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4-year-old drowns in Blanco River, 6/13/06



Aalen, Gary

Lion of the month/photo, 7/27/06

Acosta, Ben

photo, 12/8/06

Adams, Mary Fay "Muffett"

obituary, 1/31/06

Adams, Simon Troy

obituary, 1/13/06

Adcock, Alton Reynold

obituary/photo, 8/8/06

Adkins, Victor Jr.

photo, 51906

aggravated assault charges filed against local men in stabbing attack, 4/2/06

Aguirre, Adolfo "Dobbie"

obituary, 11/14/06

Aguirre, Adolfo D.

obituary, 11/19/06

Air Force Junior ROTC

leadership camp held/photos, 7/2/06

Aleman, Manuel

obituary, 1/19/06


program receives $1 million grant from Dept. of Defense/photo, 10/12/06

ALERRT program

San Marcos based law enforcement program aids in ending Co. hostage crisis, 10/1/06

Alexander, Billy Herman

obituary, 11/9/06

Alexander, Bobby Joe

obituary/photo, 4/6/06

Alexander, Linda

named Lion of the Month/photo, 10/25/06

Alexander, Robert

Photo, 9/10/06

Alexander, Vivian R.

obituary, 2/9/06

Allegro, Ross

municipal court judge retiring/photo, 6/1/06

Allen, P.J.

Obituary, 5/24/06, 5/25/06

Allen, Philip

obituary/photo, 8/4/06

Allison, Kameron

Honored/photo, 5/16/07

Alsup, Joe Farr

obituary, 2/8/06, 2/12/06

Alvarez, Sabrina

honor/photo, 51806

Amaya, Carmen H.

Obituary, 9/19/06

Anderson, Carl

Obituary/photos, 12/12/06

Anderson, Carl W.

Obituary, 12/12/06

Anderson, Israel, Jr.

Obituary, 12/26/06, 12/27/06

Anderson, Lucille

honored by Sam Houston State Univ/photo, 4/16/06

Andrus, Howard R.

obituary, 6/20/06, 6/25/06

appeals court reversed district judge's decision regarding state sex law, 7/25/06

Aquarena Center

Underwater Christmas tree and other attractions/photo, 12/24/06

Aquarena Center reopens after renovation/photos, 4/27/06

Archer, Lucille D.

obituary, 3/1/06

Area ranchers struggle to keep herds

Hays County

Drought, 9/3/06

Arledge, Karen

Photo, 9/21/06

presents Lion of the Month award/photo, 10/25/06

presents Lion of the Month/photo, 8/25/06

Armbruster, Marie

Obituary, 12/3/06

obituary, 11/28/06, 11/30/06

Arredondo, Caden Matthew

birth/photo, 11/5/06

Arredondo, Danny

Photo, 12/17/06

Arredondo, Gilbert

Obituary/photo, 9/22/06

Arredondo, Gilbert J.

Obituary, 9/21/06

Arredondo, Isaac

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Arredondo, Miguel Sr.

obituary/photo, 3/21/06

Arriaga, Estibaliz Emma

engagement/caricature, 2/12/06

engagement/photo, 1/29/06

Arrington, Bobby Ray

Obituary/photo, 5/23/06

arson arrest made in Bishop Square apartments fire, 4/14/06

Arthur, Orvis Truett "O.T."

obituary, 8/1/06

attempted abduction was false alarm, 3/1/06

Austin, Ellas R. "Al"

obituary/photo, 1/22/06, 1/25/06



Baby death case

Accused couple transferred to Texas, 5/25/06

Hays County, 5/28/07

Bagley, David O'Neal

obituary, 11/14/06, 11/19/06

Bagley, John Joseph

engagement/photo, 2/19/06

wedding/photo, 7/9/06

Baker, Annice

obituary, 3/2/06

Baker, Gail M.

obituary, 11/5/06

Baker, Michael

Wedding announcement/photo, 9/24/06

Baker, Mike

L.E.A.D/photo, 51806

Balboa, Jesus 'Jesse' Jr.

obituary/photo, 12/19/06

Balfoort, Corinne

obituary, 8/15/06

Balfoort, Marie Corinne

obituary, 8/17/06, 8/20/06

Balles, Chris

profile/photos, 6/25/06

Balles, Delia L.

obituary, 10/29/06

obituary/photo, 11/12/06

Bandy, David

named Rotarian of the Year/photo, 7/6/06

Banegas, Aiden Joaquin

Birth/photo, 51806

Banerjee, Anik

summer reading program winner/photo, 8/27/06

Banks, Betty

inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 10/22/06

Banks, Lynn

Gary Job Corps instructor named Lions Teacher of the Month/photo, 10/13/06

Barajas, Jose

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Barnes, Roy

Obituary, 5/28/07

Barrientos, Gonzalo

Honor/photo, 9/14/06

Bartee, Delores Ann

obituary, 2/26/06

Bartee, Delores Ann Cummins

obituary, 2/24/06

Barth, Gary Lee

Obituary, 5/11/06

Barth, Harry

Obituary, 9/6/06

Barton, Hazel

former Daily Record writer profile/photo, 11/12/06

Barton, Oleta "Mozelle" Nance

obituary, 10/3/06

Basey, David Morris

obituary, 1/12/06

Bates, Zelda Bernice

obituary, 6/4/06

Bauer, Lola Dee

obituary, 6/25/06

Bayless, Mary Evelyn

obituary, 4/25/06

Bean, Catherine "Kayte" Sue

obituary/photo, 1/4/06

Belvin Street trailer park to close

Photo, 12/3/06

Benoist, Cassie

photo, 51806

Bensberg, Dr. Gerard Joseph Jr.

obituary, 7/23/06

Bensberg, Gerard

obituary, 6/25/06

Benson, Thomas Howard

obituary, 1/19/06

obituary/photo, 1/20/06, 1/22/06

Bertolett, Don

obituary/photo, 1/4/06

Biggs, Vernon LaSalle

obituary, 2/9/06, 2/12/06

Bingham, Amy Ruth

obituary, 3/1/06

Birds spotted in San Marcos area

Photo, 9/26/06

Bisett, David

Photo, 9/29/06

Bishop, Mary

Lion of the Month/photo, 8/25/06

Biz Assist Program

Serves Central Texas counties, 5/21/06

Bjerke, Denise

Photo, 9/17/07

Blackwell, Ray A.

obituary, 1/26/06

Blackwell, Raymond Jr.

obituary, 1/25/06

Blair, Ryan Jay

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/10/06

Blais, Racheal

Engagement/photo, 9/10/06

Blanco River

River project plans, 5/16/06

Blanco River dry

Photo, 9/27/06

Blanco River property

4 million dollar sale, 5/12/06

Blethroad, Harry

AARP president resigns/photo, 10/22/06

Bloecher, William Charles

obituary, 3/14/06

Blount, Luther

Obituary, 9/26/06

Bluebonnet Lions Club fundraiser


Photos, 9/21/06

Boatright, Bob

photo, 51806

Boenig, Bill

obituary, 7/30/06

Bolander, Beatrice

Obituary/photo, 5/3/06

Bolden, Iola Green

obituary, 8/3/06, 8/4/06

Bonner, Faye

obituary, 4/11/06

Botello, Vicky

photo, 51806

Bowden, Lewis

photo, 12/7/06

Bowers, Abby

to sing natl anthem at Spurs game/photo, 4/9/06

Bowie Elementary

Author speaks to students

Crummel, Susan/photo, 12/21/06

Event to Honor James Bowie/photo, 9/14/06

Boynt, Kristen

profile/photo, 1/12/06

Brace, Phyllis Margaret Guyett Mostyn

obituary/photo, 2/17/06

Brame, Josh

Award/photo, 9/28/06

Bratcher, Julie

Photo, 9/22/06

Bratton, Jayme D' Ann

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/24/06

Bratton, Jayme D'Ann

engagement/photo, 4/16/06

Breedlove, Jackie

profile/photos, 2/26/06

Breihan, Crystal Diane

engagement/photo, 3/26/06

Breihan, Ted

Photo, 12/1/06

Brown, Beatrice Lucille Hirsch

obituary/photo, 11/21/06

Brown, Muhrl Onita Watkins

obituary, 1/20/06

Brown, Murhl

obituary, 1/19/06

Brown, Susan

honor/photo, 5/3/06

Brown, Zeola

obituary, 7/27/06

Brumley, Nichole

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Bryson, Jacen Whitne

wedding/photo, 11/12/06

Buchanan, Krystal Dawn

Engagement/photo, 12/17/06

Buckner, Donie "Shirley"

obituary, 1/31/06

Buckner, Jewel Hamblin Knudsen

obituary, 1/24/06

Buckner, Tom and Helen

50th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 9/10/06

Buda Community

Buda County fair and weiner dog race/photo, 5/5/06

Fraternal Order of Police candidate forum, 9/3/06

hearing set to discuss improvements to FM 2001, 6/18/06

man indicted after arrest for soliciting a minor, 2/8/06

Pedernales Electric Cooperative to build substation on donated land, 3/26/06

Budnick, David

obituary, 11/28/06

Budnick, David N.

Obituary, 12/3/06

Budnick, David N., Jr.

obituary/photo, 11/29/06

Bulgarian delegation tours San Marcos

Hosted by Economic Development San Marcos

Photo, 9/21/06

Bunch, Pauline Urbanski

obituary, 1/3/06

Bunnell, Josephine

Obituary, 9/19/06

Bunting, LaFarrell

Photo, 5/21/06

Burdick, Richard Lee

Engagement/photo, 12/17/06

Burke, John Paul Jr.

elected municipal judge, 51906

Burke, Joseph O

Obituary, 5/9/06

Burleson, Brittney Le'Shelle

Photo, 12/29/06

Burleson, Loraine

profile/photo, 4/30/06

Burleson, Lorraine

Photo, 12/31/06

Burleson, Sebron

former Hays County officer, firefighter charged with fuel theft, 7/9/06

Burn bans lifted

Hays County, 9/21/06

Burnett, Ainsley Grace


Burnett, Judge William Walter "Bud"

distinguished SMHS alum/photo, 10/26/06

Burroughs, Kati

honor/photo, 51806

won gold cup in piano festival/photo, 7/13/06


Joe's Crab Shack

Retaining Wall Collapse/photo, 9/14/06

Movie Gallery

School Supplies Donation/photo, 9/14/06

That Pottery Place

Prevent Child Abuse Texas, 5/7/06

Time Warner

makes donation to Leadership San Marcos/photo, 6/23/06

TXI Hunter Cement

Permit for Plant Expansion, 5/7/06


Bike Donation/photo, 9/14/06


Aquarena Center holiday events/photo, 12/5/06

Award/CVS Pharmacy

Roberts, Richard/photo

Bishop Square Apartments

arson suspected in fire, 2/17/06

fire investigated, 2/10/06

fire/photo, 2/9/06

BobKat & Son Small Engine Repair

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/11/06

Bum's Billiards

Judge rules they can stay open, 5/3/06

Cancun Rob's

new member of SM Hispanic Chamber/photo, 11/12/06

Center Point Energy

files appeal in fight w/ City of SM over prices, 1/18/06

Central Texas Medical Center

junior volunteers/photo, 8/15/06

officials say local hospital serving needs, 10/29/06


Circle of Excellence, President's Club winners/photos, 6/20/06

donates to St. Mark's Computer School/photo, 2/19/06

honors four employees for 75 years of collective service/photo, 4/28/06

presents check for Summer in the Park series/photo, 7/30/06

presents donation for 2006 Summerfest/photo, 6/1/06

sponsors CTMC gala/photo, 8/29/06

CenturyTell welcomes new business representative

Nicholson, Mericle/photo, 9/17/06

Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting/photo

Comfort Suites opens, 12/19/06

Coldwell Banker First National

kicked off United Way fund drive/photo, 4/2/06

Cottage Kitchen reopens/photo, 9/6/06

Crystal Clear Water Supply Corporation

not city-owned, 1/8/06


renovations planned, 11/23/06

CTMC Home Health

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/20/06

Dots 'n' Daisies Pageant Productions

first Miss New Braunfels queens/photo, 7/18/06

Economic Development San Marcos

Offers free counseling, 9/13/06

Embassy Suites

plans profiled/photo, 3/9/06

Ernie's Paint & Body Shop

owners receive Chamber of Commerce award/photo, 10/26/06

ETA Computing

ribbon cutting, 4/2/06

Frost Bank

Wayne Becak new senior vp/photo, 7/12/06

Grande Communications

donates 43 tons of food to Hays County Area Food Bank, 8/25/06

expanding call center in San Marcos, 11/15/06

grant to St Mark's computer school/photo, 5/2/06

Harris Bass new VP of operations/photo, 6/25/06

Miguel Lecuona new vp of marketing/photo, 4/14/06

to hold food drive for Hays County food bank, 7/13/06

Grande Communications hosts Cottage Kitchen/photo, 5/24/06

Grandinetti Photography

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/12/06

Gulf Business Forms employees honored

Honored/photos, 12/20/06

HADCO Inc. stays in San Marcos, 9/20/06


receives tax deal from Hays County, 10/5/06

Hotel and conference center costs rise

Hammons, John Q., 12/5/06

JC Penny Styling Salon /photo, 9/17/06

John Q. Hammon's hotel and conference center, 12/17/06

Johnny Carino's

held MDA fundraiser/photo, 6/1/06

LA Weight Loss

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/29/06

Lavender Lane Designs

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/12/06

Law Office of Anna Martinez-Boling

ribbon cutting/photo, 6/25/06

Lucy's on the Square

profile/photos, 3/2/06

Mariposa Apartment Homes

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/29/06

Mattress Firm opens, 9/17/06

McCoy's Building Supply

donates to Habitat for Humanity/photo, 10/1/06

Mensor Corp.

acquired by WIKA, will remain open, 6/27/06

New Home Locating

ribbon cutting/photo, 8/13/06

Officer's Club Aero Ventures

ribbon cutting, 4/2/06

Pedernales Electric Cooperative

donates $1000 to SM Education Foundation, 6/4/06

Phoenix Rising Bakery

profile/photo, 8/8/06

River Pine Pensione Bed & Breakfast

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/11/06

Sac-N-Pac Stores

make donation to Juneteenth BBQ cookoff/photo, 7/23/06

San Marco Sols

ribbon cutting/photo, 8/13/06

San Marcos Dermotology and Skin Cancer Center

Community skin cancer screenings, 5/21/0

San Marcos outlets compete successfully with other malls, 9/3/07

Sears store ground breaking ceremony/photo, 9/17/06

Skydive San Marcos

holds 2nd annual Halloween Carnival/photos, 11/1/06

SparkNet Creative

ribbon cutting/photo, 7/12/06

St. David's Health Care System

considering opening a hospital in SM, 10/26/06

Tanger Outlet

Plans renovation, 5/5/06

Tanger Outlet renovation, 5/4/06

Texas Health and Racquet Club

sponsors Silver Sneakers program/photos, 10/19/06


employees hold food drive/photo, 11/15/06

seven employees celebrate 25 yrs of service/photo, 11/15/06

Thieves steal AC parts from San Marcos businesses, 12/17/06

Thomason Funeral Home

donates to Friends of the SM Cemetery/photo, 1/17/06

Three Dudes Winery

grand opening/photos, 11/17/06

Toon Academy of Texas opening, 12/8/06

Two P's Boutique named Small Business of the Quarter/photo, 1/29/06


considering RR12, Craddock site for grocery, 10/8/06

Wells Fargo

promotes two banking executives, 2/12/06

Wimberley Glass Company, Inc.

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/19/06

Wineries near San Marcos, 12/3/06

Wonder World

profile/photos, 3/24/06

World Gym

receives award for best new gym under 20k sq. ft., 3/19/06

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/29/06

Butler, Brenda

honored as KXAN's "Teacher of the Week"/photo, 6/4/06

Butler, Brittney

honor/photo, 51806

Butler, Chelsie Nicole

engagement/photo, 7/30/06

Byler, Ruth Garrison

obituary, 6/20/06, 6/25/06

Byrne, Jamy Lorrain

obituary, 2/15/06



Calaboose African American History Museum

display/photos, 2/16/06

Caldwell County

Brown Santa Program, 12/1/06

Guadalupe County

Public meetings scheduled on SH 130 plans, 9/1/06

Historical Commission hosts storytelling program, 9/29/06

jail inmate found hanging, 3/10/06

landowner cited for sparking wildfire, 3/1/06

Maxwell Water Supply Corporation

board members face allegations, 2/9/06

outdoor cooking banned, 1/11/06

public hearing on Trans Texas Corridor to be held, 6/6/06

sheriff busts "chop shop"/photos, 7/13/06

Suspect in fire station burglary, 9/29/06

Call, Candace

Photo, 12/3/06

Callaway, Brett

Photo, 9/13/06

Campbell, Gary

photo, 51806

Campbell, Karly Nicole

wedding/photo, 7/23/06

Campbell-Gamble, Paula

obituary, 3/7/06

Cannon, Thomas Eugene

wedding/photo, 7/16/06

Cantu, Lisa

obituary, 2/14/06

Cantu-Rodriguez, Juan

obituary, 6/18/06

Cantu-Rodriguez, Juan Jose Elias

obituary, 6/14/06

Cari Hutson Band

Profile/photo, 9/28/06

Carlson, Sally

Price Center picnic/photo, 5/21/06

Carns, Ann

Bluebonnet Lions president presents scholarship/photo, 6/25/06

Carrales, Michael

Photo, 9/3/06

Carrillo, Marci Lynn

engagement/photo, 1/22/06

Carter, Christopher Ron

engagement/photo, 3/19/06

Castilleja, Demecio J.

wedding/photo, 7/9/06

Castillo, Allyssa Lorain

Engagement/photo, 9/10/06

Castillo, Marc

engagement/photo, 7/2/06

Castillo, Shanna Marie

engagement/photo, 1/15/06

Castleberry, Barbara

pinned incoming Rotary Club president/photo, 7/6/06

Castleberry, Charlotte Alice Coleman

obituary, 11/26/06

obituary/photo, 11/29/06

Castro, Naomi

Photo, 9/22/06

Cates, Daniel Toole

wedding, 7/2/06

cause of Ellis St. house fire investigated, 10/24/06

Cedar Oaks Mesa

Residents ask for new roads, 5/11/06

Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament, 5/5/06

Central Texas Medical Center

Uniform day/photo, 9/26/06

Ceremony for new county judge

Hays county

Sumter, Elizabeth, 12/3/06

Chafin, Bryan

profile/photos, 2/2/06

Challa, Dr.

Photo, 12/21/06

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber at Work, 12/17/06

Chamber at work, 12/24/06

Chamber At Work/photos, 12/10/06

Chamber earns 3-star accreditation, 12/17/06

Chamber news/photo, 12/3/06

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting/photo

Trinity Title of Texas, 12/10/06

Customer service workshop/photo, 9/10/06

Ernie's Paint and Body Shop

honor/photo, 5/7/06

Mayor give president key to the city/photo, 9/5/06

News from the San Marcos Chamber/photo, 12/31/06

News/photo, 9/3/06

Phyllis A. Hunt hired to lead the Chamber

Hunt, Phyllis A./photo, 12/21/06

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Cabana Beach Apartments/photo, 5/7/06

Hair Solutions/photo, 5/7/06

Martinez Boling, Anna/photo, 5/7/06

Chambers, Leon

photo, 51806

Chance, Delbert L.

obituary, 51706

Chandler, Jamie Lyn

Engagement/photo, 12/10/06

Chavez, Herminia

Honored/photo, 9/19/06

Chavez, Teresa P.

obituary, 1/22/06

Chavez, Theresa

Honored/photo, 12/20/06

Children present holiday musical

Bowie Elementary/photo, 12/24/06

Chisholm, Anthony

Photo, 9/19/06

Christian, Katie Lynn

engagement/photo, 6/18/06

Chung, Yon Bum

Lions Student of the Week/photo, 10/29/06


Christ the Redeemer

Christmas Musical at Price Seniors Center/photo, 12/7/06

St. Stephens' Episcopal Church

Mother's Day Tea/photo, 51906


Christ the Redeemer

Vacation bible school/photo, 5/26/07

Christ the Redeemer presents "The Gift"/photo, 12/10/06

First Baptist

new facility profile/photos, 11/12/06

First Christian Church

Cobb honored in Sunday service, 5/5/06

youth group participates in crop walk/photo, 10/18/06

First Lutheran and St. Mark's

Camp Hope/photo, 5/26/07

First Lutheran Church

youth group participates in crop walk/photo, 10/18/06

Grace Lutheran

to celebrate 50 years, 11/28/06

Greater Bethel Baptist

host special guests Little Miss Juneteenth Queens/photos, 11/5/06

New building for Hill Country Church photos, 12/15/06

Pastor Gary Smith publishes book of letters/photos, 9/24/06

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

youth group participates in crop walk/photo, 10/18/06

Wesley Chapel Church

celebrated 131st anniversary/photo, 7/16/06

Youth choir/photo, 9/19/06

Cinco De Mayo

Photos, 5/4/06

Cisneros, Henry

obituary, 12/6/06, 12/7/06

Cisneros, Thomas R.

obituary/photo, 1/22/06

City Council

approved plans to eliminate lanes on Guadalupe and LBJ streets, 1/11/06

chooses Susan Pullig to lead economic development efforts, 1/6/06

considers reducing lanes on Guadalupe and LBJ streets, 1/8/06

City of San Marcos

"painted lady" home profile/photo, 4/27/06

100 year old receives key to city

Samaniego, Guadalupe/photo, 12/19/06

2005 recap, 1/1/06

2006 election propositions, 10/8/06, 10/20/06

911 operators honored/photo, 4/23/06

accepting applications for home reconstruction grants, 10/18/06

applications for Community Development Block Grants being accepted, 1/13/06

area 2005 construction near record levels, 1/29/06

at odds with state over retail center to be developed on I-35, 6/25/06

Aug. 2 proclaimed Kristian Menchaca Day/photo, 8/16/06

ballot language for proposal on council's minimum age up for vote, 8/13/06

Blanco River development project presented, 6/8/06

Blanco River project planned, 4/18/06

celebrates Women in San Marcos Week/photo, 10/22/06

Cemetery improvements/photo, 5/14/06

Charter Review Commission considers changes to city charter, 2/22/06

Cinco de Mayo celebration planned, 3/19/06

Cinco de Mayo festival being planned, 4/5/06

Cinco de Mayo festival planned, 4/23/06

city approves gas rate settlement, 4/19/06

city attorney Mark Taylor to retire, 11/9/06

City Budget, 9/15/06

city council approves adding $3 fee to traffic tickets, 2/26/06

city council approves contract for skate park engineering, 2/24/06

city council approves ordinance to cut truck exhaust, 3/22/06

city council approves parking rules, 2/22/06

city council approves stricter rules of ethics, 2/12/06

City Council Debate over City Development/photo, 9/15/06

city council examines bond package funding, 3/26/06

city council seeks federal funds, 3/14/06

City employees honored

Honored/photo, 12/13/06

city finance director Rodney Gonzales leaving post/photo, 4/9/06

city manager and others discuss Capital Improvements Program, 1/27/06

city manager's office to be remodeled, 6/23/06

Community Development Block Grant funds divided, 4/20/06

Community Outreach Survey results released, 3/8/06

CONA activists meet with council candidates, 10/10/06

Conference center plans move forward, 9/5/06

conference center to be built near Embassy Suites hotel, 2/10/06

considering removing diverters on Craddock Ave near Hughson Heights, 11/19/06

construction of Wonder World Dr. overpass continues/photo, 3/2/06

construction on Craddock Ave begins, 6/27/06

construction on Sanctuary Lofts to begin, 2/28/06

Costs of Rio Vista Dam project rise/photos, 4/7/06

Couch files to fill council post, 8/23/06

council approves Embassy Suites deal, 2/8/06

council approves resolution against state land purchase, 6/8/06

council begins paperless agenda process, 10/3/06

council budget includes incentives for economic development, 8/11/06

council budget proposed, 8/3/06

council candidates debate/photo, 10/25/06

council discusses how to divide Community Development Block Grant funds, 4/9/06

council may seek tax increase to pay for conference center, 8/20/06

council member Ed Mihalkanin resigns, 8/13/06

council members seek reelection/photos, 4/30/06

council reallocates funds to complete Hopkins St. sidewalk project, 10/20/06

council rejects hotel tax increase, 8/29/06

council sets timetable for Wonder World Dr. extension, 6/21/06

council to recommend Kim L. Moore for economic development position, 4/19/06

Council to vote for tougher water rules, 9/3/06

councilman Chris Jones opens office, 2/19/06

County Commissioners Vote to Meet a Final Time/photo, 12/7/06

creek dams cleaned, 10/6/06

Department of Engineers

Public meeting on flood protection, 9/10/06

Diaz will not run for reelection as councilman, 9/1/06

Diaz, Taylor withdraw; Narvaiz unopposed in council races, 8/30/06

downtown parking garage proposed, 3/2/06

downtown water main ruptured/photos, 8/20/06

Economic development director hired

Moore, Kim L./photo, 5/23/06

Economic Development San Marcos receives merit award/photo, 10/5/06

Edward's Aquifer

Stage 2 drought restrictions ordered, 9/17/06

elected officials take oath of office/photos, 11/24/06

engineering firm hired for Wonder World Dr. extension, 10/20/06

fire dept keeping trucks clean/photo, 1/19/06

Flood Prevention Channel, 9/14/06

Friday 11/24/06 proclaimed San Marcos Rattlers Victory Day/photo, 11/23/06

Heritage Association

Cottage Kitchen/photo, 12/6/06

Heritage Association's Ball/photo, 12/8/06

Hillyer St. reconstruction begins, 3/9/06


Springtown community helped develop SM, 6/20/06

hotel and conference center delayed, 10/4/06

housing rehabilitation grant program/photo, 11/706

HUD grant to fund learning center for students in public housing, 6/22/06

Hughson and Robertson file to fill city council post, 8/17/06

Hughson withdraws bid for council post, 8/25/06

Human service agencies can apply for city funds, 12/28/06

Hunger Awareness Month/photo, 6/8/06

Increase in recycling and garbage rates, 51706

iris garden project/photo, 4/23/06

judge issues injunction in city's case against Bum's Billiards, 4/14/06

Juneteenth "Little Miss" pageant winners/photo, 6/22/06

Juneteenth cook-off judges/photo, 7/2/06

Juneteenth Days celebrated/photo, 6/8/06

land for fire station acquired, 8/22/06

last phase of work on Comanche St., 8/22/06

LBJ museum set to open/photos, 11/26/06

LBJ's mother's home profile/photo, 4/21/06

library summer reading program winners/photo, 8/27/06

library's summer reading program successful/photo, 8/24/06

Lyndon B. Johnson Museum opens 12/6/photo, 12/1/06

marshal's office enforcing city codes, 2/28/06

Master Plan for downtown, 5/7/06

Mayor names October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month/photo, 10/5/06

Mayor Narvaiz to seek re-election, 6/18/06

McGehee cabin profile, 7/6/06

Mill St. residents unhappy with new Texas State tram route/photo, 10/31/06

Miss Texas Teen USA attended Juneteenth celebration/photo, 6/25/06

MLK celebration planned/photo, 1/8/06

MLK day celebrated/photos, 1/17/06

MLK march, events announced, 1/15/06

municipal airport seeks federal funds, 6/29/06

municipal court extends hours on Wednesdays, 8/15/06

municipal judge Ross Allegro to retire, 3/5/06

Natural and Western Swing Festival/photos, 51806

Natural Swing and Western Festival, 51906

Nature Center camp for children profiled/photos, 6/25/06

Neal home profile/photo, 4/28/06

New fire station site selected, 9/8/06

new post office postponed, 3/19/06, 3/21/06

number of building permits issued near record levels, 7/16/06

occupancy tax could help pay for new conference center, 3/26/06

October rainfall helps ease drought, 11/1/06

odor control project at wastewater plant begins, 10/10/06

offers loans to first time home buyers to encourage homeownership, 4/27/06

Officials urge safe use of fireworks/photo, 12/29/06

old building at airport won't get historical designation, 10/19/06

old State Bank building profile/photo, 4/20/06

Park Place reconstruction begins, 4/20/06

parking garage proposal to go to capital improvement program, 3/8/06

police and firefighters assocs will represent employees in negotiations, 2/9/06

Post Rd. project to begin, 8/24/06

proclaim Project Management Day/photo, 10/22/06

proclaim Red Ribbon Week/photo, 10/22/06

proposal to raise council's minimum age defeated, 8/16/06

proposed amendments to city charter outlined, 7/21/06

proposed amendments to city charter up for vote, 7/18/06

public facilities to be paid for without tax increases, 8/9/06

Rancho Vista subdivision seeks help with septic system problems, 11/5/06

receives Comm. Dev. Block Grant w/10% reduction from 2005, 2/12/06

reconstruction of Advance St. begins, 3/22/06

reconstruction of E. Sierra Circle continues, 2/3/06

reconstruction of Mead St. underway, 2/26/06

reconstruction on Burleson begins, 1/19/06

reconstruction on McKie and Del Sol streets to begin, 6/16/06

renovation of Rio Visa Dam to begin, 3/19/06

replacement, synchronization of traffic lights ahead of schedule/photo, 7/2/06

Resident surveys due, 12/17/06

Rio Vista Dam completion to be celebrated, 6/20/06

Rio Vista Dam project continues/photos, 4/12/06, 4/25/06

Rio Vista Dam renovation continues/photo, 3/24/06

Rio Vista Dam Repair Project/photo, 5/7/06

Rio Vista Dam repairs, 51706

Rio Vista Dam work to begin, 2/28/06

Rio Vista Terrace improvement project to begin early 2007, 2/24/06


Craddock Avenue grand opening ceremony, 9/13/06

First railroad overpass celebrated/photos, 12/22/06

Wonder World Drive Overpass to open, 12/17/06

Robertson and Skiles seek City Council post/photos, 9/26/06

rocks for Rio Vista rapids subject of violation, 6/14/06

Rosie Vela named city finance director/photo, 8/15/06

rules for rivers, parks outlined, 7/2/06

sales tax rebates increase, 11/21/06

Sales tax strengthens city, 9/22/06

Sales taxes create prosperity, 12/14/06

San Marcos Fire Rescue responses up, 9/8/06

San Marcos Night at Spurs game/photo, 4/20/06

Sears store to open at IH35-Del Sol, 3/23/06

Senate appropriations committee approves funds for municipal airport, 7/23/06

September 11 ceremony set/photo, 9/7/06

settles suit with Bum's Billiards, 8/22/06

Skate park approved, 12/12/06

sponsors Christmas tree recycling with Pedernales Electric Cooperative, 1/3/06

Spring Oak Farm profile/photo, 4/23/06

staff to study alcohol restrictions, 6/13/06

stage 1 water restrictions in effect, 11/28/06

stage 1 water restrictions outlined, 7/16/06

state says land for retail development will remain on tax rolls, 7/20/06

state to reimburse $60 million for Wonder World Dr. extension, 2/24/06

state to sell development land, return property to local tax rolls, 7/27/06

Strict water rules begin, 9/7/06

stricter rules for city officials outlined, 1/13/06

Summer in the Park concert/photos, 5/25/06

task force seeks public opinion on downtown growth, 4/19/06

task force to study roadside pet sales, 6/15/06

tax incentives for local businesses outlined, 11/30/06

Thomaides, Robertson elected to council, 11/8/06

town hall meeting held to discuss future of downtown/photo, 6/1/06

traffic signal synchronization project/photo, 1/27/06

Traffic signal upgrade, 1/1/06

truck wreck on IH-35/photo, 11/8/06

upcoming vote includes amendments to charter, 10/22/06

Veramendi Plaza, 12/8/06

Victory Gardens derailment site gets new rail/photo, 8/18/06

violence rises, property crimes down for 2005, 3/17/06

water conservation rules likely, 4/16/06

water department offers rebates for water-saving devices, 2/14/06

water dept adds rebate to incentive programs, 3/26/06

water restrictions changed, 8/4/06

water restrictions enacted, 6/18/06

water restrictions in effect year-round, 1/12/06

Water rights fight

Carson, W.C., 12/13/06

Womack retires as city clerk, 9/1/06

Wonder World Dr. overpass construction on schedule/photo, 10/6/06

work begins on Wonder World overpass, 1/15/06

City of Uhland

three volunteer firefighters arrested for theft/photo, 1/15/06

City to reimburse for new overpass

Roads, 9/26/06

Civic Center contract renewed

Hays County, 9/27/06

Claiborne, Dustin

Photo, 9/22/06

Clancy, Ann Brinkley

obituary, 1/4/06

Clark, Ellen Ruth Key

obituary/photo, 7/11/06

Clark, Kevin

Photo, 12/29/06

Clark, Mary Alice

obituary, 2/21/06

obituary/photo, 2/19/06

Classe, Paul

photo, 51806

Clausnitzer, Neal

photo, 51806

Clayton, Alan

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/3/06

Clayton, Matt

engagement/photo, 3/26/06

Clayton, Matthew Alan

wedding/photo, 8/27/06

Clayton, William S.

obituary, 8/16/06

obituary/photo, 8/15/06

Clegg, Francis X.

obituary, 10/17/06

Clegg, LTC Francis X.

obituary, 10/22/06


Lions Club tree sale/photo, 12/8/06


Bagley, Beth


Bluebonnet Lions

new member, Lion of the Month/photos, 3/10/06

present scholarship and Lion of the Month/photos, 6/25/06

Boys & Girls Clubs

volunteers build play area/photos, 1/22/06

Boys and Girls Club

"Day for Kids Celebration"/photo, 9/10/06

Braden, Dr. James

Award/photo, 9/7/06

Central Texas Aquatic Club

fundraising drawing winner/photo, 4/2/06

Dailey, Cody

Award/photo, 9/7/06

Domstead, Dr. Delbert

Award/photo, 9/7/06

Evening Lions Tree Lot

Yoder, Bob/photo, 12/3/06

Hays County 4-H

members win at state 4-H dog show/photos, 7/23/06

members won at District 10 Horse Show, 7/11/06

Hays County A&M Club

receives donation to scholarship fund/photo, 7/2/06

Heritage Association

Debutantes announced/photo, 5/23/06

Hill Country Youth Chorus

performs/photos, 5/3/06

Lions 'Donation Day'/photo, 9/28/06

Lions Art Contest winners/photo

Goodnight Jr. High, 12/1/06

Miller Jr. High, 12/1/06

Lions Club

donate to Hays County Brown Santa program/photo, 10/8/06

donates to Gary Job Corps car show/photo, 6/15/06

Dr. Charles von Henner named Jones Fellow and Lion of the Year/photo, 10/4/06

George Laktas receives special Lion award/photo, 11/30/06

Linda Alexander named Lion of the Month/photo, 10/25/06

lion of the month, new member/photos, 4/16/06

Lion of the Month/photo, 8/20/06, 8/25/06

names Lynn Banks Teacher of the Month/photo, 10/13/06

new member, student of the week/photos, 3/30/06

new members inducted/photo, 8/23/06

past president honored/photo, 10/5/06

present donation to Mobile Health Screening Unit/photo, 4/2/06

presents check for Latino Presence scholarship/photo, 3/16/06

presents Jack Wiech Fellowship/photo, 2/9/06

receives donation for Mobile Health Screening Unit/photo, 4/14/06

recognizes tube rental workers/photo, 10/5/06

scholarship recipients, community service award/photos, 6/2/06

sponsored Tyler Ingram to attend Lions Camp/photo, 7/30/06

Student of the Week, Lion of the Month honored/photos, 10/29/06

student of the week, Lion of the month/photos, 7/27/06

Student of the Week/photo, 11/5/06

student of the week/photo, 2/23/06, 4/2/06

students of the week/photos, 2/9/06

Lions Club Awards/photos, 9/28/06

Lions Club donation day/photo, 12/3/06

Lions club/photos, 9/19/06

Lonestar Aquatics Club

swimmers attend Olympic Training Camp, 1/13/06

Rotary Club

"Parenting Your Parents" presentation/photo, 1/29/06

celebrate "Harry Wayne Day"/photo, 3/30/06

football coach speaks, new member inducted, Harry Wayne honored/photos, 4/5/06

new president installed, Rotarian of the Year named/photos, 7/6/06

presents check to food bank/photo, 1/17/06

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards/photo, 1/8/06

scholarships/photo, 6/7/06

Wine tasting fundraiser/photos, 5/25/06

San Marcos 4H

collected toys for Hays County Brown Santa program/photo, 1/3/06

San Marcos League of Women Voters

profile/photo, 1/22/06

San Marcos Lions Club

Welcomes Six New Members, 12/6/06

San Marcos Suns

win prizes in sand sculpting contest/photos, 4/14/06

Sertoma Club


SMICISD winners of essay contest/photos, 5/25/06

Shriners present Christmas gifts/photo, 12/24/06

Spring Lake Garden Club

donates tree to De Zavala Elementary School/photo, 2/7/06

June Yard of the Month awarded/photo, 6/13/06

Yard of the Month/photo, 7/13/06

yard of the month/photos, 8/3/06

Spring Lake Garden Club welcomes Diane Young/photo, 9/5/06

Spring Lake Garden Club's yard of the month

Award/photos, 9/7/06

Texas Federation of Music Clubs

piano festival, gold cups awarded/photo, 7/13/06

Coash, Cori Renee

Wedding Announcement/photo, 5/7/06

Cochran, James H. Sr.

obituary/photo, 6/25/06, 6/27/06

Coddington, Jennifer

photo, 51806

Cody Dailey

presents Lion of the Month/photo, 10/29/06

Cohen, Joseph

profile/photos, 1/20/06

Cohen, Sue

Photo, 9/21/06

Colleyville, Almee Noel

Engagement/photo, 5/21/06

Collier, Jimmie C.

obituary, 2/17/06, 2/21/06

Collins, Boyd Ray

obituary, 6/4/06

Collom, Kate

Photo, 5/14/06

Coloton, Merton Joseph

Obituary, 5/14/06

Combrink, Joy Diann

obituary/photo, 10/29/06

Commuter rail proposal, 12/19/06

Conley, William

Engagement/photo, 9/17/07

Connally, Lillian C.

obituary, 6/27/06, 6/29/06

Conroy, Robert Paul

Obituary/photo, 9/19/06

Contractor charged in fire

Hays County

Erickson, Wayne, 12/5/06

Contreras, Natalia A. Sr.

Obituary, 9/10/06

Contreras, Ysenia

SMHS homecoming queen/photo, 10/1/06

Cook, Aaron C.

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/24/06

Cook, Hilda and Scott

won Yard of the Month/photo, 7/13/06

Cooper, Donald

Obituary, 9/22/06

Cooper, Donald C.

Obituary, 9/19/06

Cooper, Ed

receives Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Presidents Award/photo, 11/29/06

Cooper, Starr

wedding/photo, 4/9/09

Cordova-Torres, Rigoberto

SM man sentenced to 35 years in murder of half-sister/photos, 7/9/06

Cornelis van Steensel, Floris

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/17/06

Cortez, Emma

honor/photo, 51806

won gold cup in piano festival/photo, 7/13/06

Cortez-Urrutia, Baby Enez

obituary, 1/20/06

Cosio, Roger

Photo, 12/17/06

Costilla, Nicolas "Nico"

profile (heart walk)/photo, 1/12/06

Costley, Chris

engagement/photo, 8/13/06

Couch, Pam

enters city council race, 8/23/06

sworn in to Place 5 on SM City Council/photo, 11/24/06

Craddock Avenue opened

Roads, 9/20/06

Craddock, Linda Lane

obituary, 1/27/06, 1/29/06

Crawford, Donald Ray

obituary, 1/29/06

Creel, Edna L.

obituary, 3/5/06

Crider, William Dan Sr.

obituary, 4/13/06

Crockett Elementary

Movie day/photo, 51806

National Children's Book Week/photo, 12/7/06

Tour of Texas State Univ./photo, 51806

Crook, Elizabeth

Banquet speaker/photo, 5/11/06

Photo, 12/31/06

profile/photo, 2/24/06

Croy, Randy

photo, 51906

Cruz, Marcus

Photo, 9/17/06

Cruz, Stephen

Photo, 12/3/06

CTMC baby death

autopsy reveals abuse, 10/22/06

cause of death undetermined, 3/30/06

couple accused in CTMC baby's death to be extradited, 3/31/06

couple released on bond, could still face charges/photo, 7/19/06

family members defend parents /photo, 4/20/06

parents accused of killing baby to face capital murder charges, 6/1/06

Parents held in death of baby who died at CTMC/photos, 3/19/06

second autopsy performed, 3/21/06

CTMC Hospice

Fundraiser/photo, 5/9/06

CTMC's Way to Go Kids! program profile/photos, 4/7/06

Cuellar, Henry

honor/photo, 12/8/06

Cuevas, Eva

obituary/photo, 10/19/06, 10/20/06

Cuevas, Felix Sr.

obituary, 7/11/06, 7/12/06

Cyclist dies in accident

Williams, Donnie LaRue Jr., 9/21/06

cyclist injured in collision with garbage truck, 6/7/06

cyclist loses foot in collision with garbage truck, 6/9/06



D'Eath, Michael

Photo, 5/24/06

D'Orazio, Marie

new director and teacher at St. Mark's Episcopal Preschool/photo, 11/28/06

Dailey, Cody

honors Lions for tube rental work/photo, 10/5/06


San Marcos Lions Club, 12/21/06

presents awards for Melvin Jones Fellow and Lion of the Year/photo, 10/4/06

presents special Lion award to George Laktas/photo, 11/30/06

receives check for Hays County A&M Club/photo, 7/2/06

Dallas, James W.

obituary, 1/22/06

Darnell, Jim

Teal Hunting/photo, 9/14/06

Davidson, B. Franklin

Obituary, 9/5/06

Davis, Catherine

award, 51806

Davis, Jacob "Jake" Wayne

obituary/photo, 3/22/06

Davis, Rosario G.

obituary/photo, 4/28/06

Dawson, Dr. Jerry F.

obituary/photo, 6/21/06

Day, Meera

honor/photo, 51806

Dean, Stephen

Photo, 9/10/06

Dearrington, Juli

Photo, 12/15/06

Decker, Flo

obituary, 1/27/06

DeLeon, Dominga

obituary, 1/29/06

DeLeon, Elizabeth

Photo, 9/3/06

DeLeon, Frank

profile, 1/8/06

Delgado, Yvonne

Travis Elem teacher finalist - Time Warner Cable Natl Teacher Award/photo, 6/1/06

Demaree, Santiago

teen grand prize winner in reading program/photo, 8/24/06

Denney, Kyle

Photo, 12/31/06

Deschner, Ethan

honor/photo, 51806

Detectives probe murder of Jack La Rue Hood, SM businessman, 3/14/06

Diaz, Alejandra

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Diaz, Jesse Sr.

Obituary, 12/21/06

Diaz, John

Photo, 12/19/06

withdraws from council race, 8/30/06

Diaz, John A.

distinguished SMHS alum/photo, 10/26/06

Diaz, Zulema Cruz

obituary/photo, 7/28/06, 7/30/06

Dickson, Jan Ellen Jones

Obituary/photo, 12/20/06

Diegelman, Sue

Photo, 12/24/06

Dietz, Elgin Max Conrad

obituary, 6/27/06

Disaster Preparedness Week

Hays County, 9/10/06

Doane, Allan

Photo, 12/20/06

Doctor G and the Mudcats

Photo, 5/16/06

Dodd, Logan

award, 51806

Dodd, Tyler

award, 51806

Dorak, Scott

named CTMC employee of the year, 3/2/06

Dotson, James H.

Obituary/photo, 12/24/06

Dougherty, Jack

profile/photos, 3/16/06

Dow, Stevie

fourth place in Geography Awareness Week poster contest/photo, 11/26/06

Dowden, Dora

obituary/photo, 1/15/06

Dowden, Dora Jean

obituary, 1/13/06

DPS to strictly enforce driving laws over holiday weekend, 9/1/06

Dreibrodt, Agnes

named Fraternal MVP by the Natl. Fraternal Congress of America, 8/13/06

Drought hurts hay production

Hays County, 9/12/06

Du, Vanessa

honor/photo, 51806

Duckett, James Orr

obituary, 6/25/06

Dunlap, Henry F.

Obituary, 12/31/06

Obituary/photo, 12/28/06, 12/29/06

Dunn, Fred Stanley

Obituary, 12/20/06

Dunn, Penny

named Officer of the Year for SMPD/photo, 6/29/06

Dupont, Christopher August

birth/photo, 3/26/06

Dupont-Watson, Diane

names Mrs. Hays County, 10/24/06

Durham, Eddie

SM jazz legend honored with art exhibit, 6/9/06, 6/21/06

tribute events include jazz scholars/photos, 8/17/06

tribute events planned /photos, 8/10/06

tribute performers profiled/photos, 8/13/06

tribute profile/photos, 8/23/06



Eastburn, Marie

obituary, 11/12/06

Eaton, Bobbie M.

Obituary/photo, 12/17/06

Edmonson, Jack

Bowie Elementary

Photos, 9/20/06

Edward's Aquifer

New caution signs go up/photo, 12/21/06

Edwards Aquifer

leak spilled sewage into aquifer, 1/13/06

Low water level may lead to rules, 5/28/07

New, returning board members welcomed, 12/17/06

nine of 15 board positions open, 8/23/06

San Marcos River

EAA assessment, 9/20/06

tests show no contamination from sewage, 1/20/06

Edwards Aquifer Authority

declares stage one pumping restrictions, 7/20/06

lifts stage 2 water restrictions, 11/22/06

new rules for storing hazardous materials, 8/10/06

pumping limits discussed, 1/10/06

signs brush control agrmt w/ Natural Resources Conservation Svc, 1/15/06

Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

growth rules being stiffly enforced, 4/16/06

Edwards County

Rocksprings/photo, 9/14/06

Eiben, Loretta Matocha

profile/photo, 1/15/06

Elderly get tax exempt status

Hays County, 9/7/06

Eliaz, Lilly

Photo, 12/1/06

Elrod, Elizabeth Christine McLeod

obituary, 3/10/06

Embody, Warren

Obituary, 5/5/06

Embody, Warren H.

Obituary, 5/7/06

Emmons, Juanita Louise

obituary, 10/17/06, 10/22/06

England, Virginia Lee Perry

Obituary, 5/16/06

Esparza, Joe Jr.

obituary/photo, 7/11/06, 7/12/06

Espinoza, Maria

obituary, 6/2/06

Esquivel, Diane

wedding/photo, 10/8/06

Esquivel, Rachel

Clubs/photo, 9/19/06

presents Teacher of the Month award/photo, 10/13/06

Estman, Alma R.

obituary, 6/13/06

Evans, Deanie

obituary, 11/1/06

Evans, Mary

Honors/photo, 9/10/06


Hays County Women Entrepreneurs honored/photo, 2/19/06

Ewald, Joe Henry

obituary, 7/14/06



Fahringer, Frederick H. Col. (Ret.) USAF

obituary/photo, 4/5/06

Fairchild, Jack

Honored/photo, 9/28/06

Fairchild-Divine, Linda Rae

obituary, 3/21/06

Fallgren, Bruce

profile/photo, 1/31/06

Fancher, Kimberly

photo, 51806

Farmer Fred's fall carnival

Photo, 9/26/06

Fatal collision on I35

Duffie, William/photo, 12/20/06

Fell, Howard E.

obituary, 8/17/06, 8/20/06

Feller, Nicole Lee

Engagement/photo, 12/17/06

Felps, Johnnie

golf fest winner/photo, 10/12/06

Fennell, Ryan

engagement/photo, 7/16/06, 7/23/06

Wedding Announcement/photo, 12/3/06

Field, Ruth

obituary, 8/15/06, 8/20/06

Fielder, Charlsie Pittman

obituary, 8/17/06

Fife, Candy Julia

Photo, 12/20/06

Fink, Kayla

award, 51806

fire destroys Burleson Cabin at Aquarena Center, 6/18/06

Fitzgerald, Hiram Campbell

obituary, 10/8/06

Fitzhugh, Emily

missionary work profile/photos, 8/13/06

Fleming, Albert Malcolm

obituary/photo, 3/31/06

Fleming, Bethany

Wedding announcement/photo, 9/24/06

Fleming, Rebekah Rose

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/24/06

Fleming, Sarah Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 8/27/06

Fletcher, Rachel

photo, 51806

Fletcher, Susan Doring

Obituary, 5/11/06

Flocke, Bob

hand-carved inspirational words for CTMC Hospice Care front office wall/photo, 11/21/0

Floege, Velma Eastwood

obituary, 1/5/06

Flores, Bianca

photo, 5/16/06

Flores, Enedelia "Annie"

obituary, 1/26/06, 1/29/06

obituary/photo, 1/27/06

Flores, Jesse

wedding/photo, 4/9/06

Flores, Nelda

Bowie Elementary teacher/photo, 12/7/06

Flores, Wendy

wedding/photo, 6/25/06

Focus on Education

Amanda Schramm studying infant sign language/photo, 12/7/06

Hernandez Intermediate School visits Aggieland, 12/7/06

Rattler Football/photos, 12/7/06

Rattler Roundup/photo, 91406

School Age Parenting Program Thanksgiving Dinner/photo, 12/7/06

Food Bank online

Hay's County, 5/10/06

Footnotes, The

photo, 2/3/06

Forbes, Paul

obituary, 6/9/06

Foreclosures up

Hays County, 12/15/06

Forester, Angila Marie

engagement/photo, 1/1/06

Foster, Lisanne

Obituary/photo, 5/21/06

Fox, Sierra

Birthday/photo, 9/14/06

Freed, Brenda

Photo, 5/24/06

Freels, Nancy

profile/photo, 8/27/06

Freeman Ranch wildfire recalled, 1/4/06

Freeman, Hawk

Photo, 12/21/06

Freeman, Marquis Fred "Mark"

obituary, 10/8/06

Freeman, Virginia Laura

Obituary, 12/1/06, 12/3/06

French, Dennis

70th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 9/3/06

French, Ruby

70th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 9/3/06

Frerichs, Alvin F.

obituary, 7/30/06

Friedman, Charles Nathaniel

obituary/photo, 11/7/06

Friesen, Lorin

profile/photos, 7/23/06

Fritsche, Viola Faye

obituary/photo, 1/5/06

Frye, James

Award/photo, 12/7/06



Galante, Carl

Photo, 9/29/06

Galaviz, Pablo

obituary, 3/22/06

Gallat, Irene Burton

Obituary, 12/19/06

Gallegos, Cruz Llamas

obituary, 6/4/06

Galvan, Dr. Robert

honored for Lions tube rental work/photo, 10/5/06

Galvan, Roberto and Eva

anniversary/photo, 8/27/06

Galvanek, Al

obituary, 1/24/06

Garcia, Betty Mendoza

obituary/photo, 8/15/06

Garcia, Guadalupe "Lupe"

obituary, 4/20/06

Garcia, Leo

to perform at United We Sing/photo, 8/20/06

Garcia, Michael A.

wedding/photo, 6/25/06

Garcia, Reynaldo S.

obituary, 1/3/06

Garcia, Robert Anthony

engagement/photo, 1/22/06

Garcia, Stephanie

profile/photo, 2/26/06

Garcia, Washington

Photo, 12/31/06

Garner, Orville Vance

obituary, 8/1/06

Garrison, Geraldine "Gerry"

obituary, 10/26/06

Garrison, Geraldine "Jeri"

obituary, 10/27/06

Gary Job Corps

Bus. Ofc. Technology students help FLOW with mailings/photo, 8/13/06

Community Relations Council hold clergy appreciation luncheon/photo, 8/13/06

culinary arts students prepare United Way luncheon/photo, 4/20/06

held Employer Appreciation Luncheon/photo, 7/2/06

holds Red Ribbon Week activities/photo, 11/17/06

HOPE students help Noon Lions with tube rentals/photo, 6/25/06

HOPE students raise funds for CASA/photo, 4/30/06

HOPE students receive certificate of appreciation from mayor/photo, 11/30/06

HOPE students serve lunch/photo, 6/15/06

Int'l Visitor Program brings pres. of the Roma Community, Slovenia/photo, 11/22/06

name Thomas Leonardis Community Supporter of the Year/photo, 8/13/06

receive certificate of appreciation from Red Cross/photo, 3/10/06

students participated in MLK celebration/photo, 1/22/06

thanks Gulf State Toyota for assistance/photo, 7/16/06

Gary Job Corps student killed crossing roadway, 4/4/06

Garza, Carmen B.

obituary, 8/27/06

Garza, Eduardo

obituary, 3/19/06, 3/26/06

Garza, Juan Manuel

obituary, 4/2/06

Garza, Kathryn

photo, 5/2/06

Garza, Pablo and Esperanza

anniversary, 6/9/06

Garza, Pedro V.

obituary, 6/4/06

Garza, Remay

Garcia, Maria

Torres, Lizzette

Photo, 5/11/06

Garza, Salome P.

obituary, 4/16/06

Garza, Sylvia M.

named interim SMCISD superintendent/photo, 10/11/06

Gayton, Jasmine

photo, 5/7/06

Genaske, Barry

presents Business Person of the Year award/photo, 10/26/06

General land office buys acres of IH35, 5/2/06

Genfan, McCoy

summer reading program winner/photo, 8/27/06

Gerald, Stephen

Photo, 9/19/06

Germer, Hannelore Magdeline Moses Myers

obituary/photo, 2/19/06

Germer, William "Zoom" Andreas

obituary, 8/13/06

Giannone, Lucille Josephine

obituary, 12/8/06

Gibault, Paulette Louise

Obituary, 9/19/06

Giere, Terrill

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Giesener, Lt. Col. Cletus E., USAF (Ret.)

obituary/photo, 11/28/06

Gilbert, George

presents Lions Student of the Week/photo, 10/29/06

Gill, Addison Sloan

birth/photo, 10/22/06

Gillespie, Jim

Honors/photo, 9/10/06

Gillis, Andrew "Andy"

obituary, 1/3/06

Girl Scouts

cookie sales/photo, 1/22/06

Gish, Madison

girl scout makes card for veterans/photo, 11/12/06

Glasgow, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Thurman A.

obituary, 7/2/06

Glendinning, Margaret

obituary/photo, 2/8/06

Glover, Jodie Nan

wedding/photo, 11/12/06

Go, Priscilla

honor/photo, 51806

Golden Eagle Award Nominations

Hays County


Photo, 12/17/06

Gomez, Cecilia M.

Engagement/photo, 5/7/06

Gomez, Monty Gad

Engagement/photo, 12/17/06

Gonzales, Christopher

stabbed mother, shot by police/photos, 8/31/06

Gonzales, Cynthia I.

Honored/photo, 12/24/06

Gonzales, Dorthy Maria

Car accident, 51706

Gonzales, Elijah

Photo, 12/10/06

Gonzales, Esperanza

Obituary/photo, 5/26/07

Gonzales, Jose

obituary, 6/4/06

Gonzales, Josefa

obituary, 8/23/06, 8/24/06, 8/25/06

Gonzales, Klorissa

engagement/photo, 7/2/06

Goodman, Randolph

Organizations/photo, 9/19/06

past Lions president honored/photo, 10/5/06

Goodnight Junior High

James Bratton/photo, 9/14/06

Goodwin, Shelley

Photo, 12/5/06

Goodwin, Suzanne K.

obituary, 1/27/06, 1/29/06

Gordon, Dr. Bob

Obituary, 5/23/06

Graham, Bill

Photo, 9/29/06

grant awarded to Aquatic Science Adventure Camp, 1/3/06

Green Mountain Grass

Photo, 5/9/06

Green, Mack

obituary/photo, 2/21/06

Green, Marilyn Irene

obituary, 8/20/06

Greencards, The

profile/photo, 2/2/06

Greene, Jacquelyn Colleen "Jackie"

obituary, 4/23/06, 4/25/06

Gregg, Donald W.

Obituary, 12/12/06

Greiner, Stacy

engagement/photo, 4/16/06

Griggs, Dr. Bob

Photo, 12/1/06

Groundbreaking ceremony

Crockett Elementary, 12/10/06

Gruen, Bob

Photo, 12/21/06

Grunwald, Scott

Photo, 9/3/06

Guadalupe County

brush fire/photos, 1/31/06

Guerra, Michael

photo, 51806

Guerrero, Daniel

engagement/caricature, 2/12/06

engagement/photo, 1/29/06

Guerrero, Jose "Joe"

obituary, 8/23/06

Guerrero, Rosa D

Obituary, 5/9/06

Guilford, Belle

Photo, 12/19/06

Gutierrez, Melladi

photo, 51906

Gutierrez, Ysabel

obituary, 1/15/06

Guzaldo, Rev. John

local man ordained to priesthood in Austin, 6/18/06

Guzman, Ron James

jailed on three counts of sexual assault, 2/1/06

Gwynn, Robert Warren

Obituary, 9/8/06, 9/10/06

Gypsy Moon

profile/photo, 1/10/06



Haberer, Lottie

Obituary, 12/29/06

Habingreither, Erin Beth

Engagement/photo, 9/17/06

Hager, Hana

honor/photo, 51806

Hager, John, Photo

Hager, Robert

profile/photo, 2/1/06

hail storm causes $100 million in damages, 4/28/06

hail storm damages cars, outlet mall/photos, 4/21/06

Halatin, Kaycie Elizabeth

birth/photo, 3/19/06

Hale, James Allen

obituary/photo, 10/12/06, 10/13/06

Hale, Leta Ellen

obituary, 7/2/06

Hale, Sean

Photo, 5/25/06

Haley, Gertrude

obituary, 8/8/06

Haley, Johanna

photo, 51706

Haley, Woodro

obituary/photo, 51906

Haley, Woodrow

Obituary, 5/21/06

Hall, James Ross

Obituary/photo, 12/29/06

Hall, Jennifer Lauren

wedding/photo, 3/5/06

Hall, Lonnie

Organizations/photo, 9/20/06

Hall, Margaret Goodwin Hamer

obituary, 11/23/06

Hall, Michael

Photo, 12/28/06

Hall, Michael Douglas

Wedding announcement/photo, 5/7/06

Hamer, Frank A.

Obituary, 9/28/06

Hamid, Megan

Photo, 12/24/06

Handsel, Verdie Delancey

obituary, 2/24/06

Hanes, Hope

obituary, 10/17/06

Hansen, Johanna

installed as Rotary Club president/photo, 7/6/06

Hardy, Kristi Lyn

Photo, 12/29/06

Hardy, Rikki Leigh

Photo, 12/29/06

Hare, James Erwin

obituary, 7/21/06

Hare, M. Ruth

obituary, 11/19/06

Harkey, Nathan Edwin

engagement/photo, 4/16/06

Harper, James Lee

obituary, 3/26/06

Harper, Jimmy L.

obituary, 3/23/06

Harper, Raynard "Ray"

obituary/photo, 8/17/06

Harrington, Ty

TSU baseball coach's parents killed in auto accident, 1/22/06

Harris, Emma Louise Appling

obituary/photo, 6/7/06

Harris, Mary Ellison

obituary, 4/16/06

Harris, Ray

obituary, 1/25/06, 1/26/06, 1/27/06

replacement blood drive scheduled, 1/8/06, 1/11/06

Harris, Ronnie

obituary, 4/13/06

Harrison, Jessie R.

obituary, 7/16/06

Harrison, Marion

Obituary, 12/28/06

Hart, Alan Lamar

Obituary/photo, 9/15/06

Hart, Andrew J.

obituary, 7/9/06

Hart, John Joseph Michael "Jack"

obituary, 6/4/06, 6/6/06

Hartman, Michael

awarded Probation Officer of the Year/photo, 8/10/06

Hatch, Jennifer

Photo, 12/5/06

Hawk, Don

Photo, 5/23/06

Haynes, Mary Lorene

obituary, 4/5/06

obituary/photo, 4/4/06


authorities investigate attempted abduction at a Hays CISD bus stop, 2/26/06

trustees recognized/photo, 1/17/06

Hays County

10 high school juniors participate in Girls Bluebonnet State/photo, 6/22/06

2001 county bond work estimates up $12.7 million, 2/1/06

2005 recap, 1/1/06

4-H participate in District 4-H contest, 51806

aerial fireworks banned, 6/15/06

Andrew Ditterline sentenced to 10 years probation for meth lab, 6/27/06

Budget Clarification, 9/15/06

burn ban and wind advisories in effect, 11/19/06

burn ban in effect, 7/30/06

burn restrictions relaxed, 2/2/06

campaign for 428th District Court/photos, 10/3/06

candidate for DA seeks recount/photo, 11/15/06

candidates for Court-at-Law Judge/photos, 11/1/06

charges expected in Nov. 15 fire, 11/28/06

charges filed against Jeremy Cisneros in hit and run on I-35, 6/23/06

commissioners agree to tax deal with HADCO, 10/5/06

commissioners allocated funds for maintenance on flood control dams, 7/27/06

commissioners approve contract with SM Animal Shelter, 3/15/06

commissioners approve road projects, 8/23/06

commissioners approve study of widening McCarty lane, 2/23/06

commissioners authorize third study of location for new office site, 4/26/06

commissioners consider selling advertising space on county vehicles, 3/30/06

commissioners court to reconsider road funding deal, 11/9/06

commissioners undecided about new office site, 4/12/06

commits to restoration of old jail/photo, 8/31/06

Community Emergency Response Team named one of the best in US, 6/2/06

Congressman Doggett has list of 57 residents due IRS refund checks, 11/24/06

construction site fire spreads to more than 1,200 acres, 11/16/06

consultant gives recommendations for new county office location, 4/9/06

court enters Oklahoma custody case, 2/15/06

Democrat primary for county clerk, 3/5/06

Democrat primary for district judge/photos, 2/21/06

discount prescription cards for residents coming, 7/30/06

district attorney candidate Mau may seek recount, 11/9/06

district attorney candidates/photos, 10/17/06

district attorney investigates possible election code violation in Kyle, 8/20/06

E-85 gas to be sold at area stations, 7/5/06

Edwards Aquifer Authority to study well and aquifer levels, 6/30/06

Election 2006 - candidates file, 1/8/06

election results, 11/8/06

Emergency food, shelter programs receive federal funds, 1/5/06

extension office profile/photos, 10/12/06

farmers, ranchers suffer from drought, 1/15/06

fate of missing man still a mystery/photo, 10/11/06

FEMA to help with rural fire costs, 8/18/06

Fight between state reps. investigated, 11/9/06

fire threats, burn ban expanded, 1/18/06

first case of child pornography on iPod ends in prison sentence, 7/9/06

Fitness Challenge begins/photo, 1/11/06

Five-Mile Dam park plans/photo, 8/8/06

flood warning monitors to be installed at low-water crossings/photo, 10/27/06

food bank assists needy/photo, 2/23/06

Former state rep. Green arrested after attacking state rep. Rose/photos, 11/8/06

gives CFAN tax break on plant expansion, 2/22/06

grand jury declines to indict officer in shooting of teen, 10/13/06

grand jury hears police shooting case, 10/12/06

grand jury to hear Whited shooting case, 4/13/06

Grant for low-water crossing safety, 5/21/06

groups meeting to plan protection of Plum Creek Watershed, 4/9/06

Hays County awarded federal funds for food/shelter, 12/21/06

Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District says aquifer is being overdrawn, 4/6/06

incoming officials seek to control developments dependent on groundwater, 11/14/06

inmate claims he was beaten by rival gang in jail, 7/16/06

jail inmate breaks neck, 3/7/06

Judge Jim Power seeks state environmental post, 6/2/06

Judge Powers withdraws names from TCEQ applicant list, 7/23/06

Justice Center closed for mites, 51706

justice center evacuated after bomb threat, 4/9/06

Justice Center evacuation, 5/21/06

livestock show results, 2/3/06

loan program to fund water, energy conservation, 8/24/06

local, state and federal election round-up, 11/5/06

man indicted for child pornography, 3/3/06

man missing, authorities fear foul play/photo, 10/4/06

Many residents eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit didn't apply, 2/16/06

March primary elections set, 1/5/06

men indicted for soliciting children online, 4/21/06

missing man case possibly a homicide/photo, 10/5/06

new jail or expansion considered, 3/10/06

office project still in limbo, 7/12/06

officers cleared in shooting of Leslie Whited, 6/13/06

pays $20,000 to man hurt during arrest, 8/25/06

Plans for indigent cemetery, 51806

Possible upgrade for 25 low-water crossings, 5/21/06

POW/MIA flag stolen from veterans' memorial, 51906

primary elections results, 3/8/06

property values up 12%, 6/4/06

raises subdivision fees, 7/13/06

representatives to debate aquifer rules/photos, 11/29/06

Republican primary for district attorney/photos, 2/16/06

Republican primary race for county judge/photos, 2/12/06

results of teen study released, 11/17/06

Rewrite Animal control ordinance, 12/8/06

River City Dance Theatre Nutcracker Ballet/photo, 12/7/06

rolling blackouts in some areas, 4/18/06

rural grass fire/photos, 8/17/06

sales tax allocations increased, 2/14/06

Salvation Army relocating, 6/27/06

Sheriff arrests parents in Dripping Springs child abuse case/photos, 10/27/06

sheriff's office may provide contract services to Buda, 10/4/06

student files complaint against elections registrars at Texas State, 10/31/06

SWAT team practices in empty Crockett Elementary/photo, 10/5/06

taskforce examines funding for stray animals control, 2/2/06

tax exemption for elderly to be increased, 8/9/06

taxes on Hammons hotel to be used to pay city's debt on conference center, 7/26/06

Texas Master Naturalist volunteer program begins, 1/13/06

to receive $32,000 refund from engineering firm, 10/29/06

trespass suspect jailed for fleeing from police/photo, 7/23/06

Univ. students can choose to vote where they attend school or in home county, 11/2/06

voter rolls spike with Texas State student registrations, 10/1/06

woman jailed in real estate scam, 4/13/06

Women's Health Fair, 51906

Hays County Commissioner's Court


TxDOT deal waiting on county, 12/24/07

Hays County Commissioners Court

Fiscal year budget, 9/13/06


Deal with TxDot opposed by some, 12/5/06

Hays County Farm Bureau

celebrates Food Check-out Week, 1/15/06

Hays County Heart Walk scheduled, 1/12/06

Hays County History

Living History Tour/photo, 5/23/06

Hays County Sheriffs Department

Donations of Christmas gifts, 12/7/06

Hays Fire Department

photo, 51706

Hays High school

Incendiary Device Tip/picture, 12/6/06

Students arrested for bomb threat/photo, 12/7/06

Hayslip, Joyce A.

obituary, 3/1/06

Health plan prescription cards due

Hays County, 9/12/06

Hearn, Mark Leon

obituary/photo, 11/17/06

Heart of Texas Chorus

Photo, 12/12/06

Hellums, Harold

obituary, 7/6/06

Hemme, Edwin

obituary, 8/10/06

Hemp, Nancy P.

obituary, 2/23/06

Henderson, Adrianne

photo, 51806

Henderson, Michael

obituary, 11/19/06

Henderson, Michael Allen

obituary, 11/14/06

Hendrick, Emma

Photo, 12/15/06

Hendrickson, Wade

wedding/photo, 6/25/06

Hendrix, Terri

Cheatham Street Warehouse performance/photo, 12/7/06

Hendrix, Thomas Daniel

obituary, 3/3/06, 3/7/06

Henry, Bill

L.E.A.D./photo, 51806

Henry, Kelsey

honor/photo, 51806

Heritage Association home tour profiled/photos, 4/2/06

Heritage Debutante Ball/photo, 1/24/06

Hernandez Intermediate School

School Supplies Donation/photo, 9/15/06

Hernandez, George E.

presented award to Probation Officer of the Year/photo, 8/10/06

Hernandez, Juanita Perez

Obituary/photo, 9/19/06

Hernandez, Nathali

Photo, 12/31/06

profile/photo, 7/9/06

Hernandez, Placido "Patches"

presents certificate from Gary Job Corp/photo, 7/2/06

Hernandez, Teofilo

obituary/photo, 8/20/06

Herrera, Karen

Photo, 12/26/06

Herring, Ruth Margaret, 12/31/06

Hertado-Ramirez, Lucy

Obituary/photo, 12/28/06

Hicks, C.J.

Photo, 12/27/06

Hicks, Marion Ruth

obituary, 4/7/06, 4/9/06

Hicks, Viki

Photo, 9/5/06

Highlights of 2006

Murders and police shootings, 12/31/06

Hightower, Vivian

obituary, 4/9/06

Highway 80 accident

Driver faces charges, 5/28/07

Hild, Brian Douglas

obituary, 7/19/06, 7/20/06

Hill, Donna

named chair of SM Chamber of Commerce/photo, 10/5/06

Hill, Julie

SMPL Summer Reading Program winner/photo, 7/18/06

Hill, Paul

SMPL Summer Reading Program winner/photo, 7/18/06

Hill, Ros

profile/photos, 1/26/06

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Chamber news, 12/17/06

News, 12/24/06

Sylmoni's Hair & Nail Salon joins Chamber/photo, 9/13/06

News from the Hispanic Chamber, 12/31/06

News/photo, 9/17/06

Para Los Ninos luncheon/photo, 12/10/06

History of San Marcos

Historic Home Tour

Antique wedding dresses display/photo, 5/5/06

History-San Marcos

1924 Bank robbery/photo, 51806

Barron Home/photo, 5/4/06

Calaboose Museum/photo, 12/22/06

Downtown landscape, 9/8/06

Jack C. Hays, 9/15/06

Living history tour/photo, 12/5/06

Opening of the LBJ museum/photo, 12/7/06

Rogers Resort/photo, 5/7/06

Hoch, Jack Wilburn

obituary/photo, 11/7/06

Hodgson, Ria

Salon Series/photo, 5/4/06

Hoffman, Dylan

Photo, 12/21/06

Hoga, Lauren

photo, 51806

Holiday stories at Old Mill Station


Oles, Henry J., 12/22/06

Holland, Betty Lou

obituary, 10/22/06

Holley, Kameron

Photo, 9/29/06

Holloway, Lucille Katherine Hillyer

Obituary, 5/25/06

Holmes, Martha Nell

Photo, 5/21/06

Holmes, Nettie Maurene

Obituary, 5/14/06

Hood, Jack La Rue Jr.

obituary, 3/15/06

Hook, Scott

photo, 51806

Hooker, Jacob

award, 51806

Hopper, Lucille R.

obituary, 6/6/06

House, Pam

Braden, Dr. James

honor/photo, 5/14/06

House, Terry

honor/photo, 51806

Houser, Marcella

obituary, 4/9/06

Hovinga, Dale

profile/photo, 7/28/06

Howard, Russell Scot

engagement/photo, 7/30/06

Hudson, Joshua

Photo, 12/21/06

Hughes, Robert Glen

Obituary, 9/19/06

Hughson, Jane

enters city council race, 8/17/06

withdraws from council race, 8/25/06

Hunt, Lamar

Obituary/photo, 12/14/06

Hunt, Patricia Fonville

Photo, 12/10/06

Hutson, Cari

Photo, 9/28/06

Hwy 21 dangerous for travel, 2/2/06

Hyatt, John Gregory

wedding/photo, 10/22/06



Ingram, Bruce and Gloria

donate $5 million to Texas State for engineering school/photo, 11/30/06

Ingram, Jack

Photo, 5/25/06

Ingram, Tyler

attended Texas Lions Camp/photo, 7/30/06

Inman, Jenny

Honor/photo, 9/14/06

interstate blocked by three-truck accident/photo, 8/25/06

Investigation of Jack La Rue Hood's death continues, 3/24/06

Ivey, Demi

won poetry contest/photo, 7/6/06



Jackson, Leila Nendel Crowell

Obituary, 5/28/07

Jackson, Newt

obituary, 1/3/06

Jacobson, Linda C.

Photo, 9/22/06

James, Johnny

Honor/photo, 9/14/06

Jeffery, Jason

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Jeffrey, Reba

obituary, 6/1/06, 6/2/06

Jenkins, Becky and Curtis

palm tree persists in yard/photo, 8/18/06

Jennings, Lucille

obituary, 8/10/06

Jepson, Gary

Photo, 12/24/06

Jimanez, Christobal Cisneros

Obituary, 9/5/06

Jimenez, Brianna L.

award/photo, 51806

Johnson, Baby Nathan Isacc

obituary/photo, 11/3/06

Johnson, Ben

landscaping wins yard of the month/photos, 8/3/06

Johnson, Bennie Ray

obituary, 6/8/06

Johnson, Dr. Karen Sue

obituary, 1/6/06

Johnson, Earl Craig

obituary, 4/30/06

Johnson, Edward

Appointed Executive Director, Texas Building Commission/photo, 5/21/06

Johnson, Judy

Photo, 5/28/07

Johnson, Kendall

profile (heart walk)/photo, 1/12/06

Johnson, LaVerne C.

Obituary, 5/21/06

Johnson, Robin Hollis

profile (heart walk)/photo, 1/12/06

Johnson, Susan Mary

obituary/photo, 1/18/06

Jones, Barbara

Obituary/photo, 12/27/06, 12/29/06

Jones, Dallas H. Sr.

obituary, 7/11/06

Jones, Dallas Henry Sr.

obituary, 7/12/06

obituary/photo, 7/13/06

Jones, Easter "Sally"

obituary/photo, 8/27/06

Jones, John "Will"

obituary/photo, 2/19/06

Jones, Julian

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Jordan, Everett Grady

obituary, 11/14/06

Jorgensen, Victoria Ansel Abigale

Photo, 12/29/06

Jorgenson, Tori

Photo, 12/29/06

Juaschek, Marja

landscaping wins yard of the month/photos, 8/3/06

Judkins, Jenna

second place in Geography Awareness Week poster contest/photo, 11/26/06

Juneteenth, 51706

Juraschek, Ellis

Photo, 9/17/06

Juraschek, Ransom

Photo, 9/17/06

Jury convicts San Marcos man of sexaul assault, 4/9/06



Kanzabedian, Emma

Photo, 12/27/06

Katrina evacuees to San Marcos profiled/photos, 8/29/06

Kean, Matthew

Photo, 9/28/06

Kearney, Gladys

Obituary/photo, 5/28/07

Keeler, Nellie Bell

obituary, 10/18/06

obituary/photo, 10/19/06

Keller, Hilary

new asst. principal/photo, 7/30/06

Kelly, Christian

Engagement/photo, 12/31/06

Kelsey, Katie

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Kersey, Brittani

L.E.A.D./photo, 51806

Kimball, Allan C.

profile/photo, 8/24/06

Kimmel, Jim

writer profiled/photos, 10/27/06

Kimmel, Troy

distinguished SMHS alum/photo, 10/26/06

King, Ross

distinguished SMHS alum/photo, 10/26/06

Kinlund, Becky Shofner

obituary/photo, 6/18/06

kirkwood, Maynette

honor/photo, 51806

Kirwin, Amy

inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 10/22/06

Klatter, Crystal Lyn

wedding/photo, 4/23/06

Klauck, Alison

photo, 51806

Kneese, Mary Ann

to replace resigning AARP president/photo, 10/22/06

Knies, Alfred Thomas Jr.

obituary, 10/26/06

Knox, Cynthia

Photo, 12/5/06

Knox, Joe

obituary, 4/13/06

Knox, Patricia Anne

Obituary, 9/12/06

Koenig, Steven

photo, 51806

Kothmann, Tanner Lee

wedding/photo, 7/23/06

Kraemer, Judith Lee

Obituary, 12/31/06

Kralik, Anna Mae

obituary/photo, 1/17/06

Kraus, Sonya

presents check to SM Animal Shelter/photo, 7/2/06

Kretzmeier, Norman M.

obituary/photo, 8/25/06

Kropeinicki, Marvin

Obituary, 5/24/06, 5/25/06

Kruppa, Elliott Wayne

wedding/photo, 3/5/06

Kuenstler, Virginia Fearn

Obituary, 9/19/06

Kuny Family

profile/photo, 7/30/06

Kurtz, Dr. William H.

obituary, 11/2/06, 11/3/06


Two die in auto-related accidents, 1/6/06

Kyle Community

Career Day/photo, 5/21/06

cell dog program profile/photo, 4/4/06

chamber of commerce business expo/photo, 10/19/06

city hires economic development firm, 11/17/06

Claiborne Kyle Day/photo, 9/21/06

Kyle hires city manager

Earp, James R., 9/28/06

Nutcracker performance in Central Texas/photos, 12/14/06

Nutcracker performance/photo, 12/20/06

Plum Creek Music Festival/photo, 5/4/07

Priscilla Speed performs, 12/3/06

ribbon cutting for newly expanded wastewater treatment plant, 11/22/06

Veteran home loan for resident, 5/16/06

Kyle man arrested for burglaries

Blanco, Marcos, 12/27/06

Kyzar, Tommy S.

obituary/photo, 1/12/06



LaCaze, Charles Lamar "Trey"

engagement/photo, 6/18/06

Ladish, Juanita

obituary, 1/15/06

Laging, Reuben

Photo, 12/29/06

Laib, Jonathan Patrick

Wedding announcement/photo, 5/7/06

Lake-Kissire, Vanessa

Photo, 5/21/06

Laktas, George

receives special Lion award/photo, 11/30/06

Lancaster, Kendall

award, 51806

Landis, Nick

Photo, 12/31/06

Landry, Eryn

photo, 12/6/06

Lane, Dorothy Ella Rainwater

obituary, 6/4/06

obituary/photo, 6/2/06

Lares, Xasalis Kazandra

obituary, 7/28/06

Lauderdale, Andrew

Photo, 12/1/06

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day festivities planned, 1/11/06

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day/photo, 5/4/06

Law, Allene

obituary, 3/30/06

Lawrence, Debby

Photo, 9/21/06

presents June Lion of the Month/photo, 6/25/06

Lawrence, Sam

Birthday/photo, 9/14/06

Laws-Nicola, Torrey-Jeanne

wins Outstanding Performer at UIL/photo, 6/27/06

Lazenby, Holly

Photo, 12/14/06

LBJ Museum

to open doors by late August/photo, 1/25/06

LBJ museum to open

Keynote speakers, 12/3/06

Leadership San Marcos graduates

photo, 5/3/06

Lee, Bob

golf fest winner/photo, 10/12/06

Lee, Charlie Gus II

obituary/photo, 3/29/06

Lee, Eugene

Photo, 9/19/06

Lee, Jacie

honor/photo, 51806

Lee, Katie

honor/photo, 51806

Lee, Sadie

Engagement/photo, 9/10/06

Lefforge, Danielle

Photo, 9/6/06

Leger, Rosemary Haven

obituary, 3/5/06

Leggitt, Norma

Obituary/photo, 5/11/06

Lehman, Harold

obituary, 1/29/06

Lehman, Harold Eugene

obituary, 1/31/06

Lehman, Theodore

obituary, 6/15/06

Lehman, Theodore Harold

obituary, 6/16/06, 6/18/06

Leight, Clarissa

photo, 51906

Leinneweber, Kelly

photo, 5/26/07

Leonardis, Thomas E.

Gary Job Corps Community Supporter of the Year/photo, 8/13/06

Letcher, Larry

Photo, 5/28/07

Lewis, Edna Elizabeth

Obituary, 9/19/06

Lewis, Susie

Honored/photo, 12/20/06

Library has free wi-fi access/photo, 4/30/06

License for Pesticide Applicators

Hays County, 122202

Limon, Brenda

Honor/photo, 9/14/06

Lindsey, Dorothy Gillis

obituary, 10/5/06

Linebarger, Dale

distinguished SMHS alum/photo, 10/26/06

Lippe, Vivian Pittman Roberts

obituary, 11/5/06

Lipscomb, Beulah Mae

obituary, 7/9/06

Littlejohn, Lynsey

Christmas Flowers/photo, 12/7/06

Liu, Jian Qing

Award/photo, 5/26/07

Local artists exhibit

"Eureka! Artists Interpret the Laws of Science" show/photo, 12/10/06

Local personalities of 2006

Profile and photo, 12/31/06

Local woman missing 10 days, 112/10/06

Locke, Faye

Award/photo, 12/7/06

Lohn, Sarah

Photo, 9/1/06

Lombardo, Gagriella

award, 51806

Lombardo, Johnny

wedding/photo, 10/8/06

Long, Alyssa

Photo, 12/28/06

Longoria, Juan

obituary, 4/20/06, 4/21/06

Longoria, Rosa C.

obituary/photo, 11/26/06

Longoria, Zurisadday

Photo, 12/26/06

Loosier, Robert

Chamber of Commerce Auto Giveaway winner/photo, 10/29/06

Lopez, Alfonso and Hermelinda

anniversary/photo, 8/27/06

Lopez, James

photo, 51806

Lopez, Joel Isaac

Obituary/photo, 5/28/07

Lopez, Joel Isaac "Poppy"

obituary, 6/4/06

Lopez, Juan Martin

sentenced to 340 years for sexual assault, 2/7/06

Lopez, Pablo "Paul"

obituary, 3/26/06

Lopez, Thomas Jr.

obituary, 1/13/06

Los Gallos

Photo, 9/28/06

Love, Tim

photo, 51806

Lozano, Baldomero Jr.

obituary/photo, 8/22/06

Lucio, Daniel

obituary, 10/8/06

obituary/photo, 10/11/06

Lucio, Daniel J.

obituary, 10/10/06

Lucio, Daniel Javier

obituary/photo, 10/12/06

Lucio, Monica

obituary/photo, 8/13/06, 8/15/06

Luck, Christopher P.

obituary, 2/26/06

Luft, Susan Rebecca

engagement/photo, 3/19/06

Luling man sentenced in downtown San Marcos robberies, 1/22/06

Lunday, Clinton C.

Obituary, 9/5/06

Lynn, Janet

photo, 51806

Lyon, Samuel Stafford


Officer at West Point, 9/10/06



Maddox, Madeleine Chace

obituary, 4/20/06

Madox, Madeleine

obituary/photo, 4/11/06

Maiorano, Tammy

Photo, 9/3/06

Major, Arline

obituary, 1/26/06

Major, Arline Jones Shinn

obituary, 1/27/06

Major, John Nelson

obituary, 3/2/06, 3/5/06

Maldonado, Angie

photo, 51806

man who dumped girlfriend's body in San Marcos sentenced to 55 years, 2/10/06

Mancha, Josefa M.

obituary, 6/1/06

Manning, Pearlia M.

obituary, 1/15/06

Manrique, JR

Engagement/photo, 12/31/06

Marchand, Catherine

award, 51806

Marijuana seized in San Marcos, 12/28/06

Markham, Fred

presents check from Texas Pioneer Foundation/photo, 7/2/06

Marmolejo, Elma

Obituary/photo, 12/26/06

Marmolejo, Freddy

Honor/photo, 9/14/06

Martin, Gene

Photo, 12/10/06

Martindale Community

celebrates 150th birthday/photo, 2/23/06

mobile home burned/photo, 11/21/06

strives to balance history and growth, 5/5/06

Water reported safe, 12/1/06

Martindale Water Supply Corp.

TCEQ found unsafe levels of nitrate in drinking water, 11/30/06

Martinez, Aurelio H.

anniversary/photo, 1/1/06

Martinez, Blas and Consuelo

In Memoriam/photo, 12/3/06

Martinez, Christopher

Photo, 12/21/06

Martinez, Felipe

Photo, 9/10/6

Martinez, Isabel G.

anniversary/photo, 1/1/06

Martinez, Mark

engagement/photo, 6/4/06

Martinez, Sarah

Award/photo, 12/22/06

honor/photo, 51806

Martinez, Valerie

new asst. principal/photo, 7/30/06

Martino, Mary Katherine

Obituary, 12/31/06

Masciopinto, Mark John

obituary, 2/7/06, 2/12/06

Massengale, Marilou Evelyn

obituary, 6/4/06

Massudi, Mick

Obituary, 5/16/06

Mathis, Carlton

photo, 51806

Mauldin, Martha Jane

obituary, 11/8/06

obituary/photo, 11/9/06

Maxwell, Hilman L.

obituary, 1/12/06, 1/15/06

Mayes, Elizabeth McFaddin

wedding/photo, 10/22/06

Mayes, Ruby Alyne

obituary, 1/1/06

Mayhew, Mark

Photo, 12/17/06

Mayhew, William

photo, 12/7/06

Mayor Narvaiz in Nutcracker

Narvaiz, Susan/photo, 12/20/06

Mayor Susan Narvaiz to perform in "The Nutcracker"

Narvaiz, Susan/photo, 12/5/06

McAlister, Dolores Aguirre

Rose Parade, 12/31/06

McBay, Billy

photo, 51806

McCallick, Hugh

award, 51806

McCollum, Herbert "Mac" Hampton

obituary, 6/4/06

McCollum, Herbert H.

Obituary, 5/28/07

McCollum, Mac

profile/photo, 1/8/06

McCollum, Margaret

profile, 1/8/06

McCoy, Brian

Honor/photo, 5/5/06

McCoy, Emmet and Miriam

SM residents donate $1 million to Sul Ross museum, 10/18/06

McCullough, Debbie

Photo, 9/3/06

McDevitt, Daniel W. III

obituary, 7/23/06

McDevitte, Daniel W. III

obituary, 7/18/06

McEwen, Christine

obituary, 4/19/06

McGee Jake

study abroad profile/photos, 7/7/06

McGee, Jake

scholarship honor/photo, 5/4/06

McGuire, Mary Jo Kienzle

obituary, 6/7/06

McGuire, Patrick and Sean

photo, 12/8/06

McIntyre, Audrey White

obituary, 2/7/06

McKaskle, Nellie Scott

obituary, 8/1/06

McMahan, Edna Earl

obituary, 1/10/06

McNair, Tom

local columnist publishes book/photo, 10/12/06

Mcrae, Rick

photo, 51806

Mears, Liz

engagement/photo, 7/16/06, 7/23/06

Wedding Announcement/photo, 12/3/06

Mebane, Lydia

receives 2006 Schreiner Univ. Presidential Scholarship, 11/26/06

Mebane, Nicole

honor/photo, 51806

Meek, Dylan

jazz pianist profile/photo, 8/17/06

Meeks, Gary

Obituary, 12/5/06

Mejia, Isabel

Obituary/photo, 5/9/06

Melbye, Dr. Jerry

profile/photo, 3/23/06

Mellenberger, Mike

obituary, 4/18/06

Melton, Irene

obituary, 1/8/06

Melton, Irene Millett

obituary/photo, 1/10/06

Memorial Day events/photos, 5/28/07

Menard, Stacey

Honored/photo, 12/20/06

Menchaca, Kristian

former Gary Job Corps student killed in Iraq/photos, 6/30/06

Mendez, Claudio and Mary

50th anniversary/photo, 7/16/06

Mendez, Irene

Obituary/photo, 5/28/07

Mendez, Jesus H., Sr.

obituary, 11/16/06, 11/17/06, 11/19/06

Mendiola, Armando

obituary, 7/23/06, 7/25/06, 7/30/06

Mendoza, Juan R.

obituary/photo, 4/23/06

Mendoza, Luis

obituary, 4/5/06

Mendoza, Onesimo

obituary, 1/12/06

Mendoza, Raul

new asst. principal/photo, 7/30/06

Mendoza, Susie Alvarado

obituary/photo, 7/23/06

Mercado, Dyana Rae

engagement/photo, 3/5/06

Mercado, Marcario

Obituary, 5/28/07

Merriweather, Marvin

obituary, 1/25/06

Merriweather, Marvin Sr.

obituary/photo, 1/27/06

Mesa, Rudy

former police officer honored with camp/photo, 10/20/06

former police officer honored/photo, 8/30/06

Obituary, 5/11/06, 5/16/06

obituary, 51806

Photo, 5/9/06

Mesa, Rudy Guerrero

obituary/photo, 51706

Metzler, Rodney

obituary, 3/14/06

Metzler, Rodney A.

obituary/photo, 3/15/06

Meza, Ray

Photo, 51706

Michaels, Cary

Photo, 9/29/06

Mihalkanin, Ed

resigns from SM city council, 8/13/06

Miles, Minerva G.A.

obituary/photo, 6/6/06

Miller, Bill

obituary profile/photo, 2/21/06

Miller, Chuck

Price Center picnic/photo, 5/21/06

Miller, Coach Billy M.

obituary, 2/21/06

Miller, Garnette

Obituary, 12/31/06

Miller, George E.

Obituary, 9/19/06

Miller, Jean R.

obituary, 6/14/06, 6/18/06

Miller, Jerome "Jerry" V.

obituary/photo, 2/1/06

Miller, Jolonda Love

obituary, 10/10/06

Miller, T.P.

SMHS homecoming king, 10/1/06

Miller, Virginia Maxine Guttery

obituary/photo, 3/7/06

Minor, Howard

Award/photo, 12/7/06

Miranda, Vicente

Obituary/photo, 5/12/06

Misiaszek, Dan

profile/photo, 1/6/06

Miska, Ted

photo, 51706

Missing local woman found

Breshers, Dian Samuels, 12/12/06

Missing man

Phillippy, Bernd "Ben," 5/28/07

Mitchell, Christopher N.

Engagement/photo, 5/7/06

Mitchell, Harris

Obituary, 5/3/06

Mitchell, Harris E./photo

Obituary, 5/4/06

Mitchell, Sean

Photo, 12/1/06

Mitchell, Waylon

Photo, 12/1/06

Mock, Polly

honor/photo, 5/3/06

Moffett, James H.

obituary, 7/6/06

Mohle, Jesse Louis

obituary, 2/7/06

Mohnke, Clara Louise 'Tootsie'

Obituary, 9/27/06

Mokri, Yori

Obituary/photo, 12/13/06

Molchak, Alaina Hope

obituary, 5/2/06

Molina, Diana

Award/photo, 5/7/06

Molina, Gloria

obituary, 6/6/06

Mollbert, Bernard Henry

Obituary, 12/19/06

Moloney, Dr. Louis

Obituary/photo, 9/21/06

Monreal, Giovanni

photo, 12/8/07

Mooney, Melissa Kate

engagement/photo, 6/4/06

Moore, Caitlyn

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Moore, Glen

Prayer for Peace at Christ the Redeemer Church/photo, 9/15/06

Moore, Margie

receives award on behalf of Economic Development San Marcos/photo, 10/5/06

receives certificate of appreciation from Gary Job Corp/photo, 7/2/06

Moore, Oland Thomas

Obituary, 9/13/07

Moore, Ryan

honor/scholarship, 5/7/06

Moore, Wynn

Photo, 5/21/06

Morales, Desiree

photo, 5/5/06

Moreland, James

Photo, 9/13/06

Moreno, Ponte

Photo, 5/28/07

Morgan, Angeline "Angie"

obituary/photo, 3/16/06

Morris, Beulah Mae

Obituaries, 9/20/06

Morrisset, John

Lion of the Month/photo, 10/29/06

Morrow, Wilna

obituary, 10/12/06

Morse, Grace D.

obituary, 2/26/06

Motloch, Aaliyah Claire

Birth/photo, 12/10/06

Moyer, Wendy Eileen

obituary, 7/12/06, 7/13/06, 7/16/06

Mrs. Hays County applications

Hays County

Bootz, Suzy/photo, 9/7/06

Mullinix, Brent

Engagement/photo, 12/31/06

Mullins, Rachel Anne

Photo, 12/29/06

Munoz, Luis

Photo, 9/19/06

Murray, Sue

photo, 5/21/06

Murry, Ernie III

Engagement/photo, 9/10/06

Myres, Shannon Wayne

engagement/photo, 1/15/06



Narvaiz, Mayor Susan

receives award on behalf of Economic Development San Marcos/photo, 10/5/06

Narvaiz, Susan

mayor takes oath of office/photo, 11/24/06

Photo, 9/3/06, 12/19/06

unopposed in mayor's race, 8/30/06

Natal, Juliana

Photo, 12/21/06

Natal, Mary Ann

Obituary, 9/26/06

Natal, Mary Ann Perez

Obituary/photo, 9/27/06

National Forest Service team ready in case San Marcos area ignites, 1/24/06

National Security Agency

Request release of phone records, 51806

Nature Conservancy

nears purchase of 250 undeveloped acres near SM river headwaters, 1/25/06

Navarette, John

Photo, 12/17/06

wins Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year/photo, 10/26/06

Navarrette, John

Photo, 9/7/06

photo, 51706

Neel, Julia Faye Rader

Obituary, 12/27/06

Neeley, Jimmy

local jazz musician/photo, 8/17/06

Neely, James Murrell

obituary, 7/5/06

Neff, Erma

obituary, 10/20/06

Neff, Erma Lee Bodine

obituary/photo, 10/22/06

Neighbors, Phil

Honored/photo, 9/20/06

Photo, 9/5/06, 9/10/06

resigning from SM Chamber of Commerce/photo, 8/17/06

Nell, Laura

Photo, 9/21/06

Nevens, Hattie Lee

obituary, 1/25/06

Nevens, Hattie Lee "Big Sister"

obituary/photo, 1/26/06

New Braunfels

IH 35 road work ahead of schedule, 1/8/06

Nguyen, Linh

honor/photo, 51806

Nienow, Joan Charlotte

obituary, 2/2/06

Nieto, Antonio M.

obituary, 6/4/06

Nino, Marcos

award, 51806

Nino, Raquel

award, 51806

Nipps, Martha Meierant

Obituary, 9/10/06

Obituary/photo, 9/6/06

Nixon, Cotton

photo, 51806

Nolan, Thomas

military research profiled/photos, 3/29/06

Norman, Ross

obituary, 10/5/06

Norwood, Nicole

honor/photo, 51806

Norwood, Stephnie

National Merit Scholar honor, 5/4/06



O'Connor, Mason

Photo, 12/19/06

O'Leary, Dan

Photo, 12/17/06

Officer, Herbert George Jr.

obituary, 3/2/06, 3/5/06

Ogden, Charles N.

Obituary, 9/19/06

Ogle, Lore

photo, 5/16/06

Olmos, Edward James

Photo, 9/28/06



collected 3,000 pounds of food for food bank, 7/16/06

helps Hays County area food bank/photo, 7/7/06

President Blethroad resigns/photo, 10/22/06

American Cancer Society relay for life, 9/7/06

American Legion

Boys and Girls State Program participants/photo, 8/30/06

Annual Heritage Association Ball/photo, 12/17/06

Beta Sigma Phi

named Linda Pennington Woman of the Year/photo, 7/18/06

Boy Scouts

honor Dick Burdick with Golden Lion award/photo, 4/30/06

CAMPO workshops, 9/10/06


Casas for CASA fundraiser/photo, 8/24/06

new volunteers sworn in/photo, 6/6/06

received $44,000 grant, 6/8/06

working with AARP/photo, 10/8/06

Central Texas Medical Center/photos, 12/24/06

Christian Federation of Police Officers

Jr. Div. celebrates season/photo, 3/23/06

Council of Neighborhood Associations

seeks to buy RR12 property for park, 11/12/06

Freemasons of San Marcos Lodge 342

donate flags to area schools/photo, 11/12/06

Friends Lending Others Wings (FLOW)

cycling fundraiser planned/photos, 4/27/06

Gary Activity Center

Debutante and Esquire Ball/photo, 12/15/06

Girl Scouts

held campout/photos, 4/7/06

make cards for veterans/photo, 11/12/06

received grant for teen girl offenders program, 6/18/06

service unit fall camp out/photos, 10/31/06

tea with the mayor/photo, 2/16/06

Habitat for Humanity

Applications for home building

Photos, 9/10/06

profile/photo, 2/17/06

profile/photos, 11/9/06

Habitat for Humanity receives donation/photo, 12/12/06

Hays County 4-H

members win at Texas A&M/photo, 6/18/06

Hays-Caldwell Women's Center

profile, fundraiser/photo, 6/1/06

Hays-Caldwell Women's Ctr received donation from Grande Communications/photo, 2/7/06

Heritage Association

home tour profile/photos, 11/23/06

Heritage Association Ball, 12/10/06

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Gary Job Corps/photo, 9/28/06

Hispanic Consortium

scholarship recipients/photos, 6/9/06


annual event held/photos, 2/22/06

Lambda Omega Alpha

service fraternity helps Habitat for Humanity/photo, 11/9/06

Leadership San Marcos

2007 class/photo, 8/29/06

last class day/photo, 3/23/06

raising fund for electronic sign at Activity Ctr, 2/10/06

tours Gary Job Corps/photo, 3/17/06

Leadership San Marcos/photo, 12/24/06

League of Women Voters

hold election forum, 2/23/06

Hosts immigration discussion, 9/10/06

organize debate for primary election, 2/12/06

Local 4-H members win at food show, 12/19/06


San Marcos field office closing, 6/20/06

Maxwell Water Supply Corp.

four new directors voted in after scandal, 10/31/06

Price Center commemorates 9/11/photo, 9/5/06

Price Center luncheon

Tucker family Singers/photo, 9/3/06

Price Center music contest

Corbello, Olivia/photo, 12/3/06

Price Center presents "The Gift," 12/10/06

Realtors announce Golf Classic sponsor/photo, 9/3/06

Red Hat Society

mayor names April 25 "Red Hat Day"/photo, 4/23/06

Salvation Army collects blankets, heaters, 12/3/06

San Marcos Area Board of Realtors

2007 officers named/photos, 12/17/06

San Marcos Art League workshop held/photo, 12/20/06

San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance

Benefit chess tournament, 12/15/06

San Marcos Manufacturer's Association

awards/photos, 7/16/06

honored for 25 years of service, 6/9/06

member companies honored/photos, 6/18/06

San Marcos Manufacturers' Association

leadership seminar/photo, 11/22/06

SAR group elects officers, 12/31/06

Southside Community Center

volunteers rebuild SM homes/photos, 6/7/06

St. David's Community Health Foundation

gives $6 mil for school of nursing, 11/9/06

The Christmas Bureau project collects toys/photo, 12/5/06

Tourist Center hosts Cottage Kitchen/photo, 9/27/06

TX Rivers Protection Assoc.

donates for trees for R. Vista Falls area/phot, 7/23/06

United Way fundraiser/photo, 9/22/06

Wimberley Players

review/photos, 3/3/06

Youth Outreach Council

Christmas donation/photo, 12/19/06

Ortiz, Connie

to retire/photo, 1/26/06

OSHA agreement

Partnership between San Marcos and OSHA

Worker Safety and Health, 5/21/06

Oswalt, Royce Murray

obituary, 1/10/06

Overall, Amity Bell

Wedding announcement/photo, 5/7/06

Owens, Benjamin

sentenced after arrest in Internet sting/photo, 1/11/06

Owens, David

Wedding announcement/photo, 5/7/06

Owens, Tina

Wedding announcement/photo, 5/7/06



Pacu caught on San Marcos River/photo, 3/26/06

Paese, Ann Catherine

obituary, 1/8/06, 1/10/06, 1/11/06, 1/12/06

photo, 1/15/06

Page, Jean

profile/photo, 4/16/06

Palacio, Alinda

obituary/photo, 11/2/06, 11/3/06

Palacios, Cristina

photo, 51806

Palmer, Marti

named June Lion of the Month/photo, 6/25/06

Pankau, Erna

obituary, 10/24/06, 10/27/06

Pape, Hannah

Photo, 12/21/06

Parents behind bars over holiday

Hays County, 12/24/06

Parents indicted for injuring baby

Hays County/photo, 9/8/06

Parish, Bessie M.

obituary, 8/25/06

Parish, Bessie M. "Patsy"

obituary, 8/27/06

Parker, Eleanor R.

obituary, 3/15/06

Parker, Leonard

obituary, 8/25/06

Parkerson, Daniel Elton

Obituary, 12/27/06

Parson, Debra Ann

obituary, 3/10/06

Pastrano, Bibiano Sr.

obituary, 12/8/06

Obituary/photo, 12/10/06

Pastrano, Petra

obituary, 6/18/06

Patlan, Devin

Photo, 12/21/06

Patterson, Ron F.

obituary/photo, 10/31/06

Patton, Andrew Jewel

obituary, 2/28/06

Paup, John P.

obituary, 3/19/06, 3/21/06

obituary/photo, 3/23/06

Pavia, Cynthia

new principal/photo, 7/25/06

PBS&J firm investigated for fraud, 7/6/06

Pearson, Gerald T.

obituary, 11/15/06

Pedestrian killed on IH 35, 9/10/06

Peevy, H. T.



Penn, Gail

Photo, 5/24/06

Pennington, Linda

named Beta Sigma Phi Woman of the Year/photo, 7/18/06

people in wreck on Hwy. 123 identified, 3/29/06

Perales, Emilio "Bill"

obituary, 1/27/06

Perales, Emilio A. "Bill"

obituary, 1/29/06

Peralez, Charles Jr.

Obituary, 12/5/06

Perez, Eric

photo, 5/12/06

Perez, Jon David

engagement/photo, 3/5/06

Perez, Sammy

obituary, 51806

Obituary/photo, 5/21/06

obituary/photo, 51906

Perez, Sammy Mendoza

Car accident, 51706

Perez, Selestino

obituary, 2/21/06

Perrin, Bette B. Saucey

obituary, 6/16/06

Perryman, Dr. M. Ray

Photo, 12/31/06

Peters, Carol

Photo, 9/21/06

Petersen, Dianne C.

obituary, 7/20/06

Peterson, Aaron Lee

engagement/photo, 4/16/06

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/24/06

Peterson, B.J.

Photo, 9/17/06

Peterson, Cynthia Lee

obituary, 2/1/06

Pettey, Thad

named employee of the year/photo, 1/29/06

Pettit, Barbara

Photo, 9/29/06

Pfeil, Richard Allan

Engagement/photo, 9/3/06

Pharmacy burglars charged

Hays County, 9/29/06

Phillippy, Ben

reward offered for missing San Marcos man, 6/14/06

Phillippy, Bernd "Ben"

San Marcos man missing, 5/16/07

Phipps, Ronald Edward

wedding/photo, 7/23/06

Picasio, Benjamin Carl

engagement/photo, 8/13/06

Piersol, Cydney

honor/photo, 51806

Piersol, Michelle

Photo, 9/5/06

Pineda, Ricky L.

obituary, 2/9/06

Pittman, Lonnie

obituary, 2/7/06

Pitts, Walter Joe

obituary, 8/17/06

Pitzer, Knox

retires from Thermon/photo, 4/19/06

Plan to merge local bus systems on hold, 2/19/06

Ploski, Edmund J.

obituary, 1/20/06, 1/22/06

police target speeders on Hwy 21, 1/19/06

Pollock, Joycelyn

received Bruce Smith Jr. award, 1/5/06

Polozeck, Lillie "Lill"

obituary, 7/23/06

Pool, Sarah Jeannette

obituary, 11/15/06, 11/19/06

Porter, Betty

Photo, 12/31/06

profile/photos, 8/20/06

Porter, Katherine Anne

unveiling of stamp, 51906

Posey, Jacob

award, 51806

Posey, Louise

obituary, 3/1/06

Posey, Louise Meeks

obituary/photo, 3/2/06

Powell, James Andrew

obituary, 3/19/06

Powell, James Andrew "Jim"

obituary, 3/26/06

Powerhouse Energy Program


Hernandez students participate, 5/14/06

Prado, Amelie Rae

Birth/photo, 51806

Price Seniors Center

creative arts workshop ends/photo, 8/16/06

Price, Curtis E. Jr.

Organizations/photo, 9/20/06

presents certificate from Gary Job Corp/photo, 7/2/06

Price, Maurine

obituary, 6/29/06

obituary/photo, 7/2/06

Price, Maurine Grace

obituary, 7/9/06

Pride Academic Center

Science students test Blanco River water/photos, 9/22/06

Pride High School

Graduation ceremony/photo, 12/24/06

Property tax legislation

Hays County, 5/14/06

Puchote, Ivan

missing Hays County man/photo, 10/4/06

missing man possibly a homicide/photo, 10/5/06

still missing/photo, 10/11/06



Rainbolt, Nelle

obituary, 1/1/06

Rains, Betty Jack

Photo, 5/28/07

Ralph, Keith

Honored/photo, 12/17/06

Ramirez conviction upheld

Armed robbery in San Marcos, 9/6/06

Ramos, Natalio Jr.

obituary, 11/5/06, 11/7/06

Randall, Margaret Patricia

obituary, 8/13/06, 8/15/06

Raney, Clyde Ames

Obituary, 12/31/06

Ray, Rowe

Award/photos, 9/28/06

presents donation to Hays County Brown Santa program/photo, 10/8/06

Ray, Tom

Photo, 12/15/06

Ray, Whitney

photo, 51806


Honors/photo, 9/10/06

Realtors Golf Classic

Photo, 9/10/06

Reasoner, Harry Max

distinguished SMHS alum/photo, 10/26/06

Record hail storm hits San Marcos, 12/27/06

Redd, Murray B.

obituary, 7/25/06, 7/28/06, 7/30/06

Reed, Patsy

obituary, 1/5/06

Reill, Genevieve

Honor/photo, 5/7/06

Reivas, Dillon

Photo, 12/17/06

Remington, Herb

photo, 51806

Renick, Dr. Oren

Photo, 12/24/06

report released in investigation of melee between TSU students and police, 4/25/06

Resendez, Michelle Ann

Obituary/photo, 9/22/06

residents repair damage from hail storm/photo, 4/23/06

Reyes, Amanda

Photo, 5/11/06

Reyes, Dedra

sentenced to 27 years for serious bodily injury to a baby, 11/22/06

Reyes, Justo

obituary, 3/15/06

obituary/photo, 3/14/06

Reyes, Petra

obituary/photo, 3/9/06

Reyna, Felipe

former educator has SMCISD bldg named in his honor/photo, 11/14/06

Reyna, Joe A. Sr.

obituary, 7/30/06

Reyna, Joe A. Sr. "Joe Bravo"

obituary/photo, 7/26/06

Reyna, Jose

obituary, 7/25/06

Reynolds, Austin

Lion of the Month/photo, 8/20/06

Rhoades, Mike

honored for Lions tube rental work/photo, 10/5/06

Rich, Dr. Maynard

obituary, 1/26/06

Richards, Ann

Obituary/photo, 9/15/06

Richards, Jennifer D.

wedding/photo, 6/25/06

Rider, Debbie

Price Center picnic/photo, 5/21/06

Ridley, Col. Philip E.

obituary, 4/2/06

Riepe, Celeste

Salon Series/photo, 5/4/06

Riepe, Celeste and Hodgson, Ria

Salon series/photo, 5/9/06

Rio Vista Park

parking hard to find, 6/4/06

Rio Vista Pool

renovations/photo, 1/11/06

Rios, Martin Gutierrez, Jr.

obituary, 1/10/06

Rios, Valerie Denise

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/17/06

rising gas prices/photo, 5/3/06

Rivas, Basilisa G.

obituary, 6/13/06, 6/18/06

Rivas, Filberto Sr.

obituary, 8/9/06

Rivas, Juan Francisco

obituary, 4/30/06

Riverside landowners in Central Texas urged to cut back on water use, 8/27/06

Road base firm picked

Roads, 9/26/06

Road improvement funding expected

Hays County, 5/25/06

Robbery suspects caught on video

Photo, 12/12/06

Roberts, Albert

profile/photos, 10/19/06

Roberts, Fred

Obituary, 12/1/06

obituary, 11/29/06

Roberts, Kate Michelle

engagement/photo, 4/16/06

Robertson, Betsy

enters city council race, 8/17/06

Photo, 9/26/06

sworn in to Place 1 on SM City Council/photo, 11/24/06

Robinson, William F. "Bill"

obituary, 6/25/06

Robson, Katherine June Franklin

Obituary, 5/26/07

Roche, Chloe

Nat'l Jr. Honor Society VP collects toys/photo, 10/27/06

Rodriguez, Carlos

Car accident, 51706

Rodriguez, Dr. Carlos Gonzalez

obituary/photo, 2/1/06

Rodriguez, Helen

obituary, 1/18/06

Rodriguez, Juan

obituary, 6/13/06

Rodriguez, Justina

photo, 12/8/06

Rodriguez, Luz Jr.

obituary/photo, 4/27/06

Rodriguez, Mario Jr.

obituary, 8/9/06

obituary/photo, 8/10/06

Rodriguez, Victor Arturo

obituary/photo, 12/6/06

Rodriquez, Carlos Gonzalez

obituary/photo, 1/31/06

Rogers, Amy and students

Bowie Elementary/Photo, 5/14/06

Romo, Maria A.

obituary, 1/29/06

Rose, Patrick

Photo, 12/17/06

Rosen, Ruby Lorena

Obituary/photo, 5/21/06

Rosenberger, Katherine

obituary, 10/22/06

Ross, Amanda

wedding/photo, 7/9/06

Rowe, T. Cay

honored by Council for Advancement and Support of Education/photo, 4/16/06

Rowell, Anna Jeanine

Photo, 12/29/06

Royal, C.E.

obituary, 4/11/06

Ruge-Jones, Lori

profile/photo, 10/8/06

Ruis, Ruben

Honored/photo, 9/3/06

Ruiz, Laura

Photo, 5/25/06, 12/14/06

Ruiz, Ruben

profile/photo, 1/1/06

Rushaw, Joey

obituary, 4/5/06

Rutten, Aline Marie

obituary, 2/21/06

Rutten, Aline Marie Bayard

obituary, 2/26/06




Hay's County Sheriff's Department

Photo, 12/31/06

Sachtleben, Kerra

Award/photo, 5/23/06

Saenz,Victoria Anne

Engagement/photo, 12/31/06

Salas, Eileen

honor/photo, 51806

Salazar, Anthony

SMPL Summer Reading Program winner/photo, 7/18/06

Salazar, Holly

Photo, 12/29/06

Salazar, Juana U.

obituary, 3/28/06

Sales tax rebates

Hays County, 5/14/06

Samaniego, Frances S. "Pachita"

obituary, 7/6/06

obituary/photo, 7/7/06

San Marcos Animal Shelter

receives donation/photo, 7/2/06

receives donations/photo, 2/7/06

San Marcos Army Reserve unit prepares for deployment to Iraq, 4/23/06

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador of the Year, Auto Giveaway winner/photos, 10/29/06

Business Person of the Year award presented/photo, 10/26/06

Central Texas Senior Men's Golf Fest winners/photo, 10/12/06

Chair's Award presented to Ernie's Paint & Body/photo, 10/26/06

Donna Hill named chair/photo, 10/5/06

insurance luncheon/photo, 1/22/06

new ambassadors inducted/photo, 11/12/06

president Phil Neighbors resigns/photo, 8/17/06

ribbon cutting

LA Weight Loss/photo, 1/29/06

Mariposa Apartment Homes/photo, 1/29/06

World Gym/photo, 1/29/06

San Marcos CISD

ACC petition still under scrutiny, 4/30/06

board approves $10/day pay increase for substitutes, 11/23/06

Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, 9/14/06

Crockett, Goodnight listed among Texas Monthly's Best Public Schools, 11/29/06

Cyber Safety presentation/photo, 5/10/06

cyber safety tips provided/photo, 4/30/06

director of transportation warns about school bus red lights/photos, 10/13/06

district appeals negative federal rating of SMHS, 8/27/06

District Attorney investigates irregularities in ACC petition, 4/4/06

District Attorney investigates voter fraud on ACC petition, 4/7/06

district decreases tax rate, 8/31/06

District fights shigella

Avila, Jesse/photo, 12/13/06

District gets automated defibrillator, 12/10/06

Focus on Education, 1/5/06, 1/19/06, 2/2/06, 2/16/06, 3/2/06, 3/16/06, 3/30/06, 4/13/06, 4/27/06, 6/8/06, 6/22/06, 7/6/06, 7/20/06, 8/3/06, 8/17/06, 8/31/06, 10/12/06, 10/26/06, 11/9/06, 11/23/06

Focus on Education/photo, 5/11/06

Focus on Education/photos, 5/25/06, 9/28/06, 12/21/06

Gains in TAKS tests, 12/15/06

hearing on proposed annexation into ACC taxing district, 2/1/06

Hispanic Heritage Month activities, 9/12/06

honors local media, 8/22/06

Mayor proclaims School Board Appreciation Month/photo, 1/15/06

money added to reserve fund balance, 1/5/06

National Maintenance Week honors

Martinez, Felipe/photos, 9/10/06

New administrators welcomed/photos, 9/3/06

new high school detailed/photo, 11/24/06

new high school will have security cameras, 11/19/06

no school board election for 2006, 3/21/06

Open meetings in search for new superintendent/photos, 12/1/06

Pathfinder Learning Center graduates/photo, 1/1/06

paying off debts, 10/25/06

Perez named one of 16 finalists for Texas Superintendent of the Year, 7/6/06

Perez named Region XIII Superintendent of the Year, 6/22/06

Perez to remain as superintendent/photo, 7/12/06

Pregnancy Education and Parenting program

profile/photos, 3/5/06

PRIDE graduates/photo, 3/15/06

Pride High founding member retires/photo, 12/10/06

Probe into ACC vote fraud, 9/6/06

pros, cons of ACC annexation debated, 4/13/06

receives 13 awards in TEA Gold Performance Acknowledgements, 10/29/06

recognizes teachers of the year/photos, 5/2/06

residents speak at ACC annexation hearing, 2/3/06

roads near new schools will be made safe before opening, 2/9/06

school bus safety pointers/photo, 8/3/06

search for new superintendent underway, 10/3/06

superintendent Dr. Sylvester Perez named to alma mater Hall of Fame/photo, 4/7/06

Superintendent Garza juggles two jobs

Garza, Sylvia/photo, 12/26/06

superintendent meets with parents/photo, 2/17/06

superintendent meets with students/photo, 7/16/06

superintendent on short list for San Antonio ISD post, 6/18/06

Superintendent Perez one of five finalists for Superintendent of the Year, 8/22/06

Superintendent resigns

Perez, Dr. Sylvester/photo, 9/26/06

Superintendent salary survey, 12/14/06

superintendent's student advisory council/photo, 10/29/06

Sylvia Garza named interim superintendent/photo, 10/11/06

TEA rates financial integrity as "superior achievement," 7/20/06

Transportation Department gets high-tech buses/photo, 12/19/06

Travis Elem, Hernandez Int received "Recognized" rating, 8/2/06

Travis Elementary under budget, 3/9/06

trustees attend training conference/photo, 11/5/06

trustees recognized for service/photo, 1/4/06

trustees to honor Felipe Reyna family/photo, 11/14/06

two new campuses on schedule/photo, 1/25/06

vote on ACC annexation canceled, 4/14/06

vote to include district in ACC taxing district to be held, 4/2/06

worker injured in construction of new high school, 3/17/06

San Marcos Fire Dept

presented check to Sunshine Kids Foundation/photo, 7/9/06

San Marcos Fire Rescue

fire safety tips/photo, 10/17/06

holds first Fire Training School/photo, 2/8/06

receives Life Safety Achievement Award, 10/22/06

San Marcos Heritage Association

Cottage Kitchen reopens, 1/5/06

San Marcos High School

Rattler Rally /photo, 12/7/06

San Marcos Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

donates to LBJ Museum/photo, 10/12/06

new member Cancun Rob's/photo, 11/12/06

new member Hispanic Bus. Student Assoc./photo, 10/19/06

new officers/photo, 11/5/06

welcomes new member Judge Bill Henry/photo, 10/11/06

San Marcos man killed by train, 6/6/06

San Marcos man killed by train identified as Paul Henry Forbes, 6/7/06

San Marcos man sentenced to 340 years for sexual assault, 2/7/06

San Marcos Mariachi Academy

Photo, 9/7/06

profile/photo, 1/8/06

San Marcos Municipal Airport

Funds Bill Does Not Pass/photo, 12/6/06

San Marcos Nature Center

planting irises for 2008 competition/photo, 6/9/06

San Marcos Police Department

Aggravated assault suspect sought

Franks, Kilis Gene/photo, 12/5/06

Bike donation/photo, 9/14/06

Car Wreck at Hays County Records Building/photo, 9/15/06

chief says software is problem in consent searches confusion, 2/26/06

Christmas breakfast/photo, 12/26/06

citizens academy open, 1/29/06

citizens academy signing up, 1/25/06

Dispatchers Honored at Capitol/photo, 9/14/06

Families of slain men protest

Police chief should step down, 9/17/06

Gene Franks Surrenders to Police, 12/6/06

offers Citizens Police Academy, 1/17/06

Police car cameras donated/photo, 5/21/06

San Marcos police department

racial profiling report released, 3/3/06

seek clues in stabbing of Mark Anthony Tovar, 3/7/06

use of force below national average, 3/5/06

San Marcos Police Dept

Citizens Police Academy alumni honored for volunteering/photo, 7/27/06

three theft suspects sought, 11/14/06

warn about rash of burglaries, 7/14/06

San Marcos Police Dept.

Man surrenders to SWAT team

Saldana, David/photo, 9/1/06

Police and firefighters work on Christmas, 12/24/06

seek victims of recruiter charged with official oppression/photo, 8/9/06

San Marcos Public Library

Book group starts, 9/21/06

Computer class/photo, 9/8/07

Destination performance/photo, 12/15/06

Free computer classes offered, 9/5/06

Free folk music concert, 9/17/06

Free Him & Her concert/photo, 5/24/06

Happenings, 12/5/06

Library and Adult Learning Center promote literacy/photos, 9/12/06

Summer reading program for kids, 5/24/06

Summer Reading Program winners/photo, 7/18/06

Tax aid volunteers needed, 12/10/06

teams w/ AARP to offer tax assistance, 1/17/06

San Marcos River

251 acres purchased for parkland, 51806

January 1st river plunge set, 12/24/06

new book about river published/photos, 10/27/06

New Year's plunge, 12/31/06

profile, 7/23/06

profile/photo, 7/25/06

profile/photos, 7/26/06

Rio Vista construction, 5/12/06

Rio Vista construction project/photo, 5/4/06

Rio Vista dam cracked/photo, 5/3/06

Rio Vista opening, 5/23/06

Rio Vista opening celebration/photo, 5/25/06

Rio Vista Park opens/photos, 5/26/07

Rio Vista/photo, 9/5/06

River patrol leads to arrests, 9/8/06

Spring Lake Dam wall collapses/photo, 9/21/06

Spring Lake nature park funding approved, 9/27/06

Volunteers clear hyacinths/photo, 9/28/06

San Marcos River Foundation

Endangered Species Act changes debated/photo, 1/8/06

wins court ruling allowing purchase of water rights, 2/8/06

San Marcos welcome sign

Brainchild of Ellie Stewart/photo, 5/21/06

San Marcos woman in Egypt

Helps children and elderly/photo, 9/3/06

San Marcos woman sentenced to 27 years for serious bodily injury to a baby, 11/22/06

Sanchez, Baby Elias

obituary, 4/5/06

Sanchez, Jacqueline Lori

Obituary, 12/13/06

Sanchez, Patricia

obituary, 11/26/06

Sanchez, Tony Jr.

photo, 51706

Sanchez-Montoya, Jeanette

obituary, 11/5/06

Sanders, Diane

Honors/photo, 9/10/06

Sanfilippo, Gina Lynn

Photo, 12/29/06

Sansom, Andrew

profile/photos, 10/1/06

Santos, Roxana

Ramos, Karla Denise

Honor/photo, 5/14/06

Santos, Roxane

Lions student of the week/photo, 7/27/06

Sauceda, Apolinar 'Cuca'

Obituary/photo, 12/13/06

Saucedo, Margarita "Ama"

obituary, 2/12/06

obituary/photo, 2/7/06

Savage, Sarah Lena

obituary/photo, 2/19/06

Savage, Vernon

obituary, 6/8/06

Scanio, Sarah Irene

wedding/photo, 7/16/06

Schade, Dr. Mark

photo, 5/3/06

Schaefer, LeeOna Jo

Obituary, 5/12/06

Schlitzeberger, Robert

Photo, 9/13/06

Schmeltekopf, Dr. E. Edward

obituary, 4/2/06

Schmeltekopf, Evelyn (Bristow)

Obituary/photo, 9/28/06

Schmidt, Bill

presents award to past Lions president/photo, 10/5/06

presents Lion of the Month/photo, 8/20/06

Schmidt, Bill and Darlene

50th anniversary/photo, 8/13/06

Schneider, John P.

Award/photo, 5/26/07

Schneider, Marvin W.

Obituary, 5/28/07

Schneider, Marvin Willie

obituary, 6/4/06

obituary/photo, 6/1/06

Schneidewind, Kelly

photo, 51806


ACC case, 9/7/06

Bowie Elementary

Six Flags trip, 5/5/06

Edward Gary High dedication/photo, 5/26/07

Gary Job Corps students build Lehman High tower/photo, 9/28/06

Gary students spend Gary bucks/photo, 12/21/06

Goodnight Jr. High

National Junior Honor Society/photo, 5/2/06

Goodnight Junior High

National Honor Society remembers 9/11/photo, 9/17/06

Homecoming mum fest/photo, 9/29/06

Maria Hernandez Intermediate

Fun Day/photo

Rattler Roundup and Chili Cookoff, 9/29/06

Reunion for Dietert and Galle Schools, 9/3/06

San Marcos High

Graduation ceremony, 5/26/07

Reunion plans, 5/26/07

San Marcos high hosts Mariachi Cascabel, 12/1/06

San Marcos High Rattlers decorate City Hall/photos, 12/5/06

San Marcos High School

Bowie Elementary

Construction/photo, 5/25/06

Honor Society officers/photo, 9/17/07

Honored in Newsweek, 5/11/06

St. Mark's computer school/photo, 12/3/06

Travis Elementary/photo, 9/26/06

school bus accident on Hwy 21, 1/20/06

School bus and auto wreck

Photo, 12/12/06


Bowie Elementary

celebrates 100 days of school/photo, 2/12/06

new construction photo, 3/28/06

new school opening/photos, 8/10/06

Crockett Elementary

before & after demolition photos, 11/23/06

celebrates Nat'l Food Service Week/photo, 10/4/06

listed in Texas Monthly's Best Public Schools, 11/29/06

music students participate in MusicLink program/photo, 1/10/06

Raul Mendoza new asst. principal/photo, 7/30/06

temporary campus while old school is replaced, 8/18/06

TSU students teach poetry to 2nd graders/photo, 4/13/06

De Zavala Elementary

hold Mother Goose musical/photo, 2/1506

K-kids at Kiwanis luncheon/photo, 2/12/06

De Zavala elementary

counselor works with student/photo, 2/19/06

Gary Automotive scholarships/photo, 12/10/06

Gary Job Corps HOPE students

celebrate with Redwood Springs residents/photo, 2/19/06

Goodnight Junior High

listed in Texas Monthly's Best Public Schools, 11/29/06

Henry Bush students receive gifts/photo, 1/3/06

Hernandez Intermediate School

photography program/photo, 3/21/06

PTO donates check to Project Graduation/photo, 3/26/06

Miller Jr. High

celebrates Red Ribbon Week/photo, 10/26/06

Miller Junior High

band earns U.I.L. sweepstakes award/photo, 3/15/06

Pathfinder Learning Center

graduates/photo, 4/30/06

Graduation/photo, 5/28/07

Pathfinder Learning Center graduation/photo, 12/17/06


graduates/photo, 4/9/06

November graduates/photo, 11/21/06

PRIDE graduates/photo, 1/5/06

Pride High School

Graduation/photo, 5/28/07

Recording Academy in Central Texas/photo, 9/7/06

San Marcos Academy

begins new semester/photo, 8/27/06

JROTC earns first place honors/photo, 11/2/06

JROTC sweetheart crowned/photo, 3/19/06

Nat'l Jr. Honor Society collects toys for police dept/photo, 10/27/06

sweetheart pageant/photo, 10/8/06

San Marcos High School

auto shop closing/photos, 4/26/06

distinguished alumni honored/photos, 10/26/06

French Club organizes food drive/photo, 11/21/06

Hilary Keller new asst. principal/photo, 7/30/06

Homecoming king and queen/photo, 10/1/06

jazz band won for Outstanding Band/photo, 4/30/06

named biggest fundraiser by cancer societies/photo, 4/9/06

new construction/photo, 7/18/06, 10/11/06

place third in UIL competition/photo, 2/8/06

random drug testing program, 2/15/06

received negative federal rating, 8/27/06

reunions of classes of 75, 76/photo, 7/20/06

students participate in municipal court mock trial/photo, 11/15/06

students win Outstanding Performer at UIL/photos, 6/27/06

wins UIL academic district title/photo, 4/5/06

SM High School

dance team competes/photo, 3/7/06

high school students compete in visual arts event/photo, 2/28/06

St. Mark's Episcopal Preschool

new director/photo, 11/28/06

St. Stephens students perform Christmas story/photo, 12/19/06

Sts. Peter and Paul/New Braunfels

Core Knowledge Curriculum to begin/photo, 1/15/06

The Master's School

receives grant from Exxon Mobil/photo, 11/14/06

students gather for potluck/photo, 10/29/06

Travis Elementary

Cynthia Pavia named principal/photo, 7/25/06

groundbreaking ceremony planned, 3/26/06

mariachi camp profile/photos, 7/6/06

Valerie Martinez new asst. principal/photo, 7/30/06


A-Honor roll list, 1/16/06

Schramm, Amanda

award, 51806

Schulle, Michelle Lynette

obituary, 7/26/06, 7/27/06, 7/28/06

Schultz, Thomas Wayne

obituary, 3/2/06

Schulz, Eleanor Pegg

Obituary, 12/27/06

Schwerdtfeger, Patricia Jean

engagement/photo, 2/19/06

wedding/photo, 7/9/06

Schwoeble, Fritz

obituary, 3/21/06

Scoggin, Melinda

Accident/photo, 5/26/06

Scoggin, Melinda L.

obituary/photo, 51806

Scott, H. Russell

obituary/photo, 10/31/06

Scott, Shanna Rae

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/10/06

Seabrook, Mabel Arlene

obituary, 3/8/06

Seale, James Walter

obituary, 1/8/06

Searle, Robert Dale

obituary/photo, 12/7/06

Second annual Heritage Ball

Photos, 12/29/06

See, Marion

Clubs/photos, 9/19/06

Seeliger, Alvina

obituary, 3/7/06

Segler, Harold Ray

Obituary, 5/9/06

Seguin man injured in auto wreck, 1/24/06

Selvera, Baltimore

obituary, 1/8/06, 1/10/06

Sergi, Arthur "Arturo" Leslie Kagan

obituary/photo, 1/6/06, 1/8/06

Sergi, Arturo Kagan

obituary, 1/5/06

Serna, Alex

Award/photo, 51806

Serrano, Janie

obituary, 11/16/06

Settemeyer, Dennis Scott

engagement/photo, 1/1/06

Sex offender arrested

Texas State University police

McWatters, Atom/photo, 9/12/06

Shaffer, Curtis Reece

obituary, 2/9/06

Shimek, Dustin Martin

wedding/photo, 4/23/06

Shomette, Harvey Clark

obituary, 3/22/06

Short, Al and Carol

win yard of the month/photo, 2/14/06

Shuptrine, Charline J.

obituary, 2/19/06

Siegert, Paul Christopher

engagement/photo, 3/26/06

Sierra, Noah Gabriel

Birth/photo, 5/7/06

Sierra, Pedro T. "Pete"

obituary/photo, 8/29/06

Sights and Sounds of Christmas

Photo, 12/5/06

Silguero, Fidel Gutierrez

obituary, 10/17/06, 10/22/06

Silva, Jada'lyn

Photo, 5/16/06

Simkins, Julia Ottice

obituary, 4/27/06

Simmons, Margaret N. "Mamur," obituary/photo3/31/06

Simms, Glenn Roy

obituary, 8/29/06

Singleton, Vera McMahan

obituary, 2/28/06

Sipes, Carlie

honor/photo, 51806

Skiles, Carly Elizabeth

Engagement/photo, 9/3/06

Skiles, Ian

Photo, 9/26/06

Skloreno, Ken

Obituary, 9/6/06

Slider, Eva Mae

obituary, 1/3/06

SM black history banquet honors residents/photos, 3/3/06

SM man jailed on three counts of sexual assault, 2/1/06

SM woman killed in apparent murder/suicide, 3/1/06

Smile and Nod

local band profile/photo, 8/18/06

Smith, Dana Jean

in 1963 brought suit to end segregation at SWTTC/photo, 2/12/06

Smith, David Alan

sentenced for identity theft, 1/11/06

Smith, David Leroy

Obituary, 5/23/06

Smith, Dina

obituary, 8/17/06

Smith, Dwain

Obituary/photo, 5/10/06, 5/11/06

Smith, Gary

Photo, 9/24/06

Smith, Gregory Lawrence

Obituary, 5/12/06

Smith, Gwen profile/photo, 4/23/06

Smith, Herb

wins Golden Eagle award/photo, 2/23/06

Smith, Margaret Lee Dannelley

obituary/photo, 11/19/06

Smith, Tate

profile/photos, 3/26/06

Smith, Taylor

photo, 51806

Smith, Thera

Concert/photo, 9/8/06

Smith, Therman Jim

obituary, 1/17/06

Smith, Verlon Franklin

Obituary, 12/3/06


Retired officer killed in Iraq/photo

Mesa, Rudy, 5/9/06

Snell, Jamell

Photo, 9/3/06

Snow, Helen

Photo, 9/21/06

Snow, Laura Belle Haynes

obituary, 2/28/06

Solis, Rachel

Photo, 9/3/06


Birthday/photo, 12/8/06

South Hays County

emergency services 5-year plan, 10/25/06

Sparks, Sparky and Thomasine

Photo, 12/31/06

Spears, Michael

wins Outstanding Performer at UIL/photo, 6/27/06

Speed, Priscilla

Concert/photo, 9/8/06

Photo, 12/31/06

Sperry, Tonya

Honor/photo, 9/14/06

Spragins, Joan Elizabeth

obituary, 3/19/06

Spragins, Joan Elizabeth Dailey

obituary, 3/21/06

obituary/photo, 3/23/06

Sprague, Chieko

obituary, 1/18/06

Sprague, Chieko O.

obituary/photo, 1/19/06

Spring Lake

freshwater hydra found/photo, 11/23/06

Sriro, Linda and Michelle

Photo, 12/15/06

Stalder, Emil E.

obituary, 2/15/06

Stallings, Doris and Rex

anniversary/photo, 6/4/06

Stanfield, Brad L.

obituary, 4/20/06

Station, Nettie Lea Williams

obituary, 3/2/06

Staudt, Gen. Walter Buckner

obituary, 4/30/06

Staudt, Walter "Buck"

obituary, 4/28/06

Steele, Robin

profile/photo, 7/20/06

Stegall, Lynette Dailey

obituary, 3/1/06

Stephens, Tom L.

obituary, 7/30/06

Stephens, Tom Livingston

obituary, 7/23/06

Sterling, Coleman Reeves

Engagement/photo, 9/3/06

Stevenson, Edna Frances

obituary, 8/15/06, 8/20/06

Stewart, Ellie

Photo, 5/21/06

Stewart, Harry

photo, 12/8/06

Stock, Kenneth

obituary, 6/27/06, 7/2/06

Stoepler, Billie and Otto

50th anniversary/photo, 7/23/06

Stoll, Brady

National Merit Scholar Award, 5/4/06

Stone, Carter

Photo, 12/1/06

Stoney LaRue

Photo, 5/11/06

Storey, Robert W.

obituary, 6/21/06

obituary/photo, 6/22/06

Strader, Ivy Burr Jr.

obituary, 6/23/06

Stratemann, Bert

presents check to SM Animal Shelter/photo, 7/2/06

Street reconstruction program

Roads/photo, 9/28/06

Streets and Roads

Trans Texas Corridor, 51906

Strom, Annie Mae Miller

obituary/photo, 7/12/06

Struman, Kay

photo, 51706

Suarez, Daniella

honor/photo, 51806

Suarez, Edward

honor/photo, 51806

Suarez, Maricella

honor/photo, 51806

Suarez, Veronica

honor/photo, 51806

Summer shooting spree

Three local men await trial, 12/29/06

Sumter, Elizabeth

Hays County

Sumter sworn in as country judge/photo, 12/12/06

suspects sought in stolen credit card shopping spree, 1/12/06

Sutphen, Merrell E. "Gene"

obituary/photo, 7/5/06

Suttles, Maurice

profile/photo, 6/1/06

Swartz, George E.

obituary, 6/14/06

Swift, Rachel

profile/photos, 11/26/06

Sydow, Chad

Photo, 12/17/06

Syed, Abdullah

Photo, 9/27/06



Tapia, Laura Isabel

Engagement/photo, 9/3/06

Taylor, Bill

presents Lion of the Month/photo, 8/20/06

presents Teacher of the Month award/photo, 10/13/06

withdraws from council race, 8/30/06

Taylor, Erin

Photo, 9/21/06

Taylor, Esther Ann

obituary, 6/7/06

Taylor, Justin

profile/photo, 2/12/06

Taylor, Mark

city attorney to retire, 11/9/06

Taylor, Ruth A.

Fulbright honor/photo, 5/4/06

Taylor, William "Bill"

named 2005 TXIADA Quality Dealer of the Year/photo, 2/23/06

Teague, Jamie

photo, 51806

Teddlie, Bobby L., Sr.

obituary, 11/21/06

Teel, De Lana Polk

obituary, 2/28/06

teen shot by police in assault on mother/photos, 8/31/06

Tello, Juana "Juanita"

obituary, 8/15/06

Templeton, S. J. 'Jake'

Obituary/photo, 9/26/06

Tennant, Donald G.

obituary, 4/26/06

Tessaro, Pat

Photo, 9/21/06

Texas Rangers continue investigation of standoff shooting, 2/15/06

Texas Rangers investigate shooting of SM man after standoff, 2/7/06

Texas State student sentenced for drug possession, 8/31/06

Texas State Univ.

African American Leadership Conference, 9/15/06

Fundraising Scam said to be for Soccer Team, 12/8/06

LBJ Statue Dedication/photo, 9/15/06

Mariachi group wins competition, 12/7/06

Record High Enrollment, 9/15/06

Sculpture Art Show/photo, 9/14/06

Wittiff Gallery

Latino Exhibit/photo, 9/14/06

Texas State University

"Safe at Home"/PRAXIS program builds ramp for local woman's home, 4/23/06

$1.5 mil donated to McCoy School of Business, 1/24/06

23 faculty members promoted, 14 granted tenure, 7/9/06

9/11 tribute concert/photo, 9/6/06

Activist Edward James Olmos to speak/photo, 9/28/06

Alkek Library names employees of the year/photo, 6/18/06

Annual Playwrights Conference/photos, 9/19/06

archeology prof. leads students in dig at Aquarena Center/photos, 6/25/06


First Mitte Laureate

Kennedy, Anna/photo, 9/10/06

board of regents to consider 10 percent tuition increase, 11/16/06

Bobcat Build community projects/photos, 12/14/06

Bobcat build planned, 3/26/06

Bobcat build provides community service opportunities/photo, 2/7/06

Bonds to fund building projects, 51706

Caldwell County

Law enforcement grants awarded, 12/22/06

collaborates with ManTech on Computer Forensics, 1/19/06


US Senator John Cornyn to speak/photo, 5/3/06

Dell donates to equip resource counseling center, 11/22/06

Dharmasiri, Nihal

Dharmasiri, Suni

Plant research published, 5/14/06

experiment thought lost on space shuttle Columbia salvaged, 2/23/06

fitness classes for kids held/photos, 8/9/06

Focus on Texas State, 1/12/06, 1/26/06, 2/9/06, 2/23/06, 3/9/06, 3/23/06, 4/6/06, 4/20/06, 6/1/06, 6/15/06, 6/29/06, 7/13/06, 7/27/06, 8/10/06, 8/24/06, 10/5/06, 10/19/06, 11/2/06, 11/16/06, 11/30/06

Focus on Texas State/photos, 5/4/06, 9/7/06, 9/21/06, 12/14/06, 12/28/06

Geography students build model of San Marcos/photo, 5/12/06

Graduation ceremony

Keynote by State Rep. Patrick Rose, 12/12/06

Grant for International Business Studies/photo, 5/7/06

Grant for student loan MAPS, 12/24/06

Hill Country Youth Chorus/photo, 51806

holds eulogy dance concert for Karen Earl, 2/14/06


George Strait gets honorary doctorate, 5/28/07

hostage negotiation teams compete, 1/26/06

hostage negotiator training, 1/10/06

hostage negotiator training/photo, 1/13/06

Houston firm to investigate police-student brawl, 1/26/06

Ingrams give $5 million donation for engineering school/photo, 11/30/06

Interviewing skills workshop, 9/17/06

Kinky Friedman/Jesse Ventura visit University, 9/27/06

LBJ statue /photo, 9/13/06

LBJ statue to be unveiled/photo, 9/12/06

Leadership conference/photo, 9/7/06

Lecture on Quilts and Quilters, 9/27/06

Local site for forensics research, 12/3/06

Mariachi classes offered/photo, 9/21/06

Mary Ann Zapata named Staff Employee of the Year/photo, 8/13/06

mascot profile/photos, 2/19/06

Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp receives grant, 1/24/06

Music professor nominated for Grammy's

Gonzales, Cynthia/photo, 12/24/06

Muslim Student's Association open house/photo, 9/27/06

Nanomaterials Application Center

Walt Trybula new director/photo, 8/13/06

Navarro, Blanca Sanchez

Counselor comments on gambling addiction, 5/21/06

Nursing Program gets donation, 12/17/06

Omega Delta Phi

Easter Egg Hunt at Sewell Park/photo, 51806

Omega Greek Honor Society

School supplies drive/photo, 51806

Outdoor Recreation Program/Photo, 5/5/06

Pack it up and Pass it on/photo, 51806

police arrest theft suspect, 11/5/06

police issue citations to people who jump off Spring Lake Dam, 7/19/06

presents 'The Exonerated'/photo, 2/3/06

president gives convocation address/photo, 8/24/06

Professor runs marathon for deceased student, 12/24/06

Profile and photo

Piano professor

Garcia, Washington/photo, 12/3/06

ranked in top tier by U.S. News' America's Best Colleges, 8/22/6

Rebecca A. Prince new vp of advancement/photo, 4/28/06

receives donation for school of nursing in Round Rock, 11/9/06

receives grant to Rivers Systems Institute, 4/2/06

Recycling Program under way, 5/24/06

Recyling drive/photo, 5/25/06

Regents approve construction/photo, 5/24/06

Research by engineering professor

Stephen, Karl, 12/10/06

researchers cited in Science and Nature journals, 2/12/06

researchers conduct excavation in Africa/photo, 10/8/06

Round Rock dedication ceremony, 5/14/06

Safe at Home program profile, 7/30/06

Safe at Home program profile/photos, 11/12/06

sale of old university farm will benefit school and city, 10/29/06

Screening of "Sniper 66," 9/17/06

social work students help at Hays-Caldwell Women's Center, 4/25/06

Southwestern Writers Collection celebrates 20th anniversary, 1/29/06

Southwestern Writers Collection receives King of the Hill items, 3/3/06

student art exhibition profiled/photos, 3/23/06

Student publishes in prestigious journal

Gompert, Zach, 12/24/06

Students in Free Enterprise teach at Gary Job Corps/photo, 3/29/06

studies cost of performing and fine arts center, 3/1/06

Tax-free textbooks considered, 9/6/06

Tomas Rivera award given to Jose! Born to Dance/photos, 8/20/06

two students to compete in interior design competition/photo, 3/16/06

TxTram offers service to Austin and San Antonio, 8/20/06

United We Sing Concert/photo, 9/8/06

United We Sing concert/photo, 9/7/06, 9/10/06

University Democrats president resigns, 10/8/06

Victory ball honors memory of coach Bill Miller/photo, 9/17/06

Young Writer's Program

Travis Elementary students/photos, 5/14/06

Texas Water Safari, 9/15/06

The Grupo Fantasma Groove

CD Release/photo, 9/14/06

Thielen, Mike

accepts donation for Hays County Brown Santa program/photo, 10/8/06

third suspect in shooting spree surrenders, 7/13/06

Thomaides, John

sworn in to Place 6 on SM City Council/photo, 11/24/06

Thomason, Michael Ryan

enters council race, 8/30/06

Thompson, Emily

selected as Collegiate Development Consultant for Delta Gamma, 8/13/06

Thompson, Gene E.

obituary, 8/8/06

Thompson, Geraldine

obituary, 3/21/06

Thompson, Kenneth E.

obituary, 8/1/06

Thompson, Shirrell E.

obituary, 1/4/06

Thomson, Tess

Photo, 12/28/06

Thorp, Bobbye Jean Gillis

obituary, 3/29/06

Thorp, Claire Leigh-Anne

awarded Bluebonnet Lions scholarship/photo, 6/25/06

Tidwell, Tyler Edward

obituary, 7/28/06

Tijerina, Carlos

obituary, 6/18/06, 6/21/06, 6/25/06

Tobacco tax hike, 12/31/06

Torres, Flavio Sr.

obituary, 1/3/06

Torres, Olivia

50th anniversary, 1/22/06

Torres, Roberto

Obituary/photo, 5/10/06

Torres, Tirso

50th anniversary, 1/22/06

Traditional Texas Music Festival

Photo, 5/10/06

Traffic fatality

Foster, Lisanne Smith, 5/21/06

training service dogs profile/photo, 1/29/06

Trans Texas Corridor

public hearing held, 8/1/06

Trauth, Denise

presents award for Staff Employee of the Year/photo, 8/13/06

Travis Elementary

Carole Farmer of Sac n Pac secured grant for school/photo, 12/7/06

Trevino, Celia L.

obituary, 10/10/06

Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department

Plummer Family Country Show benefit planned/photo, 1/13/06

Trybula, Walt

new director of Nanomaterials Application Center/photo, 8/13/06

Tuck, Hailey

honor/photo, 51806

Tucker Family Singers

Photo, 9/8/06

Tucker, Jessica

Photo, 12/1/06

Tucker, Tamara

Obituary, 9/19/06

Turcotte, Rick

Photo, 9/17/06

Turner, Cecil

Photo, 9/5/06

Turner, John Manly

obituary, 10/19/06

Turner, Tory

Photo, 9/3/06

Tweedy, Sam

photo, 9/7/06

two arrested for ID theft/photos, 1/18/06

two arrested in shooting spree in east SM, 7/11/06

two jailed in robbery, could be linked to others/photos, 7/23/06

two jailed, another sought in random acts of violence in east San Marcos/photos, 7/12/06

Typaldas, Coral

Profile and photo, 12/22/06

Typaldos, Melanie

Photo, 12/31/06

Typaldos, Philip

Photo, 12/1/06



Underwood, Bibb

profile/photo, 5/7/06

Underwood, Col. Charles C.

obituary, 11/23/06

Unsolved murders in 2006, 12/31/06

Uptmor, George

photo, 51806

Urbach, Hannah

award, 51806

Urrutia, Leti

Photo, 5/16/06

utility bills rising, 1/10/06


profile/photo, 1/12/06



Valdez, Ernest and Bernice

receive Chamber of Commerce Chair's Award/photo, 10/26/06

Valdez, Maria

Photo, 9/3/06

Valdez, Paul

outgoing chair of SM Chamber presents Chair's Award/photo, 10/26/06

presents Ambassador of the Year Award/photo, 10/29/06

presents Business Person of the Year award/photo, 10/26/06

Valdez, Valarie

wedding/photo, 7/23/06

Vale, Juanita

profile/photo, 3/8/06

Valencia, Louie Dean

Award/photo, 5/10/06

Valenta, Marshall

Photo, 12/28/06

Vance, Marie E.

obituary, 11/26/06

obituary/photo, 11/28/06

Vandalism in Gruene, 5/21/06

Vargas, Paul

photo, 51806

Vasquez, Maria Luisa

obituary, 1/4/06, 1/8/06

obituary/photo, 1/5/06

Vasquez, Pablo

obituary, 2/2/06

Vasquez, Zenaida "Borada"

obituary, 10/22/06

Vaughn, Jane Webb

obituary, 4/30/06

Vela, Rosie

named city finance director/photo, 8/15/06

Velasquez, Amelia

Obituary, 9/22/06

Velasquez, Cecilio

obituary, 3/26/06

Velasquez, Lee

obituary, 11/12/06

obituary/photo, 11/7/06

Velez, Lea

Photo, 12/24/06

Vesper, Joseph "Joe" Cook

obituary, 1/17/06, 1/22/06

Veteran's Memorial has available space

Hays County, 12/31/06

Veterans honored at Redwood Springs

Honored/photo, 12/3/06

Vidrine, Charles

photo, 12/8/06

Villalpando, Melanie

engagement/photo, 8/13/06

Villalpando, Richard B. "Chapo"

obituary/photo, 11/14/06

Villarreal, Carly

Award/photo, 12/22/06

honor/photo, 51806

Villarreal, Celeste

Lions Student of the Week/photo, 11/5/06

Voigt, Harold R.

obituary, 4/25/06

von Henner, Dr. Charles Mason

named Melvin Jones Fellow and Lion of the Year/photo, 10/4/06

von Miller, Devon

honor/photo, 51806



Wade, Scott

local artist to appear on TV, 8/20/06

Wahlig, Jeffrey

accused of assault, arson/photo, 2/19/06

Walenta, Jimmie

obituary, 2/7/06

Walker's gallery exhibits nature photos

San Marcos River photos, 9/24/06

Walker, Arthur Ivors IV

engagement/photo, 8/27/06

Walkers' Gallery

Portrait Exhibit/photo, 51706

Wallis, Tiffany

debutante profile/photo, 1/8/06

Walters, Duncan

Photo, 5/10/06

Ward, Barbara L.

obituary, 3/1/06

Ward, Frank S.

Obituary, 5/28/07

Warren, Dwight Ehlinger

Engagement/photo, 12/10/06

Warshauer, Jeremy

profile, 1/29/06

Washington, James

profile/photo, 2/17/06

Water awareness

Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority/photo, 5/4/06

Water Conservation


Book Cover Design Contest/photo, 5/21/06

Waters, Coral

profile/photo, 2/10/06

Watkins, Savannah

honor/photo, 51806

Watson, Dr. Greg

Photo, 12/1/06

Weathers, Barry J.

obituary, 7/16/06

Weathers, Inez Callio

obituary, 3/31/06, 4/2/06

Weaver, Ashley

received the 2006 fellowship for minority students from Rockefeller Bros., 4/23/06

Weaver, Milo Wesley

obituary, 3/23/06, 3/26/06

Weber, A.E.

obituary, 4/11/06

Weekend accidents on I35, 9/20/06

Wehrman, William Ernest Jr. "Bill"

obituary, 7/26/06

Weigh station

I 35 weigh station traffic causes accidents/photo, 9/13/06

Weinberg, Tracy

Photo, 9/17/06

Wendler, Juanima Johnston

obituary, 1/26/06

obituary/photo, 1/27/06

Werlein, Mark

profile/photo, 3/30/06

Wernecke, Madison

photos, 12/7/06

Wesp, Brigadier General Joseph E.

obituary/photo, 3/22/06

West, W. E. "Bill" Jr.

Award/photo, 5/26/07

Wheat, Clayton

photo, 51806

Whitaker, Kelsey

award, 51806

White, Carrol E.

obituary, 11/19/06, 11/21/06

White, Courtney

award, 51806

White, Mary Elizabeth "Sister"

obituary/photo, 3/3/06

White, Morgan

award, 51806

Whited, Leslie

killed in police standoff/photo, 2/19/06

Whiteman, Aimee Noel

wedding/photo, 7/16/06

Wienert, Charles Martin

obituary/photo, 6/25/06

Wildfire risk

Hays County, 5/25/06

Wiley, Norman Clifton

obituary, 3/29/06, 4/2/06

Wiley, Robbie

Photos, 12/17/06

Wilhite, Erin

engagement/photo, 3/26/06

Wilhite, Erin Mae

Wedding Announcement/photo, 9/3/06

wedding/photo, 8/27/06

Wilke, H.C. Jr.

Obituary, 5/16/06

Williams, Autie Smith

obituary, 3/23/06, 3/28/06, 3/30/06

Williams, Betty

Clubs/photo, 9/19/06

presents Lions Student of the Week/photo, 11/5/06

Williams, Donnie LaRue Jr.

Obituary/photo, 9/21/06

Williams, Howard

L.E.A.D./photo, 51806

Williams, Kelly J.

wedding/photo, 7/9/06

Williams, Patricia S.

obituary, 2/28/06

Williams, Stephanie

wedding/photo, 7/9/06

Williamson, Heather Shae

wedding, 7/2/06

Willms, Dianne and Charles

anniversary/photo, 2/12/06

Wilson, James Lee

obituary, 3/28/06, 4/6/06, 4/9/06

Wilson, Kay

named Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year/photo, 10/29/06

Wilson, Mary Frances Remley

obituary/photo, 10/8/06

Wilson, Rosemary K.S.

obituary/photo, 11/14/06

Wilson, Roy Lee

obituary, 7/14/06, 7/16/06

Wilson, Thomas Lee

Obituary, 5/10/06


Jacob's Well - watershed group to protect source of Cypress Creek flow, 1/3/06

Jacob's Well flow down, 1/22/06

Wimberley Players season opens, 1/5/06

Wimberley area water

Hays County

Hays County's water deal for Wimberley area, 9/21/06

Wimberley Community

Birding Society improves Refuge, 9/21/06

Birding Society shows film

Fundraiser, 9/10/06


Hill County Bead Society welcomes speaker, 9/6/06

Duck race, 5/10/07

EMS fundraiser, 5/12/06

High school student's acting career

Chafin, Bryan/photos, 9/1/06

Jug Band performs at Susanna's Kitchen/photo, 12/14/06

Neighbors, 5/11/06

Refuge tour/photo, 5/9/06


St. Stephen's students hike/photo, 9/7/06

Singing Men of South Texas perform, 9/20/06

Starlight Symphony Orchestra holiday shows/photo, 12/10/06

Temple Wynne's River House, 5/5/06

Wild West Store, 5/26/07

Wimberley ISD

Donation from Pedernales Electric, Kyle/photo, 5/21/06

Wimberley players open new theatre with "1776"/photos, 9/29/06

Wimberley Players to open new theater/photos, 9/17/06

Wimberly Community

Christmas Carol/photo, 12/7/06

St. Stephens Episcopal Middle School

Monitoring Blanco River/photo, 12/6/06

Wing, Auguste

profile/photo, 3/7/06

Wingrove, Maxine

obituary, 4/6/06, 4/9/06

Winkenwerder, Brandon

receives award/photo, 2/12/06

Withers, Clayton

obituary, 6/21/06

Witte, Virginia Cox

distinguished SMHS alum/photo, 10/26/06

woman attacked outside apt. on Aquarena Springs Dr., 8/15/06

Women win in local elections, 12/10/07

Woodbury, Charles Eugene

obituary, 4/25/06

Wooley, John Adron

obituary, 4/25/06

Wooten, Tom A.

obituary/photo, 11/21/06

Wranitzky, Benjamin R. "B.R."

obituary, 2/14/06

wreck on Hwy. 123 kills two, injures three, 3/28/06

Wright, Darrell

Obituary, 9/12/06

Wurzbach, Greg

photo, 51706



Yanity, Lauren

engagement/photo, 8/13/06

Yarchak, John Emil

obituary, 6/7/06

Yard of the month

Hay's County

Carlisle home/photo, 5/9/06

Ybanez, Matthew Wade

Engagement/photo, 5/21/06

wedding/photo, 7/16/06

Ybarra, Angelina "Angie"

obituary/photo, 2/19/06

Ybarra, Antonia

obituary/photo, 10/10/06, 10/12/06

Ybarra, Debara Lynn

Obituary, 12/3/06

obituary, 11/28/06

Ybarra, Debra Lynn

obituary, 11/30/06

Ybarra, Lily

photo, 51806

Ybarra, Maria Apolina "Pola"

obituary, 1/3/06

obituary/photo, 1/4/06

Ybarra, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio

anniversary/photo, 2/12/06

Young, Helen J.

obituary, 2/28/06



Zapata, Erin

photo, 5/7/06

Zapata, Isacc

Birthday/photo, 12/8/06

Zapata, Mary Ann

Texas State Staff Employee of the Year/photo, 8/13/06

Zavala, Gloria

obituary, 10/10/06

Zavala, Gloria Jane

obituary, 10/11/06, 10/22/06

obituary/photo, 10/12/06

Zavala, Paul

Obituary, 5/23/06

Zavala, Paul Sr.

Obituary, 5/28/07

Obituary/photo, 5/24/06

Zedler, Empress Young

obituary/photo, 6/1/06

Zehnder-Hahn, Veronique

Profile and photo, 12/10/06

Zeringue, Meeghan

photo, 51806

Zigler, Megan Leigh

obituary/photo, 10/27/06