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"Just for Fun Parade" stopped by police for no permit

Parade moves to sidewalk/ photo, 4/27/08

17 sets of twins and triplets at Hernandez Intermediate/photos, 3/2/08

18-wheeler carrying frozen chicken overturns on Hwy. 21/photo, 3/28/08

18-wheeler crashes into river

San Marcos River clean-up continues, 4/10/08

18-wheeler truck accident investigated

San Marcos River clean-up continues/photos, 4/11/08

200 agencies prepare to arrest delinquent warrant holders

San Marcos Police Department, 2/10/08

2008 fire risks explained, 1/10/08

90-year-old couple celebrates wedding

Holweger, Howard and Olivia/photo, 6/24/08



Aalen, Gary

named Lion of the Quarter/photo, 10/30/08

Aaron, Harvey Lee

obituary, 9/25/08

Abel, Joyce

obituary, 10/29/08

obituary/photo, 10/30/08

Abild, Michael D.

new asst. superintendent for business and support svcs in SMCISD/photo, 3/11/08

Abugaber, Aaron

Award/photo, 6/4/08

awarded Rotary Club scholarship/photo, 5/2/08

Abugaber, David

named as National Merit Scholarship finalist/photo, 9/21/08

accident between van and three trucks closed IH-35, 3/16/08

Achieving Community Together program welcomes students to neighborhoods

Photo, 8/10/08

Acosta, Dan

Photo, 4/16/08

Acosta, Nelda

engagement/photo, 12/14/08

Adam, Sgt. Brandon

Photo, 4/16/08

Aguilar, Juan Jr.

obituary/photo, 11/2/08

Airman Lowe graduates basic training

Lowe, Stephen A./photo, 4/16/08

Akin, William Carroll and Francine Schleicher

60th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 7/20/08

Alejos, Ricardo Cruz lll

Birth/photo, 4/13/08

Allbright, Bruce Powers

obituary, 5/4/08

Allen, Ira Lee, III

obituary, 3/30/08

Allison, Kristi

recipient of San Marcos Baptist Academy Alumni Scholarship/photo, 10/31/08

Almaquer, Eternity

Photo, 4/23/08

Alonso, Christiana Conchita

Engagement/photo, 2/17/08

Alonzo, Avion Jay

Obituary/photo, 4/10/08

Alonzo, Justin

charged with aggravated assault against his brother, 12/12/08

Alvarez, Marina

Obituary, 2/3/08

Alyson Daily to vault for Texas A&M

Photo, 2/15/08

Amaya, Fernando

Hays County deputy dies of injuries from bicycle accident, 9/5/08

Amaya, Fernando Torres

obituary/photo, 9/7/08

Anderson, Atwood Stewart

obituary, 3/6/08, 3/7/08, 3/9/08

Anderson, Colton

honored at Civil Air Patrol ceremony/photo, 1/11/08

Anderson, George

Juneteenth Domino play-off winner/pic, 6/27/08

Anderson, Harry E.

Obituary, 8/15/08

obituary, 8/19/08

Anderson, Kaitlyn

Photo, 7/4/08

Anderson, Mary

obituary, 1/24/08

Anderson, Mary E.

obituary, 1/25/08

Anderson, Ola

peach cobbler cook-off winner/pic, 6/27/08

Annas, Adrienne

Photo, 7/10/08

Annual bird poetry contest

Hays County

Photos, 4/29/08

Annual Soul Food Taste Tea set

Franks, Helen, 2/17/08

Antu, Cheryl

named Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year/photo, 10/21/08

Anzaldua, Richard

Photo, 4/10/08

Apartment construction rebounds, 7/6/08

April sales trends mixed, 6/17/08

Armstead, Johnnie

Calaboose Museum curator dies/photo, 3/2/08

memorial held at San Marcos Activity Center/photo, 3/6/08

Armstead, Johnnie Marie Odoms

obituary, 3/2/08

Arnold, Lee

Photo, 7/30/08

Arredondo, Daniel E.

Engagement/photo, 4/27/08

wedding, 9/28/08

Arredondo, Frank Alex

Birth/photo, 2/10/08

Arredondo, Roberto Carlos

engagement/photo, 9/28/08

Arrest and rescue operation for 26 illegals held in trailer

Four suspects held/photos, 7/18/08

Arroyo, Pedro

obituary, 3/20/08

Art on the Square

2nd annual event set for April 26, 4/15/08

Asefa, Fasika

Photo, 7/20/08

Ash, Shawn

Award/photo, 8/7/08

Ashbaugh, Shawn

bird bander presentation in Wimberley, 5/13/08

Aswell, Judy

Photo, 7/23/08

Austin woman dies in Hunter Road accident, 6/15/08

Autopsy says car impact responsible for Rosales death

Rosales, Johnny Tirso, 7/9/08

Avey, Ray and Ruth

anniversary/photo, 5/25/08

Avey, Ruth A.

Obituary, 7/20/08

Avey, Ruth Amelia

Obituary/photo, 7/22/08

Avey, Ruth and Ray

70th Wedding Anniversary/photos, 6/1/08

Avila, Henrietta

Obituary/photo, 4/11/08, 4/13/08

Aycock, Jane Everline

Obituary/photo, 4/27/08



Baby death case charges dropped

Gonzales, Cynthea, 6/22/08

Baby left at Broadway Street fire station

Baby Moses Law applies, 6/17/08

Backus, Marie

Obituary, 4/17/08

Badgett, Jessie Lee

obituary, 5/16/08

Badier, Chance

Photo, 2/20/08

Bagley, Carlene

obituary, 9/14/08

Bagley, Carlene Virginia Hartung

obituary/photo, 9/16/08

Baker, Chase

Honored/photo, 6/19/08

Baker, Mike

SM fire chief resigns for Copperas Cove job/photo, 9/5/08

Baker, Teresa Ann

Obituary, 2/10/08

Balderas, Milynn Cuevas

obituary/photo, 9/3/08

Ballard, Weldon C. 'Doc'

Obituary, 8/5/08

Banning, Caitlyn

won first prize in the Daily Record Easter coloring contest/photo, 3/23/08

Barbara Trepagneir cottage gets Yard of the Month

San Antonio Street cottage/photos, 6/26/08

Barnes, Rachel

Engagement/photo, 4/27/08

Barr, Joe (Papa Joe) E.

Obituary/photo, 7/23/08

Barr, Joe E.

Obituary, 7/20/08, 7/25/08

Barrera, Samuel

Obituary, 2/26/08

Bartay, Sylvia

Photo, 2/17/08

Bartz, Derek

Photo, 2/13/08

Bartz, Drake

Photo, 2/13/08

Bass, Kelsey

Photo, 8/8/08

Bates, Allen

Obituary/photo, 2/28/08

Battle, Alexander

awarded scholarship from Alternative Life Moving Strategies/photo, 9/7/08

Battle, James

Photo, 7/31/08

Bauer, Emil

obituary, 3/7/08

Bauerlein, Ruth Irene

Obituary/photo, 4/13/08

Bazan, Elliot

obituary/photo, 12/17/08

Bazan, James Elliot

obituary, 12/14/08

Beakley, Kimberly

Award/photo, 6/4/08

Beck, John J.

named Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 5/20/08

Bell, Kris

Photo, 4/15/08

Belle, Banjo and Nannie

Photos, 4/20/08

Bellion, Donna

Obituary, 8/1/08

Bellion, Donna Ann

obituary, 8/31/08, 9/19/08

Beltran, Juan Humberto Lopez

drowned in Blanco River, 9/16/08

Belvin, Jeremy

Photo, 4/24/08

Benitez, Carlos

Photo, 4/2/08

Benitez, Sam

Photo, 7/20/08

Benke, Alta Mae

Obituary, 7/23/08, 7/24/08

Obituary/photo, 7/25/08

Benson, Bob

Photo, 6/24/08

Bentley, William V. Jr.

obituary, 11/18/08

obituary/photo, 11/19/08

Berg, Gerald L.

Obituary, 7/23/08

Berg, Gerald Leroy

Obituary, 7/25/08

Berger, Clyde Victor Jr.

Obituary/photo, 6/11/08

Bexar Regional Agility Team dog show

Scorch/photo, 2/12/08

Biggs, Lucy

obituary, 12/10/08

Bishop, Simon David "Dee"

obituary, 1/9/08

Black History Month ceremony

Photo, 2/7/08

Blake, Michael

honors fallen soldiers/photo, 5/16/08

Blanchard, Lydia A.

named Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 5/20/08

Blanco River drying up due to drought

Hays County

Photo, 7/2/08

Blanco River Village to open, 5/14/08

Bluebonnet Electric elects four to board, 5/15/08

Bluebonnet Girls State elects local as president

Harmon, Amber/photo, 6/24/08

Bluebonnet State Governor sworn in

Harmon, Amber 'Kera'

Photo, 6/25/08

Blum, Alex

Photo, 4/6/08

Bock, Katie Marie

obituary, 1/11/08

Bodine, Tommy and Pat

house destroyed by fire/photos, 1/4/08

recovering after fire, 1/9/08

Boemerman, George

local vet honored/photo, 11/7/08

Bohuslav, Doris J. Younger Kirchhof

obituary/photo, 11/18/08

Boles, Steve

wedding/photo, 12/28/08

Bolton, Elsie Mae Boyles

obituary, 12/16/08, 12/31/08

Bonham Early Childhood Center

Students take field trip to strawberry farm/photos, 4/20/08

Bonner, Stayton Montgomery

Obituary, 6/1/08

Bonnet, Eleanor Henderson

obituary, 10/23/08

Booth, Johnny Timothy

Obituary, 4/23/08

Borm, Alfred and Mary

50th Wedding Anniversary/Photo

Profile and photo, 7/2/08

Bostwick, Rae

Photo, 4/24/08

Bowell, Thomas William, Sr.

obituary, 3/16/08

Bowers, Margaret

obituary, 9/25/08

Bowers, Margaret Elizabeth

obituary, 9/24/08

Bowie Elementary

Texas State University

Bowie students learn business basics from SIFE, 4/3/08

Boyd, Matthew Guy

Wedding announcement/photo, 2/17/08

Boynt, Niki Jo

Obituary, 6/6/08

Bradford, Georgia White

obituary, 3/11/08, 3/12/08

Bradford, James

Obituary, 6/24/08

Brandt, Chad

winner of Central TX Men's Golf Tournament/photo, 5/2/08

Braun, Melinda

presents iPod in SMCISD Convocation drawing/photo, 9/9/08

Brennen, E. Ardelia "Della"

obituary, 1/3/08, 1/4/08

Bridges, Allen

funeral held/photos, 12/11/08

obituary/photo, 12/09/08

sheriff dies suddenly/photo, 12/07/08

Bridges, Helen H.

obituary/photo, 9/9/08

Briggs, Curtis D.

wedding/photo, 8/31/08

Brothers, Ethel Charlyne Strode

Obituary/photo, 7/25/08

Brotzman, Larry

Photo, 7/31/08

Brown, Celeste

Photo, 2/15/08

Brown, Constance "Connie"

obituary, 10/5/08

Brown, Creighton

Photo, 4/4/08

Brown, Dr. Kevin

former SM resident hired as superintendent for Alamo Heights ISD/photo, 5/28/08

Brown, Pam

Photo, 7/31/08

Brown, Pam and Tyra

Photo, 7/31/08

Brown, Susan

Photo, 6/5/08

Browne, Alvin "Buck" A.

obituary, 11/5/08

Buda Community

'Grease' performed by Odyssey Youth and Adult Performing Arts Co./photo, 7/11/08

Armed man robs Buda store and flees/photo, 2/26/08

identity theft suspect jailed/photo, 3/23/08

Buell, Eric Dane

wedding, 5/25/08

Bullock, Barney Ray

obituary, 5/28/08

Burdett, Judy


San Marcos River, 4/22/08

Burdick, Dick

plans for car museum, 6/27/08

Burglars rob safe at Green Guy Recycling

Kyle Hahn seeks suspect clues

Photo, 6/11/08

burglary suspects jailed/photos, 1/9/08

Burke, Angie

wins Friends of SM Cemetery Benefit Run/Walk/photo, 10/29/08

Burkhart, Brett

Photo, 8/17/08

Burkhart, Joyce

Obituary/photo, 6/1/08

Burkhart, Shawn

elected SMHS Homecoming King/photo, 10/7/08

burned mail was headed to San Antonio, could belong to local residents, 3/26/08

Burnett family and ranch

Profile and photos, 4/20/08

Burson, Jennings Bryan

Obituary, 7/25/08

Burton, Geoffrey and Gwen

Photo, 4/3/08

Buscha, Edwin Korey

engagement/photo, 3/2/08


Chuck Nash Auto Group

plans to build new facility/photo, 1/10/08

J&R Gymnastics

2nd annual Mini-Olympics held/photos, 5/21/08


Aloha Dental

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/12/08


groundbreaking/photo, 3/9/08

American National Bank hit by armed robber/photos, 7/8/08


Texas Eagle route to receive federal funds, 10/3/08

Bank of America robbery only a rumor, 7/31/08

Bear Creek Coffee

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/9/08

Brinkman Group

donated and planted tree for Arbor Day/photo, 5/1/08

Business Hygiene Inc.

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/5/08

Captiva Records

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/9/08

Central Texas Medical Center

announces $35 million expansion/photo, 1/18/08


honored Ella Smith for 20 years of service/photo, 5/4/08

Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting

Asian Garden/photo, 4/20/08

Audio Outlet/photo, 4/20/08

Cheatham Street Warehouse celebrates 34 years

Rogers, Randy/photo, 6/26/08

Chuck Nash Auto Group

breaks ground on new facility/photos, 1/20/08

location of new facility corrected, 1/13/08

Cisneros Insurance Agency

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/5/08


ribbon cutting/photo, 3/9/08

Coldwell Banker First National Realtors

30th anniversary/photo, 10/2/08

donates to United Way Campaign/photo, 10/23/08


25th anniversary and groundbreaking for new building/photos, 9/5/08

construction work progressing, 12/16/08

entered affiliation agreement with St. David's HealthCare, 12/04/08

facts about St. David's affiliation outlined, 12/10/08

groundbreaking ceremony to be held/photos, 8/31/08

honors veterans at ceremony/photo, 11/13/08

named Business of the Year by San Marcos Chamber/photo, 11/11/08

CTMC Hospice Care

sponsoring photo exhibit/photo, 11/7/08


ribbon cutting/photo, 1/13/08

Embassy Suites

executive board bios/photo, 8/29/08

hotel and conference center book first major gathering, 5/11/08

Endsley Real Estate

donates to Central TX Breast Cancer Awareness Fund/photo, 9/28/08

Envision Central Texas

study results released, 8/26/08

Fireworks sales hurt by burn ban, 6/26/08

Furr's Restaurant

adopts Hernandez Intermediate School, 11/30/08

Glenn Wier Insurance

donates $5,000 to SM Education Fair/photo, 10/9/08

Goodwill relocating to Highway 80, 2/29/08

Grande Communications

employees donate to CTMC Hospice Care/photo, 8/26/08

Grande expands HD channel offerings, 4/20/08

Gulf Business Forms

celebrates 40 years/photos, 12/28/08

Hays-Caldwell Women's Center

breaks ground on new shelter, 5/11/08


warehouse expansion to double its size, add 320 jobs, 12/19/08

HEB honors Earth Day with free reusable shopping bags, 4/17/08

Helping Hand Printing

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/5/08

IsAnZe Day Spa & Hair Company

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/23/08

J&R Gymnastics

photos, 1/18/08

Jalufka Agency-Allstate

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/23/08

Keith Mock Construction

ribbon cutting/photo, 9/21/08

LBJ Museum

hosts 2nd annual public reception, 12/03/08

oral history project opening/photo, 8/20/08

oral history project/photos, 8/27/08

special election and campaign exhibit, 10/8/08

Ledesma Tax Service

SM Hispanic Chamber Business of the Year/photo, 3/12/08

License for Draft Choice bar found fraudulent/photo, 4/6/08

Local Wal-Mart offers Time Warner services, 4/27/08

MAX services

ribbon cutting/photo, 9/21/08

Mission IT

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/12/08

Nelson Center towing policy questioned, 6/26/08


ribbon cutting/photo, 3/9/08


ribbon cutting/photo, 11/23/08

Pecan Plantation

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/5/08

Pedernales Electric

employees and business contribute $300k to charity, 5/18/08

Pedernales Electric Coop

board president W.W. "Bud" Burnett resigns, 1/20/08

donates to SM Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/photo, 3/4/08

Juan Garza named general manager, 1/8/08

Planet K

art car case still pending, 12/30/08

city judge rules art car a public nuisance/photo, 1/11/08

founder and CEO continues fight for art car, 1/17/08

judge rules art car must go, 3/13/08

manager to appear in court on code violation, 1/8/08

U.S. District Judge orders art car removed, 8/31/08

Prime Outlets

donate Segways to SMPD/photo, 9/25/08

Print This

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/5/08


Wii gaming system used in physical therapy/photos, 9/7/08

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

ribbon cutting at new branch/photo, 3/23/08

Root Cellar

ribbon cutting/photo, 12/17/08

Salon Mink

ribbon cutting/photo, 5/4/08

San Marcos Conference Center construction/photo, 5/13/08

San Marcos Daily Record

Stan Woody new publisher/photo, 3/2/08

San Marcos Sonic close to Nationals in company contest, 7/3/08

Scheib Center

staff honored at luncheon/photo, 5/30/08


ribbon cutting/photo, 3/9/08

Sierra Classic Homes

ribbon cutting/photo, 12/14/08

Starplex Theater

new digital projector installed/photos, 11/13/08

Tanger Outlet Center

makes donation toward CTMC imaging equipment/photo, 1/13/08

Tanger Outlet sends 'Salute the Troops' cards made by residents, 7/13/08

Tanger Outlets

checks to Goodnight and Miller in Tanger Bucks project/photos, 5/30/08

Tax holiday begins Friday, 8/13/08

Texas Cinema

honored by SMCISD board for discounted showings to students, 1/18/08

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/23/08

The Hub

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/9/08

Thorpe Lane Pharmacy hit by burglars, 6/26/08

Time Warner

presents prize in Movies in Your Park contest/photo, 9/17/08

Time Warner Cable

present iPod in SMCISD Convocation drawing/photo, 9/9/08

Time Warner offers Central Texas customers new HD channels, 7/22/08

Tractor Supply opens in Lockhart, 7/13/08

Two local teens start web development business

Vapor Graphics

Photos, 8/1/08

Vapor Graphics

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/5/08

Vitalogy Skincare

ribbon cutting/photo, 8/31/08


Cheryl Antu named Teacher of the Year/photo, 10/21/08

Wal-Mart Supercenter

SM Hispanic Chamber Corporate Partner of the Year/photo, 3/12/08

Wellness 1st Marketing

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/5/08


three held in robbery of IH-35 South store/photos, 3/7/08

Woody's Bar-B-Que

ribbon cutting/photo, 8/31/08

Worker frames new Country Inn and Suites hotel/photo, 7/15/08



C-Span Campaign 2008 bus comes to San Marcos, 7/9/08

Calabrese, Frank

profile/photos, 3/30/08

Calderon, Elidia "Lily"

obituary/photo, 1/27/08

Caldwell Community

natural gas pipe explodes/photos, 8/29/08

Caldwell County

Burn ban lifted, 4/3/08

Copper thieves caught in broad daylight, 7/1/08

cougar report, 5/14/08

Family Violence Task Force seeks nominations for individual awards, 8/3/08

father, son prison bound, 5/15/08

Free septic system workshop offered, 8/17/08

Luling Watermelon Thump/photos, 7/1/08

Man arrested may be part of drug ring, 4/2/08

officials decline proposal for detention facility, 1/17/08

Sheriff's Training Facility completes first officer training/photo, 6/26/08

Caldwell county

Buda man intoxicated in Reedville Cemetery, 5/14/08

Callendar, Kathy

Photo, 4/15/08

Calvin, Reggie

Photo, 6/10/08

Calvin, Willie K.

obituary, 6/27/08

Obituary/photo, 7/1/08

Calzada, Ashley

delegate to Bluebonnet Girls State/photo, 5/11/08

Camera with improper photos turned over to police

Photo, 2/27/08

Campaign warns against tubing and drinking

'If You Tube and Booze, You Lose'/photo, 6/17/08

Campos, Cyndi and Sofia

Photo, 4/6/08

Canamar, Isabel Quiroz

Obituary, 4/16/08

Cano, Sabrina

Photo, 7/4/08

Capetillo, Fidencio

obituary, 10/14/08, 10/16/08

Capetillo, Fidencio T.

obituary, 10/17/08

Capetillo, Juanita

Obituary, 4/1/08

Caple, Luie Walton Jr.

obituary/photo, 10/15/08

Cardenas, Augustine Sr.

obituary, 9/3/08

obituary/photo, 9/4/08

Cardenas, John Raymond

obituary/photo, 10/2/08

Cardenas, Josephine

obituary, 1/18/08

Carman, Mary Ann

Obituary, 8/14/08, 8/15/08

Obituary/photo, 8/17/08

Carmona, Jayden

Photo, 6/24/08

Carmona, Michael

Photo, 4/2/08

Carpenter, Liz

Photo, 8/8/08

Carrisalez, Erica

Photo, 6/13/08

Carswell, Michelle

presents check to CTMC on behalf of Tanger Outlet Center/photo, 1/13/08

Carter, Bob

Obituary, 6/22/08

Carter, Kathryn

obituary, 3/30/08

Castilla, Ernest Lucio

obituary/photo, 11/25/08

Castillo, Danny

Photo, 4/17/08

Castillo, Jessie

obituary/photo, 3/11/08

Castillo, Manuel and Frances

anniversary, 5/11/08

Castro, Antonio R.

obituary/photo, 1/20/08

Cattle Baron's Ball raises $85,000 for Cancer Society

Moseley, Earl/photo, 4/6/08

Caughlin, Jaqueline Nicole

Engagement/photo, 4/27/08

wedding/photo, 9/28/08

Cavazos, Jazalyn Xalean

Birth/photo, 8/3/08

Cedillo, Pedro Garcia

Obituary, 4/13/08

Celebrity stylist to share shopping tips at Outlet Center

Harmon, Mark-Alan/photo, 8/14/08

Centennial Park trail closed for repairs/photo, 2/8/07

Central Texas Medical Center

Annual HealthCheck scheduled for April 24, 4/15/08

Blood recipient thanks donors

Yeargan, Howard, 7/16/08

CTMC Hospice Care provides information on advance directives, 4/1/08

Fitness Boot Camp achieves results/photo, 7/13/08

Hats Off for Hospice event, 2/3/08

Hospice care raises money/photo, 5/13/08

Hospital adds another green initiative with recycled paper, 8/17/08

Hospital goes smoke-free June 1, 4/17/08

Hospital holds 21st annual HealthCheck event, 6/8/08

Need for blood sparks hospital blood drive, 2/17/08

Polygamous sect member gives birth as troopers stand guard, 4/30/08

Third floor renovation underway at CTMC, 7/29/08

Central Texas on alert for fire danger, 2/3/08

CenturyTel honors Dietz for 30 years service

Dietz, Kenneth/photo, 6/18/08

Cervantez, Guadalupe R.

Obituary/photo, 2/24/08

Cervenka, Kelsi Kay

receives Leadership San Marcos Scholarship/photo, 5/22/08

Chaffin, Doris W.

Obituary, 6/17/08

Chahin, Jaime

Texas State dean honored by Rockefeller Bros. Fund/photo, 9/24/08

Chairez, Roberto

Photo, 6/1/08

Chambers, Peggy Dean

obituary, 12/17/08

Champagne, Jackie

Photo, 7/1/08

Chapman, Lynn

honored as top sales advisor for Lia Sophia, 10/1/08

Chase Boy

Photo, 2/14/08

Chase, Joseph David

obituary, 8/24/08

Chelsea Clinton speaks for Hillary in San Marcos

Photo, 2/26/08

Child abuse trial begins

Hays County

Mojica-Carmona, Cesar, 4/22/08

Child assault clues sought

Armed man enters Knox Street home, 7/15/08

child safety seat drive/photo, 5/15/08

Childers, John Bryan

charged with driving while intoxicated, 3/25/08

Church burglars steal donations

Iglesia de Cristo Roca Eterna, 7/31/08


Calvary Baptist opens new facility/photos, 6/22/08

First Baptist Church Steel Magnolias sing and travel/photo


First Christian Church

Stations of the Cross presented/photo, 3/14/08

First Christian holds Oscar party/photo, 2/28/08

Grace Bible Church Family Fiesta held/photos, 8/6/08

Local church holds 'Blessing of the Animals' service/photos, 4/24/08

Promiseland Church celebrates fifth year/photos, 6/11/08

San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

hires Rev. Aaron White, 10/7/08

St. John's Catholic

Fiesta set-up/photo, 8/29/08

St. Johns bell tower gets power-washing/photo, 4/30/08

St. Mark's Episcopal

annual "Paper Party" set/photo, 10/17/08

computer school celebrates 15th year/photos, 1/27/08

Youth volunteers help residents rebuild homes/photos, 6/13/08

Citizen visioning sessions held


Lewis, Richard, 2/10/08

City of San Marcos

5% water rate increase proposed, 8/31/08

Activity Center opened as reception center for hurricane evacuees, 9/12/08

after main break, water is safe to drink, 8/20/08

airport receives funds from TxDOT for improvements, 12/24/08

annual MLK march planned/photos, 1/17/08

area centers provide services for hurricane evacuees, 9/14/08

awarded Total Coliform Rule Award for water quality/photo, 12/24/08

Blanco River Village subdivision residents protest zoning change, 8/24/08

Board of Realtors opposes city rental ordinance, 1/24/08

Capital Improvements Program overwhelming council, 1/30/08

Charter Review Commission holds public hearing, 4/22/08

City awards contract for McCarty project

Water Master Plan, 7/8/07

City bids on Hunter Rd house for Wonder World project, 6/24/08

city clerk's office wins 5-Star Exemplary Local Registrar award/photo, 12/12/08

City considers automatic electric, water reading via network, 2/17/08

City considers Nelson Center towing controversy, 7/4/08

City Council gets down to business, 7/13/08

City hires consultants to do local flood study, 2/15/08

city manager announces realignment of city functions/photo, 10/28/08

City Manager search team gathers information, 2/5/08

City plans public hearings on parks master plan, 7/6/08

City seeks bids for new fire station at River Ridge Park/photo, 6/5/08

City tax rebates rise due to retail sales, 8/12/08

City urges residents to obey fireworks laws for July 4, 7/3/08

city visioning session gather ideas from public, 1/31/08

City water treatment plant earns T.O.P. award, 4/6/08

city's reliance on sales tax revenue hot mayoral topic, 9/14/08

communications, police officers honored for Silver Alert acts/photo, 10/29/08

conference center opening set/photos, 10/12/08

correction to zinc levels story, 9/21/08

council approves "smart" utility metering system, 5/22/08

council approves economic development incentives for HEB expansion, 12/19/08

council approves new animal control ordinances, 12/18/08

council approves new wrecker service fees, 9/7/08

council awards drainage improvement contract to BPI/photo, 9/10/08

council calls for more study on issue of extending bar hours, 12/04/08

Council considers once a week garbage service, 4/9/08

council decides against raising water rates, 9/18/08

Council filing period begins

Three incumbents to run again, 7/31/08

council goals outlined, 10/26/08

council honors retiring SMCISD trustee Lupe Costilla/photo, 5/29/08

Council member reject proposed wall for noise at Sagewood, 7/30/08

Council members attend 'New Urbanism' conference, 4/6/08

Council names Mashburn new city clerk

Mashburn, Sherry, 2/17/08

Council Place 4 candidates discuss issues/photos, 9/14/08

council proclaims Adopt a Shelter Dog Week/photo, 10/12/08

council repeals ordinance banning swimming in the San Marcos River, 3/19/08

council seeks finalist for wireless network provider, 1/17/08

Council stops Rental Registration Task Force activities, 2/6/08

council supports Hays County Road Bond package, 10/24/08

council task force proposes rental permits, 1/8/08

council task force works on rental property issues, 1/10/08

council thanks C. Jamison for serving as interim city manager/photo, 5/9/08

council to consider approval of stricter pet ownership rules, 12/16/08

council to consider hike and bike trail project, 11/30/08

Council to hear Charter Review Commission recommendations, 6/3/08

council votes to impose curfew on hurricane evacuees housed at Bowie, 9/18/08

crackdown on fake IDs yields 17 arrests, 1/23/08

donates 46 computers to Computers for Learning/photo, 10/21/08

downtown master plan to be completed soon, 1/13/08

Environmental Health dept receives Outstanding Service award/photo, 12/28/08

evacuation shelter shuts down as evacuees return home, 9/23/08

Finance Dept receives Excellence in Financial Reporting Award/photo, 10/24/08

fire chief Mike Baker resigns for Copperas Cove job/photo, 9/5/08

fire threat outlined, 3/14/08

former Bowie school opened as shelter for evacuees, 9/16/08

funding for social service agencies available, 1/8/08

game officials set up camera to investigate bobcat sighting, 8/22/08

Hernandez family at odds with city over parking/photo, 3/27/08

Hwy 21 bus stop dangerous for school children, 3/9/08

IH-35 exit ramps near outlet malls to change, 3/5/08

illegal zinc levels detected in discharges of industrial water users, 9/18/08

incumbent Narvaiz faces two opponents in mayoral race, 8/27/08

issued 212 permits for new construction during August, 9/10/08

joins Cash for Cans City Recycling Challenge, 10/12/08

Jones re-elected to council, 11/5/08

Kim Porterfield attends Texas Municipal League orientation/photo, 8/24/08

LBJ Centennial activities planned/photo, 1/1/08

legislation pending to fund Armed Forces Reserve Center, 9/30/08

local ghost stories recounted, 10/31/08

Lone finalist for city manager

Menchaca, Rick/photo, 4/24/08

Main Street Program accredited, 4/9/08

Main Street program accredited as a 2009 National Main St. City/photo, 12/25/08

mayor and council honor Rattler tennis champs/photo, 11/13/08

mayor awards Spirit of San Marcos award to Eleanor Crook/photo, 12/19/08

mayor gives annual State of the City address, 10/17/08

mayor honors coordinators of Sights & Sounds festival/photo, 12/11/08

mayor named to citizen advisory committee on Trans-Texas Corridor, 3/30/08

mayor presents certificates of excellence to SMHS scholars/photo, 11/12/08

Mayor Pro-Tem Daniel Guerrero withdraws as council candidate, 8/19/08

mayor proclaims "Best Buddies Week" for Texas State chapter/photo, 3/30/08

mayor proclaims Jerry Flores Day/photo, 10/24/08

mayor proclaims Martin Luther King Day/photo, 1/8/08

mayor proclaims Municipal Court Week/photo, 11/9/08

mayor proclaims National Domestic Violence Awareness Month/photo, 10/30/08

mayor proclaims National Hospice Month/photo, 11/12/08

mayor proclaims Nurse Practitioner Week/photo, 11/12/08

mayor proclaims Oct. 6 as World Habitat Day/photo, 10/9/08

mayor proclaims Red Ribbon Week/photo, 10/14/08

mayor proclaims Salute to Veterans Week/photo, 11/9/08

mayor proclaims support for American Heart Assoc. Heart Walk '08/photo, 3/30/08

mayor support police chief after dog death incident/photo, 8/22/08

mayor sworn in for third term, 11/18/08

mayor to issue proclamation honoring Steel Magnolias/photo, 12/19/08

mayoral candidates seek voter support, 10/29/08

mayoral debate between Narvaiz, Newman held/photos, 9/12/08

Melissa Millecam promoted to Director of Communications, 4/6/08

MLK march held/photos, 1/22/08

monthly sales tax allocation higher than last year, 9/21/08

Narvaiz keeps majority of votes in mayoral contest, 11/11/08

Narvaiz re-elected as mayor, 11/5/08

National Night Out Against Crime rescheduled, 7/31/08

new Armed Forces reserve center to serve as training ground, 10/1/08

new city directors named/photo, 12/14/08

New city manager to be sworn in

Menchaca, Rick/photo, 7/11/08

new Graffiti Abatement Team formed/photo, 10/29/08

new hotel and conference center open, 11/2/08

new pedestrian bridge over San Marcos River opens/photo, 12/05/08

new signs unveiled for Hopkins Street Historic District, 10/26/08

new traffic light system activated/photo, 11/26/08

new traffic light system to be unveiled, 11/23/08

November ballot outlined, 11/2/08

November ballot to include 22 proposed charter amendments, 10/3/08

November ballot to include referendum on bar hours, 9/25/08

number of whitetail deer increasing/photo, 11/21/08

Officials lobby for federal funds at National League conference, 2/12/08

openings for city commissions and boards listed, 11/12/08

pedestrian bridge over river underway/photo, 11/16/08

Permit Center posts development map on City website, 7/2/08

pilot lands vintage plane at airport despite loss of landing gear, 11/2/08

plans to annex 600 acres south of town set for council vote soon, 3/21/08

police seek man who allegedly strangled his girlfriend, 3/19/08

police, EMS rescue teenager who drowned near Rio Vista, 5/28/08

presidential race visits make for busy week, 3/6/08

property owners speak against rental rules, 1/29/08

protesters mark fifth year of Iraq war/photos, 3/20/08

Public library donates books to Hays Health Department/photo, 8/29/08

public to preview "smart meters," 6/27/08

Registration for Summer Fun program, 4/11/08

resident spots bobcat in neighborhood, 8/28/08

Resident survey to improve city services, 2/8/07

residents recall winter tornado of 2007/photo, 1/13/08

results of ballot propositions, 11/6/08

runoff possible in mayoral race, 11/7/08

sales tax rebates, 5/13/08

sales tax rebates increase, 11/12/08

sales tax revenue down for the month, 12/17/08

San Marcos River needs rain and conservation, 5/18/08

seeks public input on city manager search, 1/27/08

set to receive $500,000 in CDBG funds, 10/23/08

single stream recycling passes second reading, 10/24/08

Smart meters to replace old utility meters/photo, 7/3/08

Sr. Energy Efficiency Rep. to retire, 10/17/08

Stage 1 drought restrictions lifted, 8/22/08

state and federal funds for airport approved, 1/6/08

state tax rebates up nine percent, 10/14/08

Texas State University

City and university sponsor Community Welcome, 8/5/08

text of mayor's statement concerning dog case, 8/22/08

three residents inducted into Women's Hall of Fame/photos, 11/9/08

traffic lights to be in sync by spring after $2.2 million project, 1/24/08

two businesses in Springtown Center broken into, 3/26/08

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Svc to review habitat of San Marcos River species, 3/23/08

Utility workers rearrange pipe near St. John's/photo, 7/20/08

Veterans Day parade held/photos, 11/9/08, 11/11/08

Walker's Gallery exhibit in activity center/photos, 1/10/08

water main broke on Christmas Day/photo, 12/26/08

Water rate hike on city budget list, 8/6/08

water supply safe, 3/12/08

Windemere Ranch Subdivision application withdrawn, 8/21/08

Wireless network cost concerns council, 2/21/08

wireless network project could be more expensive, 1/15/08

Wonder World Dr. extension groundbreaking held/photos, 9/3/08

Wonder World extension project underway, 8/31/08

work begins on intersection of Riverside and Haynes, 10/5/08

World United Music Fest cancelled/photos, 11/18/08

World United Music Fest planned/photos, 10/16/08, 11/14/08

City protected by five dams

1970 flood/photo, 6/11/08

Citywide wireless plan rejected, 7/18/08

Clabourn, Gladys

Obituary, 2/24/08

Clancy, Jake

Photo, 4/8/08

Clark, Karlin

Photo, 7/23/08

Clayton, Ruth

Obituary/photo, 4/11/08

Clermont, Norman and Monique

50th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 4/6/08

Clinton, Bill

made appearance at TX State student center/photo, 3/5/08


Bluebonnet Lions Club

ribbon cutting/photo, 11/23/08

Boys and Girls Club

ribbon cutting/photo, 5/4/08

C-SPAN campaign bus visits Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas/photo, 7/16/08

Diane Laumer named new Rotary Club president/photos, 7/4/08

Girl Scouts

participate in bicycle safety course/photo, 9/9/08

Harv Suggs is Lion of the month

Honored/photo, 2/14/08

Hays Caldwell Amateur Radio Club hold annual Field Day/photo, 7/9/08

Kiwanis Club Pancake Day/photo, 2/19/08

Lions Club

annual Mexican dinner planned/photo, 1/31/08

awards 10 scholarships/photo, 5/25/08

donate to Hays County Area Food Bank/photo, 8/24/08

donate to Thankful Turkey Run/Walk/photo, 10/29/08

donated $4,000 to Park Rangers for defibrillators/photo, 11/23/08

donates to CASA/photo, 9/9/08

donates to senior nutrition program/photo, 8/29/08

donates to Shoes and Coats drive and parent resource centers/photo, 10/22/08

Donette Rubino-Taylor named Teacher of the Month/photo, 11/23/08

Dr. Steve Stanfield presented with certificate of appreciation/photo, 10/9/08

Gary Aalen named Lion of the Quarter/photo, 10/30/08

makes annual donation to The Village/photo, 10/22/08

offered health testing at family fair/photo, 9/17/08

Patricia "Trish" Durham named Student of the Week/photo, 11/23/08

Peggy Hilburn named Teacher of the Month/photo, 10/9/08

presents annual donation to food bank/photo, 10/16/08

role as Knights of the Blind explained, 1/25/08

Lions Club and HOPE serve tamales

Photos, 2/3/08

Lions Club donates to San Marcos River Foundation

Photo, 2/14/08

Lions Club hosts exchange students for tubing/photo, 7/20/08

New Rotary leaders sworn in at Price Seniors Center/photo, 7/15/08

New San Marcos Lions Club officers and directors named

Photo, 8/3/08

Rotary Club

awards 25 scholarships/photo, 5/27/08

awards two scholarships to SM Baptist Academy students/photo, 5/2/08

Rotary Club members awarded Paul Harris Fellowship/photo, 8/7/08

San Marcos Lions Club Lion of the Year named

Ray Rowe/photo

Aalen, Gary/photo, 8/3/08

San Marcos Masonic Lodge No. 342

two graduating seniors honored/photo, 3/13/08

San Marcos Sunrise Club

donates to Blue Santa/photo, 11/14/08

SMHS Key Club

raising funds for UNICEF/photo, 10/21/08


local club hosts Tall Tales Contest/photo, 9/23/08

Toastmasters Club officers installed/photo, 7/25/08

Cobb, Jimmy and Sue

March Yard of the Month/photos, 3/11/08

Collazo, Hortencia Ann

engagement/photo, 11/9/08

Colon, Guadalupe P.

obituary/photo, 1/25/08

Community theater auditions for 'Oliver'

Residents audition at SMHS/photo, 4/22/08

Connell, Val

obituary/photo, 9/10/08, 9/11/08

Conoley, Gilbert

obituary, 5/29/08

Conservation easement fund to protect warbler

Wonder World Dr. Extension Project

Roads, 4/13/08

Contreras, Alexandra

Award/photo, 6/11/08

Contreras, Lee Anthony

engagement/photo, 11/16/08

Contreras, Maribel

Photo, 6/11/08

Contreras, Ysidro and Anita

50th Wedding anniversary/photo, 6/8/08

Cooley, Ezra

man crossing US on horseback stops in San Marcos/photo, 5/20/08

Cordero, Robert H. Sr.

obituary, 1/15/08

Corley, Mettie V.

obituary, 8/31/08

Cortez, Ben and Wilma

anniversary/photo, 3/16/08

Cost, Caitlin

6th grade student of the month/photo, 5/4/08

Cottage Kitchen to reopen

Heritage Association of San Marcos

Committee members/photo, 8/17/08

County transportation board faces obstacles

Hays County

Garza, Ruben, 2/7/08

Couple offer 4-H scholarship, Texas A & M matches funds

Powers, Mildred and Garland, 6/3/08

Cowan, Helen Marie

Obituary, 7/29/08

Cowman, James Kristopher

obituary, 9/17/08

Cox, Caitlin

6th grade student of the month/photo, 5/1/08

Coy, Ledio "Roy"

obituary/photo, 10/28/08

Coyne, Edythe

obituary, 5/18/08

Crayton, Clester

obituary, 1/11/08

Crayton, Kiara Diane

Photo, 4/16/08

Creager, Roger

singer arrested at hotel/photo, 1/20/08

Criswell, Arthur J.

obituary, 12/28/08

Crockett Elementary

Ribbon cutting ceremony held for new building/photos, 4/1/08

Rotary Club to start 'First Knight' ethics building program for kids, 7/29/08

Crook, Eleanor

receives Spirit of San Marcos award/photo, 12/19/08

Cross, Royce

Photo, 6/13/08

Crosson, Priscilla

retired pilot takes first skydive/photo, 12/03/08

Crow, Pauline G.

Obituary, 4/22/08

Crowell, Tina

Photo, 4/13/08

Cruz, Ariella

Award/photo, 6/11/08

Cunningham, Bill

Photo, 8/8/08

Cunningham, Eddie

Photo, 2/1/08



Dailey, John T.

obituary, 1/9/08

Daily Record editor named CNHI 'Editorial Writer of Year'

Ray, Rowe H./photo, 4/27/08

Daily Record staffers win APME awards

Photos, 4/6/08

Dalton, Enrique F. "Henry" Jr.

obituary/photo, 12/10/08

Davidson, Ian

Photo, 6/13/08

Davies, Ashton Jarrett

engagement/photo, 3/23/08

wedding, 9/28/08

Davila, Dwayne

prison for murder, 5/15/08

Davila, Eulalio "Lalo"

obituary, 3/28/08

obituary/photo, 3/30/08

Davila, Jesse

prison for murder, 5/15/08

Davis, Cpl. Michael Davis

Photo, 7/11/08

Davis, Donald

Photo, 4/2/08

Davis, Ethel

obituary, 10/2/08

Davis, Ethel N.

obituary, 10/5/08

Davis, Heather Michelle

wedding/photo, 11/2/08

De La Iglesia, Gregory

receives certificate of excellence from mayor/photo, 11/12/08

De la Iglesia, Gregory

honored by Nat'l Hispanic Recognition Program/photo, 10/5/08

De Zavala Elementary

Third-graders make posters for animal shelter/photos, 6/8/08

Dead dog incident still under investigation

Stephens, Paul

San Marcos Police Department, 8/13/08

Dean, Sergeant John

Photo, 7/2/08

Deleon, Arthur Jr.

engagement/photo, 10/5/08

DeLeon, Baby Delila Ezperanza

Obituary, 6/17/08

Deleon, Carmel Hernandez

obituary, 5/13/08


Obituary, 2/1/08

Delgado, Isaiah Rudolfo

obituary, 8/27/08, 8/29/08

Delgado, Issac Adolfo

obituary, 8/27/08, 8/29/08

Delgado, Jackie Lynn

engagement/photo, 10/5/08

Delgado, Martin

obituary, 1/15/08

Delgado, Martin R.

obituary, 1/16/08, 1/17/08

DeMasters, Leonard Nigh

Obituary, 4/23/08

Democrats outvote Republicans in early voting

Hays County, 2/24/08

Dentino, Robert L.

local vet honored, 11/7/08

DePagter, Lenore C.

chosen to serve on Texas Medical Association committee, 9/18/08

Deputy pay hike urged

Hays County Commissioners Court, 4/3/08

Deputy uses taser on Hays High student

Hays County Sheriffs Department, 4/2/08

Derr, Bobby

Photo, 6/19/08

Deschner, Michelle

Award/photo, 6/4/08

DeStefano, Clay

receives check from Tanger Outlet Center on behalf of CTMC/photo, 1/13/08

Developers urged to control drainage into Hamilton Pool, 4/4/08

Diaz, Jose Castro

obituary, 11/28/08, 11/30/08

Diaz-Miranda, Dr. Mariano

Photo, 4/15/08

DiBlasi, Jack

Texas State student to perform in Austin/photo, 9/21/08

Dickey, Madeline Constance

Obituary, 7/20/08

Dietert, Travis and Julie

anniversary/photo, 10/26/08

Dietz earns certificate as HR professional

Dietz, Angie M., 7/18/08

Dillion, Tatiana

awarded Rotary Club scholarship/photo, 5/2/08

Dix, Kathryn

commended student in Nat'l Merit Scholarship Program/photo, 10/5/08

honored by Nat'l Hispanic Recognition Program/photo, 10/5/08

receives certificate of excellence from mayor/photo, 11/12/08

Dixon, Charles

Obituary, 2/10/08

Dixon, Charles H.

Obituary, 2/6/08

Doan, Margaret

Obituary, 2/5/08

Dodds, Chris

Photo, 8/17/08

Dog death probe ends

Police officer reprimanded

Stephens, Paul, 8/15/08

Doucet, Velma Juanita

Obituary, 4/13/08

Downtown attacker targets ex-professor for third time

Fletcher, Dr. John/photo, 8/10/08

Dragowetz, Pauline Louise

obituary, 11/7/08

Drake, Cynthia

Photo, 6/8/08

Dressen, Lois Lynn

obituary, 1/29/08, 1/30/08

Driver found in truck probably died of natural causes

Dorman, Roderick, 4/30/08

Driver gets DWI

SMPD get call of mother drinking and driving, 2/29/08

Drug arrests follow traffic stop, 4/1/08

Duggan, John

Photo, 4/16/08

Duncan, Keith

profile/photos, 10/5/08

Dunham, Megan

to graduate summa cum laude from Loyola Univ/photo, 5/6/08

Dupont, Ruby Jule

Birth/photo, 8/8/08

Dupre, Melissa

Photo, 6/24/08

Dupree, Bobby

Photo, 7/18/08

Duran, Esther

Photo, 4/15/08

Duran, Roy

Photo, 4/10/08

Durham, Patricia "Trish"

named Lions Club Student of the Week/photo, 11/23/08

Dutton, Asher

Photo, 2/10/08

Duvall, Don

Photo, 6/3/08



E-mail system for neighborhood crime prevention

Neighborhood Watch

Hays County, 2/1/08

Earth Day celebrated at Aquarena Center

Photos, 4/23/08

Easter egg counting contest winner

Whited, Helen/photo, 4/11/08

Eden Home faith-based community names board members, 7/29/08

Editor's tribute to John Morrisset

Lions Club

Ray, Rowe H., 7/15/08

Edmondson, Melinda

presents LCD tv to winner of Movies in Your Park contest/photo, 9/17/08

Edwards Aquifer

Aquifer Authority to hold meetings on proposed rules, 4/6/08

City of San Marcos

Stage 1 water restrictions continue as aquifer drops, 8/3/08

EAA calls vote for board election, 7/10/08

EAA cancels Stage 1 water rules, 7/24/08

EAA filing for Board of Director seat ends Sept. 5, 8/6/08

EAA urges resident to conserve water now, 6/8/08

EPA monitoring contaminated groundwater in Bexar County, 9/14/08

Scientists hired to evaluate San Marcos and Comal endangered species, 7/13/08

scientists injected dye to study water movement, 5/25/08

Youngblood appointed new EAA director

Youngblood, Benjamin Franklin, 8/14/08

Edwards Aquifer Authority

12,000 wells registered, 5/4/08

board elects officers for 2009/photo, 12/11/08

board of directors adopted new pumping reduction rules, 5/30/08

endangered species program moves forward, 1/13/08

new budget will not require a fee increase, 11/13/08

new stricter rules on chemical spills, 3/14/08

Texas Water Development Board awards grant for recovery program, 8/31/08

Eglin, Mary Ellen

obituary, 12/28/08

Eldorado child case sparks local concern

CASA ready to respond, 4/16/08

Eleven students attend Family conference

San Marcos High School

Photo, 2/10/08

Elliot, Thomas Dale "Tom"

obituary, 9/12/08

Ellisor, Melinda

Photo, 2/14/08

Elsey, Bob

retires after 24 years at Gary Job Corps/photo, 11/20/08

Embassy Suites under construction

Photo, 6/26/08

Ennis, Margaret

SMABOR president presents Cpl. Michael Davis Scholarship/photo, 5/18/08

Esparza, Julia and Cami

Photo, 2/7/08

Esparza, Therese

crowned Beta Sigma Phi Valentine's Queen/photo, 3/18/08

Espinosa, Edna Helen

obituary, 9/17/08

Espinoza, Eric

Photo, 6/24/08

Espitia sentenced in accidental shooting of neighbor

Hays County, 7/6/08

Esquivel, Patricia

obituary, 11/5/08, 11/6/08

obituary/photo, 11/7/08

Estrada, Joe V.

Obituary, 7/30/08

Obituary/photo, 7/29/08

Ethyl Jackson celebrates 100th birthday

Profile and photo, 7/31/08

Evans, Daniel

Photo, 2/14/08

Evans, Eleonore "Ele"

obituary, 10/31/08

Evans, Esther L.

obituary/photo, 1/18/08

Ex-boyfriend arrested for kidnapping former girlfriend

Jaimes, Sergio Arce/photo, 8/3/08

Extension Service hosts Food Manager Certification course

Hays County, 4/27/08



Falcon, Minerva Lopez

Obituary, 7/6/08, 7/8/08

Faldyn, James

Photo, 6/13/08

Family of man killed on I-35 sought

Williams, Willy, 4/11/08

Farmer's Market tomatoes safe and popular with shoppers

Hays County

Photo, 6/11/08

Faust, Marjorie Elizabeth

obituary, 5/16/08

Felipe, Marie and James

Photo, 7/9/08

Felux, Gregory Wade

Engagement/photo, 2/10/08

Ferguson, John

banker retiring, profile/photo, 1/10/08

Ficke family

reunion held in San Marcos/photo, 3/19/08

Fields, Keith

Obituary/photo, 6/6/08

fire death at Palm Square apartments investigated, 1/22/08

Fire Rescue visits Family Learning Center kids

Photo, 6/1/08

Fire station 'safe place' for abandoned babies

Legislature created Baby Moses law, 6/18/08

Firefighters Association donates to Project Graduation

Photo, 4/6/08

Firefighters extinguish house fire on River Road

Photo, 4/25/08

First day in Mojica child abuse trial

Children unemotional at separation from parents, 4/23/08

First Lady doll exhibit opens at LBJ museum

Collection on loan from Parham/photo, 2/14/08

Fiscus, Jerry

Photo, 2/7/08

Fish, Kim

Photo, 2/29/08

Fisher, David

competed at Texas Forensic Assoc. state competition/photo, 3/30/08

National Merit Scholar, 5/14/08

Photo, 4/15/08, 4/23/08

Fisher, Louise Fay Sherry

Obituary/photo, 6/15/08

Fitzgerald, Nancy A.

obituary, 8/24/08

Flammang, Bob

Photo, 7/4/08

Flanary, Damon

Obituary, 7/20/08

Flores, Agapita

obituary, 12/03/08

Flores, Annette

Texas State student to perform in Austin/photo, 9/21/08

Flores, Herminia

Obituary, 4/15/08

obituary, 5/15/08, 5/16/08

Floyd, Jacob Thomas

Engagement/photo, 7/20/08

Floyd, Thomas

honored at Civil Air Patrol ceremony/photo, 1/11/08

Ford, James 'Curley'

Obituary, 4/22/08, 4/23/08

Obituary/photo, 4/24/08

Foreclosures in Central Texas expected to rise, 4/25/09

Foreman, Jason

Photo, 6/19/08

Former firefighters judge competition in Sister City, Monclova, Coah.

Photo, 8/3/08

Former Navy Admiral named keynote speaker at CTMC 9/11 Memorial

Inman, Bobby R./photo, 8/15/08

Forshage, Alex L.

obituary/photo, 11/18/08

Fort-Worth country singer plays San Marcos

Strickland, Dean/photo, 6/11/08

Fourth annual Job Fair set, 4/8/08

Fourth of July celebration

San Marcos, Kyle, Martindale

Photos, 7/6/08

Fourth of July Summerfest welcomes performers, 6/11/08

Fox, Sophia

Photo, 6/22/08

Franca, Eduardo Jeremias

obituary/photo, 10/15/08

Franklin, Suzanne Joy

Engagement/photo, 7/20/08

Frazier, Robert Regan

obituary, 1/17/08

Freetag, Brent

Photo, 2/13/08

French, Delmon Bryan

obituary/photo, 1/1/08

French, Noel James

obituary, 11/16/08, 11/18/08

French, Ronald

obituary, 12/30/08

Frenzel, Lydia

Award/photo, 8/7/08

Fuentes, Susie Tenorio

obituary, 1/13/08

Fuller-Upchurch, Belinda

Obituary, 8/8/08

Obituary/photo, 8/10/08

Fundraiser for child with cancer

Natalie/photo, 2/21/08



Gaddie, John and Phyllis

60th Wedding Anniversary/photos, 4/13/08

Galegos, Pascuala

obituary, 10/22/08

Galloway, Katherine

Obituary, 2/6/08

Galvan, Dr. Robert

Photo, 2/14/08

Galvan, Roberto and Eva

51st Wedding Anniversary/photo

Photo and poem, 8/17/08

Gamboa, Francisco

obituary, 10/30/08

Gamez, Jerry C. "Chuey"

obituary, 3/2/08

Garcia, Aimee

delegate to Bluebonnet Girls State/photo, 5/11/08

Garcia, Carlos

Photo, 8/1/08

Garcia, Carlos M.

SM Hispanic Chamber Chairman's Award winner/photo, 3/12/08

Garcia, Celeste

Photo, 4/13/08

Garcia, Christopher

held in assault of elderly man/photo, 9/5/08

Garcia, Dylan

Photo, 2/3/08

Garcia, Emily

Photo, 2/3/08

Garcia, Eulalio and Juanita

anniversary/photo, 12/23/08

Garcia, Gilbert

local vet honored/photo, 11/7/08

Garcia, Mary Lou

obituary, 5/20/08

Garcia, Molly Ann

SM Hispanic Chamber Board Service Award winner/photo, 3/12/08

Garcia, Rolando D.

obituary, 12/18/08, 12/19/08

Garcia, Rolando DeLeon

obituary, 12/10/08

Garrett, William 'Bill' Elwyn

Obituary, 2/19/08, 2/20/08

Gary Job Corp

Carpentry students rebuild Kiwanis Club shed/photo, 8/7/08

Gary Job Corp students and staff return

Photo, 7/20/08

Gary Job Corp students clean up Crook Park

Photo, 8/10/08

Gary Job Corps

alum Miriam Guzman gives March graduation speech/photo, 3/18/08

fire destroys abandoned dormitory, 9/3/08

firefighter appreciation luncheon held/photo, 12/18/08

first annual career fair held/photo, 11/23/08

graduation/photo, 11/9/08

in dual enrollment partnership with San Marcos HS, 11/18/08

investigators probe causes of two recent fires/photo, 9/5/08

national Job Corps director visits, 1/27/08

painting program helping city remove graffiti/photo, 3/20/08

security students assist with Riverfest/photo, 5/13/08

staff and students donate to Ike victims/photo, 11/16/08

student stabbed in fight over Playstation 2, 11/23/08

student use March2Success program/photo, 5/7/08

students experience Army Adventure Van/photo, 1/17/08

students participate in Make a Difference Day/photo, 10/26/08

students participate in Tour de Cure/photo, 5/18/08

students shadow TX House Rep. Richard Raymond/photo, 3/9/08

students visit U.S. Congress/photos, 3/7/08

students voted in recent election/photo, 11/16/08

Gary Job Corps graduation

Photo, 2/17/08

Gary Job Corps grass fire put out, 2/28/08

Gary Job Corps holds 'Appreciation Luncheon for Elected Officials'

Photo, 7/16/08

Gary Job Corps students train at San Antonio facility

Photo, 7/31/08

Gary Job Corps students work on Iris Garden Project

Photo, 4/17/08

Gary student publishes book

Shepard, Christina

Photo, 4/20/08

Gary students work with Red Cross

Photo, 4/29/08

Gary, Andrew

Photo, 2/19/08

Garza, Airman Matthew

graduates from basic training at Lackland/photo, 12/28/08

Garza, Benito F.

Obituary, 2/26/08, 2/27/08

Garza, Bonifacio Sr.

obituary, 11/27/08

Garza, David

Photo, 4/29/08

Garza, John Paul

engagement/photo, 11/9/08

Garza, Stephanie

Photo, 2/15/08

Garza, Sylvia

Photo, 7/23/08

Gas cost hurts local musicians and music venues, 7/1/08

Gauthier, Christopher George

wedding/photo, 12/14/08

GBRA urges water conservation in 10 counties

Hays County

Caldwell County, 6/19/08

Gee, James and Verna (Hugo)

50th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 7/20/08

Geil, Kevin

Photo, 8/17/08

Gerdes, Harry R.

Obituary, 2/17/08

Gerdes, Harry R. Jr.

Obituary, 2/13/08

Germer, Leonard

obituary/photo, 5/1/08

Gheen, Freda Jacqueline

obituary, 3/23/08

Gibbons, Richard

Texas Supreme Court to hear his insurance company case, 11/28/08

Giere, Vicki

wedding/photo, 12/28/08

Gilbert home on Timbercrest wins yard of month

Gilbert, Bobbie and George

Photos, 2/7/08

Gilbert, Larry D. Sr.

Obituary, 2/19/08, 2/24/08

Gilless, Dr. Clyde

obituary, 11/7/08

Gilmere, Edna

graduates from Hands of Hope program/photo, 12/05/08

Gilmore, Ina Mae

Obituary, 6/17/08, 6/18/08, 6/19/08

Gilmore, Paul "Peck"

obituary, 9/14/08

Girl Scouts sends cookies to troops overseas

Photo, 2/26/08

Givens, Margaret

obituary, 12/31/08

Godwin, Jessica

Photo, 6/19/08

Godwin, Terry

Photo, 6/13/08

Goldapp, Cameron

engagement/photo, 5/18/08

Golfers at Quail Creek, site of smuggled carp/photo, 2/8/07

Golson, Elston

local vet honored/photo, 11/5/08

Gomez, Francisca

Obituary, 6/18/08

Gomez, Guillermo

obituary, 1/27/08

Gonzales, Luis

Obituary/photo, 4/8/08

Gonzales, Maria De La Luz 'Lucy'

Obituary, 7/25/08

Gonzales, Mr. and Mrs. Victor

anniversary/photo, 8/22/08, 8/24/08

Gonzales, Philip

engagement/photo, 10/12/08

Gonzales, Samuel

Photo, 7/10/08

Gonzales, Senaldo 'Bamba' Jr.

Obituary, 2/15/08

Gooch, Teresa

obituary/photo, 11/6/08, 11/7/08

Gooch, Teresa Louise

obituary, 11/5/08

Goodman, William Fred (Bill)

Obituary/photo, 2/3/08

Goodnight Junior High

Band earns 'superior' at UIL Contest/photos, 4/8/08

Goodson, Juanita Sink

obituary/photo, 5/16/08

Gosdin, Col. Malcolm E. Sr.

Obituary/photo, 7/31/08

Gospel group New Covenant on the road/photo, 5/15/08

Goynes, Tom

Photo, 2/14/08

Graham, Boone

Photo, 8/3/08

Graham, Joe B.

obituary, 10/14/08

Grandinetti, Nina

Photo, 4/20/08

Grant, Jonathan

Photo, 6/3/08

Grass fire hits east of San Marcos airport

Photo, 8/5/08

Gravitt, Garland Jack

Obituary/photo, 2/27/08

Grayson, Billy Mayo

obituary, 11/9/08

Green, David

Photo, 4/24/08

Gregston, Janis Elliot

obituary/photo, 9/21/08

Griffith, Terri

Photo, 6/8/08

Griggs, Da'Marcus

Photo, 4/2/08

Groundhog Job Shadow Day

Gary Job Corps joins initiative

Photo, 2/10/08

Grubb, Will

Photo, 2/19/08

Guerrero, Daniel

Mayor Pro-Tem withdraws as council candidate, 8/19/08

Guidry, Cody

Photo, 7/4/08

Guinn, Memory Alice

obituary, 11/12/08, 11/13/08

Gulick, Bonnie Marie

obituary, 9/16/08

obituary/photo, 9/17/08

Gutierrez, Joe

proceeds from his haunted house to go to food bank/photos, 10/31/08

Gutierrez, Lia

Photo, 4/20/08

Guttery, James "Jim"

obituary, 10/22/08

Guttery, James William

obituary, 10/23/08

Guzman, Miriam

gives March graduation speech at Gary Job Corps/photo, 3/18/08



Haan, Adrienne

Photo, 7/18/08

Habingreither, Robert

receives American Foundry Society award/photo, 5/30/08

Hager, Robert

receives Master Arborist title/photo, 3/19/08

Haggerton, Worth

Photo, 4/29/08

Hahn, Veronique Zehnder

profile/photos, 11/21/08

Hale, Edna Garnette Fleming

obituary, 11/5/08

obituary/photo, 11/4/08

Hale, Styron Earle

stunned with Taser in physical disturbance call, 9/3/08

Hales, Gilford Percy

Obituary, 7/29/08

Hales, Sue

Photo, 2/24/08

Hamilton, Bill

Photo, 7/6/08

Hamilton, Cynthia "Cindy" Jean

obituary, 3/16/08

Hamilton, Jim and Mary

August Yard of the Month/photos, 8/21/08

Haner, Adelia Harborth

Obituary, 7/31/08, 8/1/08

Hanley selected for Kemper Scholars program

Hanley, Robert, 4/27/08

Hannon, Daniel L.

named Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 5/20/08

Hanzel, Marshal

Honored/photo, 6/5/08

Hardesty, Robert L.

Photo, 8/8/08

Harmon-Sherriff, Maggie Sue

Obituary/photo, 7/11/08, 7/13/08

Harris, Judith Rawson

obituary/photo, 3/4/08

Harrison, Nicci and David

Yard of the Month/photos, 10/30/08

Harrison, Patti Strickel

Photo, 2/28/08

Hartmann, Chris

Photo, 7/22/08

Hastings, Phyllis

obituary, 3/20/08

Hawthorne, Janie V. Patranella

obituary/photo, 10/7/08

Haynes, Keith "Kiki"

won't recover from fall at Sanctuary Lofts, 1/16/08

Haynes, Keith Don

Obituary, 2/17/08

Hays Caldwell Women's Center

Mayor proclaims Crime Victim's Rights Week

Photo, 4/9/08


Board of Trustees approves construction documents for fifth middle school, 3/20/08

Board of Trustees considers employee pay raises, 3/30/08

Board of Trustees renews teacher contracts, 3/20/08

Early voting to start, 4/22/08

school bomb suspect jailed, 5/13/08

to hold public hearing on attendance zones, 1/16/08

voters approve $86.7 million bond, 5/11/08

Hays correction officer jailed for delivering contraband

Hays County, 2/6/08

Hays County

$90,000 electric bill for the county, 8/1/08

'Christmas in July' hosted by Hays Country Extension Education Club, 7/13/08

1.5 cent sales tax increase for Emergency Service District 3 approved, 5/18/08

14-year-old boy detained at Hays County Juvenile for stabbing schoolmate, 9/24/08

4H members compete at Star of Texas Fair, 3/30/08

712 foreclosures this year, 8/19/08

all districts pass TEA standards, 10/16/08

annual livestock show/photos, 1/24/08

area at risk for wildfires/photos, 1/30/08

Bill Wyatt files as write-in candidate for Pct. 1 Commissioner, 9/3/08

Bridge at Old Martindale Rd. officially open/photo

Roads, 7/30/08

Bridges re-elected as sheriff, 11/5/08

burn ban continues, certain types of fireworks banned, 12/26/08

car burglaries on the rise, 5/8/08

car surfer killed, driver charged with manslaughter/photo, 3/19/08

census bureau names county 20th fastest- growing in nation, 3/21/08

Child Protective Board

helps at Christmas/photo, 1/1/08

Commissioner Barton to name Tommy Ratliff for Justice of the Peace, 10/14/08

commissioners approve funding of CFPO project, 1/23/08

commissioners consider joining group to help conserve public lands, 1/15/08

commissioners debate road project details, 1/16/08

commissioners fund Jacob's Well Natural Area project, 9/2/08

commissioners imposed moratorium on parks and open space bond projects, 1/30/08

commissioners lift burn ban, 3/26/08

commissioners to discuss option for appointing Sheriff Bridges' replacement, 12/14/08

commissioners vote against shooting ban, 3/28/08

commissioners vote to increase base pay rate and buy uniforms, 5/9/08

community supervision officers honored for service/photo, 3/5/08

Dahlstrom Ranch to receive technical assistance from National Park Service, 12/14/08

David Hicks confesses to murder of Jack Hood/photos, 9/23/08

debate over pay raises for sheriff's deputies, 5/4/08

Deer Creek residents negotiate water deal, 3/7/08

drunk driver crash injures 5 including DPS officer/photo, 9/28/08

early voting underway, 10/22/08

extension agent Richard Parrish receives national award for video/photo, 10/10/08

factors in educational gaps outlined in new state study, 12/11/08

failure of proposed park plans causes discontent with commissioners, 1/20/08

federal funds received to supplement emergency programs, 3/14/08

FFA students take prizes at livestock show/photos, 1/31/08

fire marshal says wildfire caused by accident, 3/21/08

Firefighters battle blaze that burned 140 acres/photo, 7/24/08

Food manager course set for September, 8/17/08

Foreclosure rates lower than other Central Texas areas, 7/20/08

foreclosures continue to increase, 12/25/08

four held in assault of 93-year-old man/photos, 9/5/08

four residents graduate from CAPCOG regional training, 10/12/08

grand jury indictments listed, 12/23/08

grand jury indictments released, 10/12/08

Grand jury indicts digital peeper

McDonald, Michael Aaron, 4/18/08

HAM radio demonstration, 6/27/08

Hays Quarry honored by Wildlife Habitat Council/photo, 11/18/08

Hays schools receive state ratings, 8/3/08

Hays teen killed by drunk driver

Gregg, Joshua C.

Lair, Ronald Stone/photo, 8/1/08

Health Dept. warns of salmonella threat in jalapeno peppers/photo, 7/23/08

high wildfire danger requires extra caution, 10/10/08

home foreclosures increase, 11/27/08

home foreclosures up 10 percent over last year, 3/18/08

home values rising, 5/11/08

June foreclosures down from last month and last year, 5/21/08

jurors in Mojica trial admonished not to discuss case, 5/1/08

Local student participates in 4-H Congress

Urbach, Hannah/photo, 8/1/08

mad held in attack on 12-year-old girl/photo, 10/1/08

man drowns in the Blanco River, 9/16/08

March 4 primaries set, 1/6/08

Nick Ramus, candidate for Pct. 1 Commissioner, arrested in gun case, 9/7/08

North Hays Community Expo held/photo, 10/24/08

number of home foreclosure increased, 1/25/08

Old Martindale Road bridge over Blanco River still under construction, 3/9/08

primary elections results, 3/5/08

Registration open for Extension's Master Gardener Course, 7/25/08

Residents show knowledge about local water issues in survey, 8/17/08

road bond supporters hold news conference, 9/30/08

road bonds approved by voters, 11/5/08

Runoff election held for Democratic Railroad Commissioner, 4/6/08

sales tax rebates for cities detailed, 1/16/08

sheriff awaits autopsy in baby's death, 1/10/08

sheriff investigates baby's death/photos, 1/6/08

Sheriff issues high alert for drought, high winds, 6/6/08

Sheriff presents Community Partner Award to Steve and Dee Dee Parker/photo, 8/10/08

student who brought gun to school in custody at Hays Juvenile Detention Ctr, 5/8/08

swami Prakashanand Saraswati freed on bail, 5/1/08

third teen arrested for 2007 sex assault/photo, 5/29/08

two teens arrested for 2007 sex assault/photos, 5/27/08

vandals damaged flood warning beacon, 3/12/08

wildfire burns 680 acres north of CR 266/photos, 3/16/08

Hays county

burn ban, 6/27/08

Hays County Commissioners Court

Commissioners approve modified road package, 2/5/08

County approves TxDOT road package, 2/8/07

Moratorium placed on new projects funded by park bond, 2/12/08

New Fire Marshall may be appointed in executive session, 6/1/08

Pay package considered for deputy sheriff, constables, 4/1/08

Hays County Crime Stoppers

seek information on Dec. 2007 robbery, 9/11/08

Hays County History

Burnett Ranch and family

Profile and photos, 4/13/08

Early ranch life was tough/photos, 4/17/08

Hays County sheriff gets FBI recognition

Alvarez, Frank/photo

Mueller, Robert S./photo, 6/25/08

Hays County Sheriff's Department

Sheriff's office thanks officers at 160 year anniversary, 8/10/08

Hays County Sheriff's Office

commissioners wait to name Sheriff Bridges' replacement, 12/17/08

deputy dies of injuries from bicycle accident, 9/5/08

seeks information in convenience store robbery, 9/21/08

Tommy Ratliff named as new sheriff, 12/23/08

Hays County, Caldwell County

Burn ban to be enforced, 6/4/08

Hays High

Class of 1988 reunion to be held, 4/15/08

Hays school districts to make buses greener

Hay County

School, 2/20/08

Hazlett, Archie G.

obituary, 1/2/08

Head, Ben

Honored/photo, 6/3/08

Hearn, William

Photo, 4/4/08

Heart of Texas Chorus

14th anniversary/photos, 3/6/08

Heart of Texas chorus to compete in Nashville, 6/26/08

Heart of Texas Chorus to perform at Summer in the Park concert series, 6/19/08

Heath, Joan

Award/photo, 6/1/08

Heaton, Sam

Photo, 2/12/08

HEB presents check to Food Bank

Hays County

Photo, 4/10/08

Heller, Pierce

Photo, 8/6/08

Hemphill, Alice

obituary, 9/9/08, 9/12/08

Hemphill, Alice "Sugar"

obituary, 9/11/08

Henderson, Jo Ann

Obituary, 4/13/08

Hendrickson, Valeda Jewell

obituary, 12/18/08

Henry, Arnold N. "Hank"

obituary/photo, 12/10/08

Henry, Meganne

winner of Crockett Elem t-shirt design contest/photos, 10/5/08

Heritage Home Tour

'Roses of San Antonio Street' features 6 homes/photo, 4/27/08

Hernandez Elementary School

Salazar and Stanley awarded students of the month/photo, 2/26/08

Hernandez Intermediate School

Students participate in POWERHOUSE program/photo, 4/20/08

Hernandez, Alicia Marie

Engagement/photo, 7/13/08

Hernandez, Angel

Award/photo, 6/11/08

Hernandez, Ashley Alyssa


Wedding announcement, 6/1/08

Hernandez, Juan L.

obituary, 9/12/08

obituary/photo, 9/14/08

Hernandez, Rebecca

Photo, 2/5/08

Herrera, Heath

Photo, 7/13/08

Herrera, John

promoted to CenturyTel business sales manager/photo, 10/9/08

Herrin, John

Photo, 8/3/08

Hi Art opens

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Photo, 2/13/08

Hidden Village apartments marked for demolition

Tx State University bought complex/photo, 6/25/08

Hiebert, Arlis

Photo, 6/8/08, 6/13/08

High Basin Winds play Summer in the Park concert

Photo, 6/13/08

Hilburn, Peggy

named Teacher of the Month by Lions Club/photo, 10/9/08

Hill Country Christian School

Garage sale proceeds go for Senior trip/photo, 4/15/08

Hill Country Coalition of Counties

Officials will ask Texas Legislature to address issues, 6/15/08

Hill, Bobby

Engagement/photo, 4/20/08

Hill, Herbert and Lois

anniversary/photo, 9/7/08

Hill, Winnie Herrington

Obituary/photo, 2/10/08

Hille, Ryan Richard

wedding/photo, 12/14/08

Hindu leader arrested for indecency

Hays County

Saraswati, Prakashanand, 4/27/08

Hines, Phillip Jerry

Obituary, 4/16/08

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Banquet honors local 'superwomen'

Vaca, Nina/photo, 6/15/08

Women entrepreneurs honored/photo, 4/20/08

History-San Marcos

Fort Street Presbyterian Church on Living History Tour, 2/24/08

Stewart, Wolverton homes have rich history/photos, 4/13/08

Hitchcock, Joseph W.

obituary, 3/11/08, 3/12/08

Hodgson, Ria

Photo, 2/26/08

Hoffman, Dean

Photo, 7/20/08

Hofstad, Harold F.

obituary, 10/1/08

Holberg, L.R.

Obituary, 2/1/08

obituary, 1/31/08

Holeman, Seale

obituary, 9/23/08

Holgin, Lourdes and Anthony

Photo, 4/13/08

Holiday season rebates up in San Marcos, down elsewhere

Hays County, 2/15/08

Hollar, Jennifer Lynn

engagement/photo, 11/16/08

Hollar, Julie

Photo, 8/17/08

Holmes, Martha Nell

Photo, 6/15/08

Holt, Keith Edward

sentenced to 25 years in prison for rape/photo, 9/11/08

Honoring Women Entrepreneur Awards

Six businesswomen honored for excellence/photos, 7/23/08

Hopper, Misty

Award/photo, 6/1/08

Hotel and city conference center

Construction on schedule/photo, 4/24/08

House, Pam

delegate to Bluebonnet Girls State/photo, 5/11/08

Houston, Nettie

Obituary, 2/28/08

obituary, 3/2/08

Houston, Nettie Smith

Obituary/photo, 2/29/08

Howard, Melani

Photo, 7/20/08

Howard, Mitchell and MacDaniel and Mattie

Photo, 4/24/08

Hudson, Eloise

accepts check on behalf of CASA/photo, 9/9/08

Hudson, Jeri

Photo, 4/3/08

Hughson, Gladys Watson

obituary/photo, 3/18/08

Human smugglers may face federal charges, 8/1/08

Hummingbirds return to Central Texas

Earliest birds seen in Wimberley/photos, 2/29/08

Humphrey, Meroba M. 'Melba'

Obituary/photo, 8/1/08

Hunt, Dorothy H. "Neomi"

obituary, 3/26/08

obituary/photo, 3/27/08

Hunt, Phyllis

Photo, 2/15/08

Hurley, Chelsea

Photo, 2/24/08

Hurricane Dolly brings rain to San Marcos

Rain flows from streets to river/photo, 7/25/08

Hurricane Dolly may cause evacuations to Central Texas, 7/22/08

Hurricane Edouard may bring thundershowers to San Marcos, 8/5/08

Hurtado, Daniel C.

Photo, 4/6/08

Huth wins Golden Eagle Award

Profile and photo, 2/19/08

Huth, Jesse

Photo, 2/19/08



Ibarra, Master Sgt. Jesus Manuel (Ret.)

obituary/photo, 11/26/08

Iliff, Jerilyn

Photo, 2/8/08

Infant death under investigation, 7/22/08

Ingels, Sidney L 'Sid' II

Obituary, 6/17/08

Ingram, Luke

Photo, 7/1/08

Injured soldiers dive at Spring Lake for certification

Photos, 4/16/08

Injured toddler case under investigation, 2/24/08

Irby, Bobbye Jo

Obituary, 2/17/08, 2/19/08

Irvin, (Lois) Jean

Obituary/photo, 6/19/08

Irvin, Lois J.

Obituary, 6/10/08

Ivarra, Rosie

Photo, 4/15/08



Jackson, James D.

Obituary, 7/18/08

Jackson, James Douglas

Obituary/photo, 7/20/08

Jackson, Will

Photo, 8/1/08

Jaffer, Moe

Photo, 6/8/08

Jager, Marie and Ron

Photo, 6/8/08

James, Ian

Photo, 4/23/08

Jamison, Collette

receives city's thanks for serving as interim city manager/photo, 5/9/08

Jaquez, Abe

winner of LCD tv in Movies in Your Park contest/photo, 9/17/08

Javelina spotted near Goodnight Jr. High

Photo, 4/17/08

Jeffrey, Curtis D.

Obituary, 6/6/08

Jenkins, Curtis L.

obituary, 8/22/08

Jenkins, Curtis Larry

obituary/photo, 8/24/08

Jenkins, Will

Photo, 2/21/08

Jennings, Col. Elton

Profile and photos, 7/4/08

Jennings, Constance P.

obituary, 10/24/08

Jennings, Jason

Photo, 4/10/08

Jennings, Julia E.

obituary, 1/11/08

Jepson, Gary

receives check from Tanger Outlet Center on behalf of CTMC/photo, 1/13/08

Jerry Hall gives away free sequoia tree seeds

Photo, 6/1/08

Jetty, Gorgette

Photo, 6/13/08

Jimenez, Cruz

Obituary, 6/1/08

obituary, 5/30/08

John Ellis wins bird poetry contest

Photo, 6/17/08

Johnson, Delores E.

Obituary, 4/2/08

Johnson, Jeremy Stephen

arrested for pulling a gun in road rage incident, 9/3/08

Johnson, Maxie

obituary, 1/23/08

Johnston, Lillie Kemp

Obituary, 6/22/08

Johnston, Marvin Autry

obituary/photo, 3/23/08

Jones, Carolyn

Award/photo, 6/1/08

Jones, John

Photo, 4/18/08

Jones, Joyce Marie

Obituary, 4/1/08

Jones, Lance

Photo, 7/31/08

Jones, Rev. Joyce Marie

Obituary, 4/3/08

Obituary/photo, 4/2/08

Jordan, Jerry J.

obituary/photo, 9/3/08

Jordan, Lavell

Obituary, 2/21/08, 2/24/08

Jordan, Margaret Ann

obituary/photo, 10/22/08

Jordon, Scott

Photo, 7/24/08

Jose Rodriquez arrives in Iraq for duty

Kyle community, 2/10/08

Juarez Family

profile/photo, 1/1/08

Juarez, Maria G.

obituary, 10/29/08

obituary/photo, 10/28/08

Juarez, Melba Dorris

obituary, 12/02/08

Juarez, Susie DeLeon

Obituary, 2/6/08, 2/7/08

Juarez, Theodoro R.

obituary/photo, 12/17/08

Juarez, Theodoro R. Sr.

obituary, 12/16/08

Juel, Martin O.

Obituary/photo, 2/17/08

July foreclosures up from last year, down from last month

Hays Country, 6/15/08

June temperature in triple-digits, no rain

Central Texas, 6/19/08

Juneteenth Barbecue cook-off

Photos, 6/22/08

Junior Cotillion to establish chapter in Hays County

Hays County, 2/15/08

Jurgensen, Kelly

Photo, 7/4/08



Kaboutari, Abraham Joshua

wedding/photo, 11/2/08

Kazek, Kelly

Photo, 8/8/08

Keith, Mary Eunice

obituary, 3/13/08, 3/16/08

Keller, Joshua Mark

engagement/photo, 5/4/08

Kelley, J. Will and Louise

65th Wedding Anniversary/photo, 8/8/08

Kelley, Robert

obituary, 11/25/08

Kettler, Marie Louise Raschke

Obituary, 7/25/08

Key, Kayla

Photo, 4/13/08

Khasbagan, Melissa

Photo, 8/3/08

Kiddy, Margaret "Billy"

obituary/photo, 12/30/08

Kim, Sunyun

Photo, 2/5/08

King, Bob

profile/photo, 8/19/08

Kinsey, Bobby Earl 'Hamburger Bob'

Obituary, 6/11/08

Kirchner, Ernest Hubert (Red) Jr.

Obituary, 7/23/08

Kirkham, Wes

winner of Central TX Men's Golf Tournament/photo, 5/2/08

Kirtley, Judith

fire victim identified, 1/23/08

Kirtley, Judith Eileen Fog

obituary, 1/25/08

Kitchen, Larry Wayne 'Kuma'

Obituary, 2/15/08

Knipp, David

organizing Hill Country Good Gathering Food and Toy Ride/photo, 12/02/08

Knispel, Amanda Hicks Kasch

obituary, 5/2/08

obituary/photo, 5/4/08

Koehler, Joseph Allen

Engagement/photo, 2/10/08

Konecki, Niki

new principal of Travis Elementary/photo, 5/25/08

Kopecki, Angela Marie

graduates from TLU/photo, 3/28/08

Kroeker, LeRoy Henry

Obituary, 2/19/08

Kruse, Sergeant James

Photo, 7/2/08

Kubsch, Ethan

held in assault of elderly man/photo, 9/5/08

Kubsch, Forrest

held in assault of elderly man/photo, 9/5/08

Kulivan, Joseph

new head chef in Wimberley/photo, 5/14/08

Kvanli, Ben

Photo, 2/14/08, 4/23/08

placed third in kayak trials, 5/6/08

Kyle Community

"Love Your Life" campaign at middle school, 2/10/08

'American Idol' Chris Sligh to perform in Kyle/photo, 8/1/08

'Scouting Our Past' event honors area Girl Scouts/photo, 4/13/08

Blooms Above the Blanco celebrates city history/photo, 3/20/08

Chamber of Commerce committee offers business seminar series, 4/6/08

Chamber of Commerce honors women in business

Photo, 4/23/08

fire forces evacuations, 1/2/08

Former City Secretary remembered by officials

Falcon, Minerva, 7/8/08

Guillermo Enriquez deployed to Iraq, 7/3/08

Illness blamed on salmonella from tomatoes, 6/4/08

Kyle goes to more strict water measures, 6/22/08

Kyle Police Department adopts new image/photos, 7/2/08

Kyle unveils new economic development plan, 2/17/08

Letter from two London girls makes its way to Kyle ranch

Photos, 2/17/08

Michael Blake named new police chief, 1/24/08

MOTIF honored as UMBRA retail partner, 7/16/08

new historical marker, 3/4/08

New water rules for conservation, 4/22/08

police seek clues in baby death, 5/8/08

Vehicle burglars hit Kyle, 6/4/08

Kyle, Paul and Georgean

profile/photo, 9/14/08



Laas, Charles Victor

Obituary/photo, 6/26/08

obituary/pic, 6/27/08

Laas, Janice Fay (Everett-Waun)

Obituary/photo, 6/22/08

Lake Country Carpet opens

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Photo, 2/13/08

Lambarri, Elodia Vasquez

obituary/photo, 8/19/08

Lambert, Don Herbert

Obituary, 6/8/08

Landis, Ashley

Award/photo, 4/6/08

Landrum, Sarah Elizabeth

Engagement/photo, 2/3/08

Wedding Announcement/photo, 6/22/08

Landureth, Iola Ruth (Hill)

Obituary/photo, 4/25/08

Lane, Elsie

Obituary, 4/23/08

Lane, Elsie Joyce

Obituary/photo, 4/24/08

Lane, James Franklin III

wedding, 1/13/08

Lann, Arlene Jewel

Obituary, 7/29/08

Large-Jones, Selma "Callie"

wedding/photo, 12/14/08

LAT honors 'Lumberman of the Year'

McCoy, Brian/photo, 4/23/08

LaVergne, Maurice E. "Mel"

obituary/photo, 5/4/08

Lawrence, Debby

Melvin Jones award/photo, 5/13/08

LBJ Museum

Waterson interns in museum costume project/photos, 7/24/08

LBJ Museum "Texas Swing Era" display, 5/13/08

LBJ Museum seeks memorabilia, artifacts, 4/8/08

LCRA hearing delayed

Residents oppose high-watt transmission line route, 8/13/08

LCRA rate hike will affect San Marcos residents

Higher electric bills expected, 6/6/08

Leadership San Marcos holds sixth session

Photo, 2/15/08

League of women voters debate set, 2/10/08

League of Women Voters hosts primary hopefuls, 2/12/08

Leath, Donald A.

Obituary, 6/19/08

Lee, Franklin

Juneteenth Domino play-off winner/pic, 6/27/08

Leggiadro opens

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Photo, 2/13/08

Leidecker, Jaykip

Photo, 4/20/08

Leija, Ignacio Ponce

Obituary/photo, 7/1/08

Lesak, Sarah

Photo, 7/23/08

Levesque, Bonnie and Ric

profile/photos, 12/14/08

Lewis, Andrew

Photo, 2/3/08

Lewis, Mildred

obituary, 3/12/08

Lhale, Lance

Photo, 7/6/08

Liddle, Bill and Lois

anniversary/photos, 10/12/08

Linebarger, Wayne

obituary, 5/20/08

Linkous, Esther

Obituary, 4/6/08

Lipham, Estell

Obituary, 4/3/08

Little, Lovina "Zaytine"

obituary/photo, 11/12/08

Lizotte, Evelyn Mae

obituary, 1/18/08

Llanas, Antonio

obituary, 11/11/08

Local 4-H members win at State Horse Show

Hays County, 8/15/08

Local author sweeps book awards in LA for 'Richest Latino in America'

Ruiz, Ruben/photo, 6/1/08

Local bike rally to be held Saturday

Roar at the River/photos, 4/10/08

Local couple create green home environment

Robertson, Betsy

Derkacz, Todd

Photos, 2/17/08

Local credit card scheme may be linked to national ID thefts, 8/7/08

Local divers help recover body of burglary suspect

San Marcos Area Recovery Team, 2/24/08

Local Friday hip-hop nights popular

Gil's Restaurant

Daniel Evans and Chase Boy host, 2/14/08

Local kayaker to compete in Olympic trials

Kvanli and Poindexter prepare for trials/photo, 4/23/08

Local man attacked and robbed by three men, 4/18/08

Local man graduates from basic military training at Lackland

Ziegenbein, Zachary T./photo, 8/3/08

Local man graduates Lackland basic training

Pritchard, Alexander V./photo, 8/7/08

Local man killed in crash with teenage driver

Martinez, Antonio M.

Espinoza, Matthew, 6/25/08

Local man sought armed robbery of home

Molina, Jose Ventura/photo, 4/27/08

Local Marine promoted to Corporal

Narvaiz, Damien C./photo, 7/22/08

Local pet groups and veterinarians hold Spay Day

300 dogs and cats to be spayed/photos, 2/29/08

Local production of 'Oliver' opens at San Marcos High

Photos, 7/10/08

Local running event benefits CASA

Speak Up for Kids CASA 5K and 1K Fun Runs, 2/29/08

Local scouting troop 1954 makes Colorado trip

Photos, 8/15/08

Local teens spend summer working

Photos, 7/4/08

Local woman activated for deployment

Davis, Capt. Daphanie R./photo, 8/3/08

Local woman celebrates 100th birthday

Profile and photos

Durham, Annie Mae, 8/8/08

Local women enjoy belly dancing

Midnight Breeze Dance Company/photos, 2/24/08

local women prepare for Danskin Triathlon/photo, 5/25/08

Locals make, sell, and give away birdhouses

Photo, 2/17/08

Loeper, Dorothy and Hagen

Photo, 4/3/08

Loftin, Angie

Photo, 7/13/08

Logue, Georganne

Photo, 4/15/08

Lohse, Jon

Photo, 8/7/08

Lone Star Task Force

authorities arrest musician/photo, 10/7/08

Lopez, Baby Ivan

obituary, 9/10/08

Lopez, Bobby

Photo, 8/7/08

Lopez, Cesar Francisco

Obituary, 2/26/08

Lopez, Rhonda

Photo, 7/3/08

Losh, Dorine Schmeltekopf

obituary, 10/10/08

Lou Gold and Peggy Apiki sew and donate quilts

Threads of Love

Profile and photos, 7/20/08

Lovell, Liam

Photo, 6/3/08

Lowe, Annie Mae Richardson

obituary, 9/5/08

Lowry, Glenn

obituary/photo, 11/11/08

Lozano, Nicole

named to regents of Texas State University system, 5/22/08

Lucio, Ryan Justin

obituary, 5/29/08

Luedeker, Sam

Photo, 6/13/08

Lugo, George

wins iPod in SMCISD Convocation drawing/photo, 9/9/08

LULAC 'Roar at the River' bike show and rally

Photos, 4/15/08

Luling Watermelon thump

Joseph Natal takes first place, 8/8/08

Luna, Maria deLaLuz

obituary, 5/30/08

Luna, Rev. Father Henry

Obituary, 2/10/08

Luz, Maria Garcia

Photo, 7/18/08

Lyle, Jerlene "Jean" Yvonne Jacobs

obituary, 12/18/08

Lyon, Carmel Ruth Moy

obituary, 9/11/08

obituary/photo, 9/10/08

Lyon, Edwin Stafford

obituary/photo, 1/20/08



Machado, Amelia

Obituary, 2/22/08, 2/24/08

Madison, Amy

named new director of Economic Development-San Marcos, 3/26/08

MAES president killed in wreck

Texas State Science Extravaganza postponed

Leija, David, 2/29/08

mail truck burns on IH-35/photos, 3/25/08

Majors, Carrie Ann

wedding/photo, 1/13/08

Mallene, Harry S. "Scotty"

obituary, 3/16/08

man arrested in family assault, 1/3/08

Man found guilty of raping niece

Holt, Keith Edward, 7/31/08

Man indicted for putting Illegal fish in local ponds

Stoner, William Lamar

Photo, 2/8/07

Man injured when Mercedes collides with cement truck

Photo, 2/10/08

Man killed as truck hits tree

Villarreal, Mark, 7/22/08

Man killed in IH 35 hit and run near Kyle, 4/8/08

Maness, Kai

honored by Nat'l Hispanic Recognition Program/photo, 10/5/08

receives certificate of excellence from mayor/photo, 11/12/08

Mangrum, Calvin Randall

obituary, 9/21/08, 9/28/08

Maniscalo, Mark

Photo, 4/30/08

Manzanares, Humberto

Obituary/photo, 4/13/08

Mariachi Tamazula plays Summer in the Park series

Photo, 8/8/08

Marijuana arrest follows complaint at apartment complex, 4/16/08

Marine welcomed home from Iraq

Loeper, Cody/photos, 4/3/08

Mark, Maureen

Photo, 4/18/08

Marrufo, Margaret F.

obituary, 1/30/08

Martin, Jacob

Photo, 6/11/08

Martin, Joyce D.

Obituary/photo, 2/17/08

Martin, Monica

Photo, 4/13/08

Martindale Community

Historic church converted to community library/photos, 6/3/08

Residents oppose high-voltage transmission line, 7/15/08

Riverside subdivision developers worry about water flow, 8/17/08

Water use restrictions mandated in Martindale, 7/10/08

Martinez, Carmel A.

obituary, 1/6/08, 1/8/08

Martinez, Claudia

Photo, 6/4/08

Martinez, Francisco Celestino

obituary/photo, 11/9/08

Martinez, Jason Lee


Wedding announcement, 6/1/08

Martinez, Melissa


Wedding announcement, 6/1/08

Martinez, Michelle Aguirre

obituary/photo, 1/4/08

Martinez, Miranda Michelle

indicted for intoxication manslaughter of San Marcos woman, 11/23/08

Martinez, Raul

obituary, 5/28/08, 5/29/08

Martinez, Sarah

received certificate from National Fraternity of Student Musicians/photo, 5/18/08

Martino, Frank Roy Jr.

obituary, 1/2/08

Mascorro, Ernestina

obituary, 8/19/08

Massaro, James and Vivianna

Photo, 6/24/08

Mastro, Lois Virginia Cheek Vandervort

Obituary, 6/11/08

Matthias, Marie

obituary, 10/23/08

Mauldin, Bernice Louise

obituary/photo, 9/23/08

Mauldin, Mark and Donna

donate to Camp Heartsong/photo, 10/14/08

Mayfield, Jane O.

Obituary, 7/13/08

Mayor honors Breihans at Summerfest

Breihan, Francis and Ted/photo, 7/8/08

Mayor honors public employees in San Marcos, Hays County

Photo, 4/18/08

Mayor issues Earth Day proclamation

Photo, 4/20/08

Mayor proclaims April Financial Literacy Month

Photo, 4/6/08

Mayor proclaims April Mathematics Awareness Month

Photo, 4/6/08

Mayor proclaims April Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Photo, 4/6/08

Mayor proclaims Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month

Photo, 4/11/08

Mayor proclaims Fair Housing Month

Photo, 4/6/08

Mayor seeks third term

Narvaiz, Susan/photo, 7/6/08

McBride, Michael H.

named Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 5/20/08

McCall, David

Photo, 6/19/08

McCann, Vivian Wagner

Obituary, 2/28/08, 2/29/08

McCarty Lane project uncertain

Roads, 2/20/08

McCarty Lane thought dangerous for SMHS traffic

Roads, 2/19/08

McCelvey, Robert Dole (R.D.)

Obituary, 7/10/08

McClean, Malcolm

Photo, 2/26/08

McCleskey, Michael Ray

Wedding Announcement/photo, 6/22/08

McCleskey, Michael Roy

Engagement/photo, 2/3/08

McClinton, Royce

obituary, 5/6/08

McCorpin, Nancy

Wedding Announcement/photo, 7/20/08

McCoy, Alta

Obituary, 2/10/08

McCoy, Altamarzie

Obituary, 2/5/08

McCoy, Kate

Engagement/photo, 8/3/08

McCoy, Miriam and Emmett

to receive honorary degrees from Tx State/photo, 5/6/08

McDonald, Michael Aaron

arrested for improper photos found on cell phone/photo, 3/2/08

McDonald, Valerie A.

Obituary, 4/29/08

McDonald, William "Bill"

obituary, 3/4/08, 3/9/08

obituary/photo, 3/5/08

McGehee, Michael

wins Friends of SM Cemetery Benefit Run/Walk/photo, 10/29/08

McGinnis, Madie Lee

obituary, 1/18/08

McGinnis, Tessa

Photo, 8/17/08

McGinniss, Scott L.

obituary, 3/19/08

McIlheran, Thomas Albert Jr.

obituary, 11/5/08

McKinney, Jack

Obituary, 6/24/08

McMillan, Katy

wins Toastmasters Spring Speech contest, 3/28/08

McMillan, Robert 'Coach Mac'

Honored/photo, 6/3/08

McMullin, Roy

Photo, 8/3/08

McRae, John III

former resident killed in hit-and-run in WA, 9/10/08

Meadows, Anna Kay

Engagement/photo, 2/10/08

Meadows, Nette Lucyle Dauchy

obituary, 3/16/08

Meadows, Nettie Lucyle Dauchy

obituary, 3/18/08

Mehus, Elizabeth G.

obituary, 8/28/08

Mendez, Irene K.

new SM elementary school to be named in her honor/photo, 11/20/08

Mendez, Toni

obituary/photo, 10/21/08, 10/22/08

Mercado, Miguel

obituary, 5/30/08

Mercado, Rosa

Obituary, 7/22/08

Mercado, Roslyn

Photo, 2/29/08

Mesa, Rudy

former officer honored/photos, 8/24/08

former SMPD officer killed in Iraq to be honored/photo, 8/20/08

Meyer, Carol

Photo, 2/24/08

Meyer, Graden Francis

Obituary, 4/29/08

Michaelis, Helen

Photos, 2/17/08

Miller Junior High

Eighth graders celebrate Huck Finn Day/photo, 6/24/08

Miller Junior High students tour San Marcos High

Photos, 2/10/08

Miller, Carolyn Cooper

Obituary/photo, 8/7/08

MIller, Darryl Edward

engagement/photo, 5/4/08

Miller, Harvey

Juneteenth/pic, 6/27/08

Miller, Milam

competed at Texas Forensic Assoc. state competition/photo, 3/30/08

Millie Seaton Museum

landmark house holds more than 8,000 dolls on display/photo, 9/2/08

Mills, Big John

wins Texas Musician of the Year/photos, 5/9/08

Miranda, Guadalupe 'Lupe'

Obituary, 8/3/08

Miranda, Shelby

Photo, 7/22/08

Miss Teen recruitment begins, 6/3/08

Missing elderly man found in San Marcos thanks to Silver Alert, 9/26/08

Missing soldiers' bodies found

Mother of Brian Fouty is San Marcos resident, 7/11/08

Mitchell, J.C.

obituary, 1/2/08

Mitchell, James Bradford "Brad"

obituary, 6/27/08

Mock, Sarah

wins top award in geography poster contest/photos, 11/23/08

Mojica child abuse case

Jury begins deliberation, 4/30/08

Mojica child abuse trial

Blunt force injuries revealed, 4/24/08

Dental expert testifies on bite marks

Mojic, Cesar/photo, 4/25/08

Father testifies to being drunk during abuse, 4/29/08

Mojica children react to TV images

Mojica abuse trial, 4/27/08

Mojica, Cesar

defense presents case in sentencing phase, 5/7/08

found guilty of 14 counts of child abuse/photo, 5/2/08

jury begins deliberation on sentencing, 5/8/08

sentenced to 14 life terms/photo, 5/9/08

sentencing phase of trial continues, 5/4/08, 5/6/08

Montague, Artie Ellen

Obituary, 6/1/08

Montgomery, Lucius Calvin 'Monty'

Obituary, 6/10/08

Moody, Mikayla

Photo, 2/29/08

Moore, Marianne

Photo, 4/3/08

Profile and photos

Texas State University, 2/10/08

Moore, Newlyn

Beta Sigma Phi Woman of the Year/photo, 5/4/08

Moore, Susy

awarded Melvin Jones Fellow by Lions Club International Foundation/photo, 12/02/08

Morales, Erika Amanda

engagement/photo, 11/16/08

Morales, Patricia A.

obituary, 11/13/08

Morales, Patricia Ann

obituary/photo, 11/14/08

Morales, Tomas Lamar

engagement/photo, 12/14/08

Moree, Todd

Photo, 6/13/08

Moreno, Abraham

obituary, 3/16/08

Moreno, Abraham E.

obituary, 3/18/08

Moreno, Otilia "Tillie"

obituary/photo, 10/23/08

Morin, Aurora

Obituary, 7/29/08

Morris, Shawn

awarded scholarship from Vietnam Veterans of America/photo, 9/7/08

Morrison, Lindsey

Photo, 4/22/08

Morrisset, John William

Obituary/photo, 7/15/08

Morrow, Elbert Jr. "Pappy"

obituary, 10/3/08

obituary/photo, 10/2/08

Morrow, John F.

Obituary, 7/25/08

Moseley, Earl

profile/photo, 3/9/08

Mother sentenced to 30 years for child abuse

Amaya, Sara, 6/13/08

Motloch, Hunter Hayes

birth/photo, 9/7/08

Motorcycle drawing at Hats of for Hospice

Central Texas Medical Center, 2/19/08

Mueller, Grace

Photo, 6/24/08

Municipal Airport gets improvement funding

Senate approves 2 million for airport/photo, 7/13/08

Munk, Victor

Engagement/photo, 2/3/08

Munk, Willodeine

obituary, 11/5/08

Munson, Dr. Karen

piano students win awards, 5/18/08

Murdoch, Matt

Photo, 4/23/08

Mutt Strutt

Photos, 4/20/08

Mutt Strutt event

Exhibition race between tortoise and hare/photo, 4/15/08



Nankervis, Major Jack

Obituary/photo, 6/22/08

Narvaiz, Susan

finalist for 2008 Women in Municipal Govt leadership award, 11/2/08

Nash, Anne Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 3/23/08

wedding/photo, 9/28/08

Nash, William Monroe

obituary, 12/16/08

Nature Conservancy protects Aquifer and San Marcos springs and land

Conservation easement, 2/3/08

Navaira, Emilio

popular singer, Texas State alum critically injured/photo, 3/25/08

Neal, Reed

Photo, 2/14/08

Needham, Edwin

obituary, 1/27/08

Needham, Edwin L.

Obituary, 2/3/08

Neighbors steal electric meter to restore power, 6/19/08

Nelson, Janet

Photo, 7/30/08

New City Manager sworn in

Menchaca, Rick/photo

Narvaiz, Mayor Susan/photo, 7/23/08

New senior theatre group formed

Second Act Troupe/photo

Hays County, 7/3/08

New, improved TV magazine in Daily Record, 4/6/08

Newell, Jessica Lauren

wedding/photo, 12/14/08

Nichols, T C

Obituary, 2/28/08

Nichols, T.C.

Obituary/photo, 2/27/08

Niera, Dominga

Obituary, 4/15/08

Nored, Len

Photo, 6/5/08

Norris earns US Naval Aviation Wings

Norris, Jonathan/photo, 7/6/08

Norris, Joy

earns ABRA honors/photo, 12/07/08

Norris, Mark

Photo, 6/13/08

Northrop, Worthie A.

Obituary, 4/24/08

Nutt, Maurice Eugene

obituary, 1/3/08



Oaks, Laura P.

wedding/photo, 8/31/08

Obama to speak at Sewell Park, 2/26/08

Obenhaus, Jake Grovan

obituary, 8/20/08

Odam, Lacye

wins 2008 Oberle Award/photo, 5/11/08

Odyssey Youth and Adult Company completes summer camp

Photo, 8/5/08

Oglesby, Charlie and Donna

Photo, 7/18/08

Oliver, Clinton Allen

obituary, 10/30/08

Olivo, John

Photo, 4/13/08

Olivo, Tony

helped save teenager who drowned near Rio Vista, 5/29/08

One car accident on I35 claims life of Dallas man

Galaviz, Carlos, 7/29/08

Oneill, Christopher Ryan

Photo, 8/8/08

Oneill, Codus Clifton

Photo, 8/8/08

Operation FALCON

Felons from Hays and Caldwell counties apprehended, 7/2/08

Oral history project exhibit at LBJ Museum

Photos, 8/8/08


American Legion Auxiliary

send local girls to Bluebonnet Girls State/photo, 5/11/08


Alternative Life Moving Strategies

scholarship to Alexander Battle/photo, 9/7/08

American G.I. Forum

honor Hector P. Garcia/photo, 9/18/08

women's chapter awards scholarships/photo, 9/18/08

American Heart Walk Luncheon

Photo, 6/6/08

American Legion holds oratorical contest

Photo, 2/3/08

Assoc. for the Study of Unexplained Phenomena

explain local ghost stories, 10/30/08

Beta Sigma Phi

Newlyn Moore named Woman of the Year/photo, 5/4/08

Campfire Boys and Girls

sponsor crafting event to make cards for veterans, 1/31/08


discusses local child abuse cases, 5/2/08

fundraising duathlon held/photo, 8/19/08

CASA grant will fund new volunteers, 6/1/08

Christian Women's Job Corps

profile/photos, 5/11/08

tea fundraiser/photo, 5/2/08

Cub Scouts

local scouts earn Light of Christ certificates, patches/photos, 9/25/08

Daughters of the Am. Revolution

honor students for good citizenship/photo, 3/13/08

Debra Sowards awarded Lion of the Year/photo, 7/10/08

Dunbar Heritage Association hosts Juneteenth, 6/17/08

Family for Life

seeks donations for annual weekend camp, 11/14/08

Family for Life receives donation/photo, 4/22/08

Food drive benefits San Marcos Animal Shelter, 7/9/08

Friends of the San Marcos Cemetery

plan 5K Walk/Run/photo, 10/5/08

Girl Scouts

cookie sales underway/photo, 1/13/08

Girl Scouts present wildflower guidebook for Bronze Award/photo, 7/15/08

Goodwill announces annual Weigh Good drive, 4/16/08

Greater San Marcos American GI Forum

elects new officers/photo, 11/4/08

Greater San Marcos Youth Council hosts school supply drive, 7/25/08

Habitat for Humanity

receives donation from State Farm/photo, 9/9/08

Habitat for Humanity builds Jackman Street home/photo, 7/31/08

Hays Caldwell Council

warns against binge drinking, 3/6/08

Hays County Area Food Bank

profile/photo, 3/12/08

Hays County Big Brothers Big Sisters

profile/photos, 3/23/08

Hays County Food Bank

Jerry Gracy hired as director, 5/27/08

receives donation from HEB/photo, 9/14/08

Hays County Historical Commission

commemorates Jack C Hays/photos, 12/09/08

Hays County Master Gardeners

elect new officers/photo, 1/15/08

Heritage Association

4 local homeowners to be honored at dinner/photos, 10/14/08

Arbor Day ceremony to honor Carl Anderson/photo, 3/2/08

debutantes presented at ball/photos, 1/20/08

Hospitality San Marcos S-PAC

favors extension of bar hours, 10/3/08

Kiwanis Club presents scholarships to San Marcos High students/photo, 6/19/08

Kiwanis Club welcomes DeZavala Elementary students to meeting/photo, 6/19/08

Leadership San Marcos

2008 class ends/photo, 3/23/08

League of Women Voters

host candidate meet-and-greet/photo, 8/31/08

League of Women Voters wins state award, 6/6/08

Local sorority hosts Health Awareness program, 4/29/08

Local teens volunteer for Meals on Wheels/photo, 7/13/08

Local Texas Outdoor Woman group introduces women to outdoors, 7/9/08

LULAC Council 4876

named org of the year by SM Hispanic Chamber/photo, 3/12/08


upset over link to bar hour vote, 11/2/08

MAES hosts Science Extravaganza for Hernandez

Photo, 2/24/08

Mayor declares CFPO-PAL Youth Sports Day/photo, 4/29/08

New CASA volunteers sworn in/photo, 7/1/08

Pacto con Dios

under investigation by Environmental Health Department, 3/30/08


receives grant from Humane Society of the U.S./photo, 12/07/08

Poco a Poquito

charity concert to benefit border families/photos, 10/2/08

River City Dance Theatre

students perform at Merrill Gardens/photo, 11/9/08

Salvation Army gets donated fans from CFAN/photo, 6/18/08

San Marcos Area Habitat for Humanity

10th home dedicated/photos, 12/23/08

San Marcos Art League features six local artists/photo, 4/1/08

San Marcos Chapter of AARP

volunteering for Salvation Army/photo, 11/23/08

San Marcos Educators Assoc

proposes teacher pay raises to SMCISD trustees, 5/22/08

San Marcos Heritage Assoc.

introduces oral history collection/photo, 9/14/08

San Marcos Manufacturing Assoc.

lunch, meeting held at Gary Job Corp/photo, 1/17/08

San Marcos Masonic Lodge

present four flags to student delegates/photo, 11/13/08

San Marcos Performing Arts Assoc.

Second Act joins/photo, 8/22/08

San Marcos Visitor Center included in Iris Society tour/photos, 4/18/08


awards local students for writing and oratory/photos, 5/27/08

SM Area Board of Realtors

Davis Scholarship awarded to Hanna Sanborn/photo, 5/18/08

SM Area Chamber of Commerce

Amy Madison new economic development director, 3/26/08

SM Baptist Academy Alumni Assoc.

presents alumni scholarship/photo, 10/31/08

SM Chamber of Commerce

president interviewed on local economy/photo, 10/9/08

SM Education Foundation

Academic Recognition Banquet held, 5/21/08

SM Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

award banquet held/photos, 3/12/08

SMABOR drawing benefits Habitat for Humanity, 4/13/08

SMHS Football Booster Club

pep rally and barbecue held/photo, 8/26/08

Spay Days USA

Photo, 2/24/08

Style show benefits American Cancer Society, 2/5/08

Thousand Smiles Foundation

Women volunteer for dental work/photos, 6/8/08

Tri Deltas honor Kay Burton/photo, 7/13/08

True Vineyard Ministries

profile/photos, 5/18/08

Rwandan mission continues/photos, 9/4/08

United Way

appreciation luncheon held/photo, 3/28/08

Vietnam Veterans of America

award scholarship to Cadet Shawn Morris/photo, 9/7/08

Young men and women represent San Marcos American Legion, 7/24/08

Ornales, Meredith

Photo, 2/24/08

Ornelas, Berto

profile/photos, 9/25/08

Orphaned sisters helped by volunteers

Public encouraged to donate

Guerrero, Omarr, 6/11/08

Ortega, Alejandro Guzman

Photo, 7/18/08

Ortiz, Jenny and Roland

Yard of the Month/photos, 9/26/08

Ortunio, Irene

Obituary, 2/24/08

Obituary/photo, 2/17/08

Ostling, Johanna

Photo, 4/10/08

Oswalt, Ronald

named VP of Austin Turfcats/photo, 11/26/08

Ousey, Kate

5th grade student of the month/photo, 5/1/08

Owens, Albert

Obituary, 8/17/08

Oyler, Lindsay Denise

engagement/photo, 5/18/08

Ozuna, Jenny

receives scholarship from Univ of Houston/photo, 5/11/08



Paese, Anthony Trace

wedding/photo, 3/30/08

Pape, Brazos August

wedding/photo, 11/23/08

Paper doll display draws attention to child abuse victims

Hays County, 4/13/08

Parham, Amy and Meridian

Photo, 2/14/08

Parker, Sam

advances to state science competition/photo, 3/30/08

Parker, Steve

named city director of Finance/photo, 12/14/08

Parker, Steve and Dee Dee

Award/photo, 8/10/08

Parks, Terri Yvonne

obituary, 1/25/08

Parra, Antonio Sr.

obituary/photo, 1/13/08

Parrish, Randall J.

obituary/photo, 1/20/08

Parrish, Richard

his 4-H video receives national award/photo, 10/10/08

Partridge, Donnie Lee

Obituary/photo, 2/24/08

Passty, Benjamin

engagement/photo, 9/28/08

Pastrano, Aurelio Jr.

obituary, 12/30/08

Pastrano, Jose (Joe)

Obituary/photo, 7/23/08

Pastrano, Rebecca and Heather

Photo, 2/10/08

Patterson, Matt

qualified as Championship Agent by Farmers Insurance/photo, 5/21/08

Patterson, Paul

Photo, 4/8/08

Pavia, Luis Guerra

Obituary/photo, 4/27/08

Pavia, Priscilla

wedding/photo, 11/23/08, 11/30/08

Payton, John William

charged with aggravated assault, 1/3/08

PEC urges residents to conserve

Yellow Conservation alert issued, 6/6/08

Pedernales Electric Co-op

directors approve rate increase, 3/20/08

Pedernales Electric Cooperative

58 seek board posts, 4/24/08

Pedestrian killed, woman arrested for DWI

Rosales, Johnnie Tirso

Solis, Estrella/photo, 6/3/08

Pedestrians injured by man arrested for drunk driving, 2/3/08

Penada-Saldivar, Oscar

obituary, 1/27/08

Pera, Collin

Aquarena Center/pic, 6/27/08

Perez, Aiden Skyler

obituary, 1/8/08

Perez, David Suarez

obituary, 10/9/08

obituary/photo, 10/10/08

Perez, Domingo Sr.

Obituary/photo, 2/5/08, 2/6/08

Perez, Gabriella

Honored/photo, 6/19/08

Perez, Richard Jr.

charged in baby death, 1/4/08

held in baby's death/photo, 1/6/08

Perez, Richard, Jr.

indicted in baby's death/photo, 3/13/08

Perry appoints Teresa Hernandez to Special Education committee, 2/28/08

Perry declares disaster status for Hays, Blanco, Caldwell counties

Threat of wildfire, 2/10/08

Peters, Carol

Photo, 7/23/08

Petersen, Patti

Photo, 6/3/08

Peterson, Patti

Photo, 6/3/08

Petrosky, Leonard

obituary, 1/3/08

Phillips, Laura Washington

obituary/photo, 10/10/08

Pichardo, Evan and Eric

Photo, 2/17/08

Pierce, Donna Laurance

birth/photo, 12/07/08

Pinales, Samuel "Pompo"

obituary/photo, 11/6/08

Pineda, Fidel Reyes Sr.

obituary/photo, 9/28/08

Pizana, Jeremiah

Photo, 7/4/08

Plane fire ruled accidental

San Marcos airport plane fire/photo, 7/9/08

Plumbing Solutions opens

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Photo, 2/17/08

Plummer deployed to Iraq

Plummer, Joshua P., 4/20/08

Poindexter, Mark

Photo, 4/23/08

Police investigate 3 assaults

Victims treated at CTMC, 6/1/08

Police investigate improper photos on cell phone, 6/10/08

police investigate motorcycle crash on Hwy. 123, 3/28/08

Police investigate two unrelated assaults, 7/1/08

Police involved in two weekend foot chases, 6/10/08

Police stop train hoppers on Wonder World Dr., 7/9/08

Police talk man in car out of suicide

Hays County, 2/3/08

Polk, Jodie E.

Obituary, 7/25/08

Obituary/photo, 7/22/08

Polk, Mary (Clark) and John Allen

50th Wedding Anniversary

Profile and photo, 8/17/08

Potter, Chris

Photo, 8/8/08

Powers, Tiffany D'Anna

Engagement/photo, 2/3/08

Pratt, Ralph Stanley Jr.

obituary, 9/11/08

Price Center

Heritage Association raises funds for new Tea Room chairs, 7/22/08

Price Center offers art classes to parents, kids

Photo, 6/24/08

Price Seniors Center hosts Texas Ranger historian

Ginn, Jody, 4/20/08

Pride Academic Center

ACC professor brings college class to PRIDE/photo, 4/15/08

Graduation ceremony for 14 students/photo, 4/20/08

Pride High School

42 students graduate/photo, 6/11/08

Priest, Matt

receives Bill Hogue Memorial Scholarship/photo, 5/22/08

Pritchett, John

Profile and photos, 6/1/08

Probation Officer of the Year Award

Hebert-Brown, Lorry/photo

Hernandez, George E./photo, 7/24/08

Purple martins arrive in Central Texas

Photo, 2/1/08



Queen, George Jr.

obituary, 1/27/08

Qurunful, Hayat

Photo, 6/8/08



Rabies vaccine running short

Hays County, 6/22/08

Rain from Hurricane Eduardo minimal in Central Texas, 8/6/08

Rainosek, Shelby

Photo, 6/18/08

Ramirez, Concha

obituary, 1/15/08

Ramirez, Conchita

obituary, 1/17/08

Ramirez, Jesus Alberto

engagement/photo, 11/16/08

Ramirez, Lucio

Obituary, 4/30/08

Obituary/photo, 4/29/08

Ramirez, Ronaldo Jr.

convicted of intoxication manslaughter, 8/26/08

Ramirez, Thomasa

Photo, 2/7/08

Ramos, Romeo Jr.

obituary/photo, 12/03/08

Ramsay, Inez Wenzel "Oma"

obituary/photo, 9/28/08

Ramus, Nick

candidate for Pct. 1 Commissioner arrested in gun case, 9/7/08

Randolph, Ian

Photo, 8/17/08

Randy Rogers Band

profile/photo, 10/3/08

Rangel, Jose "Joe"

obituary, 5/20/08, 5/21/08

Rangel, Sabrina

Award/photo, 6/11/08

Rash, AnnaLee

SM native to appear on Wheel of Fortune/photo, 5/18/08

Ratliff, Tommy

takes office as Hays County Sheriff/photo, 12/24/08

Rattler football camp athletes

Photos, 8/13/08

Ray, Rowe

Photo, 2/14/08

Ray, Zorada

obituary, 1/16/08

Realtors create Davis scholarship fund

Davis, Michael/photo, 2/17/08

Reid, Earnest "Loyd"

obituary, 3/18/08

Renner, Jocelyn

engagement/photo, 9/28/08

Report awaited in Rosales death case

Rosales, Johnnie Tirso, 6/10/08

Resident to publish short stories in 'Floating Order'

Pringle, Erin/photo, 6/3/08

Residents question road work status on Lime Kiln

Roads, 6/8/08

Residents urged to boil water after main break, 8/14/08

Reyes, Jacob Lee

Wedding Announcement/photo, 4/13/08

Reyna, Dezaray

Photo, 2/29/08

Reyna, Francis R.

Obituary, 7/10/08

Reyna, Francis Rodriguez 'Mama Pancha'

Obituary/photo, 7/11/08

Rheinlander, Richard Max Sr.

Obituary/photo, 8/6/08, 8/12/08

Rich, Kathryn Hendricks

obituary/photo, 5/22/08

Richard, Betty

awarded May Yard of the Month/photos, 5/20/08

Richards, Anesha L.

graduates form Air Force basic training/photo, 11/30/08

Riddle, Iris Annette Hodges

obituary/photo, 11/21/08

Riepe, Celeste

Photo, 8/17/08

Rio Vista Pool

Lottery will determine who gets reservation, 4/2/08

Rios, Olaguer

Obituary/photo, 2/26/08

Rios, Virginia V.

obituary, 5/16/08

Ritchie, Betty

profile/photos, 9/21/08

Rivas, Roslyn and Bryanna

Photo, 7/6/08

River Ranch development under construction

High-end home sites near Martindale, 7/13/08

Rivera, Maria Louisa

obituary, 8/21/08

Rivers, Nick

Photo, 4/16/08

Road concerns dominate 'Community Voices' meetings


Sumter, Judge Liz, 2/15/08

Roba, Adam J.

Obituary, 7/20/08

robbery suspect jailed/photos, 3/9/08

Robbins, Carman C.

obituary, 3/2/08

Robert Northcutt joins board members in charity Golf tournament, 4/29/08

Roberts, Edith Ponder

obituary/photo, 11/30/08

Roberts, Macy

Photo, 4/15/08

Robertson, Betsy

inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 11/9/08

Robinson, Byron

Award/photo, 6/4/08

Robinson, Byron 'Doc'

Honored/photo, 6/3/08

Robinson, Gloria Mitchelle

wedding/photo, 11/23/08

Rocha, Hermelinda R.

obituary/photo, 1/3/08

Rodriguez, Adrian Alvarez

charged with felony injury to a child, 3/2/08

Rodriguez, Angel J.

Obituary, 8/13/08, 8/14/08

Obituary/photo, 8/15/08

Rodriguez, Beatrice

obituary, 12/07/08

obituary/photo, 12/09/08

Rodriguez, Belinda

Honored/photo, 6/19/08

Rodriguez, Brandy Lorraine

Wedding Announcement/photo, 4/13/08

Rodriguez, Edward

Photo, 7/31/08

Rodriguez, Elia R.

Obituary, 2/22/08

Obituary/photo, 2/24/08

Rodriguez, Francisca Tobias

obituary, 5/9/08

Rodriguez, Gregorio

obituary, 10/7/08

Rodriguez, Gregory Anthony

convicted of sexual assault, 11/25/08

Rodriguez, Guadalupe

obituary, 8/31/08

Rodriguez, Jesus 'Jesse'

Obituary, 7/13/08

Rodriguez, Jesus 'Jesse' Jr.

Obituary, 7/8/08

Rodriguez, Juanita

obituary, 11/27/08

obituary/photo, 11/30/08

Rodriguez, Marc

awarded Purple Heart for service in Iraq/photos, 9/16/08

Rodriguez, Rebecca

obituary, 3/25/08

Rodriguez, Rob, 4/22/08

Rodriquez, Christina

Photo, 4/6/08

Rogers, Andrew W. "Andy"

obituary, 5/8/08

Rogers, Kathy

Photo, 7/10/08

Rojas, Juanita P.

obituary, 12/17/08

Rolling, Ann

Photo, 4/22/08

Rollover shuts down Interstate 35, 4/1/08

Romano, Austin

Photo, 8/1/08

Rosales, Johnnie Tirso

Obituary/photo, 6/4/08

Roses of San Antonio Street

Historic tour features Charles and Frances Blue home/photos, 4/30/08

Roses of San Antonio Street Tour

Ellison home originally housed pharmacy/photo, 4/6/08

Jager home featured in 1999 movie/photo, 4/6/08

Roses of San Antonio tour

Matthews and Armatta homes spotlighted/photos, 4/25/08

Rosie's Pizza opens

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Photo, 2/17/08

Routine traffic stop leads to felony charges

Weeks, Dion Lamichea, 4/30/08

RR 12 deadly for wildlife

Roads/photo, 4/8/08

Rubino-Taylor, Donette

named Lions Club Teacher of the Month/photo, 11/23/08

Ruiz, Esther M.

obituary/photo, 9/3/08

Rush, Rufus R.

obituary, 10/21/08

Ruth, Edgar Eugene

obituary, 11/14/08

Ryan McGinnis graduates from basic training, 2/13/08

Ryan, James Joseph Jr.

Obituary, 4/29/08



Salazar, Genoveva

Obituary, 6/11/08

Salazar, Israel

Photo, 2/26/08

Salazar, Mary Lou

obituary, 5/18/08

Saldana, Diana

engagement/photo, 9/28/08

Sales tax rebates slip in San Marcos, Hays, 4/13/08

Salinas, Angela

graduates from Hands of Hope program, 12/05/08

Salinas, Elias F.

obituary/photo, 11/11/08

Salinas, Misty Rae

wedding/photo, 3/30/08

Saltgrass Steak House

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting/photo, 4/6/08

Samuel S. Lyon graduates Ranger School, 7/4/08

San Marcos Academy graduate gets PhD from Harvard

Smith, Elta/photo, 7/2/08

San Marcos Arts Commission accepts project applications, 8/17/08

San Marcos Baptist Academy

Academy places 4th in TAPPS meet/photo, 4/13/08

City honors former SMBA president Vic Schmidt/photos, 8/8/08

Culture fair promotes diversity/photo, 2/26/08

Deschner wins Sportsmanship Award

Deschner, Michelle/photo, 2/26/08

New president was Texas State dean

Garrison, John/photo, 6/18/08

Oglesby family donates $100,000 to SMA/photo, 7/18/08

President Schmidt receives Exemplary Service Medal/photo, 6/8/08

SMA jazz band performs at competition/photo, 4/20/08

Student ambassadors serve Cottage Kitchen lunch/photo, 2/7/08

Students receive honors at commencement/photos, 6/4/08

Three retirees honored at reception/photo, 6/3/08

San Marcos below rainfall average, 2/10/08

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce

Chamber features local artist's work/photo

Borden, Ronnie, 7/3/08

Chamber features rotating art show, 6/11/08

San Marcos CISD

2008 retirees honored/photo, 5/27/08

8th graders in line with state counterparts on TAKS test, 3/27/08

all incumbents on Board of Trustees face challengers in May, 3/19/08

all teachers rated Highly Qualified as defined by NCLB Act, 11/26/08

assistant principals reassigned, 5/7/08

attendance committee working to get children in school/photo, 9/10/08

Attendance zone committee groups formed

Abild, Mike/photo, 8/5/08

Attendance Zone Committee makes realignment proposals to trustees, 10/22/08

Board election will fill three open trustee spots, 2/7/08

board honors Texas Cinema for discounted showing to students/photo, 1/18/08

campus security a priority, 9/4/08

campuses honor veterans/photo, 11/19/08

candidates for school board outlined, 5/4/08

crews work on old HS building/photo, 1/16/08

district begins fingerprinting employees/photo, 9/9/08

District destroys 20 cases of beef, 2/28/08

district may have to give funds in Robin Hood financing system, 9/7/08

District seeks public's help in naming new elementary school, 8/6/08

District support plan targets student conduct, 8/14/08

Education Foundation awards grants to teachers, librarians/photo, 6/3/08

employees honored by T.H.E. Journal for work in educational technology, 12/12/08

Farmers Insurance donates money for libraries/photo, 8/10/08

Five community meetings set to improve schools, 8/7/08

Former CISD superintendent resigns Arlington post

Montenegro, Hector, 7/22/08

Goodnight Junior High will keep its name, 1/25/08

grant from Clean School Bus program will retrofit 17 more buses/photo, 12/09/08

incumbents file for trustee places, 3/4/08

installing emission reduction devices on school buses/photos, 1/15/08

local citizens group presents trustees with "A Call to Excellence," 5/20/08

loss prevention grant/photo, 5/15/08

mayor honors schools for Exemplary and Recognized designations/photo, 9/23/08

Michael Abild to fill Rene Barajas' vacated asst. superintendent post, 3/11/08

named Tech District of the Year by Time Warner Cable/photo, 5/25/08

Nana Puddin entertains and prepares elementary kids for TAKS/photo, 4/30/08

new attendance zones set, 11/20/08

new elementary campus to be named for Irene K. Mendez, 11/20/08

New school year starts August 25, 7/25/08

Pathfinder Learning Center and Rebound projects

Sock Monkeys/photos, 2/1/08

Pathfinder Learning Center students graduate/photo, 6/5/08

Price of school lunches going up, 6/22/08

receives "Superior Achievement" rating for fiscal responsibility, 11/5/08

receives grant for Reading Is Fundamental, 11/23/08

recognize Custodian Appreciation Week/photo, 10/15/08

results of school board election, 5/11/08

School Age Parenting Program receives Trull Grant, 3/11/08

school board elections, 5/9/08

School Resource Officers recognized/photo, 6/3/08

Seniors must pass TAKS to participate in graduation, 6/8/08

state mandated background checks underway, 1/27/08

Students celebrate Leap Year birthdays/photo, 2/29/08

Students win prestigious science awards/photos, 4/22/08

Summer meals program continues, 7/24/08

Summer programs provide kids with nutritious meals, 6/4/08

superintendent address Chamber of Commerce/photos, 1/23/08

superintendent evaluates allowing evacuee students attend SM schools, 9/17/08

Superintendent Shafer speaks to Leadership Class/photo, 1/10/08

Superintendent tours China

Shafer, Patty Dr./photo, 6/26/08

Suzuki String method introduced in schools/photos, 9/14/08

Tanger Bucks project presents schools with checks/photos, 6/5/08

tax rate to be discussed, 8/27/08

TEA fixes conflict between TAKS testing and primary elections date, 1/17/08

Teachers of the Year honored at banquet/photo, 5/18/08

Teachers of the Year named/photos, 4/18/08

Texas Public School Week commemorated with flag ceremony/photos, 2/29/08

Texas State's Omega delivers school supplies to needy students/photos, 4/15/08

Texas Teacher of the Year to speak at SMHS

Boyd, Dana/photos, 8/17/08

Tommy Cuevas honored by board/photo, 4/4/08

Travis Elementary

Welcome Back to School parade/photo, 8/17/08

trustee Lupe Costilla and Jamie Olivo withdraw from District 3 race, 3/20/08

trustees adopt budget, set tax rate, 9/4/08

trustees consider renaming Goodnight Junior High, 1/18/08

trustees honored/photos, 1/20/08

trustees list top three names for former Goodnight Jr High building, 9/17/08

trustees to be sworn in, 5/14/08

San Marcos Convention and Visitor Bureau

Argentinean Media tours/photo, 5/14/08

San Marcos enters stage 1 of Drought Response Plan, 6/13/08

San Marcos Fire Dept

investigate Christmas Day fire death, 12/28/08

San Marcos High choirs win "Best" awards

Photo, 4/3/08

San Marcos High School

Aerial view/photo, 4/1/08

Artists honored/photo, 4/20/08

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids sponsors "Kick Butts Day"/photos, 4/3/08

Cinderella's Closet helps students get prom dresses/photos, 4/3/08

Coach Hughes awarded 'Coach of the Year'

Hughes, Jack/photo, 2/26/08

Color Guard performs box drill/photo, 8/7/08

Cultural exchange between high school and Korean English teachers, 2/5/08

David Fisher advances to state for debate team/photo, 4/15/08

Deadline approaches for distinguished alumnus award nominations, 7/22/08

Diamond Line Dance Team end-of-year performance/photo, 5/15/08

Diamond Line Dance Team perform at Heart Walk

Photo, 4/4/08

Diamond Line team takes state title

Photo, 2/29/08

Marching band members practice/photo, 8/8/08

Percussionist performs in 'Revolution'

Gerber, Kaari/photo, 8/3/08

Speech and Debate Team senior will compete at nationals/photo, 4/23/08

Texas State University

High School theatre shared by schools/photo, 4/4/08

Whitbeck sings with Texas All-State Mixed Choir/photo, 2/27/08

San Marcos man killed after being struck by train, 10/9/08

San Marcos Mathworks team honored by mayor

Mathworks team will go to Hong Kong, 7/2/08

San Marcos National Fish Hatchery

receives grant from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 12/02/08

San Marcos Nature Center to reopen in May

David Garza and dog visit theme garden/photo, 4/29/08

San Marcos Newcomer Academy

Three students present wireless project at SXSW/photos, 4/2/08

San Marcos Police Department

City and police seek 'holistic' approach to noise problems, 7/20/08

New motorcycle unit to be introduced to residents/photo, 8/15/08

Officer under investigation after dog dies during police stop, 8/8/08

Police investigating possible hate crime, 2/13/08

Warrant roundup begins in February 16, 2/5/08

Warrant Roundup catches 18 local residents, 2/22/08

San Marcos Police Dept

arrest driver who backed truck into an apartment/photo, 12/12/08

arrest two suspects in a crime spree/photos, 12/19/08

officers investigate apartment robbery, 12/10/08

officers investigate pawn shop robbery, 12/02/08

officers investigate robbery of Pac N Sac, 12/03/08

officers seek suspects in pizza delivery robbery, 12/12/08

San Marcos Police Dept.

17-year-old arrested for burglarizing vehicles, 9/26/08

2008 unsolved cases outlined, 12/31/08

auto burglaries on the increase, 12/18/08

burglary suspect arrested, 9/19/08

dog found dead in clothes dryer, police investigate, 10/16/08

Justin Lickert arrested for burglarizing 5 cars, 9/24/08

motorcycle cops/photo, 8/20/08

new motorcycle unit will focus on school zone speeding, 9/21/08

officers investigate body hanging from bridge, 9/7/08

officers investigate burglary of vacant building, 9/9/08

officers investigate robbery at Planet K, 10/10/08

officers investigate second robbery of vacant building, 9/11/08

officers seek suspect impersonating an officer, 10/7/08

officers use Taser on two men following downtown altercation, 10/5/08

quarreling couple arrested, 9/26/08

random compliance check of sex offenders nets one arrest/photo, 11/27/08

robbery suspects arrested, property recovered, 10/14/08

seek hit-and-run suspects, 10/23/08

seek suspect in apartment intrusion, 12/18/08

seek suspect in knife attack, 12/17/08

seek suspect who robbed La Hacienda Grocery, 10/5/08

seek suspects who robbed Shell Super Stop, 10/14/08

story of dog death makes ABC morning show, 8/19/08

story of dog's death gets attention/photo, 8/21/08

suspect in attempted theft arrested, 10/8/08

suspects in Planet K robbery arrested, 10/15/08

two suspects jailed for Shell Super Stop robbery, 11/7/08

used TASER on woman after crash, 3/11/08

warn residents about "Pigeon Drop" scam artists in area, 8/28/08

San Marcos Public Library

Big Rigs for Big Kids/photo, 6/24/08

Book Sale

Henry, Kelsey/photo, 4/8/08

Check out a backpack full of children's books

Photo, 7/22/08

Family Night offers bee display/photo, 6/24/08

Holocaust display at San Marcos Library

Photo, 2/21/08

Kids create sidewalk chart art/photo, 8/3/08

Kids enjoy snakes, lizards, and reptiles at the library

Photo, 7/22/08

Library hosts Highland Harps concert/photo, 6/3/08

Library takes books to WIC office/photo, 4/29/08

Monster mask craft session/photo, 7/18/08

number one in citizen satisfaction poll, 5/16/08

Summer activities for kids

Fire truck comes to library/photo, 6/6/08

Summer reading program showcases 'Penelope Foolish'/photos, 8/10/08

teams with TX State for Common Experience program about LBJ, 10/10/08

Texas State women's a capella ensemble to perform, 4/22/08

to host Texas Author Day/photos, 10/31/08

Trio del Rio plays free concert/photo, 6/15/08

Volunteers needed for kids' reading activity, 2/28/08

San Marcos resident named to TSTC Honor Roll

Gorry, Daniel, 6/22/08

San Marcos River

27th annual clean-up set, 4/9/08

90-mile cleanup set, 2/26/08

EAA extends emergency rule period, 4/10/08

Hyacinth removal/photo, 6/8/08

Ottine Dam collapse poses risk to canoers, kayakers/map, 10/8/08

Reproduction of endangered wild rice studied/photos, 7/30/08

River cleanup/photo, 4/13/08

Volunteers measure wild rice

Photo, 7/30/08

Wassenich says wild rice may save the river/photos, 7/30/08

San Marcos Suns wins prizes

Group takes award for sand sculpture/photos, 4/27/08

San Marcos teen accused of sexual assault arrested

Pena, Gerardo/photo, 2/1/08

San Marcos Thrift Shop mural

Photo, 6/13/08

San Marcos woman killed in IH35 head-on, 4/4/08

Sanborn, Andre

advances to state science competition/photo, 3/30/08

Sanborn, Hanna

receives Cpl. Michael Davis Scholarship from SMABOR/photo, 5/18/08

Sanchez, Edward

arrested for aggravated assault, 9/3/08

Sanchez, Jose T.

obituary/photo, 12/11/08

Sanders, Kelsey Brooke

wedding/photo, 5/25/08

Sanders, Rudell

Photo, 6/22/08

Sandoval, Daniel Lee

Obituary, 4/23/08

Sands, Steve

retiring as city's Sr. Energy Efficiency Rep., 10/17/08

Sappington, Bob

to serve as Grand Marshal of Veterans' Day Parade/photo, 10/26/08

Saucedo, Enrique

Obituary, 6/18/08

Obituary/photo, 6/19/08

Saucedo, Guadalupe Rocha

obituary, 5/8/08

Saucedo, Jesus "Jesse" C.

obituary, 12/30/08

obituary/photo, 12/31/08

Saunders, Joseph Lee

obituary, 1/2/08

Scales, Caden William

Birth/photo, 4/6/08

Schaefer, Justin Thomas

Engagement/photo, 2/17/08

Schimelmann, Ashley

Photo, 2/24/08

Schmidt, Gloria

Photo, 6/8/08

Schmidt, President Vic

Honored/photo, 6/8/08

Schmidt, Vic

Award/photo, 6/4/08

president of SM Baptist Academy to retire/photo, 3/30/08

Schnautz, Dorothy Ann

obituary, 3/30/08

Schnautz, Jason Travis

obituary, 1/23/08


11 from Hays start Bluebonnet Girls State program

Hays County, 6/17/08

Bowie Elementary

annual Storyville program held/photos, 10/26/08

Crockett Elementary

dads read at Super Saturday event/photo, 10/12/08

held holiday movie night/photo, 12/14/08

new building open/photos, 1/6/08

students held canned food drive for food bank/photo, 11/30/08

DeZavala Elementary

hosted annual art walk/photos, 12/14/08

Dunbar School reunion to be held

San Marcos Colored School, 7/15/08

Goodnight Jr. High

honor society member collect items for animal shelter/photo, 12/30/08

students compete in National Geography Bee/photo, 12/16/08

Goodnight Junior High

Dancing Stars team wins championship/photo, 5/20/08

hosted Bully-Proofing Our School parent night/photo, 10/28/08

science students advance to state competition/photo, 3/30/08

students hold mock presidential election/photo, 11/4/08

students participate in geography poster contest/photo, 11/16/08

Goodnight School

reunion of cast 1979 production/photo, 11/9/08

Head Start

teacher and staff appreciation/photo, 5/8/08

Hernandez Intermediate

Gary Job Corps and CTMC present smoking dangers program, 11/23/08

organize new Gentlemen's Club/photo, 9/19/08

student brings gun to school, 5/7/08

Master's School

new permanent home/photo, 5/6/08

participates in Read for the Record/photo, 10/22/08

receives donation from Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance/photo, 11/14/08

to rent old Bowie campus temporarily/photo, 8/24/08

Miller Junior High

hosted ACC's Mobil Go Center/photo, 10/14/08

Natl Junior Honor Soc. donates gifts for children/photo, 11/26/08

Pathfinder Learning Center

graduates/photo, 5/2/08

Presbyterian Parent's Cooperative Preschool

celebrates 25 years/photo, 10/7/08


September graduates/photo, 9/28/08

PRIDE High School

graduates/photo, 3/6/08, 11/9/08

graduation/photo, 1/20/08

held bake sales to benefit food bank/photo, 11/28/08

local author speaks about his zombie books/photos, 11/2/08

profile, 3/4/08

San Marcos Academy

Homecoming court/photos, 11/2/08

senior boys attend camp retreat/photo, 10/1/08

students help with senior center brunch/photo, 5/8/08

San Marcos Baptist Academy

honors freshmen, promotes cadets/photo, 10/22/08

NJHS raises money for food bank/photo, 5/21/08

places first in district meet/photo, 3/11/08

President Vic Schmidt to retire/photo, 3/30/08

President's Reception held/photo, 8/31/08

student named as National Merit finalist/photo, 9/21/08

San Marcos High School

students help with senior center brunch/photo, 5/8/08

San Marcos HS

Air Force JROTC rocketry team wins competition/photo, 10/28/08

AP scholars recognized/photo, 11/16/08

celebrates Education Go Get It week, 11/25/08

debate team wins at tournament/photo, 11/16/08

Homecoming Queen Ele Taylor and King Shawn Burkhart elected/photo, 10/7/08

in dual enrollment partnership with Gary Job Corps, 11/18/08

Key Club volunteered at food bank/photo, 11/30/08

students attend career day/photos, 11/9/08

San Marcos Mariachi Academy

students win third place at extravaganza/photos, 12/11/08

SM High School

cheer squad receives Elite All American Cheer Award/photo, 9/14/08

Diamond Line Dance Team wins awards at ShowMakers contest/photo, 3/7/08

homecoming weekend/photo, 10/2/08

Rattler Band places 4th in competition/photo, 9/30/08

scholars honored/photo, 10/5/08

two students compete at TX Forensic Assoc. state comp./photo, 3/30/08


AVID program members attend Island Day College Fair/photos, 12/02/08

Camino PreCollege Leadership Camp students honored with tree, 12/17/08

debate team wins 12 trophies and slot in state championship/photo, 12/10/08

Junior State of America club members attend convention in Austin/photos, 12/02/08

performance set to raise funds for grand piano/photos, 12/07/08, 12/10/08

Reflections art contest winners named/photo, 12/17/08

St. Stephen's Episcopal

students serve communities at base camps, 11/16/08

Texas Preparatory Charter School plans appeal over TEA low accountability ratings, 8/3/08

Texas Preparatory School cuts ribbon on new facility/photo, 4/25/08

Travis Elementary

new building opens/photo, 1/31/08

Niki Konecki named as new principal/photo, 5/25/08

wins Red Ribbon attendance challenge/photo, 12/03/08

Wonderland School

carnival/photo, 5/4/08

Schulle, Erwin

obituary, 9/7/08

Scott, Jimmie

Photo, 6/8/08

Scott, Linda Kay

obituary, 10/30/08, 10/31/08

Sdao, Catherine

Photo, 4/22/08

Seale, Holeman Ilbert

obituary/photo, 9/24/08

Sedillo, Antonio, Jr.

obituary, 3/19/08

See, Marion

Photo, 7/20/08

Seguin names new police chief

Kelso, Kevin/photo, 7/13/08

Selgado, Julio Cesar

Photo, 7/18/08

Selvera, Elisa Porter

obituary/photo, 11/13/08, 11/14/08

Sergi, Anne

Photo, 2/12/08

Serna, Guillermo "Willie" and Marcelina

anniversary/photo, 3/2/08

Shaffer, Joe A.

obituary/photo, 11/13/08

Shannon historical home featured

Shannon, Judge Robert

Profile and photos, 7/3/08

Shannon, Dorothy Marshall Ferrell

Obituary, 7/15/08

Sheffield, Fallon

received certificate from Nat'l Fraternity of Student Musicians/photo, 5/18/08

Shell, Lon

Photo, 2/19/08

Shephard, Henrietta

obituary, 1/11/08

Sheriff's Academy graduates 13 officers

Hays County

Photo, 6/8/08

Sheriff's Auto Theft Task Force

Local law officers hold VIN etching event/photo, 7/24/08

Shoemaker, Marie

obituary, 11/2/08

Sibley, Dee Levern

obituary, 3/9/08

Sides, Catherine Leigh

Wedding announcement/photo, 2/17/08

Silguero, Augustina

obituary, 10/29/08

Sims, Dorothy Payne

inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 11/9/08

Six businesswomen honored at LBJ Center

Style show entertains crowd/photo, 7/29/08

Six indicted for human trafficking in San Marcos based operation, 8/7/08

Skateboard used to break into vehicles

19-year old arrested

Nino, Juan Phelipe, 8/13/08

Skiles, Rick

Photo, 2/15/08

Slack, William D. "Bill"

obituary, 3/16/08

Slack, William D. "Bill," Sr.

obituary/photo, 3/18/08

Smeal, Lynn

Award/photo, 6/1/08

SMFR answers 225 calls in March, 4/16/08

Smith, Charles

obituary, 3/9/08

Smith, David Whitney

Engagement/photo, 4/27/08

Smith, Ella

honored for 20 years of service with CenturyTel/photo, 5/4/08

Smith, Gary

local pastor to serve as chaplain for Austin Turfcats/photo, 12/14/08

Smith, James Douglass

Obituary, 4/22/08

Smith, Jennifer Josephine

Obituary, 2/19/08

Smith, Jessica

Photo, 8/17/08

Smith, Laura

Engagement/photo, 4/20/08

Smith, Mary Katherine "Kay" Dix

obituary, 3/2/08

Smith, Mary Katherine 'Kay' Dix

Obituary, 2/28/08

Smith, Robert D.

Obituary, 7/6/08

Obituary/photo, 7/8/08

Smith, Sunny Currey

Obituary, 4/22/08

Smith, Velma M.

obituary, 10/3/08

obituary/photo, 10/5/08

Smock, Matthew and Belinda Garza-

profile/photos, 11/16/08

SMPD officer rescues driver involved in crash, 1/3/08

Snellings, Janice J.

obituary, 3/19/08

Snellings,Janice Joyce

obituary, 3/18/08

Snodgrass, Phyllis

appointed to Board of Regents of Institute for Org. Mgmt., 10/14/08

Snow, Helen

accepts Lions Club Check on behalf of Combined Community Action/photo, 8/29/08

Snyder, Michelle

Photo, 4/18/08

Solis, Estrella Marmolejo

indicted in traffic death/photo, 9/2/08

Some oppose GLO sale of Blanco property

Hays County, 2/10/08

Soto, Carmen

Photo, 2/29/08

Soto, Miguel

Photo, 4/2/08

Soto, Thrine

profile/photos, 12/23/08

Sowards, Debra

donates check to Combined Community Action on behalf of Lions Club/photo, 8/29/08

Honored/photo, 7/10/08

Lions president presents check to CASA/photo, 9/9/08

presents check to Hays County Area Food Bank on behalf of Lions Club/photo, 8/24/08

Soyars chronicles life in 'A Passionate Trail'

Soyars, Bill

Profile and photo, 2/24/08

Soyars, Bill

profile/photos, 5/22/08

Spangenberg, Carol Ann

obituary, 9/16/08

Sparks, Flint

wins Spirit of Caring Award/photo, 9/5/08

Special Olympics cycling meet held at River Ridge Park, 4/9/08

Spillar, Bessie Joe

obituary, 1/24/08

Spire, Brother Dennis

Photo, 6/22/08

Spring Lake

nutria chew camera cable, 5/15/08

St. Stephens students make All-Region Choir

Photo, 2/12/08

stabbing at Shalamar Apts investigated, 3/25/08

Stage for Obama built in Sewell Park

Photo, 2/27/08

Stallings, Summer

Photo, 4/24/08

Stanfield, Dr. Steve

receives certificate of appreciation from Lions Club/photo, 10/9/08

Stanfield, Dr. Steven

elected to Texas State Optical's board of directors, 11/13/08

Stanford, Wilbur S. Jr.

Obituary/photo, 2/20/08

Stankiewicz, Richard

named city Chief Technology Officer/photo, 12/14/08

Stanley, Tommy

Photo, 2/26/08

Stapp, Teri

Photo, 6/11/08

Starr, Kathryn Cooper

obituary, 9/17/08

State Rep. Rose joins fight against AquaTexas rate hike

Hays County, 4/10/08

State will end parental rights in Baby Moses case, 7/10/08

Stedman, Kenneth and Deborah

owners of December Yard of the Month/photos, 12/26/08

Stell, Sandy and Jack

Yard of the Month/photos, 11/27/08

stepfather arrested in child injury case, 3/2/08

Stephens, Dan

Photo, 6/19/08

Stephens, James William

obituary, 5/8/08

Stevens, David 'Randy'

Wedding Announcement/photo, 7/20/08

Stevens, Nichaela

Photo, 6/24/08

Stevens, Randy

Award/photo, 4/6/08

Stewart, Candice Nicole

Wedding Announcement/photo, 6/22/08

Stewart, Harry D.

local vet honored/photo, 11/6/08

Stolen guns found and suspect jailed, 7/31/08

Stone, Sarah

Photo, 4/22/08

Stonecipher, Ronda

selected as Innovator of the Year by T.H.E. Journal, 12/12/08

Story, Louisa B. "Nanny"

obituary, 8/22/08, 8/24/08

Stouffer, Linda

Headline News anchor to be honored as SMHS Distinguished Alumnus/photo, 10/2/08

Stout, High

Photo, 4/18/08

Stovall, Frances

inducted into San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame/photo, 11/9/08

Streets and Roads

McCarty Lane project will last until September, 7/20/08

Perkins Street to be repaved, 7/6/08

Stuart, Velda Cartier

obituary/photo, 10/31/08

Student of the month

Longoria, Alexis

Honored/photo, 4/6/08

Smith, Tyler

Honored/photo, 4/6/08

Sturgis, Jim

Photo, 8/3/08

Suarez, Miguel R.

obituary/photo, 11/2/08

Suarez, Trinidad O.

Obituary/photo, 7/1/08

Suggs, Harv

Photo, 2/14/08

Sullivan, Clay

Award/photo, 8/7/08

Sullivan, Lindsey Joan

engagement/photo, 5/4/08

Summer in the Park concerts begin, 6/5/08

Summer's End Cattle Company race rodeo team competes

Photos, 2/10/08

Summerfest fireworks

New venue and bigger fireworks show this year, 4/20/08

Summerfest Independence Day

Call for kids in patriotic costumes, 7/1/08

Suspect sought in child assault and burglary case, 7/13/08

SUV hits Danny Castillo's police car

Photo, 4/17/08

Swallow, Chuck

named city director of Development Services/photo, 12/14/08

Swann, Johnmichael

held in assault of elderly man/photo, 9/5/08

Sweetheart Cafe at First Christian Church

Photo, 2/15/08

Swift, Stephen

Obituary, 4/11/08

Syed, Dr. Faisal

clinical and invasive cardiologist joins CTMC staff, 3/23/08



Taggart, Tom

Photo, 7/3/08

Tanger Outlet Mall

"smash and grab" robbery, 5/15/08

candy heist, 5/14/08

Tanguma, Paula

Photo, 4/1/08

Tanner, Claudia

Photo, 2/29/08

Target practice incident ruled accident

Hays County, 6/11/08

Taylor, Bridget

Photo, 4/22/08

Taylor, Curtis O.

obituary, 1/13/08

Taylor, Ele

elected SMHS Homecoming Queen/photo, 10/7/08

Taylor, Ralph

Photo, 4/24/08

Tayrn Davis starts American Widow Project

Profile and photos, 7/11/08

Tenorio, Anita C.

Obituary/photo, 7/9/08

Terri Hendrix plays Summer in the Park concert series

Photo, 7/11/08

Terry, Victor W.

Obituary, 4/8/08

Obituary/photo, 4/10/08, 4/13/08

Tessaro, Pat

receives check on behalf of Hays County Area Food Bank from Lions Club/photo, 8/24/08

stepping down as director of Hays County Area Food Bank, 3/12/08

Texan Flight cadets honored/photo, 1/11/08

Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce

Cortez is new president/photo, 6/17/08

Texas Department of Public Safety

Report on auto theft in Texas and San Marcos, 2/6/08

Texas Department of Transportation

Modified road package proposed

Hays Country, 2/1/08

TxDOT reports increase in motorcycle use, 7/31/08

Texas Metal Arts Festival in Gruene

Photo, 8/17/08

Texas State Fitness class students run and walk in park

Photo, 2/3/08

Texas State grad joins Juilliard Music faculty

Oquin, Wayne

Profile and photos, 6/15/08

Texas State Historical Commission

chooses Texas State students for fellowship, 5/15/08

Texas State professor to be on 'Jeopardy'

Ash, Gwynne, 2/20/08

Texas State Swing Band opens Summer in the Park concert series

Photos, 6/8/08

Texas State Univ

Celebration of the People Honoring Powwow held/photo, 11/20/08

KTSW awarded Best Technical Production at CBI Conference, 11/9/08

receives $4 million grant from Texas Emerging Technology Fund, 11/19/08

SIFE students teach local elementary students/photo, 11/21/08

Texas State Univ.

dedication of new bobcat statue/photo, 10/15/08

Jerry and Linda Fields donate $250,000 to Strutters Commitment/photo, 10/14/08

Retired Faculty and Staff Association holds steak fry/photos, 10/2/08

Students in Free Enterprise team teach Crockett Elem students/photo, 10/26/08

Texas State University

'Artworks' exhibit closes/photos, 4/27/08

'Body farm' will be established at Freeman Ranch, 2/13/08

26 faculty members promoted, 16 granted tenure, 5/21/08

Air Force ROTC cadets visit veteran's hospital/photo, 3/25/08

Alkek Library Staff Appreciation Awards

Photos, 6/1/08

Aquarena hosts Earth Day events

Lloyd Doggett to speak, 4/18/08

Astronomers involved in controversy over redating Caesar invasion, 6/25/08

backhoe spill into pond minor/photos, 3/14/08

Blanco Star School artifacts received into archives/photo, 8/28/08

Bobcat Build Community Day planned

Photo, 4/4/08

Bobcat build helps community-university relations, 1/27/08

Body Farm opened/photos, 9/28/08

Body Farm opens at Freeman Ranch, 9/2/08

Bushacker wins Golden Key award

Bushacker, Crystal, 8/12/08

Cancer series begins, 4/9/08

Center for Archaeological Studies awarded certification, 8/24/08

Chartwells food service named 'Regional Account of the Year,' 8/13/08

Ctr for Migrant Education awarded $3.1 million contract, 9/17/08

Dogget speaks at Earth Day Celebration, 4/20/08

Drumline performs/photo, 2/6/08

economic impact almost $1 billion to state, $545 million to county, 3/23/08

Edward Kennedy speaks for Obama at Texas State/photo, 2/22/08

false fire alarm at JC Kellam building investigated/photo, 8/29/08

flu-like illness closes Child Development Center, 1/23/08

football player accuses teammate of assault, 1/13/08

four former professors named Distinguished Professor Emeriti, 5/20/08

Free Enterprise team going to nationals, 4/13/08

Geography professors complete Texas Water Atlas

Estaville, Earl, 8/17/08

Hill Country Youth Chorus

profile/photo, 5/1/08

Humanities Texas awards university oral history project grant, 6/17/08

Jerry D. and Linda Gregg Fields lead fundraising campaign/photo, 5/18/08

Juilliard students perform at Evans, 2/28/08

Mark Busby named to Supple professorship

Southwestern Studies, 6/15/08

Mascot competition/photo, 7/23/08

Mathworks program receives donation

Kodoski Foundation, 4/13/08

Mayor makes German exchange students honorary citizens/photo, 2/24/08

MLK commemoration held/photos, 1/17/08

Mulkey to entertain at Classic '08 fundraiser, 4/30/08

new underwater webcam to be installed at Aquarena Center, 3/21/08

new weather alert system to be installed, tested, 9/25/08

Obama packs Sewell Park/photos, 2/28/08

Oral history project helps remember LBJ, 8/8/08

Paul Hart named Jones professor

Southwestern Studies, 6/15/08

plans to build new retaining wall at headwaters of San Marcos River, 5/1/08

President Trauth gives State of the University address/photo, 8/27/08

Professor wrote 'voice' for PBS documentary

Gilb, Dagoberto, 6/1/08

PSH Foundation of Wimberley gives 8 million for arts center/photo, 2/28/08

recreation center expansion underway/photo, 1/31/08

regents approve nursing program for Round Rock campus, 5/21/08

Retired Faculty and Staff Association elects new officers/photo, 4/22/08

River Systems Institute to study Cypress Creek watershed, 5/29/08

Safe Kids Buckle Up campaign targets students, 2/28/08

sets enrollment record with 29,125 students, 9/17/08

SIFE and Dell sponsor recycling event

Green Earth Day, 4/18/08

SIFE team wins regional honors, 4/20/08

Spring Lake webcam view online/photo, 3/27/08

Strutters dance team advance in 'America's Got Talent,' 7/24/08

Strutters dance team to compete in Los Angeles, 8/8/08

Strutters make debut/photo, 9/19/08

Student in Free Enterprise team finishes among final four, 5/22/08

Students vote to increase athletics fees, 2/14/08

Theater Dept presents 'Memory of Water'/photo, 2/5/08

theatre students to perform in Austin/photo, 9/21/08

to offer free freshman tuition for qualified SMHS graduates, 12/12/08

University celebrates Women's History Month

Photo, 2/24/08

University experiences power outage, 4/10/08

University ties with Mitte foundation cut over drug arrest, 4/18/08

work on Spring Lake Dam causes concerns/photos, 5/28/08

Young Writers Program profile/photos, 5/30/08

Texas State University Swing Band performs

Zimmerman, Randy/photo, 6/6/08

Texas Water Safari

Bickerstaff, Jason and Brian/photo, 6/15/08

Texas team finishes first/photo

San Marcos River, 6/18/08

Texas Water Safari origin explained by local

Griffin, A. J./photo, 6/19/08

Texas Water Safari race at Aquarena

Internet users can check race progress, 6/10/08

Texas Water Safari to ring more than 100 boats

San Marcos River, 6/13/08

Thetford, Robert Nelson

engagement/photo, 5/18/08

Thibodeaux, Barbara

Photo, 8/8/08

Thomas, Dennis "Denny"

Profile and photos

Tribute to former Daily Record publisher, 8/8/08

Thomas, Dennis Edward 'Denny'

Obituary, 8/5/08

Obituary/photo, 8/8/08

Thomas, Gary

Photo, 4/10/08

Thomas, Gladys Veasy

obituary, 5/18/08, 5/20/08

Thomas, Robert Oliver

obituary/photo, 1/23/08

Thomen, Martin

local man rides in MS150/photo, 9/28/08

Thompson, Gordon W.

Obituary, 4/3/08

Thompson, Pat Ray

obituary, 1/29/08, 1/30/08

Thorne, Jack Layne

obituary/photo, 5/9/08

Thornton, Mary Louise Cape

Obituary, 4/13/08

Obituary/photo, 4/10/08

Thrasher, Grace E.

Obituary, 2/3/08

Thrasher, Staci Lachelle

engagement/photo, 5/18/08

Three hurt in IH35 tire blowout

Car hits guardrail/photo, 6/1/08

Three indicted for Whataburger armed robbery

Hays County, 4/20/08

Tietze, Bessie A.

obituary, 9/21/08

Tijerina, Daniel L. Sr.

obituary, 12/23/08

Tillman, Gerald 'Bill'

Obituary/photo, 6/8/08

Tillman, Moriah

Photo, 4/15/08

Tiner, Billy Gene

Obituary, 7/30/08

Tingle, Boyd Monroe

obituary, 11/18/08, 11/19/08

obituary/photo, 11/20/08

Tobar, Olivia Sanchez

obituary, 11/27/08, 11/28/08

obituary/photo, 12/02/08

Todd, Carmen

named new local customer care manager for CenturyTel/photo, 10/9/08

Toller, David Albert

Obituary, 2/19/08

Tombaugh, Frank E.

Obituary, 4/16/08

top weather stories of 2007, 1/2/08

Torres, Casildo

obituary, 11/26/08

Torres, Frankie

advances to state science competition/photo, 3/30/08

Award/photo, 4/22/08

Torres, Liono

Obituary, 2/26/08

Torres, Lionor

Obituary, 2/28/08

Torres, Makella Aubry

birth, 11/23/08

Torres, Mark Anthony

Engagement/photo, 7/13/08

Torres, Mary Delores

Obituary, 2/3/08

Torres, Phillip


Wedding announcement, 6/1/08

Torres, Simon

obituary, 12/04/08

Tovar, Marcelino R. Sr.

Obituary/photo, 4/13/08

train derailment investigated/ photo, 5/13/08

Trauth, Denise

among state's most influential/photo, 5/16/08

Travis Elementary

DeLeon, Janie

Honored/photo, 6/10/08

Old building demolished/photo, 4/9/08

Ribbon cutting ceremony held/photos, 4/6/08

Students honored with special awards ceremony/photos, 6/11/08

Travis Elementary open house scheduled

Photo, 4/2/08

Travis moves to new campus with help from Gary Job Corps

Travis Elementary/photo, 2/26/08

Tree of Honor event honors deceased Hermitage Association members

Kohut, Ken

Bonner, Mary, 4/6/08

Trevino, Estefana Pacheco

obituary/photo, 11/25/08

Trevino, Rosalinda Alvarez

Photo, 7/18/08

Tribute to Niki Jo Boynt

Boynt, Niki Jo, 7/20/08

Trio sought after jumping check at Bikinis Bar

Offense classified as armed robbery, 6/1/08

Tristan, Hipolita M.

obituary/photo, 12/17/08

Trottier Family

seek to move son Talasan to children's hospital in Cincinnati/photo, 12/05/08

Troxell, Dan

Texas State alumnus named TX Superintendent of the Year, 10/2/08

Tull, Roxann

Photo, 6/24/08

Turley, Leonard E.

obituary, 9/30/08

Turley, Leonard Earl Jr.

obituary, 10/1/08

Turner, Eugene Benjamin

obituary/photo, 12/04/08

Two arrested in credit card fraud case

International bogus credit card operation, 7/16/08

Two pick-up trucks collide at Highway 266 and 261

Photo, 7/25/08

Two Tons of Steel play Summer in the Park concert series

Photos, 8/17/08

TxDOT workers install traffic camera

Photo, 6/17/08



Unicycle football

Photo, 6/5/08

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship sponsors religion and politics forum, 2/22/08

Upton, Rich

Photo, 2/8/08

Urbina, Humberto

obituary, 12/28/08

Urbina, Humberto E.

obituary, 12/30/08

Urrutia, Guadalupe "Lupe" Guerrero

obituary/photo, 5/28/08

Urrutia, Nash

Photo, 7/4/08

US Army SPC Bryan Fouty remembered in San Antonio ceremony

Photo, 7/29/08



Vaca, Dr. Nina

Photo, 7/23/08, 7/29/08

Valentine's Day fundraiser

Crockett Elementary

Photo, 2/15/08

Vandiver, George William

obituary, 9/23/08

Vasquez, Angelita

Photo, 6/11/08

Vasquez, Eusebio

obituary/photo, 1/18/08

Vaughn, Edwin Ernest

obituary, 3/14/08

Vega, Maria A.

obituary, 12/18/08, 12/19/08

Velasquez, David

obituary, 3/11/08

obituary/photo, 3/12/08

Vences, Celeste

wins Lions International Peace Poster contest/photo, 11/27/08

Veranda Apartment fire investigated

photo, 6/19/08

Verhaalen, Jenna Lynn

Obituary, 4/13/08

Vet wins international award for work with turtles

Offermann, Dr. Cord

Profile and photo, 4/11/08

Villalpando, Veronica

engagement/photo, 10/12/08

Villapando, Erica

Photo, 4/13/08

Villarreal, Alfredo

Photo, 7/3/08

Villarreal, Cainlin

Photo, 7/3/08

Villarreal, Carly

received silver medal from Texas Music Teachers Assoc./photo, 5/18/08

Villarreal, Jessica

Award/photo, 4/22/08

Villarreal, Magdelena

Obituary, 6/11/08

Obituary/photo, 6/13/08

Villarreal, Mark Anthony

Obituary, 7/22/08

Villarreal, Mark Anthony Sr.

Obituary, 7/24/08

Villarreal, Nate

Photos, 2/14/08

Villarreal, Soledad R.

obituary, 12/30/08

obituary/photo, 12/31/08

Vintage cars displayed on downtown square/photo, 4/4/08

Voters will decide on road bond package


Hays County, 2/13/08

Vrana, Officer Tracy

Photo, 7/2/08



Waak, Boxly William

obituary, 1/27/08

Wachtel, Randy

Photo, 7/10/08

Wade, Scott

Photo, 4/10/08, 4/27/08

Wagstaff, Reshard

Photo, 4/6/08

Walden, Jerry K.

obituary, 9/12/08

Walden, Jerry Kenneth

obituary/photo, 9/7/08

Walden, Opal Grace

obituary, 9/4/08

Walizer, Zachary G.

Obituary, 4/15/08

Walker, Anne E.

obituary, 10/28/08, 10/29/08

Walker, Anne Ella Funderburk

obituary/photo, 10/30/08

Walker, George

obituary, 1/2/08

Walker, George Lovell

obituary, 1/4/08

Walkers' Gallery

Art exhibit features San Marcos and Wimberley artists/photos, 7/24/08

Walkers' Gallery invites submissions for "Generation" exhibit

Photo, 6/8/08

Ware, Charles Jr.

obituary, 5/7/08

Warlick, Jane

obituary, 12/05/08

Washington impersonator at Price Center

Collins, Mark/photo, 2/24/08

Water leak leaves many residents without water

'Boil water' notice issued, 8/14/08

Water line repairs continue

Local restaurants close due to repairs

Photos, 8/15/08

Waters, Coral

Photo, 8/8/08

Waterson, Camee

Photo, 7/24/08

Watkins, Betty

Photo, 6/3/08

Watkins, Todd

Photo, 7/8/08

Watson, Bruce Oquannah

obituary, 5/4/08, 5/6/08

Watson, John Allen "Jack," Sr.

obituary/photo, 3/18/08

Webb, Arthur Bert

Obituary, 2/17/08

Webb, Lucille Gary Bock

obituary, 10/15/08

Weber, Jim

Photo, 6/8/08

Weiner dog races in Buda

Idjit/photo, 4/27/08

Weinman, Betty L.

obituary, 9/17/08

Weinstein, Jon

Engagement/photo, 8/3/08

Weldon, Elizabeth Shaw

obituary/photo, 10/23/08

Wenk, Kandis Anne

Engagement/photo, 2/10/08

West, Dan

local vet honored/photo, 11/6/08