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San Marcos Daily Record


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This index has been created by Jerry Harper and Sandra Cortez for the San Marcos Public Library in order to offer simple access to the contents of the San Marcos Daily Record.  Indexed materials include news stories, features, and obituaries, as well as birth, wedding, and engagement announcements.  Materials not selected for indexing include articles published originally in other newspapers, editorials, sports, the calendar of local events, comic strips, and routine weather reports.

All entries are arranged alphabetically.  Entries are under appropriate headings, by subject, organization, or personal name.  Each entry is followed by the publication date in the Record.  There are four special categories:  Businesses, Churches, Clubs, and Schools.  Articles concerning the City of San Marcos are found under "San Marcos, City of" (e.g. Public Library, Fire Department).  Articles related to Hays County politics are found under the heading, "Hays County" (e.g. Commissioner's Court).

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4-H. see Clubs
4-M Automotive. See Businesses
AAA Roofing and Insulation. See Businesses
Abbott, Michael- Named in suit, 03–29–96
Abbott, Remi Ellen- wedding announcement, 10/20/96
Abduction Suspect- composite photo, 8/22/96
Abel, Joyce- Stock Show, 02/07/96
Abney, Sandy- photo, 11/7/96
Abundant Life Church. See Churches
Acosta, Antonio G.- anniversary announcement, 02/11/96
Acosta, Baltazar- obituary, 02/04/96
Acosta, Michael- photo, 5/08/96
Acosta, Tiburcia Lucio- obituary, 10/13/96
Acrey, Ann- obituary, 7/30/96
Adair, Cecilia
 hiring controversy, 02/07/96, 02/09/96
 wins District Clerk- photo, 11/6/96
Adams, Adrienne- profile and photo, 03–31–96
Adopt-A-School- booth at trade show, 8/22/96
Afanador, Pedro "Pete"- obituary, 02/01/96
Akin, Todd- honor, photo, 4/19/96
Akins, Sybil F.- obituary, 03–12–96
Akridge, Jacquelyn Floydell- obituary, 5/22/96
Alden, Mike- profile, photo, 5/22/96
Alex Aron- profile and photo, 03–06–96
Alexander, Mercellus- SWT Commencement Address- photo and profile, 12/18/96
Alexander,Jr.,Marcellus- photo, 12/11/96
Alfonso, Rosina Ann- engagement announcement, 8/11/96
Allan, Christina Alea Nicole- obituary, 12/19/96
Allbright, William Carl- obituary, photo, 5/07/96
Allee, Samantha- Jr. Teen Pageant- photo, 9/29/96
Allen, Carol- photo, 11/21/96
Allen, Herman- 90th birthday- photo, 8/25/96
Allen, Tom- photo, 6/5/96
Allenwoods Homes- Fire, 04/02/96
Amaya, Ismael- photo, 11/6/96
American Assoc. of Retired Persons. See Clubs
American Cancer Society. See Clubs
American Heart Association. See Clubs
American Legion. See Clubs
American Target Homes. see Businesses
Anderson, Allison Cook- wedding announcement, 6/16/96
Anderson, Charles, MD- groundbreaking for new office, photo, 01/17/96
Anderson, Lunelle
 honored- photo, 12/8/96
 photo, 01/30/96
Anderson, Thomas- resigns, 01/02/96
Anderson, Tom- photo, 02/04/96
Anderson,Lunelle- Girl Scout committee- photo and profile, 12/11/96
Andress, Joel- photo, 02/21/96
Anthony, Jack Durl- obituary, 9/22/96, 9/24/96
Apartments- New construction, 04/26/96
Aquarena Springs

Arch, Christopher- photo, 04/14/96
Arch, Sandra- photo, 6/13/96
Archbold-Kuenzi, Charlene- photo, 11/17/96
Archer, Cheryl- Discusses Homespun, 05/19/96
Armbrister, Ken- Southwest Texas State University graduation, 5/07/96
Armes, Paul
 new SMBA president, photo, 01/23/96
 photo, 11/17/96
Armstead, Johnnie- photo, 8/9/96
Armstrong, Jesse Clinton- birth announcement, 12/1/96
Armstrong, Shara- photo, 5/26/96
Armstrong, Wallace Lawrence- obituary, 9/22/96
Arnold, Leona Mae- obituary, 04/23/96
Arredondo, Frankie- photo, 05/19/96
Arredondo, Vicente- obituary, 4/19/96
Art- Artists in Action- profile, photo, 01/07/96

Ascona, Amelia- obituary- photo, 11/5/96
Asebedo, Cecilio- obituary, 7/21/96
Ash Family Band- photo, 01/17/96
Ashley, Sally- Bird project, 5/05/96
Assistant Alternative. See Businesses
Aswell, Judy- photo, 04/10/96
Attaway, Annie- Visited on birthday- photo, 4/19/96
Austin Area Teachers Federal Credit Union. see Banks
Austin, Charles- Olympic Gold Medal -high jump- photo, 7/30/96
Austin, Shirley Stiles- photo, 6/18/96
Auto Ranch. See Businesses
Avey Plastics. See Businesses
Avey, Ruth- celebrates 80th birthday- photo, 6/5/96
Avey, Terry- photo, 03–17–96
Ayars,Bob- World War II plane- photo, 8/15/96
Ayers, Rose- photo, 6/18/96
B-Alert Security Systems. See Businesses
Bailey, G.W.- photo, 10/13/96
Bailey, Thomas Wade- obituary, 04/07/96
Bain, Louis Whittaker- obituary, 5/10/96
Bains, Louis- obituary, 5/09/96
Baker, Artie- photo, 12/24/96
Baker, Charles W. L.- engagement announcement, 12/8/96
Balcones Kiwanis. see Clubs
Bambrick, Juanita- 1996 hall of Fame- photo, 6/9/96

Banks, Michael- photo, 5/26/96
Banks, Sam and Linda- home burns--lightning caused- photo, 6/9/96
Barber, Francis (Zelma)- obituary, 02/21/96
Barber, Myrtle- obituary, 10/15/96
Barker, Clovis- photo, 11/17/96
Barkley,  Ellen Kyle Donalson- obituary, 7/26/96
Barnard, Joel- photo, 11/24/96
Barnes, Nelson- honor, photo, 01/24/96
Barragan, Celia- honor, photo, 5/09/96
Barragan, Maricela- photo, 04/28/96
Barrera, Geneva- wanted, 01/11/96
Barrigan, Maricella- photo, 03–17–96
Barry, Michael Wayne- wedding announcement, 04/07/96
Barton, James G.- obituary, 12/15/96
Bartsch, Brent- new police officer, 7/10/96
Bauerlein, R. F. "Freddy"- obituary, 12/17/96
Bean, Richard George- obituary, 7/28/96, 7/30/96
Becker, Alton and Tommye (Dodds)- golden anniversary
 photo, 9/15/96
 photos--then and now, 9/17/96
Beckett, Doug- photo, 01/07/96
Beckwith Jr., Clyde G.- obituary, 7/5/96, 7/9/96
Beebe, Mark
 photo, 5/29/96
 profile, photo, 5/26/96
Beebe, Matthew- photo, 5/29/96
Beebe, Steven
 photo, 9/11/96
 SWT award- photo, 9/1/96
Beechinor,Robert M. and Blanche M.- 50th wedding anniversary, 6/23/96
Bell, Erin- photo, 03–01–96
Bell, James- photo, 12/11/96
Bell, Richard E.- obituary, 8/20/96
Benesh, Lundy--"Employee of the Month"- Hays County Supervision and Corrections Dept., 7/3/96
Bentley, Irene- obituary, 02/14/96, 02/15/96
Bergendahl, Rosie Lee- obituary, 12/9/96
Bermea, Audrie Lina- birth announcement, 04/14/96
Bertrand, Kerry- Crimestoppers, 7/9/96, 7/11/96
Bethancourt, Rose- photo, 04/03/96
Bialecki, William James, Jr.- obituary, 9/10/96
Bible, Jessica Lynn- birth announcement, 8/18/96
Bicentennial Parade"flashback pixs"-girl scouts- oh, 8/18/96
Bierstedt, Elsa- obituary, 11/12/96
Biggs, Burnard Storey- obituary, 02/25/96, 02/27/96
Birdwatching in San Marcos, 01/21/96
Birdwell, Dr. Larry
 county medical director resigns, 7/24/96
 resigns as Hays County medical director, 6/28/96
Birmensdorf Farms- Fire, 01/05/96
Black, Cathy L.- auto accident, 12/15/96
Blair, Stephanie Christina- engagement announcement, 01/14/96
Blake, Melvin Lee- obituary, 7/16/96
Blanks, Randall
 dies from accidental gun shot wound, 7/2/96
 shooting death victim, 8/9/96
Blevens, Fred- photo, 9/4/96
Blohm, Elaine- obituary, 02/08/96
Blossom, Myra E.- obituary, 5/14/96
Bluebonnet Lions. see Clubs
BMC West. See Businesses
Boatright, Robert Evans- obituary, 02/04/96
Boehm, Martin Edsel- Auto accident, 03–06–96
Boeker, Trey- engagement announcement, 04/21/96
Boettcher, Alice Lorea- obituary, 03–01–96
Bonner, Mary- photo, 6/18/96, 9/15/96
Bonner, Mildred Ruff- obituary, 01/16/96
Boothe, Robert L.- sentenced to 15 years for shooting Randy Trevino, 7/12/96
Borchers, Ruth Margaret- obituary, 12/6/96, 12/8/96
Borisov, Maj. Gen. Vycheclav- photo, 11/1/96
Bouie, Kenneth- scholarships, 02/14/96
Bowers, Sam Henderson- obituary, 5/14/96
Bown, Mike- receives Phi Delta Kappa scholarship at Pride Academic Center- photo, 6/13/96
Boyles, Vera- obituary, 03–27–96
Boys and Girls Club. see Clubs
Bozarth, Ted- profile, photo, 02/11/96
Brackenridge Club. See Clubs
Bradberry, Heather- photo, 8/2896
Bradford,Sue Juel- loses heirloom ring---offers reward, 7/7/96
Bradshaw, Paul- Named in suit, 03–29–96
Bradzoil. See Businesses
Brannon, Webb- photo, 5/08/96
Brashears, Matthew- Eagle Scout honors- photo, 8/18/96
Brashears, Maxey- photo, 8/18/96
Brechtbill, Ruth "Janie" Ann- obituary, 5/31/96
Breihan, Dawn- award, photo, 5/26/96
Breihan, Erin Sue- wedding announcement, 02/25/96
Breihan, Stacy and Michele- united in marriage- photo, 10/6/96
Breihan, Ted and Frances- 45th anniversary- photo, 9/8/96
Briggs, Alma- photo, 6/19/96, 9/1/96, 10/4/96, 11/27/96
 sponsors honored- photo, 9/5/96
 third annual- photo, 8/25/96
Brock, Irene Mitchell- obituary, 04/09/96
Brooks, Ian Christopher Tovias- engagement announcement, 12/1/96
Brooks, Tom- photo, 11/24/96
Brown, B.J.- wedding announcement, 03–10–96
Brown, Brian
 photo, 9/19/96
 Young Leaders Conference, 5/26/96
Brown, Brian Russell- Eagle Scout, 01/14/96
Brown, Paul H., III- suicide in Wimberley, 01/05/96
Brown, Tom- photo, 02/18/96
Brownie Troop 877. See Clubs
Browning, Scarlett- Merrill Lynch--student of the month- photo, 6/4/96
Brugman, Kerry- profile, photo, 02/21/96
Brumley, Bryce Montgomery- birth announcement, 9/29/96
Brunner, Peggy- photo, 03–31–96
Bryant, Dayna Ann- wedding announcement, 12/1/96
Bryant, Paul Nathan- engagement announcement, 7/7/96
Bryant, Vivian- obituary, 12/31/96
Buck, Susan
 photo, 03–17–96
 profile and photo, 03–24–96
Buckles, Christopher- Crimestoppers, 8/2896
Buie, Dr. Tollie- honored- photo, 9/1/96
Building permits. See Construction permits
Bullock, Lillian McKee- obituary, 11/17/96, 11/20/96
Bum's Billiards. See Businesses
Bumgardner, Gregory Ernest- engagement announcement, 11/17/96
Bunton,Judge Lucius- photo, 8/2/96
Burdick, Melanie- photo, 04/28/96
Burgasser, Susan Kathleen- obituary, 04/23/96, 04/25/96
Burgess, Angie- obituary, 04/14/96, 04/16/96
Burleson, Edward- Discussed in Stovall's column, 03–17–96
Burner, Scott Andrew- wedding announcement, 01/14/96
Burnett, William "Bill"
 profile, photo, 02/18/96
 wins Hays Pct. 3- photo, 11/6/96
Burnett, William Walter "Bud"- wedding announcement, 9/29/96
Burns,Dollie Elizabeth- Crime Stoppers- photo, 6/27/96
Burton, Kay- photo, 6/18/96
Burton, Lindsey Diann- birth announcement, 6/23/96
Busby, Mark- inducted to Inst. of Letters, 04/14/96
Bush, Laura- Visit to Travis Elementary, 5/09/96
Bushong, Howard- award, photo, 5/22/96
Business Incubator. See Corridor Business Incubator

Butler Manufacturing. See Businesses
Butler, Brenda- honor, photo, 5/09/96
Butler, John Silby- photo and profile, 10/6/96
Butler, Roy C.A.- obituary, 5/15/96
Byas, Belinda- photo, 05/17/96
Bynum, Osco Bailey- obituary, 01/24/96
Byrd, Elliott Robert- birth announcement, 04/21/96
Byrn, Bill- photo, 8/11/96
Byrn, Jim- photo, 8/11/96
Byrn, William T.- engagement announcement, 7/14/96
Byrom, Jack
 honor, photo, 05/19/96
 honored, 03–20–96
 profile and photo, 03–31–96
Cabello, Rita Ann- Crimestoppers- photo, 10/31/96, 12/12/96
Cabler, Cathy- photo, 03–03–96
Caddel, Katie Fischer- obituary, 7/31/96, 8/1/96
Caffey, Christie- photo, 5/15/96
Caffey, Deborah- photo, honor, 03–27–96
Cain, Summer- photo, 05/19/96
Calaboose- Open for Tours of Distinction, 04/17/96
Caldwell County- drought-emergency disaster loans, 6/27/96
Caldwell, Jeff- Crime Prevention Officer- "Employee of the Month," 7/7/96
Callan, Joe Poston- obituary, 10/1/96
Calverese,John- photo, 11/7/96
Camacho, Fred
 crimestoppers- photo, 6/13/96
 wanted, 5/09/96
Camlu Retirement Center. See Businesses
Camp Fire Boys and Girls. See Clubs
Campbell, King A.- profile and photo, 03–17–96
Cantu, Dorie- photo, 01/03/96, 01/28/96, 05/17/96
Cantu, Julianne- photo, 8/11/96
Cantu, Julie- photo, 03–17–96
Canyon Lake law agencies- crack down on boating and water safety, 7/4/96
Cape House, 5/01/96
Cape's Camp- Dam breaks, 5/07/96
Capital Area Building association- photo and profile, 11/24/96
Capwell, Charles Normal- SWT Dean's List, 6/12/96
Car Show- vintage autos- photo, 10/6/96
Cardenas, Maria- engagement announcement, 9/8/96
Carlson, Edgar Harold- obituary, 8/2896
Carman, Christina Tracy- wedding announcement, 01/28/96
Carmichael, Bobbi- photo, 01/26/96
Carnaval '96 Mardi Gras- profile, photo, 02/11/96
Carpenter, Adam- Crimestoppers, 9/11/96
 photo, 9/5/96
Carpenter, Dick
 photo, 12/15/96
 profile and photo, 03–05–96
Carpenter, Patricia Arlene- obituary, 4/19/96, 04/21/96
Carroll, Lee, II- murdered, 01/11/96
Carson, Jenny- photo, 05/19/96
Carson, Kimberley Suzanne- wedding announcement, 02/11/96
Carswell, Kirby Rein- engagement announcement, 02/25/96
Carter, Ray Don- obituary, 7/23/96
Casa of Central Texas- new location- photo, 8/18/96
Casey, Laura- Girl Scout board member- photo, 11/14/96
Casey, Mattie- engagement announcement, 04/07/96
Caskey , Cliff- photo, 6/9/96
Casparis, Caleb Hunter- birth announcement, 6/11/96
Cassidy, Bill- Chief Tax Appraiser terminated, 7/12/96
Castillo, Alice- photo, honor, 03–13–96
Castillo, Ray- honor, photo, 02/04/96
Castillo, Rebecca- wanted, 03–28–96
Castillo-Wirtz, Linda- profile and photo, 03–01–96
Castillon, Porfirio
 crimestoppers, 10/3/96
 wanted, 01/04/96
Castilow, Clifton Edward- obituary, 11/12/96
Castoldi, Kathy- photo, 8/22/96
Caudle, Bob- photo, 7/30/96, 8/14/96
Cauthorn, Jim- photo, 11/6/96
Cearley, Jim (Bob?)- profile and photo, 01/28/96
Cearley, Michael- new play, 04/24/96
Cearley, Michelle- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Cee Dee Engraving. see Businesses
Celovsky, Bregitta DeGe
 engagement announcement, 01/28/96
 wedding announcement, 5/26/96
Centerpoint Landscape Material- Chamber of Commerce- ribbon cutting- photo, 10/16/96
Central Texas Medical Center
 Chamber of Commerce- CTMC construction- photo, 10/16/96

Central Texas Trail Tamers. see Clubs
Century 21 Cauthorn Realty. See Businesses
Century Telephone. See Businesses
CFAN. See Businesses
Chagolla, Meliton- obituary, 02/06/96
Chahin, Jaime- SWT Associate vice-president- to attend seminar in Salzburg,Austria- photo, 7/7/96
Chamber of Commerce
 annual banquet- photo, 11/24/96
 Endsley Real Estate affiliates with Better Homes and Gardens- photo, 7/7/96
Champagne, Betty
 1996 Hall of Fame- photo, 6/9/96
 San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame- photo and profile, 7/3/96
Champion, Carol- photo, 9/25/96
Champion, Thomas Phillip, III- wedding announcement, 01/28/96
Chaney, Liam Harrison- birth announcement, 9/22/96
Chapa, Edward- Train wreck, 05/01/96
Chapman, Trey A.- First birthday and photo, 12/15/96
Charles Cock House- on tour, 5/02/96
Charleston, Vicki- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Chase, Jean- profile, photo, 02/29/96
Chavarria, Teresa V.- obituary, 6/23/96
Chavez, Benito- obituary, 7/23/96
Chavkin, Laura- profile, photo, 04/24/96
Cheatham, Lola Hardeman- obituary, 9/5/96
Chesser, Mary Dixie- obituary, 01/07/96

Chisum, Roy- obituary, 7/26/96
Chiu, Brittney- photo, 04/28/96, 5/26/96
Chiu, Sharon- photo, 04/11/96
Chiu, Yvonne- honor, photo, 5/26/96
Chong, Sun Chang- Auto accident, 02/15/96
Christensen, Clifford
 killed in Wimberley plane crash, 8/13/96
 obituary, 8/14/96
Christian Women's Club. see Clubs
Chuck Nash. See Businesses

Cimadevilla, Edelmira- obituary, 9/12/96
Cipple, Roy- obituary, 11/24/96, 11/26/96
Circle K. see Businesses
Cisnoros,John- obituary, 11/1/96
Citron, Victor- engagement announcement, 6/30/96
Civitas Project- Report, 03–08–96
Clagett, Howard B.- land developer, 8/18/96
Clancy, Justin Alexander- wedding announcement, 7/7/96
Clark, Allen- new police officer, 7/10/96
Clark, Bob- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Clay, Julie- photo, 01/05/96
Clayton, Kathleen Alice- obituary, 04/28/96, 04/30/96
Clayton,Charles Edward "Boody"- obituary, 12/31/96
Cliett, Lara- Texas Lutheran Dean's List, 6/30/96
Cliett, Laura- photo, 03–10–96
Clifford, Susan- engagement announcement, 11/10/96
Cloth, Adam Barrett- wanted, 01/25/96
Clubs, 5/17/96

Cobb, Lia Stephanie- wedding announcement, 11/24/96
Cobb, Stephanie- engagement announcement, 6/9/96
Cochron, Marianne- wedding announcement, 03–10–96
Cocita, Billie- honor, photo, 5/29/96
Cock House. See Charles Cock House
Coers, Robbie Merle- obituary, 04/07/96, 04/09/96, 04/14/96
Cohen, Paul- honor- profile, photo, 04/28/96
Cole, David Carl, III- wanted, 4/19/96
Coleman, Wally Michael- wedding announcement, 6/30/96
Coleman, Wiley Michael- obituary and photo, 7/7/96
Coley, Jim- profile, photo, 02/22/96
Colgin, Doris and Thomas- Anniversary announcement, 03–19–96
Collazo, Jessica- engagement announcement, 11/10/96
Collins,Charles Todd- engagement announcement, 12/1/96
Community Development Block Grant funds- community improvements, 6/2/96
Compton, Mary, 4/18/96
Con Artists- fail in scam attempt, 8/21/96
Concerned Taxpayers off Hays Co.- candidates forum- photo, 10/11/96
Cone, Sabrina Rae- birth announcement, 10/13/96
Confederate Air Force

Conroy, Jeannie Jennings- obituary, 6/16/96
Construction permits, 01/02/96, 03–03–96, 03–05–96, 11/5/96

Contreras, Francisco
 celebrates 103rd  birthday- photo, 7/7/96
 obituary, 11/24/96
Contreras, Jesse- award- photo, 9/12/96
Contreras, Lisa Maria Mae- engagement announcement, 6/9/96
Cook, Charles Sidney- obituary, 7/5/96, 7/7/96
Cook, Daniel- honor, 01/16/96
Cooley, Danette- photo, 04/28/96
Cooper, Chris- photo, 03–01–96
Cooper, Ed- county budget fair, photo, 9/11/96
Cooper, Holly Beth- wedding announcement, 01/14/96
Cooper, Margaret Jeanne- wedding announcement, 10/13/96
Copeland, Deborah Jane- engagement announcement, 11/17/96
Corridor Business Incubator

Corridor Primary Care. See Businesses
Cortez, Katina- birth announcement, 01/21/96
Cortez, Tony- photo, 8/18/96
Costilla, David- engagement announcement, 8/11/96, 8/14/96
Costilla, Lupe- profile, photo, 5/03/96
Cottage Kitchen Cookbooks- autograph signing- photo, 6/18/96
Couch, Pam- photo, 12/8/96
Couch, Pam and Bucky- Home on tour, 04/28/96
Counterfeit $100s, 5/08/96, 5/29/96
Countywide Moving and Storage. See Businesses
Courville, Kathleen Rebecca- Sentenced, 04/03/96
Courville, Rebecca- murder trial, 01/28/96
Cowan, Bazzell Ray- obituary, 04/30/96
Cowan, Cecil and Yvonne- 50th anniversary- photo, 9/22/96
Cowan, Charlotte Francis- obituary, 5/30/96
Cox, Gretchen Jane- engagement announcement, 9/8/96
Cox, Jason Scott
 engagement announcement, 04/07/96
 wedding announcement, 7/14/96
Cox, Joe- profile, photo, 04/21/96
Cox, Joe B., Sr.- obituary, 11/14/96
Crandall,Kelsey- photo, 10/2/96
Crescendo Club. See Clubs
Crime Stoppers

Crook, William- Gift to River Foundation, 03–14–96
Crookwood- on tour, 5/02/96
Crouch, Lillie- obituary, 02/06/96
Cruz, Aaron- photo, 12/15/96
Cruz, Gabriel S.- obituary, 11/14/96
Cruz, Jesse- wedding announcement, 04/07/96
Cryer, Kathleen Marie- obituary, 02/20/96
Crystal River Inn. See Businesses
 award, 9/6/96
Cthcart, Samuel L.- Motorcycle accident, 5/02/96
Cude, Bill- engagement announcement, 12/15/96
Cuellar, Susan- photo, 03–17–96
Cullen/Frost. see Banks
Culp, Chris- photo, award, 5/22/96
Cummings, Sally- River Foundation show, 5/02/96
Cunningham, Nevin- photo, 9/1/96
Cunningham, William- honored- photo, 9/1/96
Cunnion, Adreil Esiquio- birth announcement, 04/21/96
Cunnion, Adriel Esiqivo- birth announcement, 04/14/96
Daggett,Bill E.- obituary, 12/6/96
Damron, Brenda- Realtor honored- photo, 12/15/96
Damron, Brooke- photo, 02/21/96
 Cape's Camp- Dam breaks, 5/07/96
 Martindale Dam- Dry, 02/28/96
Daniels, Mildred- photo, 8/9/96
Daniels, William H.- obituary, 01/11/96
Darkins, Katina- Automobile accident, 02/15/96
Daughters of the American Revolution. see Clubs
Daulong, Alicia- photo, 11/6/96
David, Delbert H.- photo, 12/15/96
Davidson, Don- Named VP at SMBA, 03–20–96
Davidson, Sonny- photo, 11/24/96
Davila, Brian
 photo, 04/28/96
 profile, photo, 02/20/96
Davila, Elvira R.- obituary, 12/22/96
Davis, G.R. (Bob)- obituary, 03–15–96
Davis, Jim- photo, 9/1/96
Davis, Margaret C.- obituary, 12/11/96, 12/13/96
Davis, Verona- photo, 03–03–96
Davison, Marian Daave- obituary, 10/24/96
De Jong, Tim- photo, 02/22/96
De La Cruz, Alejandro "Alex"- obituary, 10/17/96
De La Cruz, Renee- engagement announcement, 12/15/96
de la Teja, Frank- SWT award- photo, 9/1/96
De Leon, Mikayla Ruth- birth announcement, 6/16/96
Deal, Wiley Seth- obituary, 03–15–96, 03–17–96
Deats, Jim- profile, photo, 02/09/96
Debaker,Reece Audrey- crimestoppers, 9/19/96
Debrock, Vincent- wedding announcement, 10/13/96
Dees, Ardmore- obituary, 01/04/96
DeLarosa, John and Barbara- 66th wedding anniversary- photo, 6/12/96
Delegado, Emilio- obituary, 8/896
Deleon, Arthur- engagement announcement, 9/8/96
DeLeon, Merced- obituary, 01/18/96
DeLeon, Minerva and Eribert- anniversary announcement, 04/14/96
DeLeon, Rose- profile, photo, 5/03/96
DeLeon, Steven- wedding announcement, 01/28/96
Delgado, John- obituary, 10/29/96
Delgado, John Anthony- engagement announcement, 6/9/96
Democratic Party- 1996 kick-off campaign- photo, 8/21/96
Dempsey, Tash- profile, photo, 02/20/96
Deschner, Austin- photo, 11/17/96
Dever, Pam- photo, 9/25/96
DeVos, Dana- Handbell choir, 5/05/96
Diamond Line Dancers- photo, 9/1/96
Dias, Juan Antonio- suspect, 01/30/96
Dickerson, Laura- photo, 01/07/96, 04/11/96
Dietert, Cliff- photo, 02/25/96
Dillon, Mike- photo, 9/25/96
Dobbins, Hugh Grey- obituary, 5/09/96
Dobie, Ruth- obituary, 8/18/96
Dobson, Stefanie- engagement announcement, 7/7/96
Dodds, Barbara Joan- obituary, 04/09/96
Dolezal, Carroll- Art Exhibit- photo and profile, 6/16/96
Dolle, Lance
 engagement announcement, 5/05/96
 wedding announcement, 8/11/96
Dorsey, James Charles
 engagement announcement, 6/9/96
 wedding announcement, 11/24/96
Dowling, Cathy- profile and photo, 03–07–96
Dowling, Fergus Joseph- 6 year prison sentence, 11/1/96
Draper, Shirley, 02/28/96
Dreibrodt, Darrell Fred
 engagement announcement, 01/28/96
 wedding announcement, 5/26/96
Driscoll, J. Stewart- honored, 03–24–96
Druart, Katrina Clanahan- obituary, 7/28/96
Duesterheft, Royce Nolan- obituary, 10/2/96
Duggins, Valerie- photo, 11/8/96
Dunbar, Letitia Hill- obituary, 04/30/96
Dunson, Leigh- photo, 5/08/96
Dupont, Diane- photo, 12/1/96
Durand-Hollis, Gabriel- photo, 6/9/96
Durham, Patricia- photo, 8/22/96
Dusek, Carey Lynn- sentenced in child case, 9/10/96
Dvorak, Lisa- honor, photo, 5/21/96
Early, Bethany Ruth- killed in traffic accident, 7/2/96
East, Shannon- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Edds, Miranda Rae- birth announcement, 10/8/96
Edgell, John- photo, 5/16/96
Edwards Aquifer

Edwards Aquifer Authority

Edwards Furniture. See Businesses
Edwards Underground Water District
 Action against big water users, 5/28/96
 Conservation compliance--SWT, 5/09/96
 Stage 3 conservation, 5/21/96
Egger, Roscoe Thomas- obituary, 02/06/96
Eggleston, Thomas- Accused murderer, 04/03/96
Ehlers, Corey- profile, photo, 04/09/96
Electrosource. see Businesses
Elliott, Benge
 award, photo, 5/26/96
 Lions Club teaching excellence award- photo, 6/13/96
Elliott, Robert Lee, III- murder suspect, 01/11/96
Ellis, Christina- Marrow drive, photo, 01/11/96
Ellis, Dick- wedding announcement, 01/07/96
Ellisor, John Lee- engagement announcement, 9/8/96
Emerson, Debbie- photo, 03–03–96
Emerson, Joseph Meade- birth announcement, 7/28/96
Endangered Species- Federal logjam of local interest, 5/17/96
Endoza, Leticia Nicole- obituary, 12/8/96
Endsley Real Estate. See Businesses
English, Charles William- wanted, 03–14–96
Erwin, Ralph Edward- obituary, 5/14/96
Espinosa, Refugia- obituary, 8/6/96
Espinoza, Deborah Lynn- engagement announcement, 7/21/96
Espinoza, Joey- award, photo, 5/14/96
Esquivel, Juan- obituary, 11/8/96
Estrada, Ruben- crimestoppers, 9/24/96
Etheredge, Eddie
 county budget, 9/11/96
 photo, 12/31/96
Evans, Allene Pyland- obituary, 8/13/96
Evans, Austin- photo, 5/03/96
Evans, Dorothy- photo, 11/27/96
Evans, Marcus Eugene- obituary, 9/8/96
Evans, Mary- honored- photo, 9/6/96
Ewing, Celeste Estelle- obituary, 7/17/96
Fairchild, Jack- photo, 01/03/96
Farmer, Bonnie- photo, 02/21/96
Farmer, Kels
 photo, 01/03/96, 5/03/96
 profile and photo, 03–19–96
Faver, Dean- obituary, 10/15/96
Faylor, Nathan- engagement announcement, 12/1/96
Fecel, Craig- photo, 02/21/96
Federal Emergency Management Agency- Hays County properties, 11/22/96
Feigl, Christian
 engagement announcement, 03–17–96
 wedding announcement, 11/1/96
Felan, Victor- photo, 9/3/96
Felux, Philip Anthony
 engagement announcement, 7/21/96
 wedding announcement, 8/18/96
Fenley, Truman- obituary, 02/01/96
Ferguson, Mildred- obituary, 02/22/96
FFA. see Clubs
FHA/HERO- new officers- photo, 11/10/96
Fidelity National Insurance. See Businesses
Finlay, Diana
 photo, 9/25/96
 receives SWT Spanish  honor society award- photo, 6/5/96
Finlay, Jenni
 photo, 5/21/96
 photo and profile, 11/10/96
 profile and photo, 03–24–96
First Lutheran Church. See Churches
First Presbyterian Church. See Churches
First United Methodist. see Churches
Fish Hatchery

Fitzgerald, Alonzo- obituary, 6/11/96
Fitzgerald,Jay- joins local law firm, 11/17/96
FitzPatrick, Merry Kone- obituary- photo, 11/13/96
Flammang, Bob- photo, 9/29/96
Flamming, Bonnie- photo, 6/23/96
Flannery, Robert Lee
 Autopsy, 5/10/96
 drowning, 04/12/96
Fleming, James- attacked and beaten in Buda, 9/20/96
Fleming, Sarah- photo, 03–03–96, 03–17–96
Flenoury, Uzell (Bill)- obituary, 7/30/96
Floege, A. C.- obituary, 11/22/96
Flood maps

Flores, Adrian- photo, 01/17/96
Flores, Bea- photo, 03–13–96
Flores, Claudio H.- Anniversary announcement, 03–03–96, 03–10–96
Flores, Dionicio  "Don"- SWT Commencement speaker- photo, 8/4/96
Flores, Gary- honored, 03–17–96
Flores, Jerry- photo, 5/08/96
Flores, Lucrecio "Luke"- profile and photo, 03–01–96
Flores, Luke- Rescuer cited, 03–17–96
Flores, Marcos Paul- birth announcement, 02/18/96
Flores, Mr.and Mrs. George- 50th anniversary, 12/29/96
Flores, Oscar- Auto accident, 03–06–96
Flores, Saul V.- obituary, 7/31/96, 8/2/96
Fly, Kelly
 profile and photo, 03–24–96
 SM Junior Miss to compete for state title- photo, 7/23/96
Flynt, Laura- photo, 8/25/96
Folkes, Brett- engagement announcement, 04/07/96
Folkes, Brett Palmer- birth announcement, 6/23/96
Ford, Willie Mae Reed- ordained as a minister- photo, 9/29/96
Fore, Wilfora- obituary, 6/11/96
Forster, Sarah- photo, 02/21/96
Foster, Brigitte- photo, 5/28/96
Foster, Madeline Alton- obituary, 5/21/96
Foster, Shari- honored- photo, 12/15/96
Frank Piano Studio- piano recital awards- photo, 6/26/96
Franke, Regina- obituary, 02/27/96
Franklin, Rev. Glen- church fires spark concern- photo, 6/14/96
Franks, Helen- photo, 6/9/96
Frazier, Anthony- employee of the month, 9/6/96
Frazier, Elizabeth- obituary, 03–21–96
Freeman, Annie Lee- obituary, 01/25/96
Freeman,Lois- photo, 9/25/96
Frerking, Scott- photo, 8/18/96
Frerking, Scott Allan- wedding announcement, 12/15/96, 12/22/96
Friends of the Library. See Clubs
Friends of the San Marcos Animal Shelter. See Clubs
Frost Bank. see Banks
Fuchs, Marianne- wedding announcement, 7/14/96
Fuschak, Phyllis- photo, 12/8/96
Future Farmers of America. See Clubs
Gaines, Barbara- obituary, 7/28/96
Gaitan,Sr.,Adolfo- obituary, 7/11/96
Gallegos, Gilbert- photo, 02/11/96
Galvan, Roberto A.
 honor, 5/01/96
 receives Certificate of Merit, 8/7/96
Gamez, Stephanie- photo, 03–31–96
Ganann, Ross W.- obituary, 11/28/96
Gaona, David- photo, 5/08/96
Garate, Michelle- engagement announcement, 5/05/96
Garcia, Abel A.- Drowned, 5/28/96
Garcia, Barbara Lynn- wedding announcement, 01/28/96
Garcia, Crestina R.- obituary, 01/14/96
Garcia, Joseph- honor, photo, 01/28/96
Garcia, Leo- photo, 04/28/96, 05/19/96, 5/21/96
Garcia, Leonardo- photo, 8/25/96
Garcia, Raquel- profile, photo, 02/18/96
Garcia, Rosa M.- obituary, 12/31/96
Garcia, Rosalinda- engagement announcement, 02/18/96
Garcia, Terry- honored, 12/15/96
Garcia, William J.- obituary, 9/18/96
Garner, Leslie- Baylor University-queen nominee- photo, 9/29/96
Garrett, Jake- photo, 12/15/96
Garrett, Victoria Rose- birth announcement, 10/6/96
Gary Job Corps

Gary, Enos, 03–31–96
Garza, Felipe Falcon- obituary, 8/22/96
Garza, Gabe- photo, 5/21/96
Garza, Gonzalo
 Interim superintendent, photo, 01/23/96
 photo, 6/5/96
Garza, Jose- photo, 5/08/96
Garza, Jovita
 ob, 4/18/96
 obituary, 04/17/96
Garza, Liz- photo, 03–17–96
Garza, Pablo- photo, 01/25/96
Garza, Pablo and Esperanza
 40th wedding anniversary- photo, 6/13/96
 photo, 6/9/96
Garza, Ruben- profile, photo, 04/30/96
Gaston, Brittany Nicole- birth announcement, 5/05/96
Gauck, Monica- profile and photo, 01/23/96
GBRA- basin support, 9/4/96
Geiger, Pamela Rebecca- engagement announcement, 12/1/96
Geiger, Rev. Paul- obituary, 8/22/96
General Ionics. see Businesses
Gibbons, Skip- photo, 01/03/96
Gibbs, Delores- National African Violet Society- wins ribbons at show, 6/7/96
Giebitz, Bill- to perform at the library, 05/19/96
Giffin, Lane- engagement announcement, 04/21/96
Gift Shop Jewelers. See Businesses
Gilbreath, Don Burk- wedding announcement, 01/28/96
Gilley, Larry
 photo, 5/08/96
 profile and photo, 03–17–96
Gilmer, Steve- photo, 5/08/96
Gingrich, Newt
 protesters, 01/16/96
 to visit San Marcos, 01/10/96, 01/16/96
Girl Scouts. See Clubs
Girls State Program- Hays County participants- photo and profile, 6/16/96
Glascock, Holly- photo, 11/7/96
Glasscock,Mrs. W.B. (Mary)- obituary, 6/23/96
Godina, Masry Jane- engagement announcement, 12/22/96
Goforth, Bettye Dean McElhaney- obituary, 9/24/96
Gold, Clarence "Sonny"
 honor, photo, 5/23/96
 Remembered in D.W.Kerbow's column, 04/04/96
Goldapp, Casey- Texas A&M Singing Cadet- photo, 6/12/96
Golden Seal Services. See Businesses
Gomez, Rene Roman
 engagement announcement, 04/14/96
 wedding announcement, 8/11/96
Gonzales, Aldolfo- obituary, 02/13/96
Gonzales, Ben- sales award- photo, 6/13/96
Gonzales, Cruz (AKA: Francisco)- crimestoppers, 7/18/96, 7/25/96
Gonzales, Dale Richie- auto accident into house, 12/27/96
Gonzales, Julian- obituary, 10/2/96
Gonzales, Mary Elena- profile, photo, 02/15/96
Gonzales, Melanie Celeste- birth announcement, 9/1/96
Gonzales, Michael- photo, 9/10/96
Gonzales, Olga- Leukemia Memorial, 01/28/96
Gonzales, Viviano- profile, photo, 04/24/96
Gonzales-Ingalsbe, Debbie- profile, photo, 02/16/96, 04/10/96
Gonzalez, Tomas- obituary, 12/3/96
Goodall, Jane- photo, 12/1/96
Gooding, Kendall Anne- birth announcement, 01/21/96
Gooding, Morgan Lyn- birth announcement, 02/04/96
Goodman, Donald W.- obituary, 12/15/96
Gordon, Estelle Freida Sparks- obituary, 10/1/96
Gordon, Estelle Frieda Sparks- obituary, 10/2/96
Gossett, Drew- photo, 03–03–96, 04/28/96
Goynes, Paula, Tom and Sandy- photo, 5/26/96
Grace Lutheran Church. See Churches
Graffiti- Adopt-a-weekend project, 01/31/96
Graham, Johnnie- photo, 05/19/96
Gramm, Senator Phil- visit to San Marcos- photo, 6/23/96, 10/30/96
Granado, Frank- photo, 03–17–96
Grandinetti, Isaiah Salvatore- birth announcement, 01/30/96
Grant Harris Building- dedicated, 12/1/96
Grantham, Judy- photo, 05/17/96
Grantt, Elmarice- photo, 02/09/96
Grease Monkey. See Businesses
Greater San Marcos Area Seniors Association- Task force report, 04/04/96
Greater San Marcos Council of Neighborhood Associations- city services discussed, 02/09/96
Greater San Marcos Neighborhood Association- Discusses extended drinking hours, 03–15–96
Greater San Marcos Seniors Association- Panel discussion, 03–17–96
Greater San Marcos Youth Council- Workshops, 01/10/96
Green Guy Recycling. See Businesses
Green Thumb, Inc. See Businesses
Greenan, Shannon L.- SWT Dean's List, 6/12/96
Greene, Dick- photo, 9/29/96
Greer Rural Health Center. See Businesses
Gregg, A.W.- obituary, 5/26/96
Gregg, Cecil, Sr.- photo, 11/10/96
Gregg, Robie Ellen- obituary, 8/9/96
Grimes, Lucille- obituary, 5/17/96
Grin's. See Businesses
Grogg, Lorrie- engagement announcement, 8/18/96
Guadalupe St. Smokehouse. see Businesses
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority- seek surface waer supply, 6/28/96
Guerrero , Maria Teresa- engagement announcement, 8/4/96
Guerrero, Felberto- Graduate, 03–17–96
Guerrero, Jorge
 award, photo, 5/22/96
 photo, 02/07/96
Guerrero, Jose Angel- obituary, 02/21/96
Guerrero, Paul Hunter- photo, 01/03/96
Guerrero, Sabino P.- obituary, 7/23/96
Guidroz, Ronnie G.- obituary, 8/7/96
Guillen,Durquia M.- engagement announcement, 11/17/96
Gurvara, Susan- illustrator- photo, 9/15/96
Gusme, Juan- new police officer, 7/10/96
Gutierrez, David
 Crime Stoppers- photo, 6/25/96
 wanted, 5/16/96
Gutierrez, Irma- photo, 5/08/96
Gutierrez, Jose E.- obituary, 02/22/96
Gutierrez, Mario Ruben- engagement announcement, 11/17/96
Gutierrez, Simon- obituary, 11/21/96
Guzaldo, Anthony Jude
 engagement announcement, 02/11/96
 wedding announcement, 12/22/96
Gwynn, David A.- engagement announcement, 02/25/96
Habingreither, Robert- Southwest Texas State University graduation, 5/07/96
Habitat for Humanity, 01/24/96, 01/24/96 (two items)

HADCO Manufacturing Co.- tax abatement, 12/3/96
Hadsell, Phoena- photo, 11/27/96
Hageman, Alta Ruth (McWilliams)- obituary, 9/27/96
Hageman, B.J.- photo, 01/05/96, 6/13/96
Hageman, Heather- award, photo, 5/14/96
Hager Landscape and Tree Inc. See Businesses
Hager, Patricia- photo, 04/21/96
Hahn, Kyle
 Beer recycling nipped, 03–21–96
 selling beer without license, 6/5/96
Hajek, Nancy Faye Laechelin- obituary, 04/21/96
Hale, William "Cage"- obituary, 7/23/96
Haley, Josie Sidney- obituary, 12/29/96
Hall, Abigail Grace- birth announcement, 7/28/96
Hall, Anthony- photo, 03–03–96
Hall, Mabel- piano students in awards recital- photo and profile, 7/17/96
Hamby, James Kelley- obituary, 11/26/96
Hamel,Major D.C.- photo, 6/19/96
Hamer, Clifford, Jr.- obituary, 7/7/96
Hamer, Dorothy Elinor- obituary, 11/14/96
Hamilton, David E.- obituary, 12/5/96
Hammonds, Larry- graduates Bankers School- photo, 6/30/96
Hampton, Jeanette- obituary, 04/05/96, 04/07/96
Hancock, Wayne- profile and photo, 5/15/96
Handrick, Keith- photo, 5/03/96
Hannan, Richard
 announced resignation, 02/23/96
 Named in suit, 03–29–96
Hannie, Tim- engagement announcement, 01/21/96
Hans, Cheryl Lynn
 engagement announcement, 7/21/96
 wedding announcement, 10/20/96
Hansen, Jeremy
 photo, 02/04/96
 S.F.A.U. scholarship- photo, 11/7/96
Hansen, Ruth and John- adopt Russian children- photo, 8/11/96
Hanson, Larry
 Habitat for Humanity- photo, 9/11/96
 photo, 01/17/96, 9/26/96
Hanson, Susan
 honored, 03–24–96
 photo, 9/25/96
Hanusch, Brenda and Harold- photo, 01/31/96
Hardin, Jan- resigns, 9/13/96
Hardy, Darcy- photo, 01/17/96
Hargrove, Alison- photo, 5/09/96
Hargrove, Dana- photo, 01/26/96
Harper, Bruce- photo, 9/1/96
Harper, George- profile, photo, 02/13/96
Harper, Ira- obituary, 5/16/96
Harriger, David- new Goodnight Jr.High principal- photo, 10/31/96
Harris, Eteran, Latoria, and Shaybren- Auto accident, 03–05–96
Harris, Taneshia
 photo, 01/28/96, 5/30/96
 profile and photo, 01/30/96
Harrison, Jim and Jack- photo, 02/18/96
Harwell, Nathan- photo, 04/21/96
Harwood, McKinney Fairbanks- birth announcement, 6/23/96
Hasting's. See Businesses
Hastings, Laura
 stabbed and home burglarized, 9/12/96
 stabbings a hoax, 9/13/96
Hastings, Sheriff Paul- honored on retirement- photo-flag ceremony, 12/15/96
Haverda, Heather Marie- engagement announcement, 11/24/96
Hawkins, Jason
 indicted for murder in Wimberley- photo and profile, 12/15/96
 murder suspect- photo, 8/29/96
Hawkins, Jayson Perry- murder suspect arrested, 9/4/96
Hayes, Elizabeth Ann- birth announcement, 02/18/96
Haygood, Marcus- photo, 03–19–96
Haynes, Jr., Walter Patrick- obituary, 11/14/96
Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Hays County

Hays County Animal Hospital. See Businesses
Hays County Farm Bureau- Citizenship Seminar- photo, 8/9/96
Hays County Youth Show, 01/17/96, 01/21/96
 profile and photos, 01/28/96
Hays Nursing Center. See Businesses
Hays, Joan- SWT award- photo, 9/1/96
Hays-Caldwell Women's Center

Hazel, Thurston Stanley- obituary, 02/04/96
Health care

Heartbeat of San Marcos. See Businesses
Heartfield, Anna D.- obituary, 8/1/96
Heartworks/Paper Bear. See Businesses
Heatwole, Rebecca
 photo, 01/24/96, 02/23/96, 04/28/96
 profile and photo, 03–24–96, 04/16/96
Heffington, Cason Blain- birth announcement, 9/8/96
Heindl, Michael Paul- obituary, 5/08/96, 5/09/96
Heineman, Victoria Kay
 engagement announcement, 02/11/96
 wedding announcement, 12/22/96
Heinroth, Betty- program funded, 01/12/96
Helduser, Janet- photo, 6/23/96
Helduser, Jim Bob- fired as SWT football coach- photo, 11/5/96
Helm, Nacona Lee- engagement announcement, 7/7/96
Helmly, Gay- new personal health director, 7/12/96
Helton, J. R.- author--photo, 9/11/96
Hemler, Daniel- young driver accident- photo, 10/17/96
Hemphill, Jewell- obituary, 02/06/96
Henderson, Dick- Bird project, 5/05/96
Henderson, Ella (Boots)- obituary, 8/20/96
Henderson, Ivan Leigh- wanted, 01/18/96
Henderson, Laura Elaine
 engagement announcement, 6/2/96
 wedding announcement, 10/13/96
Hendrix, Janis- honor, photo, 01/14/96
Hennessy,Bridget- photo, 9/19/96
Herdman, Fred- engagement announcement, 7/7/96
Hererra, Joseph Renee- birth announcement, 10/20/96
Heritage Association. see Clubs
Heritage Festival- profile and photo, 5/08/96
Herkimer, Allen- honored- photoand profile, 10/6/96
Hernandez Esther V. obituary, 7/25/96
Hernandez,  Gilbert and Janie- 40th anniversary- photo, 11/17/96
Hernandez, Dionisia- obituary, 01/11/96
Hernandez, Eric- engagement announcement, 02/18/96
Hernandez, Francisco- obituary, 05/19/96
Hernandez, Manuel "Cisco" R.- anniversary announcement, 02/18/96
Hernandez, Marcela C.- obituary, 02/28/96
Hernandez, Margarita- obituary, 7/12/96, 7/14/96
Hernandez, Ramiro Raymond M.- obituary, 04/09/96
Hernandez, Reynaldo- dies of boxing injuries- photo, 11/17/96
Hernandez, Rick- photo, 04/10/96, 10/15/96, 12/22/96
Hernandez, Vicente
 Crimestoppers, 8/896
 crimestoppers, 9/12/96
 wanted, 02/22/96
Hernandez-Spivey, Patti- honor, photo, 01/12/96
Herrington, Henry Elton- obituary, 03–19–96
Herrmann, Linda Marie- engagement announcement, 8/4/96
Herzik, Madeline Baumgarten- obituary, 11/5/96
Herzog, Christie- photo, 01/03/96
Herzog, Lisa and Christy- photo and profile, 01/11/96
Herzog, Randy- Fight, 04/17/96
Hicks, Marcus
 photo, 01/28/96
 profile and photo, 01/16/96
Hiedrich, June Turner- obituary, 02/14/96
Higgins, Stacye- engagement announcement, 9/22/96
Hightower, Brannon Harrell
 engagement announcement, 02/04/96
 wedding announcement, 04/14/96
Hill Country Line Dancers- perform in San Antonio- photo, 11/17/96
Hill, Donna- photo, 6/9/96
Hills of Hays--break-in- Crimestoppers, 6/23/96
Hindson, Laurie- photo, 02/28/96
Hinojosa, Francisca Mendez- obituary, 01/04/96
Hinojosa, Jesse- honor, photo, 05/01/96
Hinote, Eddie- photo, 02/15/96
Hinspater, Brenda- photo, 04/28/96, 5/05/96, 6/5/96
Hinspator, Brenda- photo, 6/9/96
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Historic Preservation Committee- preservation week, 5/16/96
Hoch, Sam August- obituary, 04/09/96
Hodnett, David Craig- auto death, 01/16/96
Hofer, Kay- letter to the editor, 01/24/96
Hoffmann, Elizabeth Ann- wedding announcement, 7/7/96
Hofmann, Don- photo and profile, 10/6/96
Hofmann,Joel- photo and profile, 10/6/96
Hoges, Heidi Wray- ph, 8/18/96
Hohman, Cordell Edward- obituary, 04/12/96, 04/14/96
Holland, Niki
 nominated for Heisman award, 7/21/96
 photo, 5/09/96
Holland, Robert- profile and photo, 03–06–96
Holt, Clifford Clayton- obituary, 11/20/96
Holtermann, Gladys E. Lehmberg- obituary, 03–19–96
Homann, Lucille Hilda Reinhardt- obituary, 03–17–96
Homeless, 01/07/96
Homespun Early Childhood Intervention- profile and photo, 05/19/96
Hood, Dana Kaye
 engagement announcement, 02/11/96
 wedding announcement, 6/9/96
Hood, Katherine Beckett- obituary, 6/11/96
 photo, 6/14/96
Hood, Kathryn- obituary, 6/9/96
Hord, Mildred Ruth (Billie)- obituary, 8/23/96
Hospice of Central Texas- profile and photo, 03–31–96
Hospice of San Marcos
 benefit gala- photo, 10/13/96
 Cigar dinner fundraiser planned, 04/12/96
Hotels and Motels- Howard Johnson- Ribbon cutting, 04/21/96
House, David Dustin- engagement announcement, 8/11/96
Housing. see San Marcos, City of -- Housing Authority
Houston, Joel- killed in auto accident--Hwy 80/Hwy 21 intersection- photo, 6/21/96
Howard Johnson. See Businesses
Howard, Brenda- photo, 5/09/96
Howard, Mac- engagement announcement, 04/07/96
Howard, Nancy- photo, 04/28/96, 5/05/96, 6/5/96
Howard, Rouie Mead- obituary, 04/28/96
Howard, Virginia- obituary, 01/19/96
Hsu, Ronald- photo, 5/05/96
Hudiburg, Howard- photo, 03–27–96
Hudson, Barbi Lynn
 engagement announcement, 04/07/96
 wedding announcement, 7/14/96
Hudson, Geoffrey- photo, 12/1/96
Hughson, Jane- profile and photo, 04/17/96
Humphries, Gregory Mark
 engagement announcement, 6/2/96
 wedding announcement, 10/13/96
Hurlbut, Brooke- photo, 04/28/96
Hutzler, Monique- engagement announcement, 01/28/96
Hyde, Valerie- Wimberley teen killed in auto accident, 7/11/96
Hyde, Valerie Ann- obituary, 7/10/96, 7/11/96
Hyink, Donald William- obituary, 01/24/96
Iden, Gia Renee- wedding announcement, 04/14/96
Iglehart, Jesse Hilary- obituary, 5/07/96
Ignatius B. Rylander House- profile, photo, 04/24/96
IH-35- Corridor planning meeting, 03–20–96, 03–28–96
IH-35 auto collision- two killed, eight injured, 8/27/96
Immigration aand Naturalization Sesrvices- illegal Mexico aliens arrested, 10/4/96
Inglehart, Jesse Hilary- obituary, 5/08/96, 5/09/96
Ingram, Jack- Heroes and songs- photo, 9/15/96
 City of San Marcos homepage, 03–31–96
 local project, 02/09/96
Irby, Jimi- Realtor honored- photo, 12/15/96
Islas, Pete- photo, 8/9/96
Jack Thomas House, 5/01/96
Jackson Chapel Methodist Church. See Churches
Jackson, J. C.- Memorium and photo, 12/22/96
Jackson, Jim Bob- profile and photo, 03–05–96
Jackson, Luke
 photo, 5/08/96
 profile, photo, 04/23/96
Jackson, Robert A.- obituary, 7/5/96
Jacobs, Michael J.- graduates-combat training, 12/29/96
Jacobson, Barbara- photo, 01/07/96
Jacobson,Tessa K.- engagement announcement, 8/11/96
Jalufka, Linda- Allstate Insurance award- photo, 7/11/96
James, Kenneth Atchison- obituary, 11/7/96
Janszen, Vivian- obituary, 03–27–96
Jarnagan, Wright E.- obn, 11/6/96
Jaycees. see Clubs
Jenkines, Kenneth Robert- engagement announcement, 03–17–96
Jennings, Eugene "Gene"- obituary, 12/17/96
Jennings, Jubilee- photo, 03–03–96, 03–17–96, 04/28/96, 5/26/96
Jennings, Karen
 honor, photo, 5/09/96
 photo, 05/19/96
Jewelers Financial Services. See Businesses
Jimenez, Sr., Jose- obituary, 10/20/96
John A. Montgomery House, 04/14/96
Johnson, Ann- photo, 02/25/96
Johnson, Dale
 charges filed for endangering son, 6/28/96
 father who took baby free on bond, 7/16/96
Johnson, David Francis- Murder victim in Wimberley, 8/13/96
Johnson, J.J.- scholarships, 02/08/96
Johnson, Jerry- discusses Marrowthon, 04/28/96
Johnson, Jessica Anne- wins scholarship- photo and profile, 7/3/96
Johnson, John- engagement announcement, 8/18/96
Johnson, Latronda Devon- wedding announcement, 6/30/96
Johnson, Liz Champagne- wins award from Klein Independent School District-photo and profile, 7/3/96
Johnson, Luke
 baby taken by father found in Minnesota, 7/3/96
 newborn baby reunited with mother, 7/7/96
Johnson, Thomas Chambless- obituary, 8/16/96
Jones family triplets- adventures- photo, 9/1/96
Jones, Bob- artists donate portrait of Doris Miller, 01/31/96
Jones, Camille- photo, 04/28/96
Jones, Davey- photo, 02/11/96
Jones, Garrett Michael- birth announcement, 04/21/96
Jones, James Keith- engagement announcement, 03–20–96
Jones, Joni- employee of the year, 12/29/96
Jones, Ronnie- trombone solo- photo, 9/18/96
Jones, Tommy- photo, 01/24/96
Joost family- deaths probed, 02/25/96
Jordan, David, Jr.- photo, 02/22/96
Jorgenson, Jeff- Home on tour, 5/01/96
Jowers,Milton- photo, 6/21/96
Judge W.D. Wood Home, 5/01/96

Junior Miss program, 01/28/96
Junior Service League. See Clubs
Kahanek,Karen Lynn- obituary, 6/11/96
Kanemeier, Melanie K.- engagement announcement, 02/25/96
Kangus, William Frederick- obituary, 10/24/96
Keefe, Tammy Louise- engagement announcement, 6/30/96
Keefer, James Alan- auto death, 01/19/96
Keese, Linda
 new EUWD director, photo, 01/31/96
 photo, 6/18/96, 9/25/96
Keith, Penny- New Neighborhood coordinator, 01/26/96
Keith, Tom- photo, 02/04/96
Kelley, Cheyenne Noah
 Drowning death, 03–26–96
 obituary, 03–28–96
Kendrick, Jimmy- photo, 6/9/96
Kendrick,Larry- photo, 6/9/96
Kensing, Kenneth- photo, 01/28/96
Kenworthy, Joe- photo, 02/11/96
Kercheville, Bob- obituary, 9/17/96
Kersh, David- country music- photo and profile, 10/23/96
Kester, Jeffrey H.
 honor from Tx Hist. Comm, 04/28/96
 honor, photo, 01/28/96
 Texas Historical Commission--award- photo, 6/16/96
Kiesling, Ben- murdered, 01/24/96
Kincaid, Carlton Thomas
 engagement announcement, 02/11/96
 wedding announcement, 6/9/96
King, Martha Ann- obituary, 9/4/96
King, Richard Lee- obituary, 10/20/96
King, Richard Randal- pleads guilty in porn case, 7/10/96
King, Robert- photo, 03–19–96
Kinser, Bobby- profile and photo, 03–05–96
Kite Fest. see Clubs Bluebonnet Lions
Kiwanis. See Clubs
Kneupper, Herman J.- obituary, 01/07/96
Knight, Ann
 Daughter sentenced, 04/03/96
 murder trial, 01/28/96
Knott, Ron- photo, 7/18/96
Koch, Fannita "Bunny" Gurwitz- obituary, 02/14/96
Koenig, Darin James- engagement announcement, 7/7/96
Koger, Melody- photo, 02/28/96
Kohut, Ken- photo, 6/18/96
Kokes, Kimberly Diane- engagement announcement, 03–20–96
Kottas, Sandra- missing, 5/26/96
Kraft Mobiletel. See Businesses
Kraft, Janice- honored, 03–31–96
Kramer, Jeanne C.- obituary, 9/24/96
Krueger, Bill- ex-SMHS basketball coach- National Coach of the Year- photo, 6/21/96
Kudla, Mitchell Norman- obituary, 12/3/96
Kutner, P.K.- photo, 5/08/96
Kutscher, Ethel Naomi Posey- obituary, 5/31/96
Kyle Countryside Baptist. see Churches
Kyle United Methodist. See Churches
Kyle, Henry C.- Home on tour, 04/24/96
La Primavera, 03–05–96
La Primavera Bike Race, 02/29/96
Lackey, Patricia- photo, 11/8/96
Lafferty, Tammy Kathleen- wanted, 02/15/96
Lahman, Kimberly Ann- engagement announcement, 8/18/96
Lalich, Dean- photo, 01/17/96
Lancoln, Christopher- killed in head-on crash, 10/24/96
Lane, Doil Edward- death sentence upheld, 11/7/96
Lane, Imoigene- obituary, 12/27/96
Lange, Clarence "C.J."- obituary, 03–20–96
Langenkamp, Stephanie- photo, 8/2896
Lara, Soledad Z.- obituary, 9/17/96, 9/18/96
Lara, Veronica- engagement announcement, 7/7/96
Latham, Jeffrey Wade- Auto accident, 02/15/96
Latta, Marley- photo, 01/07/96
Laughlin, Greg
 Accused of "push poll," 03–07–96
 Local popularity deminishes, 03–01–96
 photo, 12/11/96
 profile, 02/08/96
Lawler, Mapel Lois- obituary, 01/09/96
Lawrence, Rancy P.- engagement announcement, 8/11/96
Lawrence, Wendy
 engagement announcement, 5/05/96
 wedding announcement, 8/11/96
Leadership San Marcos- speaker-Ron Birk- photo, 8/30/96
League of Women Voters. see Clubs
Ledesma, Vince- photo, 5/21/96
LeDoux, Spencer- Berry College orientation- photo, 9/15/96
Lee, Pearl- photo, 12/24/96
Leffingwell, Clifford- wedding announcement, 6/16/96
Leinneweber, Lucille D.- obituary, 6/23/96
Lemak, Laura Renee
 engagement announcement, 04/14/96
 wedding announcement, 8/11/96
Lesak, Sarah- photo, 12/15/96
Lewallen, Jason- photo, 11/17/96
Lewis, Raymond T.- obituary, 7/14/96, 7/16/96, 7/17/96
Libraries. See also San Marcos Public Library
 Hays County Library Association- Coordinates resources, 4/19/96
Limon, Estefana Negret- obituary, 9/26/96, 9/27/96
Limpach, Sharon- profile, photo, 02/20/96
Linares, Nora- Texas Lottery, 12/5/96
Lions Club. see Clubs
Lipka, Melanie- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Lishman, Lesley- to perform at the library, 05/19/96
Little Arkansas campground. See Businesses
Locke, Crystal- photo, 04/28/96, 10/15/96
Loera, Michael Rene- birth announcement, 04/21/96
Loftin, Ryan- photo, 02/06/96, 05/19/96
Logan, William- photo, 12/8/96
Lohn, Sarah- photo, 04/28/96
Long, Harold E. obituary, 7/25/96
Long, Kenneth- new County medical director, 8/14/96
Longley, Cleo- obituary, 03–19–96
Longoria-Facundo, John Angel- obituary, 6/26/96
Lopez, Ana- photo, 8/22/96
Lopez, Mary B.
 obituary, 8/1/96
 obituary and photo, 8/2/96
Lorenz, Ethel Rowland- obituary, 11/13/96, 11/14/96
Losack, George- profile, photo, 02/27/96
Lowden, Coy
 photo, 04/03/96
 profile, photo, 04/09/96
Lower Colorado River Authority

Lowrider Car Show- LULAC benefit- photo, 9/11/96
Lucas, Jessica- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Lucio, Benancio- obituary, 8/21/96
Lucky Break Stained Glass. See Businesses
 See Businesses, 02/04/96
LULAC. See Clubs
Luna, Cris- photo, 02/25/96
Lundy, Eunice Fay- obituary, 11/27/96, 11/29/96
Lynch, Calvin- obituary, 12/31/96
Lynch, Thomas Michael- obituary, 8/6/96
Lynum, Lee Ann- photo, 01/03/96
Machado, Ronnie- Injured in fight, 5/05/96
Machann, Theresa Frances- obituary, 01/02/96
Mahan, John Derwood
 engagement announcement, 05/19/96
 wedding announcement, 8/18/96
Major, Bill- photo, 11/17/96
Major, Kacey- San Marcos Baptist Academy- Homecoming Queen- photo, 11/17/96
Makk, Fredrik- profile, photo, 04/30/96
Marantino, Ann-Jeanette- honored by Lions Club- photo, 6/9/96
Maratin, Jerri- photo, 10/13/96
Marbach, Kolton Paul- birth announcement, 02/18/96
Margerison, Claire
 photo, 02/07/96, 05/17/96
 profile and photo, 04/11/96
 profile, photo, 04/23/96
Marijuana discovery- rented RV, 9/1/96
Marmolejo, Marcelino- obituary, 02/13/96
Marrow donor drive, 02/13/96, 02/20/96, 04/28/96
 third annual, 01/11/96
Martin, Billy- photo, 5/23/96
Martin, James Boyer- obituary, 01/04/96
Martin, Jerri- profile, photo, 02/21/96
Martin, Loyd F.- obituary, 12/17/96
Martin, Nelson S.- obituary, 04/07/96, 04/09/96

Martindale Water Supply Corporation- water rules, 6/20/96
Martinez, Abelardo "Lalo"- obituary, 5/02/96
Martinez, Alfredo- obituary, 03–10–96
Martinez, Angel- photo, 05/19/96
Martinez, Angela Lynn- obituary, 8/29/96
Martinez, Anne- photo, 11/17/96
Martinez, Beatrice- honor, photo, 03–01–96
Martinez, Blas- obituary, 12/5/96
Martinez, Dawvid T.- obituary, 8/27/96
Martinez, Eddie- award, photo, 5/22/96
Martinez, Jesse Lee- arrested, 02/06/96
Martinez, Lisa- photo, 12/15/96
Martinez, Maria R.- obituary, 12/31/96
Martinez, Regelio- obituary, 02/07/96
Martinez, Ricardo Garza- arrested, 11/10/96
Martinez, Ricky- more charges, 11/15/96
Mascio, Mark- photo, 03–24–96
Mason, Laura- photo, 04/28/96
Masonic Lodge. See Clubs
Massey, Herman Virtrece- obituary, 11/24/96
Massey, Terry- Champion Chili Cook- photo, 9/24/96
Matherly, Thomas- profile and photo, 03–06–96
Mathis, Donte- photo, 01/11/96
Matthews, Joan- Home on tour, 04/21/96
Mayhew, Mark- Realtor honored- photo, 12/15/96
McBride, Catherine- Texas Lutheran Dean's List, 6/30/96
McBride, Janis- "sports mom of the year"- photo, 6/23/96
McBride, Karen
 photo, 03–29–96, 04/14/96, 5/10/96, 05/17/96, 05/19/96
 profile and photo, 01/16/96, 03–12–96
 scholarships, 02/11/96
McBryde, Shane- photo, 04/21/96
McCabe, Joe- photo, 01/17/96
McCarty, Heather- wedding announcement, 6/9/96
McCarty-Turley, Lynda- photo, 02/14/96, 7/3/96
McClung, David- photo, 11/17/96
McCollum, Marcy,- photo, 11/24/96
McCoy Corporation. see Businesses
McCoy, Andrew Michael- engagement announcement, 10/6/96
McCoy, Andy- Belmont University Dean's List, 7/10/96
McCoy, Emmett- Olympic torch bearer, 5/22/96
McCoy, Emmett and Miriam
 anniversary announcement, 02/22/96
 photo, 6/18/96
McCoy, Katie- photo, 9/19/96
McDaniel, Leo- photo, 02/07/96
McDaniel, Minnie Mae (Mickey)- obituary, 10/4/96
McDavid, Harriet- obituary, 03–27–96
McDonald's. See Businesses
McDonald, Lola Gail
 engagement announcement, 04/07/96
 wedding announcement, 6/23/96
McGehee, Viola- obituary, 12/31/96
McGuyre, Glenn Richard
 engagement announcement, 04/21/96
 wedding announcement, 8/25/96
McInnis, Poem- wedding announcement, 7/7/96
McKinney, Allison- honor, 03–03–96
McKinney, Mary Wilson- 1996 Hall of Fame- photo, 6/9/96
McKinnon, Ted- profile, photo, 02/29/96
McLeod, Era Thelma- obituary- photo, 6/2/96
McMilian, Dave- photo, 5/08/96
McMillan, Kimberly- engagement announcement, 8/11/96
McMullen, Julie
 photo, 03–31–96
 profile and photo, 03–19–96
McNabb, Gerry- Artist- photo, 12/15/96
McNabb, Paula- photo, 12/15/96
McNair, Frances- wildlife- photo, 10/23/96
Medcalf, Michael- profile and photo, 04/16/96
Medina, Naomi- photo, 02/07/96
Meehand, Evelyn- photo, 5/03/96
Megas, Eugene- against county budget and pay raises- photo, 9/11/96
Meischen, Jeff- engagement announcement, 01/28/96
Memorial Day ceremonies, 5/17/96, 5/26/96, 5/28/96
Menchaca, Velma- photo, 04/30/96
Mendez, Juan- Bizarre hit-and-run, 5/14/96
Mendez, Julius- photo, 03–27–96
Mendiola, Elma- photo, 04/21/96
Mendoza, Augie- city employee--filling pot holes in city streets- photo, 7/7/96
Mendoza, Deseree- photo, 04/21/96
Mendoza, Domingo R.- obituary, 5/15/96
Mendoza, Irma- obituary, 5/22/96
Mendoza, Lisa- photo, 5/21/96
Mendoza, Maria- obituary, 02/11/96
Mendoza, Richard C.- obituary, 10/11/96
Mendoza, Roger- photo, 5/23/96
Mercado, Juanita L.- obituary, 02/20/96
Merriweather, Dustin
 photo, 03–10–96, 4/18/96
 profile and photo, 03–26–96
 profile, photo, 02/13/96, 02/27/96
Mexican Aliens found dead  in field near Buda, 7/24/96
Meyer, Ralph- interviewed, 01/03/96
Meyers, Frances- Memorium and photo, 12/15/96
Mihalkanin, Ed
 photo, 10/15/96
 profile, photo, 4/18/96
Milbfurn, Cullom F.- obituary, 9/22/96
Militias- Hays County has been spared 'paper terrorism,' 01/31/96
Miller, Louis James Berghammer- obituary, 04/07/96
Miller, Mike- photo, 01/07/96
Ministerial Alliance- Annual Community Thanksgiving Service- photo, 11/20/96
Mitchell, Jimmy- photo, 03–31–96
Mitchell, Matthew- honored- photo, 12/15/96
Montague, Don
 profile, photo, 02/25/96
 wins Hays Sheriff- photo, 11/6/96
Montenegro, Hector

Montenegros, Raquel- photo, 8/22/96
Montondon, Marcus and Lucille- Yard of the month- ph, 11/17/96
Montondon, Nikki- award, photo, 5/14/96
Montoya, Priscilla- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Montoya, Robert
 died of a malignant brain tumor, 6/28/96
 family seeks answers of death, 6/16/96
 obituary- photo, 6/13/96
Mooney, Bob- profile and photo, 04/16/96
Mooney, Frank and Ruth- celebrate 5oth wedding anniversary- photo, 7/21/96
Moore, Billy
 AG opinion on council seat, 03–19–96
 new mayor, 5/07/96
 profile, photo, 04/23/96
Moore, Della Bea- obituary, 01/21/96
Moore, Mary- obituary, 7/18/96, 7/23/96
Moore, Mayor Billy- photo, 6/19/96, 9/25/96
Moore, Mike- photo, 8/18/96
Moore, Pat- photo, 03–03–96
Moore, Terrence- profile, photo, 5/07/96
Moore, Wayne- photo, 03–31–96
Moraga, Alex M.- memorial, 02/25/96
Morales, Rachel- wins "Texas Hero Against Hunger," 8/2/96
Morales, Victor
 campaign- photo, 10/30/96
 Candidate in San Marcos, 5/05/96
Moreno, Anna- wedding announcement, 9/22/96
Moreno, David- photo, 8/25/96
Morgan, Lotella E.- obituary, 04/16/96
Morgan, Nicole- engagement announcement, 12/1/96
Morgan, Paul- photo, 5/26/96
Morin, Carol- photo, 02/11/96
Morris, Charles "Lefty"
 Blasts Ron Paul on drugs, 4/19/96
 profile, photo, 02/13/96
Morris, Curlo- obituary, 11/27/96
Morris, Gary Wayne- obituary, 6/9/96, 6/11/96
Morris, Grace- photo, 03–27–96
Morris, Kathy- announces retirement, 02/07/96
Morris, Michael M.- auto injury, 01/19/96
Morris, Nate- obituary, 03–31–96
Morris, Rachel- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Morris, Ruth- photo, 05/01/96
Morris, Winter Renee
 engagement announcement, 12/22/96
 wedding announcement, 12/15/96
Moses, Alfred Tennyson- obituary, 8/4/96
Moss, Alisa- honor, photo, 05/01/96
Moss, Jane- photo, 9/15/96
Mostyn, Paige- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Mountain boomer (lizard)- photo and profile, 01/11/96
Mountain View Motel. see businesses
Mueller, Charles- obituary, 10/24/96
Mueller, Deanna- photo, 12/15/96
Mueller, Dena- award-photo, 12/18/96
Muir, Marial Rae- obituary, 10/1/96
Muir, Mariel M.- SWT Science Dean- dies after collapse, 9/29/96
Munk, Harriett Ruth- obituary, 8/15/96, 8/16/96, 8/18/96
Munoz, Mario- photo, 02/11/96
Murdock, Pat- award, 02/18/96
Murphy, Elizabeth McKinney- obituary, 01/28/96
 Ash Family Band- photo, 01/17/96
 Freed at Last, 02/18/96
NAACP. see Clubs
Nabor, Ernesto M.- Military service, 03–24–96
Narlock, Kathryn R.- obituary, 9/22/96
Narvaiz, Jr., Mike- engagement announcement, 11/10/96
Narvaiz, Miguel, Sr.- obituary, 9/10/96, 9/11/96
Nash Elizabeth- chairman of TSUS Board of Regents- photo, 11/24/96
Nash, Anne
 photo, 04/24/96
 profile and photo, 03–24–96
 San Marcos Baptist Academy- 1997 Corps Sweetheart- photo, 11/17/96
Nash, Caroline- photo, 04/24/96
Nash, Chuck- photo, 12/8/96
Nash, Elizsbeth- Girl Scout committee- photo and profile, 12/11/96
Nash, Katherine- photo, 04/24/96
Nasso, Beth Ann- engagement announcement, 04/21/96
Nasvarrette, John L.- photo, 6/9/96
National Hospice Month- celebrated, 11/6/96
Native Americans- SacredSprings Pow Pow- photo, 10/9/96
Navarez, Darren- arrested, 6/28/96
Neighbors, Jeff- photo, 02/18/96
Neighbors, Todd- SWT Grad, new coach at Texas A&M-Kingsville, 8/2/96
Nelson, Elizabeth Westmoreland- obituary, 10/23/96
Nesbitt,Mildred Beatrice Gregory- obituary, 7/9/96
Nevares, Dan
 Bill's author responds, 02/29/96
 challenges constitutionality of SMCISD policy, 02/15/96
 Federal judge injunction, 03–07–96
 Judge rules in Nevares' favor, 5/02/96
 San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District appeals case, 5/30/96
 to be heard in federal court, 02/21/96
 Williams files similar suit, 03–27–96
Nevares, Darren
 arrested--shooting spree, 6/25/96
 released on bond, 6/26/96
 suspect, 01/26/96
New August Moon Restaurant. See Businesses
New, Jenna- saves grandmother, 12/29/96
Newman, Charlotte- obituary, 02/08/96
Nicholas, Nancy- photo, 04/28/96
Nicholas, Nancy Lee- engagement announcement, 11/1/96
Nichols, Roger Leola- obituary, 12/26/96
Niesner, Bradley- photo, 5/05/96
Nino, Jessica- honored- photo, 12/15/96
Nite, Lemma- Christmas in miniature- photo and profile, 12/25/96
Nite, Marvin and Lemma- 50th wedding  anniversary- photo, 6/5/96
Noon Kiwanis. see Clubs
Nordloh, Jeremy- new DPS trooper- photo, 8/25/96
Northcutt, Ainsley Cathryn and Adair Elizabeth- obituary, 5/16/96
Nu Chapter. See Clubs
 Studies youth leadership, 04/21/96
Nunley, Katherine Lucille
 engagement announcement, 04/21/96
 wedding announcement, 8/25/96
Nunn, Gertruce Norsworthy- obituary, 9/10/96
Nusbaum, Nick and Delrose- 50th Wedding anniversary- photo, 11/24/96
O'Connor, Kylene- photo, 05/01/96
O'Donnell, Christy Ann- engagement announcement, 03–17–96
O'Donnell, Jo Ann Marie- engagement announcement, 7/14/96
O'Neil, Joana- lead in U.T. production, 11/8/96
Ojeda, Frank- crimestoppers, 9/17/96
Old First Christian Church. See Churches
Oles, David- profile and photo, 03–31–96
Oles, David John
 engagement announcement, 04/14/96
 wedding announcement, 8/11/96
Oles, Wendy Marie
 engagement announcement, 03–17–96
 wedding announcement, 11/1/96
Oliva, Veronica- photo, 04/21/96
Olivares, Mindy- photo, 9/6/96
Olivo, Jason- profile and photo, 03–12–96
Opheim,Cynthia- New Political Science Dept. Chair.- photo, 7/7/96
Orloff, Norman Sproule- obituary, 8/1/96, 8/2/96
Ortega, Joe- photo, 7/25/96
Ortiz, Raquel Adriana- engagement announcement, 01/21/96
Ortunio, Luis- United Way winner- photo, 12/15/96
Oshan, Scott David- wedding announcement, 7/28/96
Ottmers, Frances Fleming- wedding announcement, 9/29/96
Overall, Amity
 photo, 04/04/96
 profile and photo, 03–24–96
Owen, Eleanor Edith- wedding announcement, 7/28/96
Oyervides, Michelle- University of North Texas- Dean's honor roll, 7/10/96
Ozuna,Jr, Antonio- photo, 12/8/96
P.A.W.S. Style Show- photos, 6/18/96
Paap, Chris- profile and photo, 01/23/96
Pacheco, Marcos- obituary, 10/8/96
Pacheco, Ruben- Auto accident, 04/16/96
Pack, Gary- photo, 9/25/96
Padalecki, Margaret Ann- engagement announcement, 05/19/96
Palomares, Genaro- obituary, 04/10/96
Palomo, Sr., Mr.and Mrs. Bernabe- 30th anniversary- photo, 7/7/96
Pannel, Melanie- photo, 5/21/96
Papa John's Pizza. See Businesses
Pape, Trista- engagement announcement, 12/15/96
Parker, Jan- photo, 03–10–96, 04/14/96
Parker, Paige- photo, 9/13/96
Parker, William Marshal- engagement announcement, 8/18/96
Parkerson, Curtis- photo, 9/15/96
Parks, Robert C.- obituary, 10/15/96
Parra, Jerry Ray- profile, photo, 02/28/96
Parra, Margarito and Tille- anniversary announcement, 04/09/96
Parrick, Cordell- honor, photo, 01/24/96
Parsons, Allen- photo, 04/21/96
Parsons, Marlin Lee "Mickey"- obituary, 12/24/96
Pascoe, Charles
 Gecko 43- profile and photo, 03–24–96
 New play debuts, 02/29/96
Passty, Gregory- photo, 11/1/96
Patlan, Rafael- engagement announcement, 03–10–96
Pattillo, Drew- photo, 01/31/96
Paul, Ron
 Dist. 14 race reevaluated after win, 04/14/96
 profile, photo, 02/11/96, 04/10/96
 wins in U.S. Rep.- photo, 11/6/96
Paxton, Lisa- engagement announcement, 12/1/96
Payne, Aileen Blanche- obituary, 7/23/96, 7/25/96
Payne, Craig- demanding resignation of Distict Clerk, 02/07/96, 02/09/96
Pearson, Beth- photo, 01/10/96
Pearson, Evelyn- obituary, 02/13/96
Pedernales Electric Coop. See Businesses
Pedregon, Anthony Carlos- IH accident fatality, 6/4/96
Peffer, Bruce- photo, 11/20/96
Pence, Allen Richard- obituary, 11/13/96
Pendergast, Maureen Smith
 engagement announcement, 02/04/96
 wedding announcement, 8/4/96
Penly, Michelle- photo, 04/28/96
Pennington, William- Historic home, 04/14/96
Perea, Paul Francis
 engagement announcement, 02/04/96
 wedding announcement- photo, 8/4/96
Perez, Alexander
 attempted murder victim, 6/28/96
 victim of shooting spree, 6/25/96
Perez, Christina- Pride graduate- photo, 6/5/96
Perez, Juan Median- wanted, 03–07–96
Perez, Michael- honor, photo, 04/24/96
Perez, Steven- suspect, 01/26/96
Perkins, Claire- Pride graduate- photo, 6/5/96
Person, Gus- photo, 01/28/96
Peterson,Earnest- obituary, 6/14/96
Petmecky, Fred P.
 celebrates 100th birthday on July 27- photo, 7/23/96
 obituary, 9/4/96
Petree, Wendi Renni
 engagement announcement, 02/04/96
 wedding announcement, 04/14/96
Pettit, Doris Ione- obituary, 02/01/96
Peyton, David Wayne- engagement announcement, 03–24–96
Peyton, Gil
 profile and photo, 03–05–96
 profile, photo, 04/10/96
Phillips, Myrtle Bell- obituary, 01/30/96
Piazza, Joe- engagement announcement, 6/2/96
Picasio, Elena Y.- obituary, 5/31/96
Piersol, Barbara- photo, 6/23/96
Pierson, Erika- profile and photo, 01/23/96, 04/16/96
Pinales, Carina- photo, 8/1/96
Pineda, Esther- wedding announcement, 04/07/96
Pineda, Joe- photo, 4/19/96
Pitkin, James
 crimestoppers, 8/2/96
  photo, 6/5/96
 wanted, 02/29/96
Pitzer, James McClanahan- wedding announcement, 7/7/96
Pitzer, Kenneth- photo, 11/21/96, 11/24/96
Pixel Magic. See Businesses
Pogorzelski, Joseph- engagement announcement, 01/14/96
Polanco, Joe- profile and photo, 03–01–96
Polk, Jodie- "Lion of the Year"- photo, 8/4/96
Polzin, Weldon- photo, 11/27/96
Porter, Frances Elizabeth Covington- obituary, 8/27/96
Porterfield, Carla- photo, 6/25/96
Porterfield, Sara Jo- birth announcement- photo, 8/4/96
Poschman, Karalee
 honor, photo, 5/10/96
 photo, 04/28/96, 5/26/96
Potter, Wendy Renee- engagement announcement, 03–24–96
Powell, Mary Suzanne
 engagement announcement, 7/21/96
 wedding announcement, 8/18/96
Powell, Milton- photo, 01/11/96
Powell, William Lee
 arrested, 02/07/96
 re-apprehended, 03–28–96
Powers, Carol and Dave- gift to Cottage Kitchen, 04/14/96
Prentice, Steven- Sues SWT, 03–29–96
Presbyterian Parent Cooperative- New playscape, 03–01–96
Preservation Associates. see Clubs
Price,Dr. Randall- author- photo, 9/15/96
Price,Tracy Leigh- wedding announcement, 9/29/96
Pro-Cuts. see Businesses
 Tokyo tan arrests, 02/07/96
 Tokyo Tan closed, 4/19/96
Pruitt, Drake, Jr.- Drowning death, 03–26–96
Pullins, Orange Lee- obituary, 7/28/96, 7/30/96
Pylant, William Jeffrey- murdered, 01/11/96
Quail Creek County Club- Ground-breaking, 03–14–96, 03–17–96
Qualls, Joe- Sheriff's dept- photo, 9/13/96
Queen, Evade- killed in auto accident, 7/28/96
Quintero, OlgaInes- engagement announcement, 11/1/96
Radford, Ashley- photo, 5/29/96

RAIN- Much needed rain falls- photo, 8/27/96
RAIN and more RAIN- motorists careful--roads closed---flooded streets, 9/1/96
Rainosek, Alan Wayne- engagement announcement, 11/1/96
Rainosek, Michael David
 engagement announcement, 03–17–96
 wedding announcement, 6/16/96, 6/23/96
Rainosek, Michelle- Job market, 5/16/96
Rainwater recycling- profile, photo, 04/21/96
Ralph, Roger Howard- obituary, 6/11/96
Ramirez, Albert Ezekiel, III- birth announcement, 12/15/96
Ramirez, Eddie- wedding announcement, 9/22/96
Ramirez, Eusebia- obituary, 12/17/96
Ramirez, Jose- obituary, 6/11/96
Ramirez, Kristy- photo, 04/28/96
Ramirez, Stephanie- photo, 5/09/96
Ramos, Nick- photo, 02/07/96
Ramsey, Jeanette- rescued by granddaughter, 12/29/96
Ramsey, Laura Elizabeth- birth announcement, 8/18/96
Randow, Lisa R.- engagement announcement, 12/8/96
Rangel, Janie- obituary, 9/22/96, 9/24/96
Ratliff II, Shannon Harrison- wedding announcement, 10/20/96
Ray, Gregory Clark
 engagement announcement, 7/21/96
 wedding announcement, 10/20/96
Raymos, Lisanne Renee
 engagement announcement, 04/14/96
 wedding announcement, 8/11/96
Real Estate Management Services. See Businesses
Rector, Jeanne Dibrell- honored- photo, 9/8/96
Recycling. See also  Businesses--Green Guy
 Tire recycling project, 03–24–96
 trend rises, 02/09/96
Red Ribbon Week- drug-free activities, 10/17/96
Redwood Community- dedicate cemetery, 6/7/96
Reeves, Billy- profile and photo, 03–06–96
Remme, Heather- Aquafest Dutchess- photo, 8/4/96
Renfrow, Dot- photo, 12/8/96
Reno, LaVerne Mae- obituary, 02/15/96
Republic of Texas. See Clubs
Restless Winds. See Businesses
Reyes, Lisa- photo, 04/21/96
Rhodes, Alex- wins District 46 Rep.- photo, 11/6/96
Ricci, Halah Scott Jewel Olvera- birth announcement, 9/1/96
Ricci, Michelle- missing, 5/26/96
Rice, Mary Ann Trammel- obituary, 01/09/96
Rich, Francis M.- obituary, 02/06/96
Richards, Ann- photo, 11/1/96
Richards, Bonnie Clare- obituary, 04/14/96, 04/16/96
Richards, Esther C.- Military service, 03–24–96
Richardson, Scott Eric- wanted, 02/08/96, 6/20/96
Richardson, Vergie Payne- obituary, 01/28/96
Richey, James Dale- obituary, 5/03/96
Riddle, James Carey- obituary, 01/30/96
Riley, Walter J. (Jim)- obituary, 5/15/96
Rinehimer, Sam- tubing the river- photo, 7/4/96
Rios, Carol- photo, 5/22/96
Rios, Elizabeth- photo, 5/26/96
Riverwalk "Flashback Pixs"- photo, 8/18/96
Roane, J.D.- wedding announcement, 01/14/96
Robbins, Carman- photo, 5/03/96
Roberts, Gerald- mystery siolvd- photo and profile, 11/10/96
Roberts, John- photo, 02/11/96
Robertson, Anne Michelle- obituary, 7/14/96
Robertson, Laurel Marie- engagement announcement, 10/6/96
Rocha, Francisco "Frank"- obituary, 9/17/96, 9/18/96
Rodriguez, Arianna- obituary, 9/10/96
Rodriguez, Carlos, Col.- lead Veterans Parade- photo, 11/1/96
Rodriguez, Delfina Turnini and Fernando- anniversary, 02/04/96
Rodriguez, Felipe- Pride graduate- photo, 6/5/96
Rodriguez, Graviel Hernandez
 arrested--numerous offenses, 6/27/96
 attempted murder of police officer, 6/28/96
Rodriguez, Jesse- Murder charges, 5/05/96
Rodriguez, Joe G.
 photo, honored, 04/11/96
 profile on birthday, 03–26–96
Rodriguez, Lisa Marie- obituary, 11/27/96
Rodriguez, Marie- obituary, 12/6/96
Rodriguez, Michael- honor, photo, 01/28/96
Rodriguez, Orlando- scholarship- photo, 9/8/96
Rodriguez, Paula D.- obituary, 10/18/96, 10/20/96
Rodriguez, Pete- profile, photo, 02/14/96
Rodriguez, Rosalinda- engagement announcement, 04/21/96
Rodriguez, Rosina Ann- engagement announcement, 8/14/96
Rodriguez, Soloman- obituary, 12/13/96
Rodriguez, Steven P.- engagement announcement, 7/21/96
Rodriguez, Victor, Sr.- obituary, 12/15/96
Rodriguez, Victoria- obituary, 9/24/96
Rodriguez, Zachary Randall- birth announcement, 9/29/96
Rodriguez-Rosales, Jose- Crimestoppers- photo, 12/5/96
Rodriquez, Carlos, Col.- Veterans parade- photo, 11/12/96
Rodriquez, Robert Dario- birth announcement, 04/07/96
Roehr, Charles Henry, Jr.- obituary, 8/9/96
Rogers, Clint- wedding announcement, 01/07/96
Rogers, Jean Patsy,- obituary, 11/5/96
Rogers, Sterling
 photo, 01/07/96
 profile and photo, 03–31–96
Rohr. See Businesses
Rolling, Emily Ann- obituary, 12/24/96
Rollings, Kelsey Karol- birth announcement, 5/05/96
Romero, Sipriano (Penny) Jr.- obituary, 10/4/96
Romero, Steven- photo, 5/21/96
Romo, Harriet- photo, 02/25/96
Rose, Pamela and Harley- profile, photo, 04/21/96
Rosenwasser,Isidore- obituary, 8/9/96
Ross, Connie- photo, 01/28/96
Ross, IV, John Kelzy- wedding announcement, 11/24/96
Rotary Club. see Clubs
Rowe, Tom- photo, honored, 03–26–96
Roybal, George
 murder suspect trial soon, 9/1/96
 murder trial, 01/28/96
Rudinger, Alton David (Pete)- obituary, 9/19/96
Rudnicki, Jan- San Marcos CISD Volunteer Coordinator- elected to state office- photo, 6/5/96
Ruiz, Rene- graduates Bankers School- photo, 6/30/96
Ruiz, Ruben Sr.- Memorial, 8/4/96
Rybarski, Alisa Marie- memorial, 02/06/96
Sabath, Samantha- photo, 04/21/96
Sac N Pac. See Businesses
Saenz, Monica- obituary, 12/20/96
Saks Off 5th. See Businesses
Salas, Brandon, Lee- birth announcement, 01/14/96
Salazar, Chester G.- SWT Dean's List, 6/12/96
Salazar, Macario- Anniversary announcement, 03–24–96
Salazar, Marcario A.- obituary- photo, 6/26/96
Salinas,Jr., Manuel- engagement announcement, 11/10/96
San Marcos- History

San Marcos Airport. See San Marcos, City of--Airport
San Marcos Animal Shelter

San Marcos Aquatic Recovery Team

San Marcos Area Board of Realtors- 1997 Board Officers- photo, 12/15/96
San Marcos Area Food Bank

San Marcos Area Senior Association- meeting and social with entertainment- photo, 9/1/96
San Marcos Art League. see Clubs
San Marcos Association of Retired Teachers. See Clubs
San Marcos Business Expo- wealth of information- ph, 8/18/96
San Marcos Chamber of Commerce- Overview of services, 03–31–96
San Marcos Convention and Visitors Bureau

San Marcos Daily Record

San Marcos de Neve- located by archaeologists, 04/26/96
San Marcos Factory Outlet Shops. See Businesses
San Marcos Factory Shops. see Businesses
San Marcos Fire and Rescue Team- practice swift water skills- photo, 6/13/96
San Marcos Flower Company. See Businesses
San Marcos Healthier Area Communities- task force, 8/23/96
San Marcos Healthier Communities Task Force- Immunizations clinic sought, 5/16/96
San Marcos Junior Miss
 profile and photo, 03–24–96
 Winners, 04/03/96
San Marcos Lions. See Clubs
San Marcos Manufacturers' Association- profile, 03–31–96
San Marcos Municipal Airport. See San Marcos, City of--Airport
San Marcos Neurotherapy. See Businesses
San Marcos Parkway Association- encountering problems, 6/20/96
San Marcos Performing Arts Assoc.
 officers--photo and profile, 6/16/96
 photo, 10/30/96
San Marcos Police Officers Association. See Clubs
San Marcos Public Library

San Marcos River

San Marcos River Conservation Plan, 5/03/96
San Marcos River Foundation

San Marcos River Kiosk- dedicated- photo, 10/3/96
San Marcos River Walkers. See Clubs
San Marcos Senior Citizens- housing, 9/19/96
San Marcos Transit
 Necessity debated, 5/05/96
 rviewed by Council, 01/23/96
San Marcos Treatment Center. See Businesses
San Marcos Youth Livestock Booster Club. see Clubs
San Marcos, City of

Sanchez Construction. see Businesses
Sanchez, Juan, Sr.- obituary, 5/21/96
Sanchez, Orlando- photo, 05/19/96
Sander, Al- photo, pie baker, 04/24/96
Sanders, Diane- Realtor honored- photo, 12/15/96
Santana, Frank- engagement announcement, 12/22/96
Santiago, Mexico- Possible sister city, 04/30/96
Saucedo, Eusebio V.- obituary, 11/28/96
Saucedo, Roland- District Clerk scandal, 02/09/96
Schilling, Dr., Lester Lorenzo- obituary, 10/17/96
Schiwitz, Doris- photo, 03–03–96
Schlimgen, Mike- photo, 03–28–96
Schlitterbahn. See Businesses
Schmidt, Dana- photo, 5/03/96
Schmidt, Jared- scholarships, 02/08/96
Schmidt,Teresa- engagement announcement, 7/21/96
Schnabel, Matt- profile, photo, 02/13/96
Schnautz, H.J.- obituary, 5/31/96, 6/2/96
Schneweis, Leon. J.- obituary, 8/25/96
Scholwinski, Edward J. See Businesses

Schott, John- photo, 5/05/96
Schulze, Margaret Marie Schade- obituary, 11/8/96
Schuman, Alana- profile and photo, 01/09/96
Schwarzlose, Ottmar- obituary, 10/20/96
Scoggin, Jim- photo, 8/11/96
Scott, Jimmie- retires from Baptist Academy- photo and profile, 6/11/96
Scott, Michele- photo, 5/08/96
Scouting at the Library- photo, 8/2896
Seaton, Millie- Doll collection featured in magazine, 5/26/96
Seeman, Heidi- Murder case re-opened, 5/30/96
Seffel,  Beverly.- photo, 10/4/96
Self, Stuart- photo, 04/12/96
Selgado, Chon Gabriel- sentenced to 25 years for armed robbery, 7/14/96
Selgado, Henry- arrested, 02/06/96
Sellers, Isabel Long,- obituary, 11/10/96
Senior Citizens Study Group/Task Force- seeks facilities and programming, 6/30/96
Serrano, Eddie- engagement announcement, 04/21/96
Serrano, Pablo Antonio- Jailed, 03–27–96
Sertoma Club. see Clubs
Serur's Varsity Shop. See Businesses
Serur, John, Brig. Gen.- speaker at American Legion convention- photo, 10/22/96
Serur, Terry- photo, 02/22/96
Shaffer, Glenn- obituary, 12/6/96
Sharp, John- Lions Club speaker- photo, 9/8/96
Sharp, Linda- photo, 01/07/96
Shaver, Greg- photo, 9/1/96
Shawn, Stanley- Crimestoppers- photo, 10/22/96
Shelley, Kimberley Dawn- wedding announcement, 04/07/96
Shelton, Emmett- Book signing, 5/03/96
Sheppard, Leslie Michael- obituary, 12/6/96
Sherrerd, Margaret
 photo, 04/28/96
 profile, photo, 5/07/96
Shimek, Kevin- photo, 04/14/96
Shroyer, Robert William- engagement announcement, 11/1/96
Shue, Greg- photo, 6/9/96
Sierra Club
 Edwards Aquifer pumping lawsuit, 6/11/96
 hosts birdwatchers- photo, 10/20/96
Sights and Sounds of Christmas

Silguero, Adam V.- photo, 6/5/96
Simmons, Bobby- obituary, 8/9/96
Simmons, Homer A.- obituary, 7/31/96
Simmons, LeAnne- photo, 05/19/96
Simpson, Owen- recital, 04/21/96
Sites, Hilda Wiede- obituary, 5/10/96
Sjostrom, Dan- profile and photo, 03–19–96
Skiles, Ian- photo, 04/28/96
Skrobarcek, Dwain- photo, 03–31–96
Sladek, Kevin- photo, 03–03–96
Slaughter, Charles Henry- obituary, 03–24–96
Slayton, Mandy- profile and photo, 03–26–96
Smith, Barbara Bragg- obituary, 04/05/96
Smith, Berkley- photo, 03–31–96
Smith, Bill
 obituary, 6/4/96
 presents program to Art League, 03–27–96
Smith, Elta
 Goes to Girls State, 4/18/96
 photo, 5/09/96
Smith, Gail- photo, 11/27/96
Smith, Howard- obituary, 9/17/96
Smith, Inez- obituary, 9/15/96
Smith, Jennifer- alumni honored- photo, 11/1/96
Southwest Texas State University

Texas Lutherans Dean's List, 6/30/96
Smith, Leona Ruth Hamilton- obituary, 8/15/96, 8/16/96
Smith, Mark Timothy- recital- photo, 11/6/96
Smith, Robbie
 Eagle Scout candidate- photo and profile, 11/13/96
 photo, 7/21/96
Smith, Samantha- honored- photo, 12/15/96
Smith, Starling A. Smitty- obituary, 5/14/96
Snodgrass, Bernice- Memorial Service, 7/11/96
Snodgrass, Gail- Presbyterian interim pastor- photo, 9/22/96
Soland, Mary "Libby"- obituary, 7/16/96
Solis, June Lillian- engagement announcement, 04/21/96
Solis, Victor- photo, 04/21/96
Soliz, Jerry- In Bosnia--photo, 8/896
Solso, Lawrence Gustav- obituary, 01/16/96
Sorell, Marty- photo, 10/15/96
Soto, Cecilia
 Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting- photo, 9/8/96
 photo, 01/11/96
Soto, Gary- cookbook author- photo, 9/15/96
Soto, Sergio- photo, 03–03–96, 04/28/96
Southam, Bernard J. (B.J.)
 engagement announcement, 10/13/96
 wedding announcement, 12/15/96
Southerland, Aris- profile and photo, 03–05–96
Southside Community Center
 housing project gets tax credits, 11/10/96
 Senior Citizen Housing, 6/4/96
 Senior Citizen Housing Center- Construction, 01/02/96
 Senior Citizens housing- photo, 11/15/96
Southwest Texas State University

Sowell, Samuel Alexander- birth announcement, 8/4/96
Sparks, Letha Frances- obituary, 5/14/96, 5/15/96
Speakerman, Andrew Leon- domestic dispute in Wimberley, 10/24/96
Speer, Brittany- photo, 04/24/96
Spellmann, Velma- obituary, 8/9/96
Spencer, Allyson- award, photo, 5/26/96
Spencer, Bill- photo, 04/24/96
Spire, Mark- honor, photo, 05/01/96
Sport Stars of San Marcos- photos, 7/14/96
Spriggs, Pearlie Mae Moore- obituary, 03–31–96
Spring Lake. see Aquarena Springs
Spring Lake Garden Club
 celebrates Garden Week, 6/2/96
 Day in Austin- photo, 6/4/96
Sprott, Cpl. Roger- S.M.Police Dept.officer- praised for rescue- photo, 11/17/96
Sprott, Michelle- photo, 03–17–96
Sriraman, Vedaraman- SWT award- photo, 9/3/96
St John's Claretian Guild. See Clubs
St. John's Catholic. see Churches
St. Mark's Episcopal. see Churches
Staats, Stefan Vern- wedding announcement, 9/29/96
Stachowiak,Joseph Alan
 Crime Stoppers, 12/26/96
 Crimestoppers- photo, 11/21/96
Staedtler, Mark- photo, 04/10/96
Stange, Doris- photo, 6/23/96
Stanley, Melvin- obituary, 02/13/96
Stanley, Shawn
 Crime Stoppers, 11/28/96, 12/19/96
 Crimstoppers, 11/7/96
Stansberry, Michael
 honor, photo, 04/24/96
 photo, 8/11/96
 profile and photo, 01/30/96
Stanton, William Lawrence- obituary, 04/14/96, 04/16/96
Stapp, Cary Kent- engagement announcement, 11/24/96
Stark, John Thomas- birth announcement, 8/18/96
Starr, Merlin- photo, 11/20/96
State Bank. see Banks
Stedman, Nathan Alexander- obituary, 01/07/96
Steele, Russell- photo, 12/8/96
Steen, Benjamin Warren- birth announcement, 02/18/96
Stefanoff, Jeffrey "Zeal"
 Marijuana issue and sheriff's race, 01/10/96
 profile, photo, 02/23/96
Stephenson, Elizabeth Feltner- obituary, 03–08–96
Stephenson, Woodrow Martin- obituary, 9/10/96
Stern, Christine Marie
 engagement announcement, 10/13/96
 wedding announcement, 12/15/96
Stern, John- photo, 11/20/96
Stevens, L.R.- obituary, 01/18/96
Stevens, Randy- S.M.Daily Record-new sports editor- photo, 8/22/96
Stevenson, Elizabeth Ann- birth announcement, 11/10/96
Stevenson, Jim- photo, 6/18/96
Stewart, David- photo, 04/21/96
Stewart, Dorothy Jean- obituary, 6/9/96, 6/11/96
Stewart, Doug- new president of SMCISD board, 5/07/96
Stewart, Ellie- photo, 04/28/96
Stewart, Harry- Dog photo, 03–10–96
Stewart, Stephanie- photo, 04/09/96, 12/31/96
Stich, David- honor, photo, 04/24/96
Stiles, Michael- photo, 04/14/96
Stolen auto from Chuck Nash Chevrolet- found in field, 8/23/96
Stone, Patti- wedding announcement, 01/07/96
Stone, Trey- photo, 03–27–96
Stovall, Frances
 photo, 04/28/96
 Woman of the year- profile, photo, 04/28/96
Stovall, Miker- new play, 04/24/96
Strandtmann, Dr. Russell- obituary, 8/9/96

Stuart, LaNell- obituary, 01/07/96
Studer, Jim- to oversee SWT athletics, 03–31–96
Stuenkel, Lee- obituary, 6/27/96
Stump, Craig- photo, 03–29–96
Sullivan, Edward- drawings- photo, 12/29/96
Sullivan, Patty
 cake auction- photo, 6/18/96
 photo, 01/30/96
Sullivan, Seth- nominated for Heisman award, 7/21/96
Summar, Roy S.- obituary, 6/25/96
Summer in the Park


Sunderland, Robert Dale- obituary, 02/01/96
Sunicek, Marjorie Rose- obituary, 7/26/96
Sunshine Kids

Super Stop. see Businesses
Supple, Cathy- photo, 01/30/96
Supple, Jerome- photo, 9/1/96, 9/3/96, 12/8/96
Swanner, Ethel- obituary, 8/30/96
Swedlund, Kelly Rene
 engagement announcement, 05/19/96
 wedding announcement, 8/18/96
Swing, Kelly- engagement announcement, 02/25/96
Swinney, Donna- award, photo, 5/30/96
Swinney, Mallory Grace- birth announcement, 7/28/96
T.B. Wood's Inc. See Businesses
Taco Cabana. See Businesses
Tallant, Arthur Nilan- indicted by grand jury, 10/16/96
Tallant, Arthur Nilon- Sex charge, 5/23/96
Tanger Outlet Center. see Businesses
Tangestani, Mo- River Ranger- photo, 12/15/96

Tangram Nursery. See Businesses
Tarrant, Billy Surles- obituary, 10/2/96
Tatum, Kyev- profile, photo, 4/19/96
Taylor, Bill- photo, 6/9/96, 7/18/96
Taylor, Danielle- photo, 04/02/96
Taylor, Dugan- Promotion, 03–17–96
Taylor, Dustin- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Taylor, Kathryn Groos- obituary, 5/02/96
Taylor, Mary- enjoys animals in new program- photo, 6/2/96
Taylor, Vicki- rodeo performer- photo and profile, 10/1/96
Teneyuque, Abraham- obituary, 10/6/96
Tenorio, Elizabeth- scholarship,photo, 9/6/96
Tenorio, Manuela G.- obituary, 7/2/96
Teter, Majorie- named to Mary Kay Post- photo, 7/7/96
Teter, Marge- award, photo, 01/23/96
Texas Assoc. of Mexican American Chamber of Commerce
 Business workshop- photo, 8/4/96
 Executive Board- photo, 8/4/96
 honors San Marcos Hispanic Chapter, photo/4/96
Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice- inmates restore sechool busses, 10/2/96
Texas Dept. of Transportation- Intersections get signalized, 11/29/96
Texas Education Agency- ranks San Marcos Schools as "recognized' and "Acceptable," 8/4/96
Texas Historical Marker Workshop- meets in San Marcos- photo, 6/5/96
Texas House apparel. See Businesses
Texas Industries. See Businesses
Texas Lehigh Cement. See Businesses
Texas Lottery- director questioned, 11/27/96
Texas Natural and Western Swing Festival, 5/15/96
 Planned, 04/07/96
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission- proposed septic tank regulations, 8/7/96
Texas Red's Steakhouse. See Businesses
Texas Rivers Protection Association- lawsuit withdrawn, 10/23/96
Texas Water Development Board- wastewater loan, 11/21/96
Texas Water Safari, 1996- contestants maneuver the river- photo and profile, 6/9/96
Texas Workforce Center- job training, 10/6/96
Texas-Leheigh. see Businesses
Texas-Leheigh Cement. See Businesses
Thermon. See Businesses
Thomas, Alice Mae- obituary, 02/11/96
Thomas, Eilish- profile and photo, 03–24–96
Thomas, Lori
 honor, photo, 5/10/96
 photo, 03–10–96, 5/26/96
 profile, photo, 04/09/96
Thomas, Mrs. Wille D. (Louise)- obituary, 7/4/96
Thomas, Susan- photo, 11/17/96
Thomas,Walter- honored- photo, 9/29/96
Thomason, Ryan- photo, 5/26/96
Thomson, Jo Ellen- obituary, 6/4/96, 6/5/96
Thormahlen, Dwayne Kevin- engagement announcement, 8/4/96
Thorn, Edd Tracey- life prison sentence, 12/19/96
Thrifty Call. See Businesses
Thweatt, Harrison David- birth announcement, 6/16/96
Tietjen,Deltha- obituary, 11/12/96
Tietjen,Erwin H.- obituary, 10/4/96
Till, Sara Michelle- birth announcement, 12/15/96
Till, Taylor Chance- birth announcement, 12/15/96
Tillisch, Jon Edward- wedding announcement, 02/11/96
Tilton, Terry- SWT grievance, 04/10/96
Timmons, Wesley- promoted to Sergeant- photo, 6/9/96
Title Agency of Austin. See Businesses
TNRCC- discharge permit, 8/22/96
Toastmasters. see Clubs
Tobias, Felis. R.- obituary, 11/1/96
Tobias, Roy Ramirez
 hit by train, 02/23/96
 obituary, 02/25/96
Tokash, David Olin- wedding announcement, 12/1/96
Tokyo Tan. See Businesses
Top Cat's. See Businesses
Torres, Antonio V.- obituary, 8/13/96
Torres, Jesse and Connie- 40th wedding anniversary, 12/29/96
Torres, Mark Anthony- hit-and-run, 12/15/96
Torresan, Umberto- wedding announcement, 6/16/96
Tours of Distinction. see Clubs Heritage Association
Tovar, Pablo- Drowning death, 03–19–96
Townsend, CPO Michael D.- U.S. Navy submarine- photo and profile, 6/16/96
Trejo, Mike

Trelles, Suzie- engagement announcement, 12/15/96
Trevino, David N.- death notice- photo, 11/10/96
Trevino, R.J., Rev. Fr.- honored, 01/17/96
Trico Industries. See Businesses
Trinidad, David- Kennedy award, photo, 5/29/96
Tristan, Cornelio Rodriguez,Sr.- obituary, 6/18/96
Tristan, Delfino- obituary, 01/12/96
Tristan, Luis and Hipolita- 50th anniversary- photo, 11/17/96
Trout, Beth- river monitor- photo, 9/22/96
Tschirhart, Zachary- photo, 04/21/96
Turner,Jan- photo, 9/27/96
Tursam, Fran Yoakum- engagement announcement, 6/2/96
Tvrdick, Cassandra- photo, 4/18/96
Tvrdik, Thomas- American Legion- photo, 05/19/96
Tyndal, Charles Mathison- engagement announcement, 03–17–96
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service- new management for Federal fish hatchery, 6/7/96
Ullrich, Paul- convicted of murder, 10/29/96
Ullrich, Paul Scott- murderer, 01/24/96
Unberhagen, Sammy
 profile and photo, 03–12–96
 profile, photo, 02/20/96
Underwood, David- wedding announcement, 6/9/96
United Way

University Women's Assoc. See Clubs
Upham, Marjorie Tolhurst- obituary, 10/6/96
Urias, Sophie- obituary, 04/30/96
Urrutia, Micael David- Auto accident, 04/16/96
Valasquez, Dionicia- obituary, 7/14/96
Van Gundy, Mrs. R.C.- hosts club, 5/10/96
Vance, Gerald- obituary, 03–15–96
vandalism, 01/10/96
Vargas, Fred- photo, 04/10/96
Vargas, Salome- photo, 04/21/96
Vasquez, Melissa Acosta- obituary, 04/30/96
Vasquez, Rafaela C.- obituary, 01/07/96
Vasquez-Philo, Ofelia- profile and photo, 03–08–96
Vaughn, William W.- obituary, 10/24/96
Velasquez, David- profile and photo, 03–05–96
Velasquez, Dionicia G.- obituary, 7/16/96
Velasquez, Greg- engagement announcement, 5/05/96
Venegas, JoAnn R.
 photo, Employee of the Month, 04/03/96
 photo, honored, 03–28–96
Venhuizen, David- guest column, 01/11/96
Veterans of Foreign Wars. see Clubs
Villalpando, Margie- Wins County Clerk- photo, 11/6/96
Villalpando, Michael- profile, photo, 5/02/96
Villanueva, Dahlia- missing- photo, 12/29/96
Villanueva, Jordan Rae- birth announcement, 8/25/96
Villarreal, Manuel- obituary, 7/9/96
Villarreal, Rebecca- photo, 5/05/96
Villarreal, Santiago- Drug charges dropped, 5/03/96
Villegas, Alyssa- photo, 04/21/96
Villegas, Mariano P.- obituary, 7/5/96
Villegas, Mariano P. Villegas- obituary and photo, 7/7/96
Villegas, Nakima

Vinyard, James Lewis- obituary, 6/18/96
Virgils, Lura Glenis- obituary, 04/02/96
Viva! Cinco de Mayo fest, 5/02/96

Voges, Joanna- volleyball for Air Force Academy- photo, 6/19/96
Vottitoe, Craig- photo, 11/24/96
Wachter III, Charles John- drowned in Canyon Lake, 7/9/96
Wade, Kim- photo, 04/14/96
Wade, Marley- photo, 5/22/96
Waits, Sallie- obituary, 9/8/96
Wal Mart. see Businesses
Walker, Albert Monroe- obituary, 9/4/96, 9/5/96
Walker, Ima J.- Auto accident, 03–05–96
Walker, Lola- Texas delegate to National Democratic Convention- photo, 8/16/96
Wall, Erin Kathleen- Austin Symphony League "belle"- photo, 10/16/96
Walsh, David- write-in candidate for Pct.3 commissioner, 6/9/96
Walton, Craig Sheldon- wedding announcement, 04/14/96
Ward, Denise Elaine- engagement announcement, 03–17–96
Warf, Marvin- obituary, 9/18/96
Wark, Jesse- profile and photo, 01/09/96
Warner, Ashley Elizabeth- birth announcement, 11/17/96
Warren, Garland
 Juneteenth cake auction- photo, 6/18/96
 profile and photo, 03–31–96
Warren, Josh- profile, photo, 02/18/96
Warren-Norton, Cheryl- photo, 8/22/96
Warrenburg, Benjamin James- birth announcement, 5/05/96
Warshauer, Dr. Albert David- obituary, 8/22/96
Warshauer, Max- SWT award- photo, 9/1/96
Warshauer, Nathan- photo, 04/28/96
Warshauer,Dr. Albert David- obituary, 8/21/96
Warwick, Thomas T.- obituary, 11/29/96
Wasicek, Kitley- photo, 12/5/96
Wassenich, Dianne

Wastewater- Upgrade funding, 03–22–96

Watson, Jeffrey James- engagement announcement, 05/19/96
Watson, Wynn
 award, photo, 5/14/96
 photo, 04/28/96, 05/19/96
Waugh, John- photo, 5/30/96
Weather radio- better signal, 01/03/96
Weaver, Jessie Athene- obituary, 03–05–96
Webb, Lacy- Mounted Color Guard- photo, 11/17/96
Wehman, Ben- New position at Century, 04/07/96
Wehman, Scott- obituary, 12/8/96
Welch, Dr. Kermit- Texas Historical Commission--award- photo, 6/16/96
Wester Automotive. See Businesses
Wester, Luke- photo, 03–31–96
Whatley, Douglas Earl- obituary, 04/28/96, 04/30/96
Wheelock, Mark- photo, 5/09/96
Wheels 'n'Deals Square Dance Club. See Clubs
Whisenant, Betty Fay- obituary, 7/10/96, 7/11/96, 7/16/96
White, Beverly June- obituary, 8/25/96
White, David Laurance
 Body found in Mexico, 04/11/96, 04/12/96
 obituary, 6/13/96
White, Mabel Smith Hall- obituary, 6/13/96
Whitis, Gina Marie- wedding announcement, 01/28/96
Wickersham, Jeanna Gay- wedding announcement, 11/24/96
Wide-Lite. See Businesses
Wier, Lariat- photo, 04/28/96
Wildenthal, Doris Kellam- obituary, 02/09/96
Wiley, Carroll- award, photo, 5/28/96
Wiley, Scott- engagement announcement, 7/21/96
Wilkerson, Yolanda
 photo and profile, 01/09/96
 profile and photo, 01/16/96, 01/30/96
William, Ennnis Guy- Auto accident, 02/15/96
Williams, Bill- wedding announcement, 7/14/96
Williams, Blake
 award, photo, 5/22/96
 photo, 04/10/96
Williams, David- profile and photo, 03–07–96
Williams, Elberta P.- obituary, 8/2/96, 8/4/96
Williams, Emily- wedding announcement, 01/07/96
Williams, Jody- photo, 9/12/96
Williams, Kathy and Gary- Suit filed, 03–27–96
Williams, Kim- profile and photo, 03–26–96
Williams, Leslie- SMCISD settles suit, 04/16/96
Williams, Mary- Phi Delta Kappa president- scholarship to Pride Academic Center- photo, 6/13/96
Williams, Mina Alvord- obituary, 04/14/96
Williams, Pawnee Grayce- obituary, 8/7/96
Williamson, Gertrude- photo, obituary, 5/22/96
Williamson, Jerry- honored- photo, 12/15/96
Williamson, Leslie Michelle
 engagement announcement, 03–17–96
 wedding announcement, 6/16/96, 6/23/96
Williamson, Mark- obituary, 12/6/96
Willits, Bob- Outstanding volunteer- profile, photo, 04/28/96
Wilsmann, William- photo, 02/25/96
Wilson, Joe Bransford- obituary, 9/10/96
Wilson, Paul- engagement announcement, 9/22/96
Wilt, Hilda- Gary Employee of the Month for April- photo, 6/2/96

Wimberley, C.W.- photo with wildflowers, 5/05/96
Wind and rain storm- damage--photo, 8/15/96
Winfield, D.D.- Internet medical search, 9/8/96
Winking, Keith- photo, 5/29/96
Winkler, Kay Lyn- wedding announcement, 01/14/96
Winter, Hilda- obituary, 02/22/96
Wittliff Gallery- Southwestern Writers collction, 10/2/96
Wittliff, Bill and Sally- photo, 10/2/96
Wolpman, Jillian- photo, 04/21/96
Womack, Janis- honored- photo, 9/11/96
Women in the Workplace- photo and profile, 10/13/96
Women's Hall of Fame-1996- honored- photo, 6/9/96
Women's Pregnant Crisis Center- Bluebonnet Lions donation- photo, 9/27/96
Women's Sports Foundation- Awards, 5/05/96
Wonder World. See Businesses
Wonderland- Halloween carnival- photo, 11/1/96
Wood, Chip- photo, 5/08/96
Woods, David Thomas- wedding announcement, 02/25/96
Wootan, Mickey and Betty- 50th wedding anniversary, 6/23/96
Word, Theresa Mayeaux- obituary, 11/26/96
Workman, Butch- photo, 01/11/96
World Changers- repairs homes in Community- photo, 8/4/96
Worley, Stacie Dawn- wedding announcement, 6/16/96
Worley, Stinson E.
 SWT Commencement Speaker- photo, 8/4/96
 Teaches in Prague, 5/01/96
Wright, Timothy D.- motorcycle accident- photo and profile, 7/11/96
Wyatt, Matthew- photo, 04/21/96
Yager, James- Realtor honored- photo, 12/15/96
Yarbrough, Yancy P.- obituary, 11/8/96
 photo, 11/7/96
Yarchuska,Katherine Young- obituary, 9/24/96
Yard of the Month- Bobby and Leslie Masters- photo and profile, 10/20/96
Yax, Richard- obituary, 6/28/96
Ybarra, Manuela- obituary- photo, 6/25/96
Year 1996- Monthly recap, 12/29/96
Yoakum, Thomas- honored, 01/14/96
Young Generations. See Businesses
Young, Carol Jean- obituary, 01/25/96
Young, Pat- photo, 9/27/96
Younger, Lynton L.- obituary, 02/20/96
Youth Services Bureau- profile and photo, 5/16/96
Yuergens, David Andrew- engagement announcement, 8/4/96
Zapalac, Madelyn Agnes- engagement announcement, 03–10–96
Zerr, Jeri A.- photo, 02/14/96


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