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This index has been created by Jerry Harper and Sandra Cortez for the San Marcos Public Library in order to offer simple access to the contents of the San Marcos Daily Record.  Indexed materials include news stories, features, and obituaries, as well as birth, wedding, and engagement announcements.  Materials not selected for indexing include articles published originally in other newspapers, editorials, sports, the calendar of local events, comic strips, and routine weather reports.

All entries are arranged alphabetically.  Entries are under appropriate headings, by subject, organization, or personal name.  Each entry is followed by the publication date in the Record.  There are four special categories:  Businesses, Churches, Clubs, and Schools.  Articles concerning the City of San Marcos are found under "San Marcos, City of" (e.g. Public Library, Fire Department).  Articles related to Hays County politics are found under the heading, "Hays County" (e.g. Commissioner's Court).

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18-wheeler turn over on IH 35

photo, 6/10/04

50th Anniversary

Powell and Mary Hinson/ photo, 7/25/04

50th anniversary

Therman/ photo, 10/17/04

60th Anniversary

John and Mary Anderson

photo, 10/3/04, 10/10/04



Abbleby, Gerard R.

sex offender sentenced, 5/6/04

Abell, Sam

National Geographic photographer speaks, 9/19/04

Adams, David L.

retires from Navy after 40 years/photo, 5/11/04

Afanador-Arocha, Ramona

obituary, 7/27/04

Agee, Nancy Rebecca Vier

obituary/photo, 6/17/04

Aguilar, Francisca

obituary, 9/19/04

Aguilar, Lucia C.

obituary, 5/25/04

Aguirre, Antonio Sr.

obituary/ photo, 7/2/04

Aguirre, Richard

obituary, 5/13/04

Agustin, Byron Dr.

TX State educator honor/photo, 5/16/04

Aikens, Holly

performs at library/photo, 5/13/04

airspace error grounds Kyle father/son

photo, 4/11/04

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

San Marcos facility, 3/16/04

Alberts, Heinz H.

obituary, 7/28/04

Alexander, Rufus

photo, 7/25/04

Allen, Carol

CenturyTel honor, 5/11/04

Allen, Hunter Emory

birth, 2/29/04

Allison, Glennie Reeder

obituary, 1/25/04

obituary/photo, 2/8/04

Alonzo, Alicia I.

obituary, 5/9/04

Alonzo, Alicia L.

obituary, 5/7/04

Alter, Bobby

San Marcos Baptist Academy

Homecoming King, 11/17/04

Alvarado, Enrique

arrested in Austin, 10/8/04

kidnapping charges/ photo, 10/7/04

Alvarado, Hope

grand jury indictment, 3/17/04

American G.I. Forum

honors local veterans, 11/10/04

American Legion

honors local veterans, 11/10/04

American Red Cross

honors Sac N' Pac family, 2/26/04

Anderson, Fran

San Marcos Convention and Visitors Bureau

photo, 12/19/04

Anderson, Fred and Virginia

lecture, 3/28/04

Anderson, Lunelle

honored/ photo, 7/4/04

photo, 12/29/04

Anton, Diane

obituary, 2/24/04

Aquarena Center

photo, 1/13/04

Aquarena Springs

submarine theater sinking/photo, 2/25/04

Aquirre, Mary

obituary, 11/7/04

Aravanis, Theos

engagement/photo, 2/1/04

arch, Chris

photo, 3/11/04

Arias, Jimmy Joe

grand jury indictment, 3/17/04

Arledge, Chris Alan

engagement/photo, 5/23/04

Arledge, Don

photo, 10/3/04, 10/14/04, 12/29/04

Arledge, Karen

Lion of the Year award/ photo, 7/2/04

Armstead, Johnnie

Woman of the Year/photo, 5/9/04

Armstead, Johnnie M.

photo, 11/23/04

Armstrong, Betty Ruth

obituary, 6/27/04

Armstrong, Holly

Girls State, 4/11/04

Armstrong, Virginia Reed

obituary, 12/24/04

Army Field Band

free performance, 10/20/04

Arnold, Bobby

photo, 12/17/04

Arredondo, Eliberta

obituary, 2/24/04

Arriaga, Jesus

graduates basic training, 5/6/04

Arriga, Daniel

obituary, 11/12/04

Arroyo, Martin and Lupe

home burns/ photo, 12/22/04

Ashcroft, Vicki

honored/photo, 11/25/04

Askew, Alan

campaign funds/ photo, 10/10/04

Attempted abduction, 11/7/04

Audityan, Srinath

child predator charged, 4/30/04

Augustin, Byron Dr.

speaker on Islam, 1/23/04

Ault, Ellen

profile, 4/2/04

Ault, Jeff

photo, 10/29/04

Aurand, Jonathan K.

obituary, 5/9/04

Austin, Charles

Olympics 1996 Gold medalist

photo, 7/20/04

Austin, Shirley

Rotarian of the Year honor, 7/14/04

auto accident involves horse/photo, 3/21/04

auto accident involves Hutto man/photo, 3/25/04

Avila, Katie

Medicare questions/ photo, 9/12/04



Baen House/photo, 4/28/04

Bagley, Bain

photo, 3/9/04

Bagley, Kharley Jo

engagement/ photo, 9/5/04

wedding/photo, 12/19/04

Bagley, Louise Jane Noe

obituary, 1/27/04, 1/29/04, 2/1/04

Bailes, Coleman H.

obituary, 11/30/04

Baker, Artie

obituary, 11/24/03

Baker, David

run for Commissioner Pct.3/photo, 1/4/04

Baker, James "Mike"

new fire chief, 5/5/04

Baker, Robyn Nicole

wedding/ photo, 7/4/04

Balles, Chris

wedding/photo, 1/18/04

Bank of America

robbery suspect/ photo, 12/12/04

Barba, Roxanna G.

honor/photo, 5/27/04

Barba-Velasco, Zaira A.

graduates basic training, 3/17/04

graduates from basic training, 4/7/04

Barboza, Troy

photo, 5/20/04

Barham, Mina Sue

obituary, 3/9/04

Barnard, Bobby

owner of Sundance Records displays own collection, 4/6/04

Barnard, Connie

obituary, 10/27/04, 10/28/04

Barrellesa, Gilbert Cedillo

murder indictment, 12/19/04

Barrientos, Margarita V.

obituary, 4/27/04

obituary/photo, 4/28/04

Barsh, Caroline M.

obituary, 1/15/04

Barton Christopher P.

solicitation of a minor charges, 3/17/04

Battierra, Basilio N.

obituary/ photo, 10/20/04

Becak, Wayne

photo, 1/16/04

Becerra, David

grand jury indictment, 3/17/04

Beck, John

president of College of Education, 3/4/04

Texas State University

Distinguished Alumni/ photo, 10/17/04

Becker, Tami

photo, 2/4/04

Beckerich, Kameron Joseph

grand jury indictment, 3/17/04

Beckhalt, Hunter Joseph

birth, 10/24/04

Beckham, Jillian Janee

wedding/photo, 12/19/04

Beckwith, Cindy

Hope Hospice, 9/28/04

Bellah, Christopher Chad

engagement/photo, 1/11/04, 2/8/04

Bellamy, Dave C.

obituary, 4/13/04, 4/14/04

Bennett, Joseph William

engagement/photo, 3/28/04

Benson, Ray

hosts Texas Music Unplugged, 3/25/04

Texas Music History Unplugged, 3/14/04

Bernal, Jade

fatal auto accident, 6/18/04

Bertrand, Kara Yvonne

engagement/ photo, 9/19/04

Beta Sigma Phi

scholarships, 3/10/04

Betencourt, Ramiro

drowning victim, 6/1/04

Bethancourt, Dave

recount time running out, 3/19/04

BFI truck catches fire/photo, 3/25/04

Bicycle Race

150 mile trek profile/ photo, 10/10/04

Bindel, David

profile/photo, 5/27/04

scholar honor/photo, 5/16/04

Bindel, Jonathan

profile/photo, 5/27/04

scholar honor/photo, 5/16/04

Bingham, Harvey Gene

obituary, 9/29/04

Bishop, Jared Lynn

engagement/ photo, 12/5/04, 12/12/04

Blackburn, Robin

poetry and bbq event, 3/11/04

Blair, David

Hays County Sheriff deputy resigns, 6/16/04

Blair, Mary Sue

obituary, 3/31/04

Blake, Joshua Adam

wedding/ photo, 9/5/04

Blakley, Debra

obituary, 12/29/04

Blalock, ark

Gary Job Corp student/ photo, 12/29/04

Blanco Gardens

flood plain, 12/21/04

Blanco River

aerial view/ photo, 11/24/04

clean up projects, 6/3/04

low water crossing/ photo, 11/16/04

search for flood victim, 12/3/04

Blanco River Estates

history, 4/28/04

Blanco River flood

two rescued from vehicle/ photo, 10/26/04

Blanco River watershed conference, 6/20/04

Blanco Star School

profile/ photo, 7/13/04

Bloom, Samantha Kay

engagement/photo, 3/28/04

Blossom, Henry S.

obituary, 4/8/04

Blossom, Henry Sheldon

obituary, 4/7/04

BlueScope buys Butler, 4/29/04

BlueScope Steel to acquire Butler Man., 2/17/04

Boatright, Megan Kathleen

grand jury indictment, 3/17/04

Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

photo, 1/28/04

Bodine, Tommy

sunken boat, 4/18/04

Boggs, Robert Garrett (Garry)

obituary, 12/8/04

Boggus, Kenneth Franklin Jr.

obituary, 3/3/04

Bohm, Charlotte Alexa

obituary, 4/25/04

Boles, Weldon

blind retiree/photo, 4/23/04

Bordovsky, Chelsea

Girls State, 4/11/04

Girls State governor oath/photo, 6/16/04

Girls State governor/photo, 6/15/04

Bosquez, Patrice Lowe

obituary/photo, 9/21/04

Boullie, Donnie Lee

burglary suspect, 9/1/04

Bousquet, Sharon

local poet and musician to perform at Library, 9/21/04

Bowden, Connie

obituary/ photo, 12/29/04

Bowden, E. Lane Dr. Jr.

obituary, 3/30/04

Bowen, Greg

journalism award/photo, 5/14/04

Bowers, Lena E.

obituary, 4/27/04

Boylan, Roger

local author book signing, 3/4/04

Bradshaw, Jamie Lynn

engagement/ photo, 10/24/04

Brady, Ernest

obituary, 4/21/04, 4/22/04

Braffett, Louanne

obituary, 9/30/04, 10/8/04

Bragg, Jeremy

grand jury indictment, 3/17/04

Braune, Margaret

obituary/photo, 10/17/04

Breihan, Dawn

profile/photo, 1/11/04

Breshears, Lorene (Posey)

obituary, 2/8/04

Brewer, Jack

election vandalism, 9/22/04

Briggs, Curtis D.

50th wedding anniversary/photo, 4/18/04

Brim, Bernice John

obituary, 11/26/04

Brock, Dorothy Short

obituary, 5/11/04

Brooks, Tina Camare

wedding/photo, 2/22/04

Brown, Betsy

obituary, 5/4/04

Brown, Garrett

volunteer/ photo, 12/8/04

Brown, Judy

honored/photo, 6/18/04

Brown, Mark Bryan

obituary/ photo, 9/8/04

Brown, Mark Byron

stabbing death, 9/2/04

Brown, Mary Annabell

obituary, 9/29/04

Brumfield, Jessica

profile/photo, 4/9/04

Brumley, Sam

profile/photo, 5/9/04

Bryan, Randy

photo, 2/4/04

Brymer, Carolyn Mooney

obituary, 2/3/04

Bryson, Clayton C.

Scholarship award/ photo, 7/1/04

Buchanan, Krystal

engagement/photo, 4/25/04


mayor says Cabela's coming, 4/9/04

Volunteer Fire Department

training grant, 2/10/04

works on finance plan for Cabela's, 4/28/04

Buda Elementary School

illegal entry, 5/28/04

Burdick, Dick

classic car photo, 4/14/04

Burgess, Ruth E.

obituary, 10/28/04

Burkhart, Deborah

engagement/ photo, 12/12/04

Burleson, Cecil

obituary, 11/25/04

Burnett, Kay

obituary, 10/1/04

Burnett, Kay Elizabeth

obituary/ photo, 10/13/04

Burris, Maggie Hicks

obituary, 2/17/04


Frost Bank

supports TSU/ photo, 11/4/04

Heldenfels Enterprise

tour of facilities/ photo, 9/8/04

McCoy's Building Supply

profile/ photo, 11/7/04

Wide Lite

new plant, 10/2/04

Butler, Brenda

photo, 11/25/04




Calaboose Museum

African American History/ photo, 11/23/04

Callahan-Wood, Anne

obituary/photo, 5/18/04

Callazo, Denise

photo, 1/16/04

Callihan, Joycelyn Williams

obituary, 1/13/04

Calsbeck, Franklin A.

honored by regents, 5/11/04

Camp Heartsong camp for children, 5/19/04

Campbell, Karly Nicol

engagement/ photo, 11/14/04, 11/21/04

Campos, Carlos Alberto

fatal auto/bicycle accident, 12/9/04

Canady, Alvin

San Marcos High School homecoming king, 9/19/04

Cancer patient, Raul, goes on shopping spree, 1/20/04

Cannon, Carol S.

obituary, 2/1/04

car theft suspects

fled in auto, 7/7/04

Caraway, Jack Ryan

engagement, 1/11/04

Cardenas, Francisco

engagement/photo, 4/25/04

Cardwell, Kent

obituary, 11/16/04

Carlile, Arlie

obituary, 12/30/04

Carnes, Rhonda Michelle

engagement/ photo, 7/11/04, 7/18/04

Carpenter, Dick Thomas

obituary/photo, 2/22/04

Carr, Alisa

indicted for drowned son, 2/8/04

Carrell, Eleonora

obituary, 11/23/04, 12/1/04

Carrillo, Clifford Aloysius Ignatius

obituary, 2/3/04

obituary/photos, 2/4/04

Carrizales, Juan Jr.

obituary/photo, 9/24/04

Carson, Jenny

engagement/photo, 4/25/04

Carter, Christopher

motorcycle fatality, 3/12/04

Carter, Susie

Comm. Precinct 2

executive session discussion, 9/1/04

CASA advocates

sworn in/ photo, 11/7/04

Casey, Benjamin "Ben" Morris

obituary, 1/1/04

Caskey, Cliff

fresh produce/photo, 4/14/04

Casparis, Cindy

honor/photo, 1/29/04

Castellaw, Marge

Lion of the Month

award/ photo, 10/27/04

Castenada, Porfiria Gonzales

obituary, 4/11/04

Castillo, Arnold

obituary, 5/12/04

Castillo, Arnold 'Nuco'

obituary/photo, 5/13/04

Castillo, John

honored/ photo, 12/12/04

Castillo, Joseph

student of the week/photo, 4/8/04

Cattle Baron Ball, 3/24/04

Cattle Baron's Ball, 1/30/04

profile/ photo, 11/25/04

Cauble, Mary

steps down from Ethics Comm, 1/18/04

Central Texas Fly Fishers

teach youth/photo, 4/21/04

Central Texas Golf Fest

profile/photo, 4/23/04

Central Texas Life Care

honor/photo, 2/1/04

Central Texas Medical Center

Christmas toy collection, 12/14/04

fundraiser for hospice, 1/22/04

hosts valentine luncheon, 2/17/04

pet therapy team retires/photo, 6/16/04

senior volunteers profile/photo, 2/27/04

water fountain installed at track, 4/28/04

welcomes five board members/photo, 6/4/04

CenturyTel honors five/photo, 4/29/04

Ceynowa, Stephanie

fatal auto accident, 6/18/04

Chadie, Steve

Grammy nomination, 12/17/04

Chalmers, Presley Howard

obituary, 5/7/04

Chamber Banquet

photo, 10/24/04

Chamber of Commerce

Blue ribbon cutting

Classic Honda/photo, 4/18/04

Chairman's Award

Emmett and Miriam McCoy/ photo, 10/24/04

Ribbon cutting

AIG/ photo, 9/26/04

Austin Mortgage/ photo, 9/26/04

Dean's Roofing, 3/17/04

Glass with Class/photo, 3/17/04

Jones Cafeteria/ photo, 9/26/04

Little Caesars, 9/19/04

Southwest Family Medicine/ photo, 9/26/04

Starbucks Coffee, 9/19/04

ribbon cutting

Comfort Connection, 9/19/04

Housecall Computer Services/photo, 5/30/04

River Pine Suites/photo, 4/11/04

Savanah Club Luxury Apt./photo, 5/30/04

Sylvan Learning Center/photo, 4/23/04

Wicked Custom Cycles/photo, 6/8/04

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Air-Water Purification

photo, 10/19/04

Bobcat Laptops/ photo, 12/12/04

Dragon's Lair/ photo, 10/3/04

Hummingbird Inn/ photo, 10/3/04

Klingemann American Care/ photo, 10/3/04

Laredo National Bank

photo, 11/21/04

McCoy's building supply

photo, 12/12/04

OCS Toshiba/ photo, 7/25/04

Optical Zone USA, 11/2/04

Santa's Ranch/ photo, 11/2/04

Southern Lending/ photo, 10/3/04

Texas Old Town

photo, 7/18/04

The Tattoo Shop/ photo, 12/19/04

Tom & Jerry's Children's Clothing

photo, 10/19/04

Waddell & Reed, Inc. / photo, 7/25/04

Chaney, Leah

wins oratorical contest, 3/7/04

Chang, Albert

obituary/ photo, 7/20/04

Chapa Jr., Ramon

Edwards Aquifer Authority Director

photo, 12/14/04

Chapa, Enrique P.

obituary, 2/4/04

Charles S. Cock House Museum

new brick walks/ photo, 11/14/04

Charles, Ray

dead at age 73, 6/11/04

Charter school lawsuit filed, 3/12/04

Chastain, Myrtle A.

obituary, 7/27/04

Chavez, Claudia

Scholarship award/ photo, 7/1/04

Chavez, Edith

honor/ photo, 10/3/04

Chavkin, Laura Michelle

engagement/photo, 2/1/04

Chen, Shelley

guest artist performs, 3/4/04

child abuse awareness month, 4/1/04

Chin, King Yin

Hong Kong exchange student

photo, 7/1/04

Chumley, Donald

auto fatality, 3/10/04

Chumley, Donald W.

obituary, 3/10/04

Chumley, Donald Wayne

obituary, 3/14/04, 3/18/04

Church, Jackland Lynn

exchange student program

photo, 7/1/04


Alpha Omega Worship Center

profile/ photo, 11/11/04

First Christian Church

craft workers/ photo, 9/1/04

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

bless river/photo, 4/22/04

St.John's Catholic Church

bell tower/photo, 5/11/04

Cinco de Mayo

history, 4/25/04

Cinco de Mayo Fest profile, 4/25/04

City Council

annexation proposed, 4/11/04

considers skatepark, 4/22/04

downtown building height restrictions, 5/25/04

hotel proposal meeting, 6/11/04

housing project approved, 5/26/04

may raise alcohol rules, 5/30/04

meeting changes, 6/18/04

meeting on resort hotel and convention center, 6/9/04

vehicle inspection and maintenance program denied, 1/28/04

City of San Marcos

"sister city" Monclova in Coahuila Mexico, 4/29/04

Activity Center fees, 1/20/04

airport terminal needed, 4/8/04

attracts filmmakers, 5/6/04

begin Hutchison repairs, 5/9/04

Blue Ribbon Bond Committee, 10/1/04

boil water notice, 9/24/04

bond elections, 9/26/04

budget rebound, 7/11/04

city charter changes, 3/28/04

City Council

split on rights resolution, 2/24/04

City Council ethics complaints dropped, 2/20/04

city council filing begins, 2/19/04

City council vote on smelly sewage problem, 1/14/04

City council workshop on water odor, 1/11/04

City vs. TSU students, 12/5/04

conclusion of street maintenance program, 9/22/04

council votes against road costs, 6/18/04

Courthouse Square

vintage cars/photo, 4/20/04

Employee Group/photo, 2/17/04

employees collect donations for soldiers, 4/1/04

Environmental Health

food service fee and deadline, 3/23/04

fire chief sought, 1/30/04

first public propane pump, 4/22/04

grant funds, 1/4/04

Hotel resort negotiations, 10/3/04

hotel resort negotiations, 11/9/04

hotel resort plans, 10/22/04

hotel-resort negotiations, 10/5/04

Land Development Code draft, 4/13/04

mayor, two council posts voting, 5/14/04

Mitchell Center dispute, 7/9/04

Mitchell Center lawsuit hearing set, 5/21/04

Mitchell Center return block grant, 11/10/04

Monclova sister city/photo, 6/4/04

new utility bill, 5/13/04

November elections, 11/2/04

Outlet expansion tax rebate, 9/26/04

Outlet expansion to add new stores and jobs, 9/28/04

overpass project in limbo, 6/29/04

Parks and Rec

alcohol ban considered, 9/19/04

alcohol ban ideas, 9/21/04

ban on alcohol recommended, 9/22/04

Purgatory Creek park, 1/11/04

police chief Williams outlook, 1/2/04

proposed city budget, 7/22/04

public hearings on future of city, 3/31/04

railway intersection relief, 7/30/04

redesign website, 9/17/04

refunding and revenue bonds to refinance, 11/26/04

report card, 1/25/04

resort hotel and convention center process, 6/3/04

Rio Vista Pool renovations, 9/30/04

search for new fire chief down to five, 3/18/04

September 11th remembrance, 9/10/04

skatepark proposed, 4/13/04

state airport possibility, 5/4/04

Street Dept.

Camaro Way repairs, 3/23/04

Street Dept. reconstruction, 3/2/04

street dept. reconstruction of Snyder Hill Drive, 4/4/04

street noise/ city ordinance, 10/12/04

street reconstruction program, 1/1/04

sues Mitchell Center, 5/4/04

Task Force trash discussions, 11/10/04

to consolidate land use codes, 6/27/04

traffic congestion, 11/28/04

traffic light synchronization, 12/7/04

trash collection codes, 11/18/04

Utility bills simpler and easier, 1/27/04

utility cashiers office reopens, 1/9/04

Wastewater plant stinks, 3/23/04

Wastewater treatment plant odor control, 5/11/04

water supply master plan, 6/24/04

water supply master plan meeting, 6/23/04

Clayton, Zachary A.

wedding/photo, 3/21/04, 3/28/04

Clement, Arline Evans

obituary, 9/3/04, 9/5/04

Clemments, June Marie

obituary, 6/11/04, 6/18/04


American Legion

auxiliary officers/ photo, 7/29/04

tenth district officers/ photo, 7/29/04

American Legion Post 144

call for veterens for tribute, 5/12/04

oratorical contest, 1/9/04

Bluebonnet Lion

donation to Playscape, 1/23/04

Bluebonnet Lions

new officers/photo, 6/30/04

peace poster contest winners/photo, 3/16/04

profile/photo, 6/3/04

Bluebonnet Lions Club

donation to Salvation Army, 3/24/04

Bluebonnet Lions donation/photo, 4/15/04

Daughters of the American Revolution Thomas Moore

current officers/photo, 2/1/04

League of Women Voters

guide to SMCISD bond, 1/20/04

program on Texas budget, 2/1/04

survey on SMCISD bond due, 1/18/04

wine tasting fundraiser, 1/28/04

wine tasting Jan. 29, 1/25/04

Lions Club

Brown Santa donation/ photo, 10/14/04

contributes to Salvation Army/ photo, 9/2/04

donation to Hays County Food Bank

photo, 10/3/04

promotes new initiative, 3/5/04

shopping spree/ photo, 12/23/04

Lions Club donation for riverside improvements/photo, 2/29/04


75 years of pioneering, 2/25/04

awards scholarships, 6/6/04

Cinco de Mayo fest, 1/11/04

Noon Lions Club

donation to CASA of Central Texas, 9/23/04

donation to Junior Deputy Program, 9/23/04

scholarship awards/photo, 6/9/04

Optimist Club

car and truck show, 4/18/04, 7/9/04

car and truck show/ photo, 7/16/04

Quail Creek Women's Golf Assoc.

annual invitational/ photos, 4/11/04

Rotary 5840

fundraiser/photo, 5/6/04

Rotary Club

new officers/ photo, 7/14/04

San Marcos Noon Lions

honor Gary Job Corps student/photo, 6/25/04

San Marcos Women's Bowling Association

annual banquet/ photo, 4/4/04

Sunrise Club

awards two scholarships, 5/18/04



history, 4/25/04

Cobb, Jeremy

science fair contestant, 3/3/04

Cobb, Rachelle Harter

obituary, 11/19/04

obituary/ photo, 11/21/04

Cochran, Chester Arlen

obituary, 7/9/04

Cohen, Paul and Robin

Christmas and Hanukkah

profile/ photo, 12/12/04

Cohen, Sue

donation/photo, 6/10/04

Coleman, Edith Gibson

obituary, 3/21/04

Collazo, Janie Garcia

obituary, 6/11/04

Collazo-Garcia, Janie

obituary, 6/13/04

Collins, Alan Reed

arrested for assaulting wife

photo, 10/7/04

Colvin, Marsha

donation/photo, 6/10/04

Combs, Wayne

obituary, 2/6/04

Commiato, John Joseph

obituary, 1/29/04

Conley Carwash

donation to Youth Council/photo, 2/29/04

Conley, Will

contender County Commissioner Pct 3, 3/2/04

Hays County Commissioner elect

photo, 12/14/04

seeks Commissioner Pct.3 post/photo, 1/9/04

wins commissioner nomination, 4/14/04

Conrad, Jared

arrest for weapons, 2/4/04

Constables receiving pay increase, 9/28/04

Constables unhappy with pay, 9/24/04

Cook, Osie

arrested for assault and indecency

photo, 10/7/04

Cook, Randy

Kiwanian of the Year

photo, 10/10/04

Cooley, J. Alvis and Mrs.

60th wedding anniversary, 1/25/04

Cooper, John

Arbor Day ceremony, 1/11/04

honor ceremony, 1/1/04

Cooper, Marsha

tree dedication/photo, 1/29/04

Cortez, Conrado R.

obituary/photo, 2/8/04

Cortez, Mark

resigns from CISD board, 6/2/04

Cortez, Rosa E.

obituary, 9/2/04

Cortez, Tony Jr.

back from Iraq/photo, 2/15/04

Couch, Calli

wedding/photo, 5/23/04

Couch, Ryan

engagement/photo, 4/25/04

Council of Neighborhood Associations

speak out on city improvements meeting, 2/4/04

Craig, Casey

local artist, 9/17/04

Crawford, Gary Dewayne

obituary, 5/16/04

Crawford, Jason

awaits call to Iraq/ photo, 10/22/04

Crayton, Clester

wheelchair ramp completed by 'Safe at Home,' 9/29/04

credit card theft

store camera/ photo, 7/7/04

Crime of the week

robbery, 12/9/04

Crime Stoppers

receives state grant, 10/19/04

Criss, E. Richard 'Dick' Jr.

obituary/photo, 6/15/04

Crittendon, Dolores

photo, 2/4/04

Crockett Elementary musical/photo, 2/22/04

Crockett, Willie Louise

obituary, 3/14/04

Crockett, Willy

obituary, 3/12/04

Crook, Eleanor

photo, 12/7/04

Crookwood Home/photo, 4/28/04

Crosson, Charles J.

obituary/ photo, 10/7/04

Crunk, Michelle N

Girls State, 4/11/04

Crunk, Shelly

San Marcos Baptist Academy

Homecoming Queen/ photo, 11/17/04

Cuellar, Henry

gains votes after totals, 4/1/04

office in Hays County Courthouse

photo, 12/14/04

photo, 12/12/04, 12/29/04

Cueto, Lilla Del

obituary, 9/12/04

Cullen, Michael Craig

wedding/photo, 10/31/04

Cullum, Dan Rogers Jr.

obituary, 2/10/04

Cunnion, Don

volunteer/ photo, 12/19/04




Dabelgott, Dru

engagement/photo, 12/19/04

Dailey, Carolyn Rene

obituary, 3/30/04

Daughters of the American Revolution

photo, 9/5/04

Davila, Alejandro

obituary, 6/22/04, 6/23/04

obituary/ photo, 7/7/04

Davis, Carl Clifford Sr.

obituary, 3/23/04

Davis, Clifford M. Jr.

obituary, 1/7/04

Davis, Clifton

engagement/photo, 4/25/04

Davis, Sam

contender County Commissioner Pct 3, 3/2/04

Davis, Stephen

author/photo, 6/9/04

Davis, Steven L.

local author/photo, 6/2/04

Davis, Virginia

photo, 2/27/04

Dawkins Jr., Sam

obituary, 11/26/04

Dawkins Jr., Samuel D.

obituary, 11/24/04

Day, Alvin H.

obituary, 4/30/04, 5/2/04

De la Luz Torres, Jose

obituary, 6/6/04

Dean, Connie

obituary, 1/25/04

Dean, Connie Sue

obituary, 1/27/04

Deane, Jason Matthew

charged with injury to child, 3/9/04

Decoux, Raymond

Noon Lions Club shopping spree winner, 1/29/04

Deeds, Sharon

Balcones Bank President

photo, 7/14/04

Dees, Harry

obituary, 11/9/04

Delarosa, Mika

science fair photo, 5/11/04

delegation of firefighters honored for fire truck donation, 4/28/04

Deleon, Bonnie and Jessie

benefit for medical expenses, 4/2/04

DeLeon, Christopher

wedding/ photo, 9/5/04

Deleon, Jacob Lee

home invasion suspect, 5/16/04

invasion robbery suspect, 4/23/04

DeLeon, Juanita Jiojas

obituary, 2/10/04

Deleon, Marisela

photo, 5/20/04

Delgado, Antonio Flores III

obituary, 4/2/04

Delgado, Pedro

obituary, 3/23/04, 3/24/04

Delgado, Prisciliana

fellowship recipient, 5/7/04

DeLuna, Antonio B.

obituary, 6/22/04

Delvin, Gillian Jane

wedding/photo, 5/2/04

Derrickson, Patty

Boy Scouts mom for life, 1/25/04

Deschner, Austin

photo, 2/10/04

Desoto, Donna

charity for abandoned kids

profile/ photo, 10/28/04

Dever, Dylan

Austin piano festival/photo, 1/2/04

Dever, Solana

honor/photo, 1/28/04

Devlin, Gillian

engagement/photo, 2/15/04

Di Angelo, Florence

obituary, 9/24/04

Dietert, James Lee

obituary/ photo, 7/25/04

Dillard, E.L. Pastor Bishop

photo, 4/4/04

Dinosaur George/photo, 2/12/04

Doane, Travis Cory

obituary/photo, 1/30/04


Last Man Standing, 7/23/04

Dog show comes to Hays, 1/29/04

Dolezal, Christi Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 4/4/04

Dollahite, Joseph Wylie

obituary, 6/8/04

Domina, Jennifer Marie

engagement/photo, 1/11/04

Dominguez, Desirea Marie

engagement/photo, 4/25/04

Domino, Jennifer Marie

engagement/photo, 2/8/04

Donaldson, Jerry

obituary/ photo, 7/28/04

Dotson, John James

burglary suspect, 9/1/04

Downtown fliers ordinance, 1/15/04

DPS Narcotics

prescription drug arrest in Kyle, 7/14/04

DPS targets raves for illegal drugs, 4/29/04

Dripping Springs

condo development vote, 6/9/04

drought leads to conservation, 4/16/04

Duarte, Dylan

photo, 4/9/04

Dunbar Heritage Association

Black History Banquet, 3/18/04

Dunkeson, Scotty Wayne

obituary, 1/7/04

DuPriest, Cortney

photo, 4/2/04

Durham, Eddie

Jazz Legacy event, 2/6/04

Legacy Night event, 2/1/04

Durham, Marsha

photo, 2/6/04



Eaglesmith, Fred

musician profile/photo, 2/24/04

Earl, Karen

obituary/ photo, 10/24/04

Early, Grady G.

honored by regents, 5/11/04

Eastridge, Loretta

obituary, 10/14/04

Eben, Kaitlyn

photo, 4/8/04

Eddoeman, Jamison

photo, 6/8/04

Eddoeman, Nathaniel

photo, 6/8/04

Edwards Aquifer

fight for preservation and protection, 6/9/04

flow pattern tests/photo, 1/7/04

Edwards, Martha

obituary, 10/7/04

Ehrlich, Arthur Don

obituary, 1/2/04

Ehrlich, Mary L.

obituary, 1/21/04

El Camino Real

historic trail/ photo, 10/24/04

National Historic trail, 7/15/04

Elder, Bob

honor profile, 2/6/04

Elder, Jo Ann Minta

obituary/photo, 2/12/04

Elkins, Weston

selected to represent American Legion in state contest/photo, 2/12/04

Ellerton, Clinton

obituary, 1/7/04

Ellerton, Clinton Paul

obituary, 1/8/04

Ellis, Greg

resigns from Edwards Aquifer, 3/18/04

Ellis, Sabra Leigh

engagement/photo, 4/18/04

Endicott, Ryan

marine/ photo, 11/26/04

Ennis, Mary Ann Tiner

obituary, 1/23/04, 1/25/04

Erickson, Mark

photo, 12/17/04

Erlich, Wayne D.

obituary, 7/22/04

Esmial, Kirsten Michelle

obituary/ photo, 9/15/04

Espinoza, Georgie Ann

engagement/photo, 2/29/04

Espinoza, Georgie Anna

engagement/photo, 2/22/04

Esquivel, Juan R.

obituary, 4/9/04

Ethics Commission

vacancies filled, 1/27/04

Ethics Review Commission

disannexation votes, 1/13/04

hearing continues, 1/25/04

meeting, 2/5/04

Eure, Jack Douglas

wedding/ photo, 7/25/04

Euresti, Julia H.

home invasion suspect, 5/16/04

invasion robbery suspect, 4/23/04

Evans, Jerold James

obituary, 6/10/04, 6/11/04

Evans, Kathryn

obituary, 6/29/04

Evans, Sylbia Christine "Sib"

obituary, 7/20/04

Ewald, Betty

obituary, 9/16/04

Ewald, Billy Herman

obituary, 6/8/04

explosive device found in closet, 5/19/04



Falcon, Melissa

engagement/photo, 1/18/04

Farmer, Carole

photo, 10/29/04

Farmer, Tycer

photo, 3/17/04

Farrington, Jerold

obituary, 4/22/04, 4/23/04

Faubion, Forrest (Jack)

obituary, 12/2/04

Fauver, Edwin Melvin 'Jiggs'

obituary, 3/5/04

Federal Communications Commission

hearing in San Marcos, 1/23/04

Fenn, Charley (C.J.) Jr.

obituary, 7/21/04

Fentress Robber suspect caught, 11/14/04

Fentress robbery

suspect sought, 11/4/04

Ferguson, John

profile/photo, 4/18/04

Ferguson, Will

science fair contestant, 3/3/04

Ferrer, Lucia

science fair contestant, 3/3/04

Ferrer, Nicholas

science fair contestant, 3/3/04

Fielder, Leonard E. Jr.

obituary/photo, 2/15/04

Figueroa, Thaddeus Christopher

wedding/photo, 2/22/04

Film crews at Courthouse Square/photo, 3/12/04

Fincher, Savannah

photo, 4/30/04

Finlay, Jenni

wedding/photo, 4/11/04

Finlay, Ken

profile/photo, 6/13/04

fire destroys home/photo, 4/15/04

First Baptist Church of San Marcos

honors two local women, 3/28/04

First Time Homebuyers Program, 5/11/04

Flammang, Bonnie

photo, 7/2/04

Flood waters recede, tragedy/litter remains

photo, 11/18/04

Flores, Luciano

former mayor dead at 81/photo, 6/30/04

obituary/photo, 6/30/04

Flores, Luciano H.

obituary, 6/29/04

Flores, Rudy

kidnapped/ returned home safe

photo, 10/7/04

Flores, Vicente 'Chicquitin'

obituary/photo, 9/26/04

Floyd, Matt

honor/photo, 2/18/04

Folgarait, Leonard

profile/photo, 2/4/04

Folks, Danielle

Girls State, 4/11/04

Forche, Carolyn

to read at Texas State, 4/4/04

Fore, Charles

obituary, 1/25/04

Fore, Charles Coldren

obituary/photo, 1/27/04

Foster, Jasper Earl

indicted for murder, 12/3/04

Foster, Leslie

adopts Chinese orphan, 2/11/04

Fowler, Lester

obituary, 7/11/04

Franke, Mauri Jane

Girls State, 4/11/04

Franklin, William Charles

Comal Park drowning victim, 9/21/04

French, Sarah Elizabeth

engagement/ photo, 12/5/04, 12/12/04

Friends Lend Others Wings

photo, 2/8/04

Friends Lending Others Wings

fundraiser, 1/22/04

Friends of the San Marcos Cemetery

photo, 5/28/04

raising funds/photo, 2/22/04

Fuchs, Adolph

obituary/photo, 12/15/04



Galipp, William (Bill)

obituary, 6/8/04

Gallardo, Michael

photo, 5/6/04

Galloway, Don L.

obituary, 1/20/04

Gallus, Shirley Louise

obituary/ photo, 7/9/04

Galvan, Dr. Robert

"Lion of the Year" award

photo, 7/1/04

Galvan, Roberto A.

Veteran remembers/ photo, 11/1/04

Gamez, Jesus

obituary, 5/9/04

Gamez, Rudolph and Mary

50th wedding anniversary/photo, 2/15/04

Gaona, David P. Sr.

obituary, 1/15/04

Gaona, David Sr.

obituary, 1/11/04, 1/13/04

Garcia III, Augustin Solar

birth, 10/24/04

Garcia, Alfredo "Fred"

obituary, 11/17/04

Garcia, Demetria

102 birthday

profile/ photo, 12/10/04

Garcia, Eduardo

obituary, 10/1/04

Garcia, Eduardo 'Eddie'

obituary/ photo, 9/30/04

Garcia, Gilbert S.

obituary, 9/8/04

obituary/ photo, 9/9/04

Garcia, Lucinda Ann

engagement/photo, 1/18/04

Garcia, Peter

Kiwanis Scholarship/ photo, 7/13/04

Garcia, Raquel

returns home from Iraq, 5/2/04

Garcia, Severiana A.

obituary/photo, 4/22/04

Garcia, Victoria

obituary, 6/27/04, 6/29/04

Garlichs, Hans

obituary, 10/12/04

Garner, Tim

superhero memorabilia, 1/7/04

Garnett, Grosvenor Howard "Grove"

obituary/photo, 1/7/04

Garrison, Ward

obituary, 1/21/04

Gary Job Corp

40 year anniversary, 6/20/04

Blue Lite Drill Team

photo, 9/2/04

hopes to partner with Mexico's Consul, 6/11/04

recruiting office, 10/1/04

remember the Alamo experience/photo, 4/9/04

Gary Job Corp Center

Meeting of the Minds

photo, 12/14/04

Gary Job Corps

graduation, 4/16/04

graduation/photo, 1/18/04

visit to Washington, DC, 9/26/04

Gary Job Corps Center

community service day, 4/21/04

Lloyd Doggett visits, 3/16/04

Garza, Freddie & Sylvia

50th wedding anniversary/photo, 2/29/04

Garza, Gabriel

fellowship recipient, 5/7/04

Garza, Johnny

profile/photo, 6/6/04

Garza, Richard

new Hispanic Chamber president/photo, 6/6/04

profile/photo, 6/23/04

Garza, Richard H.

photo, 12/14/04

Garza, Roberto Jr.

engagement/photo, 4/4/04

Garza, Ruben

engagement/photo, 9/19/04

Gassiot, Nicolas

graduates basic training, 4/15/04

GED graduates to be honored, 4/29/04

Gentry, Kathleen

obituary, 4/25/04

Gharib, Hoddar

Gary Job Corps honor/photo, 5/16/04

Gibson, Susan

profile/photo, 4/1/04

Gilbert, George

photo, 2/10/04

Gilbreath, Marvin Newell

obituary, 2/6/04

Gilkyson, Eliza

musician profile/photo, 6/3/04

Gillespie, Jayce

photo, 2/19/04

Gilley, Kevin

Heritage Association president

photo, 10/10/04

Givens, Ethridge L. "Verne"

obituary, 1/13/04

Goff, Ricky Joe

obituary, 4/14/04

Golden, Ashley Marie

engagement/photo, 4/4/04

Golden, Olivia Petrosky Richter

obituary, 4/13/04

Gomez, Martina Lucio

obituary, 2/11/04

obituary/photo, 2/12/04

Gomez, Primitiva Torres

obituary/photo, 2/24/04, 2/26/04, 3/3/04

Gonzales De Rios, Carolina

obituary, 11/10/04

Gonzales, Dora

obituary, 11/11/04

Gonzales, Fred Jr.

obituary, 5/16/04

Gonzales, Hilbert

obituary, 3/2/04

Gonzales, Ladislada O.

obituary/photo, 2/17/04

Gonzales, Mark Anthony

engagement/photo, 2/22/04, 2/29/04

Gonzales, Michael Pvt.

graduates from specialist training, 1/18/04

graduates specialist training, 1/27/04

Gonzales, Veronica

profile of pageant contestant, 4/27/04

Gonzalez, Esteban

arrested in kidnapping/assault charges, 2/15/04

Gonzalez, Pablo Chavez

obituary, 11/14/04

Goodyear Auto Service Center

truck goes through front window/ photo, 10/17/04

Gordon, Annie L.

obituary/photo, 2/3/04

Gorrill, Darcy

obituary, 6/13/04, 6/15/04

Gosdin, James H. "Buzzy"

obituary/photo, 6/11/04

Goss, Marcus

photo, 1/21/04

Gra-Trail Riders

visit to San Marcos/photos, 2/3/04

Gra-Trail Riders in San Marcos, 2/1/04

Gra-Trail Riders in town, 1/28/04

Graham, Rusty

third place essay contest/photo, 5/11/04

Graham-Broyles, Maggie

Wimberley Birding Society honor/photo, 2/18/04

Grande Communications

donates $10,000 for economic development, 4/30/04

Grant, Johnny

arrested for assault, 4/28/04

Grant, Johnny Alison

assault suspect, 4/27/04

Greear, Harold Scott 'Scotty'

obituary, 6/30/04

Green, Laura B.

obituary, 1/11/04, 1/13/04

Green, Rick

candidate District 45, 7/23/04

Green-Holden, Katy

profile/ photo, 12/7/04

Griffin, Kate

photo, 6/27/04

Griffith, Peggy J.

obituary, 3/10/04

Griffith, Wendy

Hall of Fame Committee member/ photo, 10/3/04

Griggs, Bryant

wins court award for injuries, 3/24/04

Guadalupe Blanco River Authority

renovation of Homeless Shelter, 3/16/04

Gudalupe-Blanco River Authority

volunteer at Southside Center, 3/30/04

Guerra, Jesse

Justice of the Peace filing/photo, 1/4/04

Guerra, Lolly

honored/ photo, 11/25/04

Guerrero, Daniel

Place 3 City Council candidate, 5/2/04

seeks Place 3 on council, 3/9/04

Guerrero, Felix

obituary/photo, 2/8/04

Guerrero, Homer

photo, 1/16/04

Guion, Anna

obituary, 9/23/04

Gunnarson, Ivar and Gerry

50th wedding anniversary/photo, 5/9/04

Gutierrez, Dennis

photo, 10/14/04



Habingreither, Robert

farewell remarks, 5/25/04

Habingreither, Robert B.

announces for re-election, 3/7/04

Habitat for Humanity

donation from Board of Realtors, 1/11/04

Halatin, James Dale

wedding/photo, 9/5/04

Haldeman, Betty

obituary, 5/18/04

Haldeman, Betty Irene

obituary, 5/20/04

Hale, Makayla Nicole

obituary, 9/12/04

Haley, Jacqueline Ingram

obituary/ photo, 7/15/04

Hall, Demarcus

photo, 6/20/04

Hall, Lonnie

Gary Job Corp director/ photo, 11/21/04

Hamer, Francis A. "Frank" IV

obituary, 1/11/04

Hamer, Francis III

obituary, 2/6/04

Hamilton Home/photo, 4/28/04

Hamilton, Robert

robbery and assault charges, 3/7/04

Hamrick, Keri Kaye

graduates Magna Cum Laude/photo, 2/1/04

Handicap parking rules and misuse, 12/7/04

Haner, Margaret Eileen

obituary, 3/26/04

Hansen, Susan

profile/photo, 2/15/04

Hanson, Susan

book signing/photo, 5/9/04

Hardy, Rick

honor/photo, 6/3/04

Hargrove, Lois Erickson

obituary, 1/7/04

Harper, Gregory Bruce

engagement/photo, 6/6/04

Harper, Jeffrey

engagement/photo, 2/15/04

Harper, Jeffrey Bryant

wedding/photo, 5/2/04

Harper, Michelle

photo, 12/14/04

Harrington, Rice

music remembering event, 11/4/04

Harris, Elvis

obituary, 7/21/04

Harris, Nancy

Women's Hall of Fame

profile/photo, 10/3/04

Harris, Naomi

Hall of Fame Committee member/ photo, 10/3/04

Harris, Palmer 'Pam' Anglin

obituary, 2/5/04

Harris, Sarah Penn

obituary, 2/10/04

Harris, Teddy W.

obituary/ photo, 11/10/04

Harrison, Lutitia Elyae

wedding/ photo, 10/17/04

Harrison, Luttia Elyse

engagement/photo, 6/27/04

Harrison, Todd

patrol car hit from behind, 6/16/04

SMPD injured officer, 6/17/04

Hart, Robert "Bobby" Clyde Sr.

obituary/photo, 5/23/04

Hart, Ron

photo, 1/16/04

Hatton, Jessica Whitney

engagement/photo, 4/25/04

Haynes, Carolyn Sue

50th wedding anniversary/photo, 4/18/04

Hays Chamber of Commerce

Master Auto Body/ photo, 12/16/04

Hays Count Commissioners Court

gas use for unapproved trips, 7/15/04

Hays County

2003 birth/marriage records, 1/2/04

alcohol sting targets convenience stores, 2/29/04

appraisal district valuations, 7/28/04

approves Cabela plan, 5/12/04

budget, 9/8/04

Commissioner seats up for election, 1/6/04

contracts for prisoner transport, 3/31/04

Dripping Springs

marijuana bust, 7/16/04

e-voting options, 5/9/04

electronic voting machines, 3/24/04, 6/23/04

flood mitigation, 2/13/04

funds for emergency food and shelter programs, 1/8/04

Grand Jury Indictments, 11/9/04

Grand Jury indictments, 7/23/04

grand jury indictments, 2/20/04, 4/22/04, 6/2/04, 6/22/04, 9/21/04, 12/8/04

juvenile center at crossroads, 9/22/04

largest painkiller seizure, 6/30/04

polling places, 11/2/04

property values increase, 6/13/04

road projects need cutting, 2/20/04

sales tax rebate increases, 10/13/04

San Marcos EMS

profile/ photo, 10/24/04

source of lawsuit leak, 9/23/04

State Criminal assistance funding, 6/24/04

voter registration/ record number, 10/17/04

Hays County Civic Center, 2/10/04

revenue rise, 2/27/04

Hays County Commissioners

hearing to look at multi-use projects, 1/22/04

preservation of Blue Hole, 1/21/04

Hays County Commissioners Court

court settles with developer, 9/15/04

courthouse leaks investigated, 11/4/04

executive session leaks, 9/15/04

Hays County Juvenile Detention Center, 9/9/04

Heatherwood development, 9/8/04

lawyers quit, 9/15/04

misdemeanor prosecutor hired, 10/6/04

Open Meetings Act, 2/13/04

overpass replacement for Cabela's, 7/16/04

Papalote Homes, 12/15/04

privileged information leaks, 9/1/04

radio system agreement delay, 10/20/04

radio system approval, 10/31/04

Hays County Courthouse

reflection off polished helmet during MLK celebration, 1/20/04

Hays County Food Bank

donation from Lions Club/ photo, 10/3/04

photos, 10/19/04

volunteers/ photo, 12/8/04

Hays County grand jury indictments, 1/15/04

Hays County Historical Commission

filling Chair position, 5/20/04

Hays County Justice Center

mold issues, 3/17/04

Hays County Juvenile Center

facility problems/ photo, 10/3/04

turning over to private company, 9/19/04

Hays County Livestock show, 1/22/04

Hays County officers

job profiles, 2/11/04

Hays County Republicans

mourn President Reagan's death, 6/8/04

Hays County Sheiff's Office

'Best of best' awards/photo, 3/11/04

Hays County Sheriff's Department

photo, 12/14/04

Hays County Sheriff's Dept

Brown Santa Project/ photo, 12/19/04

Hays County Veteran's Memorial

short on funds, 3/23/04

Hays County Veterans Memorial

city may assist, 4/28/04

dedication/ photo, 11/12/04

honor vets, 11/10/04

Remembering Pearl Harbor/ photo, 12/8/04

stolen plaque recovered, 6/8/04

Hays County Women's Center

Annual meeting/ photo, 11/24/04

Hays County Youth Show

photos, 1/27/04

Hays Energy Plant

agreement default, 7/2/04

Hays Energy powering down/photo, 1/30/04

Hays Pct 1 contenders

photos, 3/3/04

Hays Youth show, 1/14/04

Hays-Caldwell Women's Center

seeks silent auction donations, 6/8/04

Health Services Director fired, 11/17/04

Heart of Texas Chorus

musical tribute, 2/20/04

Heart Walk

fundraiser/ photo, 10/1/04

Heart Walk 2004

photo, 7/2/04

Heatwole, Rebecca Marie

engagement/photo, 2/15/04

wedding/ photo, 9/19/04

HEB sprinkler head leak/photo, 2/24/04

Hebert, Avis M. Cook

obituary, 10/1/04, 10/3/04

Heinlen, Mary

obituary, 1/25/04

Heiser, Bill

called to service/ photo, 10/13/04

Heritage Association

honors volunteers, 10/10/04

Heritage Association holds annual dinner, 9/28/04

Heritage Tour goes country, 4/25/04

Hernandez III, Vincent

murder suspect wanted, 9/5/04

Hernandez Intermediate

free computers, 6/1/04

TAKS improvements, 5/27/04

Hernandez Intermediate School

profile/photos, 11/17/04

Hernandez, Allyson N.

scholarship recipient/photo, 5/20/04

Hernandez, Cecilia

hindering apprehension of suspect, 4/23/04

indicted for hindering apprehension, 5/16/04

Hernandez, Eusebio Sr.

obituary, 2/6/04

Hernandez, George

throws first pitch at SMHS game, 4/25/04

Hernandez, Gregorio III

engagement/photo, 6/27/04

Hernandez, Guadalupe

obituary, 11/26/04, 11/28/04

Hernandez, Jessica M.

scholarship recipient/photo, 5/20/04

Hernandez, Lito

menudo profile/photo, 4/13/04

Hernandez, Maria

obituary, 9/12/04

Hernandez, Placido "patches"

award photo, 9/2/04

Hernandez, Salvador Jr.

obituary, 6/29/04

Herrera, Mary

honored/photo, 3/7/04

Herzog, Marjorie M.

obituary, 1/2/04

Hewitt, Frankie

obituary, 6/15/04

Hicks, Summer Leigh

engagement/ photo, 10/10/04

Hild, Florence L.

obituary, 4/28/04

Hilgenberg, Jeffrey R.

obituary, 9/30/04

Hill Country Christian School

character development program, 1/11/04

Hill, Donna

Girl Scout honor/photo, 5/16/04

Hill, Dorothy

obituary, 12/1/04

Hill, Ros

local artist/ photo, 11/18/04

Hill, Willie Ruth

obituary, 4/27/04

Hilscher, Joe Frank

obituary, 5/26/04

Hindson, Irene

photo, 10/13/04

Hinson, Powell

profile/photo, 4/11/04

Hinzer, John

photo, 3/11/04

Hirner, George

honor/photo, 3/10/04

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Awards Banquet, 2/20/04

awards banquet honors/photos, 2/29/04

ribbon cutting

The Fountains Hall/photo, 3/21/04

Historic Preservation Commission

creating two new historic districts, 4/4/04

Historical Oak tree on Belvin/photo, 3/14/04

Hoagland, Carl

obituary, 4/22/04

Hoch, Michelle Leigh

engagement/photo, 6/6/04

Hockley, Aaron

burglary suspect, 4/15/04

Hoherts, Ruth Marburger

obituary, 7/1/04

Hollmon, Jimmy Lee

obituary, 9/24/04

Holmes, Denzel

author/photo, 5/7/04

Holmes, James "Jim"

obituary, 9/3/04

Holmstrom, Jon Harvey

obituary, 9/8/04

homebuyer program adopted by council, 4/27/04

Horton, Jay

photo, 6/6/04

Horton, Mike

photo, 7/27/04

hotel convention center project, 6/2/04

House, Tom

photo, 2/10/04

House, Tom Dr.

honor/photo, 2/1/04

Howard, Betty Jo

obituary, 10/8/04

Howard, O.B.

obituary, 1/15/04

Hubbard, Elizabeth P.

obituary, 11/14/04, 11/16/04

Huebner, Leroy F.

obituary, 6/22/04

Huffman, John

profile/photo, 5/2/04

Hufseteder, Jack

photo, 10/8/04

Hughes, Frederick V. "Fritz"

obituary, 1/7/04

Hughson, Cecil Carlton "Tex"

The Tex Hughson Story/ photo, 9/5/04

Hughson, Tex

story/ photo, 9/8/04

Hugman, Cindy Lee

obituary/ photo, 11/23/04

Hugman, Cynthia Lee

obituary, 11/21/04

Humphrey's Cemetery

150th celebration honors settlers, 11/7/04

Hunter, Gloria

obituary/ photo, 12/14/04

Hurst, Ella

Lions donation/photo, 2/24/04

Hurt, Karen Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 4/11/04

Hutcheson, James O.

photo, 10/10/04

Hyndman, Justin

good samaritan aided driver with seizure, 4/28/04



Icossipentarhos, Nick

still winner after recount, 3/24/04

IH 35 auto accident, 2/27/04

Imel, Carmen

Women's Hall of Fame

profile/photo, 10/3/04

increase of gasoline prices, 4/1/04

Inman, Admiral B.R.

keynote speaker, 4/6/04



Jack C. Hays statue base/photo, 1/4/04

Jackson, Louise Allen

publishes book, 1/1/04

Jackson, Martha

photo, 10/7/04

Jackson, Minnie Kennedy

obituary, 2/11/04

Jackson, Minnie L.

obituary, 2/10/04

Jackson, Ruby M

obituary/ photo, 11/30/04

Jacobson, Edwin

child support evader/ photo, 11/5/04

Jalbert, Nicholas Eugene

engagement/photo, 3/7/04

James, Anne W.

obituary, 12/16/04

Janosko, Abbey

recycling prize winner, 9/26/04

Jansen, Blake

engagement/photo, 1/11/04

Jeep/ small loaded trailer mishap

photo, 7/9/04

Jensen, Lewis A.

obituary, 4/13/04

Jensen, Mary Elizabeth Butcher

obituary/photo, 3/2/04, 3/3/04, 3/7/04

Johnson, Alian

photo, 4/2/04

Johnson, Charles

photo, 7/7/04, 7/13/04

profile/ photo, 10/17/04

Johnson, Debbie

appointed assistant vice president Frost Bank, 9/19/04

Johnson, Moe

Kiwanis Club/ photo, 10/10/04

photo, 7/7/04, 7/13/04

Johnson, Samuel

obituary, 10/26/04

obituary/ photo, 10/27/04

Johnson, Scott

police officer honor/photo, 6/3/04

Johnston, Claire Beecroft

obituary, 11/24/04

Jones, Jennifer

Lions Student of the Week

photo, 7/4/04

Jones, Kathleen Marie

engagement/photo, 3/7/04

Jones, Mary F.

obituary, 9/22/04, 9/24/04

Jones, Stephen James

wedding/ photo, 7/4/04

Joyner, Krischelle

photo, 6/16/04

Juarez, Isabel Sr.

obituary/photo, 1/4/04

Juarez, Stephanie

wedding/photo, 1/18/04

Juneteenth Picnic awards/photo, 6/24/04

Junior Women's Conference

Gary Job Corps, 4/4/04

Just for Fun Parade, 4/23/04

shotgun wedding, 4/25/04

juvenile charged in bomb threats, 5/20/04



Kane, Nancy Shofner

obituary, 5/4/04

Kathmann, Tanner Lee

engagement/ photo, 11/14/04, 11/21/04

Katowski, Kay W.

obituary, 9/1/04, 9/2/04

Keen, Ellen

obituary, 1/4/04

Keen, Ellen Virginia

obituary, 1/6/04

Keevon, Lindsay

Kiwanis Scholarship/ photo, 7/13/04

Keithley, Regan

All-Region Choir/ photo, 10/24/04

Kelly, Chad Dr.

new SMHS principal, 6/22/04

new SMHS principal/photo, 6/29/04

Kendrick, Linda

volunteer/ photo, 12/19/04

Kennedy, Van M.

obituary, 4/20/04

Kenworthy, Joe M. IV

engagement/photo, 2/22/04

Kenworthy, Joseph M.

wedding/photo, 9/12/04

King, James Roy

Caldwell County Jail/ photo, 12/15/04

King, Shiloh

engagement/photo, 6/13/04

Kinlund, Neal

profile/photo, 4/25/04

Kinsey, Ronald

obituary, 2/1/04

Knesek, Carole

obituary, 11/24/04

Knesek, Carole Ann

obituary, 11/26/04

Knetig, Georgia Winona

obituary/photo, 6/17/04

Knobloch, Ruth S.

obituary/photo, 2/27/04

Kopecki, Melissa Diane

graduates Cum Laude, 2/8/04

Korff, Herman

obituary/ photo, 12/15/04

Kotowski, Ray

contender County Commissioner Pct 3, 3/2/04

Krumm, Dorothy F.

obituary, 10/28/04

Kubena, Cody

volunteer/ photo, 12/8/04

Kuder, Bob

photo, 2/8/04

Kuny, Ed

profile/photo, 2/1/04

Kurtz, Darcy Lynne

wedding/photo, 1/25/04


benefit for police officer, 2/27/04

Katherine Anne Porter House, 6/27/04

Kyle woman missing, 11/16/04

Kyle, Allen Gary

engagement/photo, 2/15/04

wedding/photo, 9/19/04

Kyser, Sybil Mae

obituary, 1/6/04



La Greca, Nancy Anne

wedding/ photo, 7/25/04

Lackey, Donald Ray

obituary, 9/1/04

Lacy, Edward L.

Coast Guard officer, 3/9/04

LaFleur, Greg

fired from athletic director position, 1/29/04

Lamb, Merritt

obituary, 10/12/04

Lane, Dail

accomplice possible early release, 10/29/04

Langenkamp, Stephanie

photo, 2/18/04

Langley, Mary Ethel

obituary, 12/28/04

Langridge, Alex

photo, 3/24/04

Lantana State Park, 1/15/04

Lara, Ignacio

obituary, 4/6/04

Larvin, Nellie Ruth

obituary, 6/22/04

Lawrence, Debby

Lions Club award/ photo, 12/3/04

laws regulate campaign signs, 2/24/04

Layton, Edmond Meredith

obituary, 6/2/04

LBJ Museum

opening on track for later in year

photo, 1/2/04

League of Women Voters

candidate debate, 2/17/04

Ginger Goodin to speak, 9/19/04

water quality issues meeting, 3/31/04

Lee, Barry

Hays County Sheriff deputy resigns, 6/16/04

Lee, Ed

The Innovator

profile/photo, 10/31/04

lee, john

local author/photo, 1/18/04

Leffingwell, Leona Lucille (Tot)

obituary, 6/9/04

obituary/photo, 6/10/04

Leggitt, Peggy F.

obituary/photo, 6/11/04

Leija, Antonio

obituary, 1/21/04

Leppard, Wanda J.

obituary, 7/11/04

Leppard, Wanda Jane

obituary, 7/28/04

Lindsey, James L. (Jim)

obituary/photo, 4/29/04

Linebarger, Roger Derham

obituary/photo, 1/15/04, 1/16/04

Lions Club

donation to Sights & Sounds

photo, 10/28/04

Lisle, Brian Orchard

obituary, 11/28/04

Little, Howard

obituary, 4/22/04

Local Farmer's Market/photo, 1/29/04

Local woman killed in auto crash, another injured, 1/16/04

Lombardo, Estefana V.

obituary, 12/3/04, 12/5/04

Lombardo, Lynette

Peace Corp assignment to Ukraine, 9/23/04

Lombardo, Severo 'Chino' Sr.

obituary/photo, 3/14/04

Long, Cynthia

wedding/photo, 6/6/04

Longoria, Paula

obituary/photo, 3/7/04

Longoria, Paula M.

obituary, 3/5/04

Lopez, Francisco Javier Elajo

Mexican consul General/photo, 6/13/04

Lopez, Iza

photo, 4/9/04

Lopez, Sonya

photo, 7/14/04

Loughlin, Lindsay

National Student Teacher of Year, 3/5/04

Lounge Lizards performance, 9/17/04

Lovelady, Evelyn Clark

obituary/photo, 3/31/04

low income housing for elderly, 3/26/04

low-income housing budget cuts feared, 3/10/04

Lower Colorado River Authority

study water plan, 5/7/04

Lower Colorado River meeting, 1/22/04

Loyd, John

honor/photo, 2/4/04

Lucas, William Jordan

assault charges arrest/ photo, 10/26/04

indicted for aggravated assault, 12/3/04

Lucky Tomblin Band

performance with Augie Myers, 1/22/04

Luna, Alicia

Nativity scene collector

profile/ photo, 12/24/04

Lunday, A.J.

obituary, 7/7/04



Mabel Hall Piano students

recital/ photo, 7/13/04

Maiers, Mary

obituary, 12/14/04, 12/16/04

Maiers, Mary Lucy

obituary, 12/15/04, 12/17/04

Major, Kacey

engagement/ photo, 7/4/04

Maldonado, Mia Elise

birth/ photo, 10/24/04

Malone, Priscilla Rockwell

obituary, 3/24/04

Manjang, Vetie A.

obituary, 6/4/04, 6/6/04

Marazzo, Barbara A.

obituary/ photo, 10/22/04

Marcellus, Justin

photo, 6/6/04

Marchese, Charles

obituary, 10/8/04, 10/14/04

Marek, Emma Rose

obituary, 10/7/04

Marijuana hidden among watermelons, 4/18/04

Marines, Oralia

obituary, 11/21/04, 11/26/04, 11/28/04

Markham, Fred

photo, 10/29/04

Marroquin, Daniel

obituary, 2/1/04, 2/3/04

Marshall, Amy

San Marcos High School homecoming queen, 9/19/04

Martin, Betty

obituary, 12/15/04

Martin, Janelle M.

receives national honor, 2/1/04


Council member's eligibility, 9/12/04

Fun Fest, 4/23/04

Memorial Day Mass/ photo, 7/18/04

Martindale water tower cleaning/photo, 3/26/04

Martinez, Albert

obituary, 6/8/04

Martinez, Elvira

obituary, 7/15/04, 7/23/04

Martinez, Linda

wedding/ photo, 9/5/04

Martinez, Rafael

engagement/photo, 1/18/04

Martinez, Sarah

honor/photo, 1/28/04

Massey, Ben

Lions Club award/ photo, 7/20/04

Matsakis, Manny

fired from head coach position, 1/29/04

Mayes, Jimmie Lee Sr.

obituary, 5/18/04

Mayfield, Laura Ruth Davis

obituary, 12/19/04

Mayhew, Mark

local Century 21 franchise, 1/25/04

McCaffrey, Donald B.

obituary, 7/6/04

McCaffrey, Jessica Sarah

wedding/photo, 10/31/04

McCarty, Jason

engagement/ photo, 7/4/04

McCarty, Kay

Gary Job Corps honor/photo, 5/16/04

McClain, Gibson

obituary, 5/2/04

McClain, Gladys

obituary, 10/24/04

McCoy's Building Supply groundbreaking/photo, 2/22/04

McCoy, Brian

business person of the year

photo, 10/24/04

McCoy, Emmett

20 million dollar donation to Texas State/photo, 2/29/04

McCrea, E.L. 'Buddy'

obituary, 1/30/04

McDaniel, Michael A.

child predator sentenced, 3/19/04

McElwee, Billy

obituary, 1/25/04

McGaha, Meghan Sibohan

engagement/ photo, 2/1/04

McGaugh, Amanda Anita

obituary, 3/30/04

McGehee-Martindale-Meeks House

photo, 4/28/04

McGlothlin, Lohman Glen

obituary, 11/23/04

McGowan, Ryan Mikel

wedding/photo, 2/22/04

McGuire, Audrey

advances to livestock expo/photo, 2/27/04

McKinney Falls State Park

profile/photo, 5/4/04

Mcleod, Gerald Brooks

obituary, 1/29/04

McMurray, Vicki

photo, 10/29/04

McNeill, Clay

wedding/photo, 4/11/04

McNiel, Lora Mae

obituary/photo, 4/11/04

McSherry, Karleen

book signing, 1/9/04

Medina, Fidel

Job Corp to Cambridge/ photo, 11/12/04

Meinke, Suzann

obituary, 5/4/04

Meischen, Monique Hutzler

obituary, 2/26/04

obituary/photo, 2/27/04

Melendez, Wendy

Gary Job Corp student

photo, 9/8/04

Memorial Day profile, 5/23/04

Men wanted in three cities for crime spree, 2/19/04

Mendalmen, Eric and Paul

photo, 6/27/04

Mendoza, Ana Maria

obituary, 9/3/04

Mendoza, Isa

scholarship award/photo, 6/10/04

Messer, Kristen

photo, 4/20/04

Mexican ID cards popular in San Marcos, 1/18/04

Michaud, Phil and Gwen

50th wedding anniversary, 6/13/04, 6/20/04

Michelson, David "Buddy"

obituary, 6/1/04

Millecam, W.H.

obituary, 7/4/04

Miller, Charles John

obituary, 6/11/04

Miller, Harvey

profile/photo, 6/20/04

Miller, James

pastor/ photo, 11/11/04

Miller, Mallory L.

Girls State, 4/11/04

Miller, Olan L.

obituary, 7/9/04

Mink, Katherine

obituary, 12/2/04

Miranda, Carmen

obituary/photo, 2/4/04, 2/5/04

Miranda, Nicolas O.

obituary, 1/20/04

Mishewitz, Estelle F.

obituary, 9/24/04, 9/26/04

Mitchell, Germaine C.

drowns in San Marcos River, 10/6/04

Mitchell, Judy

photo, 11/17/04

Mitchell, Katherine G.

obituary, 5/9/04

Mitchell, W.D. (Hugo) and Flo

45th wedding anniversary, 4/25/04

MLK march attracts crowd, 1/21/04

Mock, Richard

Kiwanis Scholarship/ photo, 7/13/04

Moeller, Cullen Michael

engagement/photo, 4/4/04

Moesker, Major Robert W.

obituary, 7/13/04

Monkerud, Walter J. "Jim"

obituary, 1/11/04, 1/13/04

Montague, Don

sheriff photo, 4/1/04

Montague, Don (Sheriff)

honor/photo, 1/18/04

Montague, Don Sheriff

honor/photo, 1/28/04

Montoya, Jacob

not seeking another term, 1/13/04

photo, 4/27/04

Moore, Joey Ann

obituary, 7/7/04

Moore, Lea Ann

engagement/photo, 2/22/04

wedding/ photo, 9/12/04

Moore, Perry D.

new provost/VP at Texas State/photo, 2/25/04

Moore, Virginia Emery

obituary/photo, 5/30/04

Moore, Virginia M.

obituary, 5/26/04

Morales, Melissa

engagement/photo, 4/11/04

Morales, Santiage Jr.

molestation charges/photo, 2/1/04

Moreno, April Dawn

wedding/photo, 1/25/04

Morgan, Isaiah Ezekiel

engagement/ photo, 10/10/04

Morgan, Jim

Wimberley man missing/ photo, 9/12/04

Morrison, Freddie D. Jr.

obituary, 2/17/04

Mosqueda, Antonio 'Tony'

obituary/photo, 3/19/04

Mostyn, Kristin

wedding/photo, 3/14/04

Mothers of the Military

meeting, 1/14/04

Moths, Karsten

wedding/photo, 12/19/04

Motovick, Gloria E.

obituary, 12/3/04

Motovick, Gloria Eileen

obituary/ photo, 12/12/04

Mullen, Susan

profile/photo, 3/21/04

Murillo, Erendira

photo, 6/18/04

Murphy, Jim

Wimberley man back home

photo, 9/15/04

Murray, Lenore

photo, 11/25/04

Mutschlechner, Sara

martial arts honor/photo, 4/18/04

Mystery fiction based in Texas panel, 1/23/04



Nance, Julie M.

obituary, 6/3/04

Narvais, Susan

highway projects/ photo, 7/4/04

Narvaiz, Susan

photo, 10/3/04

San Marcos Mayor

photo, 12/14/04

wins mayoral race, 5/16/04

Narvaiz, Susan Clifford

announces for mayor, 1/21/04

mayor public service, 5/23/04

swearing in/photo, 5/25/04

Nash, Chuck

photo, 2/20/04

Nash, Don

photo, 10/29/04

Natal, Pete B.

obituary, 1/23/04

Natal, Pete B. "Mr.Pete"

obituary/photo, 1/25/04

Nature Center

photo, 2/29/04

profile, 2/27/04

Nave, Dale

SMBA teacher honor, 5/16/04

Neff, Chad

award/ photo, 7/14/04

Neighbors, Phil

award/ photo, 7/4/04

Nell, Christina

Girls State, 4/11/04

Nelson, Donna

obituary, 6/9/04

Nelson, Donna M.

obituary, 6/11/04

Nelson, Russell John

obituary, 3/10/04

New Braunfels

lightning strikes, 6/1/04

new state airport proposed, 4/21/04

Ngal, Jackson Fan Chun

kills piano teacher, 5/5/04

Nichols, Phillip Arthur (Phil)

obituary, 12/15/04

Nicholson, Michael

engagement/photo, 3/14/04

Nijter, Yvonne

obituary, 7/13/04

Nix, Lillian

obituary, 4/13/04

Nored, Donald E.

obituary, 1/27/04

Nored, Donald Sr.

obituary, 1/25/04

Nored, Doris K.

obituary, 7/20/04

Notable people who died in 2004, 12/31/04

Nunley, Ola Mae

obituary/ photo, 7/30/04

Nunn, Rickey Eugene

sentenced to life in prison, 5/7/04

Nye, Michael

local photographer exhibit, 2/1/04



O'Brien, Tim

reads at Texas State, 4/4/04

to read at Texas State/photo, 2/4/04

O'Leary, Dan

city manager outlook, 1/1/04

O'Neil, Joana

wedding/photo, 12/19/04

Oberer, Clara F. Shanks

obituary/photo, 6/24/04

old rock fence to be torn down for water main work, 2/18/04

Old State Bank Building

award finalist program/ photo, 10/14/04

Olfers, Judith Ann Moore

obituary/photo, 2/19/04

Olvera, Frances

obituary, 4/27/04

Olvera, Frances R.

obituary, 4/28/04

Operation Continued Support

care packages for troops, 2/26/04


San Marcos River Foundation

Wastewater treatment dispute, 9/17/04

Orichuela, Mo

photo, 6/2/04

Orr, Josh

graduates with honors, 5/9/04

outlet mall competition in Laredo, 6/6/04

Overall, V.C (Buck) & Charlotte

60th wedding anniversary, 2/29/04

Owl Hollow Jazz

performs at library, 3/14/04

Owusu, Ronald

arrested for cyber prank, 9/10/04

Ozona bank robbed, 12/23/04



Pacheco, Avery Grace

birth, 5/23/04

Packer, Marie

obituary, 2/24/04

Padilla, Father Rafael

special day/ photo, 12/12/04

Painton, Curtis

profile/photo, 5/23/04

Pankey, Jill

local artist profile, 1/13/04

Pape, Brazos

photo, 7/9/04

Parent Focus Group meeting, 2/5/04

Parents document discipline, 1/29/04

Paris, Dawn

earns certification/photo, 5/23/04

Parish, James O.

obituary, 7/13/04

Parker, Earline

obituary, 1/28/04

Parker, Greg

Comal County Commissioner

photo, 12/14/04

Parker, Merie, 3/7/04


Dudley Johnson Park

improvement plan funds fall short, 2/25/04

Parks, David Carroll Sr.

obituary, 1/15/04

Parks, David Sr.

obituary, 1/13/04

Parrish, Debbie

photo, 7/20/04

Parrish, Helen Lee

obituary, 6/23/04

Partin, Tom

executive director

EMS/ photo, 10/24/04

Pastrano, John

arrested for improper conduct, 9/12/04

Sheriffs' Deputy arrested/ photo, 9/16/04

Pate, Mary

photo, 4/22/04

Patel, Vipin

honor/photo, 12/29/04

Patterson, Melissa Marie

wedding/photo, 2/22/04

Patteson, Shane Allen

wedding/photo, 12/19/04

Patton, Bobby

Texas State University

Distinguished Alumni/ photo, 10/17/04

PAWS Shelter for Animals in Kyle, 3/18/04

Payne, Lana



Pct. 447 voting

Hilliard Rd. Fire station

photo, 11/2/04

Pedernales Electric

interrupts power in Kyle area, 3/7/04

rate and fee adjustment, 9/5/04

Peevy, Buel Lavan & Ruth

30th wedding anniversary, 1/11/04

Pekar, Judith Annette

obituary, 2/24/04

Pena, Paul W.

graduates West Point

photo, 7/25/04

Penn, Linda

photo, 9/12/04

Pennington Home/photo, 4/28/04

Pennington, Bill

elected president of Services, Inc., 9/19/04

Pennington, Bob

photo, 2/27/04

Pennington, Richard Kirk

obituary, 10/3/04

Pensiero, Ben

photo, 5/7/04

plays with band at library, 5/2/04

Perdernales Electric

service disruption, 3/21/04

Perez, Anthony

robbery and assault charges, 3/7/04

Perez, Melissa

wedding, 3/7/04

Perez, Ryan Anthony

obituary, 9/14/04, 9/15/04

Perkins Jr., Orvel Clayton

obituary/ photo, 12/17/04

Perkins, O.C.

obituary/ photo, 12/16/04

Perry, Juanita Louise

obituary, 6/8/04

Perucca, Rebecca

hair donation, 2/6/04

Peterson, Wallace

photo, 6/22/04

Peyton, Gil

photo, 10/3/04

Phi, Hoang Minh

obituary/photo, 1/15/04

Phillips, Lauren

indicted for injury to child, 5/14/04

Phillips, Lauren Elizabeth

charged with injury to child, 3/9/04

Phillips, Sydney

toddler dies from injuries, 3/16/04

toddler injured in River, 3/9/04

Picasio, Roberto Jose Afanador jr.

birth announcement, 1/18/04

Pieper, Judith J.

obituary/ photo, 12/9/04

Pimentel, Juan

obituary, 1/7/04

Pineda, Laurie

flood victim search continues, 11/21/04

Pitzer, Thelma Jo Koonsen

obituary, 7/23/04

Pixel magic Imaging

wins DIMS honor, 3/4/04

Planning and Zoning

City's land development code, 10/13/04

land development code, 10/7/04

Plastic Bandit

stolen credit cards/ photo, 12/9/04

Polling places

ballot preview, 11/2/04

Pollock, Juanita

obituary, 4/7/04

Pollock, Juanita Alene Teal

obituary, 4/8/04

Pompa, Maria

obituary, 11/17/04

Poole, Robert Earl

obituary, 7/18/04

Porterfield, Kim

Women's Hall of Fame

profile/photo, 10/3/04

Posey, Jeanette Worthy

obituary/photo, 5/13/04

Powell, Andrea Christine

wedding/photo, 6/13/04

Powell, Eric Shane

engagement/photo, 3/28/04

Powers, Jim

Fulton Ranch Road deed/ photo, 7/21/04

highway projects/ photo, 7/4/04

Prewitt, James Harold

obituary, 7/27/04

Price Jr., Curtis

Gary Job Corp Director

photo, 12/14/04

Price Senior Center

awards finalist program/ photo, 10/14/04

best in Texas project/ photo, 11/16/04

Daffodil Days Festival, 3/11/04

renovation/ photo, 7/15/04

Price, Curtis

Gary Job Corp Director/ photo, 10/15/04

photo, 12/7/04

Price, Patrick

photo, 10/29/04

Price, Randall

archaeologist and pastor/ photo, 10/1/04

profile/photo, 4/28/04

Pride Academic Center

graduates/ photo, 10/12/04, 12/21/04

mayor visits classroom/ photo, 10/29/04

students informed about voting

photo, 10/29/04

students visit Enchanted Rock

photo, 11/3/04

Prince, Rebecca

Texas State University Director of Development

photo, 12/5/04

Proctor, John

obituary, 4/6/04

Propst, Anthony Mark

engagement/photo, 3/14/04

Public works Street Dept.

ribbon cutting/ photo, 10/3/04

Purgatory Park plan meeting, 1/15/04

Putman, Jeremy and Laura

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch visit, 2/25/04

Pyle, Chuck

performance, 3/11/04




Raibon, Deabra

Schieb Opportunity Center client/photo, 5/12/04

Railroad overpass project, 6/18/04

Rains, Gladys

obituary, 11/5/04

Rains, Mae

obituary, 11/7/04

Ramirez, Alicia

Noon Lions Club student of the week/photo, 5/12/04

Ramirez, Jose DeJesus

obituary, 912/04

Ramirez, Manuel Caudillo

home invasion suspect, 5/16/04

invasion robbery suspect, 4/23/04

Ramirez, Molly

Dept. of Labor Consultant

photo, 12/14/04

Ramirez, Tony

obituary, 3/5/04

Ramirez, Tony D.

obituary/photo, 3/7/04

Randall Vetter Park improvements, 3/17/04

Ransone, Jack

on staff at Olympic games, 3/10/04

Rawls, Deanie J.

obituary, 6/27/04

Reasoner, Harry

honored/ photo, 12/17/04

Reasoner, Harry M.

honor award/photo, 6/22/04

Rector, Robert Jr.

obituary, 2/24/04

obituary/photo, 2/22/04

Redwood Springs

serves Cottage Kitchen

photo, 10/6/04

Reed, Terry

obituary, 10/26/04

Reed, Tim

engagement/photo, 12/19/04

Reeves, Jerry Dale

indicted for 2003 traffic fatality, 2/19/04

Reid, Randall

art professor exhibit, 1/18/04

local artist exhibit, 3/3/04

Resendez, Manuel

obituary, 6/23/04

obituary/photo, 6/24/04

Reyes, Debra

charged with injury to child, 5/16/04

Reyes, Dedra Lorine

injury to child charge, 5/21/04

Reyes, Sylvia

profile/photo, 2/3/04

Reyna, Bronson Kyle

home invasion victim, 5/2/04

Rhodes, Mike

award/ photo, 7/15/04

Rice, David

to speak at library, 4/18/04

to speak at library/photo, 4/20/04

to visit Texas State, 4/9/04

Rice, Ralph Benjamin

chess honor/photo, 3/2/04

Richey, Troy

photo, 2/19/04

Richmond, Beth (Lancaster)

obituary, 9/8/04

Richmond, Wallace P.

obituary, 7/13/04

Richter, Brian

keynote speaker at Ed Cape Seminar, 3/21/04

Riddle, Gloria

photo, 7/18/04

Riley, Catherine Louise

obituary, 9/28/04

Riley, Kristen

engagement/photo, 1/11/04

Rinaldi, Eugenia

Police Department Trauma Counselor

photo, 11/18/04

Rinn, Vivian

obituary, 1/28/04

Rinn, Vivian V.

obituary, 1/27/04

Rivas, Dominga

obituary, 11/16/04

Rivas, Domingo Tobias

obituary, 11/14/04

Rizk, Antonio

photo, 7/9/04

Road work expected on local streets, 3/12/04


Aquarena Springs Drive

overpass, 9/15/04

Bishop street closed for project, 6/15/04

FM 110

loop project, 7/6/04

proposed loop/ aerial map photo, 7/25/04

IH 35

chain reaction collisions, 4/4/04

motorist helps driver having seizure, 4/25/04

overturned truck blocked traffic, 12/8/04

master road plan hoping for green light, 4/9/04

Ranch Road 12

four lanes/ construction, 12/24/04

Ranch Road 12 improvements, 3/31/04

Wonder World Drive

railroad overpass, 12/7/04

robbery suspects sought, 4/15/04

Robbins, Christopher Louis

wedding/ photo, 10/3/04

Roberts, Chastity

fatal auto accident, 6/18/04

Roberts, James Clinton

obituary/photo, 5/9/04

Roberts, Sandra

obituary, 6/25/04, 6/27/04

Roberts, Vermelle Florence

obituary, 12/19/04

Robertson, Elizabeth

photo, 10/13/04

Robertson, Nicole

honor/photo, 3/28/04

Robertson, William 'W.L.'

obituary, 9/28/04

Robinson, David

speaks to business students/photos, 4/7/04

Robinson, Troy

photo, 6/9/04

Rodemeyer, Matthew Thomas

indicted for aggravated assault, 12/3/04

Rodenberg, Cora Williams

obituary, 11/7/04

Roderick, Kimberley

obituary, 12/22/04

Rodgers, Slats

pioneer of aviation/photo, 1/25/04

Rodriguez Jr., Geronimo

photo, 12/7/04

Rodriguez Sr., Roy

obituary, 12/23/04

Rodriguez, Candido Sr.

obituary/photo, 1/15/04, 1/16/04

Rodriguez, Consuelo

obituary/photo, 5/21/04

Rodriguez, Geraldo

photo, 12/14/04

Rodriguez, Guadalupe G.

obituary/ photo, 7/13/04, 7/14/04

Rodriguez, Jesusa

obituary, 7/13/04, 7/15/04

Rodriguez, Maria

home fire tragedy, 4/16/04

obituary, 5/9/04

Rodriguez, Maria Cruz

obituary/photo, 5/11/04

Rodriguez, Rene

engagement/photo, 2/1/04

Rodriguez, Richard

obituary, 6/3/04

obituary/photo, 6/2/04

Rodriguez, Roy

obituary, 12/22/04

Rodriguez, Ruben

obituary/ photo, 10/12/04

Rodymeyer, Matthew T.

assault charges arrest/ photo, 10/26/04

Rojas, Margarita

obituary, 6/2/04

Roles, Keven

Place 3 City Council candidate, 5/2/04

Rollings, Keith

CenturyTel honor/photo, 6/29/04

wedding/photo, 6/6/04

Romero, Arthur

obituary, 11/5/04

Romero, Arthur Joseph

obituary/ photo, 11/7/04

Romero, Serafina F.

obituary, 6/23/04

obituary/ photo, 7/9/04

Roper, Grady

local artist/photo, 6/17/04

Rose, Patrick

campaign funds/ photo, 10/10/04

candidate District 45, 7/23/04

visits Gary Job Corp/photo, 1/27/04

Rountree, Christy

meth lab charge, 5/26/04

Rountree, James

meth lab charge, 5/26/04

Rousey, Lydia

fellowship recipient, 5/7/04

Ruge-Jones, Phil. Dr.

awarded tenure, 4/8/04

Ruiz, Rene

completes GRI courses, 2/8/04

Ruiz, Ruben and Amanda

attend international conference, 2/12/04

Ruiz, Shirley C.

obituary/ photo, 11/30/04

rural septic system dilemma, 2/22/04




donation to Miller Jr. High

photo, 10/10/04

Sac-n-Pac store robbery Fentress, 11/2/04

Saenz, Annette

obituary, 4/22/04, 4/23/04

Saenz, Rev. Baltazar Sr.

obituary, 2/27/04

obituary/photo, 2/29/04

safe Prom profile, 4/2/04

Salazar, David Jr.

cyclist fatality, 2/4/04

Salazar, Herminia

obituary, 1/29/04

Salinas, Jaxxon David

obituary, 2/27/04

obituary/photo, 2/25/04, 2/26/04

Salinas, Susie

school bus driver/ photo, 10/17/04

Salvitti, Donato

first place in photo contest/photo, 5/2/04

Samaniego, Roberto

second place essay contest/photo, 5/11/04

San Marcans surveyed on same sex marriage, 4/9/04

San Marcos Activity Center

facility maintenance/ photo, 12/30/04

San Marcos Airport

state grants repairs, 9/3/04

San Marcos Animal Shelter

closed for conference, 2/5/04

Mutt Strut raises funds/photo, 5/7/04

San Marcos Area Arts Council exhibit, 1/4/04

San Marcos Area Board of Realtors

2004 officers and directors/photo, 1/18/04

donation for fair housing poster contest/photo, 4/15/04

San Marcos Area Food Bank

food distribution nutrition, 1/9/04

San Marcos Baptist Academy

Academy Royalty/ photo, 11/17/04

annual bonfire/ photo, 11/16/04

Corps of Cadets School

profile/photo, 11/17/04

Corps of Cadets Sweetheart Pageant/photo, 2/19/04

weekend of activities, 5/14/04

San Marcos Baptist Academy Corps of Cadets

promotion honors/photo, 2/18/04

San Marcos Board of Realtors

awards/ photo, 12/24/04

San Marcos Cemetery

beautification work, 7/25/04

San Marcos Chamber Education Committee

honors teachers of the year/photo, 5/16/04

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce

ribbon cutting

Sprint PCS, 2/15/04

San Marcos chosen to host quartet convention, 2/29/04

San Marcos CISD

adopt drug test policy, 5/18/04

American History grant, 11/25/04

board of trustees/photo, 5/30/04

bond election, 1/8/04, 2/5/04

bond oversight committee named, 4/8/04

bond passes, 2/8/04

bond sale, 6/20/04

bus accident, 5/12/04

bus safety week/ photo, 10/17/04

cafeteria changes/ photo, 12/16/04

community survey, 12/8/04

contagious disease prevention, 11/19/04

drug test meeting draws small crowd, 4/6/04

early bond balloting surges, 2/6/04

early voting on bond issue, 2/1/04

facilities director, 7/27/04

field trip to other districts, 1/15/04

Focus on Education, 1/22/04, 2/5/04, 2/19/04, 3/4/04, 3/18/04, 4/1/04, 4/15/04, 4/29/04, 5/13/04, 5/27/04, 6/10/04, 7/22/04, 9/2/04, 10/14/04, 10/28/04, 11/11/04, 11/25/04, 12/9/04, 12/23/04

focus on education, 1/8/04

fund balance on the rise, 2/3/04

history grant, 7/7/04

local groups support bond, 1/16/04

new high school plans, 9/19/04

new schools, 3/30/04

open houses, 1/9/04

parenting program, 2/4/04


alternative education/ photo, 10/12/04

PEP program celebrates academic, 5/18/04

school construction, 11/23/04

sign language success/ photo, 10/21/04

Stepping Out transportation program

photo, 10/27/04

student drug testing vote on hold, 4/20/04

TEA evaluation, 12/16/04

third graders do well on TAKS, 3/25/04

Time Warner Cable/ photo, 7/29/04

San Marcos City Cemetery

new entrance/ photo, 12/28/04

San Marcos City Council

2005 new agenda, 12/30/04

Blue Ribbon Committee proposals, 10/27/04

budget, 7/28/04

city election dates changed, 12/16/04

election dates discussion, 12/2/04

electric rates, 12/10/04

electric rates increase, 12/14/04

hotel negotiations, 11/7/04

Municipal elections moved to November, 11/23/04

new land code adopted, 12/16/04

Place 2 candidates speak out, 4/15/04

Post Road project clears, 6/16/04

reconsiders alcohol moratorium, 10/26/04

rejected Post Road Townhouse project, 11/25/04

revision of meetings, 7/18/04

Texas State University student liaison, 11/28/04

utility pole rate increase delayed, 10/8/04

water conservation book cover winners/photo, 5/16/04

San Marcos City Hall

toll of the bell for 9/11, 9/12/04

San Marcos Civic Foundation

Playscape donation, 1/21/04

San Marcos Daily Record

begins photo reprint service, 4/14/04

introduces EZ Pay, 4/25/04

website redesign, 3/14/04

San Marcos Education Foundation

annual fundraiser announced, 4/7/04

awards/ donations photo, 10/29/04

honor top 32 students, 5/11/04

hosts movie screening, 4/16/04

San Marcos Electric Utility

rising summer bills, 6/4/04

San Marcos Electric Utility offices reopen, 2/29/04

San Marcos Ethics Review Commission

two officials step down, 1/18/04

San Marcos Fire & Rescue Team

rapelling/photo, 2/26/04

San Marcos Fire Department

Georgia St. home destroyed by fire

photo, 11/3/04

San Marcos Firefighters

auto caught on fire/photo, 2/8/04

San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance

board of directors nominations, 1/8/04

hosts first public tour/photo, 4/28/04

hosts nature walk at Dakota Ranch, 9/17/04

San Marcos Hays County Genealogical Society

workshop, 2/12/04

San Marcos Heritage Association

annual Heritage Home Tour, 3/18/04

Dunbar plans detailed/photo, 6/24/04

Heritage Home Tour weekend, 4/27/04

Home Tour, 5/2/04

Home Tour lineup, 4/2/04

Home Tour to include Blanco River Estates/photo, 4/16/04

honor Stovalls, 4/22/04

Tour of Distinction/profile, 4/23/04

Tour of Homes in May, 4/22/04

Tour of Homes to Crookwood, 4/9/04

San Marcos High School

band members perform/ photo, 11/10/04

college fair, 2/6/04

drill team competition, 3/17/04

graduation prizes and volunteers needed, 4/11/04

gun on campus, 5/25/05

Health Occupation Students/photo, 3/18/04

Mariachi Band/ photo, 12/14/04

new school site chosen, 4/25/04

pay tribute to former teacher/photo, 6/1/04

student drug testing, 2/18/04, 3/14/04, 3/24/04

student drug testing discussion, 3/28/04

Visual Arts students State honors/photo, 4/20/04

San Marcos High School reunion '67-'71, 9/19/04

San Marcos High School Visual Arts students/photo, 2/12/04

San Marcos Hispanic Chamber

AAB Silent Auction Committee/photo, 2/8/04

ribbon cutting for Sol de Mexico/photo, 2/8/04

San Marcos Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

business honors/photos, 3/3/04

Para Los Ninos, 12/14/04

San Marcos History

Baen House Tour/photo, 4/23/04

Belvin house built with cotton money, 4/14/04

Calaboose Museum

photo, 4/23/04

Charles S. Cock/profile, 3/2/04

Coronal Institute/photo, 3/2/04

early county records, 4/8/04

Hamilton House Tour/photo, 4/23/04

landmarks named, 3/11/04

Meeks Home/photo/profile, 4/30/04

Rash Home on Viola Street/photo, 4/30/04

River Walk 1976, 6/30/04

Tait Home Tour/photo, 4/25/04

San Marcos Hotel

city council supports resort, 7/13/04

complex vote, 7/25/04

negotiations continue, 7/27/04

San Marcos Hotel Resort

project studies, 9/14/04

San Marcos Junior Miss

scholarship hopefuls/photos, 2/29/04

San Marcos Municipal Airport

new terminal proposal, 6/3/04

San Marcos Police

intoxication arrest for new year, 1/4/04

reports of violence, 1/6/04

San Marcos Police Department

Crime Stoppers line at high school, 9/24/04

photo, 12/14/04

sex offender check completed, 4/8/04

suspended officer resigns, 11/21/04

traffic, loud parties top gripes, 9/21/04

use taser for first time, 2/20/04

San Marcos Police Dept

bullet proof vests replaced, 5/19/04

San Marcos Police Dept.

citizens academy, 5/21/04

memorial for fallen officers, 5/12/04

officers recognized, 5/25/04

racial profiling report, 2/10/04

right to destroy kegs, 6/20/04

San Marcos Public Library

10 year anniversary celebration/photo, 1/22/04

10th anniversary, 1/25/04

annual book sale, 10/19/04

seeking funds from county, 12/2/04

summer reading program starts/photo, 5/23/04

San Marcos River

contamination possibility, 5/5/04

drowning at the dam, 10/6/04

oil spill sparks cleanup, 6/9/04

river rowdiness, 3/5/04, 3/28/04

San Marcos River Foundation

CenturyTel donation/photo, 5/26/04

river plunge/photo, 1/2/04

San Marcos River Rangers

volunteers needed, 1/28/04

San Marcos to Wimberley

road for road swap, 7/21/04

San Marcos Women's Bowling Association

donation to Food Bank, 3/5/04

San Marcos wraps up dry year, 1/9/04

San Marcos Youth Council

serves homeless and runaways, 4/20/04

Sanchez, Christina

obituary/photo, 6/27/04

Sanchez, Herb

against student truancy/photo, 2/17/04

Sanchez, Lisa Lam

obituary, 2/4/04

Sanchez, Trinidad

obituary, 10/12/04

obituary/ photo, 10/13/04

Sanchez, Trinidad "Trine"

killed by train, 10/12/04

Sanders, Stanley Jack

obituary, 5/16/04

Sanders, Timothy Allen

obituary, 4/29/04

obituary/photo, 4/30/04

Sandoval, Juan Sr.

obituary/photo, 9/22/04

Sanford, Bobby Marcella Campbell

obituary/photo, 5/28/04

Sappington, Bob

San Marcos Convention and Visitors Bureau

photo, 12/9/04

Saucedo, Santos

obituary, 3/21/04

Schaefer, Irma Clara

obituary, 11/21/04

Scharschmidt, Rudy

obituary, 12/31/04

Schaulke, Megan

photo, 12/14/04

Schaunessy, Mike

county defense attorney, 12/22/04

Schawe, Doris E.

obituary, 1/4/04

Schiflett, J. Raymond IV

National Student Leadership Conference, 2/8/04

Schimelman, Ashley

photo, 5/23/04

Schlameus, Helmuth Adolph

obituary, 5/27/04, 5/28/04

Schleder, Alan

photo, 10/20/04

Schlotter, Joseph M.

winner of American Legion Oratorical Contest/photo, 2/12/04

Schmidt, John Dr.

photo, 2/8/04

Schneider, Jerome Earl

obituary, 2/12/04

Schneider, Marvin and Lola

60th wedding anniversary/photo, 2/15/04

Scholl, Cindy

photo, 6/4/04



new school artist drawing, 9/1/04

Bowie Elementary

Blue Thumb awards, 6/22/04

new school to be built, 12/17/04

school choir/ photo, 12/17/04

TEA Exemplary rating, 10/1/04

Crockett elementary

TEA Exemplary rating, 10/1/04

Dorie Miller Junior High

academic excellence/ photo, 12/21/04

Navarro Elementary

association with community groups, 2/18/04

San Marcos High School

college fair, 1/30/04

college program, 2/11/04

UIL district meet, 4/25/04

Travis Elementary

traffic concerns, 1/23/04

Schott, Amy Elizabeth

wedding/ photo, 9/5/04

Schroeder, Betty S.

obituary, 2/12/04

Schuler, Nico Dr.

TX State educator honor, 5/16/04

Schulle, Betty P.

obituary, 11/11/04, 11/12/04

Schulte, Della Theresa Krhovjak

obituary, 4/11/04

Schwartz, Jack E.

obituary/photo, 1/27/04

Schwartze, Roxanne

obituary/photo, 6/16/04

Scogin, James 'Jimmy' N.

obituary/photo, 2/17/04

Scott, Christine

Kiwanis Scholarship

photo, 7/7/04

Scull, Will Jackson

engagement/photo, 4/11/04

search for missing woman, 11/17/04

Seigenthaler, John

lecture at Texas State, 4/18/04

Selvera, Pedro Jr.

obituary, 4/25/04

Serur, Nettie

profile/ photo, 11/5/04

Shanks, Janis

photo, 5/26/04

Shaver, Shaun

shotgun wedding at parade, 4/25/04

Shell, Lon

Kiwanis Club/ photo, 10/10/04

Shell, Lon R.

honored by regents, 5/11/04

Shirley, Gertrude 'Ducy'

obituary, 9/28/04

Short, Beatriz M

obituary, 3/9/04

Short, Doyle

obituary, 4/25/04

Shrake, Bud

papers transferred to Texas State, 1/28/04

Siddall, Geraldine Shaw (Jeri)

obituary, 12/21/04

Sides, David N.

basic training graduation, 1/13/04

Simmons, Dan

former SMHS coach indecency charge, 3/4/04

Simmons, Daniel

former SMHS coach arrested, 11/23/04

Simmons, Sandra

obituary, 7/18/04

Simmons, Sandra Gordon

obituary, 7/20/04

Simon, Cayla Dawn

engagement/photo, 3/28/04

Simon, Frances Nelson

obituary, 2/3/04

Simpson, Annie L.

graduates from Yale/photo, 6/13/04, 6/17/04

Simpson, Jennie

speaks at Amnesty International event, 4/25/04

Simpson, Michael Alan Jr.

auto fatality, 5/2/04

Singleton, Vanity Sky

indicted negligent homicide, 9/7/04

Skurlock, Huey Lee

Caldwell County Jail/ photo, 12/15/04

Slaughter, Rebecca Brooke

wedding/ photo, 10/3/04


recover body in Blanco River

photo, 7/6/04


Balanced Literacy model, 9/24/04

Focus on education, 9/30/04

grant gives Bonham students a boost, 9/28/04

superintendent invites students to office, 9/24/04

Smiley, Lyman Langley

obituary, 11/30/04

Smith Jr., David Goldwin

wedding/photo, 12/19/04

Smith, Alex

obituary, 11/18/04

Smith, Alex Howard

obituary, 11/19/04, 11/24/04

Smith, Brandi Jean

wedding/ photo, 9/5/04

Smith, Bryant Sr.

obituary, 6/11/04, 6/13/04

Smith, David Goldwin

engagement/ photo, 9/5/04

Smith, Eugenia

obituary, 4/14/04

Smith, Iva Mae

obituary, 11/7/04, 11/9/04

Smith, Jare

Girls Scouts honor/photo, 5/16/04

Smith, Kyle

photo, 9/9/04

Smith, Lisa N.

airman graduates basic training

photo, 7/11/04

Smith, Sylvia

obituary, 4/6/04


accepts donation/photo, 5/7/04

Sneed, Marie C.

obituary, 9/24/04

Snyder Hill reconstruction postponed, 4/11/04

Soechting, Charles

Democratic convention, 7/29/04

Ranch Road deed/ photo, 7/21/04

Soechting, Charles Elwood

engagement/ photo, 7/4/04

Solis, Reimundo Sr.

obituary/ photo, 7/14/04

Sollers, Joyce

obituary, 4/6/04

Sollers, Joyce Yvonne

obituary, 4/7/04

Sorensen, Leslie Dale

obituary, 7/13/04

Sorenson, Leslie Dale

obituary/ photo, 7/15/04

Soto, Rachel

CenturyTel honor/photo, 6/29/04

Soto, Thrine

photo, 1/9/04

South Hays County Fire Department

holds open house, 9/17/04

open house, 9/24/04

Southside Community Center

profile/ photo, 10/8/05

Sowards, Larry

resigns, 11/21/04

Sowell, Jane Hardy

obituary/photo, 4/4/04, 4/6/04

Spann, "Nita"

obituary, 7/28/04

Sparks, Megan

essay contest winner/photo, 5/11/04

Spears, Sandra

photo, 7/14/04

Spencer, Edwin Jamison

obituary, 9/26/04

Spillman, Bettie Holekamp

obituary, 9/2/04

Spoonemore, Thomas Lee

marijuana grower, 7/16/04

Spring river cleanup for weekend, 4/7/04

St. John's Catholic Church

fish fry, 2/27/04

Stallings, Jean

obituary, 11/11/04

Star Students/photos, 2/24/04

state airport efforts, 5/27/04

Stedman, LeAnne

Opening Doors Dance Theater, 2/8/04

Stegner, Hally

profile/photo, 3/14/04

Stephens, Debra Smith

obituary, 10/19/04

Stephens, William F.

obituary/photo, 5/18/04, 5/19/04

wedding/photo, 6/13/04

Stephenson, Norma E.

obituary, 2/24/04

Stevens, Virginia

obituary, 10/7/04

Stevenson, Robert M.

obituary/ photo, 10/17/04

Stewart, Ellie

photo, 2/22/04

Stewart, Harry and Ellie

award/ photo, 10/10/04

Stewart, Zeb

engagement/photo, 6/13/04

Stickter, Hester

obituary, 1/25/04

Stief, Mamie Veatrice Hamblin

obituary, 9/9/04

Stokes, H. Garland

obituary/photo, 4/4/04

Stone, Steve

engagement/photo, 1/18/04

Storey, Alene B.

obituary, 12/14/04

Stovall, Frances

'Frances Stovall Day' honor/photo, 4/18/04

Stovall, Jack Neil

obituary, 3/3/04

Stovall, Jack Neil Col.

obituary, 3/4/04

Stovall, Jack Neill Col.

obituary/photo, 3/5/04

Stowe, Jim

seeks Pct.3 post, 1/14/04


Comanche Street work begins, 5/30/04

name changes, 12/19/04

Olive Street

reconstruction, 4/25/04

reconstruction of Algarita and Chaparral, 2/4/04

Streets & Roads

Schulle Drive repairs, 1/11/04

Wonder World Drive overpass, 1/11/04

Stringer, J.B.

profile/photo, 6/27/04

strong winds in 2003, 2/11/04

Suarez, Edward

Austin piano festival/photo, 1/2/04

Suarez, Maricella

piano recital/photo, 5/14/04

Sullivan, Macel

retires/photo, 12/21/04

Summerfest 2004

photo, 7/6/04

Sunset Acres Neighborhood

water and sewer line improvement, 3/10/04

Sunset Acres park project, 1/4/04

Supple, Jerome

celebration of life ceremony, 1/21/04

lost cancer battle, dead at age 67, 1/18/04

Supple, Jerome H.

obituary, 1/20/04

suspected drunk driver caught, 4/2/04

Suttles, Maurice

first resident to die in WWI, 5/27/04

Swartz, Eric

state spelling bee competition, 4/18/04

Swenson III, John Eric

engagement/ photo, 7/11/04

Swenson, John Eric

engagement/ photo, 7/18/04

Swindle, Joshua

wedding/photo, 5/23/04



T.B. Woods expand workforce, 6/10/04

Taegel, Juanita

obituary, 9/16/04

Tait Home/photo, 4/28/04

Tait, Emily Adams

obituary, 12/30/04

Tanger Outlet Mall

fire damage, 7/25/04

Taste of San Marcos, 3/28/04

Taste of the Town profile, 4/1/04

Tate, James Douglas

Portrait of a Soldier, 9/26/04

Tatum, Helen

obituary, 12/28/04

Tatum, Kyev

charter school move proposed, 2/5/04

use of Dunbar Community Center, 3/2/04

Taylor, Marion Eva

obituary, 4/14/04

Taylor, Mark

city attorney, 1/13/04

Taylor, Melissa

engagement/photo, 3/14/04

teen suspects in car burglary arrested, 4/2/04

Teneyuque, Rosa

obituary, 10/22/04, 10/24/04

Tenorio, Gabriel

Kiwanis Scholarship

photo, 7/7/04

Terry, Fred

honor/award photo, 10/24/04

Tessaro, Pat

photo, 1/9/04, 10/3/04, 12/7/04

Tex Hughson Story

photo, 9/7/04

Texas Chopper Fest

motorcycle gathering/ photo, 10/19/04

Texas Community Futures Forum, 2/8/04

Texas Community Futures Forum meting, 1/15/04

Texas Dept. of Transportation

RR 12 improvements discussion, 5/21/04

Texas Downtown Association

awards program, 1014/04

Texas Photographic Society gallery, 3/17/04

Texas politics

documentary details, 7/23/04

Texas State parks provide free entry, 2/20/04

Texas State Swing Band

photo, 6/4/04

Texas State Univ

Bobcat Day, 1/29/04

Focus on Texas State, 1/29/04

Terry Foundation scholarship, 1/29/04

Texas State Univ.

1 million geography endowment, 1/27/04

art auction fundraiser, 1/27/04

Black Student Alliance present affirmative action program, 2/8/04

Celebrity Classic/photo, 4/27/04

Center for Children and Families on campus, 2/3/04

computer thefts, 3/26/04

Creative Summit, 3/26/04

Focus on Texas State, 1/15/04, 2/26/04

Focus on TX State, 2/12/04, 3/25/04, 4/8/04, 4/22/04, 5/20/04

Focus on Tx State, 3/11/04

head coach and athletic director fired, 1/29/04

hosts band camps, 5/19/04

interior design students Dunbar project, 2/4/04

Kappa Delta Chi

scholarships to high school, 1/1/04

Mitte Complex/photo, 3/26/04

National Science Foundation grant, 5/26/04

new provost/VP named, 2/26/04

profile, 1/13/04

Sakura Festival, 2/19/04

Salsa Del Rio

grabs jazz festival awards/photo, 4/25/04

Star newspaper profile, 4/18/04

streets renamed, 3/4/04

Students in Free Enterprise team/photo, 1/22/04

tuition hike, 1/7/04

Texas State University

Alkek Library

honors employees/photos, 6/25/04

Bobcat Day Feb. 14, 1/18/04

college freshmen vaccinations, 7/29/04

Early childhood workshop/photos, 6/24/04

Emmett and Miriam McCoy

honor/ photo, 11/7/04

first installment $50,000 pledge, 11/4/04

fitness and wellness programs, 5/2/04

Focus on Education, 7/1/04, 7/9/04, 10/7/04, 10/21/04, 11/4/04, 11/18/04, 12/2/04, 12/16/04, 12/30/04

focus on Texas State, 9/23/04

Focus on TX State, 5/6/04, 6/3/04, 6/17/04

honor local veterans, 11/10/04

Master Plan/ photo, 7/28/04

NOAA grant environmental study, 10/7/04

record enrollment, 9/16/04

remote funds released, 7/30/04

Salsa Del Rio Band/ photo, 11/26/04

strutters/ photo, 9/16/04

student fall from third floor balcony, 7/21/04

student found dead in his car, 11/3/04

student in fatal plane crash, 11/17/04

tuition hike, 4/4/04

tuition increase, 7/13/04

writing test required, 5/11/04

Texas teacher salary rise slightly, 1/23/04

Texas Water Safari, 6/10/04

photo, 7/18/04

The Art Space

seeking students/photo, 6/15/04

The Church of Christ

gunshots fired, 4/27/04

The Republic of Texas Chilympiad, 6/13/04

The Wimberley Players/photo, 5/13/04

Thielen, Mike

volunteer/ photo, 12/19/04

Thies, Ryan

local artist profile/photo, 2/5/04

Thompson's Islands

traffic accident/photo, 5/13/04

Thompson, Douglas

self-inflicted gunshot wound, 11/3/04

Thompson, Mildred Howard

obituary, 3/7/04

Thompson-Tovar, Sandra

police officer honor/photo, 6/3/04

Thorndike, Lindsay Brooke

engagement/ photo, 7/4/04

Tiffee, Matthew

U.S. National Debate Team, 2/8/04

U.S.National Debate Team, 3/12/04

Tilka, Susan

steps down from Ethics Comm, 1/18/04

Till, Alfred and Mary Ann

50th wedding anniversary, 4/25/04

Tilley, Courtney

Noon Lions Club student of the week, 2/15/04

Tiner, Virginia Elizabeth (Thomas)

obituary, 7/4/04

Tingle, Patricia

photo, 7/4/04

Tiny's Treasures

photo, 1/25/04


speech contest, 3/19/04

speech contest/photo, 3/23/04

Tobias, Beatrice Z.

obituary, 3/5/04

Tobias, Steven

wedding, 3/7/04

Tobias, Toby

profile/photo, 5/30/04

toddler fights for life after river accident, 2/22/04

Tollroad presentation to commissioners' court, 9/29/04

Toro, Julio C.

SMHS principal leaving, 6/15/04

Torres, Maria Belia

obituary, 9/7/04

Torres, Masedonio

obituary, 6/6/04

Torres, Masedonio R.

obituary, 6/4/04

Torres, Santos

obituary, 3/16/04

Torrez, Rafael 'Ralph'

obituary, 3/5/04

Tour of Distinction guide, 4/28/04

Townsend, Lillie Belle

leaves Head Start/photo, 6/1/04

Tracy, Adam

local emcee/photo, 6/9/04

Trailer flips on IH35

photo, 9/24/04

train derailment in San Antonio, 6/29/04

Transportation Advisory Board

meeting, 3/7/04

Trapp, Shante

photo, 7/14/04

trespasser flees into woods, 3/24/04

Trinidad, Julia

Girls State, 4/11/04

tropical wave soaking central Texas, 6/8/04

Troutman, Charles 'Bo' Bennett

obituary, 5/16/04

Tucker, Daymon

photo, 1/13/04

Turney, chase

photo, 12/17/04

Tvrdik, Sandy

photo, 7/22/04

Twice Blessed donation

troops overseas support/ photo, 10/7/04


hearing on RR12 work, 6/24/04

hearing on Texas Mobility Fund, 6/27/04



U.S. Army Field Band

photo, 11/9/04

Unsolved violent crimes, 1/1/04

Urbina, Ricardo Torres

obituary, 10/20/04, 10/21/04

Urrutia, Guadalupe

obituary, 12/14/04

Urrutia, Mr. and Mrs. Epimnio

50th wedding anniversary, 4/11/04

USS San Marcos

profile, 4/25/04



Valdes, Moon Hee

engagement/photo, 6/27/04

Valverde, Maria Luz

survey winner/ photo, 12/17/04

Van Dyke, Michael

engagement/ photo, 12/12/04

Van Noy, Peggy

San Marcos Convention and Visitors Bureau

photo, 12/19/04

Van Oudekerke, Rodney

selected to chair Hays County Historical Commission, 4/21/04

Vandals deface Veteran's Memorial, 4/4/04

Varela, Sergio

drowns in Blanco River, 6/15/04

Varella, Ian

ventriloquist performs/photo, 5/12/04

Vargas, Filemon

obituary, 10/24/04

obituary/ photo, 10/20/04

Varner, James Calvin

obituary, 3/30/04

Vasquez, Guadalupe F.

obituary/photo, 2/3/04, 2/5/04

Vasquez, Jose A.

sex offender/ photo, 9/9/04

Velasquez, Amy Burgess

obituary, 12/14/04

Velasquez, Carlos

obituary, 7/6/04

Velasquez, Pablo

obituary, 10/3/04

Venegas, Maria Cruz

obituary, 11/16/04

Venzor, Adam W. Sgt.

wedding/photo, 1/25/04

Veteran's Memorial

tips needed to find vandals, 4/11/04

Veteran's Memorial vandalism, 4/7/04

Veterans Day, 11/11/04

Veterans Day Parade plans, 11/2/04

Veterans Days Parade

honors local veterans, 11/10/04

Vielma, Manuel

obituary, 11/23/04, 11/26/04, 11/28/04

Village of San Marcos

property purchase, 3/3/04

Villalpando, Eduardo and Lydia

50th wedding anniversary, 2/1/04

Villalpando, Margie T.

fills seat at SMCISD/photo, 6/25/04

Villanueva, Henry

obituary, 1/4/04

Villanueva, Henry S.

obituary/photo, 1/7/04

Villarreal, Agustin Tobias

home invasion suspect, 4/16/04, 5/16/04

invasion robbery suspect, 4/23/04

Villegas, Sandra

photo, 7/14/04

Viola Street House/photo, 4/28/04

Violin students

high honors/ photo, 7/4/04

Voight, Telka Lena

obituary/photo, 5/25/04

Vordenbaum, Michael Taft

wedding/ photo, 7/18/04



Wagner, Randa

septic tank dilemma, 3/4/04

Walker, Brent Lars

engagement/photo, 4/25/04

Walker, Nelda Darlene

obituary, 2/18/04

Wallis, James

honor/photo, 5/27/04

Warren, Blake and Kelly

named chairs of Stars of Texas Gala/photo, 4/25/04

Warren, Garland

profile/photo, 5/16/04

Warren, Jonathan Edward

engagement/photo, 6/27/04

wedding/ photo, 10/17/04

Wassenich, Diane

painting Price Center Columns

photo, 9/2/04

wastewater plant odor solutions, 6/16/04

Water main break/photo, 3/2/04

Water Safari

defending champs win again

photo, 7/20/04

Watershed directors re-elected, 2/10/04

Watkins, Linette Dr.

Tx State educator honor/photo, 5/16/04

Wayne, Harry C.

obituary/ photo, 12/3/04

Weatherford, Sydney

The Talon vehicle restraint system, 3/11/04

Webb, Gary

honor/photo, 4/13/04

Webb, Thomas Alonzo

obituary/photo, 5/11/04

Weber, Jo Ann

obituary, 11/24/04

Weber, Jo Anne

obituary, 11/28/04

Weber, Susan

wedding/ photo, 7/18/04

Weiner, Melanie Marie

engagement/photo, 5/23/04

Welborn, Ruth

joins board of directors at CTMC/photo, 4/9/04

Welcome Home Inn robbed, 10/15/04

Wellborn, Ruth

Hall of Fame Committee member/ photo, 10/3/04

Wesp, Catherin J.

obituary/photo, 4/29/04

West, Chuck

Hays photographer Best in Show, 4/13/04

Westbrook, Diana Elizabeth "Beth"

obituary/ photo, 7/7/04

Westmoreland Jr., William Peck

obituary/photo, 12/21/04

Westmoreland, Charles Ryan

engagement/ photo, 10/24/04

Wheeler, Lance Thomas

engagement/photo, 4/18/04

White, Billie June

obituary, 1/6/04

White, Billy J.

obituary, 1/4/04

WIC Program

30 years helping families/ photo, 11/4/04

Wilder, Leah

photo, 10/7/04

wildlife trail maps available, 2/25/04

Wilhelm, Sophie

obituary, 6/11/04

Wilhelm, Sophie Rose Dzenowski

obituary, 6/13/04

Wilkerson, Annie Cleo

obituary, 11/9/04, 11/10/04

Wilkins, Ron

jazz trombonist concert, 5/5/04

Williams, Bill Maj.

Rattler in Iraq email, 9/29/04

Williams, Blake

wedding/photo, 3/14/04

Williams, David

engagement/photo, 4/11/04

Williams, Earl. T. Lt. Col.

obituary/photo, 2/15/04

Williams, Eart T. Lt. Col.

obituary, 2/13/04

Williams, George Louise

drug arrest, 3/3/04

Williams, Gerry

award/ photo, 12/23/04

Williams, Howard

profile/photo, 3/7/04

Williams, James Harold

theft arrest, 7/25/04

Williams, John Tomack

drug arrest, 3/3/04

Williams, Mary Jean

obituary, 10/28/04

Williamson, Neil

local drum maker/photo, 4/29/04

Williamson, Vida Massey

obituary, 9/10/04

Williamson, Vida V. Massey

obituary, 9/12/04

Williford, Mildred

obituary, 2/19/04

Willms, Virginia M.

obituary, 3/21/04

Wilson, Aaron Thomas

Lions Scholarship/ photo, 7/25/04

Scholarship award/ photo, 7/1/04

Wilson, Ann H.

obituary, 5/23/04

Wilson, Billy

obituary, 9/16/04

Wilson, Kay

Real Estate Trade Show/ photo, 11/2/04

Wilson, Wendy Leigh

engagement/photo, 3/14/04


St. Stephen's Episcopal School

students selected for National Choir, 4/1/04

stinky restaurant to relocate, 6/25/04

Wimberley Bank

robbery suspects jailed, 9/16/04

Wimberley rodeo

photo, 7/7/04

Wimberley, Ollie Doris

obituary, 11/18/04, 11/19/04

Winek, Dana K.

Girls State, 4/11/04

Witte, Virginia

profile/photo, 2/22/04

Wolpman, Emerence Scheffler

obituary, 2/10/04

Women entrepreneurs honored, 2/20/04

Women's Hall of Fame

photos, 10/3/04

Wonder World Drive extension gets go ahead, 6/17/04

Wonder World Drive extension project delayed, 4/14/04

Wonder World Drive overpass

design disputes delay project, 6/22/04

Wonderland School

first spring carnival, 4/29/04

Wonderly, Floreine Barbee Vaughn

obituary, 2/10/04

Wood, Daria Dees

profile/photo, 4/4/04

Wood, Jennie D.

airman graduates basic training

photo, 7/11/04

Wood, Robin

Locks of Love donation, 2/6/04

photo, 4/25/04

Woodmen of the World

raise flag at Gary Job Corps, 3/21/04

Wrench, Hubert

obituary, 3/12/04

Wrench, Paul Andrew

wedding/photo, 1/25/04

Wright, Arthur James

obituary, 11/3/04, 11/4/04, 11/5/04



Yanity, Joshua

Portrait of a soldier, 9/19/04

Yarrington Road

railroad overpass, 12/19/04

Ybarra, Francis

donation/photo, 6/10/04

York, Bonnie

mobile home burns, 2/8/04

York, Harold L. "Harry'

obituary/ photo, 7/29/04

York, Harold Leon

obituary, 7/28/04

York, Josh

Army Staff Sgt. Purple Heart

photo, 7/9/04

York, Lawrence M.

obituary, 10/7/04

York, Prochazka, Harold L. & Janie J.

55th wedding anniversary/photo, 2/22/04

Young, Arline Franks

obituary, 1/20/04, 1/21/04

Youngman, Frederick William

obituary, 6/1/04

Youth Fest, 3/12/04



Zapata, Fernanda R.

obituary, 5/5/04, 5/6/04

Zoeller, Kerby Leigh

wedding/photo, 3/21/04, 3/28/04