Craddock, SMR 2/27/85

San Marcos Springs. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

San Marcos State Park. see TTWC PARKS

San Marcos Sunday School Assoc. and Summer Institute

See Chautauquas, TTWC

San Marcos Telephone Company

See also Essays, TTWC

San Marcos Telephone Directories, TTWC

San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame

11 women inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame, SMR 11/9/86

9 women inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame, SMR 11/6/85

Commisssion presents five Hall of Fame Inductees, SMR 3/22/92

Four are inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame, SMR 9/11/84

Hall of Fame Winners, SMN 3/30/89

San Marcos Youth Council, 7/28/85

San Marcos Youth Service Bureau, 3/19/89

San Marcos Youth Shelter, 5/26/91

Kroger and Postal Service employees raise $5,250 for Shelter, SMR 7/2/89

San Marcos, City--History, TTWC

San Marcos--Hays County Drug Central, TTWC

Sanchez family (Herb). see TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Sanchez, Mario, 4/9/88

Sarah, Bishop, 9/2/87

Sattler family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Sattler, Edwin

Edwin Sattler was longtime blacksmith, SMR 1/2/77

Saunders, John Henry. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--John Henry Saunders Home

Savings and Loan Associations

See Buildings and Loan Associations, TTWC

Scanio, Mike

Photograph of building restored by Larry Murphree and Mike Scanio, SMR 7/24/83

Scheib, 2/24/85, 5/23/84, 7/26/89, 8/28/83, 12/12/90

Celebrates 20 years, 1/13/91

Scheib Opportunity Center, TTWC

Scheib, Charles W., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Schlameus house. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS


Schmeltekopf, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Schmidt, Dr. John, 10/13/85

Schmidt, R.M.

Windmill Schmidt reconstructs horse hobbles and other gadgets, SMR 2/27/58

School Boards, TTWC


Bishop Female College, TTWC

Blanco Star School, TTWC

Bonham Kindergarten School, TTWC

Bowie Elementary, TTWC

Campus Elementary, TTWC

Coronal Institute (see TTWC CORONAL INSTITUTE)

Crockett Elementary, TTWC

Dripping Springs Academy (see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS)

Dunbar School (see also TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS)

Early Hays County, TTWC

East End School, TTWC

Goodnight Jr. High, TTWC

Hill Country Christian, TTWC

History of desegregation in San Marcos, SMN 2/12/87

Jack C. Hays High School, TTWC

Lamar Intermediate, TTWC

Lone Star Business College (see TTWC--Lone Star Business College)

Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary, TTWC

San Marcos school revives memories of pioneer days Coronal Institute, AS 3/24/59

San Marcos' first schools, SMR 2/28/30

Schoon, Susan, 8/31/88

Schreiber, Carl, 7/16/89, 10/14/87


Schulze, Marilyn, 8/5/90

Science Hall, TTWC

Scott, Frances

Frances Scott receives honors for ceramics (with photo), SMR 9/9/84, SMR 10/2/85

Scott, Frances Fitzgerald. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--FITZGERALD, ZEB

Scott, Linda

Daughter of local drugstore owner is clothes designer, SAE 3/3/85


Scott, Shirley

Shirley Scott receives 'Teaching Excellence Award' from Lions, SMR 6/–/92

Scrutchin family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Scrutchin, Mrs. Gene

Mrs. Gene Scrutchin honored as outstanding senior, SMR 5/25/75

Scrutchin, Theodora, 6/9/91

Theodora Scrutchin honored as Woman of the Year by Beta Sigma Phi, SMR 5/7/86

Theodora Scrutchin honored by Business & Professional Women's Club, SMR 1/2/67


Scull, Ed

Feature article on home restorer, Ed Scull, Jr., SMR 9/9/82

Seawell, Bill, 12/4/88

Sebesta, Rev. Robert, 11/30/83

Seebeck, June, 1/10/88, 11/1/89, 11/14/90

Seebek, June, 11/13/88


Five girls integrate SWTSC, SMR 1963?

History of desegregation in San Marcos, SMN 2/12/87

Sellars, Harold, 11/23/86

Sellers, Paul, 8/14/88

Senior Citizens. See TTWC--AGED

60-unit senior complex to start in November, SMR 10/11/78

Aging discrimination is still prevalent, SMR 5/15/83

Betsy Martindale and Geneva Gomez Outstanding Older Texans, SMR 5/20/81

C.B. Cloyd shows how his ferris wheel works, SMR 5/11/72

Care Inn residents enjoy watermelon party, SMR 7/10/75

Charles Decker and Minnie Knispel honored as outstanding seniors, SMR 5/24/73

Dignitaries break ground for 60-unit senior complex, SMR 1/7/79

First Baptist women make phone checks on Senior Citizens, SMR 8/8/68

Fran Balajka lends a helping hand, WV 11/1/84

Green Thumb employee says age doesn't matter, SMR 3/1/79

Hillside Manor activities, SMR 5/5/66

Meals for the the homebound, SMR 2/24/82

Mrs. Gene Scrutchin and C.E. Burnett honored as outstanding seniors, SMR 5/25/75

Mrs. Richard Bowles and Richard McSwain honored, SMR 5/22/77

Mrs. W.G. Calihan and Ellis Serur honored, SMR 5/13/71

Nellie Pyland celebrates 90th birthday, SMR 7/9/70

Odessa McGinnis celebrates 100th birthday, SMR 5/13/87

Older Texan honorees, SMR 5/23/82

Older Texans honored, SMR 5/18/83

Older Texans honored by county extension service, OCFP 5/23/80

Older Texans win recognition, SMR 5/20/82, SMR 5/24/84, WV 5/24/84

Outstanding Older Texans, SMR 5/23/79

Outstanding Texans named, SMR 6/1/86

Phi Kappa Theta members help with tree trimming for Senior Center, SMR 4/7/88

Photo of outstanding older Texans in Hays County, HCC 5/20/76

Rudolph Till celebrates 100th birthday, SMN 6/14/84

Rudolph Till celebrates 102nd birthday, SMR 6/13/86

Senior Citizens Center offers summer classes, SMR 7/4/76

Senior Citizens receive awards, WM 9/?/70

Seniors served Thanksgiving dinner by Gary Job Corps students, SMR 11/29/81

Springtown Villa beautified, SMR 9/24/81

Springtown Villa visitors, SMR 11/12/82

Telephone Reassurance program for seniors to begin, HCC 1/22/76

Top senior citizens named, SMR 5/11/72

Valentine honors distributed to seniors, SMR 2/21/74

Walter Lee Holland to celebrate 95th birthday, SMR 9/?/65

Wimberley residents plan Senior facility, SMR 11/25/81

Sergi, ARturo, 2/25/90

Sertoma Club. see TTWC CLUBS


Serur's Clothing Store

Serur's to close, AA–S 12/8/01

Serur, Ellis. See also TTWC--ORAL HISTORY

Ellis Serur appointed Deputy District Governor of Lions, SMR 5/23/63

Mrs. W.G. Calihan and Ellis Serur honored, SMR 5/13/71

Serur, Sherri

Sherrie Serur signs up Dr. Charles Jarvis as sponsor for CROP walk, SMR 4/11/75

Serurs', 9/11/83

Sesquicentennial Celebrations, Etc, TTWC

Sessoms, Joyce

Artwork by Joyce Sessoms at Music River Festival, SMR 4/11/75


Seventh Day Adventist. see TTWC CHURCHES

Sewell Park. see TTWC PARKS


Sewerage, TTWC



Shaw, Kathryn Marie Compton. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--COMPTON FAMILY (ROSS)

Shell Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Sheriffs, TTWC


Shrimp Farm

Penbur Farms' Shrimp farm scandal, SMR 1/19/97

Sidewalks, TTWC



Sights and Sounds of Christmas, 11/26/89, 12/2/87

Signs and Sign-boards, TTWC

Silguero, Linda, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


By easy stages, singer finds career in Opera, SMR 8/25/78

Opera singer Janet Ellis tours extensively, SMN 6/28/84

Vienna Choir Boys to perform, SMN 2/9/93


Sivadon, Ted, 11/15/87


Aunt Patsy Smiley dies at 104; born in slavery, SMR 2/14/53

Story of Antioch Colony in Buda, AA–S 9/30/00

Sesquicentennial article, SMDR 3/1/01, 7B

Smiley, Patsy

Aunt Patsy Smiley dies at 104; born in slavery, SMR 2/14/53

Smilove, Steven, 5/21/89

Smith family (Ralph), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Smith, B.W. See TTWC--Mills & Millwork




Dr. Gwen Smith elected president of Heritage Association, SMR 10/22/85

Smith, Handler

Handler Smith named bank president, SMR 1/22/89

Smith is the new president of State Bank, SMR 1/24/82

State Bank and Trust's Handler Smith resigning as president, SMR 7/4/86

Smith, Hollis

Hollis Smith honored by Business & Professional Women's Club, SMR 1/2/67

Obituary, SMR 3/27/85


Smith, Le Anne, 4/15/90, 4/26/87

Smith, Leanne, 2/21/88

Smith, Lee

Dr. Lee Smith accepts Bicentennial banner, SMR 8/15/74

SWT President Lee Smith addresses Chamber of Commerce, SMR 3/15/81

Smith, Mamie,

    Obituary, SMR 12/22/82

    Remembrance, SMR 12/29/82


Smith, Mrs. Crockett (Myrtle), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Smith, Oscar Calvin. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--SMITH, MAX

Smith, Oscar Calvin, Jr. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--SMITH, MAX

Smith, Rusty, 4/23/85, 9/6/87

Smith, William Sylvester. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--SMITH, MAX

Snodgrass, W.D.


Snow in San Marcos; weekend to remember, 1/20/85

Social Life and Customs, TTWC

Society Cuauhtemoc

Board of Directors and members, SMR 5/31/92

Society Cuauhtemoc will host 28th annual convention, SMR 5/31/92


Can McCarty Lane, city co-exist?, SMR 2/26/84

Soldiers' Bodies--Disposition of, TTWC

Sommer, Craig, 8/16/89

Sons of Hermann, TTWC


South Side Public School, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Southside Community Center, 5/22/83, 7/31/88, 11/10/85

16 persons earn citizenship at Southside, SMR 3/5/64

60 years of helping San Marcos, SMR 9/24/87

Activities at Southside Center end year's program, SMR 5/19/60

Anita Reyes decries lack of church support for Southside, SMR 2/14/82

Anita Reyes to become Southside's director, SMR 9/27/81

Barbecue raises $4,000 for Southside, SMR 5/17/77

Board President Mary Compton accepts $2,000 from H.E.B., SMR 10/17/78

Boxing Club started at Southside Center, SMR 4/5/73

Burger Chef donates $50 to Southside Community Center, SMR 7/18/74

Ceramics class shows off chili pots, SMR 9/29/74

CETA workers help with Southside 'U-Bag' sale, SMR 7/14/82

Christmas food drive at Southside, SMR 1/1/70

City joins county in funding shelter for the homeless, SMR 1/16/85

Clothes bought at Southside for victims of Hurricane Beulah, SMR 9/28/67

Consumer Education classes to be offered at Southside, SMR 9/23/79

County Extension Office to offer classes at Southside, SMR 2/15/73

Day Care Service available for Adult Education mothers, SMR 11/2/75

Director Corrine Stanley resigns citing lack of support, SMR 2/26/81

Dwindling enrollments trouble learning center, SMR 11/29/78

Emmett Mendoza honored by Southside Center staff, SMR 6/17/65

Expectant Mothers get instruction at Southside Center, SMR 6/12/69

Feature on Mary Lou Homer, assistant director at Southside, SMR 1/15/84

Fire Dept. and Southside collect 600 toys for Christmas, SMR 12/25/80

Fundraising barbecue, SMR 11/11/81

Garage sale coming up, SMR 7/26/81

George and Patsy Curry are new workers at Southside, SMR 11/14/63

Girls Sewing Club plans to help needy San Marcans, SMR 3/18/65

Groundbreaking for new senior housing center, SMDR 8-24-94

Group to meet on solar energy topics, SMR 6/21/78

H.E.B. donates $500 to Southside, SMR 8/19/80

Harambe Oaks: Away from Home on Range, SMR 7/26/81

Harmonizers to entertain at Southside, SMR 9/28/87

Health Fiesta next week, SMN 3/29/84

Hearing the Barrio's needs, SMR 3/13/77

Homeless Shelter opens its doors, SMR 11/10/85

Hunger is real problem, SMR 4/27/83

Investiture Service held for Four Girl Scout Troops, SMR 12/4/58

Jack-in-the-Box restaurant donates to Southside, SMR 3/15/73

Janna Starr new chairperson for camp, SMR 7/3/79

John Stokes donates $2,000 to Southside and Scheib, SMR 11/15/78

Karate classes at Southside, SMR 7/1/81

Korean martial arts offered at Southside, SMR 11/1/81

Korean social workers are guests at Southside, SMR 8/29/63

Local Methodist Churches help with clean-up and repair, SMR 3/4/79

Lou Nieland sews dresses to benefit Southside, SMR 9/27/81

Methodist Church-sponsored trip to Texas Coast, SMR 11/1/77

Millecams help with Southside Center, SMR 11/5/70

Miss Morrow directs Southside program, SMR 6/27/68

Miss Ralston names staff, gives agenda for Center, SMR 9/19/63

Modeling show for girls at Southside, SMR 8/15/82

More light sought for Southside Center, SMR 4/30/67

Paddleboat concession opens, HCC 7/22/76

Pedro Grimaldo given plaque in appreciation of his work, SMR 4/30/78

Pedro Grimaldo to leave Southside, SMR 4/12/78

Phil Delta Theta spend day with Southside youngsters, SMR 10/13/82

Playground program going strong, HCC 6/11/77

Police Association donates $125 to Southside, SMR 10/26/78

Police deliver toys and fruit from Christmas drive, HCC 12/1/72

Polio vaccine given at Southside, SMR 4/14/60

Postal workers help with Christmas giving, SMR 12/27/81

Radiothon raises $6,200 for Southside, SMR 4/1/83

Recently elected officers of Southside Center Board, SMR 6/10/84

Robert and Nancy Hunter to work at Southside, SMR 3/2/67

Scouts and Kiwanis offering classes in canoeing, SMR 8/17/80

Second Anniversary of Mision Hispana Episcopal, SMR 10/7/82

See Community Centers, TTWC

Sertoma Club donates $100 to Southside, SMR 7/11/79

Solar greenhouse at Southside, SMR 7/23/81

Solar savings project ready, SMR 7/6/79

Southside benefit reaches goal of raising $5,000, HCC 5/19/77

Southside Board outlines agenda for coming year, SMR 11/14/63

Southside celebrates 50th year of service to San Marcos, HCC 5/26/77

Southside Center has summer youth helpers, SMR 6/27/68

Southside Center holds orientation, SMR 9/7/72

Southside Center honors supporters, plans radio-thon, SMR 3/1/83

Southside Center lists partial class schedule, SMR 9/5/63

Southside Center slates enrollment for kindergarten, SMR 9/19/64

Southside Community Center benefit reaches goal, SMR 5/19/77

Southside Community Center starts job placement program, HCC 11/1/73

Southside depends on volunteers, SMR 2/22/73

Southside directors announced, SMR 7/26/73

Southside elects members, HCC 7/12/73

Southside fashion show, HCC 4/6/66

Southside has fund raising activities, SMR 5/15/77

Southside hires director, Janna Starr, SMR 9/6/73

Southside hosts barbecue, SMR 10/4/78

Southside may have only just begun, SMR 11/1/81

Southside offers free counseling and advice, SMR 4/6/75

Southside plans big event, SMR 7/16/86

Southside provides care with love, SMR 5/22/83

Southside Radiothon Saturday, SMR 3/24/81

Southside receives donations, SMR 9/7/79

Southside receiving cash help, SMR 3/30/79

Southside target for HUD demonstration homes with solar, SMR 8/6/78

Southside thanks contributors to Radiothon, SMR 5/20/79

Southside toys await delivery, HCC 12/21/77

Southside Toys for Tots contest won by Johnny Gonzales, SMR 12/24/75

Southside: It may have only just begun, SMR 11/1/81

Special Southside clean-up is a success, SMR 2/15/81

State Bank and Trust presents $500 to Southside, SMN 4/4/82

State Sen. Barrientos gives senate resolution to Southside, SMR 8/21/87

Students serve as tutors for past year at Southside, SMR 5/16/68

Students tutor Southside kids, US 11/3/72

SWT Business fraternity contribute $500 to Southside, SMR 4/23/78

SWT fraternities and sororities help Southside, SMR 3/20/88

SWT fraternity collects food and clothes for Southside, SMR 5/16/68

SWT students help at tutoring center, SMR 2/29/68

SWT students offer free clothing construction classes, SMR 9/9/76

SWT's Alpha Kappa Psi pledges $432 to Southside, SMR 12/10/81

Tag football season ends, soccer begins at Southside, SMR 11/23/67

Thanks given to donors for Emergency Shelter, SMR 11/10/85

Thanks given to Jaycees for donations to energy assistance, SMR 2/1/87

Toys for Tots donation from Police Association, SMR 12/6/81

Tutor service being organized at Southside, SMR 3/25/71

United Fund helps Southside Community Center, SMR 10/8/64

Waterproofing added to Southside greenhouse, SMR 1/31/79

Weekly well child clinic is held at Southside, SMR 8/29/63

Winter shelter is sought, SMR 9/12/84

Women of St. Mark's donate $250 to Southside, SMR 6/12/84

Youth come from across nation to fix homes in city, SMN 6/11/87

Southwest Texas State Normal, TTWC

Southwest Texas State Teachers College, TTWC


Administration, TTWC

Alumni, TTWC

Armadillo Country, TTWC

Athletics, TTWC

State Bank donates $25,000 for Stadium, SMN 10/4/81

Buildings, TTWC


City battles SWT over water wells, WSJ 8/18/99

Co-Ayuda Project, pamphlet in main SWT file.

Contract awarded for new library, SMR 6/7/87

Faculty, TTWC

Georgia Cheatham was one of first five black students, SMR 8/18/79

Interesting history of SWTTC uncovered in files, SMDN 1/21/25

Library, TTWC

Military Education, TTWC

New library dedicated, SMR 10/28/90

Old Fisher Hall (see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Old Fisher Hall)

Old Main (see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Old Main)

Ron Brown tells SWT's history in new book, SMR 10/11/79

Student Activities, TTWC

Student Directories, TTWC

Student Societies, TTWC

SWT acquires valuable St. John's church property, SMR 3/19/70

SWT helps drive local economy, SMR 3/29/92

SWT President Lee Smith addresses Chamber, SMR 3/15/81

T.E. Lawrence Collection donated by F. Armitage, SMR 1/11/68

Teacher Education, TTWC

Theater, TTWC

Southwestern Conservancy of Music Catalog

See Community Music, TTWC



Spear, Ruth

Optimist Club names Ruth Spear Teacher of the Year, SMR 5/30/68

Spearman, Pat, 10/1/89

Special Olympics, 5/17/89, 5/21/89, 5/24/90, 5/26/89


Speck, Henry Eli, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Sports, TTWC

Spreen, Melesa, 7/19/89

Spring Lake Garden Club. see TTWC CLUBS

Squires, Bill, 2/16/86

St. John's Catholic School, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS

St. Marks Episcopal. see TTWC CHURCHES


Old Stagecoach stop with brief history and photo, SMR 3/9/67

Tarbox and Brown was earliest stage line here, SMR 8/30/92

Stambaugh, Ollie, 7/21/85

Stanford, Brother Frank, 9/7/84

Stanley, Corrine

Southside director resigns citing lack of support, SMR 2/26/81

Stansberry, John, 1/24/90

Stansbury, B.M.

Letter to the editor by B.M. Stansbury, airport manager, SMR 2/26/84

Staples, TTWC

Story of League of Staples Youth Organization, SMR 9/20/62

Starkey, Emma Vogelsang. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--VOGELSANG

Starr, Janna

Janna Starr new chairperson for camp, SMR 7/3/79

Southside hires director, Janna Starr, SMR 9/6/73

Starr, Merlin, 3/8/87


Steele, family (W.H.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Stephenson, William L., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Stevenson, Bunny

Bunny Stevenson shares expertise at Cottage Kitchen, SMR 1/26/83

Hospital Auxiliary honors Bunny Stevenson, SMR 3/25/81

Stewart, Ellie, 9/1/85

Ellie Stewart attains citizenship, SMR 9/1/85

Ellie Stewart attains U.S. citizenship, SMR 9/1/85

Stewart, Harry, 5/20/84

Stewart, Joanna & Mike, 9/28/88


Stokes, John

John Stokes and airport panel at odds, SMR 11/18/75

John Stokes battles Airport Commission, HCC 11/20/75

John Stokes donates $2,000 to Southside and Scheib, SMR 11/15/78

Stokes bitter over loss of airport contract, HCC 12/11/75

Stokes gets exclusive five-year lease for airport, HCC 9/25/75

Stokes purchases majority interest in Fixed Based Operator, SMR 1/12/77


Stonehaven Conference Center, 8/26/85, 12/14/86

Stores, Retail, TTWC


Storey, Rodgers, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Rodgers Storey elected president of Chamber of Commerce, SMR 1/17/36

Storm Ranch

See Archaeology, TTWC

Storm, Lynn

Lynn Storm elected to Agriculture steering committee, SMR 12/16/73

Storm, Lynn Walter. See TTWC--ORAL HISTORY

Storts, John, 2/6/83

Stout, Bill

Feature on Boy Scout executive, Bill Stout, SMR 10/14/77


Tribute to John J. Middagh, SMR 2/17/91


At home in the community, SMR 1/15/78

Attends meeting of Texas Heritage Council, SMR 9/27/87

Attends Texas Historical Foundation's annual meeting, SMR 6/19/83

Frances Stovall honored by Beautify Texas Council, SMR 6/19/74

Named an Ambassador to Institute of Texan Cultures, SMR 6/6/80

Organizer of Tours of Distinction, SMR 6/25/89

Receives award for Bicentennial Commission, SMR 6/18/76

Receives award from Texas Beautification Council, HCC 11/1/93

Receives check for SM River Beautification, SMR 9/14/88

Reports on plans for Bicentennial Celebration, SMR 8/17/72

River Arts Festival, SMR 4/25/80

Tours of Distinction locations reviewed by Frances Stovall, SMR 4/27/88

Visits at Christmas Open House at Cock House, SMR 12/22/81


Description of yard in Garden Chatter, SMR 6/3/74

Experiences in Berlin Airlift recollected, SMR 6/26/94

Jack Stovall Day celebrated., SMR 7/19/80

Works for hangar funds, SMR 6/2/77


Strahan, Oscar W., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Stranahan, Linda, 11/12/86

Strandtmann, Russell, 8/14/83, 10/19/86, 10/26/86, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Strandtmann, Ruth, 2/4/90



501 (see Biography--McGee)


727 (see George Thomas McGehee Home)

730 (see Robert H. Belvin House)

832 (see Historic Markers--John F. McGehee)

833 (see Joseph W. Earest House)

903 (see Kone-Yarbrough Home)


1000, Judge William G. Barber Home

702 (see Historic Markers--Old Storey Home)

714, Branch & May Pettey Home

721, Bryan & Doris Wildenthal Home

724 Judge Edward R. Kone-Oran W. Cliett Home (see Historic Markers--Kone-Clie)

804 (see Biography--Zimmerman)

903 (see Biography--Kasch, Ed)

904, Rodgers & Aileen Storey Home


1104 W. (see Augusta Hofheinz House)


400 E. (see Charles S. Cock Home)

819 W (see Rains, Don)

Lime Kiln Road (see Burleson-Knispel Home)


227 N. (see Crookwood; Historic Markers--Ike Wood Home)

San Antonio

621 W (see Ragsdale-Jackman-Yarbrough Home)

711 W. (see Kyle, Henry C.)

827 W. (See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Grosgebauer Family)


Austin Street renamed LBJ Drive, SMR 6/10/65

Fort Street Revisited, SMR 1/1/89

San Antonio St. Historic District, 12/12/82

San Marcos Streets and how named, 3/18/84

Strickland, Chuck, 9/16/90


More on the Stringtown connections to Old San Marcos, SMR 2/7/93

Sesquicentennial article, SMDR 03/01/2001, 6B

See also Essays, TTWC

Stuffer, Cinamon, 5/29/88

Sullivan family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Sullivan, Ed, 5/15/88

Sullivan, Marcel, 11/3/85


Summerfest '82 being planned, SMR 6/1/82

Supple, Cathy, 9/3/89

Supple, Jerome H., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Suttles, Maurice, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Sutton, Mrs. E.S.

Mrs. E.S. Sutton donates funds for benches and table at hospital, SMR 5/6/85


Swanzy, Daisy, 7/20/86


Swift, Lawrence Merto. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--SWIFT, ROY L.


Swift, William Earle. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--SWIFT, ROY L.

Swinney, Everette, 11/3/85

Swisher, John Milton, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Tallant, Dr. Nilon, 6/8/86

Tallant, Nilon. see SMDR 6/8/86

San Marcos physician serves in Air Force Reserves, SMR 6/8/86

Talmage, George Henry. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--George Henry Talmage Home


Tangram, TTWC

Tanner, Julia Pritchett. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--PRITCHETT

Tax Aid

AARP members offer tax assistance, SMR 2/4/87


Scottie's Taxi Service is shutting down, SMR 9/13/81

Taylor, Frank D., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Chamber of Commerce directors name Frank Taylor president, SMR 11/2/62

Frank Taylor elected president of Chamber of Commerce, SMR 12/17/59

Taylor, James,

          Obituary, SMR 11/29/62

Taylor, Linda

Bicentennial certificate of appreciation awarded to Linda Taylor, SMR 6/12/75

Teachers, TTWC

Teague, G.A.

Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Teague celebrate 61st wedding anniversary, SMR 9/20/73

Mr. & Mrs. Teague celebrate 69th wedding anniversary, SMR 9/27/79

Teale, Father Richard, 5/13/90

Teall, Richard, 5/22/91

Teall, Richard Sherwood, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Teicher, Dr. Pat, 9/12/82

Teicher, Pat, 8/25/85

Telephone. See also San Marcos Telephone

Directories, TTWC

Rates, TTWC

Terry, Danal, 4/29/87

Texas Association for the Performing Arts. see TTWC CLUBS

Texas Department of Corrections Training Facility, TTWC

Texas Educational Foundation, Inc

See Gary Job Corps Training Center, TTWC

Texas Water Safari, TTWC

Texas Wild Rice

Wild Rice has friend, SMR 2/20/77

Theaters, TTWC

Thickstun, Patricia, 6/5/91

Thiele, Margaret

Community Action food supervisor Margaret Thiele, SMR 8/20/86

Thomas family (Jack), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY




Thomas, Kathy, 9/9/87


Thomas, Roy L.

Architect grew up in San Marcos, but he helped Austin grow, SMR 11/19/59

Native-born architect leaves legacy of historic Central Texas homes, SMR 3/22/92


Daughters of the American Revolution meet with Miss Ruth Thomas, SMR 12/27/62

Thomas, Suzanne, 10/21/90


Thompson Plantations

See Historic Markers--Thompson Plantations, TTWC

Thompson's Island

See Historic Markers--Thompson's Island Homeplace, TTWC





Thompson, Vola

Thompson is Business & Professional Women's Club Woman of Year, SMR 1/28/82



Thornton, Bob

State Bank and Trust 's Thornton receives President's Torch Award, HCC 2/3/77

State Bank and Trust's Bob Thornton presents $2,500 to SWT Foundation, SMR 2/28/75

State Bank and Trust's Bob Thornton to celebrate 50th anniversary, SMR 2/2/86

State Bank and Trust's Thornton honored for assistance to SWT, SMR 11/4/81

Thurman, Henry G., TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Till, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Till honored as best conservation homemaker, SMR 6/15/83

Till, Rudolph

Rudolph Till celebrates 100th birthday, SMN 6/14/84

Rudolph Till celebrates 102nd birthday, SMR 6/13/86

Timmermann (sisters), 12/23/84, 11/24/76

Tipps, Doug

Local minister heads international organization seeking end to genocide, SAEN 8/5/01

Todd, Reg

Chamber of Commerce accepts President Reg Todd's resignation, SMR 11/20/92

Toler, (family), "Music is their way of life" 5/31/87

Tomblin, Lucky & Becky, 9/30/84


Thunderstorm, tornado strike San Marcos; 100 families evacuated, HCC 5/15/75

Tornado hits, waters rise in San Marcos, SMR 5/15/75

Tourist Camps, Hostels, Etc., TTWC

Tourist Trade, TTWC

Tours of Distinction

11th Annual Tours of Distinction planned, SMR 2/3/85

19th Annual Tours of Distinction, SMR 4/30/93

9th annual Tours of Distinction planned, SMR 3/13/83

Allens' years of patient work rewarded, SMR 4/27/86

Annual Heritage Tour set for May 2-3, SMR 2/8/81

Annual Tours of Distinction feature nine homes, SMR 3/8/92

Annual Tours of Distinction will feature first time homes, SMR 2/6/83

Bicentennial Tours of Distinction, SMR 4/18/76

Carriage Tour of Tours of Distinction, SMR 2/9/94

Crystal River Inn celebrates 10th anniversary as part of Tour, SMR 4/10/94

Dorothy Yarbrough and Diana Murphree docents of Tours, SMR 4/23/83

Eliza Malone cottage spotlighted on 1984 tour, SMN 3/29/84

Final plans made for Tours of Distinction, SMN 3/12/82

First Tour of Distinction and River Music Festival, SMR 4/17/75

Fort Street Revisited, SMR 1/1/89

Heritage Tour guides sign up at party, SMR 4/8/80

Home of Tom & Judy Allen, 4/27/86

Homes of the Camino Real, SMR 3/25/90

Hostesses for homes of Tours of Distinction, SMN 3/22/81

Hostesses for Tours of Distinction, SMR 3/22/81

LBJ Alumni House on Tours of Distinction, SMR 5/6/80

Locations reviewed by Frances Stovall, SMR 4/27/88

Ninth annual Heritage Tour planned, SMR 3/13/83

Ninth annual tour of homes scheduled, SMN 4/14/83

Nostalgic neighborhood stroll theme for 22nd Annual Tours, SMR 5/1/96

Notepaper illustrated with San Marcos Homes of Distinction, SMN 8/18/81

Penninton house, 5/1/88

Planning for Tours of Distinction, SMR 3/12/82

Plans for Spring tour underway, SMR 3/17/78

Revenues doubled in '86 for Heritage Association Tours, SMR 6/8/86

Rubel to head '87 Tours of Distinction, SMR 7/23/86

San Marcos Tours of Distinction featured, AA–S 5/2/81

Schedule for Tours of Distinction, SMR 5/16/90

Spring party for Tour docents, SMR 4/8/80

Stonehaven Ranch on Tours of Distinction, SMR 5/2/82

Tea for Tours of Distinction leader, SMR 2/20/75

Tour planning underway, SMR 3/17/78

Tour Site: Home of Daniel G. and Sandy Rodriguez, SMR 1/3/89

Tour sites announced for 11th Tours of Distinction, SMR 3/19/85

Tour to be held 4/16-17, SMR 4/14/77

Tour to feature Ken Kohut's classic revival showplace, SMR 3/22/92

Tours of Disctinction in San Marcos, AA–S 5/17/80

Tours of Distinction announced and described, SMR 4/30/93

Tours of Distinction docents, SMR 3/18/82

Tours of Distinction this weekend, SMR 4/29/82

Tours tie our history together, SMR 5/6/90

Tours to feature Stewart home, SMR 4/8/90

Tours will step back in history, SMR 5/6/90

Wood home and Crystal River Inn on annual tour, SMR 5/3/91

Tovar, Mona & Alma, 3/30/88

Townsend family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC--929.2 TOW

Townsend, Light Stapleton. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--TOWNSEND FAMILY


Townsend, Thomas Roderick. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--TOWNSEND FAMILY

Traffic Accidents, TTWC

Trail Drivers, TTWC

Transportation, TTWC

Travis Elementary, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Trees, TTWC

"City Limits Oak" on W. San Antonio receives special care, SMR 5/29/83


Tull, Delena, 7/8/87, 10/19/88

Turrell, Ann, 9/25/88

Tuttle, James, Obituary 5/20/71

Tuttle, Merlin, 3/15/89, 9/20/87

Tvrdik, Tom, 7/20/88

Tyler, Brenda, 11/18/84


U.S. Post Office Dept., TTWC

U.S. Soil Conservation Service, TTWC

U.S.O. see TTWC United Service Organizations

Uhland, TTWC

History of Uhland, SMR 9/20/62

Ullman, Leslie, 11/22/87

Undertakers and Undertaking, TTWC

United Daughters of the Confederacy. see TTWC CLUBS

United Fund

United Fund urges unification of fund drives, SMR 8/3/61

United Service Organizations, TTWC

United States Jaycees. see TTWC CLUBS

United Way

First gift to Hays County United Fund is by C. E. Burnett, SMR 9/27/73

University Bible Church. see TTWC CHURCHES

University Ladies Club. see TTWC CLUBS


Upper San Marcos Watershed Reclamation and Flood Control District, TTWC

Urban Renewal, TTWC

USS San Marcos

History of USS San Marcos, SMR 4/4/59



Van Gundy, Helen

Flo Wilkes, daughter of Van Gundys, serves at Cock House, SMR 8/5/79

Helen Van Gundy honored by city cemetery commission, SMR 12/1/88

Van Gundy, Robert

Magnolia tree planted as memorial honoring Robert Van Gundy, SMR 1/25/83

Memorial for Robert Van Gundy, SMR 1/25/83


Vasquez, Adrian, 6/5/88


Vasquez, Melba

Daughters of the American Revolution name Vasquez as good citizen, SMR 12/26/68

Vasquez, Ofelia, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Community Action names Ofelia Vasquez director, SMR 12/10/70

Vasquez-Philo, Ofelia, 11/7/90

Veramendi Grant

See San Marcos Oil Mill, TTWC

Veramendi Plaza. see TTWC PARKS; TTWC--PARKS

Bronze plaque dedicated by Heritage Association at Veramendi Plaza, SMR 3/13/87

Dedication of Veramendi Plaza, SMR 10/26/72

Water pumps repaired in Veramendi Plaza, SMR 12/10/78

Wellhouse in Veramendi Plaza, SMR 9/5/78


Veterans, TTWC

Veterans of Foreign Wars, TTWC

Victoria Bank and Trust. see TTWC BANKS AND BANKING

Villalpando family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Villalpando, Catalina Vasquez. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--VILLALPANDO FAMILY

Villanueva, Tino, 4/24/91

Tino Villanueva's book wins American Book Award, SMR 5/22/94

Villareal, Gay, 2/2/88

Villareal, Lynne, 4/17/88

Vimont, Mike, 11/2/88

Vinyard family (Oscar), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Virgils, Russel & Glenis, 3/9/88

Vocational Education, TTWC


Votaw, David

David Votaw elected commander of American Legion, SMR 11/18/27


Votaw, Vivan, 12/6/89




Wade, Clarendon Columbus. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WADE FAMILY

Wade, Florence, 7/17/88



Walker family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Wallace, Laura Belle Donalson, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Walling, Herschel

Herschel Walling is new president of Genealogical grolup, SMR 1/23/69


Walts, Bob, 9/6/87

Warren, Garland

Garland Warren opens new store: Sac-n-Pac Grocery on Ranch Road 12, SMR 2/24/66

Garland Warren to head 1975 Chilympiad, SMR 3/13/75

Warshauer, Max, 6/3/90


Reverend Alphonso Washington honored for service, HCC 7/12/73

Water Districts, TTWC



Watson, Allan & Connie, 5/27/84

Wayne, Bruce

Crescendo Club awards scholarship to Bruce Wayne, SMR 9/23/76

Wayne, Harry

Harry Wayne accepts post as Civic Music President, SMR 6/11/64

Weather, TTWC

Hays County gets snow and record length of cold (photos), HCC 1/18/73

Weatherford, Archie

Obituary, SMR 7/8/86

Obituary for past commander of post, Archie Weatherford, SMR 7/8/86

Weaver, Gordon, 11/25/84

Webb, Bridget & Wilfred, 8/7/88

Webb, Wilfred, 12/30/90

Weeks, Richard, 11/16/88

Weinberg, Steven, 3/18/90

Weiss, Martin, 3/31/33

Welch, Stacy, 1/31/91, 2/3/91, 2/7/91

Welge, Eddie

Eddie Welge's tradition making windmills lives on, SMR 6/30/83

Wellborn, Dr. Ruth, 10/30/88

Wesley Chapel. see  Historic Markers--Wesley Chapel AME, TTWC

West End School, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Western Texas Alliance Co-operative Assoc.

See San Marcos Oil Mill, TTWC

Westover School, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Wheel and Deal Club. see TTWC CLUBS



White, Willie L. Freeman

Willie L. Freeman White honored by President Reagan, SMR 8/11/83

Whitfield, Kay

Kay Whitfield makes horseshoes, SMR 11/15/81

Whitten, Bill

W.E. "Bill" Witten's hobby is honey bees (with photo), SMR 11/18/76

WIC Program

WIC Program is open, SMR 12/6/81

Wiede, James

James Wiede tames snakes (with photo), SMR 2/8/87

Wiley family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Wiley, Robyn

Robyn wiley receives 'Teaching Excellence Award' from Lions, SMR 5/26/94

Wilhelm family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Wilhite, J. S.

J.S. Wilhite trapped wolves for years in Buda, SMR 9/20/62

Willbern, Roy, 2/18/90

Willett, Betty Johnson. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--Johnson, Louise

Williams, Buford, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Williams, Coke, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Williams, Gertrude, 12/26/82

Williams, Laura Burleson. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WILLIAMS, COKE


Williamson family (Thomas J.), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Williamson, Birdie Leinneweber. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WILLIAMSON FAMILY (THOMAS J.)


Williamson, Christy, 2/5/84

Williamson, Gertrude, 4/12/89

Williamson, John, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Williamson, vErna, 3/4/90

Wilson family (Amariah). See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WILSON, JOHN

Wilson, Amariah, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC 929.2 WIL




Wilson, Miles, 3/25/90


Wilson, Vicki, 11/30/88



Article by Emmett Cowan on early Wimberley, WV 9/–/67

Article on 1887 Wimberley Christmas by Dorothy Wimberley Kerbow, SMR 12/24/87

Article on Wimberley Christmas Traditions by Dorothy Wimberley Kerbow, SMR 12/24/81

C.W. Wimberley recalls 1930's, HCC 11/8/75

Fourth of July in Wimberley 50 years, by Emmett Cowan, WM 7/70

Historic Commission urges record of Wimberley's unique buildings, SMR 7/5/90, WV 7/5/90

Indian lore of Wimberley, WV 9/67

Number of Wimberley's poor a surprise to most, WV 2/19/87

Oldest House in Wimberley (Keith Home) with photo, SMR 4/21/66

Picture and article on pioneer Wimberley family, HCC 4/11/74

Wimberey Fire Department's fire mark, WM 1/67

Wimberley as I remember it, by Emmett Cowan, WM 9/68

Wimberley as I remember it, by Emmitt Cowan, WM 11/–/67

Wimberley Cemetery is century old, WM 7/1/76

Wimberley historic buildings and sites, SMR 7/31/86

Wimberley residents plan Senior facility, SMR 11/25/81

Wimberley Cemetery. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS

Wimberley family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC 976.4888 DAI

Wimberley Independent School District, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS

Wimberley Mills

See Historic Markers--Wimberley Mills; Mills and Millwork, TTWC


Wimberley, C.W., 3/24/85, 6/12/88, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY



Wimberley, Rufus, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Wimberley, Wordy Iolene. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--WIMBERLEY C.W.

Windbert, Dalhart & Trott, Darryl, 11/17/85

Windle, Janice Woods, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Winking, Keith, 1/22/89

Winn, Elizabeth Pitts Kyle. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--KYLE

Winn, Hattie

Optimist Club selects Mrs. Hattie Winn as Teacher of the Month, SMR 3/7/68

Winters, William C. See TTWC/BIOGRAPHY--KYLE

Witliff, Wililam, 2/3/85


Important women of early San Marcos, SMR 9/13/84

Special San Marcos News edition on Women of San Marcos, SMN 11/10/88

Woman ministers abound here, SMR 7/29/79

Women's Hall of Fame honorees, SMR 9/13/84


Wonder World

See Historic Markers--Wonder Cave, TTWC

Wonderland Kindergarten, TTWC. see TTWC SCHOOLS



Wood, Ike. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Ike Wood House

Business leader Ike Wood claimed by death at 94, SMR 8/4/60

Funeral service for Mrs. Ike Wood, SMR 3/16/61



Wood, Jack, 3/11/90




Wood's role is recognized, SMR 4/2/89

Woodall family (Salathiel), TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC--SAN MARCOS OIL MILL

Woods' Regiment. See also TTWC--DUAINE, CARL L.

Woods, Allen, 7/24/88

Woods, Ella Rives. See TTWC Historic Markers--Peter Cavanaugh Woods

Woods, Georgia Lawshe. See TTWC Historic Markers--Peter Cavanaugh Woods

Woods, Laura M. See TTWC Historic Markers--Peter Cavanaugh Woods

Woods, Lewis M. See TTWC Historic Markers--Peter Cavanaugh Woods

Woods, P.C., TTWC Historic Markers--Peter Cavanaugh Woods

Woods, William P. See TTWC Historic Markers--Peter Cavanaugh Woods

Woods, Wilton G. See TTWC Historic Markers--Peter Cavanaugh Woods

Wool Trade and Industry, TTWC

Wootan, Betty, 8/21/88

World War I. See TTWC--EUROPEAN WAR, 1914-1918

American Legion and VFW WWI vets receive special recognition, SMR 11/17/66

Five of more than 30 surviving WWI veterans attend reception, SMR 11/14/74

World War I veterans plentiful, SMR 11/8/74

WWI veterans honored by American Legion post, SMR 11/17/82

World War One

Armistice Day: Veterans remember, HCC 11/10/77

Cleveland Moffitt remembers 1918, HCC 11/16/66

Hays County in World War One, HCC 1/25/67

Soldiers letters reveal the many battles of war, HCC 11/10/77

Veterans relive World War One experience, HCC 11/16/66

World War, 1939-1945

See also European War, 1914-1918, TTWC


Worrell, Dorothy, 8/18/91, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY. See also TTWC--ORAL HISTORY

Worster, Don, 8/4/91

Wray, Mrs. Non Douglas, 5/9/1968

Wren Ranch, 5/12/85


Wright, Deacon, 12/7/86

Wright, Leonard, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Wukasch, Ken, 6/29/86

Wyatt family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Wyatt, Tula, 5/5/85, 8/28/88


Library Open House honors Tula Townsend Wyatt, SMR 3/15/77

Library Open House to honor Tula Wyatt, SMR 3/14/77

Mrs. Wyatt named head of county historical group, HCC 2/1/63

Mrs. Wyatt speaks on Texas landmarks, SMR 4/25/63

Mrs. Wyatt speaks to DAR on Historical Markers, SMR 11/29/73

New History Book--"Historical Markers of Hays County, 1907-76," SMR 1/26/78

Special facilities for Wyatt Historical collection, SMR 10/3/76

Today belongs to Tula Wyatt, SMR 1/16/83

Tula Wyatt Historical Markers book published, w/photo, HCC 1/26/78

Tula Wyatt re-elected State Historian of Legion Auxiliary, SMR 8/31/34

Visits at Christmas Open House at Cock House, SMR 12/22/81

Wyatt attends dedication of her collection at library, HCC 4/21/77

Wyatt Historical collection supported, HCC 10/7/76


Wyckoff, Robbie Lee, 9/14/86


Yager, Ron and Marie, 7/17/83

Yarbrough, Herbert, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY


Ybarra, Olivia, 8/20/85

Yeargan, Beth

Beth Yeargan is chosen Junior Miss, SMR 6/1/84

Yell Community, TTWC


Yelvington, Ramsey, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Portrait of Ramsey Yelvington donated to SWT, SMR 4/18/74

Yoakum family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Young Andrew, 10/9/88

Young, Andrew, 10/11/88

Young, Art, 2/24/85

Young, D.A. see TTWC HISTORIC MARKERS--Old D.A. Young Buildings


Young, Janice, 9/24/89

Young, Pat, 10/4/89

Younger family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Youth, TTWC

Youth Service Bureau

Bureau leaders lament lack of financial help, SMR 7/13/79

Check in question in theft case not from CAPCO, SMR 6/28/78

Local Bureau claims better mark than state agencies, SMR 10/5/76

Money noose tight around YSB's neck, SMR 1/8/75

Three-day tamale marathon at Youth Services Bureau, SMR 11/14/85

Youth Service Bureau accepts donation from parish council, SMR 7/13/80

Youth Service Bureau aids minors, SMR 7/28/76

Youth Service Bureau operates paddle boats at City Park, SMR 7/31/75

Youth Service Bureau seeks a new boost, SMR 5/15/81

Youth Service Bureau sends 16 kids to Big Bend, SMR 11/20/77

Youth Services Bureau finances still in limbo, SMR 7/17/79

Youth Services Bureau suffers financial collapse, SMR 7/10/79


Zedler, Empress, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Zimmerman family, TTWC/BIOGRAPHY

Zimmerman, "Babe," TTWC/BIOGRAPHY




Zuegin, Sharon, 2/20/91