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This index has been created by Sandra Cortez and Holley Garcia  for the San Marcos Public Library in order to offer simple access to the contents of the San Marcos Daily Record.  Indexed materials include news stories, features, and obituaries, as well as birth, wedding, and engagement announcements.  Materials not selected for indexing include articles published originally in other newspapers, editorials, sports, the calendar of local events, comic strips, and routine weather reports.

All entries are arranged alphabetically.  Entries are under appropriate headings, by subject, organization, or personal name.  Each entry is followed by the publication date in the Record.  There are four special categories:  Businesses, Churches, Clubs, and Schools.  Articles concerning the City of San Marcos are found under "San Marcos, City of" (e.g. Public Library, Fire Department).  Articles related to Hays County politics are found under the heading, "Hays County" (e.g. Commissioner's Court).

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40th wedding anniversary

Garza, Daniel Sr. and Paz

photo, 9/27/09

50th wedding anniversary

Kraft, Guy and Janice

photo, 12/13/09

Virgil and Patty Burkhart

photo, 11/15/09

60th wedding anniversary

Buddy and Jo Wiegand, 09/06/2009



Aalen, Gary


San Marcos Lions Club receives visit/ photo, 8/9/09

Abete, Crystal

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Acosta, Andrea

firefighter profile/photo, 2/4/09

Acosta, Cruz Sr

obituary/photo, 5/28/09

Acosta, Cruz Sr.

obituary, 5/27/09

Acosta, Hermelinda H.

obituary/photo, 9/23/09

Acosta, Maria Luis

obituary, 7/24/09

Acosta, Maria Luisa "Mary"

obituary/photo, 7/26/09

ACT program wins Excellence Award for Management Innovations



Adame, Carlos E. Jr.

obituary, 12/22/09

Adams, Airman 1st Class Matthew C.

competes in Air Force Wrestling Trial, 6/12/09

Adams, Hudson Aaron

Obituary, 09/22/09

Adams, Lisa

CTMC Hospice

profile/photo, 10/29/09

Aguilar, Paula M.

obituary, 5/19/09

Akin, William Carroll

obituary/photo, 5/22/09

Alberts, Herta

obituary, 2/26/09

Albertson, Darrel R.

obituary, 4/23/09

Albertson, Darrel Ray

obituary/photo, 4/24/09, 4/26/09, 4/28/09

Alex, Maxine

Obituary, 09/15/09

Alexander, Amber

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Alexander, Bill

profile/photo, 4/12/09

Alexander, David

receives trophy from Friends of SM Cemetery/photo, 4/19/09

Alexander, Linda

named Lion of the Year/photo, 7/12/09

Allen, Carol Cay

obituary, 1/21/09

Allen, Judy

eats at Cottage Kitchen/ photo, 09/09/09

elected to SMCISD Board of Trustees, 5/10/09

Allen, Michael

Deployed to Iraq, 8/2/09

Allen, Rodney F. Jr.

obituary, 11/15/09

Allen, Ruth

obituary, 3/15/09

Allien, Melanie

new Assistant Principal of Miller Middle School

profile/photo, 10/8/09

new assistant principal of Miller Middle School, 09/20/09

Almanzar, Victoria

donates hair to Locks of Love/photo, 7/16/09

Almond, Thomas Henry, M.D.

obituary/photo, 11/29/09

Alvarado, John

obituary, 1/16/09

obituary/photo, 1/18/09

Alvarado, Jose

obituary/photo, 4/24/09

Alvarez, Becky to Juan Jose (JJ) Balles

engagement/photo, 11/15/09

Alvarez, Joe Anthony

engagement/photo, 10/11/09

Alvarez, Pete 'Bole'

obituary, 11/6/09

obituary/photo, 11/8/09

Anderson, Alan H.

obituary, 8/4/09, 8/5/09

Anderson, Fran

obituary/photo, 6/14/09

Anderson, John A.

obituary/photo, 12/4/09

Anderson, Mary Frances "Fran"

obituary, 6/09/09, 6/12/09

Anderson, Shandel Mornay

engagement/photo, 2/22/09

Anglin, Marjorie J.

obituary, 6/09/09

Applewhite, Dwaylan

made All-Area Choir

photo, 11/29/09

member of SM HS Choir Quartet

photo, 12/10/09

SMHS choir member/photo, 10/6/09

Aquarena Springs

reunion of former employees scheduled along with events, 10/25/09

reunion scheduled along with other celebratory events

photo, 11/1/09

Aquarena Springs Center

Army jazz band visits/ photo, 09/04/2009

Arledge, Don

honored/photo, 11/18/09

presents Lions Club donation for Hays County crime stoppers program/photo, 4/19/09

Arledge, Karen

named Lion of the Quarter/photo, 3/1/09

Armstrong, Richard D.

obituary, 03/29/09

Army plans training center in San Marcos

U.S. Military, 8/9/09

Aronson, Bernice

obituary/photo, 1/25/09

Arredondo, Danny

Youth Advocate of the Month/photo, 10/21/09

Arredondo, Frank A.

firefighter profile/photo, 4/8/09

Arredondo, Miguel

SM HS Student Council President takes part in Student Government Day, 12/10/09

Student Government Day

photo, 12/11/09

Arredondo, Ramon Sr.

obituary/ photo, 8/5/09

Arriola, Lasaro Chief

Celebration of the People Powwow at TX State University

photo, 11/20/09

Arthur, Mildred Jewel (Williams)

Obituary, 09/16/09

Auld, Marjane Louise

Obituary, 09/13/09, 09/20/09

Aultman, Michael O.G.

obituary, 5/3/09

Avey, Susan

profile/photo, 7/5/09

Avila, Michael Anthony

obituary/photo, 10/18/09

Ayars, Scott

former San Marcos Academy grad holds book signing/photo, 11/3/09

Ayers, Peggy

assembles neonatal intensive care unit at CTMC

photo, 12/31/09



Baca, Rosemary Villegas

obituary/photo, 7/26/09

Baen, Kirk

graduates from Army basic training, 4/22/09

Baen, Thomas

engagement/photo, 6/21/09

Bagley, Rafael 'Ralph' Rodriguez

obituary, 12/11/09

Bagley, Thomas D.

obituary, 4/30/09

Bagley, Thomas Daniel

obituary/photo, 5/1/09

Bain, Tommy Franklin

obituary, 4/12/09

Baker, Chris

honored/photo, 11/18/09

Baker, David

donates grill and hand sanitizer to Crockett Elementary/photo, 10/30/09

Balch, Elfriede

Obituary, 09/20/09

Baldinger, Elizabeth

firefighter profile/photo, 2/25/09

Baldridge, Edith Mae Tatum

obituary, 1/27/09

Ball, Kenneth

Intern fights invasive ant species, 8/11/09

Balles, Juan Jose (JJ) to Becky Alvarez

engagement/photo, 11/15/09

Bambrick, Tom

local veteran

profile/photo, 11/5/09

Banning, Bette receives "Lion of the Quarter"

photo/award, 10/8/09

Barba, Zaira A.

wedding/photo, 6/28/09

Barfield, James William

convicted of theft, forgery, and credit card abuse, 12/4/09

Barham, Stephen

charged with credit card abuse and burglary of a vehicle (photo), 09/11/09

indicted for forgery, 8/18/09

Barker, Brian

presents Lions Club donation for CASA of Central Texas/photo, 4/19/09

Barnard, Bobby

Sundance Records store owner/photo, 8/20/09

Barnard, Lorene (Fletcher)

obituary /photo, 8/14/09

Barnes, Lance

wins Jalapeno Eating Contest/photo, 5/3/09

Barnett, Alleen Bennett

obituary, 8/30/09

Barnett, Gerald

skydives on 80th birthday/ Photo, 09/04/2009

Barnett, Jennifer

profile/photo, 7/29/09

Barowski, Bill

profile/photo, 7/22/09

Barrios, Filberto "Juero" Sr.

obituary/photo, 7/5/09

Bauer, Susan

Kyle firefighter at the Buda Fire Fest/photo, 10/6/09

Beaven, Doris Barron

obituary, 6/14/09

Becak, Robyn

wins VFW District 5 Teacher Award/photo, 1/18/09

Becak, Wayne

president of Broadway Bank says banking careers still an option

photo, 12/24/09

Beck, Bays Cunningham Jr.

obituary/ photo, 8/4/09

Beck, Jonna

performs in "Inspecting Carol" in Wimberley

profile/photo, 11/20/09

Beebe, Dr. Steven

discovers unpublished C.S. Lewis manuscript fragment, 7/28/09

Behm, Margaret

obituary, 03/26/09

Behm, Margaret Louise "Peggy"

obituary, 4/23/09

Beissert, John

profile/photos, 6/14/09

Bell, Rick

Community Inspiration Award

award/photo, 11/8/09

Bending, Mary Alice "Molly"

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Bensberg, Mary Blanche

obituary, 4/16/09

Bensberg, Mary Blanche Looney

obituary/photo, 5/5/09

Benson, Beverly

celebrates 100th birthday

photo, 11/29/09

Benson, Bob

Bee Wranglers offer free workshop at SMPL

photo, 12/29/09

Benson, Denise

Bee Wranglers offer free workshop at SMPL

photo, 12/29/09

Benton, Mitsie

named 2009 Ambassador of the Year

photo, 11/8/09

Berdeen, Naomi

prepares for computer classes at St. Marks (photo), 09/18/09

Berish, Amber D.

completes Air Force Reserve basic training/photo, 7/22/09

Berman, Linda

International bubble artist performs /photo

San Marcos Public Library, 8/11/09

Berta, Scott

receives Distinguished Service Award/photo, 5/17/09

Bertram, Oliver Horace Jr.

obituary/photo, 2/22/09

Beta Sigma Phi

local chapter collects used cell phones for soldiers/photo, 10/8/09

Bethancourt, Betty Walker

obituary, 1/6/09

Better Business Bureau warns of scams

Business, 8/12/09

Bible, Nekyah

obituary, 2/12/09

Bible, Nekyah Evon

obituary, 2/11/09

Biedermann, Sue

AHIMA Foundation Triumph Award, 10/30/09

Biggs, Elsie F.

obituary, 1/13/09

Biggs, Elsie Florene

obituary, 1/14/09

Billings, Jennifer

obituary, 6/28/09

Bilson, Sherri

profile/photos, 7/1/09

Binford, William Robert

wedding/photo, 6/21/09


Welch, Carson G., 8/23/09

Blackwell, Gladys

obituary, 1/20/09

Blackwell, Norma

accepts donation for CASA of Central Texas/photo, 4/19/09

receives donation from Tommy Ratliff on behalf of CASA

photo, 12/9/09

Blasingame, Dale

wins Emmy for "Best Evening Newscast"

award/photo, 12/6/09

Bluebonnet Electric Coop

receives Safety Award, 10/16/09

Bobbette, Beatrice

displays "Painter of Light" Christmas train at SMPL

photo, 12/22/09

Boemermann, George

nominated for Veterans Day Parade grand marshal

profile, 11/6/09

Boenig, Dorothy

obituary, 4/14/09

Boling, Anna Martinez

appointed by Hays County Commissioners as judge/ photo, 8/28/09

Bomar, Mark

Firefighter of the Year

award/photo, 11/25/09

firefighter profile/photo, 3/11/09

Bone, Ponty

performs at Gruene Hall on his 70th birthday

profile/photo, 10/22/09

Borden, David

third place in local Toastmasters International Speech contest/photo, 4/19/09

Boren, Katie

ballet dancer at SM HS Performing Arts Center

photo, 12/13/09

Boruff, Jeffrey

obituary, 12/29/09

Bost, Kelly

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Bostic, Tanya

charged with forgery / counterfeiting (photo), 09/11/09

Bostic, Tanya Disirea

indicted for forgery, 8/18/09

Bowden, Lewis

works as gofer on Danny Trejo film/photo, 03/24/09

Bowden, Phil

Man preps for boat race/ photo, 8/9/09

Bowers, Abby

SMHS choir member/photo, 10/6/09

Boyd, Bentley

profile/photos, 1/22/09

Boyd, Jerry C.

obituary, 10/28/09

Braden, Dr. Jim

honored for 50+ years in Lionism/photo, 10/8/09

Bradley, Joe Billy

obituary, 03/20/09

Bragdon, Autumn Mikelle

engagement/photo, 03/29/09

Brand, Mary

profile/photos, 6/19/09

Branham, Audrey

obituary, 5/26/09, 5/27/09

Branigan, Ryan

receives trophy for winning Food Fight Challenge

photo, 12/6/09

Bregman, Diana

inducted into Rotary Club/photo, 1/18/09

Breihan, Frances

inducted into 2009 Women's Hall of Fame

profile/photo, 10/18/09

Brinkkoeter, Candace

receives Medal of Honor at Police Awards ceremony/photo, 5/17/09

Brinkkoeter, Tara

firefighter profile/photo, 2/25/09

Brockman, Melvin Thomas Jr.

obituary, 4/29/09

Brodie, Karl N.

obituary, 11/12/09

Bromonsky, Aric Lee

engagement/photo, 03/29/09

Brooke-Davidson, Jennifer

ordained as priest of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

photo, 12/22/09

Brooks, Bill Freeman

engagement/photo, 2/22/09

Brooks, Katherine

SIFE member speaks to local students

photo, 11/19/09

Brooks, Rose

local political activist ready for Obama inauguration/photo, 1/18/09

Brown, Chase

profile/photo, 7/15/09

Brown, Douglas C.

obituary/photo, 3/5/09

Brown, Dr. William F. Brown

obituary/photo, 10/4/09

Brown, Leslie Truman

Obituary, 09/08/2009

Brown, Ronnie

Country Fest being held as fundraiser for his recovery/photo, 5/10/09

Brundin, Justin

named Texas VFW Eagle Scout of the Year/photo, 5/31/09

Bryant, James III

wedding/photo, 1/11/09

Buckner, Robert 'Bobby' Parker

obituary, 12/13/09

Buckner, Robert 'Buddy' Parker

obituary/photo, 12/10/09


grand opening of Post Office

photo, 11/15/09

Santa Cruz Catholic School

Red Ribbon Week

photo, 11/15/09

Buda Community

Commissioner Jeff Barton Pct. 2 to hold meeting, 8/20/09

Buda community

Buda Fine Arts Festival to begin, 9/29/09

Buie, Dan

AARP member goes to Washington

Organizations, 8/13/09

Bukuru, Richard

receives Community Relations Council scholarship/photo, 1/13/09

Bundick, Wayne Enic

obituary/photo, 3/6/09

Bunker, Lily Marie Olvera

obituary/photo, 10/29/09

Burchfield, Gayle Hager

obituary, 1/30/09

Burdick, Dick

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009'

photo, 12/27/09

Burgasser, Jay Alynn

obituary/photo, 6/03/09

Burgum, Gaytha Joy Schulle

obituary, 4/14/09

obituary/photo, 4/15/09

Burk, David

manages organic farm outside of Wimberley

profile/photo, 11/22/09

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009,' 12/27/09

Burleson, Michele

Youth Advocate of the Month

award/photo, 12/8/09

Burley, Alma Ruth

obituary, 4/1/09

Burris, Jennifer Lynn

engaged to Rudy D. Gonzalez

engagement/photo, 12/27/09

Burroughs, Tee Hunter

obituary, 11/15/09

Burse, Byron

murdered on 08/26/2009, 09/02/2009


American National Bank

robbed Jan 12/photos, 1/13/09


Aloha Dental

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/8/09


ribbon cutting/photo, 2/15/09

American National Bank

name to change to Sage Capital Bank, 7/12/09

Aquarena Center

hosing dive rescue training program/photo, 4/29/09

new solar powered boats/photo, 4/23/09

B&J Pharmacy robbed of morphine, 6/12/09

Bada Bling

ribbon cutting/photo, 7/12/09

Baker-Aicklen & Associates

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/27/09

Bath Junkie

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/1/09

Better Beverages Ltd.

donates to Gary Job Corps Panther Club Assoc./photo, 2/12/09

Broadway Bank

donates to Project Graduation/photo, 5/7/09

Butler Mfg

donates to Chamber of Commerce book drive/photo, 7/31/09

CASA of Central Texas

Non-Profit of the Year

award/photo, 11/8/09

Centerpoint Station

Laura Thompson-Patriotic Employer Award

award/photo, 11/12/09

Central Texas Collision Services

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/27/09

Central Texas Medical Center

13 doctors make Texas Monthly list of top docs, 1/20/09

medical staff leadership named, 1/29/09


2009 Business of the Year

award/photo, 11/8/09


acquisition of Embarq will bring name change to CenturyLink, 6/04/09

honors Rachel Soto for 20 years of service/photo, 5/12/09

makes annual donation to St. Mark's Computer School/photo, 1/15/09

sending technicians to assist with Arkansas ice storm outages, 2/8/09

CenturyTel launches new CenturyLink brand

photo, 11/8/09

Cheatham Street Warehouse

has music marathon, 11/12/09

Chuck Nash Auto Group

nominated for Time Magazine Dealer of the Year/photo, 2/4/09

Chuck Nash Jeep Eagle

to lose Chrysler franchise, 5/15/09


store burglarized, 12/27/09

Comfort Inn

ribbon cutting/photo, 6/21/09

Compass Point Media

ribbon cutting/photo, 6/30/09

Conley Car Wash

holds benefit for local shelter, 12/8/09

Conley Express Lube

ribbon cutting/photo, 6/30/09


37 teenagers join Junior Volunteer program/photo, 6/17/09

awards scholarships to local students/photo, 5/20/09

employee art show held/photos, 2/8/09

employee service awards banquet held/photo, 03/22/09

expansion project includes time capsule/photo, 7/23/09

hosts topping out ceremony/photo, 03/24/09

participates in Shattered Dreams DWI program at local schools/photo, 6/02/09

performs well on federal website comparing hospitals, 7/17/09

sends team to Honduras for mission trip/photos, 5/21/09

welcomes Dr. Jenifer Kowalik to staff/photo, 5/24/09

Women of CTMC to be honored at gala/photo, 7/26/09

CTMC Hospice Care

6th annual Camp HeartSong held/photos, 6/16/09

Have a Heart for Hospice luncheon held/photos, 2/11/09

photo exhibit on display in Kyle/photos, 7/30/09

Dick's Classic Garage

grand opening, 7/9/09

Easy Home

ribbon cutting/photo, 6/30/09

Embassy Suites

donates 50% of luncheon proceeds to CTMC/photo, 6/11/09

Embassy Suites Hotel, Spa and Conference Ctr.

receives Silver Platter Award, 6/04/09

Extreme Graphics

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/27/09

Four Paws Veterinary Hospital

wins Best of San Marcos award, 7/30/09


local job center to open, 4/1/09

Goodwill Job Help Center

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/22/09

Green Guy Recycling

profile/photos, 3/12/09


to open facility in San Marcos bringing 190 jobs/photo, 7/31/09

Hays Caldwell Women's Center

programs to strengthen awareness/photo, 4/26/09


new coupons benefit local environmental groups/photo, 4/23/09

Heldenfels Enterprises

finishes concrete work on new Cowboys Stadium/photo, 3/4/09

Heldenfels Enterprises celebrates 100th birthday, 10/18/09

Insurance Options

bought by Frost Insurance, 7/23/09

JC Penney

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/12/09

John Deere Landscapes

employees assemble toys for Blue Santa program

photo, 12/17/09

Lammes Candies

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/1/09

McCoy's Building Supply

recognized by EPA for preventing child lead poisoning, 7/24/09

Mensor Corp.

celebrates 40 years, 6/25/09

Pappa's Pastas

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/12/09

PEC donates to youth livestock organizations, 12/27/09

Pedernales Electric

donates to SM Education Foundation/photo, 1/25/09

Pedernales Electric Coop

awards scholarships, 4/29/09

donates to Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 4/12/09

donates to Price Senior Center/photo, 6/28/09

donates to public library/photo, 03/29/09

donates to SOAR, SM Educational Partners/photo, 2/15/09

revised rate structure implemented, 6/17/09

to issue some membership fee refunds, 4/22/09

Physicians Mutual Insurance

ribbon cutting/photo, 7/19/09

Planet K

Haven Fosdick found guilty of robbery, 10/7/09

Pointe Dance Studio

six dancers chosen to participate in summer programs/photo, 3/1/09

Price Senior Center

receives donations for renovation/photo, 6/28/09

Prime Outlets

donates Segways to SMPD/photo, 5/19/09

Prime Outlets launches "Operation Shop Pink" to support breast cancer research, 9/30/09

PuroClean Disaster First Response

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/5/09

San Marcos Daily Record

to begin publishing real estate guide, 5/3/09

Santa's Ranch

remains open through Jan. 2

photo, 12/29/09

Sean Crowder, CPA

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/27/09

Security Force One

ribbon cutting/photo, 3/8/09

Seton Medical Center Hays on schedule for opening/photos, 6/28/09

Simon Property Group to buy Prime Outlets

photo, 12/9/09

Springtown Villa

new Internet Cafe opens/photo, 7/12/09

Stagecoach Professional Center

Yard of the Month/photos, 6/26/09

Stor Stuff

underground water pipe bursts for the third time in a year

photo, 12/10/09

Student Media Group

ribbon cutting/photo, 2/8/09


makes donation to CTMC to aid breast cancer fight, 12/13/09

Tanger Outlet Center

donates to police, fire departments, 2/12/09

TCOR Insurance Management

Emerging Business of the Year

award/photo, 11/8/09

teleNetwork Partners

ribbon cutting/photo, 2/8/09

Texas Red's Steakhouse

donates 10% of Mother's Day proceeds to CTMC/photo, 6/07/09

Texas State Optical

ribbon cutting/photo, 6/21/09

The Vantage

ribbon cutting/photo, 4/5/09

Time Warner Cable

accepting nominations for Rising Hero scholarships, 12/16/09

Tres Hermanas

ribbon cutting/photo, 2/15/09

True Vineyard Marketplace

ribbon cutting/photo, 7/5/09

Two P's

honored as Business of the Year

photo, 11/8/09

TXI Hunter Cement

Business of the Year

award/photo, 11/8/09

Vance J. Elliott Realty Group

retail center groundbreaking held/photo, 5/10/09


invites Salvation Army to place donation kettle

photo, 11/22/09

Walmart makes donation to CTMC's Parent Sleep Room

photo, 11/13/09


honored by city council for Best in Category award/photo, 7/26/09

wins Innovation Award, 6/28/09

Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area

receives awards at TWC conference/photo, 1/6/09

Xtreme Glamour

ribbon cutting/photo, 1/4/09

Bustamante, Alfonso

obituary, 2/10/09

Byley, Melba Isom

obituary/photo, 3/6/09

Byrom, Dr. Jack

reminisce about sale of San Marcos Academy to TX State University

photo, 11/13/09



Cable, Edwin Ralston

obituary/photo, 11/29/09

Cable, Edwin Ralston 'Ed'

obituary, 11/27/09

Cade, Tina

holds Holiday Flower Centerpiece Workshop

photo, 12/10/09

Caffey, John David

engagement/photo, 5/24/09

Caldwell County

4 suspected of sexually assaulting San Marcos girl arrested/photos, 5/1/09

authorities seek identity of four assault suspects, 10/1/09

Brown Santa receives donation from local Girl Scouts

photo, 12/4/09

Historical Commission offering Cemetery tours, 10/6/09

Marcus Maldonado & son Jacob Maldonado arrested-drug possession

photo, 11/11/09

Sheriff's Office

seeks tips on Eddie Espinoza Gonzales

photo, 11/22/09

Sheriff's Office seeks suspects in shooting of man and his dog, 12/8/09

two people killed in plane crash, 12/8/09

Calvin, Darryl

sentenced for sexual assault/indecency with a child

photo, 9/27/09

Cameron, Alan

master of ceremonies for Veterans Day parade

profile/photo, 11/5/09

second place in local Toastmasters International Speech contest/photo, 4/19/09

wins Toastmasters speech contest/photo, 3/15/09

Cameron, Dennis

receives scholarship for musical talent, 09/18/09

Campise, Rosemary

grows a 45 lb squash/photo, 10/30/09

Canales, Jacinto Jayden Jr.

obituary, 6/05/09, 6/07/09

Cantu, Frank

charged with capital murder and murder, 12/10/09

Caraway, Luanne

honored by Tax Assessor-Collector Association, 7/9/09

Career Pathways for Central Texans

workshop to aid unemployed, 9/23/09

Carle, Rose Marie Busby

obituary/photo, 12/30/09

Carlisle, Melody

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Carmel, Patricia

obituary, 1/29/09

Carmel, Patricia Mary "Page"

obituary/photo, 1/30/09

Carpenter, Georgia Jean

obituary, 4/5/09

Carrier, Chris

receives Outstanding Teacher Award at SM Baptist Academy/photo, 6/07/09

Carrillo, Manuel Felix

obituary, 5/27/09

Carson, Dorothy Bell (Whitely)

obituary, 5/19/09

Carswell, Michelle

profile/photo, 2/17/09

CASA of Central Texas

Non-Profit of the Year

award/photo, 11/8/09

Casarez, Addie

Gary Job Corps Corrections and Security student

photo, 11/15/09

Casey, Darren

2009 Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Award recipient/ honor, 11/1/09

Castillo, Pete III

obituary, 7/26/09, 7/29/09

Castillo, Ray

presents CSCD donation check to Hays County Food Bank

photo, 11/22/09

Castillo, Seferina G. "Nina"

obituary/photo, 03/31/09

Castro, Callissa

photo, 12/6/09

Castro, Frank

home invasion drug theft motive, 09/10/09

home invasion suspect/ photo, 09/06/2009

indicted for aggravated robbery, 11/29/09

indicted for capital murder, 12/3/09

Cates, Mildred Mitchell

obituary/photo, 5/6/09

Cathcart, J. Foster

obituary/photo, 11/22/09

Caudillo, Genoveva G.

obituary, 12/17/09

Caughell, Irene Elizabeth (Zychski)

obituary, 10/6/09

Causey, Joshua N.

wedding/photo, 6/28/09

Cavazos, John

chased by SMPD for sexual assault, 11/6/09

Central Texas Medical Center

annual fundraiser on 10/11/09, 09/13/09

Breastfeeding healthy for babies, 8/6/09


2009 Business of the Year

award/photo, 11/8/09

Cerda, Guadalupe

obituary/photo, 4/7/09, 4/10/09

Cerda, Jose H.

obituary/ photo, 8/7/09

Cerda, Jose H. Sr.

obituary, 8/6/09

Chadwick, Judith Cheryl

obituary, 7/19/09

Chafin, Cheri

engagement/photo, 7/26/09

Chamber of Commerce

Business Expo

record number of participants

photo, 8/27/09

Chamber president speaks on business, 8/9/09

encourages residents to buy locally to improve our economy, 11/15/09

encouraging citizens to vote, 11/1/09

Green Living Showcase planned, 11/18/09

honored by Mayor Susan Narvaiz

photo, 11/10/09

honors year's top individuals and businesses

photo, 11/8/09

new members sponsored/successful membership drive

photo, 9/27/09

Phyllis Snodgrass writes about business, 8/2/09

requests canned good donations at Business Expo, 8/26/09

requests food bank donations at Business Expo, 8/20/09

San Marcos Optimist Club

ribbon cutting/photo, 10/11/09

Zehnder Hahn exhibit slated, 12/13/09

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Stitches & Such/ photo, 8/4/09

Village Sensei/ photo, 8/2/09

Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting

AT&T Mobility Store

photo, 11/22/09

Blue Skies Aviation

photo, 10/13/09

Enterprise Excellence Consulting

photo, 11/22/09

Hot Spot Salon

photo, 11/10/09

Monroe Hair Studio

photo, 11/8/09

Newton Gang's Getaway

photo, 11/8/09

Pappas Pastas

photo, 11/10/09

Regent Care

photo, 11/10/09

San Marcos Academy adds rope course/photo, 8/16/09

San Marcos Optimist Club

photo, 10/20/09

Chambley, Renee Louise

obituary, 10/23/09

Champagne, Gerald

volunteer at Southside Community Center free Thanksgiving feast

photo, 11/22/09

Chandler, Kayla

named Miss Middle School at San Marcos Baptist Academy/photo, 5/29/09

Chapman, Gwendola Lee

obituary, 2/18/09

Chavez, Daisy

honored for aiding school bus passengers after accident/photo, 10/30/09

Outstanding Citizen Award/photo, 10/29/09

Cheatham, Frankie

named outstanding support person by Sheriff's Office/photo, 03/26/09

Cheatham, Geraldine Pearl

obituary, 11/22/09

Chen, Kevin

TX State student wins first place at HSMC

photo, 12/8/09

Cheng, Elliott

Student of the Month, 11/29/09

Childers, Bill

obituary/photo, 3/8/09

Childs, Sharon Louise

obituary, 5/31/09

Chiodo, Dr. Beverly

Keynote speaker at San Marcos Academy, 8/25/09

Chiu, David

elected to SMCISD Board of Trustees, 5/10/09

Christensen, Kandace Ann

charged with theft (photo), 09/11/09


Barsana Dham holds Festival of Lights, 10/16/09

Christ the Redeemer Church

Donates to the Youth Shelter, 09/01/2009

First Baptist Church

Women in Touch ministry hosts tea fundraiser/photos, 5/5/09

First Christian Church

donate used clothing/school supplies to Matamoras

photo, 8/28/09

Jack Knox named new youth minister/photo, 2/5/09

youth deacons elected/photo, 7/19/09

youth group head to mission in Arkansas/photo, 7/19/09

First Methodist Church

pumpkin patch open, 10/25/09

First United Methodist

youth collect items for the homeless/photos, 3/5/09

First United Methodist Church

reaches goal of 1000 members

photo, 11/15/09

Friedens Church

holds series on Christmas compassion, 12/10/09

Guadalupe Chapel

celebrates 40 years/photo, 5/31/09

Miller becomes FCC minister /photo, 8/11/09


put Servolution into action by donating to the community

photo, 12/18/09

Sinai Pentecostal

summer festival held/photo, 7/3/09

six local churches host Alternative Christmas Gift Market, 11/15/09

St. John's Catholic

celebrates 125th anniversary/photos, 1/25/09

St. Mark's Episcopal

hosts African Children's Choir/photos, 1/18/09

St. Stephen's Episcopal

ordains Jennifer Brooke-Davidson as priest

photo, 12/22/09

University Church of Christ

creates replica of Old Testament tabernacle/photos, 7/31/09

Cisneros, Victoria "Vicky"

obituary, 2/4/09

City Council

approved nine month extension for Purgatory PDD, 9/30/09

residents can file for a seat, 8/27/09

vote on Purgatory Creek Apartments, 9/27/09

City of San Marcos

"smart" electric meters out soon, 4/1/09

"smart" meter installation underway/photo, 4/8/09

15 aging trees cut down, 1/27/09

ACLU alleges prayer at start of council meetings violate Constitution, 7/12/09

Activity Center

free Thanksgiving feast held, 11/19/09

Activity Center hosts "Seven Directions Art Exhibit"

photo, 11/5/09

Advanced Metering Infrastructure project wins national award/photo, 7/26/09

airport hosts vintage aircraft show/photo, 3/10/09

airport in line for $2.8 million in federal appropriations, 2/25/09

airport receives $2.85 million in federal funding, 3/12/09

airport receives federal funding for upgrades, 7/21/09

ALERRT Center trained police officer that shot Fort Hood gunman Hasan, 11/6/09

along with TxDOT ban cell phone use in school zones, 9/24/09

Animal Services Board to address deer problem at meeting, 6/10/09

annual leak detection survey

photo, 9/24/09

awarded Distinguished Budget Presentation Award/photo, 5/14/09

board and commission volunteers take oath of office/photo, 1/23/09

breaks ground on airport control tower

photo, 10/15/09

broken water main at Hopkins and CM Allen/photo, 1/21/09

budget hearing on 2010 tax rate, 8/18/09

building continues at new fire station/photos, 6/10/09

business wants city to pay for water main break

photo, 9/25/09

Capital Improvements Dept. set meeting for Downtown improvements, 11/29/09

Car club seeks council approval to rent airport grounds for events, 3/1/09

celebrates Bike to School and Work Day/photo, 4/14/09

city bond ratings upgraded by Standard & Poor's, 8/23/09

City Clerk's office

honored for receiving award

photo, 12/30/09

City Council

honors Patty Shafer-Superintendent of the Year

photo, 12/23/09

opens Rio Vista Tennis Courts

photo, 12/25/09

Ryan Thomason takes council runoff victory, 12/16/09

City Council approves Branding Task Force, 11/8/09

City Council approves more attorney fees in facilitating SMPOA demands, 11/8/09

City Council considers Municipal Court authority to perform weddings, 11/15/09

city council meeting on cell phone usage in school zones, 09/03/2009

City Council run-off election, 11/13/09

City manager to present proposed budget, 8/11/09

city offers incentive package to Scooter Store for relocation, 2/26/09

Community Block Development Grants to get $100,000 boost, 2/26/09

Convention and Visitos Bureau

celebrate Travel and Tourism week/photo, 5/26/09

council and residents discuss Purgatory Creek Apt project, 2/22/09

Council approves "Meet and Confer" agreements with SMPD and SMFD, 12/4/09

Council approves compensating mayor and council members, 10/25/09

council approves first reading of ordinance to extend bar hours, 5/7/09

council approves KBR for road projects, 7/26/09

council considering partnership with Hays County in park development, 1/4/09

council decides against incentive plan for Springtown Center, 7/8/09

council decides to reevaluate pet ordinance, 3/5/09

Council filing to begin, 8/2/09

Council holds runoff election, 12/1/09

council honors Chuck Nash Auto for Dealer of the Year nomination/photo, 2/4/09

council honors school counselors during School Counseling Week/photo, 2/6/09

council members Jones and Thomaides against pet microchipping, 3/3/09

council observes Public Service Recognition Week/photo, 5/8/09

Council postpone vote on compensation for mayor & council members, 11/3/09

council proclaims Black History Month/photo, 2/5/09

council tables Springtown Center proposal, 7/22/09

council to consider Grifols incentive proposal, 7/21/09

Council to discuss FM radio station KZOS-LP (92.5), 10/20/09

council to discuss Sink Creek project, 2/17/09

council to re-vote on zoning change for Purgatory Creek Apt project, 2/27/09

council to review applications for Community Development Block Grants, 5/14/09

council to review graffiti ordinance, 2/19/09

council votes not to approve compensation resolution, 6/23/09

Council votes on hiring consulting firm for new city brand, 10/20/09

Council votes on pay and incentives, 10/18/09

Council votes to offer home incentives for Seaton Hospital employees, 10/22/09

driest year since 1902/photos, 1/9/09

economic strategic plan outlined, 4/10/09

electric utility sets a new peak in usage, 7/12/09

Emergency Notification System installed, 3/15/09

employees donate to United Way of Hays County

photo, 12/17/09

extended bar hours permits to be issued today, 5/22/09

federal funding to spur energy efficiency and conservation provided, 10/4/09

firefighters and police raise funds for breast cancer research, 10/6/09

fireworks ordinance outlined, 7/3/09

fish hatchery to receive American Recovery funds, 4/28/09

funds to be used to redevelop blighted properties, 7/30/09

hazardous waste collection day

photo, 10/20/09

hires firm to develop city brand, 10/22/09

history of corner at Hunter Rd and Wonder World Dr. recalled/photos, 3/5/09

honored for Grow One San Marcos program/photo, 6/28/09

honors group who visited historic Civil Rights sites/photo, 5/15/09

honors Wide-Lite after company receives Best in Category award/photo, 7/26/09

housing authority receives $1 million in federal funding, 3/13/09

Injured military vets at Spring Lake for diving certification/photos, 2/20/09

intends to pass electricity cost cuts along to customers, 2/12/09

Juneteenth festivities held/photos, 6/21/09

Kumpe, George W Jr. chosen as grand marshal of Veterans Day Parade, 10/25/09

last day for early voting in City Council Place 5 runoff, 12/11/09

listed as one of the great towns of America/photos, 2/8/09

low water has not affected quality, 6/26/09

manages WIC program-moves New Braunfels office, 8/23/09

Martin Luther King Day celebrated/photos, 1/21/09

mayor honors A+ Federal Credit Union for educational grants/photo, 4/19/09

mayor honors Diamond Line for successful competitions/photo, 4/19/09

mayor honors Embassy Suites for Silver Platter Award/photo, 6/26/09

mayor honors SM Educational Foundation/photo, 3/10/09

mayor issues proclamation for TX Natural and Western Swing event/photo, 5/15/09

mayor presents certificate of appreciation to Pets and Moore/photo, 2/22/09

mayor presents Honorary Citizenships to Hannover Univ students/photo, 3/11/09

mayor presents Outstanding Educator Awards to local teachers/photo, 5/17/09

mayor presents proclamation to Mensor Corp for 40th anniversary/photo, 6/28/09

mayor proclaims "Maria Anita Gonzales Day"/photo, 2/8/09

mayor proclaims "Rodney van Oudekerke Day"/photo, 2/5/09

mayor proclaims April as Cancer Awareness Month/photo, 3/11/09

mayor proclaims April as Financial Literacy Month/photo, 4/7/09

mayor proclaims Autism Awareness Month/photo, 4/26/09

mayor proclaims Delbert Maywald Day/photo, 7/12/09

mayor proclaims Early Literacy Month/photo, 6/25/09

mayor proclaims Feria del Mariachi Day/photo, 4/26/09

mayor proclaims June as Cheatham Street Warehouse Month/photo, 6/14/09

mayor proclaims Juneteenth Week/photo, 6/18/09

mayor proclaims LBJ Centennial Recognition Day/photo, 4/2/09

mayor proclaims March as Public Schools Month/photo, 3/15/09

mayor proclaims March as Sibling Connection Month/photo, 3/11/09

mayor proclaims Mathematics Awareness Month/photo, 4/19/09

mayor proclaims School Board Appreciation Month/photo, 1/29/09

mayor proclaims Spay Day USA/photo, 2/22/09

mayor seeks better public relations, 2/10/09

mayor supports redevelopment of Springtown Center, 7/10/09

mayor welcomes first economic development incentive recipient/photo, 4/30/09

meeting set to discuss dangers of Hwy 123, 2/6/09

Municipal Court

honored by Mayor Susan Narvaiz

photo, 11/11/09

Narvaiz, Susan gives State of the City address

photo, 10/16/09

Narvaiz, Susan presents "State of the City" address, 10/11/09

new backup generators at pumping and lift stations installed/photo, 7/5/09

new bar hours may bring late-night taxis, 4/23/09

new juvenile curfew up for second council vote, 6/02/09

new noise and unruly gathering ordinance in effect, 5/17/09

new pet rules announced, 1/8/09

new recycling bins equipped with RFID tags, 4/3/09

new Stone Creek Crossing center has ponds and wildlife/photo, 3/4/09

new street signs downtown/photo, 6/24/09

nominees sought for Veterans Day Parade Grand Marshal, 9/27/09

offers free high-efficiency toilets, 10/18/09

officials to consider designating Upper SM River Unique Stream Segment, 7/16/09

oldest electric meter found during replacement/photos, 5/13/09

online documentary reviewed/photos, 03/22/09

Parks & Rec will accept Christmas trees for recycling, 12/25/09

Parks and Rec host Farmer Fred's Harvest Fall Carnival, 10/16/09

political sign recycling program successful, 2/1/09

Post Rd. project completed/photos, 7/1/09

Post Rd. ribbon cutting/photo, 7/10/09

prescription drug discount card program launches, 10/29/09

proclaims April as Fair Housing Month/photo, 4/14/09

proposal on Springtown Center project to be revisited, 7/19/09

public hearing on microchipping and animal sales to be held, 7/17/09

real estate outlook stable, 1/23/09

reclaimed water to be used to irrigate construction projects/photo, 7/19/09

resident kills feral hog, 2/8/09

residents against ski lakes planned for San Marcos River Ranch, 03/29/09

residents gather at Tea Party protest/photos, 4/16/09

residents using less water than others in region, 5/10/09

Rio Vista Falls

photo, 9/24/09

City vehicle fleet reduced, 09/20/09

seven seek two city council spots, 09/03/2009

Rio Vista Park tennis court project is on schedule, 8/23/09

Rio Vista Swimming Pool hours are changing, 8/23/09

Rio Vista Tennis Courts have grand opening

photo, 12/3/09

road extension linking Hunter and RR12 ahead of schedule/photos, 6/09/09

sales tax allocation is down, 11/8/09

sales tax allocations decline, 8/19/11, 12/22/09

sales tax rebates decline, 5/13/09

sales tax rebates decrease, 2/15/09, 7/14/09

sales tax rebates down for the month, 1/14/09

sales tax rebates increased, 4/14/09

Sales tax rebates increased over last year, 6/14/09

sales tax rebates outlined, 3/19/09

seeks nominations for San Marcos Women's Hall of Fame, 8/23/09

Sight & Sounds of Christmas

finishing touches being made

photo, 11/29/09

Sights & Sounds Black and White Ball scheduled, 11/8/09

Sights & Sounds Gala

Kris Kimura Quartet performs

photo, 11/26/09

Sights & Sounds of Christmas

festival to begin, 12/2/11

photo, 12/6/09

Sights & Sounds of Christmas will charge admission fee

photo, 11/29/09

Sights & Sounds to sell Santa Passes, 10/28/09

Sights and Sounds of Christmas Black and White Ball

photo, 12/3/09

single-stream recycling program explained, 03/26/09

site for MLK and LBJ memorial unveiled/photo, 1/25/09

Skate Park

skateboarding contest held

photo, 11/17/09

SM fire fighters "Pink Heals Tour"/photo, 10/2/09

solar-powered trash compactors on the Square, 6/14/09

Spring Lake Preserve receives check from Guadalupe Blanco River Auth., 6/26/09

Stage 1 drought restrictions enacted, 4/29/09

Stage 2 drought restrictions lifted, 10/7/09

Stage 2 water restrictions in effect, 6/19/09

stage one water restrictions near, 2/3/09

statistics show residents are conserving water, 3/8/09

Stephens, Les

New fire chief sworn in, 8/5/09

Susan Narvaiz proclamation, 8/2/09

task force on water/wastewater utility with TX State and businesses, 9/27/09

task force volunteers sought for local FM radio station, 9/30/09

Texas Night Out events scheduled, 10/4/09

Thomaides, John wins third term on City Council, 11/4/09

trail riders arrive on the square/photos, 2/3/09

underground water pipe bursts for the third time in a year

photo, 12/10/09

Veterans Day parade and celebration

photo, 11/8/09

Veterans Day Parade and celebration scheduled, 11/6/09

Village of San Marcos deal to be made official, 6/16/09

violent encounter at Rio Vista Falls, 6/11/09

water levels dropping/photos, 6/18/09

will break ground on new airport control tower, 10/11/09

Windemere Tract 2 up for annexation, 5/31/09

wins BusinessWeek magazine's "Best Places to Raise Your Kids," 11/20/09

Wonder World extension project/photos, 1/25/09

City of San Marcos Fire Dept.

firefighters photo, 6/30/09

Claiborne Kyle Log Home

Fried Chicken Dinner on 09/26/09, 09/13/09

Clark, Alison Elizabeth

wedding/photo, 6/21/09

Clark, Douglas

obituary, 7/19/09

Clark, Jeff

firefighter profile/photo, 3/18/09

Clarke, James Dillon "Buster"

obituary/photo, 03/31/09

Clay, Carol Rose Sager

obituary, 8/2/09

Clay, Carol Sager

obituary, 7/30/09

Claypool, David

new CenturyTel employee/photo, 4/26/09

Cliett, Kami Jo

wedding/photo, 1/13/09


4-H inviting local students to join, 9/29/09

Area kart club helps CASA, 8/11/09

Barbarossa Bowling Club

hosts meeting and event, 12/1/09

Bee Wranglers

offer free workshop at SMPL

photo, 12/29/09

Bluebonnet Lions donate to SM Youth Service Bureau

photo, 10/25/09

Bluebonnet Lions present check to RPSearch Services

photo, 10/23/09

Fellowship Youth Group

volunteers paint Gary Job Corps nursing classrooms

photo, 12/30/09

Friday Morning Escape League

donates to food bank

photo, 12/29/09

Gentlemen's Club

new members inducted

photo, 12/6/09

Girl Scouts

collect cookies to send to U.S. troops/photo, 2/6/09

Daisy Troop 1515 celebrates Earth Day/photos, 4/23/09

Grand Ole Gospel Sing

performs at local churches

photo, 12/1/09

Hays County 4H

members participate in state competition/photo, 6/30/09

Heart of Texas Chorus

presents annual Christmas concert, 12/6/09

Hill Country Youth Chorus

holds Christmas concert

photo, 12/3/09

Kiwanis Club

hear presentation from Austin Turfcats/photo, 2/15/09


digital magazine made for and by young Latinas sells photos, 12/3/09

Lions Club

awards Galvan scholarship/photo, 4/12/09

awards scholarship to Kathy McMains/photo, 2/6/09

delivered Christmas baskets to needy/photo, 1/7/09

delivers eyeglass donations to Honduras/photos, 3/15/09

donates to CASA of Central Texas/photo, 4/19/09

donates to Central Texas Life Care/photo, 4/19/09

donates to Hays County crime stoppers program/photo, 4/19/09

donates to Southside Comm. Center, Salvation Army, Brown Santa

photo, 12/25/09

donates to Summer in the Park music series/photo, 4/19/09

Evening Lions Club/photo, 3/8/09

fun, fundraising to continue despite arson, 5/3/09

honored by SM Area Youth Soccer Association/ photo, 10/28/09

honors Hailey Westfall as 'Student of the Week'

photo, 12/17/09

Karen Arledge named Lion of the Quarter/photo, 3/1/09

names Linda Alexander Lion of the Year/photo, 7/12/09

new members inducted/photo, 1/11/09

new officers installed/photos, 7/2/09

scholarships award to 10 local high school seniors/photo, 6/04/09

serve 63rd Mexican dinner/photos, 2/12/09

tube rental building burns/photos, 4/28/09

tube rental to begin for summer/photo, 5/21/09

Zeke Palacios and Roberto Galvan honored for fundraising efforts/photo, 3/1/09

Masonic Lodge #342

donates to food bank/photo, 1/6/09

Masonic Lodge No. 342

presents Capitol flags to local elementary schools/photo, 3/11/09

Mountain Laurel Garden Club

celebrates 50th anniversary/photos, 5/17/09

Optimist Club

hosts Austin Turfcats VP/photo, 3/3/09

Order of the Eastern Star #276

donates to food bank/photo, 1/6/09

Rotary Club

awards scholarships to local students/photo, 5/31/09

dedicates new sign at Salt Grass restaurant/photo, 7/26/09

hosts job fair/photos, 5/3/09

new members inducted/photo, 1/18/09

new officers installed/photo, 6/28/09

Rotary Club forms children's club, 8/14/09

San Marcos Rotary

EAFK teaches students to be positive influences

photo, 11/15/09

San Marcos Shrine Club

donates to Hays-Caldwell Women's Center/photo, 1/6/09


announces essay contest winners/photos, 5/24/09

Sertoma Club

honors SMCISD nurses at luncheon/photo, 5/12/09

SM Art League

holds social event at Getaway Grill, 12/1/09

Texas Cobra Club

members visit, host car show/photos, 03/27/09

The Steel Magnolias

to perform at Price Seniors Center

photo, 12/6/09


Spring International Speech Contest winners announced/photo, 3/15/09

Wheel-N-Deals Square Dance Club

offers free lessons

photo, 8/30/09

Cobb, Dr. Bert

announces his Republican primary candidacy for county judge, 11/12/09

Cobb, Joyce

obituary, 4/10/09

Cobb, Joyce Lunday

obituary, 4/12/09

Coe, Charles E. Jr.

obituary, 8/21/09

Colburn, William Carl

engagement/photo, 10/25/09

Cole, Christina

obituary, 12/6/09

Colgin, Thomas Wells

obituary, 3/15/09

obituary/photo, 3/17/09

Collins, Michael

joins faculty of Dept. of Anthropology-Texas State University

profile, 11/5/09

Condon, Travis Jon

engagement/photo, 1/4/09

Conley, Jonathan

vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian Ndubuisi Ogbaa, 12/11/09

Conley, Jonathan B.

motorist that killed pedestrian had no drivers license, 12/17/09

Conley, Will

appointed to Texas Juvenile Probation Commission

photo, 11/12/09

to head Capital Area Regional Transportation Planning Org., 3/8/09

Connally, Preston Read

Obituary, 09/04/2099

Obituary/ photo, 09/06/2009

Connor, Theodore B.

obituary, 11/12/09

Conoley, Colleen Wyatt

obituary, 2/26/09

obituary/photo, 2/27/09

Cook, Lori "Patsy"

engagement/photo, 6/28/09

Cordero, Santiago

obituary, 1/20/09, 1/21/09

Corona, Jose Fre

Obituary, 09/16/09

Corridor Primary Care breaks ground

Medical facility to be built/ photo, 8/16/09

Corrie, Walter Samuel Jr.

obituary, 7/21/09

Corte, Sarah A. Della

obituary, 10/18/09

Cortez, Adela

obituary, 10/23/09

Cosner, David

Texas State University student placed in Fishing Championship

photo, 11/18/09

Couch, Pam

retiring from City Council

photo, 12/29/09

Coulson, Peter J.

obituary, 8/12/09

obituary /photo, 8/13/08

Counley, Denise

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009,' 12/27/09

profile/photos, 6/12/09

Covo, Chris

Student Government Day

photo, 12/11/09

Cowan, Calvin

obituary, 6/24/09

obituary/photo, 6/25/09

Cowan, Mabel Collier

obituary, 9/27/09

obituary/photo, 9/25/09

Cox, Alan Todd

charged with arson of AAMCO Transmission Store (photo), 09/11/09

Cox, Shawn

SIFE member during live TX State University radio station program

photo, 11/15/09

Cox, William 'Bill' Ray Jr.

Obituary, 09/20/09

Cradit, Jon

Award set for cave vandals

Edwards Aquifer Authority, 8/16/09

Crandall, Ruth

obituary, 2/5/09

obituary/photo, 2/3/09

Cravens, Barry

obituary, 4/7/09

Crawford, Aaron

firefighter profile/photo, 6/03/09

Crocker, Betty Jo

obituary/photo, 10/6/09

Crow, Bart

profile/photo, 4/30/09

Crumley, Alton

obituary, 5/5/09

obituary/photo, 5/6/09

Crumley, Robert

wedding/photo, 1/13/09

Cruz, Frances

obituary, 2/3/09

obituary/photo, 2/1/09

Cruz, Lucio

involved in car accident that killed TX State student, 12/15/09

Cruz, Richard

main person behind Hays County Veterans Memorial/photo, 11/1/09

Cruz, Rudolph H.

obituary/photo, 10/25/09


achieves accreditation for ultrasound services

photo, 10/8/09

blood drive scheduled, 9/27/09

employees donate to Blue and Brown Santa programs

photo, 12/23/09

grand opening of new Women's Center expansion

photo, 11/19/09

grand opening of Women's Center and ribbon cutting by CTMC officials

photo, 11/24/09

Hospice Care Advisory Board to hold annual luncheon-Louise Parsley to speak

photo, 12/29/09

Hospice Care meetings on holiday grief offered

photo, 10/20/09

hosts weekly Weight Watchers meetings, 10/6/09

opens new operating rooms and Women's Center, 9/23/09

receives donation from Tanger in fight against breast cancer, 12/13/09

receives monetary donation from Walmart for Parent Sleep Room

photo, 11/13/09

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive

photo, 12/6/09

Santa will not use the Care Flight helicopter to arrive, 12/3/09

sponsors Thanksgiving service at PromiseLand Church, 11/15/09

Stars of Texas Gala/photo, 10/16/09

uses SimMan 3G

photo, 11/11/09

wellness center gets new name and location, 10/29/09

CTMC gets new equipment/ photo, 9/23/09

Curnow-Solis, Carolyn

obituary, 8/4/09

obituary /photo, 8/11/09

Cushmeer, Ati Hamid

wedding/photo, 03/22/09



Dailey, Cody

presents Lions Club donation for Central Texas Life Care/photo, 4/19/09

Dake, Col. Theodore Jr.

nominated for Veterans Day Parade grand marshal

profile/photo, 11/6/09

Dallefeld, Patricia

obituary, 5/21/09

Dallefeld, Patricia Ann

obituary/photo, 5/22/09

Damron, Bill

award Top 3 'Most Referred Real Estate Agents,' 8/19/09

Damron, Brenda

award Top 3 'Most Referred Real Estate Agents,' 8/19/09

Darling, Michelle

SM HS Principal with Ty Stonecipher

photo, 12/15/09

David, Major Delbert

profile/photo, 6/11/09

Davis, Greg and Nikki

Speak with CISD about dyslexia, 09/16/09

Davis, Lenora

Salvation Army kettle

photo, 11/26/09

Davis, Mary Ybarra

obituary, 5/6/09

obituary/photo, 5/5/09, 5/8/09

Davis, Steve

elected to Texas Institute of Letters, 4/12/09

Davis, Taryn

American Widow Project

photo, 12/16/09

Dawoud, Mike

owner of Cafe on the Square promotes shopping locally with banner

photo, 12/22/09

Day, Betty

obituary, 9/29/09

de la Teja, Dr. Jesus "Frank"

speaker at Genealogical Society meeting

profile/photo, 10/4/09

Dearrington, Juli

member of Destination

photo, 11/27/09

Debow, Faith

Piano concert at library/ Photo, 09/01/2009

Dedeke, August E.

obituary, 3/17/09

DeLeon, Gabe

SMHS choir member/photo, 10/6/09

Deleon, Gabe

made All-Area Choir

photo, 11/29/09

member of SM HS Choir Quartet

photo, 12/10/09

DeLeon, Mark

named assistant principal at Goodnight Middle School/photo, 7/9/09

Delgadillo, Grace

profile/photo, 2/1/09

Dentino, Robert L. 'Bob'

nominated Veterans Day Parade Grand Marshal/photo, 11/4/09

Derrick, Jazzlynn

participates in local art competition

photo, 12/17/09

DeStefano, Clay

CTMC Mission Council member

photo, 12/23/09

DeWitt, Charles "Chuck"

obituary/photo, 7/23/09

Diaz, Matt

in fitness boot camp with Heath Herrera to break Guinness world record

photo, 12/25/09

DiBianca, Arthur

performs in "The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge"

photo, 12/3/09

Dicke, Kyle

elected to two executive boards, 8/26/09

Dickens, Emily Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 2/22/09

Dietel, Norman

LBJ Museum Dietel exhibit

profile/photo, 11/24/09

Dietz, Aidan

nominated to attend West Point

photo, 12/31/09

Dilliar, A.D.

celebrates seventh year as pastor of First Baptist Church NBC, 09/20/09

Dillon, Cathy

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009'

photo, 12/27/09

Dillon, Mike

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009'

photo, 12/27/09

Dobie, Irene V.

obituary/photo, 12/15/09

Dobson, Derek Lane

obituary, 7/10/09

obituary/photo, 7/8/09, 7/9/09

Doescher, Russell

studies astronomy in Edvard Munch painting, 7/7/09

Domstead, D.J.

decorates Christmas tree at SMPL

photo, 12/22/09

DonJuan, Jose Guadalupe

obituary, 4/1/09

Donley, Charles Robert

obituary, 7/23/09, 7/24/09

Doring, Jeffrey Mark

engagement/photo, 03/29/09

Dorman, Charlene Pearl Nave

obituary, 10/11/09

Downing, Robbie

writes new local cookbook/photos, 03/29/09

Downtown association

host city council hopefuls at monthly meeting, 09/20/09

Duenez, Robert

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Dunlap, Samuel H.

obituary, 1/30/09

Dunlap, Samuel Henry

obituary, 1/27/09

Dunn, Anne

arrested in Caldwell County, 8/5/09

Dunn, Sue Onstead

obituary, 10/15/09

Dupert, Richard E.

obituary, 8/18/09

Dupont-Marlow, Diane

eats at Cottage Kitchen/ photo, 09/09/09

Dupuy, Alice LaJeanne Posey

obituary, 2/20/09, 2/22/09

Duran, Felicita "Faye"

obituary, 6/10/09

Durham, Allison

Salvation Army kettle

photo, 11/26/09

Durham, Annie Mae

obituary/photo, 1/20/09

Durham, Eddie

tribute planned/photos, 1/30/09

Durham, Ulia

new assistant director of SMCISD business office

profile/photo, 10/8/09

Durham, Ulla

new Assistant Director of the San Marcos CISD Business Office (photo), 09/20/09

Durrett, Virginia and John

anniversary/photo, 6/14/09

Duster, Hannah

injured in car accident that killed TX State student, 12/15/09

Dvorak, Lisa

given lifetime achievement award by Texas Women in Law Enforcement/ photo, 09/04/2009

Dyer, Austin-Petty Officer Third Class

Small Fries Childcare

photo, 11/10/09



Early, Kathryn Scheer

obituary, 11/24/09

Eberhart, Moriah

new member of Lions Club/photo, 1/11/09

Eden, Erika F.

obituary, 6/28/09

Edgell, Lucy and John

50th wedding anniversary /photo, 8/2/09

Edwards Aquifer

Authority Board of Directors adopts new operating budget, 11/12/09

EAA drops stage two restrictions for the Hays county area, 9/23/09

searching for new general manager, 10/15/09

Stage 1 water restrictions lifted, 10/20/09

Edwards Aquifer Authority

board votes to add fire contingency planning requirements, 5/13/09

drought concerns near critical stage, 1/18/09

new rules proposed to protect local springs, 2/12/09

to increase biologic monitoring of the springs, 7/16/09

to receive Habitat Conservation grant, 4/23/09

Edwards, David B.

obituary, 11/1/09

Elliott, Joshua Benge

wedding/photo, 7/5/09

Elshoff, J.D.

profile/photo, 8/21/09

Emeritus at San Marcos

changed name from Redwood Springs, 09/02/2009

Emilienburg, Clayton

Fire & Rescue at SMPL to read to children

photo, 11/15/09

firefighter profile/photo, 4/22/09

English, Ferd Bertram 'Barney'

obituary/photo, 12/11/09

Eppler, Glendon

outgoing president of Gruene Orchid Society

photo, 12/22/09

Espinosa, Hipolito

obituary, 4/12/09

Espinoza, Ashley

December Student of the Month

award/photo, 12/9/09

Espinoza, Felipa

obituary, 10/29/09

Espinoza, Hipolito

obituary, 4/14/09

Espinoza, Juana

obituary, 7/16/09, 7/19/09

Espinoza-Lopez, Frances

obituary/photo, 12/17/09

Esquivel, Carmen Martinez

obituary/photo, 7/14/09



Falcon, Carlos

obituary, 4/1/09

Falletta, Sammy

installed as president of Rotary Club/photo, 7/9/09

Family for Life

receives monetary donation from IZOD store/photo, 10/13/09

Farmer, Carole

named Rotarian of the Year/photo, 7/9/09

Farmer, James F.

obituary, 10/20/09

obituary/photo, 10/21/09, 10/22/09

Farmer, Wanda Joan

obituary/photo, 1/22/09, 1/23/09

Fassauer, Larry

firefighter profile/photo, 5/27/09

Father Bruce

St. Mark's Episcopal Church blesses pets/photo, 10/13/09

Felux, Gregory Wade

anniversary/photo, 03/29/09

Felux, Joshua Michael

birth/photo, 1/18/09

Festervan, Nova

inducted into 2009 Women's Hall of Fame

profile/photo, 10/18/09

Ficke Family

reunion held in April, 5/12/09

Fiedler, Brittany

wins National Collegiate Sales Competition/photo, 6/11/09

Field, Mildred Erna Schulle

obituary/photo, 1/8/09

Fields, Jerry and Linda

donate $1 million to Texas State University, 4/26/09

Fife, Jerry Paine

obituary, 2/24/09

Fink, Sean

promoted to Eagle Scout/photo, 5/28/09

First Step school students donate to Food Bank, 8/21/09

Fisher, Jackie and Janice

50th wedding anniversary /photo, 8/16/09

Fite, Dr. Kathleen

selected to serve as visiting scholar at Gesell Institute, 7/5/09

Fite, James

awards Beverly Owens with Scheib's Nicci Harrison Award

photo, 12/30/09

Flanders, Tommy Jack

obituary, 8/12/09, 8/16/09

Flanders, Tommy Jack 'Tom'

obituary, 8/20/09

Fleming, John

organizes production of play at Texas State University, 09/20/09

Flentje, Lt. Col. Stanley K.

obituary, 5/8/09

obituary/photo, 5/10/09

Fletcher, Sandra Lea

Obituary, 09/13/09


profile/photos, 7/3/09

Flores, Jordan

SM High School band percussionist/photo, 10/14/09

Flores, Lupe

participates in Hector P. Garcia commemorative walk, 09/18/09

Flowers, David

named Shaffer Trucking Driver of the Month, 2/15/09

Foehner, Clinton

firefighter profile/photo, 4/15/09

Fonseca, Olivia

obituary, 11/12/09, 11/15/09

Fontaney, John

raises miniature horse for the elderly/ photo, 09/08/2009

Fontenot, Katie

receives Distinguished Service Award/photo, 5/17/09

Foster, Betty Louise

obituary, 4/29/09, 4/30/09

Foster, Rev. Herman L.

obituary/photo, 1/15/09

Fowler, Cari

ordained as a minister of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ/photo, 2/17/09

Francis, Eleanor Mapes Orts

obituary, 10/21/09

Frank, Robert P.

obituary, 3/1/09

Franks, Joy A.

obituary, 12/29/09

Franks, Kelly

Main Street manager promotes shopping locally with banner

photo, 12/22/09

Frans, Cpl. Tracy

receives police award/photo, 5/19/09

Frazier, Cheryl

Texas State grad student speaks to Wonderland School students

photo, 11/17/09

Fridel, Janice Lucile

obituary, 03/24/09

Friends of the San Marcos Cemetery

Fundraiser run, walk, 8/2/09

Frye, James

firefighter profile/photo, 5/13/09

Fuentes-Sanchez, Nuana

escaped convict abandons truck, 09/03/2009



Galan, Joe Jr.

obituary/photo, 7/9/09

Gallagher, Kimberly

wedding/photo, 10/4/09

Gallagher, Scott

Profile /photo

Airport manager a former F-18 pilot, 8/12/09

Gallegos, Augustine 'Auggie' Jr.

Obituary, 09/15/09

Obituary (photo), 09/16/09

Galvan, Domonic

Lions Club member-grandfather-speaks to him about the club

photo, 11/19/09

Galvan, Dr. Roberto

sold more than 330 tickets to Lions Club annual Mexican dinner/photo, 3/1/09

Galvan, Roberto

Lions Club member presents Hailey Westfall w Student of the Week

photo, 12/17/09

Lions Club member speaks about club to grandson

photo, 11/19/09

Galvan, Roberto A. and Eva

valentine's poem/photo, 2/13/09

Gamez, Juana M.

obituary/photo, 4/1/09

Gamez, Nicolas Sr.

obituary, 2/22/09

Gaona, David

Parks and Rec employee strings lights for Sights & Sounds festival

photo, 11/6/09

Garcia, Beverly

incoming president of Gruene Orchid Society

photo, 12/22/09

Garcia, Bobby

engagement/photo, 7/26/09

Garcia, Elijah

valentine's photo, 2/13/09

Garcia, Felisa

obituary, 6/30/09

Garcia, Frank S. "Pancho"

obituary/photo, 2/1/09

Garcia, Frank S. "Pancho"

obituary/photo, 1/29/09

Garcia, Juan

Salvation Army kettle

photo, 11/26/09

Garcia, Rafael

obituary, 6/09/09, 6/10/09, 6/11/09

Garcia, Stephanie Lynn

engagement/photo, 1/4/09

wedding/photo, 03/22/09

Garcia, Teresa H.

obituary /photo, 8/16/09

Garcia, Tomas

photo, 12/6/09

Garner, Jenny Lynn

engagement/photo, 03/29/09

Garraway, Alan Scott

indicted for setting fires in Kyle, 5/28/09

Garrison, Sean

firefighter profile/photo, 6/17/09

Garrison, Thomas "Tom" Levi

obituary, 1/8/09

Garrison, Thomas "Tom" Levi Jr.

obituary, 1/11/09

Gary Job Corps

45th anniversary/photo, 10/1/09

appreciation certificates given to students of Human Services (photo), 09/11/09

Career Technical Skills Training projects underway/photos, 6/18/09

celebrates 45th anniversary, 09/10/09

Community Relations Council scholarships awarded/photo, 1/13/09

Corrections and Security Students assist at Bobcat Stadium event

photo, 11/15/09

Corrections/Security students receive Certificate of Appreciation/photo, 7/14/09

donates $500 to SOAR book drive/photo, 7/31/09

electrical program students participate in park cleanup/photo, 7/26/09

graduation ceremony

photo, 11/12/09

graduation held/photo, 5/15/09

graduation/photo, 2/13/09

help the Food Bank

photo, 10/27/09

honors Thomas E. Leonardis as Community Supporter of the Year/photo, 5/13/09

Leadership Development Program participants/photo, 4/14/09

Panther Club students donate to American Heart Association/photo, 3/3/09

participates in Dress for Success program/photo, 1/18/09

receives NJCA 12-Star Award/photo, 4/16/09

students attend Student Leadership Conference in D.C./photo, 03/24/09

students design new city seal for Martindale

photo, 10/7/09

students participate in Global Youth Service Day/photo, 4/29/09, 5/1/09, 5/3/09

students participate in Job Shadow Day/photo, 2/5/09

students participate in Moe's Better Half Marathon/photo, 3/10/09

students participate in Tour de Cure cycle race/photo, 5/31/09

students volunteer to paint nursing classrooms

photo, 12/30/09

Students win oratory contest /photo, 8/5/09

vocation education fair held/photo, 3/19/09

welcome back dinner served/photo, 1/9/09

Gary Job Corps Center

visit from Army Recruiting, 09/04/2009

Gary Job Corps students

photo, 10/29/09

Gary, Betty

obituary, 7/21/09, 7/22/09

Garza, Andres Jr.

obituary, 8/5/09

Garza, Dolores Scott

obituary/photo, 6/23/09

Garza, Felipe T.

obituary/photo, 2/6/09

Garza, Inocente 'Ike'

obituary/photo, 10/28/09

Garza, Inocente R.

obituary, 10/25/09

Garza, Juanita

obituary, 4/5/09

Garza, Mario

San Marcos Springs important for Native Americans/ photo, 8/14/09

Garza, Pedro "Pete" Gaitan

obituary/photo, 7/2/09

Gay, June S.

obituary, 7/26/09

Gebbia, Krista

named Living Legend by Price Center/photo, 03/22/09

Geer, Caleb

arrested by SMPD for suspected burglary, 9/27/09

Geesaman, Belinda and Josiah

Mother comforts son during shots, 8/6/09

Gendusa, Lisa

receives Broadway Bank's donation for Project Graduation/photo, 5/7/09

Germer, Chris

named Mr. Middle School at San Marcos Baptist Academy/photo, 5/29/09

Gibbs, Newman

obituary/photo, 2/8/09

Giles, Ollie

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009'

photo, 12/27/09

to join mission group on trip to Africa/photo, 03/26/09

Gilkerson, Skip

profile/photo, 8/26/09

Gillespie, Dr. Richard

named Texas Chiropractor of the Year/photo, 7/28/09

Gilmore, Edith Gray

obituary, 3/17/09

Gloor, Betty

receives certificate of appreciation from mayor/photo, 2/22/09

Goeglein, Arthur H.

obituary/photo, 03/25/09

Goehring, Jack Joseph

engagement/photo, 2/8/09

Goehring, Jack Joseph IV

married to Katherine Lucette Nash

wedding announcement/photo, 12/27/09

Gomez, Amado

obituary, 12/23/09

Gomez, Amado Jimenez Sr.

obituary, 12/22/09

Gomez, Joe

retail as a career choice

profile/photo, 11/10/09

Gonzales Del Cueto, Felipa

obituary /photo, 8/11/09

Gonzales, Antonia

obituary/photo, 11/5/09, 11/8/09

Gonzales, Antonio

obituary, 8/28/09

Gonzales, Antonio R. Sr.

obituary/photo, 8/30/09

Gonzales, Benita

obituary, 12/27/09

Gonzales, Eddie Espinoza

inmate escapee sought by Caldwell Co. Sheriff's Office

photo, 11/22/09

Gonzales, Janie Enriquez

obituary/photo, 5/29/09

Gonzales, Jesse D.

obituary, 12/22/09

Gonzales, Margarita

obituary, 7/29/09, 7/30/09

Gonzales, Maria Anita

receives city's proclamation for service to finance department/photo, 2/8/09

Gonzales, Zinnia Elia

obituary/photo, 5/10/09

Gonzales-Ingalsbe, Debbie

receives Outstanding Public Service Award/photo, 7/12/09

Gonzales-Ybarra, Otilia

obituary, 1/6/09

obituary/photo, 1/8/09

Gonzalez, Antonio

obituary, 2/8/09

Gonzalez, Antonio, Sr.

obituary/photo, 2/10/09

Gonzalez, Benita

obituary, 12/23/09

Gonzalez, Lucy to Jon David Perez

engagement/photo, 11/8/09

Gonzalez, Rudy D.

engaged to Jennifer Lynn Burris

engagement/photo, 12/27/09

Goodale, Dana

prepares for computer classes at St. Marks (photo), 09/18/09

Goodman, Randolph

accepts donation for CASA of Central Texas/photo, 4/19/09

photo, 12/6/09

Goodwin, Betty Sue

obituary, 3/19/09

Goodwin, Jasper Simpson "Jack" III

obituary, 7/1/09

Gracy, Jerry

receives CSCD donation check for Hays County Food Bank

photo, 11/22/09

Grande Communications present check to Family for Life, 8/20/09

Grant, Mary

obituary, 11/1/09

Grant, Mary Magdalene DuVall

obituary, 10/30/09

Grantham-Spencer, Gayle

obituary/photo, 7/14/09

Gray, Sandi

new member of Lions Club/photo, 1/11/09

Green, Donald Ray Jr.

Kyle soldier held on murder warrant, 8/30/09

Green, Jacqueline

Obituary, 09/09/2009

Green, Jeff

firefighter profile/photo, 4/8/09

Gregg, Stephen R. "Steve"

obituary, 6/11/09

obituary/photo, 6/10/09

Gregory, Barbara L.

obituary, 5/14/09

Gregory, James

awarded Roberto A. Galvan scholarship/photo, 4/12/09

Greig, Donald C.

obituary, 6/21/09

Grouette, Paula J.

obituary, 12/2/09

obituary/photo, 12/1/09

Gruenbein, Johnny

obituary, 2/18/09

obituary/photo, 2/17/09

Guajardo, Felipe

obituary, 2/18/09, 2/19/09

Guajardo, Quentin

photo with Santa, 12/3/09

Guenther, Brian

appointed head of The Master's School/ photo, 09/06/2009

Guenthner, Stephen

firefighter profile/photo, 4/29/09

Guerrero, Daniel

executive director of San Marcos Educational Foundation/photo, 6/23/09

Guice, Donna Dollahite

obituary/ photo, 8/4/09

Gun safety day planned

Hays County Sheriff's Office, 8/16/09

Gutierrez, Jericho Isaiah

obituary, 3/3/09

Gutierrez, Lt. Dennis

Receives Youth Advocate of the month for civil service (photo), 09/16/09

Guzman, Sipriano

obituary, 5/29/09



Hageman, Rosemarie Dietel

at LBJ Museum Dietel exhibit

profile/photo, 11/24/09

Hager, Stephen

director of Bobcat Horn Society

profile/photo, 12/8/09

Hagy, Billie Jean

obituary/photo, 11/20/09, 11/22/09

Hahn, Kyle

receives Distinguished Service Award/photo, 5/17/09

Hahn, Sabin

wins 5th place at regional science fair/photo, 3/15/09

Hahn, Veronique Zehnder

profile/photos, 7/26/09

Hammond, Dick

nominated for Veterans Day Grand Marshal/photo, 11/3/09

Hammons, Kurt

engagement/photo, 03/22/09

Hammons, Willie Earl

obituary, 1/13/09

Hanselman, Richard James II

obituary, 5/28/09

Hansen, Kathy

honored by city for School Board Member of the Year award

honor/photo, 12/25/09

School Board Member of the Year for Texas

award/profile/photo, 12/6/09

Hanson, Christopher

executive director of SMART

profile/photo, 10/29/09

Hardesty, Billy Louise (Mount)

obituary/photo, 03/27/09

Hardesty, Billy M.

obituary, 03/25/09, 03/26/09

Hardge, Janice E. Nichols

obituary, 7/16/09

obituary/photo, 7/17/09

Hardge, Janice Elizabeth

obituary, 7/14/09

Hardison, Natalie Maureen

obituary, 9/23/09, 9/27/09

Hardy, Rikki

organizing Forget-the-Turkey-Support-HAAM benefit concert, 11/20/09

Hargraves, Priscilla

new director of Hays County Personal Health Dept., 2/13/09

Hargrove, Michelle

receives 4-H Star Award/photo, 10/16/09

Harper, Bruce

indicted for misapplication of fiduciary funds-Elderly, 09/08/2009

Harris, Julia

assembles neonatal intensive care unit at CTMC

photo, 12/31/09

Harris, Lee

SMPD officer involved in "Campus PD" series

photo, 12/9/09

Harrison, Gregory Don

engagement/photo, 6/28/09

Harrison, Robert S.

honored by Golden Key International Honor Society/photo, 4/26/09

Hart, Jonathan

firefighter profile/photo, 5/6/09

Hatley, David R.

obituary, 11/29/09

Hauptrief, Timothy Brian "Tim"

engagement, 5/3/09

Hawkins, Jim

wins local Toastmasters International Speech contest/photo, 4/19/09

Hays Caldwell Women's Center

annual meeting scheduled, 11/29/09

offers workshops to help end child abuse, 11/13/09

Hays County

10 rural acres burned/photo, 3/18/09

4-H members win at Houston show, 03/31/09

9 H1N1 cases reported in area, 7/3/09

announces early voting dates, 10/14/09

baby death trial begins/photo, 6/02/09

baby death trial continues, 6/03/09, 6/04/09

Brown Santa program starts annual drive, 12/4/09

Calvin, Darryl sentenced for sexual assault and indecency with a child

photo, 9/27/09

Central Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Inc. offers mediation option, 10/1/09

Citizen Sheriff's Academy graduates

photo, 11/26/09

commissioners agree to help plan restoration of old Hays County Jail, 6/23/09

commissioners discuss future water study, 3/11/09

commissioners ordered to fix or replace jail/photos, 5/26/09

commissioners rescind contract with KBR, 4/8/09

considering economic development initiatives for HEB, 1/4/09

Constable vehicles get new graphics/photo, 10/4/09

Crime Stoppers

having success with tips aiding in closing cases, 11/18/09

search for assault suspect, 11/8/09

seek suspect in robbery and attempted carjacking, 12/4/09

Crime Stoppers seeks tips in San Marcos robbery

photo, 10/11/09

deadline for Strategic Policy Plan survey approaching, 11/3/09

Defendant found guilty in baby death trial/photo, 6/09/09

development of Strategic Policy Plan includes survey of public opinion, 10/21/09

District Attorney describes Sotomayor's confirmation, 8/9/09

Dripping Springs grocery robbed-suspect sought, 11/26/09

drought disaster declared, 3/3/09

drought lifted from Exceptional to Extreme, 5/24/09

drought takes toll/photo, 1/22/09

early voting to begin, 10/18/09

election administrators report early voting turnout is low, 11/1/09

Emergency Services District 6 cancels election, 10/18/09

encourage flu sufferers to stay at home, 10/6/09

extension agent discourages display of coyote carcasses/photo, 1/8/09

Extension Service accepting master gardener class applications, 8/6/09

fireworks vendors agree to limit sales, 6/28/09

Food Bank

Goodnight JH NJHS holds benefit food drive

photo, 12/16/09

receives donation from AARP

photo, 12/22/09

receives donation from CSCD

photo, 11/22/09

The Beaumonts perform benefit show

photo, 12/11/09

Food Bank begins annual Turkeys Tackling Hunger campaign, 10/11/09

Food Bank begins Turkeys Tackling Hunger food drive, 10/13/09

foreclosure rate higher than in the prior year, 11/17/09

foreclosure re-postings on the rise, 11/27/09

foreclosures increase, 1/23/09, 7/28/09

foreclosures increase for the second quarter, 5/24/09

foreclosures on the increase, 4/26/09

foreclosures up 18% over last year, 03/27/09

four cases of H1N1 flu confirmed, 6/03/09

grand jury indicts Todd Alan Cox for arson and other charges, 10/28/09

Hays County Extension Service offering food manager course, 8/25/09

Health Department will offer flu vaccines, 12/8/09

Health Dept

offers seasonal flu vaccinations, 12/22/09

Health Dept.

H1N1 vaccinations available for all, 12/15/09

Health Dept. is out of flu vaccine, 10/14/09

helicopter crashes in field near Yarrington Rd./photo, 6/07/09

high school students hold program

Girls and Boys State delegates, 8/23/09

Historical Commission

donates DVDs to San Marcos Academy

photo, 12/13/09

home values on the rise, 5/3/09

Hwy 80 to get improvement assistance from stimulus program, 3/10/09

increase in evictions, 4/9/09

jail has failed two inspections and commissioners will discuss roof repairs, 10/9/09

Jail kitchen will be shut down after two failed inspections, 11/6/09

Judge Robison recuses himself from steroid trial, 4/29/09

Judge Sumter signs emergency burn ban order, 6/24/09

Jurors sentence Haven Fosdick for Planet K robbery, 10/08/09

Law Enforcement Center in need of repairs, 10/15/09

livestock show held/photos, 2/3/09

Local Area Emergency Planning Committee profile, 3/15/09

local Head Start program receives new funding, 7/3/09

more than 100 properties listed for foreclosure, 2/18/09

new building codes for unincorporated areas, 10/2/09

new fire engine for South Hays/photo, 7/5/09

new Precinct 4 offices to open, 4/26/09

new toll lanes in Buda open, 5/8/09

nine girls to participate in Bluebonnet Girls State program, 6/09/09

no burn ban in effect, too late to limit fireworks, 6/19/09

no longer in exceptional drought conditions, 10/16/09

offers a document shred day, 11/11/09

offers free document shred day, 11/8/09

opens H1N1 vaccination clinic in San Marcos, 11/22/09

phase 2 improvements to Five Mile Dam Park, 11/11/09


DAR visit Blanco Vista Elementary, 10/2/09

Plum Creek flood control funded, 4/12/09

Priscilla Hargarves named new director of Personal Health Dept., 2/13/09

receives donation of "shaken baby" doll and training material/photo, 3/17/09

receives National Night Out Award

photo, 12/25/09

record high property foreclosures, 8/23/09

record number of foreclosures listed for July, 6/21/09

Republican Mark Jones seeks nomination for Commissioner, Precinct 2, 11/17/09

Richard Perez, Jr.'s trial to begin, 5/29/09

scammers charging for homestead exemptions that are free, 8/30/09

Seton Medical Center Hays births/photo, 10/4/09

Sheriff's Department

Brown Santa toy drive, 12/11/09

Sheriff's Dept. seeks suspects in bakery robbery, 12/8/09

Sheriff's Office

having success with Crime Stoppers tips

photo, 11/18/09

Sheriff's Office graduation ceremony

photo, 9/30/09

Sheriff's Office searching for Baudelio Rogelio Medina

photo, 11/5/09

Sheriff's Office use bait vehicle in Wimberley to catch for men, 10/7/09

Sheriff's office uses bait cars in rural areas, 8/20/09

steroid defendant could get new trial, 4/22/09

straight-party voters about even in number, 1/15/09

Straus, Cody and Sarah Carmen

release names of 2 dead in Dripping Springs, 8/25/09

task force named to establish a shooting sports complex, 1/13/09

waives tire recycling fee for residents

photo, 11/20/09

youth livestock show profile/photos, 1/30/09

Hays County 4-H members receive Star Awards/photo, 10/16/09

Hays County Civic Center

Harley Davidson Convention to be held, 09/22/09

Hays County Commission

screen their documentary on John C. Hays at Alkek Theatre

photo, 10/13/09

Hays County Commissioners

award contract for Hays County Government Center, 10/14/09

Cleared annual budget, 09/18/09

Ford, Karen hosts Native Plant Walk and Talk, 10/20/09

Hays County Commissioners Court

approve school zone signs prohibiting cell phone use, 10/7/09

authorize sale of bonds to fund road improvements, 8/21/09

Centerpoint Rd disallowing cell phones in school zones, 10/16/09

Dec. 1st meeting, 11/29/09

meeting canceled because agenda wasn't properly posted, 10/27/09

Mental Illness Awareness Week/photo, 10/13/09

new development standards finalized and approved, 8/25/09

public hearings on proposed tax rate are set, 8/30/09

seek property donations for parks and green spaces, 10/8/09

set date to discuss appointing new judge, 8/23/09

vote provide small employers funding for health care, 8/18/09

Hays County Food Bank

Gary Job Corps Human Services class helps with food distribution, 09/15/09

Hays County Historical Commission, 9/25/09

bring treats to Hays County Sheriff's Dept

photo, 11/22/09

donated copies of Ofelia Philo's oral history

photo, 11/22/09

Hays County Sheriff's Ofc.

Citizen Sheriff's Academy graduates/photo, 7/5/09

help sought in theft of Habitat for Humanity tools, 2/17/09

investigate fatal train/car wreck/photos, 7/29/09

Rep. Doggett announces funding for new radios, 7/5/09

Hays County Sheriff's Office

jail in need of serious repair/photos, 4/12/09

new "no-arrest" option implemented, 5/3/09

Hays County Sheriff’s Office

Clay Huckaby proposes ten more 911 dispatchers (photo), 09/16/09

Hays-Caldwell Women's Center

new facility opens

photo, 10/30/09

reports record increases in services sought, 10/23/09

requesting volunteers, 11/27/09

Healey, David

named Director of Capital Improvements/photo, 4/5/09

Hearne, Weston

named Commended Student in 2010 National Merit Scholarship Program

photo, 11/22/09

Heath, Jennifer

Miller librarian receives travel grant to AASL conference

honor/photo, 11/1/09

Heatly, Dr. Maurice Dean

obituary, 2/15/09

obituary/photo, 2/13/09

Heaton, Sam

made All-Area Choir

photo, 11/29/09

SMHS choir member/photo, 10/6/09

HEB donates to Hays County Food Bank, 9/27/09

Hebert, Arthur A. "Art"

obituary, 5/31/09

Hebert, Joshua Jordan

engagement/photo, 03/29/09

Hedman, Dr. Joshua R.

engagement/photo, 7/5/09

Hellen, Patrick

photo with Santa, 12/3/09

Hellums, Jess S. Jr.

obituary, 11/8/09

Helt, Corra

receives flu vaccine/photo, 10/25/09

Henderson, Abigail

presents stock certificate to Stratton Pounds

photo, 12/8/09

Henderson, Brazzie "Tood"

obituary/photo, 6/14/09

Henderson, Jeff W.

obituary, 6/14/09, 6/16/09

Henderson, Jonathan

firefighter profile/photo, 4/29/09

Henning, Taylor

wins most patriotic prize at Summerfest/photo, 7/7/09

Hensley, Larry W.

obituary, 2/5/09

Heritage Memorial Grove

new sidewalk, 09/06/2009

Herman, Tracey

presents trophy to winner of Food Fight Challenge

photo, 12/6/09

Hernandez, Daniel

with students that participated in local art competition

photo, 12/17/09

Hernandez, Gabriel

donates flag to Goodnight Middle School/ Photo, 09/02/2009

Hernandez, Isaac Jr.

firefighter profile/photo, 3/18/09

Hernandez, Jose

obituary, 2/11/09

Hernandez, Joseph

donates flag to Goodnight Middle School/ Photo, 09/02/2009

Hernandez, Michael

graduated from Pride/Phoenix Learning Center

photo, 8/30/09

Hernandez, Raymond

retires from Gary Job Corps after 42 years/photo, 4/26/09

Hernandez, Robert Ray

donates flag to Goodnight Middle School/ Photo, 09/02/2009

Hernandez, Steven Edward

engagement/photo, 2/8/09

Hernandez, Yolanda

presents Broadway Bank's donation for Project Graduation/photo, 5/7/09

Herrera, Heath

attempts to break Guinness world record

photo, 12/25/09

attempts to set new Guinness World Record, 12/8/09

Heudier, Nickla

donates art supplies to Phoenix Learning Center

photo, 12/8/09

Heysquierdo, Jesse

obituary, 4/19/09, 4/21/09

Hicks, Nathan

SMHS robotics team goes to state finals

photo, 11/8/09

Hicks, Reshard

boxing a member of Gary Job Corps Boxing Team

photo, 11/5/09

Hicks, Willie A. Sr.

Obituary, 09/06/2009

Hidrogo, Amparo

retires from Gary Job Corps after 32 years/photo, 5/14/09

Hiebert, Arlis

accepts donation for Summer in the Park/photo, 4/19/09

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009,' 12/27/09

High, William D.

Obituary, 09/04/2009

Hill Country Christian School

separating boys and girls into different classes, 8/23/09

Hill, Brookney

award PEC scholarship, 4/29/09

Hill, Paul

receives SMABOR scholarship/photo, 6/30/09

Hinojosa, Guadalupe Salazar

obituary, 4/17/09

Hinsley, Larry W.

obituary, 2/6/09

Hinson, Powell

prepares for computer classes at St. Marks (photo), 09/18/09

Hinze, Marjorie

obituary/photo, 11/4/09

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

hosts luncheon and toy drive

photo, 12/15/09

Hobbs, Travonne

Gary Job Corps Boxing Team

photo, 11/5/09

Hoke, John Frank Jr.

obituary/photo, 12/9/09

Holbrook, Rodney W.

obituary, 11/17/09

Holcombe, Herbert Dowe III

obituary/photo, 5/6/09

Holder, Abigail "Abby"

Student of the Month

photo, 11/29/09

Holland, Cory Lee

engagement/photo, 10/4/09

Holland, Joe Lambert, Captain USN Ret.

obituary, 11/29/09

Holmes, Kevin

firefighter profile/photo, 6/03/09

Holmes, Martha Nell

obituary, 4/7/09

obituary/photo, 4/5/09

Holter, Johan-Charls J.

Wimberley HS graduate entering USAF basic training, 8/28/09

Homman, Alvin G.

obituary, 8/16/09

Hopkins, Kaitlin

named head of Musical Theater Program at Texas State/photo, 4/19/09

Horne, Kenneth

obituary, 4/2/09

Horne, Kenneth Montgomery

obituary/photo, 4/3/09

Horton, Jay

firefighter profile/photo, 6/10/09

Hoskins, David

Indigenous Culture Institute dance performance/photo, 8/18/09

Hottmers, Brad

prepares for farmers market/ photo, 09/09/2009

House, Pam

SMHS valedictorian receives city's Outstanding Scholar Award/photo, 6/03/09

Howard, Larry

firefighter profile/photo, 4/1/09

Howser, Richard

firefighter profile/photo, 03/25/09

Hoyt, Stuart

honored/photo, 11/18/09

Hu, Dr. Jiong

buys home under new city incentive program/photo, 4/30/09

Huber, Hadar

presents study on ideal locations for single family homes

photo, 12/6/09

Hudson, Joan "Jo"

obituary, 9/27/09

Hughes, Mary C.

obituary, 11/22/09

obituary/photo, 11/19/09

Hughson, Stanley Carlton

obituary, 2/13/09

obituary/photo, 2/15/09

Humphrie, Phi families share bond

Residential family recalls helping refugee family/ photo, 8/7/09

Hunsucker, Robert

earns black belt from Hill Country Karate/photo, 6/10/09

Hurtado, Daniel T. Jr. to Cynthia Ann Mendoza

wedding announcement/photo, 11/15/09

Huston, Thomas

SMHS salutatorian receives city's Outstanding Scholar Award/photo, 6/03/09

Hutson, Priscilla Lorraine

wedding/photo, 7/5/09

Hyatt, Carolyn Allison

obituary/photo, 8/28/09



Ingram, Bruce

awarded honorary doctoral degree from TX State University, 12/8/09

Ingram, Gloria

awarded honorary doctoral degree from TX State University, 12/8/09

Irving, Angela

performs in 'Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge'

photo, 12/10/09

Ivarra, Thomas P. Jr.

nominated for Veterans Day Parade grand marshal

profile/photo, 11/6/09

Ivarra, Thomas P. Sr.

nominated for Veterans Day Parade grand marshal

profile/photo, 11/6/09



Jackson, Betty Jane

obituary, 1/15/09, 1/16/09

Jackson, Donamerhle W.

obituary, 11/1/09

Jackson, J.M. "Marc"

obituary, 4/19/09

Jackson, Jayden

Child practices baseball /photo, 08/16/09

Jackson, Laurie

profile/photo, 7/5/09

Jackson, William Nate, Jr.

obituary, 2/6/09

Jacob's Well

flow significantly decreased/photos, 7/28/09

Jacobs, Brenda

named Garage Sale queen/photo, 03/22/09

James, Allen Zachary

murder suspect, 09/02/2009

James, Seth

performs at Cheatham Street Warehouse/ Photo, 09/03/2099

James, Zackhary Allen

charged with murder of Byron Burse

photo, 8/28/09

indicted by Hays County Grand Jury for murder, 11/22/09

Janek, Vicki

profile/photo, 8/28/09

Jaques, Erin

wins 2nd place at regional science fair/photo, 3/15/09

wins VFW patriotic essay contest/photo, 2/18/09

Jasak, Lisa

artwork on display at LBJ Museum, 5/28/09

profile/photos, 6/21/09

Jasek, Tanee Brooke

engagement/photo, 10/25/09

Jasso, Gilberto

Gary Job Corp student designs new city seal for Martindale

photo, 10/7/09

Jaster, Nancy

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Jay, Richard E.

graduates from Army Reserve basic training, 7/1/09

Jenkins, Tommy and Sue

missionary work in Montana /photo

Churches, 8/13/09

Jennings, Carolyn

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Jepson, Gary

profile/photo, 2/4/09

Johnson, Andrew

Gary Job Corps Corrections and Security student

photo, 11/15/09

Johnson, James Butler

obituary, 6/14/09

Johnson, Kaleb

firefighter profile/photo, 4/1/09

Johnson, Matthew Brandon

engagement/photo, 4/19/09

Johnson, Scott

receives Police Commendation Award/photo, 5/17/09

Jones, Alice Mae

obituary, 10/6/09

Jones, Chester V.

obituary, 12/3/09

Jones, Chris

named Elected Official of the Year/photo, 5/29/09

named Elected Public Official of the Year/photo, 6/12/09

Jones, Julian

cycling from Austin to Alaska for cancer research/photos, 6/05/09

Jones, Madalyn

Commemorates 9/11 anniversary (photo), 09/13/09

Jones, Mark

seeks GOP nomination for Hays County Commissioner, Precinct 2, 11/17/09

Jones, Monique

placed second in Medical Photography competition/photo, 1/28/09

Jones, Nathan

Veterans Day parade and celebration

photo, 11/8/09

Jones, Terry Linn

obituary, 4/24/09

Jordan, Ezekial

accepted into the People to People World Leadership Forum, 09/20/09

Jordan, Garret

firefighter profile/photo, 5/20/09

Jordan, Scott

director of LBJ Museum works on farewell exhibit

photo, 11/24/09

Julian, Krista

named one of Training Magazine's top 50 young trainers/photo, 5/14/09

Junek, Gabriel

Veterans Day parade and celebration

photo, 11/8/09



Kane, Frank

honored by Crockett Elementary for volunteer service/photo, 2/25/09

Karson, Sean

TX State student wins first place at HSMC



Keaveny, Anne Eleanor

obituary, 5/26/09

Kennedy, Kye

receives Police Commendation Award/photo, 5/17/09

Kennedy, Kyle Cpl.

Shows of new police cruiser (photo), 09/18/09

Kennedy, Kye

promoted to corporal of SMPD/photo, 1/18/09

Kent, D. Eileen

obituary, 1/25/09

Kent, Dorothy Eileen

obituary, 1/28/09

Kenworthy, Joe

Lions Club member gives Fernando Soto Student of the Week award

photo, 12/25/09

named president of Sage Capital Bank in San Marcos

profile/photo, 11/15/09

Kettler, Elmer Fritz

obituary, 10/28/09

Kidd, Joyce

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009,' 12/27/09

Kidd, Joyce and Roger

retire from running the Price Senior Center Tea Room/photos, 6/07/09

Kidd, Roger

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009,' 12/27/09

Kiely, Hannah Isabella Rose

obituary/photo, 5/7/09

Kimura, Kris

performs at Sights & Sounds Gala

photo, 11/26/09

Kincaid, Mary Hinojosa

obituary/photo, 10/29/09

King, William Ross

2009 Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Award recipient/honor, 11/1/09

Kinney, Rhonda Marie

obituary/photo, 11/1/09

Kinsey, Dolores and Dean

win Yard of the Month/photos, 4/3/09

Kirk, Mel C.

obituary, photo, 8/4/09

Klindinst, Brian

supports Diamond Line Dance Team mums sale/photo, 10/6/09

Kneupper, Kayleigh

at Sights & Sounds of Christmas

photo, 12/6/09

Knox, Jack

named new youth minister at First Christian Church/photo, 2/5/09

Koenig, John

firefighter profile/photo, 5/27/09

Kollman, Robert Scott

man arrested for cattle theft /photo, 8/16/09

Kouhana, Hilary

Assistant principal remembers Woodstock

profile and photo, 8/14/09

Kowalik, Dr. Jenifer

joins CTMC staff/photo, 5/24/09

Kreczmer, Nancy

obituary, 6/09/09

Kreczmer, Nancy R.

obituary/photo, 6/10/09

Kretzmeier, Lucille

obituary/photo, 3/4/09

Krier, Sarah

wraps toys for Brown Santa program

photo, 12/13/09

Kris Kimura Quartet

performs at Sights & Sounds Gala

photo, 11/26/09

Kroschewsky, Marjorie Ann

obituary/photo, 8/23/09

Kuhl, Ruth Marie

obituary, 11/6/09

Kuhlman, Karl

firefighter profile/photo, 2/11/09

Kumpe, George Jr.

profile/photo, 10/27/09


lifting water restrictions after recent rains, 12/29/09

Seton Medical Center opened

photo, 12/31/09

two hospitalized in shooting, 12/15/09

Kyle Community

break ground on new public works building, 8/18/09

Calvin, Darryl sentenced for sexual assault/indecency with a child

photo, 9/27/09

first Leadership Summit at Lehman HS

photo, 11/3/09


Seton Medical Center, 10/2/09

Whitaker-Wittenberg, Mary Lou serves as parade grand marshal, 10/11/09



LaCaze, Lamar

profile/photos, 5/7/09

LaFleur, Dan

performs in play at Price Seniors Center/ photo, 09/04/2009

Laird, Charlton

presents Broadway Bank's donation for Project Graduation/photo, 5/7/09

Lalich, Deanna

makes acting debut/photos, 2/15/09

Landis, Ashley

named Photographer of the Year/photo, 4/9/09

Lani, Julie

Celebration of the People Powwow at TX State University

photo, 11/20/09

Larue, Meghan

wins 5th place at regional science fair/photo, 3/15/09

Latham, Davis

obituary/photo, 2/22/09

Laubach, Lynne (Krackau)

obituary, 11/25/09

Laubach, Lynne Krackau

obituary, 11/27/09

Laws, Charles

seeks grant to raise road rage awareness

photo, 12/30/09

LBJ Museum

"LBJ Country: Through the Camera Lens of Norman Dietel" exhibit opens

photo, 11/24/09

celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, 8/23/09

changing hours of operation, 10/18/09

exhibit opening

photo, 9/25/09

new exhibit "A Tejano Son of Texas," 10/9/09

LBJ Museum exhibit

Tejano Son of Texas exhibit/ photo, 09/10/09

Leadership San Marcos

board members announced (photo), 09/20/09

New class members announced, 09/20/09

Leonardis, Thomas E.

honored as Gary Community Supporter of the Year/photo, 5/13/09

Leslie, Tim "Butch"

obituary, 11/29/09

Lewis, Andrea

named chief of Operations Division for Army Corps of Engineers/photo, 1/28/09

Lewis, Georgia Ann

obituary, 5/8/09, 5/10/09

Lewis, Matthew B.

joins city as Asst. Director of Development Services/photo, 6/21/09

Lewis, Robin

Broadway veteran to join Texas State Musical Theater program, 5/24/09

Lindsey, Derek

Teacher of the Month

award/photo, 11/19/09

Litschi, Andrew P.

obituary, 12/11/09, 12/13/09

Liu, Dan

TX State student wins first place at HSMC



Lock, Kiana Marie Rohlack

obituary, 6/23/09

Long, Gloria Jean

obituary, 3/1/09

Longoria, Pedro 'Bebe' Jr.

obituary, 11/3/09

obituary/photo, 11/5/09

Loosier, Ryan

SIFE member during live TX State University radio station program

photo, 11/15/09

Lopez, Cielo

photo, 12/6/09

Lopez, Frances

obituary, 12/16/09

Lopez, Guadalupe

obituary, 4/15/09

Lopez, Hermelinda "Chita"

obituary/photo, 6/19/09

Lopez, Jaden Andrew

birth/photo, 10/4/09

Lopez, Oscar

Drug dealer gets 80 years/ photo, 8/4/02

Lopez, Sylvia

wins Daily Record "Garage Sale Queen" contest/photo, 3/8/09

Low, Larry

obituary, 7/14/09

Lowe, Juliet

girl scout on her birthday/photo, 11/3/09

Lowe, Richard M.

commissioned as 2nd lieutenant in the USAF, 2/18/09

Luna, Francis

new employee at CenturyTel/photo, 03/29/09

Luna, Tommy

Student Government Day

photo, 12/11/09

Luttrell, Melanie Curlee

obituary, 5/26/09

Lynch, Madalyne

obituary, 2/11/09



Macdonell, Virginia Anne nee Dixon

obituary/photo, 4/17/09


Agustin Martinez & Brian Scott's band in Battle of the Bands competition

photo, 11/15/09

Mack, Mary Louise

obituary/photo, 9/30/09

Madsen, Helen M.

obituary, 10/20/09

Magouirk, Clarence 'Skipper'

obituary, 11/29/09

Major, Bethany

Small Fries Childcare

photo, 11/10/09

Majors, Barbara

honored for "Call to Excellence" support

award/photo, 9/27/09

Maldonado, Amanda Jean

engagement/photo, 2/8/09

Maldonado, Jacob

arrested for drug possession

photo, 11/11/09

Maldonado, Marcus

arrested for drug possession

photo, 11/11/09

Maldonado, Ruben

during a homecoming soap box derby race/photo, 11/3/09

Mann, Frances S.

obituary, 11/15/09

Marburger, William "Bill"

obituary, 1/20/09

Marek, Theodore "Ted" Joseph

obituary, 4/8/09

Marek, Theodore Joseph

obituary/photo, 4/7/09

Margerison, Claire Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 2/15/09

Margerison, Claire Elizabeth and Stephen Zilko

wedding announcement /photo, 8/16/09

Marin, Vince

firefighter profile/photo, 2/18/09

Marlow, D'Arcy Ruth

engagement/photo, 2/15/09

Marmolejo, John Anthony

obituary, 1/6/09

obituary/photo, 1/7/09

Marney, Houston Jr.

Obituary, 09/16/09, 09/18/09

Marr, Danielle Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 4/19/09

Martell, Edward Wayne

engagement/photo, 10/10/09

Martin, Dr. Joey

choral director works with SM High School Choir

photo, 12/3/09

Martin, Tanner Lee

wedding/photo, 1/11/09

Martinets, Alvin Wayne

obituary, 5/29/09

Martinez, Agustin

band Machismo in Battle of the Bands competition

photo, 11/15/09

Martinez, Arturo

obituary, 1/6/09

Martinez, Carlos

obituary, 10/22/09

Martinez, David

Salvation Army kettle

photo, 11/26/09

Martinez, Guadalupe Sr.

obituary, 8/18/09

Martinez, Gustavo

obituary, 6/07/09

Martinez, Gustavo Flores

obituary, 6/09/09

Martinez, Jaime

SMHS robotics team goes to state finals

photo, 11/8/09

Martinez, Josie

promoted to business account rep at CenturyTel/photo, 3/5/09

Martinez, Leandro Sr.

obituary, 4/16/09

Martinez, Lisa

graduated from Pride/Phoenix Learning Center

photo, 8/30/09

Martinez, Louis Lane

obituary, 7/7/09

Martinez, Nan Louise

obituary, 1/6/09, 1/7/09

Martinez, Roger

veteran and his family at Veterans Day Parade

photo, 11/8/09

Martinez, Sarah

awarded plaque from Texas Music Teachers Association, 8/18/09

Martinez, Sirilda C.

obituary/photo, 1/13/09

Masters, Lauren

qualified for state PTA art competition/photo, 1/28/09

Masters, Lois

Texas Co-op Power Holiday Recipe Contest runner-up, 12/6/09

Mata, Ruben

obituary, 12/6/09

Matano, Jim

firefighter profile/photo, 5/6/09

Mateos, Estefano

participates in local art competition

photo, 12/17/09

Matkowska, Zaneta B.

obituary, 8/20/09

Mauldin, Dr. Alvin R., Jr.

obituary/photo, 2/1/09

May, James J.

obituary, 8/18/09

Maya, Rose

obituary/photo, 1/8/09

Mayor Narvaiz & Carino's Restaurant

'Stuff the Backpack Month' school supply drive, 8/20/09

Maywald, Delbert

honored for 34 years of service to SM Electric Utility/photo, 7/12/09

Mazac, Steven Lawrence Jr.

obituary/photo, 3/5/09

McArthur, Edward Roland

obituary, 8/27/09

McBride, Catherine Leigh

engagement/photo, 10/4/09

McCall, Megan Elizabeth

engagement/photo, 03/22/09

McCallay, Rodney

obituary, 8/16/09

McClanahan, Thomas Murry

obituary, 10/11/09

McClary, Melody

manages organic farm outside of Wimberley

profile/photo, 11/22/09

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009'

photo, 12/27/09

McClintock, A. Dan

obituary, 8/23/09

McClintock, Albert Daniel "Dan"

obituary/photo, 8/28/09

McClintock, Albert Daniel 'Dan'

obituary, 8/26/09

McCollum, Jay

Texas State University student placed in Fishing Championship

photo, 11/18/09

McCollum, Keith

civil servant does good in community/ photo, 09/09/2009

McComb, J.T.

wins Congressional Art Competition/photo, 7/15/09

McCormick, Shawn

2009 Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Award recipient/honor, 11/1/09

McCoy's Building Centers

lays off employees in San Marcos, 09/10/09

McCoy, Emmett and Miriam

named Living Legend by Price Center/photo, 03/22/09

McDade, Mark

blues showcase

profile/photo, 10/27/09

McDevitt, Paula Ann

obituary, 6/16/09

McDonald, Robert Jay

obituary, 10/14/09

McElfish, Lotus

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009,' 12/27/09

profile/photos, 4/5/09

McElhanon, Patsy L.

obituary, 11/15/09

McEntire, Helen

obituary, 2/1/09

McFadden, Dana

earns black belt from Hill Country Karate/photo, 6/10/09

McGee, Caresse

receives 4-H Star Award/photo, 10/16/09

McGee, Jake

won first place at National Geographic Bee/photo, 1/14/09

McGowan, Karen

Bowie Principal awarded Distinguished Performance Award/photo, 6/25/09

McKinley, Cherie

obituary, 5/7/09

McKinney, Mary W.

obituary, 3/12/09

McKinney, Mary Wilson

obituary, 3/11/09

McLean, Mavis "Tally" Watts

obituary, 4/5/09

McMains, Kathy

recipient of Lions Club scholarship/photo, 2/6/09

McMullen, Alta Lee

obituary, 5/12/09

McMullin, Yoma Marie

obituary/photo, 11/19/09

McNiff Yarbrough, Claire

obituary /photo, 8/11/09

McWilliams, James E.

awarded Hiett Prize in the Humanities/photo, 03/20/09

Meadows, Ebro M.

obituary, 11/27/09

Means, Iris Angie

obituary, 11/8/09, 11/15/09

Mechler, Greg

Fire & Rescue at SMPL to read to children

photo, 11/15/09

Medina, Baudelio Rogelio

sought by Hays Co. Sheriff for murder of Jeanette Rincon

photo, 11/5/09

Meehan, Evelyn

named Living Legend by Price Center/photo, 03/22/09

Meeks, Marian Nelson

obituary/photo, 6/25/09, 6/26/09

Melendez, Anita Cisneros

obituary, 12/2/09

Melendez, Annie

obituary, 12/6/09

Melendez, Wendy

Gary Job Corps

Former student speaks at graduation/ photo, 8/9/09

Mendez, Carmen F.

obituary, 7/16/09

Mendez, Carmen Ferrer

obituary/photo, 7/19/09

Mendez, Luz

obituary, 12/3/09

Mendez, Ramon G.

obituary, 3/19/09

Mendez, Ramon Gene

obituary, 03/20/09

Mendoza, Adam

Obituary, 09/11/09, 09/13/09

Mendoza, Angela

Student of the Week

award/photo, 12/1/09

Mendoza, Cynthia Ann to Daniel T. Hurtado, Jr.

wedding announcement/photo, 11/15/09

Mendoza, Francisco L. 'Frank' Sr.

obituary/photo, 11/1/09

Mendoza, Princeton Leonidas

birth/photo, 5/10/09

Mendoza, Trey

photo, 12/4/09

Menyfield, Julion

Gary Job Corps student during Make a Difference Day/photo, 11/1/09

Mercado Sr, Victor

obituary /photo, 8/12/09

Merchant, Joe

Teacher of the Month

award/photo, 11/19/09

Mesa, Rudy

former SMPD officer killed in Iraq is remembered

photo, 11/27/09

Mesch, Rosie Lee Meyer

obituary, 1/25/09

Metz, Kelly

firefighter profile/photo, 5/13/09

Meyers, Sam

receives Distinguished Service Award/photo, 5/17/09

Mid-Texas symphony

32nd season begins on Sunday at Texas Lutheran University (photo), 09/15/09

Milburn, Jonathan Neil

engagement/photo, 2/22/09

Miles, Butch

one of 'Top 10 Personalities of 2009'

photo, 12/27/09

Millard, Ronald

obituary, 6/07/09

Millecam, Aart

wins 2nd place at Toastmasters speech contest/photo, 3/15/09

Miller, Edwin "Ed"

obituary/photo, 1/6/09

Miller, Harvey

receives city's Black History Month proclamation/photo, 2/5/09

Miller, Tim

profile/photo, 7/5/09

Miller, Vernell

retires after 34 years at CenturyTel/photo, 1/28/09

Millikin, Johnnie and B.T.

obituary/photo, 2/8/09

Minor, Howard

firefighter profile/photo, 2/4/09

Miranda, Arian Silvia

birth/photo, 5/3/09

Miranda, Armando H.

obituary, 03/20/09

Miranda, James Christopher

sentenced him to 30 yrs for drug assault

photo, 11/4/09

Misiaszek, Dan

former SMPD officer writes autobiography "Hardened Hearts"

profile/photo, 11/25/09

Mitchell, Raymond L.

obituary, 8/16/09

Mitchell, W.D. "Hugo" and Flora "Flo"

anniversary/photo, 6/21/09

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team

photo, 10/13/09

Mock, Sarah

earns "Get with the Land" Girl Scouts patch/photo, 6/09/09

Moeller, Leonard Oscar

obituary/photo, 5/19/09

Mojica, Guadalupe Toni

obituary, 11/22/09

Moldenhauer, Jonathan

Student Government Day

photo, 12/11/09

Moler, Michael S.

obituary, 5/21/09, 5/24/09

Monroe, Taurus

Walgreens employee invites Salvation Army donation kettle

photo, 11/22/09

Montague, Florence

obituary, 3/4/09

Montague, Paula

obituary, 2/25/09

Montana, Guadalupe (Lupe)

obituary/photo, 11/17/09

Montelongo, Carmen

obituary, 2/19/09

Montemayor, Hector A.

promoted to Major in the U.S. Army/photo, 2/5/09

Montemayor, Oscar

photo, 12/6/09

Montgomery, Brian

profile/photo, 2/15/09

Montoya, Jacquelyn

charged with credit card abuse and burglary of a vehicle (photo), 09/11/09

Moody, Mikayla

wins First Place in local art competition

photo, 12/17/09

Moore, Andra

receives certificate of appreciation from mayor/photo, 2/22/09

Moore, Dale

Man visits hometown San Marcos /photo, 8/11/09

Moore, Dorris Ann

obituary, 4/28/09

Moore, James M.

obituary, 12/6/09

Moore, Sterlin

obituary, 2/19/09

Moore, Sterlin Clifton

obituary, 2/20/09

Moore, Thomas

named Commended Student in 2010 National Merit Scholarship Program

photo, 11/22/09

Morales, Edwin L.

wedding/photo, 6/19/09

Morales, Juanita E.

obituary/photo, 5/5/09

Moreau, John

2009 Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Award recipient/honor, 11/1/09

Morfin, Israel

winner in National Geographic 'GeoBee' at Mendez Elementary

photo, 12/27/09

Morgan, Bill

obituary, 12/6/09

Morgan, Robert

charged with forgery / counterfeiting (photo), 09/11/09

Morris, Holly

installed as 2010 SMABOR President

photo, 12/13/09

Morris, Karen

CTMC Mission Council member

photo, 12/23/09

Morris, Randall and Kathy

Yard of the Month/photos, 2/27/09

Morrisett, Beth

profile/photos, 6/24/09

Morse, Irene

to attend leadership and debate camp/photo, 5/17/09

wins UIL state championship in persuasive speaking/photo, 5/31/09

Morton, Helen

obituary, 4/7/09, 4/8/09, 4/9/09

Mosqueda, Agapita

obituary, 1/28/09, 1/29/09

Moss, Carolyn Fields

obituary, 5/5/09

Moss, Carolyn Mae Fields

obituary/photo, 5/6/09

Mueller, Carlton Henry

obituary/photo, 12/10/09

Mullendore, Anne

obituary/photo, 9/29/09

Mullins, Dr. Wayman

receives award for negotiations training/photo, 5/19/09

Munoz, Julie

Student of the Week

award/photo, 11/19/09

Munoz, Pauline "Momo"

obituary/ photo, 8/4/09

Munson, Dr. Karen

piano students perform at recital/photo, 6/02/09

Munson, Dr. Karen Lyle

permanent national certification from MTNA

award/photo, 9/25/09

Murdock, Pat

named Woman of the Year by Phi Beta Kappa/photo, 4/28/09

Mutschlechner, Edwin and Rita

anniversary/photos, 7/26/09

Myers, John, etc.

San Marcos Academy reactivates Troop 1907 /photo, 8/13/09



Nagy, Captain Bettye

nominated for Veterans Day parade grand marshal

profile/photo, 11/6/09

Narvaiz, Susan

at League of Women Voters wine tasting fundraiser

photo, 12/9/09

City Council proclaim Mental Illness Awareness Week/photo, 10/13/09

honoring Kathy Hansen as School Board Member of the Year

photo, 12/25/09

honors City Clerk's office for receiving award

photo, 12/30/09

honors Michele Burleson as Youth Advocate of the Month

award/photo, 12/8/09

issues proclamation for Cyber Security Awareness Day/photo, 10/18/09

Mayor proclaims health fair day/ photo, 9/6/09

Mayor promotes shopping locally with banner

photo, 12/22/09

proclaims "Greater Bethel Baptist Church Day"/photo, 11/1/09

proclaims Breast Cancer Awareness Month/photo, 10/15/09

proclaims Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Week

photo, 11/8/09

proclaims Public Power Week/photo, 10/22/09

proclaims Sights & Sounds of Christmas weekend

photo, 12/3/09

proclaims Student Government Day

photo, 12/11/09

Nash, Katherine Lucette

engagement/photo, 2/8/09

married to Jack Joseph Goehring IV

wedding announcement/photo, 12/27/09

Natal, Antonio R.

obituary, 7/26/09

Natal, Antonio R. "El Indio"

obituary/photo, 7/28/09

Natal, Antonio V.

obituary, 3/8/09

Natal, Yvette

obituary/photo, 4/28/09, 4/29/09

National Merit Scholars honored/photo, 10/13/09

Naturescapes photo contest

awards ceremony/photo, 8/30/09

Navarrette, John

named Living Legend by Price Center/photo, 03/22/09

Navarrette, John L.

profile/photo, 2/19/09

Nease, Bernadine Ann Kennedy

obituary, 8/19/09

Nefedov, Denis Andrew

charged with aggravated robbery, 12/10/09

indicted for burglary and aggravated robbery

photo, 12/18/09

Nehez, Michele

retail as a career choice

profile/photo, 11/10/09

Nell, Laura

awarded Melvin Jones Fellow by Lions Club Foundation/photo, 7/19/09

Nelson, Carolyn

celebrates 50 years as a registered pharmacist/photo, 3/4/09

Nguyen, David

wins Texas SkillsUSA competition/photo, 7/28/09

Nicholls, Judith

artwork on display at LBJ Museum, 5/28/09

Nichols, Baylor

obituary, 5/26/09

Nieland, Betty Jo

obituary, 6/09/09

Nilson, Marian Malone

obituary, 6/12/09

Nino, Raquel

receives 4-H Star Award/photo, 10/16/09

Nite, Lemma

writes new local cookbook/photos, 03/29/09

Niyonkuru, Alexis

selected Job Corps Student of the Year/photo, 7/1/09

Noelcke, Ralph

obituary, 5/21/09

Nored, Len

firefighter profile/photo, 2/11/09

Norris, Tommy

firefighter profile/photo, 6/17/09

San Marcos firefighter and EMT, 9/24/09

Nosotros La Gente

contribute money to SMCISD/photo, 10/11/09

Nowlin, James A.

obituary, 7/26/09

Nusbaum, Fred

obituary, 11/1/09



O'Neill, R.C.

obituary/photo, 6/21/09

O'Quinn, John

San Marcos attorney killed in one-vehicle accident in Houston

photo, 10/30/09

Oberst, Stanley

profile/photos, 1/25/09

Odam, Lacye

named SMCISD Teacher of the Year/photo, 4/24/09

Ogbaa, Ndubuisi 'Titus' Kala

obituary/photo, 12/13/09

Ogbaa, Ndubuisi Kalu

pedestrian killed by motorist with no drivers license, 12/17/09

pedestrian killed while crossing the street, 12/11/09

Ogletree, Ervin S.

obituary, 4/1/09

Oksam, Judy

received Alan Scott Rising Star award from Texas Public Relations Assoc., 3/5/09

Oldbury, Troy

Gary Job Corps Corrections and Security instructor

photo, 11/15/09

Olson, Brian

profile/photo, 2/26/09

Olson, Don

studies astronomy in Edvard Munch painting, 7/7/09

Olson, Rodger

firefighter profile/photo, 4/15/09

Opiela, Leroy

receives National Night Out Award for Hays County

photo, 12/25/09

Oquin, Wayne

2009 Distinguished Alumnus and Alumna Award recipient/honor, 11/1/09


Friends of the SM Cemetery set meeting, 10/15/09

National Alliance on Mental Illness

profile and photo, 9/25/09

Pet Prevent A Litter (PALS)

host Spay Day/photos, 2/25/09

SM League of Women Voters

invitational advisory council meeting scheduled, 8/25/09

SOAR Education Fair

photo, 10/14/09

Vietnam Veterans of America, SM chapter

hold pancake fundraiser/photo, 03/24/09



concerned about city's new building use fee enforcement, 4/16/09

donates money to Food Bank

photo, 12/22/09

local chapter to disband due to declining membership, 12/17/09

Achieving Community Together

receives Distinguished Service Award/photo, 5/17/09

Alamo Metro Chorus performs at park/ photo, 8/6/09

American GI Forum

scholarships awarded/photo, 7/2/09

American Heart

Heart Walk 09 held in honor of Sheriff Bridges/photos, 03/29/09

American Heart Assoc.

Heart Walk dedicated to Sheriff Bridges/photo, 1/15/09

Heart Walk kickoff luncheon held/photo, 2/5/09

participation in Go Red for Women campaign/photo, 2/11/09

American Heart Association

San Marcos Heart Walk a success/photo, 5/27/09

American Legion

new officers installed/photo, 7/12/09

American Widow Project

tour visits San Marcos/photos, 2/27/09

Annointed Voices Choir

performed for Black History Month/photo, 2/24/09

Anointed Voices

seeks members and donations, 12/17/09

Big Brother Big Sisters

scholarships awarded to 12 Hays County students, 6/26/09

Bluebonnet Lions Club donates to CTMC Hospice Care /photo, 8/2/09

Boy Scouts

delivered Christmas baskets to needy/photo, 1/7/09

Brown Santa receives donation from Wimberley Business & Prof. Assn.

photo, 12/2/09


inducts new volunteers

photo, 12/16/09

new class of advocates sworn in/photo, 7/1/09

new members sworn in/photo, 03/20/09

recent legislation benefits youth advocates, 6/18/09

CASA benefit 5K run/photo, 8/20/09

CASA sponsors adoption ceremony, 11/13/09

Community Action, Inc

receives grant from Susan G. Komen Austin affiliate, 4/19/09

Computers for Learning

hosts logo design competition, 12/25/09

Daughters of the American Revolution

plant shrubs for Veterans Day/photo, 6/04/09

presents student awards/photo, 3/1/09

Family Self Sufficiency program

to receive grant from HUD, 3/8/09

Food Bank

The Beaumonts perform benefit show

photo, 12/11/09

Gary Job Corps Ballet Folklorico

perform for Hispanic Chamber

photo, 12/18/09

Gruene Orchid Society

elects new officers

photo, 12/22/09

Habitat for Humanity

building home on Mill St./photos, 6/23/09

Hands of Hope

six women graduate from the program

photo, 11/27/09

Hays Co. Historical Commission

films documentary about Jack Hays/photos, 6/30/09

Hays County Historical Commission

new members appointed/photo, 3/10/09

wins state service honor/photo, 5/7/09

Hays County United Way

prescription program unveiled, 1/6/09

Hays Historical Commission

restoring of Byrd Owen-Payne cemetery/photo, 7/7/09

Heart of Texas Chorus

deliver singing valentines/photo, 2/17/09

Heritage Assoc. of San Marcos

renovated homes profiled/photos, 4/12/09

Heritage Association

Living History tour to include Millennium House/photo, 1/27/09

restored homes profiled/photos, 4/19/09, 4/26/09

Heritage Association of SM

Cottage Kitchen luncheons return, 8/20/09

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

honors individuals, businesses/photos, 4/5/09


host photography workshop at SMPL, 12/15/09

offers free photo workshop at SM Public Library, 12/13/09

Lawn chosen as Spring Lake Yard of the Month/ photo, 8/9/09

Leadership San Marcos

hear presentation on Seton Medical Ctr Hays/photo, 6/14/09

League of Women Voters

prepare for state convention

photo, 12/15/09

League of Women voters

officers re-elected for another one-year term/photo, 5/12/09

League of Women Voters holds wine tasting fundraiser

photo, 12/9/09

Lower Colorado River Authority

donates to Price Senior Center/photo, 6/28/09


2012 State Convention to be held at San Marcos Conference Center, 12/17/09

LULAC barbecue cook off, bmx event, youth boxing matches, 10/1/09

LULAC Council 654

to host local Cinco de Mayo festival/photo, 4/26/09

Masonic Lodge No. 342

present flags to SMCISD schools

photo, 11/15/09

Nat'l Assoc. of Letter Carriers

local chapter collects for food bank/photo, 5/22/09

Nat'l Fraternity of Student Musicians

local piano students earn membership, 5/14/09

PALS introduces Pet Pantry program

photo, 11/5/09

Pet Prevent a Litter

sponsors Spay Day USA/photos, 2/12/09


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

photo, 12/13/09

San Marcos Animal Services

sponsors Spay Day USA/photos, 2/12/09

San Marcos Educational Foundations

receives honors from mayor/photo, 3/10/09

San Marcos Mutt Strutt

sponsors Spay Day USA/photos, 2/12/09

San Marcos Realtors

participate in Legislative Hill visits/photo, 4/19/09

San Marcos Suns

participates in Texas Sand Fest/photos, 5/1/09

Scheib Mental Health Center

hosts Christmas fundraiser, 12/4/09

Sights & Sounds of Christmas

now charging an admission fee, 9/24/09

SM American Legion

seeks nominations for vets needing holiday help, 12/1/09

SM Chamber of Commerce

organizes book drive for Early Literacy Month/photo, 7/17/09


honors outstanding members & installs officers for new year

photo, 12/13/09


asking volunteers to help in New Year's Day river plunge, 12/29/09


book drive gets donation from Gary Job Corps/photo, 7/31/09

SOAR holds Education Fair, 10/7/09, 10/9/09

SOAR holds SM Education Fair, 10/18/09

Southside Community Center

profile/photos, 2/8/09

youth attend Summer Work Camp/photos, 6/18/09

Texas Bluebonnet Girls State

8 Hays County girls selected as delegates, 4/12/09

Texas State H.O.G. Rally parade and events, 9/24/09

Texas State Retired Faculty and Staff

tour Shiner Brewery/photo, 5/24/09


winners of international speech contest announced/photo, 4/19/09

True Vineyard Ministries

market sells handmade African items/photos, 4/2/09

United Methodists Volunteers in Mission

help out around town/photos, 2/22/09

United Way

local chapter seeks community help with donation campaign, 12/15/09

United Way of Hays County

book drive underway/photo, 7/22/09


flying American flags from the past/photo, 6/12/09

VFW Post 880

held patriotic essay contest/photo, 2/18/09

Wimberley Business & Prof. Assn. donates money to Brown Santa

photo, 12/2/09

Orichuela, Michael "Mo"

firefighter profile/photo, 4/22/09

Orn, Stanley Carl

obituary, 11/18/09

Ortega, Gabriela

wedding/photo, 6/19/09

Ortiz, Jordan

learns fire safety (photo), 09/15/09

Ortiz, Jose S.

obituary, 6/17/09

obituary/photo, 6/16/09

Oswalt, Geraldine Fay

obituary, 6/26/09

Overall, Amber

engagement/photo, 1/4/09

Overall, V.C. "Buck"

obituary/ photo, 8/2/09

Owens, Beverly

receives Scheib Mental Health Center award

award/photo, 12/30/09



Pace, Melva A.

obituary, 10/22/09

Pacheco, Daniel

wins CenturyTel survey giveaway/photo, 3/12/09

Pacheco, Jaelynne Rein

obituary, 11/17/09, 11/22/09

Pacheco, Joe Luis

obituary/photo, 11/22/09

Padron, Estanislad

obituary, 11/17/09

Page, Frances Lorene Wilson

obituary, 5/8/09

obituary/photo, 5/7/09

Palacios, Zeke

chaired Lions Club annual Mexican dinner/photo, 3/1/09

Palmer, Roger Raymond

obituary/photo, 1/2/09

Paniaqua, Joe

Profile and photo, 8/4/09

Panther, Kim

wins Grand Champion prize at Hays Co. Bobcat Prospect Show

photo, 10/28/09

Pape, Dianne

presents trophy to David Alexander from Friends of SM Cemetery/photo, 4/19/09

Parham, Wade

receives Police Commendation Award/photo, 5/17/09

Paris, Yvonne

joins SM Lions Club, 9/27/09

Parkerson, Ramona "Mona"

obituary, 3/18/09

obituary/photo, 3/19/09

Parkerson, Ramona Moore "Mona"

obituary, 3/17/09

Parman, Carolyn Harman

obituary/photo, 11/26/09

Parsley, Louise

to speak at CTMC Hospice Care Advisory Board luncheon

photo, 12/29/09

Passty, Greg

becomes 1000th member of First United Methodist Church

photo, 11/15/09

Passty, Jeanette

becomes 999th member of First United Methodist Church

photo, 11/15/09

Pastrano, Aurelio

obituary, 1/4/09

Pastrano, Gregoria

obituary, 11/17/09, 11/22/09

Pastrano, Gregoria D.

obituary, 11/18/09

Pate-Stark, Barbara Gean

obituary, 03/26/09

Patterson, Jerry

CTMC Hospice Care

keynote speaker at Price Seniors Center, 8/23/09

Patton, James and Norma

anniversary/photo, 5/31/09

Pavlenko, Sasha

engagement/photo, 2/8/09

Payne, Jerry Glenn

obituary, 12/4/09

Pearson, Anthony

recognized for helping recruit youth to the Marine Corps/photo, 10/28/09

Pecina, Bonnie

Youth Advocate of the Month

honored/photo, 11/15/09

Pedernales Electric Cooperative

seeks essays from high school students, 8/23/09

Peeples, Wendy

reads a book by San Marcos River

photo, 11/26/09

Pena, Luis Rey

indicted-four counts aggravated robbery, 8/18/09

Pena, Maria G.

obituary/photo, 1/13/09

Pennington, Dorothy Lorene

obituary/photo, 4/5/09

Pennington, William C. "Bill"

named Funeral Director of the Year/photo, 6/21/09

receives Outstanding Achievement Award from mayor/photo, 7/23/09

Pensiero, Zachary

winner in National Geographic 'GeoBee' at Mendez Elementary

photo, 12/27/09

Perez, Jon David to Lucy Gonzalez

engagement/photo, 118/09

Perez, Josh

demonstrates colorist work at YSB/photo, 7/28/09

Perez, Juan M.

obituary/photo, 5/20/09

Perez, Maria

obituary, 8/27/09

Perez, Raymond

presents study on ideal locations for single family homes

photo, 12/6/09

Perez, Susie Gonzalez

Obituary, 09/18/09

Obituary (photo), 09/16/09

Perish, Richard

Hays County Extension Agent with Mendez Elementary students

photo, 11/19/09

Perkins, Claire

new chef at Price Senior Center Tea Room/photos, 6/28/09

Petermann, Andy

50 years of service to Lionism/photo, 10/28/09

Peterson, David

photo, 10/4/09

Peterson, Leonard

obituary, 6/19/09, 6/21/09

Philipp, Barry Stewart

obituary, 6/11/09

Phillips, Camille

obituary, 12/6/09

Phillips, Camille Johnson

obituary, 11/6/09

Phipps, Ralph

profile/photo, 7/8/09


Chiodo, Dr. Beverly

presentation for San Marcos Academy faculty/staff, 8/25/09

construction on new SM Fire Station on River Ridge Pkwy, 8/26/09

Drum Cafe perform at SMCISD convocation, 8/27/09

LBJ Museum of SM, 8/26/09

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, 8/30/09

San Marcos Habitat for Humanity

work on 11th home, 8/23/09

SM Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

"Back to School" Luncheon, 8/26/09

Smith, Kevin and Victor Puentes

resurfacing tennis courts at Rio Vista Park, 8/23/09

Streets and Roads

street-cleaning truck at University and Sessoms, 8/25/09

Sustaita, Monica

SMHS teacher preparing her classroom for first day, 8/23/09

Wright, Brad

speaks to San Marcos Lions Club, 8/23/09

Pickaree, Justin

arrested for robbery, 12/10/09

Pickaree, Justin Lee

indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

photo, 12/18/09

Pike, Jeff

Hays County Civic Center presentation/photo, 10/28/09

Pinales, Maria Refugia "Cuca" M.

obituary/photo, 1/30/09

Pinales, Refugia

obituary, 1/28/09

Pohl, James and Pat

Yard of the Month/photos, 4/26/09

Pollock, James Ben

obituary, 7/28/09

Pond, Richard L.

obituary, 9/30/09

Pond, Richard Lee "Dick"

obituary/photo, 10/1/09

Pool, Jeannine

obituary, 12/6/09

Pool, Jeannine Cook

obituary/photo, 12/18/09

Pooley, Veta Mae

obituary, 8/20/09

Pope, Roy

SMHS robotics team goes to state finals

photo, 11/8/09

Porch, Deane

obituary/photo, 12/18/09

Porter, Irene Joyce Holt

obituary/ photo, 8/4/09

Porterfield, Kim

honoring Kathy Hansen as School Board Member of the Year

photo, 12/25/09

Posey, Hannah

SIFE member speaks to local students

photo, 11/19/09

Potts-Baldridge, Shirley

obituary/photo, 3/8/09

Pounds, Stratton

receives stock certificate from SIFE TX State students

photo, 12/8/09

Powell, Dustin K.

graduates from basic military training

photo, 11/11/09

Powers, Carol

owner of Paper Bear promotes shopping locally with banner

photo, 12/22/09

Prado, Matali Gisele

birth/photo, 4/26/09

Price Seniors Center

performance there of musical comedy "Nunsense"

photo, 8/25/09

Proctor, Owen

poses with pet at pet fest, 09/22/09


Foster, Pamela

CTMC surgical nurse served on the Africa Mercy, 8/28/09

Profile and photo

Elshoff, J.D., 9/24/09

Hansen, Paul of the Flying Vikings, 9/30/09

Puentes, Frank Palomo

obituary/photo, 6/21/09



Quandt, Robert O. "Bob"

obituary, 1/7/09

Quest, Jack

obituary, 11/22/09

Quinonez, John

SM high school homecoming/photo, 10/27/09

Quintero, Annamarie H.

engagement/photo, 7/5/09



Radcliffe, Carolyn

picks a pumpkin at the First United Methodist Church/photo, 10/11/09

Rakofsky, Jacob

TX State student killed in car accident, 12/15/09

Ramirez, Emilynn

wins cutest costume prize at Summerfest/photo, 7/7/09

Ramirez, Robert Daniel Jr.

arrested for armed robbery

photo, 12/2/09

Ramirez, Silvestre

obituary/photo, 11/4/09

Randall, Wayne

aircraft profile/photos, 3/19/09

Randolph, Patrick Joseph III

obituary, 6/24/09

obituary/photo, 6/25/09

Randow, Louis P.

obituary, 4/5/09

Randow, Louis Paul

obituary/photo, 4/7/09

Rangel, Abram

photo, 12/6/09

Rangel, Guadalupe "Lupe RR"

obituary/photo, 6/03/09

Ransone, Cody

awarded scholarship/photo, 10/9/09

Ratliff, Tommy

Hays County Sheriff makes donation to CASA

photo, 12/9/09

receives National Night Out Award for Hays County

photo, 12/25/09

Ray, Aimee

earns Honor Roll place at Howard Payne Univ., 3/15/09

Reasoner, Harry

awarded Lifetime Achievement Award by The American Lawyer

award/photo, 11/15/09

Reed, Shae

SMHS robotics team goes to state finals

photo, 11/8/09

Reeh, Al and Patsy

anniversary/photo, 7/26/09

Reese, Rosemary

obituary/photo, 2/11/09

Regalado, Eluterio "Terry"

obituary/photo, 1/25/09

Regalado, Eluterio "Terry" Sr.

obituary/photo, 1/22/09

Rengstorf, Amy Elizabeth

obituary, 12/16/09

Reyes, Andrew

engagement/photo, 1/4/09

wedding/photo, 03/22/09

Reyes, Daniel

obituary, 7/3/09

Reyes, Romnee

named Regional Clinical Educator of the Year/photo, 7/16/09

receives Regional Clinical Educator of the Year award/photo, 7/28/09

Reyna, Maria G.

obituary/photo, 7/26/09

Rhoades, Mike

presents Lion of the Quarter award/photo, 3/1/09

presents Lions Club donation for Summer in the Park/photo, 4/19/09

Rhodes, Joshua

joins Lions Club, 9/27/09

Rich, Mary Lee

obituary, 6/18/09

Richter, Sally Gladys Binford

obituary, 7/26/09

Rincon, Jeanette

Baudelio Rogelio Medina sought for her murder

photo, 11/5/09

Ritchie, Braunda Mozelle

obituary, 7/19/09

Rivas, Rafael

obituary, 3/8/09, 3/10/09

River Systems Institute

river observation project to begin, 7/15/09

Rivera, Alfonsa P.

obituary, 5/27/09


New traffic light at Highway 80 to be ready, 8/12/09

Roberts, Dan

celebrates 97th birthday/photo, 2/10/09

Roberts, Elva

obituary, 2/6/09

Roberts, Thomas Alan

engagement/photo, 2/15/09

Rocha, Estanislao "Nilo," Jr.

obituary/photo, 2/10/09

Rodriguez, Doris

obituary/photo, 10/21/09

Rodriguez, Doris V.

obituary, 10/20/09

Rodriguez, Faith Nicole

birth/photo, 5/24/09

Rodriguez, Fernando H.

obituary/photo, 2/3/09

Rodriguez, Frances

dances "Macarena" at Jackson Chapel United Methodist Church/ Photo, 09/03/2009

Rodriguez, Isbel

receives Servant Leadership Award at SM Baptist Academy/photo, 6/07/09

Rodriguez, Ivan

obituary, 10/20/09

Rodriguez, Kevin

honored as Student of the Week by the Lions Club/photo, 10/28/09

Rodriguez, Linda

Veterans Day parade and celebration

photo, 11/8/09

Rodriguez, Linda A.

announces candidacy for re-election to Hays County Court at Law, 12/15/09

Rodriguez, Maria

dances "Macarena" at Jackson Chapel United Methodist Church/ Photo, 09/03/2009

Rodriguez, PFC Isaac E.

graduates from basic combat training, 5/24/09

Rodriguez, Randy Dustin

engagement/photo, 03/29/09

Rodriguez, Rob and Aaron

Family for Life relay walk/photo, 1/18/09

Rodriguez, Yolanda

obituary, 03/22/09

obituary/photo, 03/24/09

Rogers, James D.

San Marcos Academy's Challenge Course named in his honor

photo, 12/8/09

Rogers, LTC James D. "Jim"

obituary/photo, 3/8/09

Rollings, Keith

honored for 20 years of service at CenturyTel/photo, 03/26/09

Roppolo, Debbie

profile/photos, 7/12/09

Rose, Patrick

Offers legislative progress report/ photo, 8/2/09

Rossow, John Richard

obituary, 2/22/09

Rountree, Andrue Paul

charged with drug possession, 12/10/09, 12/18/09

Rowell, Rick

firefighter profile/photo, 3/11/09

Roy, Dan

receives special presentation as outgoing Chamber of Commerce Chair

photo, 11/8/09

Rubio, Socorro

obituary, 4/21/09, 4/22/09

Rudisill, Dorothy Lucille

obituary/photo, 2/1/09

Ruff, Lainey Anne

engagement/photo, 10/4/09

Ruis, Frutoso

obituary, 1/25/09

Ruiz, Gloria

obituary, 2/24/09

Ruiz, Gloria P.

obituary/photo, 2/25/09

Ruiz, Maria C.

obituary/photo, 03/26/09, 03/27/09

Ruiz, Roland

receives liver transplant in Houston/photo, 10/4/09

Ruiz, Ruben

profile/photo, 1/11/09

wins International Latino Book awards/photo, 6/07/09

Rush, Candice

obituary, 6/03/09

Rydl, Glen

receives "Lay Person of the Year"/photo, 10/8/09



Sabat, Mary Alice

wins Daily Record's "Garage Sale Queen" contest/photo, 3/15/09

Salazar, Rev. Pilar

obituary, 11/5/09

obituary/photo, 11/4/09

Saldana, Timothy

SM High School student wins culinary competition/photo, 10/18/09

Salinas, Travis

wedding/photo, 10/4/09

Salters, Mary Constance Winfield

obituary, 6/17/09

San Marcos Academy

Chiodo, Dr. Beverly is keynote speaker, 8/25/09

San Marcos Academy is "Series Sponsor"

award/ photo, 9/27/09

San Marcos Activity Center

celebrates Youth Art Month/photos, 03/22/09

Walkers' Gallery features international works/photo, 1/20/09

San Marcos Animal Shelter

offering free pet sterilization, 09/09/2009

San Marcos Area Board of Realtors

endorses Ryan Thomason, Monica Garcia for city council, 09/16/09

San Marcos Area League of Women Voters

hold Town and Gown forum, 09/20/09

San Marcos Baptist Academy

donates 10 computers to Computers for Learning, 09/06/2009

San Marcos Cemetery

Event benefit on 10/03/09, 09/13/09

San Marcos CISD

4 teachers participate in Wonders of Water training, 6/28/09

93% of eighth graders passed the TAKS test, 03/25/09

Administering Influenza shots, 09/08/2009

awarded safety grant/photo, 5/17/09

Caminos Camp held for prospective high school students/photo, 7/14/09

celebrates Autism Awareness Month, 4/16/09

celebrates National Library Month/photo, 4/17/09

choirs perform well at area competitions, 5/24/09

construction turning Goodnight Jr. High into Mendez Elem. on track/photos, 1/16/09

district-wide realignment, 1/25/09

ESL online language tool deemed effective in study, 7/16/09

federal economic stimulus could benefit district, 2/11/09

flu preparations being made, 4/30/09

food service workers honored/photos, 5/14/09

four candidates seek to fill two open trustee positions, 3/11/09

four trustee candidates give views, 3/15/09

graduation rate recognized by Education Week, 6/17/09

honors School Resource Officers, other law enforcement personnel/photo, 6/02/09

Jump Rope for Hearts program raises $22,000/photo, 5/31/09

new immunization rules for 7th graders/photo, 5/29/09

new school buses become high-tech/photo, 6/11/09

nurses honored at luncheon/photo, 5/12/09

partnering with Time Warner Cable to provide computers for students/photo, 5/31/09

School Age Parenting program

celebrates 20th anniversary/photos, 4/19/09

School Age Parenting Program to celebrate 20 year anniversary, 3/18/09

school counselors honored during National School Counseling Week/photo, 2/6/09

students celebrate Youth Art month with exhibits, performances/photo, 3/6/09

students participate in TAKS pep rallies/photos, 3/11/09

students sample foods to be included in new menu/photos, 1/6/09

teacher salaries are on par with state average, 1/11/09

teachers of the year announced/photos, 4/24/09

Teachers of the Year honored at banquet/photo, 5/17/09

three residents file for trustee positions, 3/4/09

to partner with ACC for auto tech program/photo, 5/14/09

trustee candidates profiled, 5/5/09

trustee election Saturday, 5/8/09

trustees to be honored/photo, 1/8/09

San Marcos City Council

approved 2099-2010 budget, 09/02/2009

San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District

Teachers to get raises, 09/13/09

San Marcos Fire Department

Les Stephens sworn is as fire chief/ photo, 8/9/09

San Marcos Fire Dept

new firehouse groundbreaking, 1/2/09

San Marcos Fire Dept.

arson suspected in Lockhart St. duplex fire/photo, 2/4/09

new central fire station underway/photos, 1/7/09

San Marcos Hays County EMS

toy drive a success/photo, 1/22/09

San Marcos History

Old bus barn salvaged and refurbished into home

photo, 11/12/09

San Marcos Housing Authority meet Lloyd Doggett, 9/29/09

San Marcos Mariachi Academy

perform at SMPL

photo, 11/17/09

San Marcos Municipal Airport

City Council votes to build tower, 8/6/09

San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department

holds forum on graffiti, 09/15/09

San Marcos Police Dept

investigate string of apartment burglaries, 5/20/09

officers have option to write tickets instead of arrest, 5/22/09

police car rear-ended, 5/24/09

two arrested in car burglary case, 5/5/09

San Marcos Police Dept.

3 teens arrested, officer hurt in chase, 03/22/09

5 New Braunfels residents arrested for local thefts/photos, 4/17/09

arrest in forged prescriptions case, 3/8/09

arrest man for impersonating an officer/photo, 5/12/09

carjacking suspects arrested, 5/12/09

continued enforcement of teen curfew 2 yrs after ordinance expired, 4/2/09

cooperation with University PD leads to theft arrests, 03/25/09

find missing Austin man using GPS, 4/14/09

helmet likely saved rider's life in accident, 2/8/09

Police Awards ceremony held/photos, 5/17/09, 5/19/09

promotes new corporal and sergeant/photos, 1/18/09

share views on sobriety checkpoint legislation, 3/10/09

smuggling case discovered in July 2008 grows, 2/8/09

suspect in store theft also charged with local bank robbery, 4/21/09

suspects in 13 burglaries arrested/photos, 2/1/09

to receive $80,000 from Federal Recovery Act, 03/20/09

Trinidad Olivares, Jr. and Jackelyn Barajas arrested/photos, 5/13/09

two arrested for firing shotgun into Gold Crown billiards/photo, 6/11/09

San Marcos Public Library

Animanga Club profiled/photos, 7/24/09

New York Times columnist Jane Brody spoke on 09/22/09, 09/16/09

San Marcos Public Library (SMPL)

Firefighters read to kids/ photo, 09/06/2009

San Marcos River

"dog beach" unsafe for swimming, 09/06/2009

Berry, Allison vehicle swept into river and survives

photo, 10/21/09

included in new documentary/photos, 1/11/09

local residents protest state water laws near SM River Ranch

photo, 10/1/09

New Year's Day tradition of plunge in the river continues, 12/29/09

protest set along the river regarding water laws, 9/25/09

riparian landowner refilling pond during severe drought, 8/23/09

slow river flow encourages algae growth, 09/06/2009

San Miguel, Javier

Kyle resident graduates from basic military training

photo, 11/29/09

Sanches, Devanie

serves hot chocolate at Sights & Sounds of Christmas

photo, 12/6/09

Sanchez, Christine Marie

engagement/photo, 03/29/09

Sanchez, David K.

obituary/photo, 1/20/09

Sanchez, Eusebio Jr.

obituary, 11/1/09

Sanchez, Florentino Jr. "Crow"

obituary, 3/17/09

obituary/photo, 3/18/09

Sanchez, Herbert

obituary, 1/20/09

Sanchez, Heriberto "Herbert"

obituary/photo, 1/18/09

Sander, Kathy

Post office opens new annex/ photo, 8/7/09

Sanderlin, Mona

elected president of Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, 6/17/09

Sanders, Camille

profile/photo, 4/26/09

to perform live on KENS/photo, 7/2/09

Sanders, Grace

obituary/photo, 6/16/09, 6/17/09

Sandoval, April Rodriguez

engagement/photo, 10/11/09

Schaub, Preston

SIFE member during live TX State University radio station program

photo, 11/15/09

Schauer, Kerry

wins awards at HTE dance competition/photo, 2/18/09

Scheffers, Rosendo

participates in local art competition

photo, 12/17/09


carolers serenade board members

photo, 12/11/09

Schiflett, Peggy

San Marcos High School teacher wins Teacher of the Month

photo, 11/5/09

Schimelman, Ashley

prepares for holiday puppet shows

photo, 12/13/09

Schiwitz, John

city depts and local church team up to clean resident's property/photos, 4/14/09

Schmick, Luke

engagement/photo, 2/8/09

Schmidt, Dorey

playwright from Wimberley, 8/27/09

Schneider, Katherine

obituary, 1/23/09

Schneider, Oliva and Evelyn

poses with pet at pet fest, 09/22/09


Crockett Elementary

plant bluebonnets

photo, 10/27/09

Mendez Elementary

support Classrooms Care

photo, 10/27/09

Newcomer Academy/ photo

Students must learn second language, 8/2/09

Pride/Phoenix Learning Center

first graduation ceremony

photo, 8/30/09

San Marcos High School

homecoming bonfire pep rally

photo, 10/23/09

marching band photo, 8/19/09

speech team winners

photo, 10/28/09


awarded merchandise from Champion athletic apparel, 9/25/09


Bonham Early Elementary

certified as Texas School Ready, 11/15/09

Bonham School

to close after 61 years/photos, 5/19/09

Bowie Elementary

annual Six Flags over Bowie held/photos, 5/27/09

celebrates 100 days of classes/photo, 2/12/09

donate money to Hays County Food Bank

photo, 11/27/09

Linda Bishop's 2nd grade class

photo, 11/26/09

named Distinguished Performance School, 2/15/09

recognized by NCEA as part of Just for the Kids Campaign, 12/22/09

Bowie Elementary School honored by city/ photo, 9/23/09

Crockett Elementary

Blue Shoe project presents to students/photos, 2/19/09

donates money to Hays County Food Bank

photo, 11/25/09

earns Best Early Act First Knight honors

photo, 11/15/09

hosts Purley Gates/photo, 1/25/09

memorial tree planted for Peggy Behm/photos, 6/19/09

receives grant from ExxonMobile Educational Alliance/photo, 10/11/09

school supply donation by A+ FCU

photo, 9/25/09

students participate in music DVD/photo, 1/11/09

students preside over Rotary Club meeting/photo, 6/09/09

Crockett Elementary School honored by city/ photo, 9/23/09

Crockett Elementary School honors Timberland for regularly volunteering

photo, 10/15/09

DeZavala Elementary

holds geography bee/photo, 1/11/09

learn about nutrition and exercise

photo, 11/10/09

pet food drive held/photo, 6/21/09

student artwork displayed in Art Walk

photo, 12/15/09

DeZavala Elementary School honored by city/photo, 9/23/09

Goodnight JH

NJHS holds food drive for Food Bank

photo, 12/16/09

Goodnight Junior High

Dancin' Stars win awards/photos, 3/17/09

students celebrate Black History Month/photo, 3/4/09

Goodnight Middle

Boys Athletics booster club donates for equipment/photo, 6/19/09

students participate in Geography Bee

photo, 12/27/09

Hernandez Elementary

Gentleman's Club named Model GC School/photo, 5/13/09

hold toy drive to benefit Blue Santa & Brown Santa

photo, 12/16/09

students & teachers dress up like book characters

photo, 11/12/09

The Dad Zone/photo, 10/7/09

Hernandez Intermediate

students place at National Geographic Bee/photo, 1/14/09

Katherine Anne Porter

10th annual Java Jive fundraiser

photo, 11/5/09

Kids of the Kingdom

certified as Texas School Ready, 11/15/09

Master's School

receives grant from ExxonMobil Educational Alliance Program, 11/22/09

Mendez Elementary

5th graders Veterans Day posters judged

photo, 11/5/09

Family Fiesta Night

photo, 10/4/09

students perform experiments in ground water runoff

photo, 11/19/09

Mendez Elementary dedication scheduled

photo, 10/18/09

Mendez Elementary School

cell phone prohibited sign near/photo, 10/1/09

child safety seat demonstration

photo, 9/29/09

Miller Jr High

teachers and administers present Mathcasting at conference/photo, 03/29/09

Miller Jr. High

Junior Honor Society students help clean Magic School Bus/photo, 5/17/09

student hear lecture by Holocaust survivor, Rose Williams/photo, 1/8/09

wins Spotlight on Education award/photo, 6/09/09

Miller Junior High

dance team wins awards at championship/photo, 3/8/09

students place at San Antonio Regional Science Fair/photo, 3/15/09

Miller Middle School

Dancing Diamonds perform/photo, 11/1/09

Holocaust survivor speaks to students

photo, 11/17/09


graduation held/photo, 4/26/09

Pathfinder Learning Center

graduates/photo, 1/4/09, 6/05/09

Pathfinder Program

profile/photos, 7/9/09

Phoenix Learning Center


photo, 11/10/09

receives donated art supplies

photo, 12/8/09

Thanksgiving feast

photo, 11/29/09


graduation/photo, 1/2/09, 2/25/09

PRIDE High School

April graduates/photo, 4/28/09

graduates/photo, 6/07/09

San Marcos Academy

30 yr anniversary of sale to Texas State University

photo, 11/13/09

8 seniors serve as pages-Baptist General Convention

photo, 11/22/09

Challenge Course named for LTC James D. Rogers

photo, 12/8/09

donates to Toys for Tots

photo, 12/25/09

holds 50-year reunion

photo, 10/25/09

San Marcos Academy participate in Empty Bowls Project

photo, 11/4/09

San Marcos Baptist Academy

earns accreditation from SACS, 7/28/09

honors employees for years of service/photo, 5/20/09

Jimmie W. Scott named new trustee board chairman/photo, 2/1/09

middle school commencement held/photo, 5/29/09

new administrators named/photo, 7/8/09

new fitness center opened/photo, 6/09/09

students participate in Shattered Dreams program/photo, 4/3/09

student participate in culture fair/photos, 3/3/09

teaching and leadership awards given/photos, 6/07/09

San Marcos High School

2009 graduates/photo, 6/05/09

Air Force ROTC cadets at Veterans Day celebration

photo, 11/12/09

Alumni Association selects honorees, 10/4/09

annual fashion show

photo, 11/26/09

cheerleaders recognized by CAMCO

photo, 11/8/09

choir members participate in All-State auditions

photo, 11/1/09

college fair, 10/4/09

Diamond Line team & Jr. Campers

photo, 11/8/09

former Rattler's poem about 50th Reunion

photo, 11/15/09

holds Christmas concert

photo, 12/3/09

hosts blood drive, 11/13/09

marching band performance earns top rating

photo, 10/22/09

robotics team goes to state finals

photo, 11/8/09

ROTC raises funds

photo, 11/8/09

Schiflett, Peggy wins Teacher of the Month

photo, 11/5/09

SMEF grant used to teach about butterflies

photo, 11/10/09

students auditioned for district choir

photo, 10/6/09

Theater offers 'Nutcracker Suite'

photo, 11/24/09

Varsity Tennis Team win UIL District Championship

photo, 11/13/09

San Marcos HS

38 students receive achievement awards from Texas ACT, 7/24/09

Air Force JROTC plans Florida trip/photo, 3/3/09

alumni form group to provide office supplies to nonprofits/photo, 7/30/09

Building Trades students help local family/photos, 6/02/09

celebrates black history/photo, 2/15/09

cheerleaders participate in river clean up/photo, 3/15/09

debate teams earns special honors/photo, 3/12/09

Diamond Line hosts junior dance camp/photo, 7/2/09

Diamond Line wins awards at Houston dance competition/photos, 2/19/09

Diamond Line wins state competition/photo, 4/5/09

Health Occupations students host blood drive/photos, 5/10/09

Project Graduation fundraiser includes a toilet prank/photo, 1/27/09

Rattler Band competes in state contest/photos, 6/07/09

six cheerleaders listed in Who's Who/photo, 5/17/09

speech and debate team honored for UIL achievements/photo, 5/22/09

speech and debate team wins 3rd in state/photo, 5/31/09

Speech and Debate Team wins competitions/photo, 2/1/09

student arrested for having brass knuckles, 5/21/09

students watch inauguration/photos, 1/21/09

Symphonic and Honor bands rated Superior in UIL competition/photo, 4/12/09

tennis booster club donates to Project Graduation/photo, 6/11/09

UIL Academic Team honored for 2nd place win/photo, 5/21/09

SM Academy

receives donated DVDs from the Hays Historical Commission

photo, 12/13/09

SM High School

AP Scholars/photo, 10/14/09

band students advance to region tryouts/photo, 1/13/09

cheerleaders request donations/photo, 10/11/09

Choir Quartet to sing at the Alamo Dome

photo, 12/10/09

Diamond Line dance team make homecoming mums/photo, 10/9/09

holds Student Government Day, 12/10/09

homecoming bonfire/photo, 10/23/09

recognized by NCEA as part of Just for the Kids Campaign, 12/22/09

Savings Challenge/photo, 10/11/09

students win culinary competition/photo, 10/18/09

Small Fries

certified as Texas School Ready, 11/15/09


dance team makes mums/photo, 10/6/09

Rattler Round-Up is scheduled, 9/27/09

Texas Preparatory School

in danger of losing TEA charter, 03/27/09

The Master's School

ribbon cutting/photo, 2/15/09

Travis Elementary

donates money to Hays County Food Bank, 11/24/09

EAFK program to begin

photo, 11/15/09

hosted field day/photo, 5/19/09

installs new weather tracking station/photo, 2/6/09

kindergarten graduation held/photos, 5/31/09

students donate food and money to Food Bank

photo, 12/13/09

win Red Ribbon Run

photo, 11/8/09

wins school challenge in Red Ribbon Run, 10/20/09

Schwall, Will

receives Distinguished Service Award/photo, 5/17/09

Schweers, Lauren

Student of the Month

photo, 11/29/09

Scott, Brian

band Machismo in Battle of the Bands competition

photo, 11/15/09

Scott, Buddy

FOL Booksale/photo, 10/14/09

Scott, Jason

SMPD officer featured on "Campus PD" series, 12/9/09

Scott, Jimmie W.

new chairman of San Marcos Academy trustee board/photo, 2/1/09

Seaton, Millie

obituary, 2/15/09

obituary/photo, 2/13/09

Seebeck, Curtis

honored by Mayor Susan Narvaiz

honored/photo, 11/12/09

Selbera, Anita

obituary, 03/26/09

Serna, Abel Prado

engagement/photo, 10/10/09

Sessions, Taylor G.

graduates from Air National Guard basic training/photo, 4/19/09

Seward, Haven Dennise

charged with drug possession, 12/10/09, 12/18/09

Seymour, Jon Alan

obituary, 10/6/09

Shackelford, Mary Madolyn

obituary/photo, 1/28/09

Shafer, Patty

honored by city council for winning Superintendent of the Year

photo, 12/23/09

honoring Kathy Hansen as School Board Member of the Year

photo, 12/25/09

honors Ashley Espinoza as December Student of the Month

photo, 12/9/09

honors Students of the Month

photo, 11/29/09

named Superintendent of the Year

award/photo, 12/10/09

Shafer, Wesla Renae

engagement/photo, 5/24/09

Shelton, Esther Eleanor (Tharp)

obituary, 03/26/09

Shepherd, Francis

obituary, 11/11/09, 11/15/09

Sherrill, Greg

firefighter profile/photo, 2/18/09

Shields, Martha Cozaree "Cozy"

obituary, 3/10/09

Shimek, Kevin Langston

obituary/photo, 7/16/09, 7/17/09

Shipman, Shawn

granted a new trial in steroid case, 5/5/09

Shipman, Shawn Nathan

pled guilty to steroid possession, could get new trial, 4/22/09

Shugart, Amy

member of SM HS Choir Quartet

photo, 12/10/09

Siddiqui, Koryn

wins best costume prize at Summerfest/photo, 7/7/09

Sierra, Becky

administers oath of office to City Council member Ryan Thomason

photo, 12/27/09

Silguero, Frutoso

obituary, 5/29/09

Silguero, Frutoso Jr.

obituary/photo, 5/31/09

Silguero, Ryan, et al.

Teens volunteer at CTMC /photo

Central Texas Medical Center, 8/12/09

Silva, Janie

Obituary, 09/22/09

Silva, Selena Marie

birth/photo, 4/19/09

Simon, Delvin 'Red'

Middle School Dedication/ Photo, 09/01/2009

Simon, Natalie Breann

engagement/photo, 10/11/09

Simpson, Jane

receives Call to Excellence shirt from Hernandez Elementary/photo, 7/9/09

Simpson, Riley Ann

obituary, 12/6/09

Slaughter, Dustin

receives Police Commendation Award/photo, 5/17/09


"Join Scouting Nights"

invites boys to join local scout troops, 8/25/09

2009 Superior Achievement rating for financial accountability, 11/15/09

bus barn burglary, 8/6/09

convocation event with performance by Drum Cafe

photo, 8/28/09

District rated "academically unacceptable," 8/5/09

Gentlemen's Club inducts new members

photo, 12/6/09

members attend Hispanic Scholarship Consortium dinner

photo, 10/4/09

Miller Middle School student dies of flu complications

encourage flu prevention, 10/18/09

promote breast cancer awareness

photo, 10/23/09

receive flags presented by Masonic Lodge No. 342

photo, 11/15/09

receives Gold Performance Acknowledgments, 11/8/09

receives Reading is Fundamental grant

photo, 10/4/09

School District to consolidate programs

Merger to be Phoenix Learning Center, 8/14/09

sets meetings on Internet safety, 10/25/0