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This index has been created by Jerry Harper and Sandra Cortez for the San Marcos Public Library in order to offer simple access to the contents of the San Marcos Daily Record.  Indexed materials include news stories, features, and obituaries, as well as birth, wedding, and engagement announcements.  Materials not selected for indexing include articles published originally in other newspapers, editorials, sports, the calendar of local events, comic strips, and routine weather reports.

All entries are arranged alphabetically.  Entries are under appropriate headings, by subject, organization, or personal name.  Each entry is followed by the publication date in the Record.  There are four special categories:  Businesses, Churches, Clubs, and Schools.  Articles concerning the City of San Marcos are found under "San Marcos, City of" (e.g. Public Library, Fire Department).  Articles related to Hays County politics are found under the heading, "Hays County" (e.g. Commissioner's Court).

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9-West. See Businesses
Aaron Tree and Lawn Care. See Businesses
Abel, Chery Opal- obituary, 12/21/95
Abel, Joyce- profile, 10/15/95
Adair, Cecelia- Hays Co. District clerk, 08/24/95
Adkins, Cyril- photo, 10/08/95
Agado, Elisa T.- obituary, 08/09/95
Agnew, Cathy Carothers- indicted for arsen, 12/21/95
Agnew, Eloise- obituary, 3/7/95
Aguilar, Janie DeLeon
murderer sentenced, 11/17/95
obituary, 4/18/95
Aguilar, Norma Jean- engagement announcement, 3/5/95
Aguillion, Charles- photo, 12/24/95
Aguirre, Angel M.- obituary, 10/03/95
Ahrens, Lynn
Healthier Communities Volunteer Steering Committee, 08/24/95
photo, 7/4/1995, 7/9/1995, 7/11/1995, 7/12/1995
Ahtone R.C.- chairman off the First American League- photo, 4/26/95
Airport--See San Marcos, City of--Airport
Aitken, George- resigns, 08/01/95
Albeck, Bob (Jr.)- obituary, 10/29/95
Albright, Blanche Faye- obituary, 08/31/95
Aldape, I,Jr.- photo, 7/12/1995
Aleman, Mike- photo, 7/12/1995
Alexander, Shannon Marie- wedding announcement, 1/1/95
Allen, Aaron- Martindale art show- photo, May 10, 1995
Allen, Bill
acquitted, 11/02/95
waving, 09/14/95
Allen, Carol- photo, 6/14/1995, 12/24/95
Allen, Dennis L.

Allen, Richard- Sunmart Texas Trail Endurance Run- photo and profile, 1/27/1995
Allen, Sarah Kirkpatrick- obituary, 1/11/95
Allen, Tommie Ray- obituary, 09/24/95, 09/29/95
Alls, Debbie- birthday notice, 08/23/95
Allsafe Self Storage. See Businesses
Almanzar, Christopher Patrick- birth announcement, 6/4/1995
Alonso, Antonia- obituary, 08/02/95
Altenhoff, Marvin
obituary, 4/16/95
scholarship fund, 08/30/95
Alvarado, Leonar- obituary, 09/07/95
Alvarez, Daniel (Sr.)- photo, 11/19/95
Alvarez, Juan Caldio- obituary, May 28, May 30, 1995
Alvarez, Sandra- photo, 3/16/95
Alvarez,Israel- obituary, 2/12/1995
Ambroson, Bradley T.- obituary, 3/21/95
American Heart Association- Heart Walk, 09/21/95
Anderson, Dan- photo, 6/18/1995
Anderson, Kaitlyn Sue- photo, 6/18/1995
Anderson, Sharon- arrested for murder of William W. Ralphs, 6/25/1995
Anderson, Tom

Andrade, Jess, III- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Andress, Andrea- photo, May 28, 1995
Andrews, Gregg- photo, 11/08/95
Angelou, Maya- defends book-"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings," 3/14/95
Apartments- construction, 10/03/95
Aquarena Springs

Aragon, Elsa- Crimestoppers, 2/3/1995
photo, 4/27/95
Armstead, Johnnie

Armstrong, Shara- photo, 08/06/95
Arnold, Edgar (Tiny)- obituary, 3/17/95
Arnold, Sheila Catherine- Access road accident, 7/7/1995
Arnosky family- "Cut flower" business- photo and profile, 4/16/95
Aron, Gary "Doc"- photo, 12/29/95
Arredonda, Miguel V. Jr.- obituary, May 24, 1995
Arredondo, Rosemary, 09/29/95
Arredondo, Sonya- photo, 10/11/95
Arrendondo, Veronica- photo, 12/01/95
Arroyo, El. See Businesses
Artiaga, Gabriella- birth announcement, 4/5/95
Artists- Zupp, George- photo, 10/04/95
Arzola, Joe, Jr.- auto accident, 3/9/95
Atkiss, James Patrick
engagement announcement, 08/27/95
wedding announcement, 10/15/95
Atlas Paints. See Businesses
Atomanezyk, Aaron Lee,- arrested for murder of William W. Ralphs, 6/25/1995
Augustin, Byron
photo, May 17, 1995
photo, award, 08/27/95
Ault, Jeffrey Kyle
engagement announcement, 4/2/95
wedding announcement, 4/30/95
Avalos, Jessica Marie- birth announcement, May 28, 1995
Avent, Henrietta- photo, award, 08/27/95
AWARE- Texas School for the Deaf- Coached by AWARE Instructors- photo, May 10, 1995
Aycock, Will- photo, 08/02/95
Ayers, Russell Cramon- obituary, 2/7/1995
Ayers, Troy Lane- wedding announcement, 09/17/95
B Gold. See Businesses
Badgett, Deanna- Suzuki students participate in State Festival- photo, 6/13/1995
Bagley, Donnie and Connie- photo, 6/7/1995
Bagley, Josh- earns Eagle Scout award- photo, 6/7/1995
Bailey, G.W.- photo, new play, 10/08/95
Baker, Aaron- photo, 1/4/95
Baker, Myron Paul- IH 35 accident,- photo, May 12, 1995
Bales, Hudson- obituary, 11/26/95

Banks, Michael- photo, 10/15/95
Barbee, Florence- obituary, 09/07/95
Barber, Myrtle- photo, 08/17/95
Barker, Clovis- San Marcos Parkway Association Chair- photo, 2/23/1995
Barnard, Joel- photo, 08/27/95
Barnard, Libby Sue- engagement announcement, 7/30/1995
Barnes, Rachel- photo, 11/19/95
Barragan, Celia- overall "Teacher of the year" award- photo, 7/16/1995
Barrett, Garry- San Marcos Transit, 08/10/95
Barrientos, Evarista M.- obituary, 10/10/95
Barrientos, Gonzalo- Circle C bill, May 25, 1995
Barth, Nikki- photo, 4/7/95
Barton, Bailey- Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting, 12/10/95
Barton, Hazel E.
obituary, 10/15/95
reprint of "Gospel according to Spook," 12/17/95
Bartra, Homar J. (Dr.)- announcement, 08/06/95
Bateman, John M.- obituary, May 9, 1995
Bats, 10/01/95
Baughman, Harold A.- obituary, 11/28/95
Baughman, James Joseph- engagement announcement, May 21, 1995
Bazan, Michael- photo, 08/17/95, 08/20/95, 09/10/95
Beal, Eric- engagement announcement, 6/9/1995
Beasley, Francine- SWT marriage proposal acceptance, 2/19/1995
Beasley, Fred R.- obituary, 3/23/95
Bechtol, William M., Dr.- receives District governor pin- photo, 7/9/1995
Beebe, Matthew- photo, 12/24/95
Beechinor, Blanche- auto accident, 12/07/95
Beeson, Maryan Virginia- obituary, 1/17/1995
Bell, Bradley Mark- auto accident, 08/24/95
Bell, Jim- photo, award, 08/27/95
Benavides, Sylvia- photo, 6/29/1995
Benner, Pat- Hays County Appraisal District- controversy, 10/27/95
Bergen, Joel- photo, 10/03/95
Bernal, Napoleon- obituary, 2/12/1995
Bernard, Joel- photo, 6/29/1995
Berry, Kristine- photo, 6/29/1995
Berry, Patrick- photo, 12/13/95
Bethancourt, Rose- appointed page of the United Daughters of 1812- photo, 4/6/95
Bethke, Max- photo, 11/26/95
Betty Jack's School of Dance. see Businesses
Bible, Jon- photo, 4/19/95
Bierstedt, Elizabeth Betty- obituary, 12/05/95
Bingham,James Arlis- obituary, 4/14/95
Bingo, 09/19/95
Bischoff, Ronald- new County Road Director, 7/20/1995
Bishop, Jewell George- obituary, 2/23/1995
Bishop, Kathline C.- wedding announcement, 4/23/95
Bishop, Rowene Ayars- obituary, May 16, 1995
Blackburn, Monica- photo, 10/15/95
Blagg, Bob- photo, May 21, 1995
Blake, Joshua- photo, 3/10/95, 6/9/1995
Blake, Kate- photo, 08/02/95
Bland, Randall Silvestre- Birth announcement, 1/22/1995
Blankenship, Dana Kay
engagement announcement, 08/27/95
wedding announcement, 10/15/95
Blanton, Max- Ousted by Martindale City Council, 3/1/95
Blaschke, Alfred Magnus- obituary, 3/19/95
Bluett, Kevin- photo, 3/5/95
Boehm, Richard- photo, May 17, 1995
Boeker, George
photo, 4/28/95
president of Texas Water Utility Assoc.- photo, 4/28/95
Boerne- Bible, 12/07/95
Boggus, Virginia F.- obituary, 2/16/1995
Bohmfalk, Laura- photo, 08/20/95
Bohmfalk, Lisa- photo, 08/20/95
Bomersbach, Kelly- photo, 10/06/95
Bonham Early Childhood Center. see Schools
Booker, Tommy Lee- sentenced to 60 years in prison- for ramming DPS vehicle, 7/2/1995
Boone, Edna Dale Ivey- obituary, 10/29/95
Boothe, Amber- photo, 09/10/95
Boothe, Robert L- murder suspect, 08/31/95
Boultinghouse, Hueland Richard- wedding announcement, 12/31/95
Bowie Elementary. see Schools
Bowman, Hal- photo, 12/24/95
Boy Scouts. See Clubs
Boyd, Jason- "Youth bowler of the year"- photo, 3/19/95
Boyd, Reesa
Chamber Education Committee Chair- Received 1994 Chairman's Award- photo, 1/20/1995
photo, 12/31/95
profile, 10/15/95
Boykin, Anthony- new SMHS coach, 08/18/95
Boys and Girls Club. see Clubs
Bozarth, Ted- candidate, 12/21/95
Braden, James- Lions Club Education Committee Chair- photo, 1/12/95
Bradshaw, Eric C.- wedding announcement, 4/16/95
Brady, Oran- obituary, 11/23/95
Brandenburg, Claudia- photo, 6/14/1995
Brandenburg, Cory- four year academic scholarship-Century Telephone- photo, 6/14/1995
Bray, Becky
Chamber of Commerce induction, 08/13/95
profile, 10/15/95
Breed's. See Businesses
Breihan, Erin Sue- engagement announcement, 08/06/95
Breihan, Frances- photo, 1/29/1995
Brennan, Debbie- photo, 08/27/95
Bresinger, Kevin John- engagement announcement, 08/27/95
Brewer, Sarah
All-Star Cheerleader- photo, 7/28/1995
photo, 12/01/95
Briggs, Alma- photo, 7/4/1995
Brikfest, 08/17/95, 08/18/95, 08/20/95
profile, 08/27/95
Bringear, Ted- photo, May 10, 1995
Brittain, Dolores Leigh- engagement announcement, 3/12/95
Broadus, Meghan Alexandria- birth announcement, May 28, 1995
Brooks, Jennifer Lynne- engagement announcement, 6/18/1995
Brooks, Rose- NAACP Award--photo and profile, 1/29/1995
Brookshire, Douglas Harold- wanted, 09/14/95, 10/05/95
Brown, Billy J.- engagement announcement, 11/26/95
Brown, Brian- Eagle Scout project- photo and profile, 7/12/1995
Brown, Darrel- resigns, 6/9/1995
Brown, Gary- photo, 4/19/95
Brown, Jeanine- photo, 08/08/95
Brown, Judy
photo, photo, 11/22/95
Volunteer program award- photo and profile, 2/19/1995
Brown, Laura Denise- auto accident, 12/10/95
Brown, Parker Ross- birth announcement, 6/11/1995
Brown, Ron and Judy- photo, 3/26/95
Brown, Ronald Glenn- arrested, 1/11/95
Brown, Troy A.- burglary suspect, 10/27/95
Browning, Charlie- photo, 08/02/95
Brownlow, Ophelia- obituary, 12/05/95
Broyles, Tommy- photo, 3/3/95
Bryant, James- photo, 08/06/95
Bubba's Bar B Que. See Businesses
Buck, Susan- photo, 08/16/95
Buckner, Mabel Clair- obituary, 08/25/95
Buffin, Lakeysha- photo, 4/21/95
Building permits. see San Marcos, City of--Construction permits
Bullock, Jerry- Hill Country Christian School, 08/27/95
Burdick, Dick
photo, 08/23/95
photo, Burdick with 1916 Hudson, 6/29/1995
Burdick, Melanie- photo, 08/16/95
Burkel, Glenn- injured in IH-35 crash, 3/7/95
Burleson, Jr. Wiley- Police arrest, 1/5/95
Burleson, Phyllis Mae- obituary, 4/11/95
Burnett, Gatha Joyce- obituary, 5/31/95
Burnett, William "Bill"- candidate, 09/24/95
Burroughs, George Willard (Bill)- obituary, 10/03/95
Burton, Scott- photo, 08/27/95
Busby, Mark- photo, 10/04/95
Bush, Paula- Engagement Announced-photo, 1/29/1995
Bushong, Howard- photo, 08/09/95
Business. See also Corridor Business Incubator
Austin-San Marcos- Export future bright, 3/5/95

Butler, Chelsie- honor, photo, 12/10/95
Butler, Wade- photo, profile, 09/15/95
Butts, Bill- WWII anniversary, 09/05/95
Byas, Belinda
photo, 09/05/95
profile, photo, 12/12/95
Bynum, Vikki- photo, 11/08/95
Byrom, Bobbie and Jack- photo, 12/01/95
Byrom, Jack E.
photo, May 30, 1995
retires, 4/2/95
C&J Greenhouse. See Businesses
Cable, Jackie- photo, 1/29/1995
Cable, Kim L.- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Cabone, James- crimestoppers- photo, 4/13/95, 4/20/95
Caddell,Lydia Mae (Troutman)- obituary, 2/17/1995
Cage, Margaret Ellis- obituary, 08/10/95, 08/11/95
Calabrese, Frank- liaison with SMCISD, 08/03/95, 08/31/95
Caldwell, Winifred Woods- obituary, 6/18/1995
Callender, Bernard- San Marcos Con.Ind. School District Trustee- photo, 3/1/95
Camerillo, Vincent- Pride Academic Center- Interstate Mural contest winner- art photo, 6/4/1995
Camino Real, 7/2/1995
CAMLU- high school visit, 10/22/95
Camp, Brian D.- killed in head-on collision, May 18, 1995
Campbell, Mabelames F.- obituary, 12/19/95
Cano, Jonathon Martin- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Cantu, Dorie
photo, 10/18/95, 11/28/95
profile, photo, 10/31/95
Cape, Clara Louise- obituary, 3/16/95, 3/17/95
Capetillo, Gabriel- obituary, 1/4/95
Capital Area Rural Transportation System- Public Transportation, 1/5/95
Carisle, Sarah- photo, 08/11/95
Carman, Christian Tracy- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Carman, Gary- photo, 08/27/95
Carmichael, Bobby- photo, 10/22/95
Carpenter, Adam- Crimestoppers, 6/29/1995
Carr, Cheryl- photo, 6/14/1995
Carrizales, Armando- obituary, 11/01/95
Carson, Amanda- photo, 08/20/95
Carson, Kimberley- engagement announcement, 11/26/95
Carter, Cindi- photo, 1/31/1995
Carter, Clay Brandon- engagement announcement, 4/30/95
Carter, Shannon Rae- engagement announcement, 08/13/95
Carter, Terry- photo, 1/31/1995
CASA of Central Texas

Caskey, Carla Christine

Caskey, Cliff

Castelaw, Pamela Diane- wedding announcement, 3/12/95
Castilleja, Agapita Ramos- obituary, 1/25/1995
Castillo, Mariano- obituary, 1/3/95
Castillo, Raul Selgado- Crimestoppers- photo, May 25, 1995
Castillo, Ray- photo, 3/24/95
Castillo, Shanna- profile, 11/14/95
Castleberry, Emma Lucile- obituary, 11/15/95
Castoldi, Kathy- photo, 6/7/1995
Catalano, John David, Jr.- wedding announcement, 4/30/95
Caudillo, Guadalupe Casillas

Caudle, Bob

Cavness,Maurine- obituary, 1/19/1995
Cedar Fever- Herbal remedies- photo, l/15/1995
Cemeterio del Rio- profile, 11/05/95
Old cemeteries in Hays County, 7/6/1995
Pitts Cemetery- dedicated, 11/05/95, 11/08/95, 11/19/95
San Pedro Cemetery- photo and profile, 7/16/1995
Central Freight Lines. See Businesses
Central Texas Higher Education Authority, Inc. See Businesses
Central Texas Medical Center
annual Easter egg hunt- photos, 4/16/95
Delegation attends Healthier Communities Summit, 6/13/1995
fundraiser, 09/10/95, 10/18/95
Joins Austin Seton Hospital -new health network, 1/12/95
Medicare, Medicaid issues, 08/11/95
new CEO: Pete Weber, 08/15/95
new president/ceo search, 6/11/1995
new"Center for Women and infants"--first baby born- photo, 4/30/95
President/CEO-Joel Hass- resigns; new job in Florida, May 24, 1995
search for president and CEO, 08/09/95
Central Texas Regional Blood Center- blood donations, 1/31/1995
Central Texas Wellness Center- hydraulic pump fire stops elevator, 6/20/1995
Century Telephone. See Businesses
Cervantes, Delfina Olivo- obituary, 11/26/95
Cervantes, Rocky- photo, 12/01/95
Cervantez, Mr. and Mrs. Andres- anniversary announcement, 12/01/95
Chagoya, Bianca- photo, 08/02/95
Chamber of Commerce. See San Marcos Chamber of Commerce
Annual Awards Banquet-photos, 1/22/1995
Business to business showcase, 09/06/95
Education Committee, 09/20/95
Education Foundation- awards grants, 11/08/95
special section, 10/11/95
Chambers, Thomas Jefferson- discussed in Stovall's column, 12/17/95
Champagne, Gerald- Blood donor-photo, 1/31/1995
Champion, Thomas Phillip- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Chance for Life Foundation- Bone marrow drive- photo, 2/19/1995
Chance, Delbert- heart attack, 10/17/95
Chandler, Kayla Danielle- birth announcement, 4/7/95
Chatwell, J.R- photo, May 17, 1995
Chavkin, Allan- photo, 10/11/95
Chavkin, Laura- receives grant- photo and profile, May 17, 1995
Cheatham, Tanya- photo, 2/5/95
Chilympiad, 09/03/95, 09/08/95
profile, 09/14/95, 09/17/95, 09/19/95
Chiu, Brittany- photo, 6/25/1995
Chiu, Tiffany- photo, 6/25/1995
Choat, Billy- obituary, 7/14/1995
Chorus Line. See Businesses
Christmas Bureau, 11/15/95

Churchill, Charles- photo, May 18, 1995
Cinco de Mayo Parade- photos, May 10, 1995
Citizens' Advisory Committee- San Marcos Master plan- photo and profile, 3/24/95
city approves phosphorus treatment, 10/10/95
Civilian Conservation Corps- photo, 2/7/1995
Claiborne Kyle Log Home, 09/07/95, 10/01/95
Clark Brothers Music. see Businesses
Clark, Christopher Keith- arrested, 1/11/95
Clark, Keegan- arrested, 1/11/95
Clark, Mrs. Sim C. (Bobbie)- obituary, 12/17/95
Clark, Susan- Outstanding teacher photo, 1/12/95
Clarkson, Ricky- photo, 08/27/95
Clary, Florence Louise- obituary, 12/29/95
Classroom Teachers Association. see Clubs
Clawson, Pearl G.- obituary, May 2, 1995
Click, Mary Aline- obituary, 3/3/95
Cliett, Elizabeth- auto accident, 08/24/95
Cliett, Laura- photo, 2/5/95
Clifford, Susan
honor, photo, 12/17/95
photo, 08/06/95, 10/08/95
Cloth, Adam Barrett- Crimestoppers- photo, May 18, 6/1/1995, 1995

Cobarruvias, Mandie- photo, award, 09/10/95
Cobarruvias, Nick- photo, 08/02/95
Cobarruvias, Virginia- obituary, 5/26/95
Cobb, Gaye- photo, 09/03/95
Cochran, Marianne- engagement announcement, 11/26/95
Cockrell, Christa Lea- engagement announcement, 6/4/1995
Coddington, Bill- obituary, 3/14/95, 3/16/95
Cohen, Sue- photo, 7/5/1995
Colburn, Bill- photo, 08/20/95
Cole, David Carl- wanted, 7/6/1995, 7/20/1995, 08/10/95, 08/31/95
Coley, James S.- seeking sheriff's office, 7/16/1995
Coley, Jim- photo, 08/11/95
Coley, Ron- "River of Innocence"- photo, 1/15/1995
Collazo, Eloy- new SMHS coach, 08/13/95
Collins, Noah Hampton- obituary, 12/05/95
Collins, William, 12/14/95
Comet Cleaners. See Businesses
Community Action- profile, 11/08/95
Community Gang Task Force- concern over gang activity, 3/10/95
Community Health Foundation- profile, 11/26/95
Community Service Restitution Program- little league donation- photo, 3/24/95
Compton, Mary- attends Mother of the Year national awards program in New York, 4/20/95
Comstock, Scott- obituary, 12/10/95
Confederate Air Force, 08/06/95, 09/13/95

Connally, Mr. and Mrs. Preston- anniversary announcement, 11/26/95
Connell, Yvonne- photo, 12/07/95
Conrad, Adolph "Chip"- engagement announcement, 4/7/95
Conroy, Tiny- photo, 08/17/95
Constancio, Ysidro- obituary, 6/28/1995
Contreras, Anthony- photo, 09/01/95
Contreras, Blanca- photo, 4/21/95
Contreras, Carl- photo, May 10, May 17, photo–3/12/95, 12/24/95, 1995
Contreras, Charles William
engagement announcement, 09/17/95
wedding announcement, 11/26/95
Contreras, Ysidro Noel (III)- birthday, 09/17/95
Conway, Bertha Mae- obituary, 11/19/95
Conway, Bruce Glenn- obituary, 08/29/95, 09/01/95
Cook, Daniel- photo, 09/03/95, 10/15/95
Cook, Taylor Michelle- photo, 3/19/95
Cooke, Gregory E.- Indictment, 11/12/95
Cooley, Danette- medal award, photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Cooper, Dan- photo, 08/27/95
Cooper, Jason- photo, 6/20/1995
Cooper, Lily- photo, 08/20/95
Cooper, William Larry
engagement announcement, 08/20/95
wedding announcement, 10/29/95
Cordin, Tim- photo, 09/17/95
Cordova, Arturo- photo, May 10, 1995
Cordova, Paula- photo, May 10, 1995
Corridor Business Incubator, 09/20/95

Cortez, Debbie- photo, 10/24/95
Cortez, Tony (Jr.)- award, photo, 08/30/95
Cosgrove, Joe- obituary, 12/08/95
Cosio, Roger- photo, 09/10/95
Cosper, Robert- obituary, 6/14/1995
Costello, Pat- obituary, 2/17/1995
Costilla, Angelita- obituary, 12/19/95
Costilla, Francisca F.- obituary, 7/18/1995
Cotner, Robert- best Christmas tree, 12/24/95
Couch, Pam- new business, 11/12/95
Couey, Travis- photo, 09/19/95
Courville, Kathleen Rebecca- murder suspect, 08/24/95
Covey, Tim- obituary, 7/18/1995
Cowan home fire- photo and profile, May 24, 1995
Cowan, William Thomas (Tommy)- engagement announcement, 3/12/95
Cowand, Bobby Kyle
engagement announcement, 4/16/95
wedding announcement, May 28, 1995
Cownes, Cecil- house fire, 5/23/95
Cox, J.L. "Stoney"- sentenced, 09/10/95
Cox, John O'Neal- obituary, 4/6/95
Cox, Peggy Posey- Art Exhibit in Austin-photo, 1/15/1995
Cox, Robert Dale- wanted, 11/30/95
Craft, Alan Logan- wedding announcement, 12/17/95
Crawford, Jim- science experiments at Crockett Elem.- photo, May 11, 1995
Creekmore, Lou- photo, 11/29/95
Crime Prevention Institute- Kyle mock job fair, 1/20/1995
Crockett Elementary. see Schools
Crook, Elizabeth, 10/15/95
Croskey, Kenneth- profile, 11/14/95
Crowder, Shannan Marie- engagement announced, 2/19/1995
Cruz, Margarita- obituary, 08/04/95
Cruz-Gonzalez, Adrian- honor, photo, 10/01/95
Cruz-Gonzalez, Mercedes- honored by SWT chapter of Sigma Delta Pi- photo and profile, May 24, 1995
Crystal Clear Water Supply. see Businesses
Cub Scouts. see Clubs/Boy Scouts
Cuellar, Nathan- photo, 6/21/1995
Cuevas, Raul- killed on Ranch Road 3237, 7/4/1995
Cuevas, Raul (Little Roy)- obituary, 7/5/1995
Culp, Chris- photo, 09/22/95, 12/24/95
Cummings, Ernest
photo archives search of river- photo and profile, 2/16/1995
Soil and Water Conservation Director- photo, 4/30/95
Cutean, Brian- performance at library, photo, 10/31/95
Czichos, Madge Wood- obituary, 4/5/95
Dady, Scott Alan- wedding announcement, 10/15/95
Daffan, Ted- photo, May 17, 1995
Daggs, Michael- honor roll at Hardin-Simmons, 6/11/1995
Dailey, James Earl- obituary, May 24, 5/23/95, 1995
Damron, Brenda- photo, 12/31/95
Damron, Brooke- photo, 11/23/95

Daniel, Dru-Kay- auto accident, 12/07/95
Dannelley, Ronnie, 09/07/95
forgery charged, 09/06/95
Hays Co. Clerk- photo, 2/10/1995
honor, photo, 08/02/95
presents plaque to Rachel House- photo, 3/1/95
resigns, 09/12/95
Darnell, Terry G.- graduates magna cum laude from SWT, May 21, 1995
Darnell, Timothy James
engagement announcement, 6/7/1995
wedding announcement, 10/22/95
David, Delbert H.- promotion, 08/20/95
Davidson, L.F. "Sonny"- profile, photo, 12/27/95
Davilla, Stacie- photo, May 19, 1995
Davis, Althia C.- obituary, l/15/1995
Davis, Bill- Senior Project Manager-Waste water plan- photo, 1/12/95
Davis, Dianne- photo, 10/15/95
Davis, Florence Stroop- obituary, 3/2/95
Davis, Jackie- Valentine Sweetheart- San Marcos Baptist Academy- photo, 2/15/1995
Davis, John Reinhart- wedding announcement, 09/17/95
Davis, Susan Irene- wedding announcement, 3/26/95
Davis, Thomas G.- obituary, 3/23/95
Davis, Travis Lee- auto/train accident, 10/22/95
Davis, Willis Carl- obituary, 1/4/95
Davis, Wilson B.- Birth announcement, 1/22/1995
Davis, Zachary- arrested-IH-35 crash, 3/7/95
Dawson, Aryles- obituary, 6/27/1995
De Leon, Deborah Jean- wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Dean's Shop. See Businesses
Debaker, Reece Audrey
crimestoppers, 3/24/95
wanted, 1/27/1995
Dedeke, Dorothy Pauline- obituary, 6/22/1995
Dee, Olivia- obituary, 6/21/1995
Deer- population count, 10/29/95
Delacruz, Jose (Sr.)- obituary, 08/02/95
Delbert, Chance- acting director, Hays County Road Dept., 6/14/1995
DeLeeuw, Lori Ann
engagement announcement, 4/30/95
wedding announcement, 7/9/1995
DeLeon, Dionicio T.- unsolved murder, 09/17/95
DeLeon, Elida- photo, 10/15/95
DeLeon, Henry- Retirement-32 years at SWT- photo, 2/8/1995
DeLeon, Janie- photo, 10/15/95
DeLeon, Mark- obituary, 10/24/95
DeLeon, Steven- engagement announcement, 11/19/95, 11/26/95
DeLeon, Sylvia- photo, 10/15/95
Delgado, Arizbel- photo, May 10, 1995
Delgado, Diana- photo, 2/5/95
Delgado, Eric J.- profile, photo, 08/09/95
Delgado, Rosa N.- obituary, 11/05/95
Delgado, Tiodoro Mendez, 12/15/95
obituary, 12/14/95
DeLuna, Frank- honor, photo, 11/19/95
Denison, Rick- photo, 6/22/1995
Dennis, Lisa- photo, 08/02/95, 12/08/95
Denson, Kenneth L.- photo, May 10, 1995
Derrick, Carolyn Gay- obituary, 7/27/1995
Deschner, Austin- photo, 6/6/1995
deSteiguer, Thomas Paul- obituary, 09/29/95
Dever, Pam- birthday and San Castle Competition- photo, 7/9/1995
DeZavala Elementary. see Schools
Diamond, Nan- photo, 08/22/95
Diaz, Edeberto, Jr.- engagement announcement, 7/2/1995
Diaz, Eduardo- obituary, 4/23/95
Diaz, John- photo, 08/06/95
Diaz, Juan R.- obituary, 1/29/1995
Dickerman, Eldie E.- obituary, 09/20/95
Dickerson, Laura- hand painted posters for art show and tour- photo, 4/26/95
Dickey, Tamara Louise- photo, 3/19/95
Disney, David Jay- obituary, 09/24/95
Dixon, Dorothy L.- obituary, 08/17/95
Dobbs, Harry ,Jr.- obituary, 1/25/1995
Dobie, Ann Kolterman- obituary, 10/20/95
Doddington, Florence- San Marcos River Foundation- photo, 1/19/1995
Doerr, Lori Anne,- engagement announcement, 4/30/95
Doerrie, Aimee- photo, 6/23/1995
Doherty, Destini- wedding announcement, 3/5/95
Doherty, Peewee- photo, 10/06/95
Domstead, D.J., RN- donates art to Central Texas Medical Center maternity wing- photo, 6/28/1995
Dorie Miller Junior High. see Schools
Dorris, Thomas Glenn- obituary, 1/17/1995
Douglas, Caleb Mitchell, 08/24/95
Dowling, Cathy- photo, 2/5/95
Dowling, Fegus Joseph- Abduction arrest, 2/23/1995
Draper, Shirley
Re-indicted, 11/12/95
Wimberley mother reindicted, 4/14/95
Dressen, Pete- obituary, l/15/1995
Driscoll, James Stewart
adoption story, 11/19/95
wedding announcement, 08/13/95
Drug Free San Marcos- scheduled to close, 09/10/95
Drugs- IH 35 checkpoint, 10/13/95
Dudley Johnson Park. See Parks
Dugan, Mark Christopher- felony arrest, 1/26/1995
Dullnig, Gina Marie Whitis- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Dunham, Erie- photo, 08/27/95
Dunn, Jared William- birth announcement, 08/15/95, 08/27/95
DuPont, Ann- style show, 2/5/95, 4/5/95
Dupont, Diane- photo, May 21, 1995
Duran, Jose- photo, 12/17/95
Durham, Eric Ernest- graduation,photo, 6/11/1995
Duron, Consuelo H.- obituary, 6/20/1995
Eastwood, David Cowley
engagement announcement, 4/2/95
wedding announcement, 4/23/95
Eastwood, Hazel- obituary, 08/15/95
Eblen, Larry- photo, 3/12/95
Eckhardt, Heath- medal award, photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Edmiston, Daniel L.- photo and profile, 2/1/1995
Educare Training Institute- survival for kids- photo and profile, 7/16/1995
Edwards Aquifer

Edwards Aquifer Authority, 08/03/95, 08/09/95

Ehrlich, E. Elwood- obituary, 09/07/95
El Arroya. See Businesses
El Camino Real. see Camino Real
El Nino. See Nino, El
Elam, Jeffrey Lane- engagement announcement, 6/4/1995
Elder, Geneva "Ann"- obituary, 4/12/95, 4/13/95
Elections (Hays Co.)- moving toward the GOP, 12/20/95
Elias, Pedro "Pete"- obituary, 11/26/95
Elliot, Jennifer- photo, 09/06/95
Elliott, Jennifer- photo, 10/03/95
Ellis, David- honor, 12/03/95
Ellis, Debra Louise
engagement announcement, 6/11/1995
wedding announcement, 10/22/95
Ellis, Dick- photo, 6/29/1995
Ellis, James- photo, 11/19/95
Ellis, Sam- obituary, 3/8/95
Ellison,Elizabeth Alice- obituary, 3/17/95
Endangered species
Barton Springs salamander, 3/9/95
to be monitored by fish hatchery, 09/10/95
Engles, Pamela- obituary, 7/21/1995
Eskew, Jason- photo, 10/05/95
Esmiol, Morris A.- bike accident, 08/11/95
Espino, Ingrid Yvette- engagement announcement, 7/9/1995
Espinoza, Brijido- obituary, 7/18/1995
Espinoza, Debbie- photo, 08/06/95
Espinoza, Margarita Zamora- obituary, 4/2/95
Espinoza, Rudy- photo, 10/29/95
Esquivel, Domingo- photo, 09/06/95
Estaville, Sandra- photo, 10/11/95
Estrada, Ruben- wanted, 1/26/1995, 5/4/1995
Evans, Ginger- Hays County Gals and Pals, 08/02/95
Evans, Justin- wedding announcement, 3/5/95
Evans, Mary- photo, 08/24/95, 12/31/95
Evans, Michelle- graduates Seguin Beauty School- photo, 2/1/1995
Evans, Michelle Denise
engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
wedding announcement, 09/03/95
Everett, James Darrell, II
engagement announced, 2/12/1995
wedding announcement, 3/12/95
Ewell, Mayella- photo, 10/17/95
Facundo, Guadalupe G.- obituary, 11/19/95
Fairchild, Jack- photo, 08/13/95
Falleur, Stephanie- photo, 6/25/1995
Fannin, Jeremy- San Marcos Lions Club grocery shopping spree- photo, 1/25/1995
Fellowship Christian Church. see Churches
Fenner, Charles Richard- engagement announced, 1/29/1995
Ferguson, Liz- golf tournament, 08/06/95
Fernandez, Melody- winner of Julia Posey Scholarship- photo, 6/25/1995
Fielding, Jennifer- photo, 08/27/95
Fields, Lucille- obituary, 11/08/95
Fincher, Crystal- photo, 10/29/95
Finlay, Diana- photo, 11/07/95
Finlay, Kent- photo, 4/6/95
First Baptist Church (OLD). see Old First Baptist Church
First Christian Church (OLD). see Old First Christian Church
Fiscus, Heather- photo, May 25, 1995
Fish, 12/08/95
Fish Hatchery

Fisher, Scott
outstanding performance at Duke University Talent program-photo and profile, 7/6/1995
photo, 12/27/95
Fitzgerald, Bill- photo, 6/29/1995
Fitzgerald, Zeb- photo, 6/29/1995
Flammang, Bonnie- photo, 08/04/95
Flatt, Mary Eveline- obituary, 2/28/1995
Fleming, Sarah- photo, 10/17/95
Fleming, Steve- photo, 08/06/95
Fleron, Alex- medal award, photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Fletcher, Scott- receives scholarship- photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Fleuriet, Ken- candidate, 11/12/95
Flocke, Rose and Al- anniversary, 08/02/95
Flores,  Pablo Enrique- engagement announcement, 6/25/1995
Flores, Bea- photo, 11/07/95
Flores, Lucrecio- saved from drowning by CPR, 7/14/1995
Flores, Lucrecio "Luke"- candidate, 11/03/95
Floyd, Jacob- Brikfest, 08/20/95
Flynt, Abbie- photo, 10/11/95
Flynt, Abigail- San Marcos High School-Girls State- photo, 6/14/1995
Fogle, James Alan- wedding announcement, 08/27/95
Foley, Kevin Michael- engagement announcement, May 17, 1995
Ford, Judy- photo, 2/5/95
Forrester, George
Chamber of Commerce award- photo, 1/22/1995
photo, 08/27/95
Forsell,John- photo, 4/21/95
Foster, Raymond W.- obituary, May 4, 1995
Frank, Elinor C.- piano students- photo, 6/25/1995
Franks, Beatrice Lou- obituary, 6/30/1995
Freeman Ranch- featured, 2/5/95
Freeman, Gary- engagement announcement, 3/5/95
French, Mary- photo, 12/31/95
Frerichs, Clella (Reda)- obituary, 12/19/95
Friends of San Marcos Area Animals and Shelters- photo and profile, 1/22/1995
Friends of the San Marcos Public Library. See Clubs
Fritsche, Linda- Assistant Hays Co. Clerk- photo, 2/10/1995
Fuller, Frank E.- leaves St. Mark's, 12/20/95
Fuschak, Danny- photo, 10/22/95
Fuschak, Phyllis- new business, 11/12/95
Future Farmers of America. See Clubs
Gaddis, Haley- profile, photo, 12/19/95
Gafford, Joe Chandler
memorial, 08/13/95
obituary, 7/30/1995
Gaitan, Alvin- photo, 4/30/95
Gaitan, Lucinda- photo, 4/30/95
Gaitan, Marriah Desiree- first baby born--CTMC new center- photo, 4/30/95
Galvan, Nora Noel- wedding announcement, 09/17/95
Galvan, Robert Rene- photo, 2/5/95
Galvan, Robert, Dr.- photo, 6/2/1995
Galvan, Roberto A., Dr.- photo, 4/26/95
Gamboa, Hiliaria- obituary, 12/27/95
Gant, Lou Ella- obituary, 6/27/1995
Gantt, Elmerice- profile, photo, 12/12/95
Gaona, Raymond P.- obituary, 11/26/95
Gaono, David- photo, 09/08/95
Garcia, Barbara- engagement announcement, 11/19/95, 11/26/95
Garcia, Denise- wedding announcement, 3/5/95
Garcia, Gabe- photo, 08/20/95
Garcia, George "Sly Fox"- wedding announcement, May 28, 1995
Garcia, Maria- obituary, 12/22/95
Garcia, Maria and Ascencion- tends to family grave- photo and profile, 7/16/1995
Garcia, Mary Rebecca- engagement announcement, 10/01/95
Garcia, Melanie- photo, 12/24/95
Gardner, Jared- photo, 08/02/95
Garner, Jim- reprint of "View from Armadillo Range" in Kerbow's column, 11/30/95
Garrison, Mindy- photo, 2/5/95
Gary Job Corps

Garza, Alejandra J.- obituary, 1/11/95
Garza, Estefana C.- obituary, 10/04/95, 10/05/95
Garza, Fernando- wedding announcement, 10/08/95
Garza, George J. "Duke"- obituary, 08/20/95
Garza, George Justo (Jr.)- obituary, 08/04/95
Garza, Raul- obituary, 4/7/95
Garza, Ruben

Gee, Edward Wallace- obituary, 4/26/95
Georg, Sarah- photo, 12/17/95
Germer, Kimberly- photo, 08/02/95
Gervais, Johan- photo, 2/14/95
Gervais, John, Dr.- photo, 2/1/1995
Gibbons, Matt- photo, May 28, 1995
Gibson, Mary- obituary, 2/10/1995
Gieger, Pam- Hotline Bike winner-photo, 1/31/1995
Gilbert, Teri- photo, 10/17/95
Gilbreath, Don Burk- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Gilcrease, Lorraine- obituary, 3/9/95
Gilcrease, Walter Lewis- Dentist of the year, 10/13/95
Gilland, Aaron- photo, 11/02/95
Gillham, Elizabeth- photo, 5/31/95
Ginsburg, Harvey and Diana- charges dropped, 08/01/95
Girl Scouts. See Clubs
Glascock, Holly- photo, 09/07/95
Glass with Class. See businesses
Glover, Joe- Gary Job Corps Housing fire death- photo and profile, 3/12/95
Godina, Naomi Pearl- birthday, 10/08/95
Goebler, Joe- Engagement announced-photo, 1/29/1995
Goforth, James Taylor, 09/24/95
Goforth-Harris House, 09/24/95
dedication, 10/01/95
Goldapp, Cameron- photo, 12/13/95
Goldapp, Casey- photo, 12/10/95
Golden, Ashely- photo, 08/23/95
Golson, Elston- Golden Anniversary-photo, 2/12/1995
Golson, Pat- Golden Anniversary-photo, 2/12/1995
Gomez, Albert- engagement announcement, 09/17/95, 09/20/95
Gomez, Sarah Grace- obituary, 10/26/95
Gonzales, Evaristo Moses- obituary, 12/27/95
Gonzales, Jesus Garcia, 09/03/95

Gonzales, Johnny- assists in traffic accident, 1/11/95
Gonzales, Juanita- obituary, 7/21/1995
Gonzales, Larry- photo, 7/26/1995
Gonzales, Maria Elena (Mary)- candidate, 09/29/95
Gonzales, Mario J.- photo, 6/22/1995
Gonzales, Mary- candidate may keep signs, 11/26/95
Gonzales, Viviano- photo, 10/29/95
Gonzales-Ingalsbe, Debbie- candidate, 10/06/95
Gonzalez, Ian Joseph- birth announcement, 2/1/1995
Gonzalez, Martin- photo, 09/17/95
Goodman, Denae- Balcones Kiwanis Club-Student of the month- photo, 3/5/95
Goodman, Lillian- obituary, 7/25/1995
Goodman, Reece- Home featured, 4/2/95
Goodnight Junior High. see Schools
Goodyear, Gary Don- wedding announcement, 7/16/1995
Gordy, Aleta- photo, 10/11/95
Gossett, Drew- photo, 10/24/95
Gourley, David- assists in traffic accident, 1/11/95
Govea, Manuel Rosas- wanted, 2/23/1995, 6/8/1995, 09/13/95
Government Consolidation Bill- proposal, 3/12/95
Graef, Elsa- 100th birthday celebration- photo, 2/8/1995
Graham, Johnny- photo, 11/02/95
Graham, Lisa- photo, 08/13/95
Grains of Sand Creative Arts Association. See Clubs
Grant, Eunice Alberta- obituary, 08/09/95, 08/11/95, 08/13/95
Grantham, Judy- profile, photo, 08/10/95
Grauke, Christi Lynn- engagement announcement, 08/06/95
Graves, John- photo, 1/25/1995
Graves, Lorraine- photo, 12/08/95
Gray, Deborah- photo, 6/23/1995
Gray, Loyd Earl- obituary, 09/12/95
Great North American Race

Greater San Marcos Area Council of Neighborhood Assoc., 09/10/95
Proposal to relocate rail lines, 1/13/1995
Greater San Marcos Economic Development Council- new director, 10/18/95
Greater San Marcos Youth Council- profile, photo, 12/24/95
Green Virginia Delua- obituary, 08/29/95
Greene, Durwood Belmont- obituary, 7/18/1995
Greer, Patrice- photo, 10/15/95
Gregg, Daymon- wedding announcement, 3/12/95
Gregory, Billy Ford- obituary, 3/14/95
Gribbon, Laura Marie
Death, 1/3/95, 1/4/95
Fire-related death ruled accidental, l/15/1995
obituary, 1/5/95
Griffin, Mary Emeline Montgomery Mauldin- obituary, 09/22/95
Griggs, Michael- earned rank of Eagle Scout- photo, 7/26/1995
Grindle, Donna Lynn- wedding announcement, 08/27/95
Grins. See Businesses
Grogg, Lorrie- profile, 12/10/95
Grunwald, Amy- photo, 4/4/95
Guadalupe River- low water levels, 08/11/95
Guajardo, Dolores- receives literary prize- photo, 6/2/1995
Guardiola, Mike- postal employee--mail for IRS- photo, 4/18/95
Guenzel, Michael- appointed state ensign of the United Daughters of 1812, 4/6/95
Guenzel, Mrs. Henry- Honorary State President- United Daughters of 1812- photo, 4/6/95
Guerra, Fred
Mayor Pro Tem-appointed Chair of Advisory Council, 1/20/1995
National League of Cities candidate, 11/30/95
Guerra, Jennifer- photo, 11/05/95
Guerra, Lolly- photo, May 17, 1995
Guerra, Tina Marie- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Guerrero, Daniel
award, 08/27/95
photo, 08/06/95
photo, award, 09/10/95
Guerrero, Julianna- (name listed as Julie Ann-April l8th issue)- obituary, 4/20/95
Guerrero, Julie Ann- obituary, 4/18/95
Guettner, Pam- photo, 11/22/95
Gumbert, Harry E.- obituary, 1/6/95
Gurley, Melissa Dawn- engagement announcement, May 17, 1995
Guterrez, Erasmo, Jr.- photo, 6/22/1995
Gutierrez, Abbigail Lane- birth announcement, 7/16/1995
Gutierrez, Carlos- grant recipient, photo, 09/24/95
Gutierrez, Mary- photo, 11/12/95
Guzman, Jason J.- engagement announcement, 3/5/95
Guzman, Oscar- photo, 12/24/95, 12/29/95
Guzman, Robert Dimas- auto accident, 12/10/95
Haberer, Hayden- presented FFA award- photo and profile, 6/13/1995
Haberer, Lisa Marie- engagement announcement, 08/06/95
Habingreither, Erin- photo, 12/01/95
Habingreither, Jason,- Mirabeau B. Lamar medal anf scholarship- photo, 4/14/95
Habitat for Humanity, 10/01/95, 10/08/95
fundraiser, 11/05/95
Hackley, James- obituary, 7/7/1995, 7/12/1995
Hadley, Jim- photo, 08/20/95
Hageman, B.J.- photo, 3/5/95, 10/25/95
Hageman, Heather- photo, 10/11/95
Hagemann, David- photo, 09/20/95
Hahn, Dr. Cecil O.- obituary, 4/14/95
Hahn, Kyle
photo, 11/22/95
speaks at library, 10/01/95
Hales, Robin Rick- auto accident, 12/10/95
Hall, Katie- photo, 3/19/95
Hall, Thomas Andrew- obituary, 10/17/95
Hamby, Julia Mae McKean- obituary, 6/22/1995
Hamilton, Eryn- photo, 08/22/95
Hamilton, Lucrieta- photo, 09/19/95
Hampton, Rena Alvis Polk- obituary, 11/16/95
Handrick, Keith- photo, 10/17/95
Haney, Alan- photo, 12/03/95
Haney, Bill- photo, 6/7/1995
Hanna, Erin- auto accident, 3/10/95
Hanna, Sara Amy- wedding announcement, 4/7/95
Hannan, Richard- fraud, 12/17/95
Hansen, Kathy- photo, 7/26/1995
Hansen, West- canoeists go to NY, 08/15/95
Harden, Nathan- profile, photo, 10/24/95
Hargreaves, Peter, 08/27/95
Harper, Bruce- Chamber of Commerce award- photo, 1/22/1995
Harrell, Kristen- photo, 08/08/95
Harrigan, Stephen- Essays, photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Harris, Eteran Colette- photo, 3/19/95, 10/10/95
Harris, Taneshia- photo, 12/06/95
Harris, Ted- Ordained priest-Episcopal Church- photo and profile, May 17, 1995
Harrison, Ike- historic home, 4/2/95
Harrison, Pamela Diane- engagement announced, 2/12/1995
Harrison, Sue Ann- photo, 7/11/1995
Hart, Ron
Incumbent for city council- "proud of progress,looks to future," 4/30/95
re-election, 4/7/95
Hartland Bank. See Banks
Hartwig, Emily- profile, photo, 10/24/95
Harvey, Jacquline- abducted, 09/13/95
Harvey, Monty- photo, 10/04/95
Hastings, Paul- photo, May 10, May 16, 1995
Havelka, Carol- photo, 08/06/95
Haverda, Randy- photo, 11/02/95
Hay County Jail- population down, 12/19/95
Haynes, Patti- photo, 08/04/95
Haynes, Sue Evelyn Cheatham- obituary, 08/10/95
Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
"Hugs not drugs" coloring contest- photo, 3/29/95
"Hugs-not Drugs" program- photo, 4/14/95
Hays Consolidated Independent School District- expeditures, 09/21/95
Hays County

Hays County Abstract Company. See Businesses
Hays County Farmer's Market- fresh produce, 6/7/1995
Hays County Gals and Pals (musical group), 08/02/95
Hays County Girls State representatives- attend Citizenship Conference-photo and profile, 6/14/1995
Hays County San Marcos Seniors Association- Old Christian Church rental, 11/22/95
Hays County Women's Center- abduction thwarted, 6/22/1995
Hays County Youth Show
photo and profile, 1/26/1995
photos, 1/29/1995
Youngsters preparing projects- photo, 1/18/1995
Hays High School. see Schools
Hays Nursing Center- volunteering, May 19, 1995
Hays-Caldwell Women's Center

Health care

Healthier Communities Task Force, 10/11/95
focus meetings, 11/14/95
Healthier Communities Volunteer Steering Committee, 08/24/95
Heard, Samuel R.- obituary, 3/10/95
hearings over--sort of, May 21, 1995
Hearne, Justin- wins top rating in visual arts event- photo, 6/21/1995
Hearne, Mildred- photo, 08/17/95
Heart of Texas Arts Alliance. see Clubs
Heatly, Maurice Dean "Bubba"- obituary, 10/10/95
Hedfelt, Ted- photo, 10/04/95
Heideman, Deborah Marie- engagement announcement, 12/24/95
Heineman, Vic- photo, 08/22/95
Helton, Burrell W.- obituary, 2/21/1995
Henderson, Dorothy and Dick- photo, 11/19/95
Henderson, Ivan Leigh- wanted, 11/02/95, 12/28/95
Hennessy, Kevin- photo, 10/26/95
Heritage Association. see Clubs
Hernandez Intermediate. see Schools
Hernandez, Alejandro- auto accident, 08/10/95
Hernandez, Frank T.- obituary, 12/24/95
Hernandez, Gilbert- honored, photo, 08/30/95
Hernandez, Guadalupe- obituary, 4/25/95
Hernandez, Leonard- Car Club, 3/5/95
Hernandez, Linda- photo, 11/12/95
Hernandez, Manuel- Car Club, 3/5/95
Hernandez, Maria- photo, 1/4/95
Hernandez, Mario G.- photo, 4/7/95
Hernandez, Patty- photo, 6/7/1995
Hernandez, Pedro- photo, 1/10/95
Hernandez, Richard Matthew- birth announcement, 08/20/95
Hernandez, Rick
photo, May 17, 1995
profile, photo, 09/17/95
Hernandez, Robert Ray- engagement announcement, 6/4/1995
Hernandez, Sabino, Jr.- obituary- ob, 3/1/95
Hernandez, Steven A.- graduates with honors from Innovation 88- photo, 7/27/1995
Hernandez, Vicente- wanted, 08/17/95, 09/07/95
Herzog, Jared- photo, 10/01/95
Hester, Jay- artist with commissioned painting- photo, 4/4/95
Hevener, Marilyn Susan- obituary, 4/5/95
Hicks, Angela- photo, 1/17/1995
Hicks, Clay- honor- photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Hicks, Mrs. Winnie Davis- obituary, 1/20/1995
Hightower, Travis- photo, 08/06/95
Hildebrand, Thomas- engagement announcement, May 21, 1995
Hildebrandt, Carolyn- obituary, 6/23/1995
Hill Country Christian School. see Schools
Hill, Carolee- wedding announcement, 7/16/1995
Hill,Mark- photo, 3/14/95
Hindus- International Society of Divine Love, 08/18/95
Hinojosa, Maria L.- engagement announcement, 4/2/95
Hinote, Kent Eric- obituary, 2/26/1995
Hipolito, Shawn- profile, 11/07/95
Hiracheta, Lazaro- obituary, 7/30/1995
Hirsch, Amy- photo, 7/14/1995
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 09/03/95

Hispanic heritage- special section, 09/17/95
Historic Preservation Commission- unveils Historic district signs- photo, 4/6/95
Hix, Dustin- photo, 08/02/95
Hlavinka, Ciny- photo, 11/19/95
Hoag, Christopher- award, 09/17/95
Hofer, Cody Alexander- birth announcement, 4/2/95
Hoffman, Emily- photo, 11/22/95
Hofmann, Fred W.- obituary, 3/21/95
Hohman, Charlene- photo, 08/02/95
Holbert, Charles,Jr.- engagement announcement, 7/9/1995
Holder, Judy Lynne- engagement announcement, 3/26/95
Holland, Joe Harrigan- obituary, 5/26/95
Holland, Robert- candidate, 10/31/95
Hollins, Willie Mae Smith- obituary, 4/20/95
Holman, Robert- obituary, 10/06/95
Holmes, Jennifer Leigh- engagement announcement, 3/5/95
Holmes, Kieana- auto accident, 6/2/1995
Holtermann, John
honored, 10/18/95
Silver-Haired Legislature- photo, 6/25/1995
Holtermann, Larry David- obituary, 08/09/95
Christmas party, 12/31/95
graduation celebration- photo, 6/28/1995
San Marcos City Council proclaims-Homespun Awareness Week- photo, 3/5/95
Hong Kong Restaurant. See Businesses
Hopkins, Wayne W.- obituary, 3/1/95
Hopmann, Ernest O. "Bo"
Engagement announcement, 1/15/1995
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Horak, Kelly- engagement announcement, 12/03/95
Hosage, Dan
photo, 10/29/95
profile, 4/2/95
Hospice- services, 10/22/95
Hotels. See also Businesses
room rates, 10/01/95
Hotz, Roy J.- photo, 10/10/95
Houlihan, Dennis- golf tournament, 08/06/95
House, Laura Kelly- birth announcement, May 28, 1995
House, Rachel- Hays County Clerk's Office--20 yr's service, 3/1/95
House, Tessa Lanell- obituary, 11/03/95
gated subdivisions, 10/08/95
U.S. Dept.of Housing and Urban Development- Low income housing- photo and profile, 3/23/95
Houston, Charlotte Nesbitt- obituary, 10/26/95
Howard, Clint- photo, 3/14/95
Howe, Cheryle- photo, 08/11/95
Howell, Robert Jack- arrested, 6/13/1995
Huber, Pat- Social Worker--"Medically Speaking"- photo, 2/26/1995
Hudspeth, Chad William
engagement announcement, 6/11/1995
wedding announcement, 10/22/95
Huett, Nancy- obituary, 2/3/1995
Huey, Willard L.- obituary, 4/11/95
Hughs, Ina- children's essays- photo and profile, 7/12/1995
Human Services Advisory Board- Hearing on City funding, May 16, 1995
Hunter, Emmitt Caldwell- engagement announcement, 4/23/95
Hurtado, Audelia- SWT Employee Excellence Award- photo, 7/12/1995
Hurtado, Brenda- photo, 6/7/1995
Husbands, Carol- photo, May 28, 1995
Husbands, Lilly- photo, 6/6/1995
Husbands, Tom- SMCISD board, 09/10/95
Hutchison, Phil- photo, 7/12/1995
Hyatt, Joshua Tyler- birth announcement, 3/26/95
Ibarra, Juana- obituary, 12/26/95
IH 35

Ingram, Robert- auto accident, 08/24/95
International Society of Divine Love- new building in N. Hays Co., 08/18/95
Interstate Chrysler. see Businesses
Izzo, Sarah Elizabeth

Jackson, Caleb- photo, award, 09/10/95
Jackson, Donna and Mike- Goforth-Harris House, 09/24/95
Jackson, Elizabeth (Lisa)- obituary, 7/23/1995
Jackson, Marcus- yard of the month award, 4/7/95
James, Benjamin Edward- birth announcement, 1/22/1995
Janek, Erwin- microwave, 12/01/95
Jaramillo, Angelita- engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
Jarmon, Mark- photo, 11/09/95
Jaster, Edmund Adolph- obituary, 11/14/95
Jenkines, Ken- painter with Atlas Paints, 1/6/95
Jenkins, Lori- photo, 09/15/95
Jenkins, Stephen- photo, 6/28/1995
Jennings, Jody Beth- wedding announcement, 6/18/1995
Jennings, Karen- De Zavala Elementary- overall"Teacher of the year" award- photo, 7/16/1995
Jim's Gym. See Businesses
Jimenez, Armando- home burns in Martindale- photo, 7/2/1995
Jimenez, Jesse- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Jimenez, Joe, Jr.- Car Club- photo, 3/5/95
Jiminez, David- photo, 6/11/1995
Johnson, Barbara- photo, 09/03/95
Johnson, Charles, Dr.- photo, 6/25/1995
Johnson, Clarence- photo, 08/20/95
Johnson, Essie Hicks- obituary, 08/08/95
Johnson, Frances- obituary, 12/10/95
Johnson, Keisha- photo, 2/5/95
Johnson, Lady Bird- photo, 3/22/95
Johnson, Marie Virginia- obituary, 6/4/1995, 6/6/1995
Johnson, Marion- photo, 2/5/95
Johnson, Marion O.
outstanding grad-Livingston High School- photo and profile, May 28, 1995
photo, 09/29/95
Johnson, Mary- profile, 10/15/95
Johnson, Mary J.- obituary, 7/11/1995
Johnson, Mitchell- photo, 08/18/95
Johnson, Scott- photo, 10/15/95
Johnson, Uline- obituary, May 16, 1995
Johnson,Rufus- photo, 3/26/95
Johnston, Edith Vernon- obituary, 3/9/95
Jones, Carol- obituary, 12/06/95
Jones, David Michael- engagement announcement, 08/06/95
Jones, Elaine- "Counselor of the Year"- photo, 4/16/95
Jones, Enos- new position at SWT, 11/15/95
Jones, Gary- marketing class, 10/29/95
Jones, Jill- Hays County Gals and Pals, 08/02/95
Jones, Maggie L.- obituary, May 9, 1995
Jones, Patty- photo, 10/11/95
Jones, Ryan Evertt- arrested after hitting a car, 6/18/1995
Jones, Tommy Lee
guest of honor at SWT- photo, 4/16/95
Southwestern Writers Collection Dinner- photo, May 17, 1995
Joost family, 09/26/95
investigation, 10/22/95
Jordan, Sandra- photo, 10/11/95
Jowell, Wanda McCain- obituary, 12/08/95
Juarez, Genoveva- profile, photo, 12/15/95
Juarez, Kenneth- accepts position with ABC news in New York, May 28, 1995
judgement, 10/03/95
Juel,  Dr. M. O. "Marty"- "Rotarian of the Year"- photo and profile, 7/21/1995
Junior Miss
l5 contestants- photos, 3/26/95
winners- photos, 4/4/95
Junkin, Sam McDowell- Seminary Assoc. Award, 2/19/1995
Jurecka, L. F. "Red"- photo, 09/20/95
Kasper, Michael- SWT classroom marriage proposal- photo, 2/19/1995
Katy Station. See Businesses
Katzer, Harold- photo, 11/19/95
Keese, Linda- home tour, 11/28/95
Keese, Michael H.
engagement announcement, 4/16/95
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Kelly, Gerald Raymond- obituary, 6/27/1995
Kelm, Ashley- photo, 3/19/95
Kendrick, Larry- photo, May 16, 3/26/95, 6/15/1995, 1995
Kepczyk, Thomas- photo, 12/26/95
Khatib, Suzanne- photo, 12/27/95
Kibby, Brandon- photo, 12/03/95
Kibby, Gordon Shae- arrest, 12/13/95
Kibby, Sonya- photo, 3/26/95, 6/4/1995, 6/7/1995
Kidd, Joyce- photo, 11/29/95
Kilpatrick, Jackie Lee- obituary, 7/5/1995
Kilty, Kelly Marisa
engagement announcement, 2/5/95
wedding announcement, 3/26/95
Kindred, Linda- photo, 2/5/95
Kinel, Sandra Michelle- engagement announcement, 4/7/95
King, Joe S.- obituary, 10/01/95
King, Martha and Ross- international exchange program, 08/13/95
Kipp, Mick- photo, 08/23/95
Kirkpatrick, Ellen Tellepsen
engagement announcement, 4/2/95
wedding announcement, 4/30/95
Kirkpatrick, Janet- photo, May 4, 1995
Kissler, Betty Jane- photo, award, 08/27/95
Kizer, Kimberly Ann
engagement announcement, 4/2/95
wedding announcement, 4/23/95
Klatt, Fred- obituary, 10/15/95
Klett, Jeanie- photo, 6/15/1995
Klett, Robert- San Marcos Police officer promotion- photo, 6/15/1995
Klipple, Sitha- photo and profile, 7/21/1995
Kniffen, Billy
new Hays County Extension Agent- photo, 4/4/95
photo, May 25, 1995
Knight, Ann- murder victim, 08/24/95
Knight, Blanche- obituary, 2/2/1995
Knight, P. Ann- obituary, 08/22/95
Koger, Melody- photo, 08/27/95
Kohlleppel, Lillie Emma- obituary, 10/12/95
Koon, Agnes Fay- obituary, 3/30/95
Korioth, William Taylor
engagement announcement, 7/23/1995
wedding announcement, 7/30/1995
Kozel, Frank Andrew
engagement announcement, 2/5/95
wedding announcement, 3/26/95
Kraft Mobiletel. See Businesses
Kraft, Pam- profile, 10/15/95
Kralik, Walter A. "Pete"- obituary, 2/23/1995
Krause, Saphrona "Brownie"- obituary, 4/26/95
Krieger, Cherie- honored by Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors- photo, 7/2/1995
Krueger, Bill- honored by Texas Senate as "Winningest Coach" in U.S.- photo and profile, 7/9/1995
Kuhen, Tammy Lynne- wedding announcement, 3/26/95
Kyle, Allen- photo, 4/19/95
La Quinta Inn of San Marcos. See Businesses
LaCoss, Jenny- photo, 4/5/95
LaCoss, Lois- signs with Texas Lutheran- photo, May 24, 1995
Lafferty, Tammy Kathleen- wanted, 2/16/1995, 09/21/95
Lailer, Shannon- San Marcos Wholesale Plumbing Supply, 08/27/95
LaMastus, Manette- obituary, 7/6/1995
Lamb, Trisha- photo, 11/26/95
Lampe, Jill Christine
engagement announcement, 4/23/95
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Lamprecht, Mary F.- obituary, May 2, 1995
Landrum, Glen- San Marcos Lions Club- photo, 2/26/1995
Landrum, Glyn- photo, 10/25/95
Lane, Billye Joe and Jim- surface water controversy, 12/03/95
Langford, Julie Dawn
engagement announcement, 7/23/1995
wedding announcement, 7/30/1995
Langley, Zachary Aaron- birth announcement, 3/5/95
Langridge, Alex- photo, 09/29/95
Lanman, Phil- engagement announcement, 3/26/95
Lassiter, Kathryn- engagement announcement, 11/19/95
Latin Touch Car Club. see Clubs
Latta, Joe Lee- obituary, 3/16/95, 3/17/95
Laughlin, Greg, 10/11/95
switches to Republican Party, 6/27/1995
visit, 4/23/95
Lawson, Bill- fundraising for Yugoslav family, 11/12/95
Ledesma, Vincent- honored by poetry group- photo, 7/13/1995
Leffingwell, Christian Sterling- wedding announcement, 1/1/95
Leffingwell, Clifford Stanley- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Leffingwell, Clint Stewart- wedding announcement, 1/1/95
Leija, Stephen- paroled, 11/23/95
Lesak, Sarah- photo, 3/14/95
Lester, Chimy- honored, 08/27/95
Leune, Laura- photo, 10/10/95
Lewis, Jeannie- photo, 10/15/95
Lewis, Michael, 11/08/95
honor roll at Hardin-Simmons, 6/11/1995
Lewis, Monty- photo, May 30, 1995
Lichlyter, Marcy Kaye- wedding announcement, 1/1/95
Lime Kiln. see Old Lime Kiln
Limpach, Sharon- candidate, 10/03/95
Lindstrom, Jack
Stroke survivors support group, May 12, 1995
townhouse project, 08/25/95
Linebarger, Libby
Former State Representative- photo-profile, 1/8/95
photo, 6/23/1995
Lipka, Melanie- photo, 08/16/95
Lipke, Sharon- photo, 11/19/95
Lisa, Islas- photo, May 12, 1995
Little League

Little, Laura Fisher- obituary, 09/20/95
Little, Lenard- obituary, l/15/1995
Lockhart- Police Dept.- Intensifies search for dangerous rapist- artist's photo, 3/5/95
Lockhart, Michael A.- wanted, 6/22/1995
Logan, Charlene Millard- obituary, 09/22/95, 09/24/95
Lombardo, Brandon Lee- birth announcement, 3/12/95
Lombardo, Inez M.- obituary, 08/29/95
Lombrozo, Barry Kenneth- obituary, 6/8/1995
Long, Daniel Anges- obituary, 6/25/1995
Long, Daniel Angus- killed in Hwy. 21 auto accident, 6/25/1995
Longley, Glenn Lawley- obituary, 08/29/95, 08/30/95
Longoria, Aaron Joshua- birth announcement, 1/15/1995
Longoria, Jordan Anthony- birth announcement, 6/11/1995
Lopez, Ana- New principal-Dorie Miller Jr. High- photo, 3/1/95
Lopez, Mary Rosiaro- arson arrest, 2/1/1995
Lopez, Ronnie- engagement announcement, 10/22/95
Lopez, Roxanne- photo, 08/16/95
Losh, Orval- obituary, 3/3/95
Lucio, Augustin (Jr.)
honor, 12/03/95, 12/08/95
honor, photo, 10/17/95
Lucio, Augustin, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.- 50th wedding annivesary- photo, 6/25/1995
Lucio, Janie R.- obituary, 11/07/95
Lucio, Kristen Jenael- birth announcement, 7/6/1995
Luna, Alicia G. Pinales and Jose G.- anniversary, 09/10/95
Luna, Patrick- photo, 12/10/95
Lundy, John Amos- obituary, 3/21/95
Lunz, Joe- Hill Country Christian School, 08/27/95
Lunz, Samuel- photo, 12/20/95
Lux, Jim- Confederate Airforce, 08/06/95
Magee, Bud- Christmas lights, 12/17/95
Magee, Eleanor Werckle- obituary, 09/12/95, 09/13/95
Maignaud, Harry Alton- obituary, 10/08/95, 10/10/95
Major Supply. See Businesses
Major, Kacey- photo, 11/15/95
Maldanado, Domingo- engagement announcement, 3/12/95
Mallard, Dr. Dick- photo, 7/26/1995
Mamacita's. See Businesses
Manning, Billy Todd- wedding announcement, 3/26/95
Mapson, Jason Brian
obituary, May 16, 1995
transplant, 4/2/95
Marantino, Ann-Jeanette- photo, 1/1/95
Marini, Joseph- photo, 08/06/95
Maroney, Samuel- signs to play for Howard Payne Jr. College- photo and profile, May 25, 1995
Maroney, Sarah- photo, 08/16/95, 10/10/95, 10/15/95
Marsh, Dave- profile, photo, 12/22/95
Marshall Gas Company. See Businesses
Marshall, Leslie- photo, 11/19/95
Martin, Buddy- photo, 6/4/1995
Martin, Jerri, 09/14/95
New EUWD chair, 1/11/95
Martin, Volney Leon- obituary, 10/17/95

Martinez, Aniseta G.- obituary, 09/26/95
Martinez, Antonio
drowns in Blanco River, May 17, 1995
obituary, May 17, 1995
Martinez, Carmen- obituary, 6/2/1995
Martinez, Carmen Q.- memorial, 12/24/95
Martinez, David C.- traffic death, 3/30/95
Martinez, David, Sr.- obituary, 3/14/95
Martinez, Dominga- obituary, 7/5/1995
Martinez, Elana Marie- Carnaval commemorative poster winner- photo, 2/21/1995
Martinez, Miranda J.- photo, 08/06/95
Mason, Devrie DeLynn- engagement announcement, 4/30/95
Mason, Laura- photo, 6/23/1995
Mason, Richard- Sertoma training- photo, 7/11/1995
Masonic Lodge. see Clubs
Massey, Wayne- Rotary Club past governor- photo, 7/9/1995
Mauer, Tom- retirement, 08/24/95
Maul, Katrina Michelle- engagement announcement, May 21, May 28, 1995
Mauldin, James Edward- obituary, 08/18/95
Mayer, Allison Lynn- wedding announcement, 10/15/95
Mayes, Dorothy Shelton- obituary, 6/7/1995
Mayhew, Paul
photo, 3/19/95, 7/11/1995
president of Balcones Kiwanis Club- photo, 6/25/1995
McBride, John- photo, 2/5/95
McBride, Karen- photo, 12/17/95
McCabe, Terry- photo, 6/7/1995
McCartney, Robert R. (Ralph)- obituary, 4/25/95
McCarty, Leonard C. (Lynn)
obituary, 08/06/95
profile, 08/09/95
McClinton, Kallie- photo, May 25, 1995
McClinton, Natasha- photo, May 25, 1995
McCormick, Audrey B.- obituary, 11/12/95, 11/15/95
McCoy, Emmett- photo, 11/26/95
McCoy, Matt- photo, 3/19/95
McCray, Jaqueline Jay- obituary, 11/03/95
McCulley, Dana Renee- obituary, 12/05/95
McCutchan, Cecil "Little Earl,"- obituary, 7/21/1995
McDaniel, Leo- new coach, photo, 08/08/95
McDonald, Amber- award, 4/7/95
McEver, Dorothy Webb- obituary, May 4, 1995
McFall, Ken- photo, 08/16/95
McGarrahana, Chris- photo, profile, 08/27/95
McGee, Geraldine Chambers- obituary, 08/22/95
McGee, Harvey Clifton- obituary, 08/29/95, 08/30/95
McGee, Marion- obituary, 7/5/1995
McGehee, J.F.- Historical House, 4/26/95
McGuire, Patrick- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
McIntyre, Christy Lea- wedding announcement, 1/1/95
McKinney, Dean- photo, May 17, 1995
McKinney, Evelyn- photo, May 17, 1995
McLamore, Leann- All-Star Cheerleader- photo, 7/28/1995
McLeod, Heather- photo, 4/19/95
McMahon, Erin Eileen- engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
McNeil, John- EMT- paramedic- photo, 2/12/1995
McNiel, Mrs. William- photo, 11/08/95
McReynolds. Ruth- photo, 4/30/95
McSwain, Mary- profile, photo, 10/22/95
Mears, Meanie- photo, May 4, 1995
Mechler, Greg- photo, 09/03/95
Medrano, Iliana- birth announcement, 12/20/95
Medrano, Nathan Jacob- crimestoppers- photo, 7/13/1995
Megan McCall- photo, 4/4/95
Megerson, John, 12/14/95
photo, 09/17/95
Meierant, Fred- obituary, May 28, 1995
Mejia, Aaron Gerardo- Crimestoppers- photo, 3/2/95
Mejia, Jaime, 12/07/95
Melancon, Renee Michelle- engagement announcement, 6/9/1995
Memorial Day- "a time to remember," May 28, 1995
Mendez, Amanda- birthday, 09/03/95
Mendez, Emilio- photo, 09/17/95
Mendez, Jessie- obituary, 2/14/95
Mendez, Terry- engagement announcement, 3/12/95
Mendez, Virginia- photo, 4/16/95
Mendez,Lenora G.- obituary, 7/11/1995
Mendoza, Joann- wedding announcement, 08/27/95
Mendoza, Karen- photo, 11/12/95
Mendoza, Linda- photo, 08/27/95
Mendoza, Martin- auto accident, 3/9/95
Mendoza, Melissa Ann- wedding announcement, 10/08/95
Mendoza, Victoria Michelle- engagement announcement, 6/25/1995
Mendoza,Pauline U.- obituary, 2/19/1995
Mercado, Mike- photo, 3/12/95
Mercer, Mabel- photo, 4/18/95
Mergerson, John S.
looking forward to new job, SWT police, 6/16/1995
new SWT Police Chief, 6/14/1995
Merrill Lynch. See Businesses
Merriweather, Dustin- photo, 09/22/95, 12/03/95, 12/24/95
Mervin, Monesia- photo, 08/08/95
Meschi, Kimberly- San Marcos Baptist Academy Graduate photo, 1/17/1995
Metcalf, Michael- photo, 08/02/95
Meyer, Augie- photo, 6/28/1995
Micek, Renee Anita
engagement announcement, 4/16/95
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Micro Synergy. See Businesses
Mihalkanin, Ed, 12/07/95
Millecam, Art- recipe, 09/29/95
Miller, Clarence- photo, 08/20/95
Miller, Fritz William, Jr.- obituary, 2/12/1995
Miller, Suzanne- photo, 11/22/95
Mills, Charlotte Ann
engagement announcement, 09/17/95
wedding announcement, 11/26/95
Mills, Holly- photo, 09/19/95
Mimosa Circle area,- tires slashed, 7/26/1995
Ming, Frances Lee- obituary, 08/29/95
Minor, Shelby Rose- birth announcement, 2/5/95, 2/7/1995
Miranda, Audrey Guerrero- Leukemia treatment- photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Miranda, Carmel- RR 12 accident victim, May 21, 1995
Miranda, Jessica- photo, 6/22/1995
Miss Cinco de Mayo Contestants- contestants photos, May 5, 1995
Mitch, Dibble- photo, 08/16/95
Mitchell Community Center

Mitchell, Hazel Eunice- obituary, 11/15/95
Mitchell, Judy- photo, 6/29/1995
Moeller, Corinda (Cruz)- 50th wedding anniversary- photo, 6/23/1995
Moeller, Leonard- 50th wedding anniversary- photo, 6/23/1995
Mojica, Angelica- traffic accident, 1/11/95
Mojica, April- traffic accident, 1/11/95
Moldenhauer, Kelly- engagement announcement, 11/19/95
Molina, Christopher Dionicio
engagement announcement, 7/9/1995
wedding announcement, 09/03/95
Molina, Lucas- photo, 5/31/95
Monaghan, Jordan Alexander- birth announcement, 3/12/95
Monroe, Terry L.- Killed in IH-35 crash, 3/7/95
Montague, Don- seeks sheriff's post, 7/9/1995
Montessori School. See Schools
Montgomery, Cynthia A.- wedding announcement, 4/16/95
Moon, Andrew- photo, 08/20/95
Moore, Della- photo, May 21, 1995
Moore, Elizabeth Suzette
engagement announcement, 6/7/1995
wedding announcement, 10/22/95
Moore, Gary- Cafe on the Square, 08/24/95
Moore, Joe- court appointed water monitor, 4/27/95
Moore, Kay- photo, 08/16/95
Moore, Marsha- photo, 6/29/1995, 7/4/1995, 7/5/1995, 7/9/1995, 7/11/1995, 7/12/1995
Moore, Marsha and Billy- honored, 11/05/95
Moore, Michael Alan- engagement announcement, 12/24/95
Moore, Tiny- photo, May 17, 1995
Moore, W.H.
District Clerk- photo, 2/10/1995
obituary, profile, 08/20/95
Mooring, Marianna- profile, 11/07/95
Moraga, Alex Morales- obituary, 1/17/1995
Morales, Mariselda- award, 12/31/95
Morales, Rachel- photo, 08/23/95
Morales, Rick- photo, 6/28/1995
Moreau, John- photo, 4/28/95, 10/15/95
Moreno, Albert, Jr.- wedding announcement, 3/5/95
Moreno, Encarnacion- obituary, 09/21/95
Moreno, Ignacio- obituary, 08/22/95
Moreno, Jose- engagement announcement, 4/23/95
Moreno, Natividad Equia- obituary, 09/17/95
Moreno, Rosa and Mike- photo, 10/08/95
Morris, "Lefty," 08/18/95
Morris, Billy Ray- obituary, 08/13/95
Morris, Clell Edwin- obituary, 11/28/95
Morris, Emile Christine- birth announcement, 5/31/95
photo, 6/4/1995
Morris, Kathy. See also San Marcos, City of -- Mayor
photo, 3/26/95
Morrison, Reece- photo, 4/18/95
Morrissett, Beth- San Marcos Bluebonnet Lions Club Kite Fest- photo, 3/1/95
Morton, Doyle Ward- obituary, 12/05/95
Mosello, Adah- photo, award, 08/27/95
Mostyn, Buddy
captures wallaby, 08/22/95
photo, 09/21/95
Mostyn, Kristin- photo, 12/01/95
Mostyn, Paige- photo, 09/10/95
Motion Pictures- filming "Cadillac Ranch," 08/09/95
Mowery, Irvin Claude- obituary, 3/30/95
Mucks, Marsha- photo, 10/15/95
Mudd, Doug- photo, 4/5/95
Mueller, Grace- photo, 7/26/1995
Mullins, Ruth- photo, 12/24/95
Munk, Ottelia Anna
91st Birthday, 1/18/1995
obituary, 10/04/95
Munoz, Mary V.- obituary, 3/2/95, 3/3/95
Munson, Karen

Munson, Kenneth- family reunion- photo and profile, 4/30/95
Murley, Trisha- engagement announcement, May 21, 1995
Murphy, A.J. Harwood- engagement announcement, 4/30/95
Murphy, Patrick Cash- engagement announcement, 08/13/95
Murphy, Willard D.- obituary, 7/4/1995
Murphy, William Preston- obituary, 3/8/95, 3/9/95
Muse, Doris- obituary, 12/07/95
Muse, Omie Mae- obituary, 1/10/95
Mussehl, Robert W.- obituary, 6/11/1995
Mutschlechner, Wynette- birth announcement, 09/10/95
Muzquiz, Rebecca- photo, May 10, 1995
Muzquiz, Veronica- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Myers, Stephen Lance- engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
Nash, Rosalie- obituary, 10/03/95
Natal's Produce and Landscaping. See Businesses
National Weather Service
New Braunfels office, 3/12/95
photo and profile, 3/12/95
Natural Wonders!. See Businesses
Navarette, John L.
Chamber of Commerce award- photo, 1/22/1995
photo, 6/23/1995
Navarro, Christina V.- obituary, 1/10/95
Neil, Albert Edward- obituary, 6/30/1995
Neill, Michael Austin- engagement announcement, 3/5/95
Neilson, Paul- Mensor Corporation President- Job Corp award-photo, 1/22/1995
Neimann, Krisha- photo, 09/06/95
Nelson, Peter Benjamin- engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
Neuse, Clarence- obituary, 09/10/95
Newton, Thomas R.- engagement announcement, 2/5/95
Newton, Thomas R., Dr.- wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Nichols, Bill- photo, 10/22/95
Nichols, Bryan Christopher- engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
Nichols, Matthew Che- birth announcement, 4/30/95
Nicklas, Amy Rachelle- engagement announced, 1/29/1995
Nieto, Julie- engagement announcement, 7/9/1995
Nino, "El" (weather phenomenon), 10/26/95
Noble, Vicki Ann Hogan- obituary, 08/29/95
Nombrano, Robert- obituary, 4/7/95
Nored, Len- photo, 09/03/95
Noriega, "Cha Cha"- photo, 09/17/95
Norris, Kathleen- photo and profile, 7/19/1995
Norris, Ladish Norris- photo, 6/29/1995
Norton, Craig Allen- wedding announcement, 3/26/95
Notebloom, Bryan- engagement announcement, 6/25/1995
Novoa, Sister Margaret- obituary, 12/19/95
Nowicki, David Michael- birth announcement, May 21, 1995
Nu World Modeling Studios. See Businesses.
Nye, Dorothy Margaret- obituary, 3/14/95
O'Banion, Timothy Joe- wedding announcement, 6/18/1995
O'Connor, Kylene- photo, 08/30/95, 09/19/95
O'Dell, Dan- photo, 10/08/95
O'Neill, Logan- photo, 09/22/95, 12/24/95
Oak Wilt management, 3/1/95
Oden, Barbara- wedding announcement, 12/17/95
Ogle, Maude
Hospice Advisory Board Chair-retires- photo, 2/22/1995
photo, 1/22/1995, 11/19/95
piano students 1995 National Piano Players Auditions- photo, May 24, 1995
Ojeda, Frank
crimestoppers- photo, 6/15/1995
Crimestoppers--photo, 1/19/1995
Old First Baptist Church

Old First Christian Church

Old Lime Kiln

Oldham, Charles. E.- obituary, 6/6/1995
Oles, Kimberly Ann
engagement announcement, 2/5/95
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Oliver, Steve- San Marcos Baptist Academy Graduate- photo, 1/17/1995
Olivo, Chris- Pride Academic Center Graduate- photo and profile, 1/29/1995
Olivo, John Paul- photo, 1/1/95
Olivo, Robert- photo, 10/29/95
Olson, Jeffrey Scott- wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Olstad, Michael- photo, 08/13/95
Orchard, Jack Louis- obituary, 09/19/95
Ortiz, Jacqueline- photo, May 10, 1995
Ortiz, John- obituary, 2/16/1995
Osborne, Laura- photo, 12/08/95
Oswalt, Ted Lewis- obituary, 08/13/95
Ovalee, Andrea and David- anniversary, 08/13/95
Ovalle, Andrea- photo, 4/6/95
Overall, Amity- photo, 09/26/95
Overton, Thomas Nathaniel, Jr.- engagement announcement, 4/16/95
Owen, Allison Ann
engagement announcement, 08/20/95
wedding announcement, 10/15/95
Owen, Ervin E.R.- obituary, 3/7/95
Ozuna, Pablo- photo, 6/22/1995
pets for seniors, 11/19/95
Shelter for Animals- Veterinarians--pets spayed and neutered, 2/23/1995
Pacheco, Beatrice- obituary, 10/10/95
Packer, Lynn- photo, 2/5/95
Paige, Angela- photo, 09/19/95
Palomares, Gilbert- photo, 6/29/1995
Pannell, Greg- photo, 08/16/95
Pannell, Melanie- photo, 08/08/95
Pannell, Paul- photo, 08/16/95
Papa John's Pizza. See Businesses
Pape, Almanita- obituary, 6/16/1995
Pape, Brazos- photo, 10/17/95
Pape, Diane- photo, 4/12/95
Papi's Restaurant. See Businesses
Parke, John Edge- obituary, 08/22/95, 08/23/95
Parker, John- honor, photo, 09/17/95
Parker, Rhonda Michele- engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
Parkins, Fay- obituary, 3/28/95

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board-San Marcos Activity Center update-presentation photo, 2/22/1995
Parks, Archie- photo, 11/05/95
Parks, Archie Oliver, Jr.- obituary, May 17, 1995
Parr, Reed
honored by Tx Hist. Comm., 4/5/95
photo, 4/7/95, 08/06/95
Partin, Vicki- photo, 09/03/95
Partnership for a Drug Free San Marcos- "Victory over Violence: Peace It Together," 4/16/95
Patterson, Harriette Charlotte- obituary, 09/19/95, 09/20/95
Patterson, John- photo, 09/17/95
Patton, Ralph Albert- obituary, 3/8/95
Paul, Ron, 08/03/95
candidate, 08/01/95
Payne, Alice Marie- obituary, May 21, 1995
Payne, Craig- announces retirement as commissioner, 09/13/95
Payne, Herschel and Laura- welcome tour-goers to their unique home- photo, 4/26/95
Payne, Mary Alice- obituary, May 18, 1995
Paz, Roberto Alfonso- auto accident, 12/10/95
Pearson, Daniel Kenneth- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Pedernales Electric Cooperative
high summer rates, 08/30/95
power lines through Wimberley, 10/26/95
Pederson, Genevieve Marlene- obituary, 09/29/95
Pell, Lillie- painting donation, 12/17/95
Pennington, Linda- Hospice Advisory Board--new Chair- photo, 2/22/1995
Pennington, William Collier Jr.
engagement announcement, 4/23/95
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Pequeno, Tracy Michelle- engagement announced, 1/29/1995
Pera, Sidney- photo, 4/7/95
Perales, Rosemary- Child Development Center- photo, 4/16/95
Perez, Danny- memorial, 08/20/95
Perez, Diana- engagement announcement, 4/23/95
Perez, Elizabeth Cortez- engagement announcement, 3/5/95
Perez, Jose- photo, 6/7/1995
Perez, Melinda- auto accident, 08/25/95
Perez, Saul Ernie- Crimestoppers, 3/9/95
Perkins, Tori Rhea- birth announcement, 10/29/95
permit hearings, May 17, 1995
Peterson, Dianne- medal award,photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Peterson, Elmus Lee
memorial, 10/05/95
obituary, 09/26/95, 09/29/95
Peyton, Gil
candidate, 11/22/95
photo, May 16, 09/17/95, 1995
Peyton, Sherry
profile, 10/15/95
San Marcos Police officer promotion- photo, 6/15/1995
Peyton, Steve- photo, 6/15/1995
Phi,Thu Minh- wedding announcement, 3/12/95
Phillips, Janet and Bill- "Yard of the Month"- photo, 3/19/95, 4/16/95
Philo, Ronald- honor, 12/24/95
Phllips, Dale- auto accident, 10/22/95
phosphorus limit, 3/21/95
Pickle, J.J. "Jake"- addresses Junior High, 11/16/95
Pierce, Richard- obituary, 7/7/1995
Piersol, Barbara- photo, 08/17/95
Pierson, Erika- photo, 08/16/95, 08/29/95, 09/05/95, 12/05/95
Pineda, Edward
obituary, 6/25/1995
obituary and photo, 6/27/1995
Pitkin, James
crimestoppers, 7/27/1995
wanted, 08/03/95
Pitzer, P. Kenneth- leaves Thermon, 11/12/95
Pitzer, R. Knox- leaves Thermon, 11/12/95
Playscape. see Parks
Plummer, Verda Lynn- obituary, 09/19/95, 09/20/95
Pohl, John Frederick
earns Doctor of Medicine degree- photo and profile, 6/4/1995
wedding announcement, 3/26/95
Pohlmeter, Ann Marie- wedding announcement, 08/13/95
Polanco, John T.- candidate, 11/12/95
Polution- Electrosource emissions permit, 09/29/95
Pompa, Ramon- obituary, 4/7/95
Pompa, Ramon, Sr.- obituary, May 9, 1995
Pool, William C.- obituary-photo, May 2, 1995
Poole, Beverly- photo, honor, 7/27/1995
Poole, Ronald- photo, 7/26/1995, 7/27/1995
Porch, Deane
medal award, photo and profile, 6/4/1995
photo, 4/7/95
Porterfield, Billy- profile, 10/22/95
Porterfield, Lee- photo, 4/6/95
Portis, P.J.- photo, 09/10/95
Portor, Linda- award, 2/5/95
Poschman, Karalee
photo, 11/12/95
San Marcos High School-Girls State- photo, 6/14/1995
Pound House in Dripping Springs- history, 09/14/95
Powell, Warner Duane- obituary, 4/30/95
Prado, Eloy Delao- arrested, 6/13/1995
Prado, James, Jr.- birth announcement, 1/15/1995
Praine, Mark- photo, 6/7/1995
Prasad, Pothiri- auto accident, 08/24/95
Prewitt, Ron- photo, 5/23/95
Price, Elmo Churchill "E. C."- obituary, 2/15/1995
Pride Academic Center. see Schools
Proseed USA. see Businesses
Prostitution, 08/25/95, 10/18/95
Nu World Modeling Studios, 7/18/1995
Tokyo Tan investigated, 11/07/95
Puckett, Larry- Hays High School Basketball Coach resigns, 1/25/1995
Puente, Febronia- obituary, 7/16/1995
Pyland, Sidney Sublett "Sub"
fond memories--by Dorothy Kerbow, 2/16/1995
obituary, 2/7/1995
Quintanilla, Manuel Lozano- traffic accident, 1/11/95
Quintero, Anna- photo, 12/01/95
Quintero, Porfirio- obituary, 11/05/95, 11/07/95
Quiroz, Frank J.- engagement announcement, 4/2/95

Rainosek, Deborah Lynn
engagement announcement, 4/16/95
wedding announcement, May 28, 1995
Ralphs, William W.- murdured by transients, 6/25/1995
Ramirez, Alex, Jr.
Drive-by shooting suspect in custody, May 12, 1995
indicted for murder; drive-by shooting, 6/11/1995
Ramirez, Armando- photo, 6/22/1995
Ramirez, Elena Q.- obituary, May 9, 1995
Ramirez, Kristy
medal award, photo and profile, 6/4/1995
photo, 4/7/95
Ramirez, Moises R.- anniversary announcement, 09/17/95
Ramirez, Nancy- Arrested for assault and retaliation, May 12, 1995
Ramirez, Rebecca- honor, 6/25/1995
Ramirez, Richard- sentenced, 12/17/95
Ramos, Juan J.,- IH-35 accident victim in hospital, 6/29/1995
Ramos, Norma- IH-35 accident victim in hospital, 6/29/1995
Ramos, Pete (Jr.)- wanted, 08/24/95
Ramos, Robert- photo, 4/7/95
Ramos, Susie- photo, 10/15/95
Ramsay, Charles, Judge
seeks re-election- photo and profile, 6/25/1995
switches to Republican Party, 6/27/1995
Randolph, Evelyn- obituary, 7/28/1995
Randolph-Brooks. see Banks
Randow, Ralph- San Marcos Sertoma Club member- photo, 7/21/1995
Raney, Pat and Nolan E. (Gene)- anniversary announcement, 09/17/95
Rangel, Cecilia- photo, 4/2/95, 12/27/95
Rayos, Senaida- obituary, 6/22/1995
Reading is Fundamental- freebook distribution- photo, 1/29/1995
Reasoner, Elizabeth Macy- wedding announcement, 6/25/1995
Reasoner, Harry M.- photo, profile, 1/1/95
Recek, Marcus John
engagement announcement, May 28, 1995
wedding announcement, 09/03/95
Rector, Ima and Charles- anniversary announcement, 11/05/95
Red Line Burgers. See Businesses
Red Ribbon Week, 09/20/95, 10/18/95, 10/20/95
Reeh, Ronald Albert- wedding announcement, 09/03/95
Regalado, Abraham V.- obituary, 08/01/95
Regalado, Antonia Castro- photo, 09/17/95
Regalado, Basilio C.- obituary, 3/10/95
Regalado, Tim- photo, profile, 09/17/95
Remme, Heather- photo, 4/19/95, 12/10/95
Renfrow, Dot- photo, 08/20/95
Renna, Elizabeth Mary- Access road accident, 7/7/1995
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program- deserves tribute, 4/27/95
Reyes, Ana- photo, 3/16/95
Reyes, Ysidro- obituary, 08/06/95
Reyna, Janie- Silver anniversary- photo, 2/19/1995
Reyna, Juan "Johnny"- obituary, 09/13/95
Reyna, Santiago- Silver anniversary- photo, 2/19/1995
Reynolds, Sandra- arson arrest, 2/1/1995
Rhodes, Alec
discusses legislature, 10/04/95
New State Representative opens Capitol office, 1/22/1995
Rice, Leann Marie- engagement announcement, 3/19/95
Rice, Robert- honored at San Marcos Baptist Acadaemy- contribution to Technology Center, 6/18/1995
Rice, Teri Michelle- wedding announcement, 3/12/95
Rich, Dr. Frank- photo, 3/24/95
Ries, Andrew- photo, 09/29/95
Riles, Karen- Isaah project- photo and profile, 2/26/1995
Rios, Arnulfo A.- obituary, 6/25/1995
Risk, Rose Marie- engagement announcement, 10/15/95, 10/22/95
Ritch, Alannah Rose- birth announcement, May 21, 1995
Rivas, Frances A.- photo, May 28, 1995
Rivas, Johnny L.- photo, May 28, 1995
Rivas, Manual (Jr.)- obituary, 08/20/95
Rivas, Sostenes- obituary, 12/12/95
Rizzo, Steven J.- wedding announcement, 4/7/95
Robbins, Raymond C.- obituary, 1/27/1995
Roberts, Cassie- photo, 08/02/95
Roberts, Crystal- photo, 08/02/95
Roberts, Frank- photo, 12/05/95
Roberts, Jimmie Eithline- obituary, 12/22/95
Robertson, Kevin Clay- area bank heist suspect  arrested, 3/24/95
Robledo, Andra- lawsuit settled against SWT, 2/5/95
Robuck, Louise Gibbens- obituary, 12/28/95
Rocha, Ofelia- obituary, 12/12/95
Rocha, Rosario- obituary, 11/07/95
Rodela, Juan- auto accident, 08/24/95
Rodgers, Jessica Leigh- engagement announcement, 4/23/95
Rodriguez, Abel- wanted, 2/9/1995
Rodriguez, Adrianna Trinidad- birth announcement, 10/29/95
Rodriguez, Benito- obituary, 2/9/1995
Rodriguez, Carlos- photo, 11/28/95
Rodriguez, Erica Yvonne- photo, 09/17/95
Rodriguez, Joe F.- award, photo, 11/19/95
Rodriguez, Juan C.- obituary, 2/26/1995
Rodriguez, Juan Silvas- obituary, 1/4/95
Rodriguez, Melissa- photo, 08/13/95
Rodriguez, Melissa Lynn- birthday notice, 08/23/95
Rodriguez, Michael Anthony
birth announcement, 7/2/1995
engagement announcement, 10/01/95
Rodriguez, Miguel- photo, 3/10/95
Rodriguez, Olivia Gonzales- obituary, 12/08/95
Rodriguez, Pablo "Paul"- obituary, 10/15/95
Rodriguez, Peggy- photo, 4/2/95
Rodriguez, Peggy Lynn- photo, 6/6/1995
Rodriguez, Raul Ruben- sentenced, 09/29/95
Rodriguez, Robert- auto accident, 08/10/95
Rodriguez, Steven- photo, 3/12/95, 08/06/95
Rodriguez-Scales, Daniel, 09/15/95
Candidate for city council- "calls for fiscal responsibility," 4/30/95
Rodriquez, Jaime A.- arrested--IH-35 three vehicle crash, 6/14/1995
Rogers, A.B.- discussed in Kerbow's column, 10/12/95
Rogers, Bennie- Golden Anniversary- photo, 6/4/1995
Rogers, Clint Thornton- engagement announcement, 09/17/95
Rogers, Dr. Randy- photo, 3/21/95
Rogers, Michael S.- honor, photo, 09/17/95
Rogers, Ryan- photo, 08/02/95
Rogers, Sterling
Golden Anniversary- photo, 6/4/1995
photo, 6/25/1995, 08/06/95
Rohan, Bob- Hays County Gals and Pals, 08/02/95
Rojo, Adela A.- wedding announcement, May 28, 1995
Rojo, Becky- photo, 12/24/95
Rojo, Victor- honor, photo, 12/22/95
Romero, Carlos- obituary, 1/12/95
Romero, Jose Antonio- unsolved murder, 09/17/95
Romero, Shannon Marie- engagement announcement, 08/27/95
Ronan, Michelle- engagement announcement, 6/25/1995
Roppolo, John- Hays County D.A.R.E. instructor- photo, 4/21/95
Rosenblum, Cathy- Chamber of Commerce award- photo, 1/22/1995
Ross, Gayle (Sr.)- new book, 10/25/95
Rother, Lane Alan- obituary, 3/30/95
Rowland, Catherine P.- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Roybal, George- murder suspect, 08/24/95
Rudnicki, Jan- photo, 3/26/95, 6/4/1995
Ruiz, Jonathan Gabriel- birth announcement, 3/26/95
Ruiz, Lillie- Foster grand-parenting- photo and profile, 4/16/95
Ruiz, Ruben, Sr,.- memorial, 08/06/95
Run For Your Life 5K  Road Race- local residents "Run for their Lives"- photo and profile, 4/25/95
Rushing, Charles Toshiro- wanted, 11/09/95
Rybarski, Alisa Marie- obituary, 2/7/1995
Rylander, Hill- photo, 08/20/95
Sac-N-Pac. See Businesses
Saenz, Josie- wedding announcement, 4/30/95
Saint Stephen's School. see Schools
Sala, Christian Julian- photo, 5/31/95
Salami, Arman- photo, 12/03/95
Salas, Jose Rodriguez, Jr.- obituary, 7/11/1995
Salas, Julie- "Employee of the Month"- City of San Marcos, 3/5/95
Salazar, Daniel- glass artist at work- photo and profile, 4/21/95
Salazar, Rosalie- photo, 08/13/95
Saldana, Diana- Dean's List at Hamline University, 7/6/1995
Saldana, Rose Mary- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Salinas, Mayra- photo, award, 09/10/95
Salle, J.B.- photo, 10/10/95
San Antonio Street Historical District- entry point signs erected, 4/4/95
San Marcos. See also San Marcos, City of
city and county 1994, 1/1/95
Downtown San Marcos-120 years ago, 1/15/1995
Old Fort Street, 1/22/1995
Thomas G. McGehee house, 1/29/1995
Town beautification origins, 3/12/95
San Marcos Adventist Academy. see Schools
San Marcos Area Board of Realtors

San Marcos Area Food Bank

San Marcos Association of Retired Teachers. See Businesses
San Marcos Baptist Academy. see Schools
San Marcos Board of Realtors- donate computer to Hernandez Middle School- photo, 6/29/1995
San Marcos Boys and Girls Club. see Clubs
San Marcos Cancer Society- underwriter sponsorship from Century Telephone- photo, 6/23/1995
San Marcos Chamber of Commerce. see Chamber of Commerce
San Marcos City of. see San Marcos, City of
San Marcos Civic Foundation- photo, 09/17/95
San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District, 10/15/95

San Marcos Council of Neighborhoods- questions candidates for city council, 4/14/95
San Marcos Crime Stoppers, 10/18/95
San Marcos Daily Record- staff members win awards, 3/26/95
San Marcos Economic Council- resignations, 6/4/1995
San Marcos Gateway Mercado Project- area residents opposed, 7/26/1995
San Marcos Hays County Seniors Association, 09/10/95
San Marcos High. see Schools
San Marcos Housing Authority

San Marcos Manufacturer's Assoc.- sponsors training seminar- photo, 6/11/1995
San Marcos Montessori School. See Schools
San Marcos Parkway Association- endorses rail relocation, 2/23/1995
San Marcos Performing Arts Association- First Place Design Awards- photo, 1/29/1995
San Marcos Public Library. see San Marcos, City of--Public Library
San Marcos River

San Marcos River Foundation

San Marcos River Rangers, 08/13/95
San Marcos Seventh-Day Adventist Junior Academy. see Schools
San Marcos Transit

San Marcos Treatment Center. see Businesses
San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame- winners selected, 3/26/95
San Marcos Youth  Service Bureau- ROPES Challenge Course- photo and profile, 3/19/95
San Marcos Youth Chamber of Commerce- photo, 4/11/95
San Marcos Youth Council. see Greater San Marcos Youth Council
San Marcos Youth Livestock Booster Club- W. L. Smith Furniture Co. donates lawnmower, photo/28/1995
San Marcos Youth Shelter- profile, photo, 12/24/95
San Marcos, City of

San Pedro Cemetery. see cemeteries
Sanches, Anacleta- obituary, May 18, 1995
Sanchez, Christopher James- birthday notice, 08/13/95
Sanchez, Epifano- photo, 09/17/95
Sanchez, Jesse- obituary, 12/17/95
Sanchez, Jesus G.- obituary, 1/8/95
Sandberg, Reverend Bernie- new Methodist pastor- photo, 7/2/1995
Sanderford, Martha- National Honor Society- San Marcos Baptist Academy- photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Sanderford, Monty- San Marcos Baptist Academy- McNeil Cup- photo, May 30, 1995
Sanders, Diane- photo, 12/31/95
Sandoval, Laura Cynthia- engagement announcement, 09/17/95, 09/20/95
Sangermano, Vince- photo, 12/26/95
Sargent, Amanda- Danforth High School-Girls State- photo, 6/14/1995
Sarghos, Rita- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Sauceda, Andres Lujan- arrested, 6/13/1995
Saunders, Freddie Milam- obituary, 7/23/1995
Saunders, Helen- obituary, 10/24/95
Saunders, John Henry- in Kerbow's column, 11/16/95
Scanio, Michael- photo, 3/10/95
Scarborough, Trish- photo, 10/11/95
Scheib Opportunity Center
awards, 12/20/95
Special Olympics bowlers, 11/15/95
Scheibe, Rayshelle- photo, 08/20/95
Schertz, Raenel- photo, May 17, 1995
Schlameus, Oma- obituary, 11/16/95
Schleder, Max- photo, 10/01/95
Schlotter, James W. M.D.- 1994 Fellow of the ACS- photo, 2/12/1995
Schmidt, John- photo, 1/22/1995
Schneider, Arlon B.- obituary, 09/12/95
Schneider, Edward H.- obituary, 4/12/95
Schofield, Aubrey (Tex)- obituary, 7/13/1995

Schroeder, Matt- honor, photo, 6/25/1995
Schrubb, Corey Michael- engagement announcement, 12/17/95
Schuerg, Matilda- obituary, 08/18/95
Schulte, Fred- new CEO of Thermon, 11/12/95
Schultz, Madelyn- attends special camp in Kerrville- photo, 7/9/1995
Schuster, Laura Pearl Leeton McCarn- obituary, 4/25/95
Schwarzlose, Elfrieda Rheinlander- obituary, 7/11/1995
Scott, Kristin- cheerleading camp- photo, 6/18/1995
Scott, Mary- obituary, 4/5/95
Scrutchin, Theodora- celebrates 91st birthday- photo, 7/16/1995
Seablom, Sara- Returns to work, 11/02/95
Segler, Howard Wesley- obituary, May 9, 1995
Seifert, Edward- honor, 10/22/95
Self, Stuart
photo, 10/22/95
profile, photo, 10/31/95
Sell, Shannon Kathleen- wedding announcement, 09/03/95
Sellars, Charles- obituary, 08/16/95
Semmelman, Heather- photo, 4/7/95
Semmelmann, Heather- medal award- photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Senior Citizens Study Group, 09/21/95
Serna, Richard- Injury from 7200 volts of electricity, 1/24/1995
Serur, Ash- photo, 08/02/95
Serur, January
Mirabeau B. Lamar medal and scholarship- photo, 4/14/95
photo, 4/4/95
Serur, John- photo, 11/05/95
Serur, Nettie
holiday decorations, 12/01/95
home tour, 11/26/95, 11/28/95
Settemeyer, Pamela- photo, 11/19/95
Sexual Assault Task Force, 11/30/95
Shaw, Jim- engagement announcement, 12/03/95
Shelton, Bob-Hays High School Athletic Director takes over as new basketball coach-photo, 1/25/1995
Sheppard, Irven (Bob)- obituary, 2/14/95
Sherman, Gladys Hedges- obituary, 7/7/1995
Sherrill, Julia Eudora (Storey)- obituary, 3/10/95
Sherrill, Malcolm- obituary, 08/22/95, 08/23/95
Shields, Cosey- photo, 10/29/95
Shotwell, Crystal Lee- photo, 08/08/95
Showdown bar. See Businesses
Sierra, Becky- profile, photo, 09/17/95
Sights and Sounds of Christmas, 11/28/95
profile, 12/03/95
Simmons, Inita "Joyce"- obituary, 12/05/95
Simons, Michael- auto accident, 08/24/95
Simpson, Rocky- honor, 12/17/95
Sisk, Steven Michael
engagement announcement, 4/30/95
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Sissom, David Alan- engagement announcement, 10/15/95, 10/22/95
Skaggs, J. D.- obituary, 6/11/1995
Sladek, Will- photo, 08/27/95
Slaughter, Ed Winn- obituary, 12/05/95
Slimpin, William "Bill" Andrew- obituary, 3/14/95
Slocombe, Eric- sculptor receives acclaim- photo, 3/22/95
Smith, Becky
Girl Scout selected to attend special program- photo, 2/10/1995
photo, 4/2/95
Smith, Benjamin- photo, 12/26/95
Smith, Edwin L.- obituary, 08/18/95
Smith, Elta
award, 11/12/95
photo, 6/6/1995
Smith, Harold- photo, 10/25/95
Smith, James E.- memorial, 08/13/95
Smith, Jennifer Katherine- engagement announced- photo, 2/19/1995
Smith, John, Mrs. (Vestarine)- obituary, 11/26/95
Smith, Kellie- photo, 6/23/1995
Smith, Melanie Kathleen
engagement announcement, 7/9/1995
wedding announcement, 09/03/95
Smith, Myrtle- l06th Birthday Party --photo, 1/29/1995
Smith, Norma- photo, 08/17/95
Smith, Snuffy- photo, 12/01/95
Smith, Susan- photo, 7/9/1995, 7/11/1995
Smith, Thomas Haywood- obituary, 11/28/95
Snow, Kimberley- photo, 08/02/95
Sodke, Patrick Eugene- obituary, 09/22/95
Solis Henry- City of San Marcos- "Employee of the Month," 4/16/95
Solis, Michael- photo, 10/15/95
Solis, Victor Sr.- obituary, 1/10/95, 1/11/95
Sollers, George " Jack"- obituary, 7/28/1995
Sones, Jeff
Greater San Marcos Little League president- photo, 7/21/1995
photo, 3/24/95
San Marcos Little League President- photo, 2/26/1995
Soto, Cecilia (Dr.)- announcement, 08/06/95
Soto, Jerry- postal employee- photo, 4/18/95
Southside Community Center
river work camp- photo and profile, 7/7/1995
Senior Citizen Housing Center delayed indefinitely, May 12, 1995
Southwest Texas State University

Sowards, Larry- injured chasing assault suspect, 7/25/1995
Sparks, E. L.- photo, 4/16/95
Sparks, Wm. E. L.- photo, 4/14/95
Spatcher, Lin- Registered Nurse--"Medically Speaking"- photo, 2/26/1995
Spears, Teresa- Commissioner for Women, 09/22/95
Speer, Brittany- photo, 08/04/95
Sports- local girls and women in sports, 2/3/1995
Sposeep, Dana- photo, 09/03/95
Springer, Thomas H.- birthday, 08/22/95
Stanley, Melissa- obituary, 6/25/1995
Stansberry, Michael- profile, photo, 12/19/95
Stautzenberger, Terry O.- obituary, 2/14/95
Steele, Jack C.- San Marcos Baptist Academy- President's Cup- photo, May 30, 1995
Steele, Nadine- obituary, 12/26/95
Stefanoff, Jeff "Zeal"- candidate, 12/01/95
Stehling Western Wear. See Businesses
Stepanski, Lolly- engagement announcement, 1/15/1995
Stephen, A. Smith- promoted to Brigadier General, 6/11/1995
Stern, John- ordination anniversary, 09/10/95
Stevenson, Bunny- photo, 2/5/95
Stewart, Doug
Candidate for school board- "thinks community involvement an advantage," 4/30/95
election, 4/7/95
Stewart, Nancy- profile, 10/15/95
Stich, David- photo, 11/26/95, 11/28/95
Stock, Dakota Leigh- obituary, 3/1/95
Stockton, Rick- photo, 10/08/95
Stokes, Robert Jerome, Jr.- wedding announcement, 6/25/1995
Stoll, Billy- photo, 6/28/1995
Stoll, Katie- photo, 08/16/95
Stoore, William Travis- birth announcement, 6/11/1995
Storch, Charles L.- engagement announcement, May 21, May 28, 1995
Storey, Robert- photo, 11/19/95
Story, Hal M.- obituary, 6/20/1995
Stouffer, Cinnamon- wedding announcement, 12/31/95
Stovall, Frances- award, 4/12/95
Strassmann, Mark- wedding announcement, 12/31/95

Streiff, Brandon- National Computer Camp- photo, 7/2/1995
Strong, Christine Annette- engagement announcement, 12/17/95
Stucker, Robert S. (Jr.)- obituary, 09/10/95
Sturgis, Henry Frank- obituary, 3/8/95
Subway. See Businesses
Sullivan, Macel- profile, photo, 10/22/95
Sullivan, Scotty- photo, 2/2/1995
Summer in the Park, 08/06/95
Summerfest 1995- old-fashioned fun- photo, 7/5/1995
Suniga, Leonard- photo, 08/06/95
Sunset Acres Neighborhood Improvements Project
contract given to Du-Moor, 6/28/1995
photo, 1/25/1995
Sunset Bowling. See Businesses
Sunshine Kids
annual visit- photos and profile, 6/18/1995
float San Marcos River- photo, 6/13/1995
Supple, James Patrick- wedding announcement, 11/19/95
Swierc Jeremy- photo, 08/09/95
Swift, Roy- obituary, 08/16/95
Swinney, Donna- photo, May 10, 1995
Szymanski, Matthew Garrett- birth announcement, 4/2/95
Tackett, Jennifer Dawn- wedding announcement, 12/31/95
Tamez, Lisa E.- engagement announcement, 7/2/1995
Tangestani, Mohammed- photo, 08/13/95
Tangram Rehabilitation Network

Tatom, George Leonard, Jr.- obituary, 7/7/1995
Taylor, Bill- photo, 10/25/95
Taylor, Brett- painter with Atlas Paints, 1/6/95
TCI Cablevision. See Businesses
Teacher exchange, 2/2/1995
Tegrotenhuis, Amy- photo, 08/02/95
Telford, Eric Neal
engagement announcement, 6/25/1995
wedding announcement, 08/27/95
testimony and protests continues, May 11, 1995
Teter, Aaron- photo, May 21, 1995
Texas Blind Salamander- breeding failed, 08/03/95
Texas D.A.R.E.
Day at capitol- photo and profile, 4/21/95
organization to be audited, 4/14/95
Texas Diamond Metal. See Businesses
Tharp, Alton- photo, 10/22/95
Thomas, Alex- photo, 08/13/95
Thomas, Kenneth- award, 09/17/95
Thompson's Island
Broken dam at Thompson's Island, 7/27/1995
Thompson Millrace collapses- photo and profile, 7/25/1995
Thompson, Angela- engagement announcement, 12/03/95
Throop, Trisha- medal award, photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Tice, Mary Martin Pepper- obituary, 5/31/95
Tidwell, Barbara- recalls history of Strutters, 2/12/1995
Tieken, Roland- obituary, 3/21/95
Tighe, Austin Patrick, Jr.- engagement announcement, 7/30/1995
Tillisch, Jon- engagement announcement, 11/26/95
Tilotta, Tommy- wedding announcement, 6/18/1995
Tingle, Tim- treasures in art of storytelling- photo, 6/18/1995
TNRCC evaluating case, 09/01/95
TNRCC makes it official, 10/25/95
Tobias, Domingo- photo, 6/4/1995
Tobias, Toby- photo, 10/15/95
Tokyo Tan. See Businesses
Tombln, Anthony "Lucky"- photo, 6/28/1995
Torres, Johnny and Rita- anniversary announcement, 08/20/95
Torres, Manuel- profile, 11/12/95
Torres, Susana- obituary, 6/11/1995
Tourism. See San Marcos Convention and Visitors Bureau
Texas Natural video, 08/11/95
Tovar, Jeffrey- photo, 6/22/1995
Townsend, Michael- honor, 2/5/95
Travis Elementary. see Schools
treatment permit, 1/27/95
Trejo, Mike
photo, 08/25/95
photos, profile, 09/15/95
profile, 11/02/95
profile, photo, 08/20/95
Trevino, Emilio- Crime Stoppers, 1/5/95
Trevino, Nicolas- obituary, 4/19/95
Trevino, Randy- murder victim, 08/31/95
Tri-county Transitional Treatment Center- ends operation, 09/01/95
Tristan, Jeremy Christopher- birth announcement, 3/19/95
Trumball, Jessica Robin- engagement announcement, 12/03/95
TSO. See Businesses
Tumbling Tops. See Businesses
Tureaud, Christopher- rabies test after dog bite, 7/11/1995
Turley, Claude Hanson- obituary, 6/7/1995
Tvrdik, James Eugene
engagement announcement, 4/30/95
wedding announcement, 7/9/1995
Two Pea's in a Pod. See Businesses
Tyford Repertory Theatre- settles in San Marcos- photo and profile, 7/26/1995
Underhill, Red- Chops kindling wood for disabled veterans, 3/1/95
Unemployment- 5.9% for October '95, 11/23/95
United Way of Hays County, 09/10/95
fund drive, 09/15/95
profile, 09/24/95
University Women's Association. see Clubs
Upchurch, Lauren- photo, 11/19/95
Urrutia, Antonia P.- obituary, 10/25/95
Urrutia, Paul, Jr.- engagement announcement, 7/9/1995
Urrutia, Ramona- obituary, 2/16/1995
Ussery, Jason- engagement announcement, 3/19/95
Valle, Lizette- photo, 6/29/1995
Valle, Rosina- photo, 3/26/95
Valles, Amy- photo, 11/12/95
Vann, R. B.- obituary, 4/12/95
Vargas, Marcos, Jr.- obituary, 7/11/1995
Varnon, Victoria- photo, 09/19/95
Vasquez, Frances Olivia- engagement announcement, 10/22/95
Vasquez-Philo, Ofelia- Community Action Agency- photo-profile, 1/8/95
Vaughn, Jay- birth announcement, 08/27/95
Vaught, Ethan Thomas- birth announcement, 11/26/95
Vaverek, Selana- engagement announcement, May 21, 1995
Vega, Johnny Cesar- wedding announcement, 08/27/95
Venglar, Virginia- photo, 3/14/95
Veterans of Foreign Wars. See Clubs
Villa San Marcos de Neve- discussed in Stovall column, 10/15/95
Villalpando, Lily V.- obituary, 4/2/95
Villalpando, Margie, 09/29/95
appointed Hays Co. clerk, 09/19/95
sworn in, 09/29/95
Villalpando, Michael- photo, 3/19/95
Villanueva, Carlos Adrian- engagement announcement, 7/16/1995
Villanueva, Fidencia "Nena"- obituary, 10/08/95
Villanueva, Laura Ann- engagement announcement, 6/4/1995
Villapando, Mario- profile and photo, 08/06/95
Villasenor, Charles L.- memorial, 3/16/95
Villegas, Concepcion- obituary, 11/02/95
Villegas, Nakima- photo, 3/28/95
Vo, Dahn Chanh- wedding announcement, 3/12/95
Voges, Joanna
Hays High School -Girls State- photo, 6/14/1995
profile, photo, 12/17/95
Voight, Christi- photo, 1/11/95
Von Henner, Charles, Dr.- "Physician of the Day" -Governor Bush Inauguration, 1/18/1995
Wagner, Andrew James "Farmer"- obituary, 2/14/95
Wahrmund,Grace J. (Jody)- obituary, 2/28/1995
Waldrip, Dibrell- obituary, 2/8/1995
Walker, Terrell- photo, 09/03/95
Wallace, Kory- new Greater San Marcos Economic Development Council director, 10/18/95
Walling, Stacy- award, photo, 08/31/95
Walsh, Dorothy McCulloh- obituary, 6/9/1995
Walsh, Matt and Mindy- lawsuit, 09/10/95
Walston, Sterling Kale- obituary, May 5, 1995
Walther, Allen- recovering from heart attack, 6/7/1995
Walts, Charles
Incumbent for school board- "his job not finished," 4/30/95
San Marcos School Board Trustee- Seeking a second term, 1/17/1995
Ward, Doyle G., 11/23/95
Warner, Sandra Lee Henderson- obituary, 11/19/95
Warren, Cheryl Lynn- engagement announcement, 3/26/95
Warren, Spencer- Wins First Degree Black Belt- photo, 1/8/95
Warriner, Shelly Backus- obituary, 6/13/1995
Warshauer, Nathan- photo, 11/12/95
Washington, Larry Charles- obituary, 1/3/95
Wassenich, Dianne
hand painted posters for art show and tour- photo, 4/26/95
photo, 10/29/95
San Marcos River Foundation- photo, 1/19/1995
Water. See also San Marcos, City of--Water

Waters, Sarah- photo, 6/29/1995
Waters, William- honored, photo, 08/30/95
Watkins, Savannah Ruth- birth announcement, 4/30/95
Watson, O.A.- photo, 10/08/95
Watson, Wynn- photo, 10/11/95
Watts, Allis- photo, 2/5/95
Weber, Pete
new CTMC CEO, 08/15/95
profile, 08/27/95
profile, photo, 12/17/95
Wehman, Ben- photo, 08/20/95
Weigand, Buddy- photo, 10/15/95
Weinberg, Tracy- photo, 11/22/95
Weiss,Jason Karl- engagement announced, 2/19/1995
Welch, Lillian Mae- obituary, May 10, 1995
Wentz, George Robert- obituary, 7/5/1995
Wesley, Karlyn- wedding announcement, 11/19/95
Wesrays. See Businesses
Wesson, Nita- photo, 11/19/95
Westmoreland, William Loyal- obituary, 09/29/95
Westover, Myra
Chamber of Commerce induction, 08/13/95
profile, 10/15/95
Whalin, Bob- photo, award, 08/27/95
Wheatley, Shelly Lynn- birth announcement, 10/22/95
Whitaker, Deborah
engagement announcement, 08/20/95
wedding announcement, 10/29/95
Whitaker, Mary Frances- obituary, 4/2/95
White, Charlotte- obituary, 1/22/1995
White, David and Mabel- mystery bones, 10/24/95, 11/1/95, 11/01/95
White, Pam- profile, 11/09/95
White, R. Lynn, Dr.- named president of Dental Society- photo and profile, 6/16/1995
Whitley, Charles Justin
engagement announcement, 08/20/95
wedding announcement, 10/15/95
Wiedebusch, Edmund Julius- obituary, 6/7/1995
Wienhold, Pamela Tony- Crimestoppers, 2/2/1995
photo, 4/6/95
Wigginton, Emily- cheerleading camp- photo, 6/18/1995
Wigginton, Freddy- photo, 12/03/95
Wiley, Carroll- new Rotary Club president- photo and profile, 7/21/1995
Wilkes, James Wendell- obituary, 3/24/95
Wilkinson, Hilda Joy- obituary, 12/29/95
Wilkinson, Oliver Leroy- obituary, 3/23/95
Williams, Betty- photo, May 17, 1995
Williams, Blake- photo, 08/17/95
Williams, Cynthia- photo, 08/08/95
Williams, David- State D.A.R.E. coordinator- photo, 4/21/95
Williams, Lottie Mae Wright- obituary, 3/26/95
Williams, Maxine- photo, 1/29/1995
Williams, Wilburn C., Dr.- historic home- photo and profile, 4/30/95
Williamson, Bruce- Engagement Announcement, 1/15/1995
Williamson, Earl- obituary, 10/05/95, 10/06/95
Williamson, Edna Lee- obituary, 09/12/95
Williamson, Gertrude- centennial, profile, photo, 4/5/95
Williamson, Kathy- photo, 12/28/95
Williamson, Thomas Dudley- obituary, 10/24/95
Willie Mae Mitchell Community Center. See Mitchell Community Center
Willis, (Willie) Carl Davis- Honored with city flags at half-mast, 1/6/95
Willms, Emily Ann- engagement announcement, 09/17/95
Wilson, Tracey Denise- wedding announcement, 09/17/95

Wimberley ISD- Controversial,"I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings," May 17, 1995
Winkel, Debra- auto accident, 12/10/95
Winn, Andrew- award, 11/08/95
Winzer, Lisa- photo, 09/20/95
Wittenburg, Wilbur- obituary, 08/11/95
Wolter, Elwin Carl- obituary, 08/13/95, 08/15/95
Women- special section, 10/15/95
Women's Pregnancy Center- fundraiser, 11/03/95
Women's Sports Awards- photo, 2/5/95
Wonder World

Wood, Jack William- obituary, 12/28/95
Woodmen of the World. see Clubs
Woods, David Thomas- engagement announcement, 08/06/95
Worley, Carol- photo, 7/26/1995
Worley, Stacie Dawn- engagement announcement, 12/10/95
Worrell, Dorothy O.- obituary, 1/17/1995
Wortham, Benjamin R.- wedding announcement, 4/23/95
Wright, Dale- photo, 10/08/95
Wright, David Lewis
drowned in San Marcos River, 6/6/1995
obituary, 6/6/1995
Wyatt, William (Jr.)- ww2 photos, 09/29/95
Wyatt, William A. (Bert)(IV), 09/10/95
Yackel, Martin Dale- engagement announcement, 08/06/95
Yanez, Genoveva G.- obituary, 2/8/1995
Yarbrough, Priscilla Laurens- engagement announcement, 4/16/95
Yarbrough, Yancy P.
honor, 12/03/95, 12/08/95
honor, photo, 10/17/95
Ybarra, Cookie- photo, 10/15/95
Ybarra, Frances- photo, 12/20/95
Yearwood, Tricia- country music in Martindale- photo, 3/23/95
Yick, Joseph- photo, award, 08/27/95
Yoakum, Thomas P.
Funeral eulogy by former student, Al Lowman, 7/7/1995
obituary, 7/5/1995
York, Janie Marie
engagement announcement, 6/25/1995
wedding announcement, 08/27/95
York, William Hal- wedding announcement, 1/1/95
Young, Douglas Andrew- engagement announced- photo, 2/19/1995
Young, Heather- photo, 08/08/95
Youth Empowerment Project- Community program to reduce youth gang activity, 1/12/95
Youth Service Bureau- Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting, 7/30/1995
Youth Summit- youth hosted first summit, 4/30/95
Zamora, Andrew- engagement announced, 1/29/1995
Zarate, Hector- honor, photo, 12/17/95
Zatopek, Lisa Gay
Engagement announcement, 1/15/1995
wedding announcement, 6/11/1995
Zavala, Diana F.- auto accident, 08/25/95
Zavala, Elena Rose- birth announcement, 2/26/1995
Zavala, Margarita- obituary, 08/15/95
Zielinski, Gary- photo, award, 08/27/95
Zimmer, Veronica Christina- First Miss Cinco de Mayo contestant- photo, 4/6/95
Zuno, Leonardo- National Honor Society Award- photo and profile, 6/4/1995
Zupp, George- photo, profile, 10/04/95


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