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AARP driver safety classes

Hays County, 10/31/07

AARP Driver Safety Program

Hays County, 10/28/07

Abundo, Maria Elena "Mary Ellen" M.

obituary/photo, 3/8/07

Acrey, Ola Inez Saunders

Obituary, 9/7/07

Adams, Bryan

Photo, 12/13/07

Adams, Caitlyn

Photo, 6/17/07

Adams, Larry Thomas

obituary, 5/22/07

Adams, McCall

finalist in MTV awards contest/photo, 7/11/07

Aguilar, Jesse

obituary/photo, 8/14/07

Aguirre, Amelia

Award/photo, 12/16/07

Aguirre, Mary M.

Obituary, 9/11/07

Obituary/photo, 9/12/07

Akins, Matt

Photo, 10/31/07

Alaniz, Jose "Joe" IV

Drowned in San Marcos River, 9/12/07

Alaniz, Jose IV

Pulled from San Marcos River, 9/11/07

Albritton, Jay

Photo, 2/13/07

Alder, Phil

Photo, 10/12/07

Alexander, Glenn T.

obituary, 11/13/07

Alexander, Tommy

obituary, 3/4/07

Allen, Charles Allen

Obituary, 10/16/07

Allen, Odessa

obituary/photo, 8/12/07

Allen, Raymond

Photo, 2/7/07

Almendarez, Yolanda

San Marcos CISD New Assistant Superintendent/photo, 9/4/07

Alonso, Jyuan

engagement/photo, 4/1/07

Alvizo, Karla

wins Tx State Alumni Assoc. scholarship, 5/27/07

Anderson, Charleen

obituary, 3/25/07

Anderson, George

Photo, 6/20/07

Anderson, Joanie

key role in Nutcracker/photos, 11/25/07

Photo, 12/16/07

Anderson, Laurie

named assistant city manager/photo, 4/24/07

Anderson, Marry

Award/photo, 9/2/07

Animals' Life Without Humans/photo, 9/2/07

Anonymous complaint leads to drug bust

Hays County Narcotics Task Force

Hays County, 12/16/07

Anzaldua, Joshua

photo, 9/9/07

Anzaldua, Richard

honored for 10 years of service at CenturyTel/photo, 4/29/07

Aquatic Sciences Camp

Testing Water/photos, 6/8/07

Aquatic Therapy Program helps arthritis patients

Photos, 2/25/07

Arbogast, Sallie Lee

Obituary, 12/27/07

Arledge, Don

presents certificate of appreciation to Lions Cody Dailey/photo, 8/10/07

presents recognition to Lions club for sponsoring Summer in the Park/photo, 7/22/07

Arledge, Karen

named Lion of the Year/photo, 7/15/07

Photo, 6/21/07

presents certificate and pin to Lion of the Month/photo, 3/14/07

Armed man robs resident and flees

Lewis, Reginald/photo, 10/11/07

Armstead, Johnnie

Photo, 6/3/07

Arredondo, Eva

Obituary, 9/7/07

Obituary/photo, 9/9/07

Arredondo, Frank

Honored/photo, 10/28/07

Arredondo, Gilbert J.

commemeration/photo, 9/19/07

Arredondo, Jonathan

Photo, 2/6/07

Arroyo, Esteban D.

Obituary/photo, 12/2/07

Arroyo, Martin Jr.

obituary/photo, 1/11/07

Arroyo, Zoila R.

Obituary/photo, 12/19/07

Art and Science exhibit

San Marcos Activity Center

Photos, 2/8/07

Asebedo, Hortensia

obituary/photo, 4/12/07

Augustin, Dr. Byron D.

honored by Tx State Board of Regents/photo, 8/19/07

Author Haley to speak at Price Center

Haley, James L./photo, 10/18/07

Avey, Roy Oliver

Obituary, 9/25/07, 9/26/07

Obituary/photo, 9/27/07



Bailey, Ed and Susan

Yard of the Month/photos, 11/29/07

Bailey, Lukeus

Photo, 6/15/07

Bailey, Rebecca

Engagement/photo, 10/7/07

Balles, Rene

wedding/photo, 7/15/07

Ballinger, Mary

obituary, 3/4/07

Banda, Jon David

Photo, 12/21/07

Banda, Maria D.

obituary, 3/2/07

Banning, Bette

named Lion of the Month/photo, 3/14/07

Barba, Roxanna

engagement/photo, 11/11/07

Barrera, Edith

Photo, 6/26/07

Barrientos, Yolanda

Award/photo, 2/11/07

Barrios, Dolores

Obituary, 12/4/07, 12/6/07

Barsena, Sgt. Jerry

Photo, 6/3/07

Bartlett Tree Experts celebrate 100 years

Photo, 10/3/07

Bartlett, Evelyn

presents scholarship on behalf of SM Assoc of Retired Teachers/photo, 5/15/07

Batchelor, Guy Mitchell

Obituary/photo, 9/5/07

Bauman, Michele

Photo, 10/9/07

Bazan, Daniel Jr.

obituary/photo, 1/21/07

Beall, Charles K.

obituary, 5/22/07

Beaty, Audrey

Photo, 2/15/07

Becak, Wayne

Broadway Bank president presents check to sponsor Summer in the Park/photo, 4/24/07

Becker, Kathy

Photo, 2/1/07

Beebe, Dr. Steven A.

honored by Tx State Board of Regents/photo, 8/19/07

Beene, John R.

Obituary, 10/10/07

Behr, Allen D.

wedding/photo, 3/11/07

Bellion, Donna

Honored/photo, 2/7/07

Benavides, Baby Milagros

Obituary, 12/12/07

Benitez, Richard Ben Sr.

obituary, 8/17/07

Benke, Alta Mae

Wins Quilt/photo, 9/9/07

Berry, Dorothy "Dot"

obituary, 11/25/07, 11/27/07

Best Buy employees receive Tag Team Award grant/photo, 6/15/07

Best Buy ribbon cutting

Photo, 10/3/07

Best, Lindsay

engagement/photo, 7/8/07

Beta Sigma Phi

Photo, 2/1/07

Beta Sigma Phi names Woman of the Year

Moore, Ella Bess

Honored/photo, 6/3/07

Biddison, Thurman Paul

Obituary, 2/1/07

Bierstedt, Doug

new VP at Broadway Bank/photo, 1/14/07

Bisett, David

Photo, 10/2/07

Bishop, Harry Sr.

Lion of the Month/photo, 4/26/07

Black History Month

Photo, 2/14/07

Black, Dr. Angela

daughter battles epilepsy, fundraiser held/photos, 4/15/07

Blanco River cleanup from tainted water spill, 6/13/07

Blanco River crossing closed until TxDOT bid

Roads, 6/21/07

Blanco River Dam

maintenance examined, 8/21/07

man almost drowns hours before Kyle woman drowns/photo, 8/21/07

Blaschke, Verna

Photo, 12/14/07

Blessing of the Animals and Fair, 9/30/07

Bobbitt, Doris Hall

obituary, 11/23/07, 11/25/07

Bobcat Lions Club banquet

Photo, 10/7/07

Bocko, Sgt. John

obituary, 11/4/07

Body found near Yarrington Rd confirmed as missing Austin woman, 12/12/07

Boggess, Richard II

Photo, 2/15/07

Bonner, Mary Oline

obituary/photo, 7/31/07

Boone, Michael

Photo, 2/11/07

Bordeaux's in Kyle

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting, 6/3/07

Bose, Gaylord

new council member sworn in/photo, 11/23/07

presents Lions Student of the Week with Gary Community Relations Check/photo, 4/1/07, 4/8/07

Boulmay lammarino, Eileen

Obituary/photo, 9/13/07

Bourque, Alice Mary

Obituary, 9/11/07

Bousman, Britt

Photo, 12/26/07

Bowen-Grimmer, Ricardo

Honored/photo, 2/11/07

Bowie Elementary

Grandparents' Day/photo, 9/9/07

boy hit by train will recover, 7/13/07

Boyett, Shari

Photo, 2/7/07

Boyett, Sharri

profile/photos, 5/10/07

Brame, Joshua

San Marcos Academy graduate receives McNeil Cup/photo, 5/31/07

Breakfast for Lunch or Dinner/photo, 9/5/07

Breihan, Ted and Frances

Photo, 2/13/07

Bridges, Allen

Photo, 2/23/07

Bridges, Casey Leigh

engagement/photo, 5/20/07

Broaddus, Jim

Photo, 2/1/07

Broadus, Robert Wayne

Obituary/photo, 10/4/07

Brocato, Sally Kickham

obituary, 3/18/07

Brooks, Tom

club sgt. at arms celebrates Rotary Club anniversary/photo, 3/13/07

Brown Santa gets donation from Friendship Ranch subdivision residents

Photo, 12/7/07

Brown, Patrick

Photo, 2/25/07

Brown, Susan

Award/photo, 9/16/07

Brown, William Harold

obituary, 4/5/07

Browning, Edward

Obituary, 12/23/07

Bruce King plays Santa role

Profile and photo, 12/2/07

Brugman, Jerry L.

Obituary, 2/6/07

Brugman, Jerry Lee

Obituary/photo, 2/7/07

Brumfield, Holly

Honored/photo, 10/21/07

Brunside, Raini

Photo, 2/10/07

Bryan, Stephen

engagement/photo, 5/20/07

Bryar, Medley Markham

Obituary, 12/12/07

Buck, Ruth

named director of sales for new Embassy Suites hotel and conference center, 11/16/07

Buda Community

Buda Buddies student mentor program/photo, 1/10/07

child support evasion suspect arrested/photo, 8/31/07

mayor to resign/photo, 8/1/07

woman dies in trailer fire, 5/1/07

Bugle donated to Calaboose Museum

Photo, 6/3/07

Builders may go 'green'

Hays County, 2/4/07

Bullock, Jerry

Events of this Day in History/photo, 9/9/07

Life's Like That, 9/30/07

Relationship Communication, 9/16/07

Bunker, Jaime Philip

Wedding Announcement/photo, 6/24/07

Bunt, Mary Jane Regina Nardecchia

obituary, 1/19/07

Burdick, Benjamin Franklin Jr.

obituary, 3/27/07

burglary suspects found with $18K in quarters/photos, 1/12/07

Burleigh, Philip

Photo, 2/11/07

Burleson, William Don 'Bodie'

Obituary, 12/18/07

Burress, Kent

receives donation on behalf of Ronald McDonald House/photo, 5/15/07

Burroughs, Beth

Photos, 2/22/07

Burroughs, Kati

outstanding performer at district music festival/photo, 7/3/07

Burroughs, Mark

profile/photos, 3/4/07

Bus searched, no weapons

San Marcos Police Department, 10/17/07


Acceptance Insurance

new member of SM Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 5/13/07

new member of SM Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/photo, 4/3/07

Air Evac Lifeteam

helicopter safety training/photo, 7/22/07

new members of SM Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/photo, 5/20/07

offers memberships/photo, 5/27/07


store closed and dealer terminated for allowing false claims, 1/4/07

Audio Outlet

chamber ambassadors tour/photo, 3/4/07

Austin Virtual Management

ribbon cutting/photo, 7/4/07

Broadway Bank

donates to Summer in the Park concert series/photo, 4/24/07

Doug Bierstedt named VP, 1/14/07

Calphalon Outlet

ribbon cutting, 4/22/07

Cedars Cafe

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/4/07

Century 21 Excell Team

Realtors honored/photo, 3/18/07


donates to St. Mark's Computer School/photo, 1/26/07

honors two employees for 10 years of service/photo, 4/29/07

Karen Thompson named to President's Club/photo, 7/15/07

presents scholarships to Texas State students/photo, 1/28/07

recognizes employee for 35 years of service/photo, 8/23/07

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Faultline Liquor, 12/16/07

Tastefully Simple, 12/16/07

Cheatham Street Warehouse

hosts reunion show/photo, 11/29/07


completes two 'green' initiatives, 7/11/07

dunk tank, pie throwing fundraiser/photo, 3/30/07

newborn safety program profile/photo, 3/22/07

teens in Junior Volunteer program profiled/photo, 8/30/07

with Johns Hopkins to study infection rates in the ICU environment, 7/24/07

Curves International supports American Cancer Society, 6/21/07

Embassy Suites

opening on schedule for October 2008/photo, 7/26/07

Embassy Suites construction, 1/7/07

Embassy Suites hotel and conference center

Ruth Buck named director of sales, 11/16/07

Farmers Insurance

donates to Project Graduation/photo, 5/13/07

five manufacturers to share skills training grant, 4/6/07

Gold Crown Billiards and Sports Bar benefit for CTMC, 1/5/07

Grande Communications

second quarter SEC filing results, 8/21/07

Grande Communications expands call center, 2/1/07

Gulf Business Forms, Inc. employees honored /photos, 12/16/07


promotes Earth Share of Texas campaign/photo, 4/8/07

Hotel-motel tax hike approved, 12/21/07

Hummingbird Enterprises

ribbon cutting/photo, 7/4/07

Image Sun

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/25/07


grand opening set, 7/24/07

profile, 7/29/07

Law Office of Carmen Rumbaut

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/22/07

LBJ Museum

ribbon cutting/photo, 7/4/07

Little Shoppe of Health

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/8/07

Lone Star Custom Homes

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/28/07

McCoy's Building Supply

celebrates employee service/photo, 4/29/07

donates materials for home makeover show, 4/22/07

receives token of appreciation from Girl Scouts/photo, 4/17/07

McCoys Building Center

groundbreaking ceremony for new headquarters/photo, 7/26/07

Merle Norman

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/25/07

Natal's Wrecker Service

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/25/07

New Conference Center/photo, 10/25/07

New hotel project breaks ground/photo

Embassy Suites, 2/1/07

New Penney and Target stores, 2/7/07

Outlet Malls

shopping season opens with sales, fanfare/photo, 11/23/07

Pedernales Electric

donates to SM Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/photo, 3/18/07

Pedernales Electric Coop

many customers still without power after storm, 1/19/07

Planet K nuisance hearing postponed, 12/27/07

Planet K trademark car deemed "public nuisance," 12/19/07

Prime Retail names Chudnofsky VP

Chudnofsky, Carl B., 6/21/07

R Hart Custom Homes

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/8/07

Radio Shack

victim of early-morning break in, 8/8/07

River Crest Nursing and Rehab

closed after health, safety violations/photos, 8/5/07

closing doors, 8/9/07

patient's poor treatment described/photo, 8/22/07


40th Anniversary Cruise give-away/photo, 1/7/07

Sam's Club

donates to San Marcos River Foundation/photo, 4/8/07

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/11/07

San Marcos Daily Record

Rowe Ray named interim publisher, 11/29/07

Sean Patrick's

ribbon cutting, 3/11/07

Sears, Roebuck and Co.

ribbon cutting/photo, 5/4/07

Seattle's Best Coffee

ribbon cutting, 4/22/07

Skin Magic Med Spa

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/20/07

Somewhere in Time

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/8/07

Startup Hand

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/6/07

Tanger Outlet Center

donates to SM police and fire depts/photo, 3/15/07

raised money for American Cancer Society/photo, 3/18/07

Texas Roadhouse

line dancing team wins state-wide competition/photo, 11/5/07

Time Warner Cable

reached 100,000 digital phone customer in Central TX/photo, 4/25/07

Tractor Supply Co.

Jordan Hinckley named new manager, 8/16/07, 8/19/07

Tx Industries multi-million project

Hunter Cement Plant expansion/photos, 10/2/07

VistaCare Hospice

Advance Directive/photo, 1/5/07

Xtreme Power, Inc.

awarded $2 mil by city of Kyle for electricity project, 3/22/07

Yellow Store

damaged by fire/photo, 5/27/07


ribbon cutting/photo, 1/28/07



Cabello, Modesta R.

obituary/photo, 5/13/07

Cable Damaged, Causes Phones to go Out/photo, 9/19/07

Cable, Jackie

Photo, 12/6/07

Cabrera, Jesse

Obituary, 9/11/07

Caffey, Christine Anne

engagement/photo, 4/29/07

Caffey, Clyde

Photo, 2/15/07

Calderon, Jesusa Mosqueda

Obituary, 10/12/07

Caldwell Community

authorities arrest SM man and others in cockfighting operation/photo, 4/18/07

county commissioners to discuss Tx State's body farm and gun control, 4/22/07

illegal cockfighting ring raided/photos, 4/19/07

Caldwell County

Autopsy results awaited on woman who died in custody, 6/29/07

Burn ban enacted, 10/4/07

Complaint of Juvenile Sex Offender Facility Opening Close to Homes, 9/6/07

Fight at Gary Job Corps/photo, 9/7/07

Fire destroys McMahan home, 2/21/07

Immigrant detention center proposed, 12/20/07

Inmate and wife face felony charges for smuggling tobacco into jail, 6/26/07

Luling woman dies in county jail

Trevino, Sarah, 6/26/07

man arrested for indecency with a child/photo, 11/27/07

SH 130 right of way notices given to residents, 7/22/07

State Highway construction on landowner property, 2/13/07

woman's jail death case being sent to DA, 8/22/07

Callender, Mel

Why Play Golf, 9/16/07

Cameron Dennis performs at local church

Profile and photo, 12/20/07

Campbell, Joseph

Donation/photo, 2/11/07

Campers injured by "mudders" near Blanco River, 3/18/07

Campos, Justin

Photo, 12/16/07

Cancer Awareness Month

Photo, 10/14/07

Carlisle, Sarah

presents check from Episcopal Women to Ronald McDonald House/photo, 5/15/07

Carlson, Jan

Photo, 2/16/07

Carman, Douglas Gary

receives Distinguished Professor Emeritus title, 5/27/07

Carpenter, Alisha

key role in Nutcracker/photos, 11/25/07

Carpenter, Faith

obituary, 5/24/07

obituary/photo, 5/23/07

Carr, Jeanie Michelle

wedding/photo, 5/13/07

Carrera, Sergio

Award/photo, 2/11/07

Carrillo, Elvira Z.

Obituary, 12/27/07

Carroll, Kenneth Ray

obituary, 5/17/07

Carson, John Douglas

Obituary/photo, 2/25/07

Carswell, Michelle

Award/photo, 6/8/07

Carter, Patricia Suzanne Nolan

obituary, 11/14/07

Carter, Reggie

wedding/photo, 3/11/07

Carter, Wayne and Arlene

anniversary/photo, 7/22/07

Cartwright, Nancy W.

Obituary, 12/30/07

Caskey, Cliff

Photo, 12/28/07

Castaneda, Frank Macias

obituary, 11/20/07

obituary/photo, 11/21/07

Castillo, Arnold Jr.

obituary/photo, 11/25/07

Castillo, Francisco

arrested for participation in cockfighting operation/photo, 4/18/07

Castillo, Joe S.

Obituary/photo, 12/11/07

Castillo, Juan Lopez

Obituary, 9/30/07

Castillo, Julio

engagement/photo, 11/11/07

Castillo, Marc

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/9/07

Castillo, Marc and Klorissa

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/16/07

Castoldi, Anthony

Engagement/photo, 10/7/07

Cedar fever in Central Texas

Allergy season, 12/16/07

Central Cultural Hispano

Photo, 2/4/07

Central Texas Medical Center

Holiday Blues workshop offered, 10/24/07

Improvements made in technology and service, 6/12/07

Staph infections treated, 10/23/07

Stuart Shapiro joins medical staff, 12/2/07

Two new executives welcomed, 2/15/07

Central Texas Medical Center Auxiliary

'Uniform Day' Meeting/photo, 10/18/07

Central Texas Medical Center junior volunteers

Photo, 10/14/07

Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos

residents form committee to plan creation/photo, 1/28/07

Cervera, Teodoro

Obituary, 10/19/07

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Window news, 6/3/07

Energy-efficient Solutions, 9/16/07

Hunt, Phyllis/photo, 2/11/07

Keep eye on economic development, 2/18/07

News, 2/25/07

Tips for Networking Success/photo, 9/2/07

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Able Body Labor/photo, 2/25/07

Big Brothers Big Sisters/photo, 9/16/07

Bucket's Pub welcomed to Hispanic Chamber/photo, 6/17/07

Cabela's/photo, 2/11/07

Chamber Ambassadors Lunch at Buckets/photo, 6/6/07

CTMC ER and Waiting Room/photo, 6/6/07

Curves/photo, 2/4/07

Harry & David/photo, 10/14/07

Leggiadro/photo, 12/23/07

LULAC welcomed to Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/photo, 6/26/07

Smile House/photo, 10/14/07

Studebaker Sightseeing Tours/photo, 2/4/07

Champion, Ricki Lynn

Obituary, 6/19/07

Chapman, Niomi

Photo, 10/12/07

Charity event

Relay for Life location changes, 10/12/07

Chavkin, Dr. Nancy F.

honored by Tx State Board of Regents/photo, 8/19/07

Cheatham, Dr. Richard

Photo, 12/23/07

Chicken George Zupp cooks for artist reception

Zupp, George

Profile and photos, 10/18/07

Christopherson, Donna

Award/photo, 12/16/07


Ash Wednesday observations/photos, 2/22/07

Christ the Redeemer

youth group helps food bank/photo, 11/20/07

Dripping Springs Baptist Church

Destroyed by Fire, 9/6/07

First Baptist celebrates 150th anniversary/photo, 10/21/07

First Baptist NBC

celebrates 141st anniversary, 11/11/07

celebrates 141st anniversary/photo, 11/16/07

First Baptist Youth Choir heads to Orlando/photo, 12/4/07

First Christian Church

bids farewell to interim minister/photo, 5/29/07

First Christian Church welcomes new minister and wife

Green, David/photo, 6/3/07

Greater Bethel Baptist

celebrates 124th anniversary/photo, 11/11/07

Information about Fire at Dripping Springs Church, 9/16/07

Local churches decorate for Christmas and offer services/photo, 12/11/07

local churches work together to prepare Stations of the Cross/photo, 3/29/07

San Marcos First Baptist

new construction/photos, 5/22/07

St. John's Catholic

community garden profile/photos, 3/25/07

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Computer School/photo, 9/28/07

Summer Camp Work Team Restores Damaged Roof/photo, 6/8/07

Unity Church

bids farewell to Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband/photo, 8/5/07

Wimberley United Methodist Church

Susanna's Kitchen/photo, 9/16/07

Churchwell, Billy E.

obituary, 11/13/07

Cinco de Mayo

Festival returns to Civic Center/photo, 2/25/07

Circus Chicken Dog

Photo, 6/12/07

Cisco, Tucker

wins first round of Natl Geography Bee/photo, 1/19/07

Cisneros, Indalecia Carranza

Obituary, 12/11/07

Citizen's committee to recommend park fund spending

Hays County, 6/14/07

City of San Marcos

"Moses Austin" frontier shrub thrives in Veramendi Plaza/photo, 8/2/07

$400K grant received for new park, 1/26/07

'08 budget proposals to be outlined, 8/8/07

'State of City' city address by Mayor Narvaiz, 10/14/07

9-11 Remembrance Ceremonies/photo, 9/11/07

9-11 Remembrance Ceremony/photo, 9/9/07

acquires 251 acres adjacent to Aquarena Springs, 7/24/07

activity center celebrates 10th year/photos, 7/20/07

Activity Center hosts Austin Pastel Society exhibit/photos, 11/2/07

Agree to Fund FM 110, 9/30/07

alcohol variance survives second council vote, 8/24/07

area landmarks named for veterans profiled, 11/11/07

Automated meter reading system planned for 2009, 10/9/07

Blessing of the River held/photo, 5/1/07

Bose wins city council recount, 11/16/07

boys pulled out of SM creek, 1/14/07

C-SPAN campaign bus to stop in San Marcos/photo, 3/30/07

Carbon emissions agreement stalls in council, 6/20/07

CDBG funds available, 2/13/07

CDBG funds awarded for justice center and housing, 5/3/07

Chief Placido statue unveiled/photos, 11/16/07

citizen mounts defense of Invasion St. named to honor WWII soldiers, 7/19/07

City and gas supplier reach agreement, 6/21/07

city attorney Andy Quittner addresses SMHS students/photos, 11/7/07

City breaks ground on skate park/photo, 2/6/07

City considers voluntary emissions reductions, 6/17/07

City Council announces construction of skate park/photos, 1/9/07

City council holds energy policy workshop, 10/21/07

City council members seek funds in Washington, 2/28/07

city council recount results may not be known until Nov. 13 or later, 11/9/07

city council to name Charter Review Commission, 7/4/07

city court now cleared to hear broader range of code violation cases, 8/17/07

City gets 'self sufficiency' program housing grants, 12/13/07

City Hall Renovations/photo, 1/5/07

City Manager O'Leary given farewell reception

O'Leary, Dan, 12/12/07

City Manager O'Leary moving to post in Keller/photo, 11/22/07

city manager O'Leary names two assistant city managers/photos, 4/24/07

city manager receives Innovative Planning Award/photo, 8/12/07

City manager to resign

O'Leary, Dan/photo, 10/3/07

City pays sales tax rebate to Prime Outlets, 6/12/07

City rebounds with sales tax rebates

Hays County, 10/17/08

City to begin winter averaging of wastewater bills, 10/21/07

City to receive federal housing funds, 10/16/07

city will have a voice in Edwards Aquifer recovery program, 7/20/07

citywide wireless network may affect local market, 4/4/07

Clean up after Thunderstorm/photo, 6/5/07

Colonel Edward Burleson profile/photo, 8/14/07

combining buses with Tx State will save money, 4/5/07

Complaints about Sagewood at City Council Meeting, 9/5/07

Concert Honoring Missing Soldier/photos, 9/23/07

Concert to Honor Missing Soldier, 9/19/07, 9/21/07

construction cost increases cause council to delay other projects, 7/8/07

Consultants and city staff work on downtown master plan, 12/5/07

council approves second taxi service, 7/8/07

council approves tax exemptions for manufacturers, 1/19/07

council considers changes to garbage, recycling collection, 7/5/07

council considers property tax exemption for manufacturers, 1/11/07

council considers venue tax to help pay for conference center, 7/20/07

council meeting in closed sessions to discuss zoning and use laws, 4/8/07

council members Bose, Porterfield sworn in, 11/20/07

council names Asst. City Manager Jamison as interim city manager/photo, 11/7/07

Council OKs Rio Vista Olympic trials, 12/13/07

council one vote away from approving river shuttle fee, 4/20/07

council supports plan for charging fees for commercial tube shuttles, 3/21/07

council to consider policy for expanded jurisdiction, 8/19/07

council to decide agreement for retail development at I35 and McCarty, 8/19/07

council to hold hearings on '08 budget which includes proposed tax hike, 8/5/07

council votes against purchase of land for park at Craddock and RR12, 7/19/07

Council votes on property tax exemptions

Freeport approved, 2/21/07

Council will consider tax exemptions, library services, 10/14/07

County may give loop project to city

Roads, 6/17/07

dedication ceremony held at Spring Lake Preserve/photos, 8/23/07

downtown growth brings crime, 7/25/07

drought restrictions lifted, 1/23/07

Early voting starts, 10/21/07

Early voting under way, 10/25/07

Economic Development Director resigns

Moore, Kim/photo, 10/18/07

Edwards Aquifer

Council backs effort to stop hike in aquifer limits, 2/22/07

Electric customers go green/photo, 2/11/07

employees honored for years of service, 5/10/07

expanded territorial jurisdiction/map, 7/22/07

Eye on the City news, 2/16/07

fight at Sewell Park, 8/14/07

finalist for Nat'l League of Cities' Award for Municipal Excellence, 8/7/07

Financing of eastern loop uncertain

Roads, 6/21/07

Fire and rescue calls increase, 12/11/07

Fire Dept. receives grant from FEMA/photo, 3/2/07

fire rescue aids driver stranded at low-water crossing, 7/25/07

Fire Rescue has busy May, 6/12/07

Gaylord Bose and Kim Porterfield win seats on city council, 11/7/07

grand opening of skate park, 5/30/07

groundbreaking for hotel and conference center set/photo, 1/26/07

hearings on new budget being held, 8/10/07

Hills of Hays residents participate in National Night Out/photo, 8/12/07

hires consultant to plan city-wide wireless network, 3/8/07

honors Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month/photo, 4/6/07

house fire leaves two in critical condition/photos, 4/24/07

Household Hazardous Waste Collection, 9/13/07

Household Hazardous Waste Collection/photo, 9/18/07

housing authority receiving $200K grant, 1/25/07

Increased Homestead exemption for seniors faces vote, 12/4/07

joins celebration of National Hospice Month, 11/2/07

Key projects for 2008, 12/30/07

labor talks for police department/photo, 3/16/07

Lady Bird Johnson remembered/photos, 7/15/07

Local Elections, 9/14/07

local road work outlined, 11/2/07

mayor delays franchise renewal for CenterPoint Energy due to complaints, 5/3/07

Mayor Narvaiz gives 'State of the City' address

Narvaiz, Susan/photo, 10/19/07

mayor pro tem declares Salute to Veterans Week/photo, 11/9/07

mayor proclaims "Help Teach the Children" Month/photo, 8/12/07

mayor proclaims "Parks and Recreation Month"/photo, 7/25/07

mayor proclaims Lions Club Week/photo, 4/22/07

mayor proclaims National Telecommunicators Week/photo, 4/15/07

mayor reports results of Citizen Summit/photo, 4/1/07

neighborhoods participate in National Night Out, 8/5/07

neighborhoods participate in National Night Out/photos, 8/8/07, 8/10/07

New billing system begins Nov. 1, 10/26/07

new city attorney Michael Cosentino begins Oct. 1, 8/24/07

New Members of city boards and commissions/photo, 1/7/07

new permit process unveiled, 7/29/07

old hospital fire caused by arson, 4/13/07

old hospital on Belvin street demolished after fire/photo, 4/26/07

old hospital on Belvin street gutted by fire/photos, 4/11/07

Opening of Skate Park/photo, 6/5/07

Opinions about Problems with Sagewood, 9/12/07

Park fund money in dispute

Hays County Commissioners Court, 12/16/07

parking issues a problem for council's downtown vision, 4/19/07

Plan to Correct Problems in Sagewood, 9/9/07

planning and zoning board to rule on downtown hours, alcohol rules, 5/8/07

planning commission works on alcohol variance proposal, 8/7/07

Plans for FM 110, 9/28/07

Playscape reopened at Children's Park, 6/21/07

police use tear gas in standoff, 1/18/07

population reaches 50,000, 7/3/07

Prather/Bose recount to convene on Nov. 15, 11/14/07

presents honorary citizenship and key to city to exchange student/photo, 5/3/07

proclaims Absolutely Incredible Kids Month/photo, 4/5/07

proclaims Bicycle to School and Work Day/photo, 4/5/07

proclaims March as Red Cross Month/photo, 3/9/07

proclaims Mathematics Awareness Month/photo, 4/5/07

proclaims Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month/photo, 5/3/07

proclaims National Nurse Anesthetists Week/photo, 1/25/07

public invited to comment on future plans for downtown development, 4/15/07

purchase of Spring Lake tract celebrated/photo, 8/21/07

rains boost San Marcos Springs, 3/16/07

receives Distinguished Budget Presentation Award/photo, 8/12/07

recount requested in Prather/Bose council seat race, 11/8/07

refining Wonder World Dr. project, 5/17/07

report on comparison of area development codes shared, 7/31/07

residents' survey responses released, 3/8/07

Restaurants Allowed to Sell Alcohol for Off-premise Consumption, 9/14/07

Restoring Power to Coers Dr./photo, 6/6/07

Retirement reception held for City manager O'Leary/photos, 12/13/07

Rio Vista Dam activities/photos, 8/9/07

Rio Vista Falls wins Innovative Planning Award/photo, 7/15/07

river shuttle fee to be discussed, 4/17/07

Road Project through remnants of Native American Settlement, 6/6/07

Rush for passports as security rules change/photo, 2/14/07

sales tax rebates down for January, 3/14/07

sales tax rebates up 4.37 percent from last Nov., 11/11/07

salute to veterans planned, 11/5/07

San Marcos Loop Project, 6/7/07

search for wireless network provider narrowed to two vendors, 11/29/07

Seeking Nominations for Outstanding Local Women, 9/9/07

Seeking Nominations for Women's Hall of Fame, 9/16/07

seeks private company to implement citywide wireless broadband network, 7/5/07

seeks solution to drainage problem near Allen Wood homes/photo, 1/18/07

selling $12.5 million in bonds for various projects, 5/17/07

September 11 Commemerration/photo, 9/18/07

Sewer bill averaging begins Nov 1, 10/18/07

Sewer bill winter averaging begins, 10/31/07

Solutions to Problems in Sagewood, 9/30/07

Spring Lake area in critical habitat zone, 3/23/07

stabbing suspect at-large after fight in Lucy's/photo, 8/30/07

storms raise Blanco River, flood streets/photo, 3/13/07

Street may be renamed for community leader

Hernandez, Esperanza, 6/20/07

student stabbed in altercation, 8/9/07

studies action options for Sagewood, 11/21/07

summer rains causing decrease in sales for local businesses, 7/27/07

tank truck accident on CR 266 recalled/photo, 8/12/07

tax exemption options explained, 1/24/07

tax rebates increase, 1/17/07

teams with shelter, vets to sponsor free pet spay & neuter/photos, 3/1/07

Texas Secretary of State speaks at World Trade Week luncheon/photo, 5/25/07

three new inductees for Women's Hall of Fame profiled/photos, 11/4/07

to host Citizen Summit focus groups, 3/15/07

tornado aftermath detailed/photos, 1/16/07

tornado causes property damage, no injuries; Red Cross assists/photos, 1/14/07

transformation of Rio Vista Dam earns state award/photo, 11/15/07

tree ceremony to honor the late Pete Owen/photo, 4/15/07

tubing restrictions in New Braunfels may increase rowdiness in SM, 1/31/07

two charged in downtown burglaries/photos, 7/13/07

Veteran Day events planned, 10/30/07

Veteran's Day events, 10/28/07

Veterans' Day parade held/photos, 11/9/07, 11/11/07

Voters approve capital improvement projects

Roads, 6/17/07

wastewater treatment discharging "endocrine disruptors," 8/12/07

winter averaging of wastewater charges considered, 8/23/07

woman says she was peeped at Tanger Outlet Mall store, 8/3/07

work begins on several street projects, 7/10/07

workshop and open house for Downtown Master Plan planned, 11/21/07

Workshop for Master Plan of Downtown, 9/9/07

Clark, Hazel

obituary, 3/22/07

Clark, Katie, Ava, and Megan

Photo, 2/21/07

Cleghorn, Retha Mae

obituary, 5/23/07

Click, Edward Arthur "Art" III

obituary, 3/27/07

Cliett, Olive Jane

obituary/photo, 1/21/07


American Association of Retired Persons

Elected Officers/photos, 1/5/07

American Legion

oratorical contest winner announced/photo, 1/17/07

Bowling club helps food bank/photo, 12/25/07

Debra Sowards named Lion of the month/photo, 6/21/07

Kiwanis Club

donates to SM Youth Livestock Booster Club/photo, 1/18/07

K-Kids from DeZavala Elementary visit/photo, 4/22/07


Jaime Martinez wins Peace Poster Contest/photo, 8/17/07

Lions Club

donates to Summer in the Park concert series/photo, 4/24/07

holds baby shower for pregnancy resource center/photo, 3/23/07

Lion of the Month, Bette Banning/photo, 3/14/07

Lion of the Month, Rebecca Conley/photo, 3/15/07

Lion of the Month/photo, 4/15/07, 4/26/07, 5/24/07, 7/22/07

Lion of the Year/photo, 7/15/07

mayor proclaims San Marcos Lions Club week/photo, 4/22/07

new members inducted/photo, 3/25/07

new officers elected/photos, 5/1/07

new officers/photo, 7/3/07

new officers/photos, 7/13/07

past president Cody Dailey receives certificate of appreciation/photo, 8/10/07

receives recognition as "Summer in the Park" sponsor/photo, 7/22/07

Student of the Week/photo, 4/1/07, 4/8/07

Lions Club Summerfest River Parade welcomes entries, 6/17/07

Lions Club tamale dinner/photos, 2/8/07

Rotary Club

awards scholarships to local students/photos, 5/17/07

four-year-old Nathan Kinsey travels to Rotary International Conf./photo, 7/13/0

new officers elected/photo, 7/8/07

Rotary Int'l celebrates 102 years/photo, 3/13/07

Rotary Club hosts Cottage Kitchen

Photo, 2/21/07

San Marcos Lion's Club Annual Mexican dinner, 2/1/07

Spring Lake Garden Club

2007 Officers/photo, 1/9/07

Distribute Christmas Wreaths to Women's Center/photo, 1/9/07

donates tree to DeZavala Elementary/photo, 3/27/07

Yard of the Month awarded to Ed and Susan Bailey/photos, 11/29/07

Yard of the Month/photos, 5/25/07

Coats, Logan

Photo, 12/26/07

Coers, Thomas Addison

obituary, 5/23/07

Coers, Thomas Addison "Bubo"

obituary/photo, 5/22/07

Coker, Mary K.

obituary, 1/21/07

Collazo, Juliana

engagement/photo, 4/1/07

Collazo, Sandra

Photo, 6/14/07

Collins, Calasca

Photo, 12/25/07

Colter, Chez

Photo, 2/18/07

Comanche, Hutchison will close

Roads, 2/18/07

Conjunto musicians play at Tejano Country Ballroom

Jimenez, Eddie, 12/6/07

Conley Carwash hosts fundraiser

Photo, 12/23/07

Conley, Rebecca

Lion of the Month/photo, 3/15/07

Conley, Will

Photo, 12/16/07

Connelly, Opal

obituary, 1/5/07

Connor, Matt

engagement/photo, 11/4/07

Contreras, Carl

Photo, 6/27/07

Contreras, Edward D. 'Eddie'

Obituary, 10/11/07

Cook, Howard and Lucille

anniversary/photo, 5/27/07

Cook, Susan

Photo, 2/28/07

Cooper, Justin

Award, 9/16/07

Cooper, Margaret

obituary, 7/11/07

Cordero, Maxima

obituary, 1/18/07

Cordero, Maxima P.

obituary/photo, 1/19/07

Cordero, Ruben Sr.

Obituary, 10/14/07

Corley, Col. Donald Wesley

obituary, 8/28/07

Cortez, Atanasia "Mary"

obituary, 4/15/07, 4/22/07

Cortinas, Anna M.

profile/photos, 7/22/07

Cosentino, Michael

to begin as SM city attorney Oct. 1, 8/24/07

Court Appointed Special Advocate

Seeking Volunteers to Help with Program, 6/7/07

Court fees to rise for civil suits

Hays County, 6/28/07

Covarrubias, Jose

Obituary, 9/19/07

Covey, Betty Lou

obituary, 7/24/07

Covington, Eloise Burnett

Obituary/photo, 12/23/07

Cowan, Thomas D.

Completed Marine Corps Basic Training/photo, 9/2/07

Cox, Heather

to appear on national game show, profile/photos, 8/10/07

Cox, Jack H. Jr.

obituary/photo, 7/15/07

Cox, Tim

Author hosts book signing at Hastings, 12/25/07

Crapps, Helen Louise

Obituary, 2/28/07

Crash kills Texas State student

Harmeyer, Thomas David, 2/6/07

Crawford, Laverne

obituary, 8/19/07

Crawford, Laverne Mercer

obituary, 8/22/07

Crayton, Christina

wedding/photo, 3/11/07

Creative Dramatics workshop

Photo, 2/18/07

Crestsinger, Adrian

Photo, 12/5/07

Crockett Elementary

Student field trip to A.E. Woods Fish Hatchery/photos, 12/12/07

Crook, Elizabeth

Award, 9/23/07

CROP Walk Hunger Day

Photo, 10/7/07

Crouch, Allen

Photo, 2/27/07

Cruz, Lupe

retiring as Hays County constable/photo, 11/30/07

CTMC Hospice Care

'Hats Off for Hospice" grants patient's wish/photo, 6/19/07

Cuellar, Catarino "Cato" S.

obituary, 7/5/07, 7/8/07

obituary/photo, 7/4/07

Cuellar, Catarino and Adelina

anniversary/photo, 3/4/07

Cummings family donates $10,000 for trails, 6/26/07

Cyphers, Robbie Lynn

obituary, 7/29/07



D'Anton, Dr. Erbert William "Danny"

obituary/photo, 1/11/07

D'Anton, Erbert William 'Danny'

obituary, 1/10/07

Dailey, Cody

Lions Club president presents check to sponsor Summer in the Park/photo, 4/24/07

receives certificate of appreciation from Lions Club/photo, 8/10/07

Dailey, Cody Shaun

engagement/photo, 5/20/07

Daily Record gives free fair tickets

Photos, 10/12/07

Danielson, Velma R.

chosen as next general manager of Edwards Aquifer Authority, 8/15/07

Darby, Mary Kathryn Roberts

obituary, 8/2/07

Darchicourt, Michael Joseph

wedding, 4/15/07

Darla Dees Wood dies at 42

Profile, 6/27/07

Darling, Michelle

Photo, 6/21/07

Darnell, Jim

Dove Hunting/photo, 9/6/07

Davis, Anita

Photo, 2/15/07

Davis, Bryan

profile/photos, 5/20/07

Davis, Cpl. Michael

obituary, 5/25/07

Davis, Cpl. Michael Warner

obituary/photo, 5/27/07, 5/29/07

Davis, Emily Erin

engagement/photo, 5/13/07

Davis, Heather Michelle

engagement/photo, 8/5/07

Davis, Jean E.

Obituary, 12/4/07, 12/5/07

Davis, Michael

profile/photo, 5/25/07

Davis, Micheal W.

Remembered at Hays County Veterans Memorial/photos, 6/5/07

Davis, Rosemary

obituary, 5/3/07

Davis, Rosemary Corman

obituary, 4/24/07

obituary/photo, 4/25/07

Davis, Spc. Michael W.

SM man killed in Iraq, 5/24/07

Davis, Wilbon P.

receives Distinguished Professor Emeritus title, 5/27/07

Dawson, Terry

Photo, 2/14/07

Dead Man's Hole/photo, 9/16/07

Dean, Betty Jo

obituary, 3/4/07

Deck, Rena Smith

obituary, 1/23/07

Dees, Lillian A.

Obituary, 6/12/07

Deleon, Brandon

wins second place in Natl Geography Bee/photo, 1/30/07

Deleon, Hortencia

Photo, 6/26/07

DeLeon, Isabel

St. John's Catholic Church Fiesta/photo, 9/5/07

DeLeon, John Edward

Obituary, 6/13/07

DeLeon, Martin Sr.

Obituary/photo, 10/2/07, 10/3/07

Delgado, Amelia and Pedro

anniversary/photos, 7/29/07

Delgado, David

engagement/photo, 4/8/07

Delgado, Marissa Lauren

Birthday Announcement/photo, 9/9/07

Delgado, Nicole

Photo, 12/23/07

Delgado, Refugia "Cuca"

obituary/photo, 3/18/07

Delgado, Yssa G.

Obituary, 10/10/07

Denney, Elinor B.

engagement/photo, 5/20/07

Dennis, Robert Dale

Obituary, 2/1/07

Denoyer, Brenda

Photo, 12/6/07

DeStefano, Clay

Photo, 2/15/07

Dick, Heather Marie

graduates Texas A&M, 7/29/07

Diegelman, Sue

Photo, 2/15/07

Dietert, Lindsay Marie

Birth/photo, 9/16/07

Dietert, Travis Wayne

Engagement/photo, 9/30/07

Dietz, Albert and Edna

anniversary/photo, 4/8/07

Diocares, Esteban

Award/photo, 6/7/07

Dirkes, Sheila

Obituary, 12/9/07

Disaster plan needed in every San Marcos home, 10/28/07

District Clerk records going public

Hays County, 2/25/07

Doeskin Ranch

Refuge Week Celebration, 9/16/07


Photo, 2/13/07

Doucet, Dudley

Obituary, 12/27/07

Downing, Papa

Photo, 12/11/07

DPS troopers to patrol highways for holidays, 12/21/07

Dries-Dittberner, Martha

Obituary, 12/2/07

Driscoll, Judith

Photo, 2/22/07

Driscoll, Martin

Photo, 2/22/07

Driver jailed for going wrong way on IH 35

Gonzales, Joseph/photo, 12/4/07

Drownings in Texas

Death Toll Reaches 26, 6/807

Drug raid turns up marijuana growing operation in rent house

VanZandt, Gilbert V/photo, 12/9/07

Drunk driving awareness campaign

MADD partners with Hays Caldwell Council, 12/19/07

Duecy, Leigh

Photo, 2/14/07

Duncan, Rodney Eugene

Obituary, 10/2/07

Dunfield, Hunter

attends National Youth Leadership Forum, 11/25/07

Dunn, Jason D.

engagement/photo, 5/20/07

Dusek, Polly

Yard of the Month/photo, 3/30/07



East, John Ross Jr.

obituary/photo, 3/13/07

Eberhardt, Bernice S. (Posey)

obituary, 8/19/07

Eckford, Charles

obituary, 11/4/07

Eckford, Charles and Susan

murder-suicide investigated, 11/2/07

Eckford, Susan

obituary, 11/4/07

Edge, Camryn

Photo, 6/28/07

Edwards Aquifer

Aquifer truce sought, 2/27/07

authority increases enforcement of well rules, 4/26/07

EA Authority shelves conversion rule, 7/11/07

EAA sets new, quicker water restrictions, 12/12/07

emergency rules cause concern, 4/8/07

fills with summer rains, 7/27/07

Guide for future management, 1/10/07

Hearing on rules for hazardous materials spills and storage, 10/17/07

legislators seek compromise in pumping limits/photos, 3/1/07

New aquifer signs across San Marcos, 6/20/07

Public meetings scheduled on proposed rules, 10/2/07

pumping impact studied, 3/20/07

pumping levels debated in House, 3/29/07

Rep. Rose's attempts to fight new legislation defeated, 5/31/07

SM River Foundation to voice concerns to EA Authority, 7/8/07

State Rep. Rose's proposal to limit pumping rejected, 5/23/07

Workshop Over Changes to EAA Act, 9/2/07

Edwards Aquifer Authority

Attorney General overrules current pumping practice, 1/17/07

deputy general manager Danielson to be next general manager, 8/15/07

rains allow rescinding of Stage 1 restrictions, 1/21/07

Sen. Wentworth to introduce a bill to extend pumping limits, 1/2/07

user management fees not increased, 11/18/07

Edwards Aquifer Authority aids rainwater harvesting program

Hays County, 10/16/07

Effects of Delinquent Tax Payers, 9/27/07

Eisenhour, Earl

profile/photo, 3/11/07

Elam, Jana

Photo, 6/15/07

Elkins, Geoff

Photos, 2/25/07

Ellis, Alvina Welge

Obituary, 10/2/07

Ellis, Charles

receives check from CenturyTel for St. Mark's Computer School/photo, 1/26/07

Embassy Suites

Project on Schedule/photo, 9/21/07

Embassy Suites hotel and conference center

Photo, 6/21/07

Endsley, Melissa

Photo, 12/26/07

Engrams win Yard of the Month

Profile and photos, 6/24/07

Ennis, Margaret

Photos, 12/16/07

Enriquez, Antonia

Obituary, 9/6/07

Envision Central Texas Redevelopment Award

Award/photo, 6/20/07

Erickson, Mindy Joy

graduates Texas A&M, 7/29/07

eSlate voting system blasted

Hays County, 2/14/07

Espinoza, Emiliana Garcia

obituary, 3/11/07

obituary/photo, 3/13/07

Espinoza, Guadalupe

Engagement/photo, 9/16/07

Espinoza, Guadalupe Sr.

Obituary/photo, 12/11/07

Espinoza, Jessica

Espinoza qualifies as AP Scholar

Hays High School, 12/25/07

Esquivel, Peter R. 'Pete'

Obituary/photo, 6/28/07

Esquivel, Rachel

Award/photo, 2/11/07

Estrada, Ramon V.

obituary, 3/29/07

Eubanks, Kenneth Lee

obituary, 11/7/07

Eure, Elizabeth Edwards

obituary, 3/13/07

Eureka exhibit and artist reception

San Marcos Activity Center, 2/22/07

Euresti, Rafaela

Obituary, 6/27/07

Obituary/photo, 6/26/07

Evans, Charles

obituary, 5/27/07

Evans, Dorothy

new inductee for Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 11/4/07

Evans, Vivian Peck

obituary/photo, 1/3/07, 1/9/07

Evans, Zachary

profile/photo, 8/16/07



Fahrig, Mamie

obituary, 8/29/07

Fahrig, Mamie H.

obituary, 8/28/07

Fahrig, Mamie Neuse

obituary, 8/30/07

Fairhart, Vicki Lynn

obituary/photo, 8/30/07

Farr, Patricia

honored for 10 years of service at CenturyTel, 4/29/07

Fatal shooting investigation closed

Officer Villanueva back at work

Taylor,Timothy Logan, 12/7/07

Fatal truck accident on IH 35


Lujan, Matias Doreteo, 10/21/07

Fatal wreck on FM 621 kills San Marcos man

Villareal, Oscar Jr., 12/5/07

Fedechkina, Nina

exchange student honored by city/photo, 5/3/07

Fernandez, Jose and Jose Jr.

Photo, 6/3/07

Field, Gail Dilthey

obituary/photo, 11/4/07, 11/7/07

Fire burns dozens of acres

Hays County

Smith, David/photo, 10/28/07

Fire destroys Jones Street residence, 2/27/07

Fire Prevention awareness at Bonham pre-kindergarten

Photo, 10/9/07

Fire prevention week

Fire Rescue members honored/photo, 10/21/07

Firefighter's Fill the Boot campaign

Acosta, Andre/photo, 10/3/07

Fireworks safety cautioned

Hays County

Caldwell County, 12/25/07

Firle, Kristin

to compete in Indiana business plan challenge as part of TX State team, 3/23/07

Fisher, Michael

Honored/photo, 10/19/07

Fitzgerald, John D.

obituary/photo, 11/25/07

Flash! Quartet

local 4-part harmony group wins at regional contest/photo, 5/1/07

Flores, Dominic

Photo, 6/14/07

Flores, Dr. Jill

traveling to Middle East, 7/29/07

Flores, Erasmo

obituary, 1/16/07

Flores, Erasmos Ramirez

obituary/photo, 1/28/07

Flores, Geronimo

Obituary/photo, 2/27/07

Flores, Geronimo R.

Thank You/photo, 9/30/07

Flores, Samuel

Receives Diploma/photo, 9/4/07

Flu on the rise

Hays Country, 2/15/07

Flu vaccine available, 10/2/07

Flynn, Steve

Real Estate Perspective, 9/26/07

Folaom, June

Obituary, 2/18/07

Food training program hosted by Hay County Extension

Hays County, 12/23/07

Ford, Becky

obituary, 5/24/07

obituary/photo, 5/25/07

Ford, Rebecca Lee

obituary, 5/23/07

Foreclosures down in Central Texas

Hays County, 12/27/07

Foreman, Rubie

obituary, 1/4/07

Forester, Myrtle Lee

obituary, 5/16/07

Former deputy convicted of groping

Pastrano, John, 2/4/07

Former resident takes charge of USAF's largest command

Corley, Gen. John D.W./photo, 10/7/07

Former residents indicted on daughter's death

Hays County

Gonzales, Cipriano and Esther, 10/3/07

Former San Marcos physician is registered sex offender

Tallant, Nilon, 6/21/07

Foster, James Roger

obituary, 1/30/07

Foster, Mildred Hobbs

obituary, 5/1/07

Founder Tim Walsh reflects on success of Brave Combo

Profile and photo, 12/28/07

Fowler, Timothy and Thomas

Photo, 6/17/07

Fox, Lillian Bock

obituary, 5/15/07

Fox, Margaret Mae

Obituary, 2/13/07

Obituary/photo, 2/14/07

Frank, Elinor Claire (Greer)

Obituary/photo, 12/23/07

Frank, Elinor Clare (Greer)

Obituary, 12/26/07

Franks, Kelly

received Award of Excellence from TX Historical Commission, 4/18/07

Franqui, Rose Maria

Obituary, 10/11/07

Franzen, Pat

Photo, 2/22/07

Frasquillo, Marcelino

Honored/photo, 12/1/07

Frazier, Richard W.

Obituary, 12/26/07

Friends of Fine Arts honor Eileen Vance

Honored/photo, 12/23/07

Frisbie, Jenny

earns Certified Commercial Investment Member designation/photo, 11/11/07

Fritsche, A.J. 'Shorty'

Obituary, 10/9/07

Funkhouser, James A. "Alex"

soldier, TX state grad killed in Iraq to be honored on CBS, 5/29/07



Gaitan, Jose "Chico"

obituary, 8/30/07

Galante, Carl

Photos, 2/22/07

Gallagher, Helen

obituary, 7/13/07

Gallardo, Jose

Obituary/photo, 10/7/07

Gallardo, Silvia

recipient of Habitat for Humanity home/photos, 11/30/07

Gallegos, Audrey Michelle

wedding/photo, 7/15/07

Galvan, Dr. Roberto

presents Lion of the Month award to "Big Ted" Sladek/photo, 4/15/07

Galvan, Dr. Roberto A. and Eva

anniversary/photos, 8/23/07

Galvan, Marie Yvette

graduate of Western Univ of Health Science/photo, 7/20/07

Gamboa, Alyssa

Birth/photo, 10/28/07

Gamez, Sergio and Bonnie

Photo, 12/18/07

Garcia, Aleta

Photo, 2/22/07

Garcia, Hector

Photo, 6/29/07

Garcia, Hector P.

Commemorative Walk/photo, 9/19/07

Garcia, Lorenzo

Representing Miller Jr. High School as People to People student leader, 6/5/07

Garcia, Marcelino M. Sr.

obituary, 1/18/07, 1/19/07

Garcia, Maria Nieves

Obituary, 10/14/07

Garnett, Basil David

Obituary, 12/20/07

Gary Job Corps

Brazilian SESC group visits/photo, 7/25/07

carpentry program helping build homes in Lafayette, La./photo, 1/11/07

collections for Red Cross Month/photo, 3/21/07

culinary arts students prepare lunch for annual appreciation/photo, 4/1/07

fire at facility, 1/2/07

food service cook honored for 39 years of service/photo, 4/15/07

health and wellness fair/photo, 7/8/07

hosts workshop on women's issues/photo, 4/6/07

June commencement/photo, 7/3/07

new advanced culinary arts instructor, Rachelle Thompson/photo, 3/11/07

students participate in Make a Difference Day/photo, 11/15/07

students participate in Nat'l Youth Service Day/photo, 5/3/07

vocational awards presented/photo, 5/4/07

Gary Job Corps carpentry students raise funds

Photo, 10/11/07

Gary Job Corps Center

HOPE Students Assist Habitat for Humanity/photo, 9/28/07

Host Track Teams/photo, 9/16/07

Gary, William W. 'Bill'

Obituary, 6/28/07

Garza, Art

Photo, 10/16/07

Garza, Julianna

Youth Nature Series/photo, 9/12/07

Garza, Naomi

Photo, 10/14/07

Garza, Randy "Lil' Nova"

profile/photo, 4/5/07

Garza, Richard

Donation/photo, 2/11/07

Photo, 2/25/07

Garza, Sylvia M.

leaving SMCISD for Midland school district, 8/15/07

Garza, Velia D.

obituary, 3/11/07

obituary/photo, 3/9/07

Gasoline Prices Rise, 9/30/07

Gebrehana, Muluembet G.

Gary Job Corps graduation

Photo, 12/20/07

Geisendorfer, Sam

Photo, 12/13/07

Gentr, LaVerne

obituary, 8/7/07

Georg, Tim

Photo, 6/3/07

George, Clay Emory 'Spud'

Obituary/photo, 6/19/07

Giberson, Jack B.

obituary, 5/29/07

Giere, Jean Ellis

Obituary, 9/23/07

Gil, Mary Theresa

obituary/photo, 4/12/07, 4/13/07, 4/15/07

Girl Scout hosted by Texas State University

Photos, 2/20/07

Glenn, Patsy

obituary, 8/19/07

Glosson, Jerry Dale

Obituary, 2/9/07

Goff, Maurice

Photo, 2/9/07

Gonzales, Catarina Quiroga

Obituary, 2/27/07

Gonzales, Celestino

obituary, 5/30/07

Gonzales, Chris

wedding/photo, 3/4/07

Gonzales, Delia

Photo, 10/12/07

Gonzales, Elijah

Award/photo, 9/28/07

Gonzales, Glenda

Wedding announcement/photo, 12/2/07

Gonzales, Meregildo

obituary, 3/30/07

Gonzales, Victoria

Killed in Car Accident, 9/11/07

Gonzales-Ingalsbe, Debbie

Honored/photo, 2/6/07

Gonzalez, Augustina Serna

obituary/photo, 1/12/07

Gonzalez, Esteban

Lockhart man sentenced to 20 years for assault of wife, 5/1/07

Gonzalez, Eusebio Chevo "El Plomero"

obituary, 7/15/07

obituary/photo, 7/8/07

Gonzalez, Lazaro and Teresa

anniversary/photos, 8/5/07

Gonzalez, Victoria

Obituary, 9/11/07

Gonzalez, Victoria A.

Obituary, 9/12/07

Goodman, Louis Samuel 'Gunner'

Obituary, 6/24/07

Obituary/photo, 6/19/07

Goodman, Randolph

Award/photo, 2/11/07

Gordon, Ashley Denise

Wedding Announcement/photo, 6/24/07

Gourley, Bernice Kneupper

obituary, 3/14/07

Graf, Sue Ann

Obituary, 12/27/07

Granado, Maria L.

Obituary/photo, 9/30/07

Granado, Roberto

obituary, 11/28/07

obituary/photo, 11/29/07

Grande Communications aid Brown Santa program

Photo, 12/23/07

Grant Mazak Band

profile/photo, 8/2/07

Grass fire burns 40 acres near San Marcos High

Prized peach orchard burns

Photos, 12/28/07

Gratovich, Michael

Award-Winning Guitarist, 9/16/07

Gratz, Robert O.

obituary, 3/18/07

Green, David and Ellen

Photo, 6/3/07

Green, Jana

receives service award from 100 Club/photo, 5/13/07

Green, R.C. 'Jack'

Obituary, 2/25/07, 2/28/07

Green, Rick

actions leading to assault case outlined, 4/18/07

former state rep gets plea bargain in assault case/photo, 4/5/07

Griepentreg, LeRoy and Mable

Photo, 6/3/07

Groos, Buford A.

obituary, 11/27/07

Groos, Lora Jean

obituary/photo, 8/30/07

Guadalupe Valley Dog show

Photos, 2/10/07

Guardiola, Chris

Engagement/photo, 2/18/07

Guerra, Allison Mae

engagement/photo, 3/18/07

Guerra, Arthur Sr.

Obituary, 10/16/07, 10/18/07

Guerra, George

obituary/photo, 7/8/07

Guerrero, Bobby

obituary, 8/9/07

obituary/photo, 8/10/07

Guerrero, Daniel

profile/photo, 4/3/07

Guerrero, Maria L.

obituary/photo, 1/10/07

Guerrero, Vanessa

Photo, 6/24/07

Guiterrez, Viola

Photo, 2/22/07

Gunn, Phyliss

Photo, 12/25/07

Gunnarson, Geraldine "Gerry"

obituary, 3/20/07

Gunnarson, Geraldine "Gerry" Ila Harrison

obituary, 3/23/07, 3/25/07

Gustavsen, Ralph

obituary, 5/1/07

Gutierrez, Concepcion

obituary/photo, 1/23/07

Gutierrez, Daniel

obituary, 8/30/07

Gutierrez, Daniel David

obituary, 8/29/07

Guyton, Wendy Nicholson

engagement/photo, 4/1/07

Gwin, Kayla

wedding/photo, 3/4/07



Haas, Randy

receives plaque on behalf of McCoy's Building Supply/photo, 4/17/07

Habitat for Humanity

Banana Republic volunteers clear land/photos, 1/9/07

Haddix, Furman

quadruplets/photos, 1/7/07

Hagar, Nathan T., Cassie, and Louise

Award/photo, 2/25/07

Hageman, Lesley Jean

engagement/photo, 5/13/07

Hahn, Veronique Zehnder

releases new children's book/photos, 8/19/07

Hall, Dotty

Photo, 2/18/07

Hall, Jerry

Costa Rican Pineapples/photo, 9/23/07

Trip to Peru/photo, 9/25/07

Hamby, Brooke LeAnn "Scooter"

obituary, 5/25/07

obituary/photo, 5/27/07

Hamm, Denise

Crockett Elementary

Hamm gets funding for 'BrainPOP' project/photo, 12/21/07

Hammonds, Maryneal

obituary, 3/29/07

Hampton, James Henry

obituary, 5/9/07, 5/10/07

Haneiwich, Konstanty and Marjorie

Photo, 6/3/07

Hanes, June

obituary, 11/30/07

Obituary/photo, 12/2/07

Hansen, Kathy

elected to SMCISD board Place 4, 5/13/07

Hanson, Johanna

club president celebrates Rotary Club anniversary/photo, 3/13/07

Happley, Carol Lynne

Obituary, 12/13/07

Hargett, Sheila

Tx State faculty member invited to exhibit in Prague/photos, 8/3/07

Harmeyer, Thomas

mother's grief after Tx State student's death, 4/8/07

Harper, Hildegard Haevescher

Obituary/photo, 9/5/07

Harper, Ruby Lee

Obituary/photo, 10/2/07

Harrel, Dr. John Ralph

obituary, 1/24/07

obituary/photo, 1/14/07

Harris, Abby

Photo, 2/15/07

Harris, E. Denise

Obituary, 2/25/07

Harris, Mary Lester

Obituary/photo, 6/7/07

Harrison, Boyd

obituary, 1/25/07

Harrison, Les and Lorraine and Harry Mayes

Photo, 12/18/07

Hartmann, Gordon

receives certificate for 25 years service at McCoy's/photo, 4/29/07

Hartmann, Paul

Photo, 2/4/07

Hatch, Jennifer

Photo, 2/14/07

Haun, Betty Jean (Fehr)

obituary, 7/5/07

Haverda, Randy

Photo, 10/16/07

Havner, Shirley Ann

obituary, 8/14/07

Hayes, Danita

Award/photo, 6/7/07


approves 31.6 cent tax rate cut, 8/23/07

Board hears plans for enrollment growth, 12/19/07

Even Start program recognized by Texas LEARNS, 12/16/07

new elementary campus to open, 5/10/07

Teacher Induction and Mentoring program recognized, 12/19/07

trustees approve bus, vehicle purchases, 11/22/07

Hays Country 4H'ers successful in San Antonio show

Hays County, 2/22/07

Hays Country Commissioners Court

Reimbursement for highway improvements stands

Roads, 6/13/07

Hays County

$30 million parks bond to be on May 12 ballot, 4/29/07

11 high school juniors to participate in Bluebonnet Girls State/photo, 4/22/07

16 low-water crossings to get electronic warning system, 4/18/07

18 students to be honored at American Legion program, 8/12/07

4-H members participate, win in Houston livestock show, 4/15/07

Big Brothers Big Sisters, 9/13/07

Blanco Chapel profile/photos, 3/1/07

bond debate continues, 3/8/07

bond vote set for May 12, 3/13/07

bonds for park and open space to appear on May 12 ballot, 3/4/07

burn ban begins, 11/18/07

burn bans lifted due to wet weather, 3/16/07

Cape Road crossing rates a 2 out of 100 on TxDOT sufficiency scale/photo, 8/22/07

carbon dioxide leak investigated, 4/27/07

cocaine arrest detailed, 7/11/07

commissioner proposes changes to water, sewer regulations, 1/25/07

commissioners appoint committee to study firearm regulations, 5/1/07

commissioners approve new office and courts complex off Wonder World Dr., 8/1/07

commissioners argue about agenda item, 5/9/07

commissioners ask state comptroller for audit, 1/3/07

commissioners choose Wonder World site for new complex/photo, 4/13/07

commissioners consider settlement with plaintiff in misconduct case, 7/8/07

commissioners court appoints Will Conley to CARTPO, 11/23/07

commissioners court approves settlement in sheriff's office misconduct case, 7/12/07

commissioners court members deny charges of Open Meetings Act violation, 8/7/07

commissioners decide future for county roadwork, 5/31/07

commissioners delay office site decision, 3/28/07

commissioners put 2001 road bond money on hold until May 12 election, 3/28/07

commissioners to choose between two sites for new office, 3/27/07

commissioners voided septic system revocation, hearing set, 7/13/07

constable Lupe Cruz retiring/photo, 11/30/07

Coral reef preserved at The Narrows on Hays/Blanco County line/photos, 12/16/07

cost of autopsies to rise, 8/29/07

county agent examines HPV vaccine, 3/15/07

county included in oak wilt alert, 7/31/07

D.A. to investigate teenagers involved in drinking party, 11/15/07

DWI case involving city worker dismissed, 7/25/07

early voting numbers high, 5/10/07

farmers rebound after wet summer/photo, 8/2/07

fight in commissioners court over board appointment averted/photos, 1/21/07

firms that would benefit from bonds fund campaign, 5/6/07

flood sensors in place at first of 16 low-water crossings, 5/15/07

foreclosures higher, 5/23/07

grand jury indictments reported, 11/30/07

historical book being reprinted/photo, 11/7/07

Home Builders Assoc. of Greater Austin

Benefits of Green Building, 1/5/07

home foreclosures increase, 7/31/07

Installing rainwater collection systems/photo, 1/7/07

Jail needs to expand over next 20 years, 12/16/07

jury may revoke father's parental rights, 5/16/07

kayaker found dead near Blanco River bank, 5/20/07

Lockhart man charged with manslaughter in hit-and-run/photo, 7/3/07

man receives 5-year sentence for child porn, 4/22/07

man sentenced to 12 years for assault of wife, 11/18/07

man sentenced to 20 years for assault of wife, 5/1/07

mayors say new roads deal is needed, 5/16/07

National Night Out set/photo, 7/29/07

New Hospital by 2010, 2/5/07

new ideas for old Trico building/photos, 3/23/07

officials say most bridges in good shape, 8/12/07

only local recipient of death penalty has sentence commuted to life/photo, 3/11/07

parents indicted in child abuse case, 1/14/07

parks proposals approved by voters, 5/13/07

property values rise, 5/29/07

proposed budget includes tax hike, 8/16/07

rancher found floating in lake, autopsy planned, 8/30/07

residents to vote on bonds May 12, 4/27/07

results of county votes on constitutional amendments outlined, 11/8/07

road bond expected to appear on May ballot, 3/9/07

road bond package rejected by voters, 5/13/07

roads bond proposal on May ballot, 5/6/07

rural gun rules discussed, 4/13/07

Sheriff's Office seizes 180 eight-liner machines, 4/6/07

state plans for SH21 outlined, 8/2/07

State Rep. Rose endorses bond package, 5/10/07

support for road bond widespread according to PAC, 5/8/07

Suspected Child Predator convicted/photo, 9/12/07

SWAT team captures man wanted for murder/photos, 7/15/07

task force arrests two in suspected drug operation/photos, 7/10/07

Tax Notices to Property Owners, 9/23/07

tax rebates increase, 1/17/07

Taxing Entities Registered Gains, 9/21/07

three teens arrested in home invasion/photos, 4/25/07

traffic accident on IH-35 kills couple, 1/17/07

transportation advisory board working on new bond package, 7/22/07

TxDOT to redo work on FM1826, 7/17/07

utility expenditures information released, 11/4/07

writers of historical book gather at book signing/photo, 11/25/07

youth livestock show/photos, 1/25/07

Hays County Commissioners


Hays County Commissioners Court

Caterer brings lawsuit against country officials, 6/19/07

Conley out as county's project representative, 2/14/07

Hays County Fair

Photos, 10/16/07

Hays County History

Dixon Family Mystery, 9/4/07

Hays County Sheriff

Citizens Academy graduates/photo, 5/25/07

Junior Deputy Academy/photo, 7/4/07

seized 730 lbs of marijuana/photos, 11/14/07

Hays County Sheriff's Department

Department supports Sheriff's Association of Texas, 2/2/07

Hays County Sheriffs Department

Corrections officer graduates/photo, 2/7/07

Crime of the Week/photo, 9/23/07

Promotions Ceremony/photo, 9/2/07

String of Hays CISD burglaries solved, 6/29/07

Hays Farm Service office taken over by Caldwell

Hays County

Caldwell County, 10/28/07

Hays foreclosures down from last year

Hays County, 12/2/07

Hays High School]

JROTC wins at military skills meet, 12/20/07

Hays High student restores Cocke Cemetery

Weber, Brad/photo, 12/20/07

Hays, Francis

receives Distinguished Professor Emeritus title, 5/27/07

Hays-Caldwell County Women's Center

Donation by Emmett and Miriam McCoy Foundation, 9/13/07

Head Start kids receive gifts

Texas Health and Racquet supports Angel Tree/photo, 12/21/07

Health services for low-income residents proposed

Hays County

Caldwell County, 12/20/07

Heart of Texas Chorus

Photo, 2/15/07

Heindl, Judith Ann Hoover

Obituary/photo, 10/17/08

Help Express provides prescription drug help, 2/15/07

Henderson, Dorothy

obituary, 7/15/07

Herington, Michael Bo PFC

Wedding Announcement/photo, 6/24/07

Hernandez, Alisa, Krysta, and Katy

Photo, 6/21/07

Hernandez, Alysha

journalism internship with capitol bureau/photo, 3/22/07

Hernandez, Baby

obituary, 4/3/07

Hernandez, Joe S.

Obituary, 10/14/07

Hernandez, Josephine M.

Obituary, 12/18/07

Hernandez, Maria Magdalena Compean

obituary, 7/17/07

Hernandez, Paul

dies in wreck on Hwy. 80, 1/11/07

Hernandez, Paul Jr.

obituary/photo, 1/12/07

Hernandez, Pedro

Photo, 6/19/07

promoted to captain in Kyle Police Dept./photo, 4/15/07

Hernandez, Petra M.

Obituary, 9/25/07

Hernandez-Delgado, Ruterio

landscaper electrocuted, 11/9/07

Hess, Taylor

promoting disc golf/photos, 8/30/07

Hicks, Lindsay

Photo, 2/20/07

Hiebert, Dr. Arlis

receives checks sponsoring Summer in the Park/photos, 4/24/07

high school student struck by car near campus, 3/28/07

Hill, Brittany

Photo, 6/12/07

Hill, Donna

Award/photo, 2/11/07

Hill, Michael Christopher

engagement/photo, 7/29/07

Hilton, Jimmie

Photo, 2/15/07

Hinckley, Jordan

new manager at SM Tractor Supply Co., 8/16/07, 8/19/07

Hinson, Mary

receives check from CenturyTel for St. Mark's Computer School/photo, 1/26/07

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

"Para Los Ninos" luncheon

Photo, 12/18/07

22nd Annual Awards Banquet, 1/7/07

Adelante, 6/3/07

Annual Award Banquet/photos, 2/11/07

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Sol de Mexico/photo, 10/28/07

Chamber President criticizes citizenship bill, 2/25/07

Hispanic Heritage Month, 9/16/07

Independence Title Company welcomed into Chamber/photo, 6/3/07

News, 2/25/07

News from the Hispanic Chamber/photos, 2/4/07

News/photo, 10/28/07

Outgoing board of directors/photo, 2/11/07

Service Awards/photo, 2/11/07

Wal-Mart donation/photo, 2/1107

History-San Marcos

Burleson, Edward

Profile and photo, 10/21/07

Hays County

Book signing for 'Clear Springs' about area history, 12/7/07

Heritage Association Debutantes at Historic Tour of Homes/photo, 6/7/07

Heritage Association honors four local properties/photos, 10/21/07

Living History Tour visits LBJ Museum, 10/23/07

Surviving authors of San Marcos history hold book signing/photo, 12/16/07

Hitchcock, Mary

Photo, 2/14/07

Hixon, Seth

Photo, 2/1/07

Hobbit Food, 9/12/07

Hoffman, Julie

Elementary Teacher of the Year/photo, 5/8/07

Hogue, Janice Gail (Wimberley)

obituary, 5/31/07

Hohn, John

profile/photos, 3/11/07

Holden, Patricia S.

obituary, 7/15/07

Holiday spending down, tax rebates up

Hays County, 2/11/07

Hollis, Jennifer

wins TX State Alumni Assoc. scholarship, 7/4/07

Homan, Daniel

Tx State MFA students signs two-book deal/photo, 4/27/07

Honoring Veterans

theme of parade, 10/9/07

Hooper, Arlene

Secondary Teacher of the Year/photo, 5/8/07

Hope, David Lee

obituary, 3/2/07

Hopson, Jonquil Bess Moore

Obituary, 12/7/07

Hornsby, Steven

Photo, 2/20/07

Hot Tamales Rock-N-Ridge College Wakeboard Tour

Photo, 10/2/07

Hotmann, Leslie Banks

Obituary, 9/7/07

Housing Choice Voucher to open

San Marcos Housing Authority, 6/3/07

How to Avoid Feeling Gloomy, 9/11/07

Huang, Jerry

San Marcos Academy graduate receives President's Cup/photo, 5/31/07

Hubenak, Greg

Photo, 2/11/07

Hughes, Lucy

Engagement/photo, 10/14/07

Hurricane Henrietta

San Marcos spooked by Forecasts/photo, 9/5/07

Hurtado, Hazel Ivy

Obituary, 12/16/07

Hutchens, Colgin

engagement/photo, 1/7/07

Huth, Jesse

Honored/photo, 10/21/07

Hyde, Zack

San Marcos State Park/photo, 9/2/07



Iles, James Monson

Obituary, 6/24/07

Independence Day Celebration

Summerfest at Sewell Park/photo, 6/14/07


Hays County, 10/24/07

Isles, Joseph

obituary, 5/30/07

Isley, Bart

Jazzercise/photo, 9/23/07

Iverson, Josh

Photo, 10/30/07



Jackson, Jaiden Bryce

birth/photo, 11/11/07

Jackson, Martha

new inductee for Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 11/4/07

Jackson, Steve and Betty

anniversary/photo, 5/6/07

Jacques family donate hair to Locks of Love

Photos, 6/3/07

Jacques, Aubrey

Photo, 6/3/07

Jacques, Erin

Photo, 6/3/07

Jager, Ron and Marie

Renovations at Price Seniors Center/photo, 9/2/07

Jaimes, Tomas

May Have Died of Heart Failure, 6/7/07

Jaimes, Tomas D.

Obituary, 6/6/07, 6/7/07

Jamison, Collette

named assistant city manager/photo, 4/24/07

named interim city manager/photo, 11/7/07

Jarnagan, Charlene Marie

Obituary, 10/17/08

Jeff Walker remembers grandmother's dinners

Photo, 10/10/07

Jepson, Gary

Photo, 2/1/07

Jimenez, Elbira G.

Obituary, 2/7/07

Johnson, Floyd

Photo, 6/15/07

Johnson, Katheryn

Photo, 12/21/07

Johnson, Moe

Caffeine Before Running, 9/16/07

Johnson, Neff M.

Obituary, 9/25/07, 9/26/07

Johnson, Sarah

Photo, 6/17/07

Johnson, Willie

wins first place in first round of Natl Geography Bee/photo, 1/30/07

Johnston, Blue and Charlene

50th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 10/14/07

Jonas, Colby Adam

obituary/photo, 3/16/07

Jonathan Broderick Memorial Skate Weekend

Photo, 10/9/07

Jones, Charles Carlton

Obituary/photo, 6/28/07, 6/29/07

Jones, Dr. Billy Mac

Obituary/photo, 10/30/07

Jones, Linda Kelsey

Photo, 12/5/07

Jones, Richard D. "Dick"

obituary, 3/11/07

Jones, Trent

seminary graduate/photo, 3/18/07

Joseph, Jessica

Photo, 10/11/07

Joy, Dwight Lee

obituary, 1/3/07

Joy, Gabby

Photo, 10/19/07

Juarez, George

obituary, 11/28/07

obituary/photo, 11/30/07

Juel, Dr. Martin

91st birthday/photo, 3/25/07

Juneteenth celebrates diversity

Kappa Alpha Phi host celebration/photo, 6/15/07

Juniga, Miguel A.

Earns PhD/photo, 9/9/07

Jury scam alert

Hays County, 10/24/07



Kaboutari, Abraham

engagement/photo, 8/5/07

Keef, Jimmie C.

obituary, 4/15/07

Kelley, Joseph

Award/photo, 9/30/07

Kelly, Manrifque

engagement/photo, 1/5/07

Kenedy, Finn

Photo, 12/11/07

Kennedy, Trevor Lawrence

obituary, 11/14/07, 11/15/07

Kerry Scheel named Professional in Human Resources

McCoy's Building Supply, 12/30/07

Kiddy, Carmen Fay

obituary/photo, 4/8/07

Kids perform mariachi music

Youth mariachi camp performers/photos

Lopez, John, 6/29/07

Kiesewetter, Keldon

Photo, 12/2/07

King, Bruce

new SM Chamber Ambassador/photo, 7/8/07

Photo, 12/2/07

King, Ross and Martha

profile/photos, 5/24/07

Kinsey, Viola King

obituary/photo, 5/20/07

Kinsey, Virginia

obituary, 7/17/07

Kinsey, Virginia Hagerty

obituary, 7/18/07

Klinedinst, Brian and Kori

Photo, 10/14/07

Knight, Brittany

Diamond Line dance camp/photo, 6/6/07

Knispel, Billie

Profile and photo

Knispel, Betty/photo, 10/28/07

Knowles, June

Photo, 12/13/07

Knox, Thomas Christopher

engagement/photo, 4/29/07

Koger, Melody Wren

engagement/photo, 3/25/07

Kohut, Kenneth G.

obituary, 1/3/07

obituary/photo, 1/4/07

Kolb, Larry L.

obituary, 1/21/07

Konecny, Carroll T. "Jack"

obituary, 5/20/07

Kopecki, Angela

former SMHS student honored at Texas Lutheran Univ., 11/7/07

Krackau, Alice Elizabeth

Obituary, 9/26/07

Krackau, Alice Elizabeth Meyer

Obituary 9/27/07

Kroschewsky, Julius 'Bud'

Obituary/photo, 12/6/07

Krueger, Dale Alan

Obituary, 6/27/07, 6/28/07

Kubala, Niki

Photo, 6/20/07

Kyle Community

"Hot Spot" for Commercial Investment and Development, 9/27/07

Al Moore resigning as police chief, 5/17/07

awards $2 mil for electricity project to Xtreme Power, Inc., 3/22/07

boater drowns in Blanco River, 5/22/07

Cattle Baron's Ball held/photos, 5/1/07

city hires Don Q. Reynolds as director of planning, 3/1/07

City promotes holiday safety, 12/11/07

City relaxes water rules, 2/7/07

firefighter charged with theft of public funds/photo, 3/11/07

Jack C. Hays High observes Hays birthday/photo, 6/26/07

Kyle family members profiled/photos, 8/28/07

Kyle man dies in fire

Dees, Alfred, 6/20/07

Kyle officer hurt in chase

Cranek, Karl, 2/27/07

Kyle to celebrate 127th year, 10/19/07

Lockhart man indicted in Kyle-area hit and run fatality, 10/24/07

man arrested for indecent exposure, 8/8/07

Man injured by fire he set

Garraway, Alan Scott/photo, 12/5/07

manslaughter charges for man whose stray bullet killed boy, 4/13/07

mother hospitalized for shock after accidentally running over son, 8/1/07

New Logo for City/photo, 9/23/07

Planning director hired

Rodgers, Shira, 10/9/07

police dept to get new uniforms, 8/23/07

Police Dept.

Pedro Hernandez promoted to captain/photo, 4/15/07

Seton Family of Hospitals plans regional complex, 5/4/07

stray bullet kills boy, man jailed for manslaughter/photo, 4/11/07

Streetscape project nears completion, 12/25/07

Todd Webster Resigns from City Council, 9/12/07

VFW hosts annual membership drive, 12/4/07

woman drowns in Blanco River, 8/14/07

Kyle native makes audio documentary

Fenity, Joseph

Profile and photo, 12/30/07

Kyser, Mel

honored by American Cancer Society/photo, 11/18/07

Kyser, W. Bennie

obituary, 3/2/07

Kyser, Willie Ben

obituary, 3/1/07



Lachacz, Erin Lyn

Engagement/photo, 6/3/07

Ladish, Lawrence Milton

obituary/photo, 4/1/07

Laird, Judith

Photos, 2/22/07

Lajaunie, Maggie

Award, 9/16/07

Lake Somerville State Park

Texas State Park of the Month/photo, 6/5/07

Lamensky, Chelsea

awarded scholarship by Tx Health Info Mgmt Assoc., 8/5/07

Lampman, Lynn Rodgers

obituary, 4/10/07

Lane, Deborah

Photo, 2/7/07

Lane, Doil

killer of San Marcos girl has death sentence commuted to life/photo, 3/11/07

Larson, Helen Mercedes

Obituary, 2/1/07

Latta, Marley

Obituary, 9/14/07

Law, Danny

Photo, 2/23/07

Lawrence, Paul Anthony

man receives 5-year sentence for child porn, 4/22/07

LBJ Museum

1st anniversary reception and tree lighting planned, 11/20/07

celebrates 100th year of LBJ's birth, 11/2/07

Leadership San Marcos

First Class/photo, 9/16/07

Photo, 10/16/07, 12/21/07

Leadership San Marcos at Gary Job Corps

Photo, 2/28/07

Leal, Olivia 'Luvy'

Obituary/photo, 12/20/07

LeBlanc, Alcide

obituary, 1/16/07

Ledbetter, Brandy Nicole

engagement/photo, 8/12/07

Ledezma, Brianna

Obituary, 2/7/07

Lehman, Michaela

Photo, 12/16/07

Lehman, Shirley Rogers

San Marcos River

Aquamaid speaks at tribute, 10/16/07

Leidecker, Rowan Elayn

Birth/photo, 12/23/07

Leigh, Cameron

Photo, 6/3/07

Lenze, Aileen Bartee

obituary, 1/17/07, 1/18/07

LeRoy and Mabel Griepentreg reflect on 66 year marriage

Profile and photos, 6/3/07

Lewis, Leslie Allison

wedding/photo, 11/25/07

Lewis, Mallory Jo

obituary, 7/22/07

Lighthouse, Katy

Award/photo, 9/23/07

Lin, Deborah Jackson

Obituary/photo, 10/14/07

Lindsey, Margaret

Photo, 12/16/07

Lindsley, Sylvia Serur

Obituary, 2/13/07, 2/14/07

Lion of the Month

Alexander, Linda/photo, 10/9/07

Lipka, Goeffrey

Youth Nature Series/photo, 9/12/07

Little, Jane

Award/photo, 2/25/07

Little, Zaytine

Photo, 6/26/07

Littlepage, Cory

Engagement/photo, 10/14/07

Local deputy earns CCPS certificate

Thielen, Mike/photo

Matherne, Jon/photo, 12/9/07

Local Emergency Planning Committee takes 'all hazards' approach

Hays County, 12/14/07

local families deal with losses in Iraq/photo, 5/30/07

Local kids compete in 4-H Roundup

Hays County

Texas State University, 12/23/07

local man dies in wreck on Hwy. 80, 1/11/07

Local military residents graduate from training

Velazquez, Flippo, Morgan, Leffert, 10/28/07

Local photographer featured in Rockport

Whiteside, Carolyn

Profile and photos, 6/26/07

Local resident helps dog family

Pia the Bridge Girl/photo, 12/27/08

Local students win 4-H honors

Hays County

Honored/photo, 10/21/07

Local students win poster contest

Bluebonnet Lions Club poster contest/photo, 12/13/07

Longoria, Herculano "Ernie" Jr.

obituary/photo, 8/2/07, 8/3/07

Longoria, Lindsey

Photo, 2/22/07

Longoria, Pedro "Pete" Sr.

obituary, 3/20/07

Longoria, Steven

Obituary/photo, 9/16/07

Lopez, David

obituary/photo, 1/4/07

Lopez, Linda

Award/photo, 2/11/07

Lopez, Marissa

Photo, 10/30/07

Lorang, Erma

obituary/photo, 11/18/07

Lorang, Erma Geraldine Boeck

obituary, 11/11/07

Lost Maples State Natural Area/photo, 9/9/07

Lowe, Joshua

Photo, 6/29/07

Lowman, Jo Conway

obituary, 1/19/07

Lowman, William Joseph "Bill"

obituary/photo, 8/12/07

Lucio, Augustin Jr.

profile/photo, 11/7/07

Luna, Alicia

nativity scene collection profiled/photo, 11/27/07

Luna, Alicia Pinales

obituary, 5/29/07

obituary/photo, 5/30/07

Luna, Carlos

Photo, 6/17/07

Luna, Lorenza R.

tribute/photo, 1/9/07

Luna, Santiago

fights city's proposal to rename Invasion St./photo, 7/19/07

Luna, Terry

arrested after being found with 703 lbs of marijuana/photo, 11/14/07

Lusk, Thad Wayne

engagement/photo, 3/25/07

Lyle, Samuel R.

obituary, 7/5/07

Lyles, Courtney

Diamond Line dance camp/photo, 6/6/07

Lyon, Samuel Stafford

local cadet graduates West Point/photo, 7/22/07



Machado, Jesus "Hilto" II

obituary, 11/25/07

Machado, Jesus "Jesse" Jr.

obituary/photo, 11/27/07

Madison, Kevin

Photo, 2/14/07

Magallan, Felipe

obituary, 5/1/07

obituary/photo, 5/3/07

Maier, Ollie and Gloria

Recycling, 9/16/07

recycling/photo, 1/7/07

Steel Recycling/photo, 9/2/07

Mainstreet Advisory Board wins accreditation

Award/photo, 12/19/07

Major, Alleen

obituary, 4/25/07, 4/29/07

Man charged with deadly conduct and DUI after IH 35 accident, 12/2/07

man drowned in Blanco River identified: Jose Isidro Sierra-Avalos, 7/13/07

man drowns in Blanco River/photo, 7/10/07

Man hospitalized after accidentally shooting his own hand, 12/19/07

Man indicted 5 months after boy dies

Espitia, Jose Barrera/photo, 10/4/07

Man missing

Pacheco, Mauro, 10/31/07

Man shot by police released on 'clerical error'

Taylor, Timothy Logan/photo, 10/7/07

Marcia Ball performs at Cheatham

Photo, 12/13/07

Marijuana seized after man runs red light, 12/4/07

Marks, Carol Janie

obituary, 3/4/07

Marmaduke, Constance

obituary, 5/20/07

Marmaduke, Constance Ann

obituary, 5/22/07

Marquardt, Tom and Patrick Darr

The Wine Guys, 9/26/07

Marshall, Rashie Burt 'R.B.' Jr.

Obituary, 6/20/07

Marshall, Rashie Burt Jr.

Obituary, 6/24/07

Martella, Joe

Photo, 6/3/07

Martin Luther King Day

Harvey Miller leads march down Guadalupe St., 1/9/07

Martin, Shaila

Photo, 12/23/07

Martin, Sidney A.

obituary, 4/12/07

Martin, Sidney A. Jr.

obituary, 4/15/07

Martin, Stacy

Photo, 6/21/07

Martindale Community

Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Martindale/photos, 12/18/07

citizens upset over power line project, 4/19/07

Fourth annual Dip Olympics/photos

Arguien, Aaron and Cindy, 10/2/07

water has high levels of nitrates, 8/10/07

Martinets, Leo Henry

Obituary, 6/24/07

Martinez, Adrian

Welds Guard Rail Hit by Truck/photo, 9/28/07

Martinez, Emilio

engagement, 4/22/07

Martinez, Genaro

Obituary, 2/25/07, 2/27/07

Martinez, Gertrude

obituary, 11/18/07

obituary/photo, 11/20/07

Martinez, Jaime

wins Bluebonnet Lions' Peace Poster contest/photo, 8/17/07

Martinez, Minerva

obituary, 7/18/07, 7/19/07

Martinez, Richard Jr.

obituary, 3/13/07, 3/14/07

Martinez, Rosa

obituary, 1/11/07

Martinez, Rosa G.

obituary, 1/12/07

Martinez, Roy Rodriguez

Obituary, 12/19/07

Martinez, Sarah


Martinez named Outstanding Piano Student, 6/17/07

Mason, Thomas G.

named general manager of Lower Colorado River Authority, 11/23/07

Mathes, Robert F. Sr.

Obituary, 9/2/07

Matthew, Brooklin

Photo, 12/11/07

Max Souby honored

Arbor Day Ceremony/photo, 2/25/07

Maxwell Fire Department

Annual Barbecue and Auction, 9/30/07

Maynard, Oneta J.

Obituary, 2/16/07

Mayor honors Washington's Birthday

Photo, 2/27/07

Mayor thanks Kansas mission group at luncheon


Narvaiz, Susan, 2/28/07

McAuliffe, Marie Colleen

wedding/photo, 1/14/07

McBride, Suzanne

profile/photos, 8/12/07

McCane, Donna

Photo, 2/16/07

McCartney, Sarah

receives scholarship from SM Assoc of Retired Teachers/photo, 5/15/07

McClellan, Norma Edward Cameron

Obituary/photo, 10/9/07

McClosky, Wayne Joseph

obituary, 8/29/07, 8/30/07

McCoog, Mike

Recognizes Son on T.V./photo, 9/28/07

McCoy, Lori Ann

wedding/photo, 7/22/07

McCracken, Shawn

Tx State doctoral student win NSF grant/photo, 4/24/07

McGee, Edward F.

obituary/photo, 4/8/07

McKinzey, Catherin Belle

obituary/photo, 5/3/07

McMillan, Patrick Dale

obituary, 7/22/07

McMillan, Ryan Canales

Award/photo, 6/7/07

McRae, James

Gary Job Corps food service manager presents token to Simon Ramirez/photo, 4/15/07

Medefind, Caleb John

wedding/photo, 7/22/07

Medina, Antonio Sr.

obituary, 7/22/07

Mejia, Isabel

Rememberance/photo, 9/30/07

Melendez, Bernandino

Obituary, 12/4/07

Menard, Tyler Scott

engagement/photo, 8/19/07

Mendoza, Jesse Jr.

Engagement/photo, 9/23/07

Mendoza, Richard

Photo, 12/2/07

Mendoza, Rudy

Award/photo, 12/16/07

Mercado, Martha

obituary/photo, 3/15/07

Mercado, Nicomedes

Obituary, 12/27/07

Mercado, Ruben

obituary, 5/4/07

Metcalf, Ernest

Photo, 6/3/07

Meth bust in Driftwood area

Hays County

Gault, Charles L./photo, 10/23/07

Meth case conviction

Ragland, Barclay, 6/24/07

Miksa, Ted

with Farmers Insurance donates to Project Graduation/photo, 5/13/07

Milam, Whitney

documentary "Sniper '66" wins Telly Award, 5/24/07

Miller, Harvey

accepts proclamation from mayor pro tem on behalf of Greater Bethel/photo, 11/11/07

Miss Cinco de Mayo 2007 winners

Photo, 6/17/07

Missing woman found safe in Colorado

Feeney, Jennifer, 12/7/07

Missing woman's truck found at her house

Feeney, Jennifer Ann/photo, 12/6/07

Mistrial in baby death

San Marcos river

Phillips, Lauren, 2/4/07

Mitchell, Dannie Clay

obituary, 3/25/07

Mitte, Joann Cole

Obituary/photo, 12/9/07

Mitte, Roy F.

obituary/photo, 1/30/07

Mixer held for Court Appointed Special Advocates

Photo, 12/7/07

Mock, Sarah

presents plaque on behalf of Girl Scouts/photo, 4/17/07

Moe, Robert Edgar

obituary, 3/13/07

Moerke, Helen Elizabeth Viox

obituary, 7/15/07

Moffitt, Barron

Letter from Iraq/photo, 9/2/07

Mollberg, Bernard and Malissa

Profile and photos, 6/21/07

Montague, Reba

Photo, 6/26/07

Montelongo, Luisa M.

Obituary/photo, 9/2/07

Moon, Edna

Honored/photo, 9/14/07

Moon, Howard Earl

obituary, 1/16/07

Mooney, Frank Everett

Obituary, 12/14/07

Obituary/photo, 12/16/07

Moore, Donna J.

obituary, 5/22/07, 5/24/07

obituary/photo, 5/25/07

Moore, Esther Mae

obituary, 1/24/07, 1/25/07

Moore, Hollis Delbert

obituary, 5/8/07

obituary/photo, 5/9/07

Moore, Kim

new SM Chamber Ambassador/photo, 7/8/07

Moore, Marianne

new inductee for Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 11/4/07

Moore, Susy

wins Yard of the Month/photos, 5/25/07

Moreau, John and Monet

Photo, 10/14/07

Moriarty, Anne Endris

obituary, 3/28/07

Mott, Helen

Photo, 2/13/07

Mungia, Simona R.

obituary, 7/17/07, 7/18/07

Muniz, Gregorio Sr.

obituary, 3/15/07, 3/16/07

Munoz, Alfredo Jr.

Wedding announcement/photo, 12/2/07

Murdock, Pat

ending 42-year career at Texas State/photo, 8/30/07

Murphy, Jesse

Sights and Sounds of San Marcos

Photo, 12/20/07

Muth, Paul

Firefighter Training/photo, 9/16/07

Mutschlechner, Lloyd

Obituary, 12/12/07

Myers, John

Eagle Scout project at Prospect St. Park/photo, 5/1/07



Nafus, Chris

obituary, 5/30/07

Nafus, Chris Lee

obituary, 5/31/07

Nance, Beverly

obituary, 5/17/07

Narvaiz elected to chair CAPCOG

Narvaiz, Susan/photo, 12/23/07

Narvaiz, Eloy

Photo, 12/23/07

Narvaiz, Susan San Marcos Mayor

Proclaims Sept. 3-7 as National Payroll Week/photo, 9/9/07

Natal, Marcos

obituary/photo, 8/29/07

National 4-H Week, 9/30/07

National Advertising Network

Easy Way to Get Business with Community Newspapers, 6/8/07

National guard members sent off

Photos, 6/3/07

National Public Power Week

San Marcos Electric Utility/photo, 10/14/07

Nature Center talk on bats for children

Barns, Dottie

Photos, 10/17/07

Navarette, John

recognizes CenturyTel employee John Stock for 35 years of service/photo, 8/23/07

Navarrette, John

presents check to St. Mark's Computer School/photo, 1/26/07

Neal, Cpl. Jacob H.

killed in Iraq, 1/23/07

Neira, Ermilio

obituary, 5/1/07

Nelson, Jennifer

Firefighter Training/photo, 9/16/07

Nelson, Lars Blake

graduates Texas A&M, 7/29/07

Nesbitt, Sterling Archer

obituary/photo, 7/17/07, 7/18/07

Neuhaus, James "Jim" William

obituary/photo, 7/31/07

Neuhaus, Jim

funeral services held, 8/1/07

obituary, 7/29/07

Nevarez, James

Photo, 2/11/07

Nevarez, Phillip

Award/photo, 9/28/07

New jail or expansion needed

Hays County, 10/14/07

New Lions Club members

Photo, 10/4/07

new state laws on guns explained, 8/23/07

Nicholson, Russell O. Rusty

Obituary, 9/25/07

Nickel, Hedwig Marie 'Hattie'

Obituary, 9/18/07

Nicola, Torrey Laws

Award/photo, 6/7/07

Nieto, Erika and Mia

Photo, 2/25/07

Nieto, Richard

Replacing Bases at Lucio Park/photo, 9/27/07

Nipps, Martha Meierant

Obituary/photo, 9/9/07

Nix, Mildred Allen

obituary, 7/31/07

Noble, Blake

wedding/photo, 3/4/07

Noriega-Lopez, Edgar Omar

Car Crash on Thorpe Ln., 9/7/07

Norman, Jackie

Award/photos, 6/21/07

Norris, Joshua

accepted appointment to U.S. Merchant Marine Academy/photo, 5/4/07

nominated for U.S. Air Force, Naval, and Merchant Marine academies/photo, 1/21/07

participates in special ceremonies at Merchant Marine Academy/photo, 11/2/07

Norris, Theresa "Tess" Roberta Margerum

obituary, 4/15/07

Northcutt, Robert A.

receives Distinguished Professor Emeritus title, 5/27/07

Nosotros la Gente gives to community

Photo, 12/23/07

Noto, Joey

engagement/photo, 5/13/07

Nowland, James Lester

obituary/photo, 3/18/07

Nunley, Howard Leander

obituary, 4/13/07

Nursing Home Neglect, 9/5/07



O'Bryant, C. E. 'Rusty'

Obituary, 9/2/07

O'Connell, Joe

profile/photo, 11/15/07

O'Dell, Dr. Charles

honored at Groundwater Stewardship Awards ceremony/photo, 11/15/07

O'Donnell, Jean B.

obituary, 7/25/07

O'Leary, Brenda

Photo, 12/13/07

O'Leary, Dan

city manager receives Innovative Planning Award/photo, 8/12/07

Photos, 12/13/07

to serves as Keller's city manager/photo, 11/22/07

O'Leary, Megan

Photo, 12/13/07

Obst, Lisa

Photo, 12/25/07

Odell, Rae Lynn

Honored/photo, 10/21/07

Odom, Rose

Photo, 10/19/07

Ogle, Lori


Ogleton, Thomas M. Sr.

Obituary/photo, 6/14/07

Oliphint, Ola Mae

obituary, 4/3/07

Olivo, Romana H.

obituary, 4/29/07

obituary/photo, 4/22/07, 4/24/07

Olsen, Steve

presents certificate to Gordon Hartmann/photo, 4/29/07

Olson, Grace Evelyn

Obituary, 10/21/07

Olson, Wilma Aileen

Obituary, 12/5/07

Olvera, Mia

Engagement/photo, 6/24/07

Opening of Race Track on Harris Hill Road, 9/26/07


SM Chamber of Commerce

new ambassadors/photos, 7/8/07


AARP elects officers/photo, 12/28/07

American Cancer Society Relay for Life, 10/26/07

American GI Forum

celebrates 59 years/photos, 3/20/07

honored by Congressman Doggett/photos, 3/20/07

profile, 3/15/07

San Marcos chapter celebrates 59 years/photo, 3/9/07

Blue/Brown Santa programs profiled, 11/18/07

Boys and Girls Club

project to educate on importance of water/photo, 11/29/07


8 new advocates sworn in/photo, 3/20/07

CASA has new office, 12/21/07

Christian Home School Educators Cooperative

seniors banquet held/photos, 5/3/07

Christian Women's Job Corp

graduates profiled, 11/20/07

Christian Women's Job Corps

graduation/photo, 4/22/07

Community Action recognized for GED program

Award, 10/28/07

DAR presents citizenship awards/photo, 2/23/07

Dunbar Heritage Association

Black History banquet, 2/8/07

Family for Life

profile/photos, 4/1/07

Federacion de Sociedades Mutualistas de Texas

proclamation from city/photo, 4/4/07

Girl Scouts

celebrate 95 years/photos, 3/18/07

help with Bobcat Build/photos, 4/3/07

local troop honors veterans/photos, 11/13/07

present token of appreciation to McCoy's Building Supply/photo, 4/17/07

Greater SM Area Seniors Assoc.

Price Seniors Center renovation/photo, 8/19/07

Habitat for Humanity

new San Marcos home built/photos, 11/30/07

Hays County

Food bank gets donation from Wal-Mart/photo, 2/2/07

Hays County 4-H

10 students participate in state horse show, 8/5/07

Hays County Area Food Bank

tackling holiday hunger/photo, 11/13/07

Heritage Association

2007 Heritage Ball/photo, 1/10/07

debutantes/photo, 7/24/07

new deb class announced/photos, 11/25/07

second Debutante Ball/photos, 1/28/07

Heritage Association host debutantes at ball/photo, 12/25/07

Heritage Association Landmark Awards, 10/11/07

Heritage Association of San Marcos

Tour of Homes/photos, 4/8/07, 4/22/07, 4/25/07, 4/27/07, 4/29/07

Knights of Columbus free throw champs/photo, 2/16/07

Leadership San Marcos

ends 2007 class/photos, 3/23/07

graduation/photos, 4/27/07

plan to honor Tonkawa tribe/photos, 4/22/07

League of women voters host debate for council candidates, 10/14/07

Local AARP chapter collects for Salvation Army/photo, 12/14/07

Local Salvation Army becomes service center, 10/16/07


new chapter has dinner/photo, 3/11/07

new council to form in SM, 1/28/07

LULAC tries to launch county fair

Hays County, 6/27/07

Lutheran Soc. Svcs

rebuild New Orleans homes with SMHS students/photos, 3/30/07

Mutt Strutt

present check to San Marcos Animal Shelter/photo, 5/20/07

PEC honors community service organizations, 2/4/07

Red Banner Singers give Christmas performances/photo

Redwood Springs, 12/14/07

Red Cross

March is Red Cross Month/photo, 3/25/07

San Marcos Area Board of Realtors present officers, directors/photos, 12/16/07

San Marcos Breakfast Lions Club/photo, 9/16/07

San Marcos Lions Club and Boy Scouts deliver Christmas boxes

Photo, 12/16/07

San Marcos Manufacturers' Association

celebrates, honors employees/photos, 1/14/07

San Marcos Performing Arts Association

Talent show, 2/8/07

San Marcos River Foundation

promotes Earth Share of Texas campaign/photo, 4/8/07

receives donation from Sam's Club/photo, 4/8/07

San Marcos Seniors Center very active/photos, 6/26/07

SM Area Board of Realtors

donate to Habitat for Humanity/photo, 5/6/07

SM Assoc of Retired Teachers

presents scholarship to TX St. student/photo, 5/15/07

SM Heritage Association debutantes

pottery painting party/photo, 8/9/07

SM Performing Arts Assoc.

talent show winners announced/photos, 4/4/07

Spring Lake Garden Club elects officers/photo, 12/28/07

St. Mark's Episcopal Church Women

donate to Ronald McDonald House/photo, 5/15/07

Steel Magnolias singing group

kick off Christmas season/photo, 11/23/07

Texas Pioneer Found.

donates to Gary Community Relations scholarship/photo, 4/12/07

Texas Workforce Solutions offers free job assistance to veterans, 12/16/07

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

Home renovations/photos, 2/9/07

United Way

presents appreciation award for catering to Gary Job Corp/photo, 4/12/07

Ortiz, Raelynn

Photo, 12/25/07

Ortunio, Aagapito G.

Obituary/photo, 6/12/07, 6/14/07

Ortunio, Georgia L.

obituary, 4/27/07

OSHA Honors CFAN Co., 9/9/07

Osio, Omar David

obituary, 7/24/07

Outstanding traffic tickets

150 law enforcement agencies will collect, 2/18/07

Ovalle, 'Chief' Raul G.

Obituary/photo, 2/2/07

Ovalle, Diana Garza

obituary, 8/14/07

obituary/photo, 8/12/07

Owen, Pete

tree ceremony in his remembrance to be held/photo, 4/15/07

Owens, Maggie

Photo, 6/28/07

Ozuna, Christian Eduardo

birth, 4/22/07

Ozuna, Christopher Corbett

birth, 4/22/07



Padilla, Antonio

obituary, 1/4/07

Paese, Dominic D.

obituary, 8/5/07, 8/8/07

Palacio, Francisco and Trinidad

anniversary/photo, 5/6/07

Palacios, Santos L.

obituary/photo, 7/29/07

Palomo, Daniel

Photo, 10/31/07

Pankey, Bob

imaging research helps with prosthetic limbs/photos, 3/25/07

Pannell, Greg

presents certificate to Gordon Hartmann/photo, 4/29/07

Parham, Kim and Meridian

Youth Nature Series/photo, 9/12/07

Parker, Jewel Kenneth

obituary, 1/21/07

Parker, Monford C.

Obituary, 10/30/07

Parkerson, Daniel

obituary/photo, 1/3/07

Parking lot construction at Prime Outlets

Photo, 10/18/07

Parman, C.D.

obituary, 1/3/07

Parrish, Marjorie A.

obituary/photo, 8/31/07

Parrish, Richard

profile/photos, 5/17/07

Partida, Anselmo Castillo

obituary, 1/10/07

Paseman, Sarah, Matthew, and Catherine

Photo, 10/17/08

Passty, Jeanette Mendelssohn

releases new children's book/photos, 8/19/07

Pathfinder Class of 2007 graduate

Photo, 10/3/07

Patteson, Brenden Gene

Engagement/photo, 6/3/07

Pavia, Antonio

Obituary, 6/24/07

Pearson, Michael

Obituary, 2/2/07

Pencak, Christine

received Outstanding Student award from Tx Health Info Mgmt Assoc., 8/5/07

Pendergrass, Spc. Van and Kylan

Photo, 6/3/07

Penn, John Wilburn

obituary/photo, 3/8/07, 3/9/07

Pennington, Bill

Honored/photo, 10/28/07

Pereira, Francis Eugene "Gene"

obituary/photo, 4/4/07

Perez, Alejo

Photo, 10/16/07

Perez, Brianna

three consecutive superior ratings at district music festival/photo, 7/3/07

Perez, Bruna H.

obituary/photo, 4/24/07

Perez, David

Photo, 12/25/07

Perez, Edward

Photo, 2/14/07

Perez, Hunter

Floats San Marcos River/photo, 9/2/07

Perez, Jesse Sr.

obituary/photo, 3/28/07, 3/29/07

Perez, Julian

Obituary/photo, 10/16/07

Perez, Margarita

obituary/photo, 4/22/07

Perez, Pedro 'Pedro'

Obituary, 9/30/07

Perez, Santos P. Sr.

obituary, 7/25/07

obituary/photo, 7/24/07

Perkins, James

Engagement/photo, 2/18/07

Pet Fest 2007, 9/18/07

Pet Prevent a Litter

6th Annual Pet Fest/photo, 9/27/07

Peters, Barbara

Photo, 6/3/07

Pfeiffer, Calvin Dane

Obituary/photo, 6/12/07

Phillips, Rusty

Honored/photo, 10/28/07

Phillips, William Davis

Obituary, 9/4/07

Pieper, Elizabeth Rebecca

obituary, 4/13/07

Pieper, Liz

obituary/photo, 4/10/07

Pierce, Edna

obituary, 8/21/07

Pineda, Basilia

obituary, 11/20/07

Pineda, Daniel

promoting disc golf/photos, 8/30/07

Pineda, Joshua

Photo, 12/25/07

Police seek suspects in beating case, 12/7/07

Polk, Jodie

June Lion of the Month/photo, 7/22/07

Polk, Patty

presents check from Episcopal Women to Ronald McDonald House/photo, 5/15/07

Pollard, Meriel Elizabeth

obituary, 11/9/07

Polozeck, James Oscar

obituary, 11/28/07, 11/29/07

Popa, Naomi

Obituary, 2/21/07

Porterfield, Kim

Gary Job Corps graduation

Photo, 12/20/07

new council member sworn in/photo, 11/23/07

Posey, Hollis and Marian

50th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 6/24/07

Posey, Jessica Lynn

obituary, 7/26/07

Post office prepares for Christmas rush

Photos, 12/23/07

Powell, Martha Ann

obituary, 3/9/07

Prado, Santo

obituary, 5/1/07

Prado, Santos Moreno

Obituary/photo, 6/15/07

obituary/photo, 5/1/07

Prescription assistance coming, 2/18/07

Preservation of Texas

Accepting Nominations, 9/23/07

Preston, Aaron Lee

obituary/photo, 1/5/07

Price Center holds fundraiser dance

Bill Bradley hosts dance/photo, 6/28/07

Price, Jamie Brook

engagement/photo, 4/22/07

Price, Pat

Photo, 6/3/07

Pride High School

Graduates/photo, 6/7/07

Prince, Shirley

obituary, 1/11/07

Property foreclosures down

Hays County, 6/24/07

Prucell, Brian Keith

engagement/photo, 4/1/07

Pruett, Robert

spurs collection profiled/photos, 11/25/07

Puentes, Armando

Wedding Announcement/photo, 12/16/07

Puentes, Armando "El Apache" Sr.

obituary/photo, 11/27/07

Pulver, Robert and Eleanor

anniversary/photo, 1/14/07

Purnell, Josephine

obituary/photo, 1/28/07



Quintanilla, Anna Marie

Obituary, 6/29/07

obituary, 7/5/07



Radio operators test emergency system

Alder demonstrates hospital radio system/photo, 10/12/07

Rainey, Dorothy Jean

Obituary, 2/28/07

Rains, Don

profile of work with Texas Sheltered Care, 1/3/07


Obituary, 2/16/07

Ramirez, Donna

Profile and photo, 6/13/07

Ramirez, Eddie

Obituary/photo, 9/14/07

Ramirez, Frank G.

Obituary, 12/2/07

Ramirez, Gloria O.

obituary/photo, 8/7/07

Ramirez, Gumersindo Arajo Sr.

Obituary/photo, 6/20/07

Ramirez, Jesse

Obituary, 2/18/07

Ramirez, Rafaela

Obituary/Photo, 12/4/07

Ramirez, Rebekah

Photos, 2/25/07

Ramirez, Simon Jr.

honored for 39 years of service to Gary Job Corps/photo, 4/15/07

Ramon, Robyn

Photo, 10/19/07

Randle, Ellis 'Bubba'

Obituary, 2/2/07, 2/4/07

Randolph-Foster, Alyne

obituary, 1/5/07

Randolph-Foster, Alyne Ray

obituary, 1/4/07

Rao, Sandhya

Tx State prof receives Fulbright Award, 3/22/07

Rawlings, B. Wayne

Obituary, 9/18/07

Rawson, Joan Ashley Wiederkehr

Obituary/photo, 2/15/07

Ray, Rowe

named interim publisher of SM Daily Record, 11/29/07

Photos, 10/12/07

presents Lion of the Month, receives recognition for Summer in the Park/photos, 7/22/07

presents Lions Student of the Week/photo, 4/1/07, 4/8/07

Realtor Charity Golf Tournament

Photo, 10/7/07

reckless drivers arrested after river rescue, 4/3/07

Red flag fire warnings

San Marcos rainfall, 10/25/07

Red Ribbon Run


Wenk, Kandis, 10/24/07

Red Ribbon Week, 9/12/07, 9/23/07

5K Run and Family 1K Run/walk scheduled, 10/19/07

Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol/Drug Abuse sponsors healthy lifestyle, 10/21/07

Redwood Springs

National Assisted Living Week/photo, 9/13/07

Rehabilitation for birds of prey

Hays County park

Sones, Ed/photo, 2/8/07

Reid, Faye

obituary, 7/4/07

Reilly, Evan

Photo, 2/13/07

Repaving of Champion Street and other reconstruction underway

Streets and Roads, 12/25/07

Resnick, Ryan Michael

engagement/photo, 8/12/07

Reyes, Francisca

obituary, 11/28/07

Reyna, Otila Campos

obituary/photo, 7/31/07

Rhoades, Mike

presents Lion of the Month/photo, 5/24/07

Rhodes, Walter Russell 'Dusty'

Obituary/photo, 6/3/07

Richardson, Kristina

List Making/photo, 9/30/07

Uncovering Truths/photo, 9/2/07

Riddle, Jacob

photo, 9/13/07

Riddle, Wesley

Photo, 10/25/07

Riley, Linda Anne

Obituary, 2/1/07

Rio Vista Neighborhood

Water main break/photo, 1/10/07

Rios, Dolores

obituary, 7/22/07

Rios, Guillermo

obituary/photo, 4/3/07

Rios, Raymond

obituary/photo, 5/8/07

River City Dance Theater performs Nutcracker

Photos, 12/16/07

Rivera, Maria

Obituary, 9/5/07

Rizo, Jocelyn

Photo, 10/19/07

Rizo, Senovio 'Sam'

Obituary, 10/28/07

Road bond election set

Roads, 2/27/07


Post Rd. Closed when Gas Line Broke/photo, 9/7/07

Three-way Stop at Post and Uhland Rds. for Construction, 9/2/07

Roads task force named

Hays County

Transportation Advisory Committee, 6/29/07

Robbins, Jimmy Lee

Obituary, 9/11/07

Obituary/photo, 9/13/07

Robbins, Robby D.

Obituary/photo, 10/21/07

Robbins, Robby Dwayne

Obituary, 10/25/07

Roberts, Aline M.

Obituary/photo, 10/25/07

Roberts, Charles Leonard

Obituary, 6/24/07

Roberts, Nancy

obituary, 4/15/07

Roberts, Shirley Sue

obituary/photo, 8/8/07

Robles, Kegan

San Marcos Skate Park/photo, 9/2/07

Rocha, Joel L. Sr.

obituary, 1/16/07

obituary/photo, 1/18/07

Rockett, Hayley

Photo, 6/17/07

Rodriguez, Albert C.

Obituary, 6/5/07

Obituary/photo, 6/6/07

Rodriguez, Angel

obituary, 8/14/07

Rodriguez, Charles

profile/photos, 4/1/07

Rodriguez, Johnny

obituary, 3/21/07

Rodriguez, Julio and Erma

Photo, 10/12/07

Rodriguez, Loren

Photo, 12/9/07

Rodriguez, Maria Proa

obituary/photo, 3/29/07

Rodriguez, Michelle

1st Birthday/photo, 1/9/07

Wedding Announcement/photo, 12/16/07

Rodriguez, Paz

Engagement/photo, 2/18/07

Rodriguez, Raul and Chela

50th Wedding Anniversary/photo

Rodriguez, Roy

Obituary, 12/18/07

Rodriguez, Wes

Joins Army/photo, 9/23/07

Rodriquez, Brixton

Birth, 2/11/07

Roesler, Albina Emily Martinek

Obituary/photo, 6/21/07

Rohde, Rodney E.

Texas State professor receives Scientific Research Award, 8/24/07

Rooney, Ryan

San Marcos Skate Park/photo, 9/2/07

Rosalinda Barrera named to AACTE board, 2/18/07

Rosas-Salinas, Molly Ann

Award/photos, 2/11/07

Donation/photo, 2/11/07


Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 6/13/07

Rose, Russel

Photo, 2/9/07

Rowley, David

Event to Benefit WINGS/photo, 9/27/07

Roy Head & The Traits

band members reuniting for SMHS alumni reunion/photos, 8/28/07

Ruiz, Rene

Photo, 6/21/07

Ruiz, Ruben

Honored/photo, 10/28/07

Ruiz, Ruben Jr.

TAMACC Businessman of the Year/photo, 7/19/07

Rural fire reignites

Hays County, 2/27/07

Ryder, Keith

Award/photo, 9/30/07



Sachtleben, Travis

Award/photo, 12/16/07

Salazar, Cheney Jr.

Birth/photo, 12/30/07

Saldana, Mario

Photo, 6/17/07

Saldivar, Alex

Photos, 10/9/07

Sales tax increase sought

Hays County, south, 2/22/07

Sales tax rebates increase

Hays County, 12/18/07

Salinas, Gianna Marie

Birth/photo, 2/11/07

Salinas, James

Photo, 6/28/07

Salmonella in peanut butter

Local stores check jars, 2/16/07

Salt Lick Barbecue Restaurant

New Location in Las Vegas/photo, 9/30/07

Salute to Women Entrepreneurs

Honored/photos, 2/6/07

San Antonio opera performance

Stone, Ashley/photo, 2/11/07

San Marcos

Celebrates Centennial Anniversary, 9/9/07

San Marcos Activity Center

Science lesson for kids/photos, 6/28/07

San Marcos actor in 'A Ride With Bob'

Uzzel, Steve

Profile and photo, 10/4/07

San Marcos Animal Shelter

Puppies dumped on porch/photo, 1/7/07

San Marcos Area League of Women Voters

"Town and Gown" public forum, 9/23/07

San Marcos Area Recovery Team

profile, water safety explained/photos, 5/22/07

San Marcos Baptist Academy

Celebrates 100th Anniversary, 9/14/07

Faculty and staff honored for service, 6/29/07

Lighting of Bonfire/photo, 9/18/07

Pat Price Donated Computer/photo, 1/5/07

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce

22nd annual Business Expo held/photos, 8/31/07

San Marcos CISD

8 teachers receive A+ Education Foundation Awards, 8/2/07

Alternative schools lower dropout rate

Pride High and Pathfinder Center, 12/11/07

asst. superintendent Garza to accept post at Midland school district, 8/15/07

awarded Tech District of the Year by Time Warner Cable, 5/20/07

Baen running unopposed for District 5 trustee/photo, 3/25/07

board candidates speak at forum, 5/1/07

Bond election postponed, 2/13/07

Bonham Early Childhood Center

New childcare services offered, 12/21/07

Community "Candid Conversations," 9/21/07

District 4 trustee election to be Becerra vs. Hansen/photos, 3/25/07

Dr. Patty Shafer aims for quality education, 2/9/07

Dr. Patty Shafer chosen as new superintendent/photo, 2/7/07

elementary reading scores on the rise, 3/25/07

first Student Technology Fair held/photo, 5/16/07

Focus on Education, 1/4/07, 1/19/07, 3/1/07, 3/15/07, 3/29/07, 4/12/07, 4/26/07, 5/10/07, 5/24/07, 7/5/07, 7/19/07, 8/2/07, 8/16/07, 8/30/07

Focus on Education/photos, 2/1/07, 2/15/07, 6/21/07

Government grant will fun reading program, 10/21/07

High school conversion project capped, 10/17/07

High School students video project on John Lennon Education Tour Bus, 6/7/07

implementing newly- mandated employee background checks, 8/28/07

Kathy Hansen elected as Place 4 trustee, 5/13/07

may call special election on tax rate, 8/28/07

Miller Junior High renovations profile/photos, 8/7/07

New administrators welcomed, 2/11/07

new Crockett Elementary building/photos, 8/10/07

new high school prepares to open doors/photo, 8/16/07

new Travis Elementary building underway/photos, 8/3/07

old high school campus to be new middle school/photos, 8/15/07

Pathfinder Learning Center Graduates/photo, 6/7/07

Pathfinder program trains students as nursing aides/photo, 12/27/07

Preliminary TAKS Results, 6/7/07

Project funding sought, 2/20/07

Public forums set for fall, 10/14/07

San Marcos High School

Public forums continue, 10/25/07

Residents attend E3 Alliance forum/photo, 10/23/07

Three public forums set for fall, 10/21/07

Scale back on bond projects, 2/16/07

school bonds address inflation in construction, 4/22/07

school bonds approved by voters, 5/13/07

School tax bills in the mail to property owners, 12/6/07

Second public forum scheduled, 10/28/07

student designs t-shirt for Crockett Elementary school/photo, 8/17/07

Students take technology message to lawmakers/photo, 2/4/07

Summer Feeding Program, 6/7/07

TAKS scores released, 5/20/07

tax rate to be decided in Nov. election, 11/1/07

tax rate to be voted on, 8/31/07

Teachers of the Year named/photos, 4/17/07

Teachers of the Year/photo, 5/8/07

teachers speak out about No Child Left Behind Act/photos, 1/12/07

three campuses to have new principals, 4/26/07

traffic concerns for Travis Elementary school area, 8/17/07

Trustees consider names for renovated campus, 12/18/07

Trustees consider new bond election, 2/11/07

trustees hire new principal for high school/photo, 5/9/07

trustees vote to require passing of TAKS for walk in graduation ceremony, 11/28/07

Two trustee posts and bond election in March, 2/21/07

voters reject tax rate, 11/7/07

San Marcos CISD bus oiled

Villegas, Fabien/photo, 10/7/07

San Marcos dog show

Jan Carlson prepares for show/photos, 2/16/07

San Marcos Electric Utility

Photo-Voltaic solar panel/photo, 9/26/07

San Marcos Fire Department

fire rescue calls increasing, 11/13/07

Improved Fire Protection Lowers Insurance, 9/25/07

San Marcos fire department

Grant funds new computers, 2/23/07

San Marcos Fire Rescue

Nored, Leonard, 2/11/07

San Marcos firefighters put out grass fire

Photo, 10/4/07

San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance

Third Annual Naturescape Photography Contest/photo, 9/6/07

San Marcos Habitat for Humanity

Residents Work to Complete House/photo, 9/9/07

San Marcos High choir and Texas State to present opera

San Marcos High School, 12/23/07

San Marcos High diamond line dancers

Photo, 10/12/07

San Marcos High School

Beginning of School in New Building/photo, 9/2/07

Branch of A+ Credit Union/photo, 9/30/07

Bus to be provided for students living near school, 10/17/08

Class of 1957 reunion, 10/11/07

Concern over roads to new high school, 2/11/07

Diamond Line invited to Paris/photo, 9/13/07

Graduates/photos, 6/7/07

Student suspended for making threats, 12/19/07

Students honored as AP scholars by College Board, 10/10/07

Students place third at 'We the People' meet/photo, 12/20/07

Students Protest Pep Rally Schedule Change, 9/18/07

Students win awards in Constitution Competition, swimming, 12/23/07

San Marcos Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

golf tournament winners/photos, 11/27/07

new board of directors sworn in/photo, 11/4/07

San Marcos man arrested for kidnapping boy

Vasquez, Santos, 12/26/07

San Marcos man killed in Iraq, 5/24/07

San Marcos Municipal Airport

Runway Vandalized/photo, 9/6/07

San Marcos Municipal Court

Amnesty Period, 9/6/07

San Marcos Nature Center

Plant sale/photos, 10/9/07

San Marcos of Commerce

Chamber Window, 9/30/07

San Marcos park rangers

Photo, 6/27/07

San Marcos Police Department

accused drunk driver runs into house/photo, 11/18/07

Aisea Martinez Suspect in Stabbing, 9/2/07

Animal Control Seizes 15 Animals from Car, 9/5/07

Assault Suspect Killed by Officer/photo, 9/18/07

continue to investigate deadly hit and run, 11/30/07

Giving Away Video Recording Equipment, 9/14/07

honors officers and citizens at award ceremony, 5/24/07

investigate theft of copper from old SMHS A/C units, 11/22/07

jail man charged with stalking at family violence shelter, 11/14/07

Man Assaulted on Downtown Street, 9/9/07

Man Stabbed in House Invasion, 9/18/07

new recruits to be hired, 7/15/07

Police probe vandalism spree, 6/27/07

retirees honored/photo, 5/30/07

rings recovered after robbery and suspects identified, 11/25/07

seek driver in hit and run, 11/20/07

seeking man who stole a ring from pawn shop, 11/23/07

Seeking Suspect Who Stole Woman's Wallet/photo, 9/9/07

SMPD and CPAAA offer free Community House Watch program, 12/14/07

SMPD plans special training to deal with mentally ill, 10/17/07

Suspect Shot Dead by Police Officer/photo, 9/16/07

Suspect Sought in Beating of Resident, 9/2/07

Tau Kappa Epsilon Beating/photo, 9/7/07

tip leads to arrest in theft of Dairy Queen safe, 11/4/07

Tomas Jaimes found dead in trash bin, 6/5/07

Traffic Enforcement on Labor Day/photo, 9/2/07

Traffic stop leads to drug bust

Longoria, Daniel David, 6/28/07

Two arrested in drug bust, 6/29/07

Warrant Roundup, 9/16/07

Woman Killed by Train/photo, 9/25/07

woman robbed at gunpoint by group, 11/16/07

Wreck at Wonder World and Hwy. 123/photo, 9/21/07

San Marcos Police Dept

police dog Odin to compete in France, 8/31/07

receives check for Rudy G. Mesa scholarship fund/photo, 4/12/07

San Marcos Police Dept.

storm damage repairs continue, 1/24/07

San Marcos Public Library

Answers To Go, 9/2/07, 9/9/07, 9/16/07, 9/23/07, 9/30/07

Breathing workshop

Robins, Lauren, 2/8/07

Share Photos and Stories of the San Marcos River, 9/11/07

Volunteer Training/photo, 6/7/07

San Marcos River

Annual river cleanup gets volunteers statewide/photo, 2/21/07

First water sample test from 100 sites planned, 10/7/07

Funds raised for Spring Lake acreage/photo

McCoy donation, 6/15/07

hazard at Cottonseed Rapids explained/photo, 5/6/07

High flows put swimmers at risk, 6/3/07

Mother of drowned baby charged, 2/2/07

Ninth annual plunge planned, 12/30/07

Rio Vista canoe and kayak event/photo, 2/7/07

River System Institute studies Spring Lake/photo

Sansom, Andy/photo, 2/9/07

Shake Russel plays at tribute/photo, 10/19/07

Statue of Tonkawa Placed by River/photo, 6/8/07

Tribute to be held at library, 10/9/07

Tribute to river and panel held, 10/14/07

Water rights hearing

San Marcos River Foundation, 10/25/07

San Marcos River Foundation

Silent Auction and dinner, 2/1/07

San Marcos Shrine Club give food, toys

Photo, 12/23/07

San Marcos Skate Park

Local competition/photos, 10/9/07

San Marcos songwriter releases album

Hendrix, Terri, 6/21/07

San Marcos teen rescued in Galveston

Kevin Allen Richter arrested/photo, 12/4/07

San Marcos Treatment Center

Staff Member Assaulted, 9/2/07

San Marcos Youth Service Bureau partners with White House

Volunteer program, 6/13/07

San Marcos' CROP Hunger Walk/photo, 9/25/07

San Marcos' Thermon Industries Inc.

Acquired by Audax Group of Boston/photo, 9/6/07

Sanchez and Torres deal with daughter's health problems

Profile and photos, 10/4/07

Sanchez, Gilbert

Photos, 6/3/07

Sanchez, Guillermo 'Willie'

Honored/photo, 10/19/07

Sanchez, Jessica

wedding/photo, 3/4/07

Sanchez, Mandy

Photo, 10/4/07

Sanchez, Sonia

Skunk in Wall of Home, 9/28/07

Sanders, Grace

accepts proclamation from mayor pro tem on behalf of Greater Bethel/photo, 11/11/07

Sanders, Jonathan

Photo, 6/15/07

Santa driving Volkswagen

Photo, 12/12/07

Santa greets kids at Central Texas Medical Center

Photo, 12/7/07

Santos, Rodolfo C.

obituary, 11/13/07

obituary/photo, 11/14/07

Saucedo, Marcelino Sr.

obituary, 8/21/07

Schaefer, Buddy

Photo, 2/11/07

Schaetz, Daniel

profile/photo, 1/11/07

Schafer, Curt

Photo, 6/14/07

Schlotter, Dr. Jim

Profile and photos, 10/14/07

Schlotter, Joann

Obituary, 2/14/07

Schmidt, Bill

presents Lion of the Month/photo, 4/26/07

Schmidt, Janet Elaine

Obituary, 2/27/07

Schmitt, Margaret Neely

obituary/photo, 7/25/07


Baptist Academy receives donation from former student/photo

Price, Pat, 6/3/07

Bowie Elementary School

Author visits Storyville Festival

Dadey, Debbie/photo, 10/19/07

Bowie Elementary students team up with Sequin Outdoor Learning Center

Photos, 10/19/07

First Step School holds graduation/photo, 6/12/07

Gary Job Corp commencement/photo, 6/14/07

Gary Job Corp computer program/photo, 2/2/07

Gary Job Corp scholarships/photo, 2/2/07

Gary Job Corps 'Biggest Loser' contest'

Photo, 2/22/07

HOPE students/photo, 2/11/07

Katherine Anne Porter School art teacher praised

Reynolds, Sabina, 2/28/07

Maria Hernandez Intermediate

Hernandez hosts Veteran's Day, 10/30/07

Master's School hosts Grandparents Day

Photo, 2/21/07

Pride High School honors three graduates

Photos, 10/19/07

San Marcos High School

Darling to be principal, not Yonker/photo, 6/21/07

Homecoming pep rally/photo, 10/21/07

Principal gives new school dedication/photo, 10/24/07

SMHS honors alumni at Homecoming, 10/19/07

SMHS recognizes distinguished alumni/photos, 10/28/07

Texas Bluebonnet Girls State participants

Hays County, 6/14/07

Travis elementary

Students experience nature/photos, 10/30/07

Young Writers Program releases book/photo

Travis Elementary School, 6/3/07

School Bus Safety Week

Hays County, 10/24/07


Bowie Elementary

students raise funds for food bank/photo, 11/22/07

Crockett Elementary

Crockett among best schools in Texas, 12/21/07

new building/photos, 8/10/07

student council sponsors food drive/photo, 11/23/07

teacher appreciation week/photos, 3/15/07

First Step

food drive for Hays County area food bank/photo, 7/19/07

Gary Job Corps tour/photo, 6/13/07

Goodnight Junior High

holds first round of Natl Geography Bee/photos, 1/30/07

Hays CISD hires Gail Rhodes as Academy@Hays principal, 6/27/07

Hays High School

2007 graduates/photo, 5/31/07

Hernandez Intermediate

contest winners work displayed at LBJ museum/photos, 11/13/07

student advances to statewide geography contest/photo, 1/19/07

Hill Country School

tribute to veterans and grandparents/photos, 11/13/07

Miller Junior High

renovations/photos, 8/7/07

Pathfinder Learning Center

students unpack makings for Turkey Day dinners/photo, 11/25/07


early graduate Mary Wheatley/photo, 3/30/07

graduates/photo, 3/4/07, 5/10/07

PRIDE High School

graduates/photo, 11/25/07

San Marcos Academy

2007 graduates/photo, 5/31/07

graduating class funds scholarship, 5/27/07

plaza groundbreaking/photo, 4/29/07

senior Hunter Dunfield attends Nat'l Youth Leadership Forum, 11/25/07

San Marcos Academy celebrates 100 years/photo, 6/28/07

San Marcos High School

2007 graduates/photo, 5/31/07

Air Evac employees visit for career day/photo, 5/15/07

C-SPAN campaign bus visits/photo, 4/5/07

choirs win in competition/photo, 5/3/07

Diamond Line wins awards at HTE contest/photo, 3/1/07

DWI program/photos, 3/13/07

Jazz Band named Grand Champion at Jazz Festival/photos, 4/20/07

Jr. Statesmen of America wins Chapter of the Year/photo, 5/8/07

Junior State of America members attend conference, 11/27/07

new building includes surveillance system, 4/18/07

New principal to give students choices, 6/26/07

new school prepares to open doors/photo, 8/16/07

three students charged in planned break-in, 4/27/07

San Marcos High seniors must retake TAKS for diploma, 6/3/07

San Marcos Mariachi Academy

profile/photos, 5/31/07

St. Mark's Computer School

receives donation from CenturyTel/photo, 1/26/07

St. Stephen's Episcopal

National Junior Honor Society/photo, 5/13/07

Texas Preparatory School

celebrates new facilities/photos, 11/20/07

Travis Elementary

new building underway/photos, 8/3/07

Texan Wall/photo, 2/11/07

Weekend burglary at Lehman High

Hays County, 6/26/07

Schramm, John

Photo, 12/4/07

Schramm, Susan

profile/photos, 5/13/07

Schubert, Stephen E.

obituary, 7/22/07

Schubert, Walter "Stephen" Jr.

obituary, 3/22/07

Schulle, Emilie Frieda

Obituary, 6/26/07

Schulzte, Jason

San Marcos Fire Rescue Training/photo, 9/6/07

Schumitz, Ruth 'Sue'

Obituary, 2/22/07

Scott, Cohen

"The Texas Hill Country Cookbook," 9/26/07

Scott, Ron

Profile and photo

CTMC chaplain, 2/4/07

Seaton, Nikki

Photo, 12/25/07

Self, Marilee

Award/photo, 2/11/07

Selvera, Paul M.

Obituary/photo, 1/9/07

Senior Drama Club performs

Sunrise Retirement Village/photos, 12/13/07

Senior Living

Digestion and Weight Loss, 9/26/07

September Gardening Guide/photo, 9/9/07

Serna, Allison

Photo, 12/26/07

Service for fallen soldier draws big San Marcos crowd

Davis, Cpl. Michael W./photo, 6/3/07

Sessom closed for repairs

Streets and roads, 10/9/07

Sessom Drive closed for repairs

Photo, 10/10/07

Shafer, Dr. Patty

Photo, 2/7/07, 12/16/07

presents SM Teachers of the Year/photo, 5/8/07

Shatwick, Carmen

Photo, 6/26/07

Shipp, Danielle

engagement/photo, 5/20/07

Siemering, Diane

obituary, 8/2/07

Sierra, Francisco T.

obituary/photo, 3/18/07

Sierra, Mary Ann

Photo, 6/15/07

Sierra, Robert


Juneteenth, 6/19/07

Sifuentes, Ernesto

Graduation from Gary Job Corps Center/photo, 9/23/07

Sights & Sounds festivities start

Photos, 12/6/07

Sights and Sounds of Christmas festival

Photos, 12/11/07

Sigler, Nathan Bean

wedding/photo, 11/25/07

Silva, Adam

Birthday/photo, 9/30/07

Simpson, William Bodine

obituary, 8/24/07

Simpson, William Bodine "Bo"

obituary/photo, 8/23/07

Singleton, Betsy

Photo, 2/28/07

Sisk, Scott Caskey

Photo, 12/28/07

Skinner, Michael

Photo, 2/1/07

Sladek, "Big Ted"

named Lion of the Month/photo, 4/15/07

Slocombe Family

100,000th Time Warner digital phone customer/photo, 4/25/07

Slomka, Jeffrey

Obituary, 9/21/07

Smith, Helena Belle

Obituary/photo, 12/19/07

Smith, Jack A., Lt. Col. (Ret.)

obituary/photo, 7/18/07

Smith, Jim and Jare

Laurel Lane yard of the month/photos, 2/27/07

Smith, Kimberly Lyn

Obituary, 9/26/07, 9/27/07

Smith, Lt. Col. Jack

obituary, 7/17/07

Smith, Lt. Col. Jack A. USAF (ret.)

obituary/photo, 7/22/07

Smith, Rev. Gary

included in Texas Book Festival/photos, 11/1/07

Smith, Robert

Photo, 2/11/07

Smith, Ruth

Obituary, 2/15/07

Smith, Valerie

Photo, 10/9/07


Obituary/photo, 6/8/07

SMTX 78666

Compilation Album of Local Musicians, 6/7/07

Snyder, Kathy and Joe

Photo, 12/14/07

Soileau, Chris

Obituary, 9/16/07

Solis, Christobal Sr.

Obituary/photo, 12/14/07

Soliz, Maria L.

obituary, 11/1/07, 11/2/07

Soliz, Norma

obituary/photo, 1/12/07, 1/14/07

Soliz, Richard Y.

obituary, 11/30/07

Obituary/photo, 12/2/07

Souby, Max

Honored/photo, 2/25/07

South Hays

fire district tax increase on May ballot, 5/6/07

tax increase for fire funds approved by voters, 5/15/07

Southwestern Writers Collection

"King of the Hill"/photo, 9/14/07

Spanish language FM station gets county approval

Hays County, 6/27/07

Sparks, Kenneth Newton

obituary, 3/13/07

Spay Days to be observed

Hays County, 2/8/07

Spears, Adam

Photo, 6/17/07

Spears, Joe

obituary, 11/1/07

Spears, Joe M. Jr

obituary, 11/2/07

Spell, Robert D. "Bob"

obituary/photo, 8/19/07

Spencer, Gary Wayne

arrested after being indicted for indecency with a child/photo, 11/27/07

Spencer, Keith

Honored for service at CenturyTel/photo, 10/14/07

Spring Lake

10.5 acres designated critical habitat for Comal Springs riffle beetle, 7/19/07

Spring Lake Garden Club

Yard of the Month to the Zone, 9/23/07

St. Mark's hosts Cottage Kitchen

Photo, 2/7/07

Stanley, Minnie

obituary, 11/25/07

Staph infection watch, 10/18/07

Starlight Symphony Orchestra holds auditions

Hays County, 10/21/07

State Judge Ramsay seeks reelection

Hays County

Caldwell County, 12/4/07

Stelzel, Shae Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 8/19/07

Stephen, Matthew

Birth/photo, 2/18/07

Stephenson, Kathy

obituary, 8/17/07

Stewart, Charlie

engagement/photo, 3/18/07

Stock, John

recognized for 35 years of service at CenturyTel/photo, 8/23/07

Stone, Charles "Chili"

obituary/photo, 4/29/07

Stone, Wilma Dean

Obituary/photo, 10/21/07

Strayhorn, Carole Keeton

Honored/photo, 2/6/07

Street reconstruction set

Roads, 10/25/07

Streets and Roads

Funding for FM Rd. 1626, 6/7/07

Strickley, William

obituary, 1/28/07

Stuckey, James Howell

Obituary, 2/22/07

Students introduced to archaeology at Freeman Ranch

Maria Hernandez Intermediate

Photo, 12/26/07

Sueltenfuss, Pamela Lynn

obituary/photo, 3/18/07

Sughrue, Paul

to compete in Indiana business plan challenge as part of TX State team, 3/23/07

Sullivan, Henrietta

obituary, 8/1/07, 8/2/07

Summerfest fireworks safety urged, 6/17/07

Sumter, Elizabeth

Honored/photo, 2/6/07

Suniga, Marrissa

Photo, 12/25/07

Sweethearts Ball

San Marcos Parks and Recreation Dept/photo, 2/13/07

Swehla, Charles "Chuck"

obituary/photo, 3/28/07

Swehla, Charles "Chuck" Edward

obituary, 3/27/07



Tallon, William "Bill"

obituary, 7/15/07

Tallon, William P.

obituary, 7/18/07

Tanger Outlet

14th Anniversary in Battle Against Cancer, 9/19/07

Salute to Our Troops Campaign, 6/8/07

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Man Beaten Outside House, 9/4/07

Tax-free textbooks

Rose House bill 1434, 2/15/07

Taylor, Barbara and John

profile/photo, 11/8/07

Taylor, Benjamin Allen

obituary/photo, 11/28/07

Taylor, Bill

named Lion of the Month/photo, 5/24/07

Taylor, Savannah

Photo, 6/17/07

Taylor, Timothy Logan

Obituary, 9/19/07

Teague, Matt

Photo, 10/26/07

Teeler, Eunice K.

Obituary, 9/6/07

Tellez, Vicente

wedding/photo, 1/14/07

Templeton, Andrea

Photo, 10/2/07

Templeton, Brady

Blue Santa gifts

Photo, 12/20/07

Terhune, Lt. Gen. Charles Houston Jr.

obituary/photo, 5/3/07

Texas attorney General

New School Safety Initiative, 9/13/07

Texas Deer Association scholarship goes to Texas State student

Mynier, Clinton, 12/9/07

Texas Department of Transportation

Building of loop FM 110, 9/27/07

Drunk driver victims get roadside sign, 12/25/07

Edward Jr retirement ends Villalpando tradition, 12/30/07

Highway Sign Inspections/photo, 9/19/07

Williamson County applies for highway funds

Roads, 6/14/07

Texas doctors honor State Representative Patrick Rose, 12/9/07

Texas Historical Commission

Events for Texas Archeology Month, 9/2/07

Website Useful Homework Tool, 9/16/07

Texas Ranked 12th in Obesity/photo, 9/2/07

Texas Residential Construction Commission

Resolves Consumer Complaints, 6/6/07

Texas State ROTC commander promoted to US Air Force Colonel

Ellis, Laurence E., 12/16/07

Texas State senior dies after being presumed dead in car wreck

Smith, Erica, 12/19/07

Texas State Univ.

10th Annual Teachers Conference, 9/16/07

9-11 Tribute Concert/photo, 9/9/07

Alpha Kappa Psi

Chapter of Excellence Award, 9/9/07

Aquarena Springs

Ethan Chappell/photos, 9/21/07

College of Fine Arts and Communication

Unveiled Redesigned Website, 9/23/07

Dean Hector Flores Speaks in Guatemala and Nicaragua, 9/30/07

DNA Testing of Chupacabra, 9/2/07

Documentary by Whitney Milam up for Emmy, 9/28/07

Documentary Premiere on PBS, 9/21/07, 9/27/07

Erin Brockovich to Speak/photo, 9/27/07

Fifth Annual Black, Latino Playwrights Conference, 9/5/07

Former Student Charged for Improper Photography, 9/11/07

Grant from National Institute of Mental Health, 9/9/07

Hip Hop Congress/photo, 9/25/07

Latino Student Association VIP Leadership Dinner/photo, 9/25/07

Laura Dunn Presents Film at Sewell Park, 9/2/07

Move to NCAA Division I Athletics/photo, 9/13/07

Nathaniel Mackey Presents Reading, 9/11/07

Pack It Up and Pass It On, 6/6/07

Pack It Up and Pass It On/photo, 6/7/07

Public Viewing of "The Unforeseen," 9/9/07

Recorded Setting Enrollment, 9/19/07

Research on Guanajuato Mummies/photo, 9/4/07

Swing Band will perform at Summer in the Park Concert Series/photo, 6/7/07

Texas State Board of Regents

Three New Regents Appointed, 9/26/07

Witliff Gallery

"A Book of Photographs from Lonesome Dove"/photo, 9/18/07

Texas State University

"Piano Nostalgia" performed

Grohovski, Valeri/photo, 2/13/07

"Whistleblower" lawsuit settled

Wiley, Carroll D., 6/19/07

'Friday Night Lights' episode filmed

Reiner, Jeffrey/photo, 2/28/07

'Loyal Opposition' exhibit/photo

Walker, Kara, 2/8/07

ALERRT program in line for $3 million in funding/photo, 11/28/07

ALERRT program to expand with federal grant, 11/13/07

ALERRT program to receive federal funds, 7/17/07

alumnus goes platinum with Blue October/photo, 3/11/07

Aquarena Center plans set to move forward, 7/18/07

Bike Cave offers free repairs/photos, 10/31/07

Board of Regents honor three professors/photos, 8/19/07

Bobcat Build/photos, 4/6/07

Bobcat fans and Boko/photos, 10/26/07

body discovered at Bobcat Village apartments, 8/14/07

body found at Bobcat Village identified as Zachary Evans, 8/15/07

Book signings and readings

Johnson, Denis, 2/16/07

Bowie Elementary

Students in Free Enterprise teach Bowie students, 10/14/0

Brunk, Hunter/photo, 10/26/07

Bush advisor speaks among protests/photos

Rove, Karl, 2/28/07

business grads compete in Indiana business plan challenge, 3/23/07

Caminos project hosts San Marcos junior high students, 6/21/07

Caribbean Steel Drum Band performs/photo, 10/30/07

Cheerleaders at Homecoming Game/photo, 10/28/07

combining buses with city will save money, 4/5/07

Comedy 'Move Over Mrs. Markham' opens/photos, 2/20/07

Communications Week

Rove, Karl, 2/11/07

Costume design faculty member invited to exhibit in Prague/photos, 8/3/07

Country music superstars honored/photos, 2/22/07

Dept of Theatre and Dance performs 'Chorus Line'/photo, 10/25/07

Distinguished Professor Emeritus honors/photo, 10/21/07

earns good reviews from U.S. News and Princeton Review, 8/23/07

Environmental filmmmaker speaks

Frech, Marshall/photo, 2/23/07

film shows treatment of mentally retarded at TX state schools, 11/16/07

Fire causes campus outage, 2/2/07

Fish ponds lower water levels to fight algae, 12/14/07

Focus on Education, 8/9/07

Focus on Texas State, 1/11/07, 1/25/07, 3/8/07, 3/22/07, 4/5/07, 4/19/07, 5/3/07, 5/17/07, 5/31/07, 7/12/07, 7/26/07, 8/23/07

Focus on Texas State/photos, 2/8/07, 2/22/07, 6/28/07

Former student dies of heroin overdose

Evans, Zach/photo, 10/4/07

four retired professors honored with Emeritus title, 5/27/07

Fred W. Heldenfels IV to speak at graduation/photo, 8/9/07

General Studies major added, 6/24/07

Heintze named to educational task force, 6/29/07

hoax bomb threat received, 4/20/07

holds annual custodial appreciation breakfast/photo, 4/3/07

Homecoming traditions

Schulle, Aaron/photo, 10/23/07

Joann Cole Mitte Faculty Grant for Excellence created, 7/13/07

Juan Herrera wins Tomas Rivera Book Award

Award, 6/17/07

Karl Rove will be feature speaker/photo, 2/21/07

LBJ statue temporarily removed, 10/11/07

lights on Old Main to be turned off to fight cricket infestation, 7/27/07

list of local student graduates, 7/27/07

location of body farm debated/photos, 4/12/07

Management professor honored for published theory

Temponi, Cecilia, 6/3/07

Mariel M. Muir Mentoring Award goes to Brennan and Beck, 6/17/07

Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp awarded grant for girls camp, 4/15/07

Mathworks profile, 7/31/07

McCoy College of Business Administration offers IT degree, 3/30/07

memorial held for Va. Tech/photos, 4/20/07

Michael Nowicki named Health Admin director, 6/17/07

more law agencies using ALERRT training program, 8/29/07

Multicultural curriculum as program goal, 6/3/07

nanoTox, Inc. now part of Nanomaterials Application Center, 4/6/07

nearing goal of Hispanic enrollment, 7/29/07

new doctoral degree in physical therapy, 7/26/07

Nursing Program receives donation from CTMC, 2/4/07

Philosophy, Poetry, Love series, 2/13/07

Photo exhibit of Civil Rights movement/photo, 2/9/07

planned body farm could lead to others in state/photo, 4/22/07

Planned power outage for campus, 10/26/07

Professor appointed Texas State Historian

De la Teja, Jesus F., 2/27/07

Professor teaches 'birding by ear'

Huffman, David, 2/16/07

project funding on track in legislature, 4/1/07

Public forum on African-American community rights/religion, 2/6/07

receives grant to aid students from low socioeconomic communities, 1/28/07

regents approve Rec Center expansion, 5/20/07

Researchers patent new polymer

Fitch, John

Cassidy, Patrick, 10/26/07

River Center director on public TV, KLRU

Sansom, Andrew/photo, 2/22/07

River Systems Inst. receives grant to study habitat along Brazos, 8/2/07

sale of land on McCarty near I-35 on hold, 4/1/07

Salsa del Rio receives Downbeat's best recording of the year award, 8/12/07

School of music senior on American idol

McNeal, Jimmy/photo, 2/11/07

Scott Slovic lecture, 10/14/07

second hoax bomb threat received/photo, 4/25/07

seeking Dept. of Defense grants, 8/29/07

SIFE team wins regional competition/photo, 4/15/07

site for planned body farm unsuitable, 5/9/07

sound recording program profile/photo, 3/8/07

Student Foundation members honored/photo, 11/7/07

student wins Telly Award for documentary, 5/24/07

Students in Free Enterprise group participates in forum/photo, 11/4/07

Students in Free Enterprise host workforce readiness event, 12/21/07

Students in Free Enterprise mentor Tom Green students, 10/24/07

Students in Free Enterprise to compete in New York, 6/24/07

students sign petition to exempt textbooks from sales tax, 3/21/07

three students presented their honors theses in California, 4/15/07

two students honored by Tx Health Info Mgmt Assoc., 8/5/07

University honors LBJ at UT museum, 10/3/07

University hosts LBJ centennial celebration events, 10/10/07

Upward Bound program receives federal grant, 5/16/07

Veterans' Day celebration planned, 11/7/07

Texas Water Safari

260 Mile Canoe Race/photo, 6/7/07

Thermon Manufacturing Company honors employees

Honored/photo, 12/21/07

Thies, Ryan

Art display at Texas State Univ. Alkek Library, 1/7/07

profile/photos, 8/23/07

Thomas, Bob

Photo, 6/3/07

Thomas, Lori Kaye

wedding/photo, 4/15/07

Thomas, Rob

Honored/photo, 10/28/07

Thompson, Karen

named to CenturyTel's President's Club/photo, 7/15/07

Thompson, Margaret

obituary, 8/17/07

Thompson, Rachelle

new advance culinary arts instructor at Gary Job Corps/photo, 3/11/07

Thorp, Wayman W.

obituary, 1/24/07

three die in traffic accident at Centerpoint intersection, 1/3/07

Three men charged with indecent exposure

Hays County

Fayette County rest stop sting, 10/31/07

Tibbe, Sherri

Honored/photo, 2/6/07

Till, Alfred

profile/photos, 1/21/07

Tiller, Mildred L. "Topsy"

obituary, 11/29/07

Timberman, Emily

engagement/photo, 11/4/07

Tingle, Patricia

presents scholarship on behalf of SM Assoc of Retired Teachers/photo, 5/15/07

Tingle, Tricia

Honored/photo, 10/28/07

Tips for being in the Summer Heat, 9/13/07

Tobias, Macario

obituary/photo, 3/27/07

Today's Childhood, 9/2/07

Todd Diamond performs magic tricks

Profile and photos, 10/11/07

Tomaneng, Edward U.

physician disciplined by Texas Medical Board, 4/20/07

Tomasso, Maria

National Geographic contest winner/photo, 4/8/07

Profile and photos, 2/18/07

Torres, Chris and Arianna

Photo, 10/4/07

Torres, Destiny

Photo, 12/21/07

Torres, Jesse and Connie

anniversary/photos, 1/28/07

Torres, Lucia

Lions Student of the Week/photo, 4/1/07, 4/8/07

Torres, Malarie

Photo, 12/14/07

Torres, Rosanne

Photo, 12/9/07

Tovar, Julia

obituary, 5/6/07

Trauth, Denise

Honored/photo, 2/6/07

Travis County deputy on horseback searches for missing body near Yarrington Rd.

Photo, 12/6/07

Travis County sheriffs search for missing woman

Photo, 12/23/07

Travis Elementary

Students involve in food drive for women's center

Photo, 12/26/07

Trepagnier, Barbara

home landscape profile/photos, 4/26/07

Trevino, Robert

obituary, 5/30/07

Trevino, Robert C.

obituary, 5/31/07

Trio Del Rio

Photo, 2/15/07

Trip to Grand Tetons/photo, 9/6/07

Tucker, Christine

Photo, 10/25/07

Tucker, Indigo

Photo, 6/28/07

Turner, Andrea

profile, 7/18/07

Turner, Jess

profile/photos, 4/12/07

Turner, Tory

San Marcos Fire Rescue Training/photo, 9/6/07

Turner, Tyla Nicole

engagement/photo, 7/29/07

two arrested for arson in fire on Belvin street/photo, 4/10/07

Two P's and Calli's Sassy Boutique

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting/photo, 6/3/07

Two rural fires

Hays Country, 2/23/07

Two San Marcos residents killed in car crash, 12/25/07

Typaldos, Melanie

Butterfly Hunt in Uvalde/photo, 9/28/07

MySpace Blog/photo, 9/14/07

New Camera/photo, 9/7/07

Remodeling House/photos, 9/21/07

Storm Damage/photo, 6/8/07



Uhlig, Michael

writes special message of thanks, remembrance/photo, 11/22/07

Underwood, Bibb


Underwood wins birding award and poetry contest, 6/17/07

Urrutia, Epimenio

obituary/photo, 5/24/07

Urrutia, Epimenio Sr.

obituary, 5/23/07



Valdez, Adelina

Obituary, 9/19/07

Valverde, Rev. Eddie

incoming Rotary Club president/photo, 7/8/07

Vance, Eileen

Honored/photo, 12/23/07

Vandalism at Price Center

Flags felled/photo, 10/3/07

Vann, Michael Stafford

wedding/photo, 5/13/07

Vargas, Eileen

Obituary/photo, 10/30/07

Vasquez, Alfredo Rangel

Obituary/photo, 10/7/07

Vasquez, Melba

psychologist, SMHS alum, earns multiple awards/photo, 8/5/07

VaVerde, Eddie

club president-elect celebrates Rotary Club anniversary/photo, 3/13/07

Venegas, Petra

obituary, 7/17/07

Venue tax

Proposed hotel/motel tax hike, 10/12/07

Verizon cable cut halts communications

Hays County, 10/2/07

Villalpando, Edward Jr.

Retirement/photo, 12/30/07

Villalpando, Ruben D.

obituary/photo, 1/21/07

Villanueva, Roland

obituary/photo, 11/18/07

Villareal, Carly

Honored/photo, 12/28/07

Villarreal, Blanca

wins third place in Natl Geography Bee, 1/30/07

Villarreal, Oscar Jr.

Obituary, 12/6/07

Obituary/photo, 12/7/07

Vincent, Duane Thomas

Obituary, 2/11/07

Vorpahl, Colton

Photo, 2/13/07

Vorpahl, Keith

Photo, 2/13/07

Vote on property tax break, Freeport exemptions, 2/8/07



Waggoner, Darrell P.

obituary, 7/31/07

Walker, Jeff

Cooking Fish at Home, 6/6/07

engagement/photo, 7/8/07

Wallach, Tyler

Photos, 2/20/07

Walsh, Brenda

receives Project Graduation donation/photo, 5/13/07

Warner, Jack Lee

Obituary/photo, 6/24/07

Warner, Luke

Birth/photo, 10/14/07

Warren, Willie Lee

obituary, 1/30/07

Waterbury, Charles

Obituary, 9/11/07

Watson, O.A. "Jim" III

engagement/photo, 5/13/07

Watson, Taylor Brant

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/30/07

Watts, Alan

Photo, 6/24/07

Weatherley, Cameron A.

Obituary/photo, 9/28/07

Weatherly, Cameron A.

Obituary/photo, 9/30/07

Webb, Cloys Vanoy

obituary, 3/27/07

Webb, Wilfred Dunbar

obituary/photo, 8/7/07

Weber, Jade

Photo, 6/24/07

Webster, Rustton P.

Engagement, 2/11/07

engagement/photo, 1/28/07

Wellington, Bob

profile/photo, 11/4/07

Wells, John

Photo, 12/4/07

Wells, Ross

profile/photos, 11/1/07

Wente Vineyards

Oldest Family Owned Winery in California, 6/6/07

West, Katie

Photo, 2/20/07

West, Marcus Chandler

Obituary/photo, 10/14/07

Westbrook, Hazel Virginia

obituary, 1/24/07

Wharton, Thomas Anthony

Obituary, 10/12/07

Wheatley, Mary

graduates early from PRIDE High School/photo, 3/30/07

Wheeler, Bethany Lynne

engagement/photo, 4/8/07

Whitaker, Viola "Ola"

obituary, 8/22/07

Whitaker, Viola Clara

obituary/photo, 8/23/07

White, Dr. R. Lynn

president-elect of oral surgeons group, 11/11/07

White, Isaac David

Obituary/photo, 10/9/07

White, Willie Lee

Obituary/photo, 12/2/07

Whited, Gertrude

obituary, 11/11/07

Whitley, Bill

Photo, 6/20/07

Wilbanks, Lou Ann

Obituary, 6/20/07, 6/24/07

Wilkerson, Jim

Obituary, 10/28/07

Willbern, Roy

obituary/photo, 7/24/07

Williams, Ashley Michelle

Engagement/photo, 2/11/07

engagement/photo, 1/28/07

Williams, Casey N.

wedding/photo, 3/11/07

Williams, David Lynn

obituary/photo, 8/7/07

Williams, Donnie and Linda

family difficulties profiled, fund established, 1/31/07

Williams, Isaac Milton

Obituary, 2/11/07

Williams, Liam

Photo, 10/17/08

Williams, Thomas Gregg

obituary, 1/23/07

Williams, W.B. 'Bill'

Obituary/photo, 12/14/07

Williamson, Dan

obituary/photo, 5/27/07

Wills, Isabel

Photo, 2/4/07

Wilson, Joe

obituary, 1/5/07

Wilson, Joe D.

obituary, 1/7/07

Wilt, Frank

Obituary/photo, 10/23/07

Wimberlery Community

Comedy 'Blithe Spirit' to open/photo, 2/8/07

Wimberley Community

'Blithe Spirit' performed/photos, 2/22/07

'It's Your Life' fair, 2/4/07

'Man of La Mancha' continues/photos, 10/2/07

CERT annual chili cook-off/photos, 2/4/07

Corral Theater/photo, 9/4/07

Exhibit chronicles life of Roy Avey/photos, 12/23/07

Fire burns acreage, no buildings, 2/22/07

Hospice-sponsored camp supports grieving kids/photos, 6/17/07

Jane Little wins Golden Eagle Award/photo, 2/25/07

Ray of Hope Foundation receives contribution from Wal-Mart, 12/12/07

voters approve sale of beer, wine, 11/8/07

Water system projects for Woodcreek, 12/25/07

Wimberley Birding Society goes to South America/photos, 10/19/07

Wine Guys, 9/5/07, 9/12/07

winter storm causes closings, deaths, 1/16/07

Wofford, Margie

obituary/photo, 7/22/07

Wolking, Paula Kay "PK"

obituary/photo, 5/3/07

Woman missing

Feeney, Jennifer Ann, 12/5/07

Woman's body found near Yarrington Road

Smith, Patricia

Segura, Albert/photo, 12/9/07

Woman's death ruled suicide

Smith, Kimberley Lynn, 10/25/07

Wood, Darla Deanne Dees

Obituary/photo, 6/28/07

Wood, Darla Dees

Obituary, 6/27/07

Wood, Kathleen Theresa

obituary/photo, 5/1/07

Woodard, Ursula

Obituary/photo, 2/27/07

Woolery, Lily Anna

obituary, 8/5/07

Wootan, Bety Jean

Obituary/photo, 9/25/07

Worley, Margaret Elaine

obituary, 8/17/07

Worley, Seth

Honored/photo, 2/11/07

Worthington, Jack Rodney

obituary, 5/22/07

Wurzbach, Greg

Award/photos, 2/11/07



Yard of the Month

304 Lamar/photos

Doyle, R.B. and Nola, 10/25/07

Yearwood, Evan L.

obituary/photo, 5/22/07

Yocum, Carmen

Engagement/photo, 2/11/07

Yonker, John

hired as principal for SM High School/photo, 5/9/07

Young, Jerrod

San Marcos Skate Park/photo, 9/2/07

Youth veterinary program to begin in San Marcos, 10/18/07

Yusuf, Joycelynn and Jakavion Williams

Photo, 2/14/07



Zagst, Helen

obituary, 11/28/07

Zapata, Mae

Engagement/photo, 2/18/07

Zapata, Monica

obituary/photo, 7/19/07

Zuniga, Felipa

obituary, 11/14/07

Zwiener, Charles L.

Obituary/photo, 10/31/07